Rashida Tlaib admitted something about Joe Biden that put jaws on the ground

All the experts assume the entire Democrat Party is united around Joe Biden as he prepares to become the official nominee in a few weeks.

But that may not be the case.

And Rashida Tlaib admitted something about Joe Biden that put jaws on the ground.

Socialist Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib conducted a revealing interview with Newsweek about Joe Biden and the Presidential campaign.

Tlaib told Newsweek that she doesn’t even bother to endorse Joe Biden or even try to sell her constituents on whether or not Biden is a good candidate.

“I don’t want to get into a debate with my residents,” Tlaib explained. “Residents come up to me and say, ‘Rashida, I don’t know. I hear Joe Biden this, Joe Biden that.’ I say, ‘Listen, do we need another four years of Trump? No. Then what I need you to do is go out there and focus on that.’ If the ultimate goal is to get rid of Donald Trump, that doesn’t have to involve me actually endorsing Biden.”

“My constituents don’t need to be bogged down in, ‘Is [Biden] the best candidate?’ That’s not what you have to convince my residents,” the Michigan Congresswoman continued. “They need to come out in droves and be inspired by something. And that is going to be a vote against Donald Trump.”

Tlaib’s comments offer real world evidence of what polls have shown and that is there is no enthusiasm for Joe Biden among Democrats.

This could become important if the race tightens.

While an unenthusiastic vote counts the same as an enthusiastic vote, in a close election that will be determined by base turnout, the chances that Trump’s core voters are more likely to turn out than Biden’s core voters could make all the difference.

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