Ralph Northam’s career is over because of one racist photo from his past

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam found himself at the center of the biggest scandal in American politics.

And now things are only getting worse.

When a racist photo from his past surfaced, everything changed.

Big League Politics broke the story that in Ralph Northam’s Medical School yearbook there was a photograph of Northam and another individual dressed in blackface and KKK robes.

It is not certain which one is Northam.

But the photograph is real.

Northam tried to diffuse the situation by putting out a statement apologizing and pledging to help in the healing process.

But he did not say he would resign.

That position became untenable as Virginia Democrats in the House, Senate, and Black Caucus all called on him to step down for appearing in this racist photo.

Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris also called on Northam to step down.

Northam scheduled a 9 AM press conference for Saturday morning.

At first, pundits thought Northmam would use the event to go on the offensive and make his case for why his racist photograph – which was taken when he was in his mid 20s – should not end his career.

But as the day wore on it became clear Northam could not survive.

Word then leaked out that the press conference would be where Northam resigned.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Northam’scareer should have been over when he defended Infanticide the photo was in poor taste but defending murder is not only Reprehensible but shows a Depraved and Reprobate mind! It is pure evil nothing less!

  2. The top three Democraps in that state are either bigots or Rapusts if the stories are true about the Lt. Governor. The reason none of them will resign is a Republican would take over and they cannot allow that to happen.

  3. No; let’s talk about wemon,no not wemon, but women, one woman. Her name is Elizabeth Pocahontas. She’s a Senator who is trying to push a bill through that she has composed called (Reparations) what it purposes is to give every black person in America $142,000 because of past slavery. Paid for by taxpayer’s of America! Now these taxpayers had absolutely nothing to do with past slavery and there’s no slavery now! Unless of course you count these American taxpayers as slaves to liberal democrats!!! Bill Clition when he had the power to make American taxpayers slaves he used this same word (REPARATIONS) TO force American taxpayers to forfeit millions to Japanies people who were in holding camps during world war two. Now again the American taxpayers had absolutely nothing to do with their incarceration but were made slaves because of what President Roosevelt and Congress did. These leaders were democrats also! People of America, taxpayers of America isn’t it time to put a stop to this kind of Slavery? Slavery is slavery no matter who is in charg!

  4. He did nothing wrong, and northram isn’t losing his career over these pics, he’s losing it over supporting infanticide! Don’t overlook that. It is exactly what the left wants. The psychology over the abortion issue in regards to the Virginia governor is not to be overlooked. People are nitpicking this and what it means and are missing. The “black face” thing is the left backpedaling on the abortion bill in that, many people are looking megatively at the dems over this, even in their own base. The left is trying to save face, but to begin damage control they had to find another reason to get rid of the governor, they could not use the abortion issue otherwise they would look like the hypocrites they are.
    So they found this “black face/yearbook” thing, you have noticed that hillary and kamala (willie brown’s ho) harris have called for his resignation. This way they can get him to step down and then they will issue a statement to the effect “We got rid of him”, hoping all those who are incensed will accept that they did it because of the abortion issue, and leave it at that; regardless of why they really did. Thereby covering their tracks and appeasing those who don’t support their abortion stance even amongst their base.

  5. Yeah you are definitely correct in your statement. Maybe we should start a crystal ball game so that we could all devote our predictions on the next lies the Satan Party members will tell. We could select different dems each day and then record the predictions and publish them.

  6. Hey Scott… Looks like rain today, so don’t forget your thimble… You wouldn’t want your head to get wet.

  7. It’s one thing to be a dumbass bigot in college, chances are he hasn’t changed much. But it’s a totally different thing to be an adult, elected governor and stand there and lie through his teeth. We all know politicians are liars but do you want one who admits he did something one day then lie about it saying he didn’t the next?


  9. Next he will be telling us he was just on his way to a toga party at his fraternity. The sheets just happened to look like a KKK uniform.

  10. I would be questioning the veracity of the med school in 1984 letting that in their yearbook, maybe just a guess but I doubt there were many black doctors in training there.

  11. This is why we need to dump the party’s , all of them. The party’s are the cause of all the division in our country today. If we dump the party’s we can elect people with integrity instead of lying pandering politicians.

  12. The democrats voted to secede in southern states, they were the confederates, they founded the KKK,not one democrat voted to pass the 13th amendment abolishing slavery but they have blacks believing they are the ones who will save them. They have the Latinos believing the same but majority of Latinos are Christians and Catholics and not pro abortion.

  13. Thought I was the only one preaching that the Blacks had been duped into believing the lies that the Satan Party was telling them. When moms and dads faced starvation for their babies, the liberal liars would give them crumbs, get them places to stay in rat infested houses/apartments, provide them with food stamps, and other welfare to keep them where they were confined all on the condition that they break up the family unit. And every election these corrupt politicians would come back to get their votes with more promises they do not keep. Not once after segregation was ordered at the behest of the GOP in government offices, did the liberals lift a hand in assisting the students who were woefully or not educated to get tutor help to bring them up to where they should have been in the first place. Instead when they got in office, they just ordered the whole education system to down play the expectations and test results causing our educational system to fail them and everyone else. I ask what President Trump has asked: “What have your got to lose by voting for me?” This has been a heart wrenching time for all of us who stood side by side with all minorities in this country. Please help educate those in the Black communities on using their strength to help unite this country and make it a Great and Fair Country for all citizens not by denying rights but by affirming them.

  14. Country Girl, I firmly agree with your comments about murdering infants. All abortion is a murder of an innocent child. But this monster goes further and waits until birth then murders the child (after resuscitation meaning it was left to die). We should no longer allow the liberal/communist party be called Democrat because that insults the actual people who believe in a Democratic Republic. Their part of hate, abuse, thuggery, corruption, lies, heresy should be renamed the Satan Party. They are trying to put this country on the path to Hell with them!! God bless and keep the USA.

  15. A lot of Virginians knew he was a real toad and now his past has caught up with him. You do not get a nick name like he has for no reason and as for the pics, well they speak for themselves.In one pic the 2 absolute worst things that you could have. If he doesn’t resign the General Assembly should take action to remove him. And someone who knows how should really look into his past record as a doctor and soldier, bet dollars to donts there is alot there he doesn’t want seen.

  16. Negroes in this country are woefully IGNORANT(!) of the racial politics in this country- where do they get their history lessons??? Mainstream media, I suppose.. It was REPUBLICANS who prosecuted the War To End Secession aka the “civil war”.. and REPUBLICANS who passed the anti-slavery, citizenship and voting rights for Americans of African descent Amendments to the US Constitution (13th, 14th, and 15th). It was Republicans who sent the Reconstruction armies to occupy the south and protect the rights of newly-freed blacks… It was the southern Democrats who led the Rebellion and northern “Copperhead” Democrats who attacked and vilified Lincoln and the Union cause. It was southern Democrats who slapped down blacks with “Jim Crow” laws and major segregation of everything from drinking fountains to bus depots to denial of voting rights. It was southern democrats who opposed the 1960’s era civil rights marches and legislation returning full citizenship rights to blacks- and Republicans who supported the civil rights laws…
    AND YET- American blacks have no memory of these things… it’s like they never went to school or read a history book… they just lap up the pseudo-historical swill fed to us by the leftists in media and academia- as do many whites who are taught no better in our schools and media. Go figger… The KLAN, yes, THAT KLAN, the KKK- was an almost totally Democrat bunch of TERRORISTS both immediately after the War To End Secession and later, fighting integration in more recent times- just food for thought…

  17. Yes. Northhams choice in race related costuming was irresponsible.
    But his position on after birth Infantcide is MURDER!

  18. Old Ralph posing in his KKK Uniform in college is probably the best thing he did. I’m sure that his Mom and Dad are so very proud of Him.He is just being a True Democrat by carrying on Their Racist Beliefs.

  19. Showing the true face of the democratic party, the way it was and the way it will always be. The absolute saddest part of all this is why couldn’t that damn photograph come out before the VA elections.. we’d have a damn fine governor!

  20. I think that EVERY politician in office should show EVERY photo of themselves and explain EVERY THING that they have done for their entire lives for the public to determine whether or not they are qualified for their job. I will bet a dollar to a doughnut that AOC being a bartender, and nothing more has got some questionable photos and stories that are not up to the PC standards. It is the job that you do for the public that really counts. ESPECIALLY the deplorable abortion law that was past in VA. That would be a good reason for the people to impeach.

    “Honey, I changed my mind, now i
    Want to keep our baby!”
    “But sweetheart! Think of all
    the money we’ll be getting from the babies parts”
    “Okay, but let’s at least keep it
    for 11 months, that way, we`ll
    get more money!”

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  22. There are lots of other reasons for him to not be governor a photo taken out of context (as we have been given none) would not be one of them.

    for all we know it was a play and some teacher assigned them to dress that way. etc.

    Democrats have always pulled this out of context approach of even something benign (not that this the image is) to make things look worse than are in order to promote their own political agenda.

  23. Dont care about his past – What about his support of
    “Genocide”?????? How about resigning over that !!!!?????

  24. How ’bout looking at that Muslim congresswoman who is wearing her racist hat which is a symbol of female subordination to men also it’s a symbol of her political position and it’s a symbol of hat towards everyone not in her camp

  25. Well for you that do not know….the Demonrats have always been the KKK. But some how ,they have the blacks in this country believing different. Hillary and Bill Clinton also we’re dressed like this at a Halloween party back in the 80s. If this were a Republican he would have already list his job. But when it comes to them, they always seem to stay. The Dee State always gets by with everything and this two tered justice system needs to end!

  26. He’s a baby killer! That should be why he’s taken out of office.
    How have we stooped so low as to worry about a picture from
    High school compared to being a so called doctor and supporting Infantiside? Cuomo, the Herod of our time. How can killing babies be ok with people? How can a woman who carried that infant and felt that child moving give the order to kill it? What monsters are these women becoming?
    The demon party wants to take our guns away to keep children safe and yet they want abortion at any stage, even New born children. This is an abomination against God!!

  27. Northam is merely the next generation of Sheets Byrd and needs to resign! GOP cannot let up on this MFer and allow the usual double standard to prevail, Kavanaugh his ass!!!!

  28. NO NO NO, Mr. Northams’ career is NOT over because of one photo from his past, his very very distant past of thirty plus years ago. His career is over because the liberal, leftist, global elites have made an issue out of these types of issues regarding Republican’s for many many years, most recently during the Kavanaugh hearings. Now it is payback!!! The Democrats have been allowed to slide on KKK, sexual assaults, bribery, corruption, money laundering, and all types of crimes and misdeeds while holding the Republicans to a much higher standard. This time though, it has backfired and has backfired big time. The double standard has come home to roost. Be careful what you pray for, because you just might get it. Be careful whom you point fingers at because there are three pointing back at you. Republican’s have been dragged through the mud, tarred and feathered, all the evil stuff that has been said about President Trump, Stormy Daniels being paid to accuse President Trump of what should be no ones business, etc. etc.–especially the Kavanaugh hearings — has now been turned onto a Democrat. I truly do feel sorry for Mr. Northam, because he is being used as a scape goat for payback. Now maybe the Democrats, the liberal, leftist, global elites will be more careful about what they accuse others of. One can only hope.

  29. Nothing surprises me here, this is the new norm for Dems…accuse their opposition of what they’re guilty of (referring to the commercial that smeared Gillespie as being the racist), all for political gain. He knows what he is…a racist who has no problem with murdering babies, even after they’re born. This POS needs to go!

  30. I am a person who is not perfect.
    My question in all this is – Why did this just come out? Why not much sooner before he became Governor? Makes no sense.

  31. The KKK is a Democrat institution. Slavery is a Democrat institution, except instead of cotton plantations and chains, it’s welfare and projects these days…

  32. It is the dems who created the KKK and have been proud leaders of it and it is the dems who opposed civil rights. They are the true racists.

  33. Impeach him for being a baby killing idoit, not as a sacrifice to the PC gods. People need to look into the face of this Democrat party. Advocates for post birth abortion! Are you reading that?

  34. Interesting. I thought republicans were the only racists. The rat party is nothing but a party of bigots. Look at the message to blacks. That we need the government to run our lives.

  35. Democrats think killing 60,000 fetuses a year is a good thing but put your white kkk outfit on and lynch a black now that is a whole different story. LOL

  36. This whole drama tells you all you need to know about today’s dems. He’s outed as a baby killer and he’s a hero, but turns out he may have dissed black folks and now he’s satan!

  37. Like most Democrats a racist bigot trying to hide behind empty apologies. Now claimed he was honoring Michael Jackson by going blackface to a party. LOL

  38. Before a company could give you a job, they will look up your last five years of social media. Be careful what to say in your social media.

    ~ not a member of any social media

  39. He held the same views then as he does now. He is a racist bigot trying to hide behind empty apologies. Apologies always come from these hate-filled people only AFTER they get caught with their pants down. Empty words. ‘Humble’ LIES.

  40. I think the reactions of some people on stupid stuff is sickening. Everyone needs to lighten up. What one did in high school should not be a blue print what you are like today.

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