Rashida Tlaib is on the hot seat after one illegal act she committed was uncovered

Rashida Tlaib is one of the Democrat Party’s rising stars.

The freshmen lawmaker was elected to great fanfare as one of the first Muslim women to join Congress.

But now she is in hot water after she was caught red-handed committing this illegal act.

Tlaib’s time in Congress has been marred by scandal.

She profanely called for Donald Trump’s impeachment.

She palled around with anti-Semites and terrorist sympathizers.

And during the Michael Cohen hearing she smeared black Trump administration official Lynne Patton as a “token.”

But for the final cherry on top, Tlaib may have engaged in illegally paying her salary with campaign funds after she won her election.

Fox News reports:

Tlaib’s campaign began paying her a salary of about $4,000 every month since May 2018 up until the general election Nov. 6 – a perfectly legal practice if the campaign chose to do so. But according to the filings, as first spotted by the Washington Free Beacon, Tlaib also paid herself $2,000 on Nov. 16 and a whopping $15,500 on Dec. 1 – weeks after the election was over, in an apparent violation of FEC statutes.

The FEC rules state that a general election candidate is allowed to dip into campaign coffers to give himself or herself a salary only up to the election date. The candidate can no longer draw a salary after the election date, or because of other reasons that ended the campaign.

“If the candidate loses the primary, withdraws from the race, or otherwise ceases to be a candidate, no salary payments may be paid beyond the date he or she is no longer a candidate,” the rules state.

Prosecutors used made-up campaign finance violations to pressure Michael Cohen into turning on President Trump.

Will this standard also apply to cut-and-dry campaign finance violations committed by Democrats?

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. She got elected because she used her father’s address. She didn’t live in the district she was elected in and her father verified that. I am trying to understand how the muslim refugees could legally vote for her. Do they get citizenship when they arrive? I was of the understanding they had to wait 5 years before becoming a citizen. Does anyone know?

    • Yes it s 5 years from the time you receive green card .Talib needs to be investigated ,how many green cards she manipulated in exchange for her votes .If I was in her district ,I would be ashamed of having her as my congress representative .How do you explain to your children ,that what she said about the HIGHEST OFFICE in or nation ,in front of her own children and millions watching it’s OK .

  2. She is a typical Democrap she feels Laws do not apply to her as every Democrap does. She and Omar should be in a cell at GITMO for their TREASONOUS activities. C.A.I.R. is a known supporter of TERRORISTS and America is at a CONSTITUTIONALLY DECLARED WAR with TERRORISTS and have been so since shortly after 9/11. This also makes Obozo’s freeing of 5 For that DESERTER AND TRAITOR Bergdahl an act of TREASON as well as his not charging Bergdahl for his TREASON. Bergdahl was not captured he called the Taliban to join them. They did not hold him as a prisoner they had him as a fighter till they figured Obozo being easy on TERRORISTS and was trying with his Iran deal helping get said TERRORISTS NUKES would give up 5 of their best killers of Americans for one worthless TRAITOR.

  3. If WE don’t get control of our government? Our government will control us. Laws only pertain to the tax-payer (LITTLE-FISH), that’s YOU & ME. How much will WE THE PEOPLE tolerate?

  4. Nothing will be done, she’s a Democrat. Different rules/laws for Democrats, that’s our new 2 tier Justice System. Lady Justice no longer wears a blind fold, her eyes are wide open and she has favorites.

  5. That statement shows how much she really knows about this country. We ARE NOT a democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic.

  6. I have called and left a comment with the Governors office but have not received anything back, not even from the AG regarding impeaching or doing an investigation into no only this but her own father coming out and saying she has not even residing in the home she put on her election campaign form!! I am calling on the AG of Michigan to do an investigation and if found true take her out of office and put in prison for the illegal acts against the state of Michigan and it’s people!

    • Why doesn’t this surprise me? Not only is that true, but she is from Palestine and openly supports HAMAS, the #2 state sponsor of world terrorism next to IRAN. She, like Omar, most of the dumocrapic party, and even former president Jimmy Carter are avid and outspoken supporters of HAMAS and IRAN, again, the 2 biggest state sponsors of “Radical Isamic Terror” (never afraid to say it), in the world, and they too want to be rid of Israel… Members of our own government! This is incredibly sick and scary. Omar has expressed this openly and publicly with her anti-semitic remarks, and Carter has been open about supporting HAMS against Israel, (our #1 true and faithful ally), since his horrific presidency. How much more treasonous, anti-american does one have to be? They are not even trying to hide it. I didn’t know treason was a right. I didn’t know that our president would be considered racist, Hitlarian and treasonous for putting America first and for wanting and and actually accomplishing making America great.

      • Next thing you know, if the wrong people are elected, the dumocraps will invite the “Muslim Brotherhood” and “Sharia Law” into our government. It is already happening in some of our northern states, American Judges actually ruling in favor of Sharia for some Muslim families. Then Ann Coulter will be correct… America as we know it becomes a 3rd world sesspool. I welcome all nations into our government. Just check you primitive, 3rd world anti-AMERICAN ways and cultures at the door.

  7. These 3 Anti-American Muslims should NOT BE IN CONGRESS, they hate American as we are, they want Sharia Law and muslim way of living for all Americans, they hate the US flag, hates the US Constitution, hates the Rights of the people to defend themselves against the hoard of muslim illegals and terrorists that is now flooding this Nation and are backed by the Demo-crap in DC congress.

    They all need to be removed and sent to a deserted island or dropped off 250 miles at sea, yes this includes the democratic party and all who joins them

  8. Another knuckle-head that should NOT be in OUR government! Hell, maybe within OUR COUNTRY! Vote her and so many others out of office as quickly as possible. They’re not part of any solution, just more of THE PROBLEM!

  9. This ugly bitch always has her mouth wide open because she can’t shut it. Let’s Impeach this M-F***ing Bitch.

  10. Muslims and Democrats can not be trusted, that a proven fact, and Why are there muslims in congress to make laws for American people when they are connected to Terrorist groups? They should be arrested and sent either to Guantanamo Prison or Shot

    • ppl/immi’s VOTE them in ‘populated’
      County Lines/Districts. The ‘demographics’
      Are Changing. It happened in MI/ Same w/
      100,000’s Somalis to Mn (minneapolis) &
      got 0mar. Same in NY w/ ocasio. NOT GOOD.

      • But if you are accurate on your news you would see that Minnesota people are not happy with Omar and are looking to replace her. Now let’s get the others out the door too.

        • that is right. There should be no Muslims in Congress. They may like to live in Minnesota, but that is as far as it goes. Your right their Big Mouths get a head of their Hummingbird Ass.

  11. This charges should be address. Now, if she took those funds, she should be in jail. Convict her, and now! Booted her out. not resign and ever step on Our Congress House. And the other Hands Cortez, also have done something illegal. Of course the Rag Head, is the worst. Kick out for good!

    • If she had been Republican? She would have already been indicted, a hearing, trial and either sentence or awaiting sentencing! This is the double standard we have. If, Omar had been Republican? Her name would have been mentioned in the latest House review board and thrown out on her kiester!

  12. Rashida Tlaib is a terrorist sympathizer. She is the same as an active terrorist, hating and working to damage the US. Campaign finance violation is the least of her evil activity.

  13. re ‘New DEMS’ ‘funneling $$$. ALREADY!!!
    #1 A0C 0ver 1 million.
    #2 Tlaib.
    #3 Next.
    > WHERE ARE ‘the Hearings’ ???
    > FEC, ARE you ‘braindead’ OR
    ‘bought 0ff’.

    • They are not taking over the USA. One State doesn’t make them a perfect bunch to take over every State. Minnesota, you need to recall these crumb bums.

  14. Didn’t “AAhnold” tell the Predator “You are ONE,UGLY,MOTHER F-CKER!”? Well, when I saw RT, I thought the same thing.

  15. We can say goodbye to our country, this is just the beginning, each election we will get more and more of these radicals in government. Our children and grandchildren will pay the price for the dems ignorance. If we don’t stand up against this, it’s also our fault for standing idol and doing nothing! Sharia will have a hold in 20 years are less!

    • If the Republicans do not stand together we are going to fail! We need to form a group of conservative right wing citizens to march against this ongoing mess at our Southern border or we’re not going to have a country left!

      • I agree!! I am surprised that we do not see more groups volunteering to stay at the border to assist in keeping illegals out?? Maybe they are not permitted by border patrol, because it may be dangerous, but if they need the help in doing this, they need only ask…people volunteer all the time in various ways, why not former veterans & police officers?

        • If I was physically able I would go but cannot stand or walk long or far if I was in the shape I was 25 years ago would be there in a hurry

          • I know what you mean. My husband and I are too old. 81 years of age each and I broke my darn hip and I am just now walking with a cane. We are doing all we can by supporting the Military and by Supporting our President.

      • Even Nancy realizes how her speakership can be undermined by these three radical lefties, Cortez, Tlaim and Omar, and she may be behind the recent exposures of their criminal behavior. Maybe that’s the one thing Nancy did right. She’s totally afraid of them but is reluctant to offend them for fear it will backfire on her with her party.

  16. I guess these demonrats will never know what Islam is really up to, until it’s to late for our country! Ignorance of the left will be the death of freedom., democracy, our constitution, and us! These people are our enemies!


    • Sooner or later we will have to fight Islam on our land. They are gearing up to attack once they get enough power. Right now let your lawmakers know we the people WILL NOT disarm Hawaii is trying to dismantle the 2nd admendment right now. Look it up. Let’s say not only no but HELL no!!! And the people in NY, New Jersey , and these other anti gun states need to revolt with anarchy NOW!!!

      • Doubtful that it’s true, but if so, could said assassins earn😄🤪 a bonus if they arranged for them to be drowned in vats of pigs blood and entrails, knowing how mich they love pork?!

      • To Butchy/Dan. I Have BEEN ‘BITCHING’
        re ‘the Trojan Horse’ for Several Yr Now.
        >’o’/hillary ACTIVATED The ‘2000 yr old ‘
        Trojan Horse. They began IN Mid East to
        EU. boom. NOW Central Americas to USA. boom.
        0-M-G. __

        • So why is George Soros still in our country? How did he not get tried for his part in the War Crimes. He got kick out of Poland for trying to control their elections. He needs to go. Mossad needs to find him for crimes against Jews.

      • Only because Obama and slick willie before him facilitated the infiltration and infestation of certain areas of our country where they could gather together to conspire with the terrorists from their home country and other ones from this country with little to no chances of effective enforcement of our country’s laws when they frequently broke them. Clusters of religious extremists like these make it difficult for our country’s law enforcement and anti-terrorism units to gather the information they need to prevent terror attacks or mitigate the harm they can do. In their own book that they claim is holy, the Quran, it actually allows and encourages the followers to engage in all kinds of violence and intolerance, even beheadings, rape, murder, and genocide! These are not the characteristics of a religion, but they do fit the definition of a cult. In point of fact the Bible warns us to beware of false prophets and to anyone with a caring heart and any soul at all, these seriously evil dictates point us to the inescapable conclusion that they appear to be in league with the Devil, or at a minimum, demonically influenced.
        The only thing you get if you comprise with evil, is more evil!

  18. Don’t expect anything to happen to these anti-Semitics until we the people start electing Republicans with a back-bone who will stand-up for the people who elected them. When the Republicans start calling the Clintons, the law breakers in the FBI, the DOJ and a bunch of Democrats on the carpet to answer some questions, nothing will happen. President Trump is on his own in this fight and we the people need to back him 100% !

  19. The Democrats along with the media CNN ( AKA PRAVDA NEWS ) MSNBC ( AKA IZVESTIA NEWS ) are pounding their chests that President Trump colluded with the Russians to win against that dangerous crooked woman Hillary. In case these morons do not know the USA has interfered & colluded since 1955 to present in the election of over 85 countries!! you do not hear them pounding their chests!!!!! Who was it that said ”TELL VLADIMIR AFTER I GET RE-ELECTED I WILL BE MORE FLEXIBLE!!!!!! WHAT DID HE MEAN?? IMAGINE IF TRUMP HAD SAID THAT!!!! UNDER OBAMA ADMINISTRATION OUR INTELLIGENCE DEPARTMENT TAPPED THE PHONES OF OUR ALLIES AND WHEN THEY WERE CAUGHT WE HAD TO APOLOGIZE!!! WOW DOUBLE STANDARD!!!!

    • So true, I’m sick of these two face Hippocrates. Also don’t forget Obama went to Kenya recently in this was on film ,he said he was the first Kenyan Born to become president of the United States. he’s nothing but a lying fraud trader.

    • They are getting away with doing nothing wrong because the conservatives have no backbone to fight and the Demo-idiots know it…maybe they’re not so stupid after all–we need to fight for our country and our constitution!

  20. Does this fool have a green card?
    Does she have a secret clearance?
    Would you trust her with any of our national secrets?
    Is she an anti semite?
    Why is she on any committees?
    Why are we dealing with her and why isn’t she already impeached?

  21. I can’t believe anybody would actually want Muslims running our government .All you have to look at is countries that they controlled over the years. How hard it is to get rid of them.It will be impossible in the United States to get rid of them once they take hold. All I can say is God help us if it’s not stock.


  23. Charging her and removing her from that committee, until recently, was a given. It looks like the Democrat party has become the enemy of America. I was wondering who would be Americas opponent in the next civil war…I guess that’s been answered. Let’s hope the Republican Party has the cojones to take action and not just sit on the sidelines.

  24. The democratic way. Most democratic feel they are above the law. I’m still waiting to find out where the +1 million dollars went from AOC. (as silent as that bombshell report as been it means its seriously being looked into and not a pretty sight is emerging)

  25. Has America ( the greatest country by far) become the land of the morons , leftists, Israel haters and home of the double standards?? Schumer shed his phony crocodile tears on national TV for the Muslims but has his damn mouth shut when the impudent moron and foul mouth congresswoman used profanity and Israel hating statements. These Democrats remind me of a cows rear end–BLAH BLAH AND YOU KNOW WHAT COMES OUT!!!

    ///// SNAKES /////

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  27. Well, they love their Sharia law so I suppose the appropriate punishment should be a nice clean beheading? Works for me.

  28. Plan and simple she need to be expelled and stripped of her position. That would be the right thing to do for the American People but that will never happen. The Dem will come up with some BS to try and explain it away. If she wants to say she did not know it was wrong then she should not be in charge of any function of the government. Watch and see the OLD DOUBLE STANDARD is going to apply just like Hillary.

  29. The real headline would be if they found a democrat that wasn’t a criminal! Must have taken the HRC poly sci course.

  30. Let’s hope Tlaib is removed from office by either campaign money fraud or by filing a phony
    address as her residence, There is a petition in Michigan with 200,000 signatures against her, for campaign fraud! She also ran unopposed. We can only pray that
    Tlaib, Omar, and Ocasio are all removed from office for the various election crimes they have committed!! These corrupt democrats are not fit to hold office and represent their prospective states!! God save America!

      • You are correct! Democrats do not have to adhere to the laws such as others. Nothing will be done. This is our 2 tiered justice system in action! Who were the knuckle-heads who voted this person in office in the first place? Another reason why some people should not be allowed to vote or even be heard. 2020, 2022 and 2024 are years We The People need to seriously get these morons out of office. President Trump needs our help to drain the swamp, he cannot do it alone! It makes me sick to know that my taxes help pay $174,000.00 per year for just this mistake in government. I don’t even wish to know all the other mistakes we’re paying for?

        • Omar, AOC and Rasheeda are a threat to our democracy. The activists and doners behind this are exhasting and evil. These three woman will continue their assualt on our goverment until their agenda’s are complete. They will not be held accountable for any crimes and vulgairty ie, Racism, bigotry and all those identity politcal ideology that all our afraid to challenge. With that being said, it will be a trifling and exhasuting two years but the inability for these three congresswomean to assimiulate will be the down fall of the democratic party in 2020. Thank God.

  31. That is one act they caught her in. How many more? Mr. President, You don’t have to “drain the swamp”, these knit-wits are doing a fine job to themselves, they need NO HELP! When will Americans vote for servants to our government that best represent The People of The United States and The United States? Stop listening to your high school teachers and college professors about who you should vote for. Don’t let them tell you! If you can’t think for yourselves? You have NO BUSINESS VOTING AT THE BOOTH!!!!!

  32. One illegal act!? Keep lookin folks. But, she IS a democrat and a female Muslim, so : ” nothing to see here”.

    • Who Elected her ???
      >Populated County Lines
      In SE MI. Ruining the
      Entire Beautiful State of MI.
      50-75 Miles North, Including UP
      (upper peninsula).
      > Not good folks, ie “Chain Migration”
      W/ iLLEGALS.

      • Come 0n RR. ink this. TY.
        ps. & ‘dumbos’ in SE County Lines
        Elected a Disgusting ‘d’. Gov.
        >It is like Ca/NY Dictating USA policy.
        & Ev’ry 0ne inbetween Gets ‘f’d.
        There, i said it. ___boom.

        • Thnx. RR ‘filters’, guess
          u didn’t like the ‘f’ bomb word.
          >ps . Does it matter Anymore?
          Plenty of ‘Vulgar’ Ev’ry Where.
          > &&& The ‘W’ Word AGAINST 1st LADY
          Has been ‘inked’ MANY x’s on this site.
          > Sooo, that’s about it. &&&
          #SAVEUSA. Time is ‘short’.

  33. We have a country that’s for Democrats, of Democrats, and by Democrats, and their laws are the law of the land, and any other laws, don’t apply to them. AOC, Omar, and Talib, have all validated Federal law, but they will not suffer any consequences, watch and see.

      • Let’s start with the oath they take to become a Muslim: “I swear: I swear I am a Muslim and Slave of Allah.” They voluntarily enslave themselves to a supposed deity, that then commands them to enslave the rest of the world for him. Is slavery not evil? Did we not fight a Civil War to free our slaves? Then why are we tolerating these slaves to live in our country? Are they not violating our laws against slavery, every day they live here? Shouldn’t we be demanding they free themselves by renouncing their slave master and his oath, or demanding they leave if they won’t?

        • They didn’t come to the United States to become a citizen to acclimate into our society. They have another purpose in being here, populate, convert and take us over oops, kill us!!!Brian Kilmeade’s book, Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates, tells of the Ships of America which were raided by Muslims and held for ransome. He had a converted, former Islam follower to interpret the Koran to English. Still in Congressional Library, I believe. Warned the country and started a Navy to fight them! Very interesting part of History somewhat overlooked, but relevent to today, I believe!!!Excellent read, actual history!!!

        • Muslims are of the devil.The lowest form on our
          great earth.The lousy Muslims helped hitler
          Remove the Jews.Thats why everyone should
          denounce this vermin

      • Why are House Democrats split over rebuking this Muslim for her anti-Semitic remarks? Are Democrat anti-Semitic and racist? I think so!

        • To sue. Do i know Any “personally”???
          > Well kinda. In ‘work place’. Same faces.
          > I Can SEE ‘attitude’ & Read their ‘eyes’.
          They get mad pretty easily.
          > Believe me, MANY ARE WAITING for ‘the Call’
          As Soon as ‘Demographics Are Tipped’.

      • It doesn’t matter. Muslims are not even allowed here. Islam is our enemy. The goal of islam is total world control and to replace our Constitution with sharia law. There is no freedom in islam. Either you serve allah or be dead or enslaved. Guess none of that matters to you.

        • Female/Color/Musi/Ugly. Not a damn thing will happen to this nasty foreign bitch. She’s hit the mark for untouchable in the good old US of A.

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