Rand Paul shut down Hillary Clinton by dropping this truth bomb

The media lit their hair on fire over President Trump refusing to take the media bait and admit the election was rigged by Russian meddling.

Hillary Clinton responded on social media to Trump’s performance on social media.

But Clinton’s move immediately backfired when Rand Paul shut her down with one truth bomb.

Clinton tweeted that Trump’s press conference in Helsinki amounted to treason.

This was a big mistake.

Rand Paul pointed out in a subsequent interview that the only campaign in 2016 that colluded with the Russians was hers.

The Daily Caller reports:

“The president sees the Mueller investigation. He sees all these accusations from partisan Democrats, Hillary Clinton, saying ‘Oh, he colluded with the Russians,” Rand said. “The only people who we actually know colluded with the Russians were Hillary Clinton who paid a British agent who paid Russians for information for the dossier.”

Rand was referring to the infamous unverified Steele dossier compiled by Fusion GPS and paid for by the Clinton campaign.

“[Trump] feels like the intelligence community cooked up a political and partisan investigation,” Rand continued, “but also, part of the Mueller investigation is something that should have investigated, and that is: Who hacked into Hillary Clinton’s emails?”

Rand concluded, “There is part of the Mueller investigation that is legitimate and part of it that is a partisan attack on the president.”

It was the Clinton campaign that laundered money through Fusion GPS to hire a foreign spy to collude with sources in Russia to put together the fake news Christopher Steele dossier.

The hysteria over Trump-Russia collusion was cooked up by the Clinton team on election night to excuse her victory.

The media ran wild with it because they hate Trump and hate the people who elected him.

Their only goal was to remove him from office and they are using a lie to nullify the will of the American people.

Rand Paul set the record straight and if anyone should have to answer for collusion with Russia it is Hillary Clinton.


  1. They should star arresting her and her cohorts and send to prison.
    All they want is prolong the agony and hope Trump is not reelected which he’s going to be.

  2. zee, You have a right to your opinion, but, personally, I like Trey Gowdy, he calls it like is, not afraid to ruffle a few fathers while he’s at it.

  3. She just needs too go away & move on !! Spend time with your husband( if he’s not with some one else )&
    Just get a life !! You had your shot all your way &
    The people & money too do it &
    Still LOST!! Get over it , it’s not what you expected but it’s a fact!!

  4. Yes he is – my question now is a fact-checking one. How much money did FBI pay Christopher Steele for the opposition research on the Trump Campaign 2016? Paying a single dime was a waste of taxpayer’s dollars & we have an ethics problem that crosses the line into criminality! All citizens must demand accountability NOW!

  5. Rand Paul IS one of the most ‘Valuable Assets’
    POTUS could ever have. Admittedly, i never cared for
    Rand, for whatever reason, BUTT, I SURELY Do NOW. RAND
    Totally ‘surpasses’ T’Gowdy.

  6. WHY Isn’t Anyone talking re $400 Million to Hillary Campaign thru
    Browder – that Putin mentioned in Helsinky.

  7. Since Clinton cooked up the Russian collusion, she should pay the money for the investigation. All those millions the people of the United States has to pay for.

  8. I agree. Should shut down these agencies completely. Once barrack and hillary have had their nasty hands on them they could never be honest.

  9. AM proud of my (Kentucky’s) Rand Paul. Also admire Trey Gowdy for not backing down on investigation. May be a good team in 2024 elections. POTUS Trump should have America great and clean by then.

  10. Donald Trump made ALL of his money in the private sector. Hillary Clinton made (stole) ALL of her money in Politics. The “Swamp” is full of people who became fabulously wealthy in D.C. Hillary and her lying demented ilk call President Trump a “communist” and “Nazi” – yet anyone with a brain knows that in communist countries is the people in government that have ALL of the money – the higher up in the government they are the more they have – just the way HILLARY LIKES IT – she’s entitled.

  11. Mueller has a long history of rather dishonest behavior. 4 men were prosecuted and spent time (30 years) in prison (2 of them died in prison) who were innocent. Robert Mueller KNEW of and WITHHELD exculpatory evidence of their innocence.
    I would not trust Robert Mueller with my dead dog!

  12. Thank you i have been saying that from the begginning. They already know hillery can be bought. Why on earth would they want trump he cant be bought. Like you said it makes no sence at all. You are the first person i have come across that understand this

  13. Francisco, they could run Uncle Joe Biden against her in the primaries. Then she would be a three time loser. Next stop for her should be Leavenworth.

  14. K, you asked if a traitor can run for office? Well, an ILLEGAL did…TWICE! So what do you think???

  15. Former FBI Director James Comey has a long history of involvement in Department of Justice actions that arguably ended up favorable to the Clintons.
    In 2004, Comey, then serving as a deputy attorney general in the Justice Department, apparently limited the scope of the criminal investigation of Sandy Berger, which left out former Clinton administration officials who may have coordinated with Berger in his removal and destruction of classified records from the National Archives. The documents were relevant to accusations that the Clinton administration was negligent in the build-up to the 9/11 terrorist attack.
    FBI director Comey announced that despite the evidence of “extreme negligence” by Hillary Clinton and her top aides regarding the handling of classified information through her private email server, the FBI would not refer criminal charges to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department. Imagine a similar finding of the Nuremberg trials of the Nazi criminals: “Well – yes, Goebbels did order that 6 million Jews be exterminated – but he really did not mean it, so let him go free with an appropriate government pension”.

  16. FBI has had its ups and downs, certainly, but usually it found those low times due to some mishap or bad policy decisions based on matters of process by its upper management. But despite some of the worst 1970s conspiracy theories, rarely has the FBI been considered a bald-faced political actor until Director James Comey tarnished the shield by becoming a member of the Hillary Clinton’s election campaign. The FBI is no longer a legitimate or competent law enforcement agency. The FBI has become nothing more than a bunch of goons for the DNC and the Democrat Party. The FBI should now be considered a domestic corrupt terrorist organization. Due to the FBI’s corruption and political affiliation with the Democrat Party, they should no longer have jurisdiction over a single American citizen. Comey is now guilty of treason by default and association. He has violated his sworn oath and must be removed. “Yes – Hillary Clinton is guilty but we will not recommend prosecution” – he declared to the congressional inquiry with a straight face. In other words, and for all practical purposes our FBI had become the American KGB.

  17. Bring old has been on in 2020!!! I would love to see her get her ass handed to her one more time!!! This time let’s see if she can run without cheating and buying off the Russians for a fake Dossier the lying cheating hag!!

  18. I hope she runs in 2020, long as she’s not allowed to cheat… Is it even possible for her to honestly do anything! Can a traitor run for office? Guess it depends on the view of the FBI/DOJ.
    I never cared for her politics before the 2016 election, slam dunk for Trump. Now, I can’t stand the sight of her, the sound of her voice or that spine chilling cackle she has that is supposed to be a laugh.
    This female is so desperate to be in power, if she ever makes it… the first citizens she will have targeted are those of us that voted against her & refused to support our phenomenal President!

  19. time to bring her in arrest her, and hang her for treason, Hillary is very corrupt, but then again she believes all her own lies and expects us to believe her. WRONG we DON’t, we have enough evidence to not believe any democrat that is a left over of obamas, or been in office for then 20 yrs, as bill Clinton was also very corrupt and dishonest. WE love seeing President Trump clean the deep state, and drain the swamp which is being done slowly, some resigning early as they know they are part of the problem with all the cover ups, lies, corruption in government. Keep it coming MR President, we are behind you, pray for you and your staff and families. Kill the fake news, call them on every fake news story, fine them big time for their lies and corruption, not only the station should be find but all the journalist reporting the story. After being find a few times and journalist find perhaps they will get it and tell the truth, even thou the democrats donating to their stations don’t like it…rather lose guilty lies money and be hones then become more and more like them.

  20. I haven’t yet heard on comment posted by anyone that knows what’s going on! Look, Mr. George Soros funds his “Open Borders” group. They in turn finance over 2,300 liberal groups like MoveOn, BLM, etc. here in the USA. And in 150 other countries! That is how the “European Union” came to be. Now Soros wants the “Americas Union”, but Trump screwed that up. So get the “L” out and vote “R” every election! OR, we will become like Europe, Cuba, and KommieFornia!
    Shut up, get up, and get out the votes!

  21. If I were Hillary I’d lay low to keep the attention away, I don’t believe they haven’t had an unbiased investigation on her !!!

  22. COMEY DID A COVER-UP FOUND IN IG REPORT AND ON WEINERS LAPTOP of hillarys CHILD CRIMINAL CRIMES and a long list of names of Washington government officials names involved with these child crimes and child traffcing, clear COMEY ‘S NAME WAS ONE OF THEM along with john mccain clapper,brennan eric holder rosenstein mueller, COMEY USED THE RUSSIANS TO COVER-UP THESE CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN



  23. Have you noticed the Word ‘collusion’
    Has been replaced w/ “Meddling”.
    V. Significant. Wray ‘splained the diff
    recently. Soon, Mueller et al w/ Rosenstein
    are going to slip away into a nowheresville.
    Last Fri Before POTUS went to Finland, Rosenstein
    Said it all. ie ‘shifting the Investigation’ to
    Another Dept. Therefore ‘snaking’ their Way 0ut. etc

  24. is it so terrible to tell the truth?clintons are criminal and the fbi and the demo(rats) ,you are on the wrong side of justice

  25. I am so sick of this Trump/Russia collusion BS! Anyone with more than 2 active brain cells should be able to see how absurd that is. I keep waiting for some one on the Left with their “superior intellect” to explain why on earth the Russians would want to see elected a US President who plans to rebuild the US Military and put America first instead of a corrupt political hack who actually DID collude with Russia in the sale of US uranium reserves in exchange for $145 million in kickbacks to her “foundation” and in the creation of a phony dossier! Someone the Russians already knew they could buy! Makes absolutely no sense! Besides that, Trump has been tougher on Russia than anyone since Reagan. But they don’t want anyone to think about that!

  26. Arrest Waters, Hillary, Obama, Comey etc.
    Fire Sessions, Mueller, Stork needs mental help.
    Obama give some of your wealth away to your illegals or invite them to live with you in your Mansion.

    Remember: If You Have Your Health You Have Your Wralth

  27. You are overlooking a significant factor: The Democrats nominated her for the past Presidential election because they didn’t have anyone better to run. They still don’t. The eligible possibilities available now are the same ones that were available then. There is no one new.

  28. The problem is Putin is a barbaric murderer, who is on a mission to rebuild Russia into a super power as they once were, and he will murder anyone who gets in his way. Russia would twisted everything to his advantage, and he would love nothing more than to put the screws to Trump and consequently America. Nothing is beyond his corruption, even murder, sort of like the Clintons here. When you are working with this kind of immoral corruption nothing good can come out of it. Thus you waste your time and worse stir up more discord and animosity between our nations, and within our nation itself, as we are divided to the point of our own civil war.

  29. She’s a pedophile too! And NEEDS to end at the end of a rope! By the way, she’s just had someone else killed!

  30. I am so proud of Rand Paul you sir are a true patriot. God bless you. I wish more were as intelligent as you. We are behind you don’t give up.

  31. I just can’t wait to see Killary and her petophile husband in orange jump suits sitting in a federal prison somewhere doing a lie sentence paying for all of the crap the pulled off on the American public, like murder, fraud, robbery, and the beat goes on.

  32. Ronnie,
    It is much better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth, though a you write or just show a picture and prove your a fool. I would say you are ill informed and very combative. Just take a deep breath and pick your battles. Just a good rule, what difference will it make, tomorrow, next week, next year or even ten years from now. Thank you for your time.

  33. You know Mr Grey the crooked politicians, which is about 85% of the House and Senate, she has dirt on would ho down also if she was found guilty. The American People know she is guilty. We just want to know how well bribed and dirty our elected officials are. The ones who accuse President Trump of their crimes and scream the loudest are usually the dirtiest. The trump base is strong and we will overcome.

  34. What I don’t understand is why people think it is not a good idea to send Mueller and some of his team to Russia; to watch the 12 Russians being interviewed/interrogated, and why it would be wrong for Russians to come to America to interview the person that Russia claims stole $400 Million, and didn’t pay taxes to Russia? If we have agreements with other Countries for extradition; that would be pretty much the same procedure.

    And I can see why, if President Trump asked Putin if the 12 GRU men hacked into computers of DNC and John Podesta, and he denied knowledge of that being done; but in fact offered this other means to find out the facts; that is evidently in an existing agreement with Russia; then why wouldn’t President Trump let him relay that information in a Presser.

    Someone within our State Department should have a copy of that Agreement signed sometime in the past, to find out the terms of it. If it’s a legal and binding agreement; then why we sign off on if, if we didn’t mean to use it. I can’t imagine Putin would say something about an Agreement in such a public manner, if it was a lie and easily disproved.

  35. How can anyone be willingly sacrifice their HONOR to be a DNC Member? It is a shame to belong to that shameless Political Party which honors Dishonesty, shamelessly they create Falsehoods ~ fake news, without limit! No one wants to hear anymore what anyone from that DNC Party has to say! Never to waist time on what is untrue and worthless; from people to things! This Country will function better without them!! What a waste of our TAX Payer’s hard earned money on those useless Prideful bags of WASTES!

  36. FBI, CIA,NSA and IRS have been compromised and used by OBAMA and his handpicked communist directors for these agency’s that act like the old KGB. None of these agency’s can be trusted until purged and honest leadership installed. All other leadership belongs in prison.

  37. Rand Paul Thank you thank you for being 1 of a very few Congressmen who still believe in this Great Country, the Truth, and speaks his own mind, and not just what all the monkeys See, and Do!!!!

  38. Wasn’t the Russians that hack, Lisa Page said it was ,China. Hillary knew this so did the FBI and the CIA. Obama loves china. He knew it too. Two scam artists who thought that they never get caught.


  40. That’s calling the kettle black. Did she forget that it was her campaign that colluded with the Russians over the Steele dossier? Funneling money from her campaign and or foundation to Fusion GPS. Hello!
    She should of been a man with the balls she’s got to say anything. Can’t she just fade in to oblivion?????????

    Keep America Great
    in 2020!
    Re-elect President Trump!

    Please vote in November, it’s terribly important that we don’t lose control of the House and Senate. Can you imagine what would happen?
    Taxes rise, Obamacare inflated to cover illegal aliens and impeaching President Trump.


    george ????????????

  41. Frankly, I wish the democrats would nominate her for 2020. She would be flushed out by a red tide! But even the DNC is not that stupid, or is it?

  42. You have to wonder why Hillary dared to throw her BS criticism at Trump after what she did thru all the years. I think she’s untouchable. She will ever step her foot into a jail cell.

    Why is that we could not prosecute her? Why are the liberals defending her? To save their face? Probably.

    It would be great if we could convict her and not to laugh about it. We need to show the world that no one is above the law. That might help the Russian people to see that they can convict Putin, too.

    Justice for all!

  43. Their only goal was to remove him from office and they are using a lie to nullify the will of the American people.
    Rand Paul set the record straight and if anyone should have to answer for collusion with Russia it is Hillary Clinton.
    And now the DumboRATs are complaining because President Trump believes Putin over AMERICAN’s JUSTICE SYSTEM. Personally I go along with not believing the DumboRAT Justice Departments. They must get the DumboRATS out of these departments.

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