Rashida Tlaib just made a jaw-dropping announcement about retirement

Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is front and center in American politics right now.

As a member of “The Squad,” Tlaib is both feuding with Donald Trump and running the Democrat Party.

But Rashida Tlaib just made a jaw-dropping announcement about retirement.

Rashida Tlaib made headlines on her first day in Congress when she profanely declared her intentions to impeach Donald Trump.

For the past week, Donald Trump has used that profanity-laced tirade as evidence that the members of “The Squad” are America hating radicals.

During a speech before the NAACP Convention in Detroit, Tlaib addressed Trump’s “love it or leave it” attacks on her and her allies.

And Tlaib said when she successfully impeaches the President, she will finally leave.

Breitbart reports:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) declared Monday that she is “not going nowhere, not until I impeach this president,” in a speech before the NAACP national convention in Detroit.

“Yeah, I’m not going nowhere! Not until I impeach this president,” Rep. Tlaib says as she takes the stage at the NAACP convention in Detroit.

Tlaib’s pledge comes after the president has repeatedly challenged the Michigan lawmaker and fellow “Squad” members — Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) — to leave the United States over their frequent attacks on the country.

“We need bold action, folks. I know what’s happening out there… it’s beyond just the four of us,” Tlaib told the crowd. “The squad is all of you. I can tell you, you are all the squad, trust me. If you support equity, you support justice, you are one of us.”

Tlaib blabbering about impeachment is just what Donald Trump wanted to hear.

This will keep Tlaib in the spotlight which is exactly where Trump wants her and the rest of the “The Squad.”

If Trump can successfully frame the 2020 election as a choice between him and a Democrat Party beholden to “The Squad,” the President will win re-election.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



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  2. I have never responded to these inputs, but I had to respond to one text from a while ago. The reason JFK never tweeted to the public is because he was too busy committing adultery with Marilyn Monroe!

  3. “Yeah, I’m not going nowhere!” <= is a double negative. Bad english, bad for a congressperson that represents Americans. Just bad altogether.

  4. Rashida Tlaib’s retirement couldn’t come too soon. She is a vile racist, and is not suited to her present position as a Congress woman. Perhaps her ancestral home is calling, I hope she answers that call.

  5. What could I do? My guts are very sensitive and when I see and here Rashida I want to throw up. Very unpleasant feeling, believe me. Somebody else who experience the same?

      • Any and ALL Muslims and any others who want to live in the USA, which is a Christian Judeo nation, need to assimilate by totally dropping Shariah Laws 100%, Close all Mosques, then swear under oath on a Christian Bible (Not Quran) to accept the US Constitution and Bill of Rights as written (as required by US Laws)!! Then obey 100% ALL the laws of cities, counties, and states within this nation in which they reside. If they refuse, they need to be stripped of their Citizenship (if they even have one) and be Deported IMMEDIATELY to their original home Country by any means possible even if it’s by parachutes dropped out of the back of an antiquated Military C-119 flying boxcar!!!! Haven’t we had enough of this Un-American Bull SH*T!!!!

        • Nice of you to put the Christians first-the Jews usually put themselved first-in fact they always do.

          A “Judeo-Christian” country? What the hell is that? You left out the Freemasons–along with the Protestants resisted Catholic immigration and progress in the USA.

          By the way, asshole, it was not the Moslems pushing abortion on demand, the porn MEGA international industry, and homosexality.

          • It’s biblical the old testament came first speaking about the Messiah then the new testament came with Christ so it is incorrect to say Christian judeo but correct Judeo Christian because you can’t put the cart before the horse. By the way I’m a Bible believing Christian that loves Christ but you have to be accurate and accept the truth hope you can.

          • Alberta, I was being sarcastic and ironic–the Jews put themselves first always and the jejune Christians we have today allow them to do it. Also, I argue that “Judeo-Christian” is simply a propaganda phrase to link the Jews and Christians into a false and ultimately detrimental (to Christians) union-which is then used to drag Christians into supporting Jewish wars and conflicts with Islam.

  6. Sitting back with some popcorn watching this all unfold. So funny watching the Dems watch themselves emplod. This is going to be a great movie when it comes out. Dems you have been Trumped. Quit embarrassing the United States of America. You will not win in whatever you are trying to do.

    • Trump is a living embarrassment to the USA. Do you think John F. Kennedy would be on Twitter wars venting his ego? Trump is such a massive narcissist that he cannot even go to scenes of violent murder and tragedy and stop talking about himself and bashing his political enemies.

      • Different times. His statogy is working. He’s calling y’all out in public so We The People know what’s going on. We do..and we’re Pissed.

        • Low class and no class are the same in 1963 and 2019. Also, Jack Kennedy cared about the working people of the country, stood up to Big Steel, tried to prevent the war in Vietnam, tried to stop nuclear proliferation, and unlike Trump and his family was not a Zionist stooge.

          • after serving two tours in nam and some of my friends not come back you have the gall to imply that kennedy tried to stop it.he and johnson escalated the war and sent 58,ooo to there deaths.remember the bay of pigs? maybe you ran off to canada he sat by screwing marily monroe and even his brother bobby joined in!but you are some kind of stupid to compare him to a strong leader like trump!



      • Robert: You mindless fool…you’re another moron in the giant pool of brainless morons. IF you had a brain and IF you could find it, you’d probably take it out and play with it. You obviously suffer from rectumyopia wherein you have your asshole mixed up with your optic nerve giving you a sh*tty outlook on life. I could have been your father for a quarter but the neighbor’s dog beat me over the fence.

      • Well Robert it is like this I do t know you but you and your kind are the enemies of me and my kind. We like America like it has been since it was founded. You and your kind doesn’t like it for some reason so at some point we might have to fight each other just like we would have to fight the Russians or the Chinese if they invaded. Look at the pictures of your team and the punctures of the team you would be fighting against. Is that really what you want? Biden said you didn’t fight a government with an assault weapon you fight them with F-15’s. What side do you really believe our military would be on. Don’t answer me just ask yourself these questions and answer yourself honestly. Yeah you guys would last as long as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

      • Robert, you do a great job of describing all the demo politicians and their cronies. Not to mention the fake news maggots.

        • you’re right steve.jfk was too busy banging marilyn to worry about the bay of pigs.i served two tours in nam because of another weak democrat!

  7. Says she’s not going anywhere? What’s she going to do when all 4 members aren’t reelected in 2020. Refuse to give up her seat? Yell that everyone that voted against her is a racist? Idiots.

    • Quote correctly now, since “THE SQUAB” demands political correctness. Lol
      Her statement was “I’m not going nowhere”.
      I believe the 4 horse women need to learn proper pronunciation and grammar first. But she’s right, she’s “going nowhere” with US common sense Constitutionalist Democrats who stand with Trump 100%.
      TRUMP MAGA 2020!!!!!

    • Funny! Where did she learn grammar? If isn’t going then it should be “anywhere” or “I am going nowhere” The way she phrased it she IS going. I’m sure just a slip of the tongue buy can’t have someone who makes pop-up. Could cause a wrong choice. S FOR HER, OR ANY democrat will get a vote from me! What I’m interested in is this the expensive plan Soros meant when he said he was paying more than ever on a surprise to guarantee a democrat win? There is also “rumor” Michelle Obama might announce at last minute she is running. I can’t picture those who are such elaborate crooks and liars making such a “screw-up”. MUST be a ruse, a back-up, to bring in there “Big gun surprise”. When we think of it, at any time, did they ever do anything without a plan? 2016 was something they never dreamed could happen. When it did, and still are, trying to “unseat” him! If Soros is rigging swing states in their favor it WOULD cost millions or more. It WILL be a battle but we need to get the worst cancer ever and it’s called democratic party!

    • this woman is a joke and should not be listened to to eh iodiots that tell her what to say. if this squad had any brains they would go home and stay there. you won’t catch me voting for any one of thee war mongers they are horrible.

    • Gary Jensen.
      Thank you very much! It has been shared and passed to several friends. None of us like the squab at all, nor anyone with Obama/Clinton Cartel!!

      • Is it true or only a rumor that at the Magnum Hat rallies (aka Trump’s goof on his cult members taking a red golf hat emblematic of his rich friends and making the fools think he is a populist) they also sell extra large shoe shine kits for when they go to the annual AIPAC meeting?

        I have heard that he takes a knee when the Israeli flag is raised. Just saying.

  8. Tlaib you’re too young and too stupid to do anything that you say. No one cares about you or what you stand for. America is not for you so leave and don’t let the United States door hit you in the ass on your way out.

    • Her retirement. SHE’S “not going nowhere until President Trump is impeached”. SHE, her retirement. Do you understand that now or do you need more spelling it out?

  9. Five high level staff members were just FIRED FOR BEING WHITE. And They call President Trump RACIST. We never know what they will do next.

  10. She needs to be investigated for election fraud if she actually did run in a district that she did not live in (according to her father) she used his address.

      • Send back All Demoorats to Shithole place where they eat,sleep,breed,and dies like in Hell. Dems Hates America only they are here for the benefits,and Freedoms that all they wants. U.S.A. DONT WANTS THESE ANIMALS.

        • Not all Democrats are moronic buffoons such as yourself. Just like all whites are not racist. Common sense Democrats, in my case CONSTITUTIONALIST DEMOCRATS cannot and will not stand for any of the Clinton Cartel/Obama ilk. Not even the 4 idiots called “THE SQUAB”.
          WE believe in the Constitution of the US as it was clearly written (especially the 2nd Amendment) and meant when written by BOTH Democrats and Republicans and signed by same. So, GO back to school, learn how to spell, learn proper pronunciation, annunciation,,, just start back in sixth grade where you left off. How bout that???

        • Really? Wow! I just found it in Google maps! Oh my! Guess someone knows where to search. It also helps if you’ve been military and BEEN THERE!!!!
          Care to try another?

      • She’s not Palestinian, she hates all Isrealites. She’s not even from Israel. She’s nothing more than a loud puppet for Obama and the others. This woman can’t even speak for herself.
        On another note, ignore the fool down below. He has no idea Palestine DOES exist, and if he knew anything about ancient history, he could find it easily.

        • you are absollutely right they are here in this relm for the money only. they care about noone. can we impeach them. they shouldnt bhere anyway.?

  11. The signed petition automatically emails to your representatives based on your zip code – I am on a 1st name basis w/mine – LOL! The “squeaky wheel gets the grease”!

    Make YOUR VOICE HEARD – Pass It On!

    The below URL will take you to Petition2Congress w/all the Petitions Regarding “Removing Rashida Tlaib ”

    Please SIGN the Petitions that YOU Agree With & Pass On the URL! Let the DEMOrats hear Our Voices Loud & Clear!


    • Dpw2811: Thank you for the quick message link, even though my blue-state representatives seem to ignore their constituents, I’m certain it’s much better to never ignore them.

  12. Tlaib you will never see Trump Impeached and yo will be kicked out of office as a unstable foul mouth terrorist supporting ANTI_AMERICA IDIOT

  13. No Rashida Tlaib you should leave today you Anti-American Islamic Terrorist. Actually, you should be sent to GITMO to be with the rest of your Islamic Terrorists.

    • She should leave if she is unhappy with our country. Why not???? She certainly isn’t working to make our country better.


  14. In the past 1400 years of Islam, Muslims have killed 120 million Africans, 90 million Hindus, 80 million Christians, 10 million Buddhists, and millions of their own. Over 100 verses in the Quran call for the rape, torture, and pillaging of infidels, or non-Muslims. Islam, the religion of Death.

  15. Each and everyone of these 4 have the same problem, tongue in gear, mind in neutral. They each should take a nd study the U.S. Constitution be fore they begin to pop-off again! They each remind jus of an old, old saying, “He/She has two brains, one is lost and the other is out looking for it!” What were their voters thinking?????

    • their voters are one and the same. Obama brought them here to disrupt our system, and get them in power. there are tens of thousands of them here now, you think they’re going to vote against their own kind? NOT ! they will continue to infiltrate our system, until they take it over completely, a fact lost among the democrooks, who think they will be arm in arm with them. STUPID IS,AS STUPID DOES !

    • Detroit alone probably has a muslim majority. Ever see videos of their neighborhoods? You’d want to vomit. And they vote for their own.

  16. President Trump has no worries from these four because they will be gone in 2020 if not before. They want to talk about impeachment but they forget they themselves can be impeached also.

  17. No, there is NO path forward for the sitting president but jail time. There is no political solution to a pathological LIAR, who is steeped in CORRUPTION and mentally unhinged. VOTE BLUE!

    • Stick it up your blue ass Garry. You commiecrats are a stink on America. I will never comply with any leftist commie shit like you assholes want us to embrace.

    • Stick it up your blue ass Garry. You commiecrats are a stink on America. I will never comply with any leftist commie shit like you assholes want us to embrace.

    • Say Gary please quit drinking the party Kool-Aid, after all they held 99% OF ALL POLITICAL OFFICES IN THE sOUTH AND BECAUSE OF SLAVERY THEY WANTED TO CONTINUE THEY FIRED THE FIRST SHOT ON FORT SUMTER, the Democrats also formed the KKK and authored the Jim Crow laws and if the Republicans had not supported LBJ, the dem’s would have defeated the landmark bill he put into law! That’s UNREVISED HISTORY MY FRIEND! Learn form it by thinking for yourself!

    • Garry, you mindless fool…you’re another moron in the giant pool of brainless morons. You obviously suffer from rectumyopia wherein you have your asshole mixed up with your optic nerve giving you a sh*tty outlook on life. I could have been your father for a quarter but the neighbor’s dog beat me over the fence.

    • Garry, a business acquaintance recently offered to bring me literature about Trump and all his “dirt”. My response to him was “Why just Trump, while your at it bring me the “dirt” on all the liberal politicians that the fake news refuses to report”. Seriously, those liberals are hypocrite corrupt individuals and please tell me why Nancy Pelosi is worth millions and millions on a politicians salary.

  18. She doesn’t believe in “justice. “ Her only objective is to make Islam the rule in America and eventually kill all Jews. It would be exactly like Hitler’s Germany all over again. The Christian community would be enslaved or put to death according to Shariah law and you can fill in the rest. Don’t think she won’t try to bring all of this about, because she has actually said it in speech. It starts with winning people over with false rhetoric , then getting more Muslims elected, amendments to the constitution to water it down and finally, rule by Shariah and death to all nonMuslims. Don’t think it can’t happen, because it has already started.

  19. That Muslim bitch isn’t good enough to kiss a swine’s ass. Or a jew’s. Muslims don’t always take over a country by sudden force. Sometimes they start out by getting into government. If we don’t get rid of this blight we that wish to remain free will be forced to fight or have to bow down to alah the false god.

  20. Trump doesn’t need the squad to disappear to win re-election. I hope the ideology of the New Democrat is to a t this way. These women fit in with our 20’s and 30 somethings. Let them keep preaching free, free, free and all of these young fools believe it. Nobody needs to worry, we’re just waiting in the background.

  21. All 4 of these radical nut cases are one and done representatives and will never again be put into office!!! As for this Rashida her big mouth and outrageous tantrums and radical talking points hopefully get her impeached and removed from are country, for we already have enough radical insane people in are government and in are country!!!!

  22. you know she is nothing but islamic trash and a racist pig face on her. her cousin is yazzar arafat and she is the member of the aracat family. she has committed treason in our country and should be jailed or deported.that devil has to go.

  23. Another meaningless load of baloney….she trying to justify her presence and side step some deserved criticism of her tirades…..she not planning on leaving as she knows Trump will be reelected for second term and thus basis for her continued futile fight.


      Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) declared Monday that she is “not going nowhere, not until I impeach this president,” in a speech before the NAACP national convention in Detroit.

      Tlaib blabbering about impeachment is just what Donald Trump wanted to hear.

      This will keep Tlaib in the spotlight which is exactly where Trump wants her and the rest of the “The Squad.”

      If Trump can successfully frame the 2020 election as a choice between him and a Democrat Party beholden to “The Squad,” the President will win re-election.


      • I really wouldn’t quote the nutcase Sekulow, head of the ACLJ (American Committee to Legalize Jewry), he’s got his own foreign agenda he works full-time on.

        • Vlad…It is obvious that YOU are the nutcase!!!! Jay Sekulow is right on and much more intelligent than you. His agenda is to protect our country and our Constitution from nuts like you,

  24. Two issues.
    talib – is knuts and radical. along with the others, they Will always go against trump no matter truth or lié they Will take the opposite and sin it towards their golas. even if our President was impeached she would not leave. Any bets?

    Second issue – the headline of this article. I know the retires Community is small and, well we Will die off soon and get a new Batch of older people, but to say that this article has to do with retirement without clarifying it is her supposed retirement (not so, she did not mention retirement only leaving) remember guys words have effects. either follow coloquial English or real English (brit or American) but dont mix them and expect the reader to guess ur intentó.

    • did you see the video of her being dragged out from Trump’s Campaign> we should all flood the nets to remind what that ”Mother F*Ker” is all about. but then she’s FREE CAMPAINING FOR TRUMP 2020!

    • I agree !
      But let’s get our titles straight, huh ? She did no make a profane comment ! She made a very vulgar comment. A profanity is a comment or saying that commands God to do something. All else is a vulgarism. She is a vulgar twat ! No one would find occasion to argue with that statement ! Editors should look for the right word and not just grab the first thing sounds good to their tin ear.

  25. If any Christian or Jew supports Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib radical agenda then they may as well start attending daily prayers at the local Mosque. It would in the same category as reciting the Shahada that you renounce Jesus Christ and embrace Islam. Your Creator will be your Judge.

    • The Jews were the first to renounce the Lord Jesus Christ and deny and dishonor Him and His Holy Mother Mary to this very day. But you and so many pretend Christians have drowned in Zionist Kool-Aide.

  26. It is obvious to the most casual observer that the 2020 election is the Democrats to lose. However, you may have noticed they have a history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. So, while I support all the ideas the Progressives have, I believe saving America, aka getting rid of Trump, is necessary first. And right now the Democrats seem to have a hard time seeing the forest for the trees, if you catch my drift.

    • Supporting the Dems. is the same as saying I want to see America become a third world country, with total government control. That certainly isn’t what I want for my children and grandchildren. Liberals have not done one thing to protect America and it’s citizens.

    • And lose they will. Supporting “progressive “ideas will not save America. Quite the opposite. Only weak minded fools support that shit That will only benefit the ruling communist class and trample on the rights of the citizens. Remember what was said about watering the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants? Don’t push us.

    • Eric…Pres. Trump loves this country and has done far more for us than Obama, who hates everything this country stands for. You attack Pres. Trump but have no problem supporting extremely corrupt Clinton or Muslim traitor Obama. You are a fool.

  27. She’s not going “nowhere”? This is a congresswoman? Sounds like she’s well educated. Shouldn’t it be She’s not going “anywhere”? But we all know she has a lot of class. Especially when she referred to the President of the United States as a “motherF-ck-r”

    • Talib was SLEEPING the day ENGLISH AND SPELLING were taught!
      Send her back to school to learn what she is unable to say in CORRECT ENGLISH and SPELLING. Too stupid! She is an IGNORANT, FOUL-MOUTHED POS! She is NOT a role model for anyone or anything except a RAT or a ROACH!

  28. You know it just dawned on me….
    This animal knows damn good & well that President Trump will NOT be impeached, this is her way of saying “screw you American people, I’m staying whether you like it or not”!

    • i hope they deport this imbecile and all the other cult of morons , especially that old fat creeo who wears his pants up to his chest

      • It is because of knowing the English language that I could see the lie verses the truth. The Democrat Squad are enemies from a foreign country that was not taught the true way of becoming a American citizen , . It is sad that congress moved these people to fast , even foreign born in American are not true Americans that defend against foreigners of their own race. A true American defends the laws of the United States over any country they may have came from first , for once you become a American the other country is no more and once American you defend. against the foreign country you came from just like Japanese Americans did against Japan.!

        • Here’s an idea….
          Deport her to that s**t-hole country, California. I don’t consider California a part of America.

        • Being born in the U.S. does not guarantee that she is a “natural born citizen”. If her parents were both naturalized citizens when Rashida was born, only then would she be a natural born citizen. If her parents (both of them) were not yet citizens, then she would be only a “citizen” through the 14th Amendment, which does not and cannot make anyone a “natural born citizen”. It takes all three, birth on U.S. soil + citizen father + citizen mother to equal natural born citizenship.

          • You are correct. They did change it somewhat at one time where it now requires both parents to be naturalized citizens for 5 years , originally it was just the father.
            The information you just stated makes the Kamala Harris as a candidate into question as both of her parents were not naturalized the required length of time.

          • I don’t mean to interject, but isn’t the term “native born citizen”. If you use the word Natural aren’t you referring to naturalization – a naturalize citizen? Just asking.

      • Yeah, him ! I can’t figure our if he is supposed to be Tweedledum or Tweedledee. The pants say for sure that he’s got to be one or the other.

  29. It is illegal for a representative of another government to be elected to the US government. Islam is a theocratic philosophy…a government NOT A RELIGION!!!

    • Totally agree. Islam is not a religion. It is a governing philosophy that uses religion to coerce it’s “followers”. It is completely at odds with our Constitution. It is subversive to continue to see Islam as a religion….

    • I respectfully disagree with you in terms of not a Government. Iran MUllahs in charge in Iran, the Popa head of STATE in the VATICAN, and I guess it is ok to be both puclicly but not use one to insultando and the other to claim u r righteous!
      And while a US Citizen cannot be deportes if treason is proveed they (US Citizens) can be hanged! of course we wont go that far and since we do not go that far and all know it they Will continue to do and say what they want. As long as the demonrats keep electing them and we continue to not vote or allow them to be elected while we omit to vote. so every two to four years we get a chance, Flip the con and hope. but if it does not work out we can vote them out of office.

    • I agree; I know you will join me to require all American Government officials both elected and appointed who have dual citizenships with Israel and the USA to renounce one or the other. Thank you.

  30. We now have two Muslims in Congress that prefer Sharia Law above the Constitution! I know America definitely has a gigantic problem as long as we allow Omar and Tlaib to remain in any part of our government! How stupid are we?

  31. I was afraid she was going to retire. Since she will receive her salary and FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE sucking on the American teat, America deserves the right to throw her America hating ass out of office.

    • Tom I have the same thought for all of the “Squad”.. They do NOT deserve that kind of money for the troubles they have caused and I feel that all people in congress should have to serve a period time of five years to be entitled to that continuous pay.

      • I agree congress persons should have to spend more time in congress than one term to retire with pay. Our military has to spend at least 20 years or be medically separated in order to draw retired pay way less than a one term congressperson. Something just doesn’t sound right with this procedure. Sit in a cushy chair for 4 years or be shot at for 20 does not seem fair.

        • And don’t forget, Ocrazyo says she needs a raise !
          She can hardly continue to be a member of the squat … er… squad on the meager pittance she is paid.

    • Contrary to what many people believe, the senators and representatives do NOT receive their full salaries for life. They receive a percentage of that salary, prorated according to the years and positions served in and they do NOT collect a penny until retirement age.

      “A senator or representative’s retirement benefits are based on their plan, age and how long they served. No member of Congress is eligible for his or her pension unless he or she has served for at least five years. To collect their full pensions, congressmen must be at least 62, or at least 50 with 25 years of service.

      By federal law, senators and representatives cannot earn their full salary in retirement. The most a congressman can earn after the leave office is 80% of their final salary. However, he or she would have had to have served 67 years to earn that top percentage.”

    • If she loses reelection in 2020, she won’t be eligible to collect ANY pension at all. Senators and representatives must serve a minimum of 5 years to be eligible to collect at retirement age (not when they are no longer in Congress). That would be just one term for senators, because their terms are for 6 years, but the terms for representatives are only two years for all of them.

  32. Start a Nation-wide petition to recall the s. bags who hate this Country! They are as useless as a monk.. swinging on a limb. It’s time for them to fall off that limb.

  33. Rashida Tlaib is nothing more or less than a typical Palestinian Prostitute of Allah with delusions of adequacy.

  34. The Squad …..Give me a break these anti American pieces of shit who ever voted these communist bitches in should be a shamed of themselves I feel as if they cheated to get in office or someone miscalculated the votes in their favor probably George Soros is behind it because supposedly he owns the voting machines anyway our beloved President Donald J Trump will win 2020 us Patriots will see to that and this thing the squad is bullshit all 4 of them can leave our country go back to their countries because they ain’t Americans they are Commies

    • Look at how Omar got elected. 70 thousand plus Somali Muslims brought into our country by none other than OBAMA. I just saw a photo of cars driving around with Isis flags on them. This photo was taken in Dearborn Michigan, time to wake up people.

        • Vlad oh yes we can. Her citizenship can be revoked if she is charged with treason or aiding and abetting a foreign country, which she is doing. She never swore allegiance to this country. When she took the oath of office, she did it on the Koran. So how could she swear allegiance to this nation when she was taking the oath of office on a foreign nation’s unholy book?

  35. Not sure why we lost the House of Representatives. The Dem House still refused to punish the “Squad”.

    It reminded of George Soros dirty tactic, for example, I recalled reading that he appeared to be investing in any state attorney general office, probably planning to shift any prosecution away from the liberal offenders, or press frivolous charges against innocent conservatives.

    Bet that the Dem House are taking the orders from Soros and other mega donors. It’s a good thing that the Dems failed to capture the Senate. If they did, then impeaching the President is an easy walk-thru process in both houses.

    Demonrats would lie, steal, and kill for power. That’s it.

    • It was pretty obvious why we lost the house. All the illegal recounts and stuffed ballot boxes on the demorat side. If we don’t wathch the lying crooked B__tards, they’ll do it again in 2020.

      • Of course they are going to do it again. 2018 was just a practice run, to see what we would do. And we did exactly what the dems knew we’d do…NOTHING! Mcsally leading in votes until Thursday night. I wake up Friday, and see on the news, that they found a box of ballots in a returned rental car. And Sinema the Enima pulls off a win. Found a box of ballots in a rental car. Really. This isn’t some horror flick. This is what happened. Nobody questions it. McSally gives concession speech, and rest is history. We must be living in the damm Twilight Zone. So, the dems know for 100% fact that we’ll just roll over, what do you think the

  36. U.S. Attorney William Barr has declared the death penalty now reconstituted as a penalty for high crimes such as treason against the United States. This is interesting because the DOJ’s Inpsector General is about to come forth with his findings RE the Steele Dossier, FISA warrants, Hillary’s private server situation which was glossed and smoothed over and OTHER matters of great interest to the rest of the Patriot Nation. Maybe he has some information that has caused him to be so effected that he feels individuals need pay the ultimate price for their traitorous crimes? If so, he had better get Barry and Moochie, Hillary and Billy, Brennan, Comey and they rest before they flee the country, or at least freeze their assets before they can flee. They say that Omar’s hygiene is so bad she smells like a diaper soaked in camel piss. As far as Tlaib goes, I really can’t tell her butt from her face. No matter which, her breath smells the same and if she talks out her ass all the time, then I suppose it doesn’t matter which end I would address my comments to.

    • Jan Sand: Let’s hope we will finally see the justice this country needs and deserves after all the BS the Democrats have put us through!!It will never end until there are severe personalities for all the treasonous actions,( and enforced) from Clinton on up, that have been committed.Tlaib and her squad is a total disgrace!! And it’s a shame we are paying for their conduct.

    • I do not believe in censorship; but I must admit, that in your case, it would contribute to the overall betterment of the world as we know it.

    • If you had actually read what Barr’s order actually said, you would know that it wasn’t for “high crimes”, but super heinous crimes like mass child murder.

  37. Well this sux!!
    The fat byatch will never retire…she says she waiting first to impeach President Trump…we all know that’s not going to happen

  38. In other words that sleazy raghead bitch won’t leave until she’s started a civil war. Millions of Americans are mad as hell and aren’t taking shit off them commie assholes anymore. Are we going to let leftist radicals run our country? Hell no!!!!! That bitch and her twat lickers have taken the gavel away from Nancy. But they are taking nothing from us. Especially our guns, freedoms or our president.

      • These Four Bitches How ? This it’s happen.These Donkey Monkeys dont belong in the U.S.A. We are American Patriots,we dont want Trader,Hatters,Racists,and American Taxpayers Abuse by these Animals.

      • You are absolutely right Dan!
        This is inevitable. I truly believe that civil war will be the only option these ignorant liberal pigs are leaving us.

    • Dan thanks , well put sir , I stand beside you and all true America’s , we’re not giving in to No Ragheads or Raghead lovers , that’s you snowflakes just so you know !!

  39. Yo, Robert: For sure, a face like that could cause the tide not to come in.Where doe’s she get her ugly pills?

  40. May you lose in the primary next year! I believe that you need a psychiatrist to help you with your anger management problem! !

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