Rashida Tlaib had a run-in with police that has all hell breaking loose

Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is in trouble once again.

This is not good news for Democrats or for Bernie Sanders – whose Presidential campaign she endorsed.

And after Rashida Tlaib had a run-in with police now all hell breaking loose.

Rashida Tlaib is another union label politician that marches to whatever tune union bosses call out.

The latest example of how Tlaib is in the pocket of Big Labor came after police detained Tlaib at Detroit Metro Airport after Tlaib joined a group of unionized catering workers protesting Delta Airlines.

“We won’t stop until we get #fairwages & #healthcare. These courageous people got arrested tonight at DTW b/c they believe workers deserve human dignity. Shame on you Delta for leaving workers behind and letting them live in poverty,” Tlaib tweeted after police detained her.

What the unions really want are more forced dues that bosses can extract out of workers paychecks so they can funnel the money into the campaign coffers of their pet politicians.

Of course, Tlaib and other Democrats never tell this truth.

Instead they dress up their greed in flowery language about the rights of workers to a better life.

“These workers are suffering and living under unimaginable conditions all because Delta wants to make more profits on the backs of the poor. The airline catering workers are desperate for a better quality of life and put their bodies on the line in their fight against the exorbitant corporate greed by the airlines denying them of their right to a living wage and good healthcare,” Tlaib declared in a press statement.

The 2020 election could come down to role of Big Labor in American politics.

If Democrats win the White House and the Senate they pass “card check” legislation to eliminate the secret ballot in union elections.

Democrats will also move on bills to eliminate the ability of Americans to work as independent contractors in a bid to boost union membership and to erode state right to work laws.

Tlaib’s protest at the Michigan airport was just the tip of the iceberg as to how Democrats plan to payback Big Labor if they win a sweeping victory in 2020.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Rashida Tlaib is an ugly bull dyke! The lesbian Tlaib is the second ugliest woman in DC, and she would have been the ugliest if it weren’t for Elizabeth Warren! Warren and Tlaib are disgusting BEASTS! Tlaib has foursomes with Ilhan Omar, Linda Sarsour and Joan Terrell-Paige!

  2. The “squad” as we so call them, are not in Congress to work for the country. They are there for themselves and any notoriety they can gain. They poison the minds of the 30-something crowd and younger with the offer of “free stuff”. What a crew. A bartender without a clue, a wannabe Hamas recruit, a Somali bed-hopper, and another trying to figure out where the hell she fits in. Oh well, every circus has it’s clowns.

  3. I don’t think anyone from another country should be able to run for office in the us. They sure the h### wouldn’t let us run for office in there country. All in office from another country should be removed from office. And it also applys to off spring of illegals born in America.

  4. I do believe there’s an investigation about her illegal use of campaign funds! Can we please get some followup on that story? She’s as crooked as Hillary and Bernie. Can the DOJ get some more investigations going? And let’s try to get some convictions and some incarcerations as well!


  6. Lyudmila: ditto.

    Terrorists masquerading as Americans. Remember all the victims and the horrific destruction from 9/11.

    Typical communist orchestrations. Divide and Conquer.

  7. Soro”a money gets these American haters elected, they want to make this a third world country they can rule with an iron fist.

  8. I wonder – who deals with legislative issues in Congress, while such loafers like Tlaib, AOС or Omar, constantly engaged in some kind of protests, skirmishes and other populist performances, instead of dealing with what they were elected to Congress for – namely, laws?

  9. We can only hope that the good people of Michigan (where I USED to live, thankfully) will come to their senses and get this troublesome broad out of office, and hopefully, out of the country!

  10. As for ex mayor pete it is a misfit not normal would be a terrible joke for president all other country’s would be laughing until they were out of breath

  11. No wonder Detroit keeps going further down the tubes…Debbie Dingell and Rashida Tlaib representing the people of the district’s. Poor Debbie she’s weak like a new born pup and Rashida is just a corrupt Palestine’s lost child and hate monger of white people, Michigan your in trouble!!!

  12. The good citizens of Michigan, I pray that they will SEE the truth behind this treasonous congresswoman and have her removed!!! Shes nothing but a traitor to our Country and is using her position to do unlawful deeds!!!

  13. DWell when the “New Green Deal” goes into effect these workers won’t have to worry about working conditions as they will have no jobs.

  14. This congress woman needs to go to jail and-never get out. She does not represent the people of Michigan. She only represents the Union who payers her to do what they want. She also needs to be deported because she hates America and Americans. Ship her to the Middle East and let them deal with her.

  15. Watch for Many FAKE VOTERS, invaders, even invader, voting.
    Where real votes count & FAKE VOTES do not count.
    INVADERS will elect their EL PREMO in.
    photos will not hurt the good but will the bad.
    SEE trying to help people.

  16. WHY are there terrorists in our government. SHUT DOWN OBAMAS TERRORIST SETTLEMENTS and SHIP THE PIGS BACK TO SOMALIA

  17. Tlaib is a puppet of George Soros, as is the rest of her squad, and say whatever he wants to hear in return for his pouring millions of dollars to them. She should take her profanity laced rhetoric and disappear from Congress.

  18. Hey big powerful Pelosi when are you going to keep the mfing black squad communist hores under control you worthless old saggy broad

  19. To Howdy Dooty: Very good explanation you provide about corruption within the upper echelons of any union organization. While I am aware of corruption in many of these groups your posting tells many us a lot! Thank you!

  20. The union bosses are known to steal the retirement of the union. I asked a friend who used to be in a union, why would the secretaries of the union be paid $100K per year? I said the job doesn’t justify that much income.
    His response to me was, don’t you know what that’s called? It’s hush money, for the secretaries to keep quiet as to where that money is going. He explained to me that the secretaries know that the money is being stolen. They also know where it’s going. But they don’t want to lose their cushy $100K job, so they keep quiet.
    When the union workers go to retire and there’s nothing for them. Then that’s when the workers will wake up. A too late, since they believed in the lies being told by the unions.
    The union bosses are like politicians. They’re always corrupt, as they care about only one thing. The money and power that they accumulate for themselves.
    Thank God for our POTUS, he’s already accumulated all the wealth he needs. His goal is to change the swamp in DC. Because he knows when America is working, everyone wins.
    Politicians just want to keep the control and power over the people. They want people dependant upon the government. The Democraps have no message but keep saying DJT is bad. The only people who DJT is bad for is the politicians. Because he’s exposing them for what they really are. As we watch the corruption within DC unfold and find out how these politicians keep lying to us. We realize that it’s all about them losing their control and money they’re stealing from the country.
    Go Trump 2020!

  21. I have been on both sides! Never like either side! But working for a union is a joke! You LOSE! Yes, you make more money BUT it gone to the UPPER MANAGER OF THE UNION! Why do you think they have planes? You don’t! They will put you out of a job if they don’t get their way! AMERICA Bakery/ Wonder bread come to mind? These New York LIBERAL didn’t want to take a pay cut! So fifty thousand people LOSE THEIR JOBS IN OTHER PART OF THE COUNTRY! And so did these New York fool!

  22. I have never belonged to a union and never will. No way is any of my money going to the dem party’
    And julio is obviously a robot without a brain and can only say one thing. Someone should stop pulling his string

  23. Since the “S” word has been blocked by the snowflake Nazis on these websites I will use the very close “C” work which hasn’t been blocked yet.
    Communism is when a government turns into a union.

  24. Unions are nothing more than legalized extortion. I grew up in a union family my dad was a union contractor.As a truck driver I delivered to union docks.I watched as UPS had one of the dumbest strikes I have ever seen.This is why I’m non union.I am a strong supporter of right to work. Was there a time when there was a need for unions, YES, but that time is long over. I watch unions waste more money than politicians.We are talking about union retirement money as in UPS case. Unions are like the government in the sense they wish to control you and were and when you work which also means they are also controlling your life. Ever wonder why communist Russia was called a Union.

  25. To paraphrase the “good” representative’s words, Go to the ballot box and vote that dick licker out of congress.

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