Rand Paul dropped one bombshell about the Obama Deep State that will terrify you

Donald Trump is still fighting battles against Barack Obama’s Deep State loyalists.

Rogue agents within the government are actively undermining the Trump administration.

And Rand Paul just dropped one bombshell about the Obama Deep State that will terrify you.

Last year Donald Trump gave an order to revoke former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance.

Brennan routinely appeared on cable news spewing all sorts of fake news and lies about Trump and Russia.

As the CIA Director, Brennan was one of the leading proponents of the Russian collusion conspiracy theory and tried to use then-Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid to leak the Christopher Steele dossier to the media during the 2016 campaign.

That’s why President Trump ordered his security clearance to be revoked.

But the New York Times reported that the Deep State ignored President Trump’s order and Brennan still maintains access to classified information.

During a CNN interview Rand Paul revealed why this so greatly concerns him.

Breitbart reports Paul stating:

Well, this is what worries me. People talk about the Deep State. Now the Deep State is actually protecting their own and not listening to the president’s orders. I was sitting in the White House when President Trump said, “I want his security clearance taken,” and I saw the order given. I saw the chief of staff was there, not the current chief of staff, the previous chief of staff.

And if they’re working against the odds of the president, that really does disrupt our country, does disrupt a representative democracy where the president makes a decision, and if someone is countermanding that, I think we need to get to the bottom of that. And I hope President Trump will say, “who is countermanding my orders. I said get rid of his clearance.” And I do think Brennan has been a partisan. And I think Brennan also abused his office in developing the Trump investigation. I think it was done under false pretenses and done for political reasons.

This is a common theme in the Trump administration.

Trump will give orders and unelected bureaucrats will ignore them.

That is the very definition of a coup to override the will of the voters.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. I saw kill Brennan and whoever the Senator or Congressman is that is backing and paying for his clearance. It’s not that hard people we just have a horrible system that has no balls and is so indebted to each other they don’t know where they shit last. When I say indebted you know I mean everybody is holding something on everybody else. Let’s not bullshit ourselves, Obama was our nice and tidy negro President for the country bucket list pick. If the power/Illuminati/Davos Man that’s keeping Brennan in the good old system that power gave Obama the Whitehouse. That same power also kept Bill and Hillary out of prison which means they control our FBI. That’s how it is cause in Brennan’s case it’s easy to follow the money to the National Security Agency in Baltimore, Maryland that maintains the clearances. We’re all doomed but we can’t do nothing about it. There’s too much money and people like Obami who are complete outsiders to this scam don’t really know who or what happened. They are just stupid and arrogant enough like he was to walk around saying look at me and can be bought off. Easy math question even for the smart ones that don’t think the same was as this deplorable that served your country for 27 years. Obami enters office Jan 2009 with net worth $1.2 Million. He has a job that he makes $400,000 a year but does have to pay taxes and several expenses at the Whitehorse during the 8 years. Obami leaves the Whitehouse Jan 2017 with net worth of $14 Million. My math tells me at a minimum he could not have exceeded net worth of $4.4 Million. I did t know the Commander In Chief could moonlight while being President but I know as being a Senior enlisted in the Army, I could not! So where did the $10 mil come from. Now with the help of social media and to go along with MSM and the age of the computer “We the people” WILL NEVER be able to trust or get any resemblance of the truth again from our government. Really, Obama and his deep state, please I’m not that stupid. Take an unheard of no nothing black man and in a 4 year period buy him the Whitehouse to prove a point. Only two ways of doing that and that is Coorporate America such as Perdue Pharma (Oxy King) and the American Jews that aren’t really Jews. Track all of the very important Jews down in America and you’ll find out what deep state we have. Trump worked for them on the apprentice and if not for a few choice words and smart ass remarks especially a black man who got real cocky real fast Trump would t have given a damn about the Presidency. But when little Muslim, street thug Barrack insulted him publicly and unprovoked Donald the smartest one in the room said, I’ll show you sons of a bitches who is worthy. If Obama was white could he have ever been elected as President? Hell no! To make my point clear, see who produced Oprah and made her into what we call something. Any famous negro in this country was backed by a Jew. I’m talking Northern Jew which are basically just people and ancestors from Israel. Not real Jews, these ones and their ancestors worshipped a fake pagan g.d Baal whom they sacrificed there new born babies too. Any coincidence’s forming here. You know, the Northen Israel not real king at that time married Zezebel from Syria, the home of the Devil and then the N. Jews threw out God and started worshipping this Devil fake g.d and after spreading out all over the world they came to America to ingest it as well and presto. You have a deep state, ones who are promoting negros either through game or marriage because they did this in defiance of God 4,000 years ago when they went into the promised land and married the Phillistines he told them to kill. Now, they are still trying to get under his skin. Bad decision. Anyway, no coincidences in this world.

    • Sorry ,buddy , you have been convinced with one hell of a bullshit lie, Michele Obama is a fake male with a dick between his legs! the girls were adopted, the real father is sueing them!purpwalk anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. If the electoral college is eliminated, we’d have more communist politicians in office like our friend “Comrade Obama”

    • Since all the corrupt worms will be let out of the can, it is long overdue that Obama and his daughters’ birth certificates, ie lack of, should be investigated along with the Deep State and find out where these people were actually born! Maybe this way can find out who the real puppeteers are and who let the Manchurian candidate inside the gate.

      • Daughters NOT ‘o’s. They look exactly like
        their ‘real mother/father’ (friends of o/m.)
        Probably ‘scrubbed’ 0ff net by now
        @ googie google.

  3. Here is where the DOJ and the FBI should take action to remove the folks countermanding the President’s orders to take away Brennan’s and Clapper’s security clearances. Charge them, arrest them, try them, and sentence them to jail terms and revoke their pensions. Their actions are seditious. In fact, Comey, Brennan and Clapper have committed crimes against the nation. And it also is necessary to have the FCC suspend CNN’s and the other networks’ licenses to be on the air for ethical violations. Freedom of speech does not give them the license to overthrow our government. Their conduct against the President and his administration is seditious. Obama, George Soros and Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Obama’s ‘deep state’ operatives in the government are fired from their jobs and tried in court. They wanted a fight, now the have a roaring lion to deal with and they can’t handle the big lion’s erocity. I have always said Elijah Cummings is a big time crook. Dumb, ugly and dirty. But he gets away with all this bad stuff because he’s black. Enough is enough; his race card isn’t valid! We are not a racist country. We all should be sick of these anti-American bastards.

  4. & Rand Paul Say : re Deep State: PRESIDENT
    Should Say “Who IS
    “countermandering MY [Presidential] 0rders’.
    BRENNAN W/ CNN Remains W/ Top Clearance???
    WHEN 0RDER WAS GIVEN. This is ‘Not Good.
    & To Moses : Your lite bulb Has ‘BURNED 0UT.’
    You Are a ‘sick’ young man.
    > Conservative ‘R’s NEED to ‘GET NASTY’

  5. The Democrook party would love to do away with the electoral college as all of our presidential elections would be decided by a small number of highly populated states which are controlled by them so as for them to win nearly all those elections and giving the small sparsely populated states that have concervate majorities the middle finger salute.

  6. We lost all when we took God out of our schools and Govt. In God we Trust must remain our Belief and our Model.

    • I was a Military brat,I attended 9 schools from 1956 to 1969 and ONLY once was a prayer ever mention in ANY of those schools, that one was in Panama when our teacher announced a classmate,Debbie Boatwright died last night due to complications of polio,(she was confined to wheelchair)and there were religious administrations back then, specially the ones in Georgia…
      it seems people keep repeating prayers taken out of schools which by law it was in 1962, but I only said one in 1957…
      my guess its for religious purpose, people think it would make a difference it wont…

      As for losing all it has nothing to do with Religion as there are pedophile priest running around, Ministers that cheat on their wives, religious people that are serial killers ever hear of BTK Killer?
      he worked for a church and was thought highly of…

      Isaiah 45:7 Original Scripture states
      “I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil; I am the LORD, that doeth all these things”

      it seems what is taking place God is the one causing it
      since the passage states “GOD Creates Evil”

      and you want an evil God in schools thats funny..

      • And blatant bigots twisting everything they can out of context, much of it flat out lies, to push their anti-semitic, Christianity hating fourth reich Nazi agenda are not at all funny. So, is it Heil Obama or Heil Hillary that you Truefa useful idiots goose step to?

  7. This is beyond bizarre bull crap. Obama is part of no deep state, if anyone is it is Trump. If Obama was part of a deep state a mobster like Trump would never have been elected. Rand Paul and his father are conspiracy believers and Senator Paul is calling Obama dishonest to counteract the criminality of Trump, he has become a total Trump lackey, all the Republican Senators and congressmen have out of cowardice and treason. Obama will always be the most honest President in your life, regardless of what you believe of his politics.

    • Moses,
      You need to open your eyes dumb ass. Obama Hillary NSA DNC FBI CIA all are part of the failed coup on this great nation They are all trators and most democraps in the house should serve hard time.

    • How much is someone paying you to be a moron online? And who is doing it? Soros? DNC? Clinton Foundation? Open your eyes and open your mind, you are either terminally stupid or a dupe for liberals.

    • IDIOT!!!! OLbama and Queen Hillary were all set to sell out our country to George Sorros and his New World Order.You and your kind are complete idiots. Thank god for Pres Trump and his effort to clean out the corrupt gang that have had control of our country since your Democrats murdered Pres Lincoln 150 years ago. Your party has become the party of evil who will do anything that it takes to grab control back so they can continue their corruption and destruction of our great country.

        • Moses, May I suggest that instead of flapping your gums in ignorance perhaps you should spend some time performing a little research behind the scenes. I have been following the antics of crooked Hillary and George Sorros since 2006 and Mr. Sorros pays out millions through his organizations in the USA in an attempt to undermine our government and cause problems where ever he can especially through so called Community Organizers who put together protests to disrupt a variety of community and college gatherings not unlike your illustrious past president. He has paid out thousands to members of our government behind the scenes. His 56 year old son is being groomed to run for a seat in our congress. He is in his late 80’s and has been working for years to gain control of our country.He literally hates America and her citizens but he wants control of the richest country in the world. He is as evil as they come.

          • It has been inked Soros ‘released’
            18 BILLION to NGO’s/ 0pen Society.org
            etc/ constituents. & ‘funds’ massive
            illegal immigration. UK/Africa/other
            foreign countries Also involved. Thru NGO’s.

      • Robert Lighter: I applaud you for your very accurate and truthful postings.I have used this term once before, but it does fit how the Democrats are so oblivious to the truth: “There are none so blind as those who will not see”

          • Gun Nuts of America:Sorry you see me that way.I do not idolize anyone.I only state my personal opinion, without name calling.We will never see eye to eye on our personal party choice.Let’s leave it at that.But I do not leave a negative comment for EVERYONE that disagrees with my opinion.
            Thank you.

    • Moses you need serious help, stop sucking after CNN and the rest of lame stream media, and there may be hope for you yet

    • Soros puppet Barry was leading the Deep State. Progressives like you always blame others for what they themselves do.

    • Oh Moses, you’ve really been taken . Obama was not born in theU.S.his brother and grandmother sent a birth certificate that had not been made up showing he was born in Kenya. The one that obama produced was a fake. He shouldn’t have even been able to run for president. He has pulled the wool over a lot of people that never bothered to really check things out. And he wasn’t the first colored president. He was halfwhite and half black. And in the end he never will be known as the best president, but the best imposter!

  8. The revolving door that is used to fill appointments in the bureaucracy has been in place for decades. Think Progress, Move on, ACLU and other liberal organizations recruit and train the year around preparing to flood DC with supporters the next time the democrats are in power.

  9. These deep state crooks ought to be arrested, jailed, dragged out into the street, shot, run over by semis to ensure they’re dead, then they should be hung and for good measure, shot again. That would teach these people what happens when they act out against the wishes of the American people.

  10. Monty, have you never heard the explanation of why we have the Electorial College?! 20 years ago, I, too, thought it would make sense to have just straight votes, until it was explained to me why we have the Electorial College. I see the fairness in it. Our Forefathers saw the importance of it, too, and that is why it became a part of our Constitution. Without the Electorial College we will become a country of self-centered people and bullies.

    • Without the electoral college we would have the most populous states dictating to the other states who would be President. The electoral college is fairness to all the states and all the states have a voice… something the radical Democrats don’t understand.

      • Having the Electoral College is pat of being a Republic. They are slowly eroding the things that make us a Republic. When they changed electing the Senators by popular vote from have the states legislature appoint them. If the states legislatures still appointed the Senators I doubt that we would have the Senators spending a life time in the Senate.

        • If you haven’t noticed, the msm and reps constantly refer to the attack on our democracy. We don’t have a democracy. We have a constitutional Republic. Government by the people for the people. The demonRAts would love it to be a democracy. That way the elites don’t have to care about the citizens. Greece & Rome were democracies and failed. If the left keeps touting the word democracy often enough, we will morph into it without opposition. They are relying on the ignorance Of the American people to carry their push without complaint.

          • Navy myself. Your comment is so welcome and accurate. The D party thrives to give s🐣It. For your votes, or at least tell you they are going to promise to you but then can t. Get it for you.

    • Yes, The ideas that rule the Left and Right coast would be the law of the land! Then Detroit would be the model for ALL cities in the US.

  11. We can still arrest Brennan for having current classified information. Why? He knows that he is not supposed to have this access at all.

    So I’ll say … arrest Brennan now. Put him in an undisclosed prison. Shrivel him till he’s so old that he can’t even remember his name.

    It is no secret that there are many rogue agents out there. Weed them out, then better government we have.

    • I’m always afraid of being “boring” with my comments being repeated but.. I said from the beginning, 5 mins after MR TRUMP was sworn in, he should have turned around AND FIRED EVERY DAMNED ONE OF THEM!! 😒😥😞😰😪

  12. Solution….President Trump finds out who & whom countered his order and fire them. Make their names known to the public. Minions do not have the authority to disobey a direct order….fire them.

    • Good solution DR, but voter corruption will definitely be a factor in 2020. Whether it can be stopped is anybody’s guess!

  13. I say arrest Georgie Soros without bail and throw all of the communist Democrooks along with him in gaol forever

  14. The media has been bought off by Soros when Obama was in office. At that time I read that one of them had to send in their reports for Obama to approve of them before they could be printed. They aren’t news people any more just paid propagandists for the lies of the Left which includes the D’s and their fake news.

    • hahahah, 4Pip… let’s see, I’m guessing that information came from your friend’s wife’s third cousin who got it from her hairdresser. Is there no limit to what you folks will believe? What utter nonsense.

      • OBumer is looking to fill staff positions. You should apply. Knee pads are the tool requirements needed.

      • Yes, there is a limit, we do not believe that the same system responsible for around 200 million deaths through the 20th century and has caused nothing but misery and destruction everywhere it’s been tried will be a utopia here, nor do we believe in the fallacy of a benevolent, uncorrupted government that would equitably redistribute wealth to anyone but themselves and well-connected cronies.

  15. They are not overriding remember he did not get the majority of voters he is there due to the archaic electoral college not because he didn’t win the majority of votes.

    • You, Monty Jackson, appear to be a myopic, ignorant and illogical person! The electoral college is a very important “balancing” reason for the leading position of the US among the nations of our world! Without it, the legislative body of this constitutional federal republic would be controlled and dominated endlessly by a few large states such as the “costal” New York and California!

    • Apparently POTUS followed the Constitution to the letter. If you don’t like it, file an amendment to change it. There are procedures to o just that. Which is also in the Constitution.

  16. How do they keep the media quiet? Buy them. We don’t have a media we have a bought and paid for propaganda machine.

    • Really Mike? You apparently don’t know where the money comes from supporting the trump party? Who really owns Faux News, the official propaganda outlet; and Breitbart? and whatever other sources you get your “information” from?

      • Scott 27, I’ve read your posts, and it seems that there is always at least one DUMB FUXK posting on these sites, and you certainly win the prize! The old saying that a little knowledge is dangerous, certainly applies to you, because you have just a very little knowledge!

  17. I wish we had many more like Rand Paul in the Senate. Someone who really gives a $hit about what is going on in this country. He came up with a common sense plan to cut our budget and only 22 republicans and not one democrat even voted for it. A lot of dems like “Sparticus” Booker didn’t even bother to vote and they are supposed to be representing us!

    • That is the issue. Congress is suppose to be representing their constituents not a party. i don’t agree with everything Rand Paul proposes, but I do agree with balancing the budget and reducing the deficit…


  19. Having had a top secret clearance in the USNAVY does not qualify me to give answers about classified information today. In a form in my discharge it states that all classified clearances are revoked. It is the same for ALL MILITARY DISCHARGES. Why not politicians?

    • Your reasoning – RON PECINOVSKY – is extremely logical; but, the craving for power of a lot of politicians has the tendency to become endless once they achieve a powerful position!

  20. & people call President Trump a criminal….yet none of the mainstream media mentions the crimes commited openly by the liberals!

    • Colleen , there are so many crimes but the media is just as corrupt and are protecting these lying hateful criminal liberal democrats.

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