Rashida Tlaib immediately regretted this over the line claim about the coronavirus

Rashida Tlaib is one of the members of the “Squad” that is driving the Democrat Party in a hard Left direction.

But many Democrats are losing their patience with Tlaib and her allies.

And Rashida Tlaib immediately regretted this over the line claim about the coronavirus.

President Trump recognized March 15 as a National Day of Prayer for Americans of faith to come together and appeal to God for strength and wisdom in dealing with the outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus.

Democrats unleashed a torrent of venom on the President.

Anti-gun fanatic David Hogg tweeted a profanity about the President’s proclamation.

Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib shared Hogg’s tweet and the blowback was instantaneous and overwhelming.

Tlaib, who is one of the most headstrong and difficult members of Congress, was forced to back down and apologize in subsequent tweets.

In past national moments of crisis, both Democrats and Republicans came together to present a united front to the American people.

But Democrats hate Donald Trump so much that they are unable to lay down their partisan bazookas for even five minutes to show the American people that they are willing to work with the President to meet the needs of this moment in time.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. If your so in need of these things, than you need to get Nancy off of the podium. and back to California where she is supposed to be and not flying back and forth just to throw a wrench into the negation with some stupid stuff that DOES NOT have a darn thing to do with what is going on. and your following that leader??
    let me tell you my Mom had alzheimer’s for many years before she passed at 77, and the signs are there for Nancy as well as Maxine . I suggest you three get out of the congress with what little dignity you have left, because your going down that road along with Biden. and your legacies will not be pretty.

  2. What we need is for you and the rest of group to just close your mouths and leave the country never to return.

  3. Hogg and Talib are true pigs. Just ignore their rants, they are both goofy and will soon be gone.

  4. Democrats political correctness , has diminished The American way in there minds they won’t remove the incorrectness from their own party ! A warning is not the cure , removal is. America haters shouldn’t be in any position to run their mouths to replace our values with theirs. Horrific consequences will surely be applied to our America. Our Freedoms , it’s why the whole world wants to come to America.

  5. I really wonder if she was elected or if she was bought for the position.
    People< all I can wonder is if these are the beginning of what the bible tells us of the end times. There is so much unrest in this world just as He tells us that there will be wars and rumors of distress. People come to Jesus the time is coming when things will get much worse. In the mean time we are to hold on to him and do his work with love, compassion ad a understand heart. But just know the time is coming, get your heart in the right place.
    The Democrats do not know Christ (the one who died for us), he is the only way. Turn to him who loves you, who created you and knew you before you were born. If you don't have him you have nothing, the world is a cress pool because people have turned away from God, not accepting who he is and what a price he paid for our sins.
    The payment is coming and I hope you know you will not survive His wrath for those who have turned from him. It is you and you alone that can make that the choice of accepting him as the Savior that died for you and all people.
    But there are those that choose to worship the evil one and he will take you to Hell so fast so fast, Satan doesn't care all he cares about is winning to get all people to worship him. Does that sound familiar to you? Also if you look at how our government is set up, we have a left and a right, God also has a left(evil) and right( those you worship and believe in him as our savior.. The lift are worshipers of Satan and the right is the right hand of God. Do not be fooled Christ is coming on day, and no one knows the hour or the day if you don't accept him now it will be to late.
    I pray for all of those one the left that do not know about Christ our Savior.
    Now is the time to gather with to gather in Christ Jesus. He paid it all you for you and for me.

  6. The Nazi rat squad has long since ceased being anything but a hate group. To the likes of ‘people’ like Tliab and Omar, hatred of Jews and Israel trumps any other thought or believe the rats hold.

  7. David “Camera Hogg,” as Rush on the radio always referred to him as, because he was always getting lots of face time on television, during the Florida shootings.
    Radisha Tlaib is certainly no prize, either. She is the one who said: “We will impeach the M-F’er!” during the mid-term elections.

  8. She is a Muslim who hates America and jesus christ and needs to shut her pie hole.Who could have elected such a idiot’.Trump in were 2020

  9. When will the democrats wise up and remove her,Pelosi, and the gang ? They have had time to remove them now what will it take?

  10. where is the leadership of the DUM O ATS party to stop these crazy SQUAT 5 congress a-holes from makig a mockery of our government . they should be ensured and made to resign , BUT with nasty nancy and threatening schumer . what else can we exoect

  11. David Hogg is such an uneducated idiot, you can tell his talk is read from a script and for him to say what he did! He deserves a visit from the men in black trench coats for a serious wakeup call! Like dan says a leftist pussy! Speaking of that to teach him a lesson they should make nasty camel Tliab sit on his face! That should scare the Hogg out of him! Little piggy run all the way home!
    Little brainwashed punk!

  12. David Hogg is a snot nosed commie brat that doesn’t like the 2nd amendment. He’s being paid by leftist to lead the charge against gun ownership. In his pictures he looks like a queer. Just another liberal pussy.

  13. Ra$$hitty Towelhead and Hogg are probably one in the same person. It would be just like a mudslime to hide behind a hog

  14. Julio puta cabron. I’m waiting for the apocalypse because a lot of folks like me will settle up with dip Schitts like yourself you pathetic little coward. You won’t be able to hide forever buddy.

  15. Hogg David? who is that? what is that? a do nothing layabout who wants to violate the constitution ! fork Hoggs,

  16. People like David [The] Hogg need to be somewhat circumspect in their response to theis Medical Urgency as POTUS now has, for the duration of the declared emergency, War Powers to deal with ~all~ aspects of the Urgency. That includes increased authority to deal with the like of those such as [The] Hogg, whose speech can now be deemed likely to cause harm to the efforts.

  17. Everything that comes out of “the Squads” mouth is either vile or stupid. Nothing helpful. Most of the things the Demons are screaming about are already in place. They need to pay attention and not just bloviate to hear their words of enlightenment. They are unhelpful, fearmongering, fact deficient loud mouths. If you have nothing to offer that is helpful or sensible STFU and let the adults run the show. STOP THE CHICKEN LITTLE SCENARIO!!

  18. This is the BEST Prove that one must be qualified to run for any office as a representiative of the PEOPLE! HOW many more people like she could our continues to support as additional Burdens to the PEOPLE? They could not last in any Private Enterprises! Is there a Qaulification TEST bebefore anyone could be allowed torun to run for an officet?

  19. She is ugly inside and out. Embarrassed to say she comes from my great state of Michigan. Voted in by all those towel heads in Dearborn and Detroit. Come north Tlaib and come meet some northern hospitality. If you get my drift

  20. I would care less if I picked up the morning newspaper and read that Rasheeda Tlaib got the coronavirus with a terminal result. I would care less if I picked up the morning newspaper and read that Rasheeda Tlaib got run over by an illegal alien drunk driver like regular roadkill.

  21. I frankly think that it is time for all of these Democrat “cry babies” to start acting like public officials and work to solve our problems rather than constantly berate, demonize, and find fault with their counterparts on the other side of the isle.

    We are at war footing with this virus, so how about taking a page out of our armed forces playbook: party affiliations and thoughts are put aside when you enlist, everyone (regardless of race, color, or creed) fights side by side to defeat the enemy.

  22. Tlaib is a LIAR and America Hating Muslim Bit-h and may she catch the Coronavirus ASAP and take out the CROOKED SQUAD. David Hogg is just a Wimp Ass punk and should go kiss Tlaib ARSE so he catches the virus

  23. Talib and David the hog molester should both get the virus. And Julio. It would be great to see them shut up.

  24. Do you think the Cuban or Venezuelan people would have chosen social ism / communism if they had known how bad it would be? I guess the democrats will only learn from personal experience. They are just not intelligent enough to figure it out beforehand.


  26. Have you ever noticed the ones that run their head about Mr. Trump the most are from states that or broke…New York, California and Tlaib’s hay eating cow ass in Michigan…Hogg he would rather hold a dick instead of a gun…

  27. If Tliab prays at all, it would be to Satan, not God.
    As for Tliab being a radical leftist; that’s BS.
    The whole democrat party is radically left now. They’re just upset about Tliab being so blunt about it. The democrats would prefer to be more covert about their agenda to transform America.

  28. Don’t know what “god” Talib is praying to, but clearly no one is home to listen to the b*tch. Her mohamed in the sky dude is as genuine as is the left’s tolerance.

    I pray to Jesus Christ and I get results. Talib just provides insults.

  29. What a fake Democrat! Tliab should just Resign from the Congress! Her best interest is not the people of this country! Trump been hard at work fighting for American. No sense she wants to add her two cents worth!

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