Rand Paul came up with one genius plan to crush Obama’s Deep State

Barack Obama’s Deep State has hounded Donald Trump ever since he was a candidate for President.

But that all could change.

Senator Rand Paul came up with this genius plan to drive the final nail in the Deep State’s coffin.

Barack Obama’s former CIA Director John Brennan is the face of the Deep State.

Brennan has long been suspected of leaking classified information to reporters in order to drive the Russia hoax hysteria.

And Brennan has recently blasted Trump on Twitter as a traitor following his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump supporters are fed up and Senator Rand Paul came up with a brilliant way to shut Brennan down.

Paul announced he was meeting at the White House with Donald Trump and he would recommend Brennan’s security clearance be revoked.

Brennan has been accused of using the fake news Christopher Steele Russia dossier to press for the FBI to investigate and spy on the Trump campaign in 2016.

The former CIA Director abused his power in office and now utilizes his perch as an MSNBC contributor to hurl smears and cheap shots at the President.

Trump supporters believe Brennan should be held accountable for participating in what they believe to be a soft coup against President Trump.

Do you think John Brennan should have his security clearance revoked?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!


  1. Thank you Rand Paul! I hope this idea succeeds fully and brings to justice all Deep State traitors/players. God Bless you, our President-Trump, and our nation returned to the nation we were meant to be by our founding fathers.

  2. Absolutely revoke it. And I’m waiting for the actors behind this travesty to be arrested and charged and prosecuted to the max!!!! They have undermined our President and the the United States of America. This his shall not stand.

  3. All of the holdovers n all Govenment offices, should have any security clearance removed
    and their positions inthe office they are in shou9ld be elimanated, ie fired.
    PRESIDENT TRUMP HASDONME MORE GOOD I SESS THAN 2 years, than the previous presidents
    except REAGAN even dreamed of doing!

  4. Trump is from the Old school. Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. He knows where they are. He is weeding them out one at a time. Give him time..

  5. Whether these political leaders are religious, atheist, Christians or pagans, this is a battle between good and evil, love or hate of the Republic, and a Humane or inhumane propensity for either self service and pain inflicted by diabolical liberal destructionism orthe insane desire to put one’s name above a loving sacrifical service to God and country

  6. do not understand this anyone else has an exit interview when leaving a job with a classified job, how come so many of these do not get treated like the rest of us?

  7. By all means this guy and anyone else that no longer has a job in the government should have their security clearance removed. This would include all past presidents and anyone associated with these people. I would hope that Bill’s wife does not have any security clearance. She is nothing.

  8. Any one with a security clearence shold lose their security clearance upon leave their job unless of course they are moving to another job needing
    they security clearing

  9. If all the traitors have a problem with security clearance removal then tell them that that position is NO LONGER available but a dishwashing position is so if they want that position they will not need any clearances just soap & water !!

  10. Yes,Yes. It’s sometimes very hard to hold your patients until ALL the dots are in place and the T’s are crossed, but as we can see and hear from many legitimate sources EVERY DAY brings in more light. Maybe those who don’t hear
    too well, especially those who have selective hearing, can grasp short bursts of FACTS.

  11. I believe anybody and everybody associated with the Obama bunch, past or present, should lose their clearance immediately. Just the simple fact that they are working so hard to undermine our current President should suffice as reason enough!!

  12. Absolutely gone. Should have done been gone every one of them. Clabber Obama, and all his clan. Including Jeff Sessions, Muller he helped with the Uranium One deal scandal Rod Rosenstien signed the 4th gal dossier to st up the Russian Hoax against TRUMP. They all Need to be arrested and put in gittmo .

  13. I think any and all those associated with the Obama administration should have all clearances revolved. Trump should have gotten rid of them from day 1. I agree with Rand Paul.

  14. Why in the world would anyone leaving their position(s) in Washington leave WITH their security clearance??? Why would there be ANY OBAMA HOLD OVERS left to be a part of President Trumps team? How could that possibly be beneficial to anyone except Obamas Deep State? Anyone of these questions not resolved, can only interfere in a good nights sleep or much worse for our President. President Trump Clean House once and for all!!!

  15. Rand Paul MUST ‘Press’ POTUS, &&& POTUS
    MUST ‘Listen’ / ie. DISSOLVING
    HIGH Security Clearance To ALL, that
    Obviously / VOCALLY express Dissidence/ Sedition
    To USA Constitution.

  16. All Obama holdovert should be gone by now, with NO SECURITY CLEARENCES, not even admission to any meetings, or the White House. Why are they still there. I assume many are members of Obama’s Deep State. They should be gone.

  17. Yes i agree with my friend from Texas and now Kentucky that is an excellent idea to pull security cleanence on all hold overs from the Obama administration.

  18. Yes, Brennans security clearance should be revoked. . . today. AND he should be charged with treason and jailed as soon as possible. President Trump is doing a good job in spite of Obama’s team and the democrats trying to take him down. We need President Trump to remain as President and we need to vote for straight Republicans in any election. He needs more support from the House and Senate to get his job done during his presidency. He is a great President and deserves to be given a fair chance of fulfilling his agenda of making America Great Again.

  19. Now here’s some good old fashioned “common sense,” of which there is little or none these days.

  20. Brenner and the rest should all lose their clearance , what is the need for them to have it except to spread rumors and hate towards our President . these are the guys that are trying to tear down the UNITED STATES. they are united , only to forward their idea of more power . if they say something then come up with the proof do not just talk . by the way I feel they are treasonous not Trump

  21. anybody that leaves their position with the government should have their clearance revoked immediately at separation. If they get a job requiring a clearance the process should be done all over again and vetted again for that specific job. I am also in favor of restricting international travel for at least 2 yrs for anyone that had a security sensitive job. Anyone caught leaking info should not only be fired but prosecuted.

  22. You dam right they all need security clearance revoked. They don’t work for the government. Sessions need to go also. Imagine a lot more need security clearance revoked. I am tired of this crap that is going on with Dem’s, GOP, FBI, AG. Lot of them are traitors to our country.

  23. Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Rosenstein, possible Mueller and many others need to have their security clearance revoked. Jeff Sessions should be fired along with Rosenstein and a new Attorney General should have a new Special Council investigate Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Rosenstein, Clapper, Hillary and the rest for trying to over throw the Government.

  24. I worked on a construction site on a government project. I was granted a security clearance, as soon as the project was complete and before I left the site I had to sign a non decloser, that all I did and saw stayed on site. Why not NOW?????

  25. We out here are FED UP with liars and thieves in our government…if they are not denied security clearances they are abusing by our elected, i.e., the POTUS…then WE out here shall take care of it through legal channels.

    Pardon my “earthiness”, but Damn It!…we are fed up with these crooks…

    If you are one of our elected officials and are doing nothing because you are afraid of the challenges and consequences which follow…then you are not the proper manly or woman choice as “a representative of the People”!

  26. They not only need their security clearances revoked, along with No bama, and George spreads, they should all be jailed permanently in Gitmo.Thats George Soreass.

  27. They not only need their security clearances revoked, along with No bama, and George spreads, they should all be jailed permanently in Gitmo.

  28. As far as we have been told Brennan no longer has a job in government or any reason to have access to classified information. His security clearance should have already been terminated. Even when someone has a clearance their access is limited to a need to know basis. What does Brennan need to know? And no one is authorized to share classified information with anyone that does NOT have a clearance and a need to know. That alone is justification for termination of a security clearance and possible criminal charges. Ha Brennan committed treason?

  29. I totally agree. There is no reason they should keep them but that does not solve the problem since there are old cronies who will feed information. Wiping out the top echelon needs to occur in tandem.

  30. Rex Whitmer:
    You are correct in your duties in the U.S. Air Force, how ever the clearance for training Bombers to drop H and A devices, came no where close to what we are experience with the current concern.
    I occupied the right seat on a Cold War: B-52 Stratofortress patrolling the airways between Russia and these Unite States.

  31. I don’t understand the hold-up. Strip him of security – YES. Strip these people of their jobs. They are traitors. Substitute teachers and teachers lose their jobs if they have poorly made judgments. Get rid ofthe man.

  32. Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Rosenstein and many others need to have their security clearance revoked. In private companies if you get fired or quit your job you have to give up your keys etc. Why do they think they can keep their clearance. They are out and should be totally banned, and that includes contact with former co workers in this case.

  33. Back in my days in the military, if you were found to be a liar, as a lot of folks in the government are, then you were stripped of your clearance. That needs to happen in government as well, especially the federal government!

  34. There should DEFINITELY be such a rule in place, if you’re not working in the agency anymore then any clearances one has for anything should be revoked, IMMEDIATELY! Private business does this ALL THE TIME…

  35. Never seen such a dumb asswipe like you,Scott!You friggin stupid Libturds need to get your head out of your stinking ass

  36. Indeed, the very weak defense has been that the current regime might think it wise to ask part of a previous regime their opinion on a current situation. One would think that should such an unlikely event occur, the current regime could reveal the general specifics of the problem without expecting or requiring that the previous regime know everything about it.

    Certainly, MSNBC should expect nothing more from their talking heads when they are asked for their opinion, nor should that talking head get a bonus in their paycheck for calling the head of the current regime a traitor. Instead, said talking head should be tarred and feathered and run out of town.

  37. This is a great idea, now the rest of them deserve to lose their clearance too. anyone who worked for Obama needs to be fired, I’m sure there are plenty of peopkle who would like the jobs and would do a great job helping MAGA.

  38. Annie, you are so correct. Scott27 is the clueless one. Ever since the liberal one, I greatly dislike even typing his name, got into office, the country took a big dive on all fronts. Finally, we are seeing an upward trend towards the better ways to run this country.

  39. If they are not working on official business for the government they should loose it the day they are out the door. That’s the way it is in the military why should they be any different.

  40. BTW, in a meeting today or yesterday Obama was talking about President Trump to someone and said right out of his mouth, “At least, I am the only US President from Kenya.’. I wonder what that meant.

  41. In the private sector, when you leave a job, security clearance is rescinded. ALL officials of PAST Administrations should automatically lose security clearance, including former President! It’s normally common sense, but NOW it’s absolutely necessary for national security! Obama knew members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran, and the leaks just keep on coming!!
    When new administration came in, @POTUS Trump should have cleaned house! ALL of old administration should have been fired and security vlearances rescinded!

  42. True! Those are the shadow govt
    We need Drano for cleaning ..
    Thank you Rand Paul for standing
    Against the Rhinos. We need more people like you and thanks to GOP
    Intel committee for their hard

  43. Scott, it appears to me that you seem to have a problem with intelligence, meaning you are lacking in it. Stop watching any MSM. They are the propagandists. If you can not see ALL the good Trump has done, and scum bags like Brennen are the actual TRAITORS. YOU have the problem.

  44. Rand Paul came up with one genius plan to crush Obama’s Deep State

    That’s nothing new ,I said to take their security clearance several months ago , OF COURSE NO ONE PAID ANY ATTENTION . That would stop them in their tracks . E

  45. Amen to that. When you leave
    The bank you used to work with
    You turn all your keys and combo
    why not the same??? Stop the
    Corruptions already.. let our
    Country breath!!!

  46. So true! Democrats are no longer
    Credible. All are dishonest. I don’t trust them anymore. That’s
    Why I walked away in 2016..I will
    never Go back to vote democrats!!!

  47. I can only imagine where you read Podesto and Brennan were offered immunity… hahahahha…. wackadoodle stuff.

  48. You do know Mueller is a Republican, right? And you are likely correct it won’t hold up in court. Lots and lots of evidence we are no longer a nation of laws.. or ethics or integrity… all went away about a year and a half ago.

  49. Liberals are too stupid to see the truth. No substance. All big and bad Big mouths and bad breath. It’s proven they want to be in servitude to the government. Shows demon influence by the things the left supports. So sad.

  50. What a brilliant statement! Adds so much to an intelligent conversation. And reveals your cognizant capacity. I’m sorry you struggle with reality other than alternative facts. But I guess that’s you’re reality… unfortunately, it’s one that is and will ruin this world.

  51. If anyone is misinformed it is Scott 27.
    I read today that mueller is asking for immunity for Brennan as a witness. Meanwhile he is a liberal media commentator, still with security clearance. He, like Obama is a communist.
    Mueller also asking for immunity for Potesdo, the brother of Hillary’s campaign manager. Only democrats seem to get immunity or be on Muellers investigative team. 13 of them. So many conflicts of interest- none of this can hold up in court.

  52. And you’ve sold your soul for what you perceive as winning. And you’re apparently not cognizant enough to realize that. Tragic.

  53. Not only yes, but, he’ll yes! Time to get pass the sore babies out of the house so we can move on with the greater needs of our country. For they are no statesmen!

  54. It’s always been messy. But it has never been so openly criminal corruption and dictatorial as now. I’m sorry you are so misinformed and apparently uneducated. Sad.

  55. Ed, that is absolutely the most egregiously bad information I’ve seen… even on this site of wackadoodles. Open you’re eyes, educate yourself. Please.

  56. Scott, you really, really need to broaden your perspective and gather some information from sites other than this one, which is geared for those thinking at about a third-grade level, and Fox News… clearly the propaganda arm of this administration. Our nation’s soul relies on thoughtful, wise people; not raving uneducated madness.

  57. You and Cliff completely prove my point made elsewhere here. Such a juvenile, gullible, misinformed group. I consider ignorance the biggest threat to this once-great nation. I suppose in the olden days, there were always people who bought the snake oil, thinking it would cure everything. I wish you well.

  58. Scott27 you are letting your stupidity show.

    We now have a stronger America with more people working. We are winning the argument against liberalism and winning HUUUGE!!! Not what commiecrat idiots want.


  60. Enough is enough! I am sick and tired of the left slamming our president…and the MSM is guilty of spreading fake news to discredit him. They never show or report on all the good he has already done for our country. We are incredibly better off now then when the traitor named Obama served his 8 yrs….riddled with lies and payoffs to our enemies. I agree with just about everyone here…quit talking about this and so many other issues (the arrest and prosecution of Obama and his staff, the arrest of the Clintons and putting a freeze on their fraudulant “foundation money”! Enough talk and time for quick and concise actions against them all. They are out of their ever loving minds and are attempting to lead our country into chaos and instill more hate into the minds and souls of all of true Americans that love our country and President Trump! MAGA!!!

  61. You and Cliff completely prove my point made elsewhere here. Such a juvenile, gullible, misinformed group. I consider ignorance the biggest threat to this once-great nation. I suppose in the olden days, there were always people who bought the snake oil, thinking it would cure everything. I wish you well.


  63. I spent 45 years with a city police department and a county public defender’s office. When I left both agencies I lost my access to their sources and information. They took my keys and my passwords were deleted and rightfully so. When one retires or leaves a government agency there is NO reason for them to still have access or be privy to resources or confidential information. That goes for Brennan et al. Take their clearance away!

  64. I always thought the same, because why do they need the security clearance if they are no longer working in the government?

  65. Anyone who is not directly involved in the day to day goings on inside the “White House” should not get to retain their security clearance. If they need you in the White House for any reason they can come escort you in.

  66. when will we act instead of all this talk Every one of them should have been replaced and their security clearance should have been pulled when they
    left their job

  67. Apparently Old Man Time, it’s customary to allow the elete of the FBI and other government groups to maintain their top secret clearance, sort of a point of honor, but this many has no honor, and has already used his position in a dishonorable way. I also had a top secret clearance in the Air Force. Worked training Bombers to drop H and A bombs.

  68. Thank you Rand Paul, since Brennan Apologies, you may be right in your assessment of Brennan, he is the traitor here.

  69. Yes, I agree 100% as well. Disgusting that is has been going on since the election of President Trump! Get it done and over with NOW!!!!!

  70. When I was in the air force I had a secret clearance, and when I retired I no longer had a clearance. The same thing should apply to all of Obama’s ex-staff, including Obama. If they expose a classified document they still should be charged with a treason, and do time in Leavenworth.

  71. Great Idea Rand Paul has! Do it, don’t have a gazillion meetings about it, just DO IT NOW! That will help some, but continue to monitor all the traitors in Congress too! I agree that not all Congressmen/women, need security clearances, if they fail then they don’t get the opportunity to run for any political seat! Those that talk hatred against President Trump, SHOULD NOT HAVE SECURITY CLEARANCES GRANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE! That is one of the questions during the DoD Security Clearance application process about ideas or groups a person belongs to that want to overthrow the govt., they are all in violation of that ex. the BLM groups, the anti-Trump movement, etc. They should NEVER GET SECURITY CLEARANCES IN THOSE CASES! Again, Go For It, revoke all their security clearances! Don’t discuss it over and over again, wasting tax payers money, JUST DO IT NOW! Thank You Rand Paul and President Trump for finally having actual common sense brought into the federal govt.!

  72. All of bho heads department heads security clearance should be revoked.
    What reason should they still have it.
    It’s crazy Maher no sense .

  73. That all died when Obama was in office along with the rest of the merry band of thieves, it has continued because of Obama left overs

  74. @Gary Purcell- SSHHH!! Don’t tell that! That was supposed to remain a secret for at least 50 more years.


  76. none of Obamas left overs should have any security, they should all be revoked Brennen is also a traitor and should see the end of the rope along with Obamas left over administration including Obama, he lied LIED to AMERICA most figured that out but for those that don’t know it he was born in KENYA AFARICA nothing he did as our president should be allowed everything he did should be revoked, he committed treason hand him

  77. That’s right, because we are no longer a nation of laws, or ethics, or integrity. That all died about 18 months ago.

  78. Where were you when Obama was elected and your people said their only mission was to be sure he was a one-term president; and then stalled and fought for 8 years? Were you asleep during that time?

  79. Yes they should all have their Security Clearances called and taken away But where has Jeff Sessions been all this time, Oh yes, that man became the Deep states insurance policy to bring down the President and with all that he has helped with they might do it yet, that’s why he needs to pull the Clearances now not tomorrow Today.. and He should never set down with Mueller under any reason,

    President Trump please do not continue to stand for these rotten judges running the Immigration situation I don’t know why no one is telling you but that job is yours and yours alone and not a judge and not congress can tell you what to do in that area
    Tell the Judge to go pound sand and move on with what you can do in regard to the immigration and oh yes, why is it that all these illegals have time to run around protesting about what they think you should do and remember they will dislike you no matter what you do so stop giving in to these radicals and tell them NO>>

  80. Or perhaps trying like hell to prevent us from being sold out to are primary adversaries. Kruschev, in the 50s, early 60s, said they would not take America by force, but from within… and they were extremely involved in the last election. Not a Hillary fan, but I do deal with reality and not constant lies.

  81. There should be a law that states the authorization of security clearances is based on the person’s “need to know” to serve the executive, the two houses of congress or the chief justice. At any given time people can be stripped of their clearances for cause and/or for termination of their positions in government.

  82. This problem of the bureaucrats seeking to undermine the incoming POTUS has never happened before in our history, that I’m aware of; they used to leave their politics in their cars or at home, and just do their jobs. I think it kind of “blindsided” everyone that they’re behaving like this this time.

  83. They should revoke and replace all trouble makers imediatelly after a new president takes office. An not let the previous admistration of workers of keeping and holding on their jobs from the Obama Erra.
    They all are Traitors that don’t support Donnald Trump and should be treated as Traitors immediately. By being shipped out of this country or be placed in front of a wall. An be shot to death immediately as a Traitor.

  84. ha.. yeh, must be me, Patti. No matter that every article on this site is written at a third-grade level; and the comments consistently and mostly reveal a cross-section of the basest, most gullible and ill-informed people I’ve ever encountered.

  85. If they retired, quit, or were fired, their security clearances should have been revoked on the date of their termination. This is normal practice, if you stop working for the federal government, you lose your clearance. What reason would a person (includes politicians) have to retain his/her clearance??

  86. Definitely revoke! That is what happens to everyone else when you leave government service.

  87. Don’t forget to line up some more, ie: Comey , Obama, Lynch, Clinton , Clapper and many more all traitors trying to overthrow our President

  88. Remove Brennan’s clearance and Hillary’s, McCabe’s, Rosenstein ‘s, Comey’ s, and any Obama personnel as they all no longer need them.

  89. Everyone of them should have their security clearance revoked. They are all traitors. That should just be the beginning.

  90. By all means revoke his security clearances. As for what he has done charge him with Sedition.
    Time to get rid of the Obama appointed holdovers. Clean up the FBI and the CIA to restore their non-partisan status. It is also time to clean up the Federal Courts. There are to many Liberal Judges who are trying to legislate from the bench, this needs to end. Constitutional Judges need to replace them.
    It will not be easy but it needs to be done to preserve are Republic.

  91. Roger that Barbara! Obama,Brennan,Comey,Clinton,Holder,Lynch,Rice, McCabe,Strzok,Page,Kerry,Clapper& all the rest of these clowns must be prosecuted for treason against THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. And let’s not forget Mueller & Rosenstein either. THERE MUST BE ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THE CRIMES THEY HAVE COMMITTED. GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.!! SEMPER FI!!!!!

  92. @eric diversion- stop with untesearched statements. Brennan was born in New Jersey. Granted it may be not a lot different than Iran, but still on US soil. Doesn’t make him any less a traitor, either. He, the same as any who have served in US military, have no need for ANY security clearance when they leave service or appointment until they are reinstalled in a position which requires vetting and security clearance. His should have been revoked the instant he lied to Congress. And barred from ever being issued another. There can only be one reason for keeping it and that would be to use for personal gain- we’ll possibly s second- for use in espionage. We know he helped arrange transfer of funds from a British subject into the Clinton coffers through a semi sophisticated money laundering scheme. Not a great leap from there to spying. Hanging used to work pretty well, but we have become “more civil” than that these days. Perhaps it’s time to become a little backward thinking”. I believe Gen Mattis might be able to arrange that for him.

  93. Yes, I believe that Brennan should have his security clearance cancelled! He is trouble and always has been. He is in bed with devil it’s written all over his ugly face and in the word he speaks. He is always up to no good and a career criminal!! He’s the perfect guy to go along with Obamas every wish!!

  94. Anyone not currently on the U.S. Government payroll needs to loose their clearance as soon as they leave their job!!

  95. ABSOLUTELY revoke his security clearance. I’m surprised it already hasn’t been since he gave the same oath I did not to reveal ANY secrets during AND after performing his duty. Frankly, if he DID provide any information to reporters to further his leftist ideology, that is in direct conflict with that same oath. During a declared war, doing so is considered a capital offense (treason) punishable by the death penalty.

    Line him up against a wall.

  96. None of these to put it nice “ nit wits “ should have a clearence to run a fruit stand. Listening to Brennen and Crapper talk any fool could see that they are lying. Again Mr. Jeff “ the mouse “ Sessions in no where to be found. And I askhow much more hard evidence do we need to charge these criminals. Mr. Sessions please either do your job or resign immediately. Instead the embarrassment of being fired because that what should happen to you and all the other deep state SOB’s that somehow are untouchable because of YOU!!!!

  97. I love Donald Trump but the one thing he didn’t
    Do was remove all the lousy holdovers after he was
    Was sworn in

  98. Cast them out, revoke all ex-Obama Administration personnel security clearances! They’re corrupt and wicked ; They along with Hillary should be locked up and considered enemies of the state.

  99. How did Obama pass his security clearance ? Do they grade them 65 D 75 C 85 B and 90 to 100 A it would fun to see Obama’s grade and who graded him .

  100. Right along with the Clintons. Once a new President takes over, particularly if it is a different party, all security clearances should be cancelled, by the new President immediately.

  101. John Brennan should have never had security clearance after he was fired that communist traitor voted for a communist to be our president at one time that should have ran red flags straight up the pole he should be handcuffed and Lead Behind Bars along with Obama and Hillary plus John Kerry Robert Mueller Peter Strovk, Valerie Jarrett and James Comey all of which have committed treason I would love to see public hanging come back and every one of them led to the Gallows

  102. I certainly agree with you, Bob. Trouble is Sessions doesn’t seem to be doing much about all the crimes that have been committed.

  103. How this communist became CIA director is an amazing mistake! Their must have been a million more qualified individuals that Husain could have chosen. I can’t believe a low life like this communist could have been chosen director of the CIA. What a disgrace to America! I wouldn’t have chosen him for latrine duty!!!!!!!

  104. @Lt Rob- ooora! He was and still is s traitorous bastard and you are quite correct in your observation re: Islam. What few Americans understand is that Islam is a theocratic Government with laws that followers of Muhammad are expected to live by. These”religious laws” are considered to be no different in terms of obedience than our Constituionally based laws.
    One of those laws that gets very little acknowledgement is Jihad. Many US based Muslims deny that it impacts their lives, claiming “Islam is a religion of peace”. Yeah, right- just ask any of the female victims of genital mutilation,or any survivors of familial “honor killings” committed for no other reason than they “left the faith”. Peaceful religion! Bah, ask any victims sieving an attack by the State sponsored Hamas, or ISIS, ask Israeli citizens just how peaceful Islam is! I’m sure liberal snowflakes will try and dispute these eyewitnesses to the brutality of Islamists, however they are fooling no one other than themselves. Thank you for your service, I’m from a previous generation of GI and spent no time in the sandbox but saw more than my fill of Islam in SE Asia and Philippines.

  105. There are many things that shold be done to put an end to all these lies and accusations! It’s time for President Trump and the Republican Party to take a firm stand and put an end to this nonsen. You can be sure that the Democrats would have done so long ago. It’s time for ACTION!!!

  106. Brennen was born and raised in Iran so what religion was he before he converted to Islam ?

  107. Agree. Brennen is the traitor and Obama. let’s get rid of the both. Why are they a part of the conversation? Neither has accomplished a damn thing.

  108. Brennan is using a multiple front to attack President Trump. This is part of the insurance policy that Strozk and page were referring too.

  109. Every single time thes Democrats and DOJ, FBI crownies point a finger of accusations towards the president they must be looking in the mirror.
    These are all the crimes that have committed.
    Shame on the govt for not throwing these people in jail

  110. Agree once your done in any job that calls for a security clearance needs revoked immediately, now if they go for another security clearance job they have to reapply and see if they pass. This is just Common Sense those that leave these jobs are a danger to our gov. To many are very corrupt.

  111. The entire obama criminal cabal needs to lose their lifelong freedom, and a few, their lives, as in death penalties, the morons who support these aholes, should lose their citizenship as they hate America anyway !!!

  112. I’m shocked that the clearance is not connected to the position. On what planet would you have access to company info after you left the company. Revoke the clearances of all of them. It should be SOP.

  113. absolutely right away some of these people should never have been able to get security clearances in the 1st place

  114. john Brennan should be arrested and prosecuted for colluding with the enemy trying to do harm to our President both legally and illegally, (any way he can). So, him and the rest of his Comrades should be visiting Leavenworth permanently soon.

  115. Yes, his security clearance should be revoked!!
    Absolutely, 100%. End of story..
    The Deep State needs to go!!

  116. You know that, eh? Prove it. Actually, it’s just more lies spread by your Russkie friends that you are foolish enough to believe. No wonder Putin is winning.

  117. The only reason for these people to have their clearances was to be able to brief their replacements. It has been two years they are no longer needed and their clearances should be removed. If they need to answer a question they can be brought in on an as needed basis. It is time to pull the plug and plug the leaks.

  118. I believe John Brennen, should have his security clearance removed. He, no longer holds the job assigned to him,. He, is sure acting like the face of the Deep State, with his, cheap shots at our President. He, is no doubt into this up to his neck, and is reporting to Obama, everything he. Hears. Take away anything that may have todo with security .

  119. Yes. All civil servants that leave their government job should have their security terminated. No exceptions. Get them out and stop leaks.

  120. John Brennan should be revoked by the lord he served-Satan. The author of death and deceit, rebel against all that is Holy and Just would gladly take to his bosom as Brennan’s usefulness(for Satan) on this earth is gone.

  121. John Brennen is a traitor time and time again. He was a voting member of the Communist Party before he became a muslim convert. Selling his soul to the highest bidder. He is not to be trusted with even blank paper!

  122. Yes, anyone involved in this hard or soft coup needs to have all and any security clearance revoked for life. I can not speak for a lot of the people but I am so sick and tired of this stupid game that is being used against our elected President and this nation. I pray it ends before tearing this nation apart with the lies and deception being handed out to those that keep their heads hidden in the sand. Wake up people before this nation is totally dismantled .

  123. YES! John Brennan needs to have his privileges revoked. He is no longer working with the departments to be reporting back to former President Obama. Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Susan Rice, and anybody else that is no longer serving under former Obama administration.

    Their clearance should have been revoked once Obama was no longer the President. Once you leave a administration with the former president, you should never have any reason for continuing to stay in contact with any department that you were connected with.

    All these people are doing, is leaking information to the people that has no right to any of the information.

    Clapper, Brennan, Comey, McCabe, and Susan Rice should not have any privileges towards any of the Government Departments, or even towards the White House, with any of the leftovers from former Obama’s administration. Obama and his whole administration staff needs to be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest, along with Hillary Clinton and her whole administration. Lock everyone of them up and throw away the keys PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. John Brennan can’t fool us when he scolded on us, “where are the Republican patriots?!” after Trump-Putin summit. How could he forget the fact that he was one of the conspirators that attempted a coup overthrowing the U.S. election?

    I know it is hard to muddle thru the political mess for the honest results that are still mired with the accusations thrown at between the Special Counsel investigation and the Congressional committees.

    Obviously, the Deep State operatives are very desperate trying to hide the evidence, the evidence that the committees are still waiting for the documents from FBI and DOJ. Their hatred at Trump are too profound and dangerous.

    To set an example for corrupting the government, John Brennan needs to be prosecuted and sent to prison.

    Obama must appear at the congressional hearing to explain why he criminally ordered this mess. The world need to see his true color.

    No one is above the law.

  125. When are CONCERNED CITIZENS going to see some ACTION against the Deep State?

    ABSOLUTELY YES – take away old security clearances. MY GOD, WHY is Jeff Sessions sleeping through all this? As for smart-aleck Christopher Wray, he’s supposed to be revamping the FBI. With all these security clearances still in effect, HOW in HELL is that “CLEANING UP or REVAMPING” the FBI?????????? Wray must think we’re all STUPID.

  126. It is past time that all the players in the DOJ and FBI who are part of the Deep Sate have their respective security clearenses revoked!

  127. I know he converted, you’ll find many that you would never expect have also converted. Th sad thing is they think it’s a religion. Answer these two questions, why are there no lgbt marriages in mosques (I’m no big fan) and why did I find a cache OF AK-47s in one? Whatever of peace?

  128. I agree with Vicster. As for Brennan however, a firing squad sounds called for more. Isn’tthat what traitors get? Either that or a noose. Ooora!

  129. Any way John Brennan can be punished is o.k. with me. Look into what he neglected to do re Bin Laden in Afganistan. Right after 911, it was determined BOK Laden was in the Hindu Kush mountains attending a hawking event with other sheiks, emits, and mullahs. Our CIA learned about the rally and sent some Special Forces into the mtns to find him, which they did. However, they had to have approval from the CIA Station CHIEF who was guess who. Brennan. No approval was given to kill him, and OBL escaped further into the mtns. The movie “The Horse Soldiers” was about this missed opportunity. Bob Baer,a CIA agent who spent years in the Middle East, wrote a book about Brennan’s inactions many times. Don’t forget–Brennan converted to Islam while stationed in Egypt.

  130. H##L, yes,his security clearance should be revoked. When I left the USAF, my Top Secret clearance was and when I went to work for a Defense Contractor, we had to reapply for another new one for me. They are not granted for a life time, only as needed and with his history, it should have been yanked before he even left the government!

  131. Yes, revoke his security clearances today!! Tired of this witch hunt against our President, all if America is tired. Brennan should be charged with treason & hung.


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