Rashida Tlaib made one 2020 announcement that every Democrat feared

Democrats are trying to sort out their 2020 Presidential field.

Now, the entire process has been thrown into chaos.

And Rashida Tlaib made one 2020 announcement that every Democrat feared.

Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D) became the third member the “Squad” to throw her support behind Bernie Sanders.

Tlaib joins Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) in backing the socialist Senator.

Breitbart reports:

“Amo Bernie is what I like to call him, which “amo” means “uncle” in Arabic,” Tlaib explains in the video.

“I think Amo Bernie, when he saw not just myself but my other sisters in service being attacked but this president, by this bully, for him there was no hesitation. He jumped on board and said ‘What can I do to uplift you all? What can I do to support you all?’” she continued.

Tlaib claimed that “this institution” has not been ready for women such as herself and heaped praise on Sanders for continually supporting their progressive efforts.

“The fact that he truly believes that women like us, women that this institution hasn’t been ready for, that we feel supported. And from day one he’s always made us feel like that,” she continued.

“I’m endorsing Amo Bernie Sanders because he understands that it’s not just about policies and words but it’s going to be also about completely transforming the structures in place that is hurting American people,” she added. . .

Democrats are worried that, due to the large field of candidates and 15 percent threshold needed to win delegates in primaries and caucuses, they are in for a protracted nomination fight.

And that could spell doom for the Left in 2020.

Since both Democrats and Republicans moved to the modern primary system in 1976, only 2008 saw the party that staged the longer and more divisive primary battle win the White House.

Bernie Sanders already has a polling floor of around 15 percent.

And the “Squad” backing Sanders should provide him with the grassroots backing to stay in the race until the bitter end.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in thins ongoing story.


  1. Communist and muslims who would have thunk it. The party of atheist and the new American party of religious fanatics. Which will win the war whenever one of these two take charge.

  2. Bernie knows how to fatten his bank account tough. Have to say that for him and his wife. Even if the college does go broke in the process. Come to think about that, and so do we in middle class, who have worked all our lives. Just keep those donations coming in, and be sure face shows red on television, under the white hair, cut short. Now at age 90, I feel better voting against what he stands for, and served my 26 years during Korea, cold war, and Vietnam conflicts.

  3. If I had to pick three people to cast the Democrat Party in a bad light, I could do no better than Omar, Tlaib, and Cortez. It makes you wonder.

  4. Clinton and Bush fil were held the presidency when Ronald Reagan was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

    “…their little heads …” and “…Alzheimer[‘]s?” Also, “…was run…”

  5. They are, watch them when they talk, both look like lunatics,
    Instead of talking bad to our president , both needs to do something how to fix what’s wrong in California , really bad !
    People in California need to wake up, all they want is your votes every 4 years and after winning they don’t fulfill their promises
    Both of them needs to be voted out, they’re useless.

  6. Yes….I find it humorous that she says the policies we have with this administration is hurting the American people. It is exactly the opposite of the truth. Evil becomes good and good becomes evil…isn’t that one of the signs of the 2nd coming of Christ? Get ready folks! He says to watch for the signs…and they are here.

  7. Unfortunately Talib was born in Brooklyn. Not much can be done about her except to vote her out. I think Omar has a lot of skeletons in her closet. She definitely needs to be investigated – but of course there is probably some sort of law that protects her.

  8. Vasu I guess you are too stupid to realise that if you disarm the people who play by the rules that the people who don’t will do the same

  9. Bernies health may preclude him from even being in the elction , all it would take is a little extra stress and he will be out.

  10. Rashida Tlaib is a bull dyke and has regular foursomes with Ilhan Omar, Linda “The Lesbo” Sarsour and Ramsea Odeh! All four terrorists are Dirty Dykes!

  11. interesting! Now we only talk about muslims and their Language…
    Did anyone out there know that AMO in Spanish means MASTER?
    but, we only give woke meaning or racist meaning or cuddly with terrorists when it is conveniente. She obviously is partisano, thinking the world revolver around museums. It May in her barrio but it is not AMERICA OR THE USA

  12. What Tlaib is doing by supporting Communist Sanders, is to open the door for the Islamic take over of the US. The liberal, progressive far left Democrats, under the leadership of hand waving to distract from slurring speech Pelosi, only want to stay on power without a clue as to the door they are opening for the Muslims. Remember the Koran orders Muslims to use guile and deceit to advance the cause of Islam for a World Caliphate under Sharia! Trump should ban Muslim immigration because they can have four wives, even if our law allows only one, but divorce number one but keep her at home and marry number two and so forth. They make lots of babies who become voters, while American births are decreasing. The Muslim plan is to shave their beards move to the West, breed, immigrate, use our laws and take over from within!

  13. Being all of the Democrats for some reason follow the squad looks like Bernie will be their candidate for the Presidential elections. Easy win for President Trump in 2020. No matter who they elected for their candidate easy win for President Trump. Jimo if anything I have seen and heard lately it is men who can’t think but with there little head that is the problem. Get some much needed air. Who do you think was running this country when Reagan had Alzheimers. Everyone seemed to love the way the country was ran then.

  14. The Mud Squad is nothing but a group of adolescent nags who have been given way too much power in the government. In essence, they are like four little snotty children who have been given a loaded gun to play with. They need to go as well as every Democrat politician needs to go. None of them, and I mean none of them, have any redeeming qualities in them at all. They are nothing but the spoiled rotten children who were spawned by the devil. Vote them all out next year, every last one of them. It is a do or die situation we have here. It is us against them. Let’s show them all the door.

  15. Uncle Bernie: The man who loves the Castro brothers, who honey-mooned in the Soviet Union, who had a Hammer and Sickle flag in his office etc. Doesn’t she know that the Communists hate Arabs?

  16. Tlaib is no different than any other democrat except she’s muslim but all democrats act like Tlaib if you listen to them.

  17. You’re right. People leave their country because it’s so bad and then the first thing they do is try to turn the new place into the crap hole they left. What kind of sense does that even make? Anyone muslim that yells for privilege right at the start has no reason to be here. Like demanding to be sworn in on a Koran instead of the Bible we always use. It’s just wrong and the invasion of our country by these bossy crying muslims has to be stopped and reversed. This is not a muslim country, this is a Christian country.

  18. Raj talks about prejudice remarks he needs to listen to what Talaib has said about America and Israel.
    You can’t cherry pick Raj. She outed herself when she opened her mouth. She showed where she stands.
    I guess I’m bewildered by all the people who come here for a better life, and then try and change everything we are as Americans.

  19. I don’t suppose she called Bernie an “M Fer” Bernie will be dealt with when the time comes, like the DNC did it last time.

    The “SQUAD” is a total waste of our precious Oxygen.

  20. It seems to be ok for any of the squabs (baby pigeons) to make disparaging remarks about President Trump but when he puts it back in their faces they whine and cry how they are sooo disrespected. Get out of politics and go back home wherever that may be.

  21. She has a large Muslim distract and they are behind Burnie because he is old and sick and when he dies Vice President would be President and they are hoping his running mate will be Muslim. They couldn’t get any better than that.

  22. I do not believe Pressley or any of the other idiots in the squad would vote to condemn BDS without risking being thrown out of the squad. If she did vote to condemn BDS she was trying to make herself popular hoping to get re-elected so, she can fund the BDS movement with taxpayers money.


  24. I’M from Michigan and the people who voted for her was in her district. We did win for President Trump

  25. I would say that “The Squad” alias “The Corrupt Quartet” Including Mrs. Pelosi And Mrs. Maxine “The Loud Mouth And The Inciter Of Violence” Waters needs what you just described, and then be sent back to their US Congressional District’s To Start A Major Clean Up Of The Filth That Keeps Collecting!

  26. I truly hope she runs agai, but this time for cover as we will be right behind her with the impeachment papers in our hands.

  27. And, she says Donald Trump is a bully & keeps attacking “the squad”? They attack him relentlessly and don’t like when it’s returned.

  28. Last I knew his name actually isn’t what you think. Did you ever watch Big Bang Theory? Raj usually refers to men from India. India has other religion. Does India possibly have people that could be muslim? Possibly. I know Japan has many in their country.

  29. Rashid need to look at her face in this photo…she looks mean…nasty….hateful…and she looks like she has a filthy mouth…yep all of the above fit Rashid perfectly!!!!

  30. raj: you are the biggest hypocrit i have encountered on this net. you talk of hate when you as your name identifies is muslim and you and your people throw jews off buildings to their death and gay people right behind them. take those rag heads in congress you support and go back to the sand hills where you belong. if it were not for obama you wouldn’t be here since he is a muslim. a sad day when ignorant people in this country voted him into office.

  31. This was my first time to visit this site and its full of personal hatefulness of region and religion expressions by some regulars, what a shame to see such people claiming to be American. Pretty soon these same people will be hating others based on languages.
    Your ancestry may also be from that region, just like Moses and Jesus were from that region.
    Watch your health, hate creates cancerous fluids in your body. Learn from experts in cancer cells. Good luck in your goals.

  32. Wasn’t Rashida the Congresswoman who called the President a “m-f-er” in front of her infant son the day she was sworn in to Congress? Before she was elected to Congress, she tried to disrupt Trump rallies and was hauled away by the police. So, she has had it “in” for the President before she was even sworn into Congress. Haven’t you noticed that all the pictures of her have shown her with her oversized mouth open? Someone should take one of her feet and shove it into her mouth.

  33. Just ask the workers at Target how much they love 15 bucks an hour. They all got cut from 38 hours to 20 or less. They were going to have to go on welfare to eat and pay rent. And that, Vaseline Lips, is EXACTLY what the left is planning to happen. Why, you ask? To keep as many on government assistance as possible, because, who are you gonna vote for? Even if you are die hard conservative, you’ll vote liberal, because they give everything free. They buy your vote. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out. If you double a workers pay, you must come up with more money, so either raise prices in store, and be non competitive, or cut the hours and crack the whip.

  34. Just look at the utter hatred she puts off in the picture above. Most of her pics look just like that one…full of hate and contempt. Not to mention, she is one of the uglies looking things I’ve seen. Only Barack’s husband, Big Mike, the Ellen DeGeneres show star. I saw the Obama’s last week at the San Francisco Zoo. Barack was wearing a tuxedo, and drawing lines of cocaine, and ducking Big Mike’s rolling pin. She was mad because Barack spent all the money on blow, and wouldn’t share. Big Mike was extremely upset when he snorted the last fatty, and the crowd was laughing at him, so he started throwing feces at them. It was good times for all. Well, maybe not for Big Mike. The end

  35. The left hates President Trump because they say hes a Russian spy. Yet, the left supports unca Bernie, an admitted commy, who has been to Russia and shook hands with his comrades, and flat says he wants America to turn communist. I really dont understand that kind of thinking. It makes no sense. I suppose that’s why I could never be a liberal.

  36. She should be banished to Palestine so she could practice on solving all the problems the poor people are faced with there while the Imams or whatever you call them preach “Death to America” and Support terrorism while they teach children to kill and commit suicide to become Martyrs ! A good Starting point ! She and her “Fraud Squad “Sisters are doing nothing to help Americans and their Ideological Cult beliefs do nothing to further the cause of Women in the Sharia tradition !

  37. It’s time for the American voters to get these type people out of our government. They don’t belong there. Why didn’t the voters see what was happening before they voted? What has happened to our government. All the uncooperative demons need to be gone now.

  38. I saw the Doctor posted on another website that Hillary will not be entering the race.
    The Doc is very knowledgeable about this kind of stuff because he always watches the polls. The doc knows what Hillary will do even before she knows.

  39. Vasu, please answer this question.
    What do you think will happen to the cost of things if the minimum wage is doubled in some areas? Think about it for a moment. How are you helping anybody by raising the cost of everything to pay for the wage increase? Yes you earn more money but everything costs more now so it’s a wash. Bernie isn’t stupid. He knows this. But it’s all about fooling voters to get elected.

  40. HTC will be in the White House but not as president she will be the cleaning lady who scrubs the urinals and scrappers because that is just the way she is .
    She runs her mouth like a freight train and when confronted about it she lie to save bull s@#$ mouth of hers.

  41. Can ANY of these “Dummycrats” keep their mouths shut for long enough to BEGIN to think about what they’re saying??
    Answer: NO, they’re FAR TOO BUSY yapping to even consider allowing a “thought” to “interfere” with their vapid blather!!!

  42. So you want her to continue collecting $174,000 per year.
    I don’t think you thought your comment through.

  43. Hey Vasaline, go back to the middle east and stay there. You a f’ing idiot. I mean obviously most of your platform issues show your ignorance! With the exception of pro life all of them are asinine. However, I’m not pro life when it comes to mudslimes. As for gun control, I hope it’s an ahole like yourself that knocks on my door to attempt to confiscate my guns

  44. Don’t worry folks, next year I hope that they will all be voted out of office. Believe it or not, there’s Divine intervention here. Thank God for His concern and everlasting love for the human race. Wonders never cease. What a shock for those in 2016, when they woke up to see the election results. IT’S TIME TO GET OVER IT, BECAUSE THERE’S GOING TO BE ANOTHER 4 YEARS NEXT YEAR. TOO BAD FOR YOU. Gruess Gott

  45. Carol, Think about your comment! Do you really believe those traits or worse ones would keep the majority of Dems from voting for HRC or any other Dem?
    However I, as a conservative Republican, agree with you, let her bring it, we’ll whip her worse this time, if she dares!

  46. The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy. Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  47. Wow how did you know what I was thinking. If not dinner maby as his traveling companions . Wonder how long it takes to get to hell . Doesn’t matter the change of scenery would do us all good.should have sent a Bosque of pork rines to his funeral.

  48. Fact, the Rosenbergs were guilty of treason, if Joe was somewhat paranoid there was good reason for him to be so.

  49. Oh no she doesn’t, The sane rest of Michigan does Not want her back. let her stay in the DC swamp. Talk about the Creature from the Swamp Lagoon, they could be sisters.

    Take a look, google “Creature from the Black Lagoon”

  50. Senator Mc Carthy ! Where are you now that the country desperately needs you?
    Joe, you were correct all along!

  51. Muslim Brotherhood sitting in Congress.George Soros backed all of these Muslim Commies.Take that Hebe off Ohmar…Pelosi is sicko support this Treason.Vote Trump 2020??????

  52. Things just get stranger and stranger!
    Are they trying to get HRC in the fray? Seriously?
    Yep, looks like they are working on a plan to do it!

  53. Rashida Tlaib should leave Bernie Sanders on the side for a while and go pay a final respect for her mentor from Syria known as Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

  54. As long as the Democrats continue to support physically and mentally ill candidates for President they are backing losers. Republicans just need to go to the polls and vote in 2020, many Democrats will be voting for Republican candidates as well after they see what 40 years of legislative control by the Democrats has done to California and New York. By now you all must be aware that Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom are relatives, she is his aunt.

  55. With the Squad doing this for Burnie that should DROP HIS RATING FAST. Yea team!! By the time the primary gets here out of 20 candidates there will be zero!! Yea team! Maybe they should root for the 0-6 teams they could use all the help they can!!

  56. The first time she did the fowl mouth toilet tongue trick was in front of her own children, so you can imagine what shes like.


  58. Tlaib needs to go BACK to where she came from!!! SHE IS JUST HERE TO TURN THIS COUNTRY UPSIDE DOWN!!! THE SQUAD, needs to be KICKED out of CONGRESS!!


  60. This PIG should be returned to Palestine as ALL MOSLEM filth was banned in 1952 c.e. IFF she doesn’t leave peaceable then feed her to the predators, as she is a predator & when one lives as a predator, one should die by predator. Piranhas, sharks, crocodiles, alligators & Komodo dragons are unbiased, NOT racist, bigoted, racist or antisemitic. Further RASHIDA is guilty of attempting to overthrow the govt., sedition, espionage & treason. Let’s be kind. Give her a chance to swim for her life, as it is the green thing to do as predators can dispose of her remains. NO FUSS NO MESS. Take Ilhan Omar & Barrack Obama w/ you IFF the reported fire squads missed their mark.. MOSLEM BE GONE, as this is a Jewish – Christian nation.

  61. Rashid is not intelligent if she is not using horrid language she is screaming uneducated stuff at people…look at her face in this picture that these posts are going to…she looks like she just jumped out of a plane….she always looks wild and crazed…you know why….because that is what she is wild and crazed….please people make sure this little group of 4 are one is a one term mistake…wake up we do not want this kind of anger and haters in our Congress…pack them up and move them on out!!!

  62. The Democrat women and men have no common sence, the way they embrace criminals and illegals over the working people of this country tells me every thing I need to know about these @$$ Clowns.

  63. Just to let you no that there well be no demorats in the white house for a long Time not killer Hillary or any other dem Trump 4 more yrs now that’s coming from GOD himself has spoken it though his holy spirit Trump 2020 watch God move again GOD noes the dems are a bunch of evil dirty suckers goes all the way back to the scumb Obama 8yrs of his dam lies Joe Biden lies scumb trash people

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