Rachel Maddow went on TV and made a prediction that turned into the worst humiliation of her life

Rachel Maddow is the most watched host on MSNBC.

But she will never want to show her face in public again.

And that’s because Rachel Maddow went on TV and made a prediction that turned into the worst humiliation of her life.

On Thursday, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics released the monthly jobs report for June.

The May jobs report saw over two million jobs added when the “experts” were predicting nearly ten million jobs lost.

In preparation of the June report Maddow told her audience the night before the report was released that the numbers would be awful and among the worst in American history.

“We’re actually gonna get the job numbers, the unemployment figures for the month of June a day earlier than we would otherwise expect them,” Maddow told her viewers.

“So, we would usually get those on a Friday,” Maddow added. “They’re going to come out tomorrow. That’ll tell us unemployment figures for June. Brace yourself. It’s going to be absolutely terrible.”

Maddow was wrong in spectacular fashion.

The June jobs reports showed America adding a record 4,800,000 million jobs as the President’s plan to reopen the economy began to successfully take hold.

In remarks in the White House press briefing room, President Trump boasted that these numbers were a sign that the economy was ready to roar back to life following the coronavirus lockdowns.

POLITICO Playbook reported the President declared, “The stock market is doing extremely well, which means to me jobs, what it means jobs, is the largest monthly jobs gained in the history of our country. […] The crisis is being handled. […] We are likewise getting under control. Some areas that were very hard hit are now doing very well. Some were doing very well and we thought they may be gone and they flare up and we’re putting out the fires, but other places were long before us. […] [The stock market bump and economic picture] is not just luck, what’s happening. This is a lot of talent.”

The President’s best hope for re-election is a booming economy by the fall.

And the June jobs reports showed that a V shaped recovery is well within the realm of possibility.

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