Rashida Tlaib might be forced to resign after her big secret came out

Rashida Tlaib may be the most foul-mouthed member of Congress.

On one of her first days in Washington, she declared that she will “impeach the motherf***er,” referring to Trump.

But now Tlaib may have to resign after her big secret came out.

It always seems to be the loudest voices for impeaching President Trump that have the most to hide.

First, Ilhan Omar was exposed for allegedly marrying her brother in order to commit immigration fraud, and then engaging in an affair with her political consultant which potentially also violated campaign finance laws.

Now it is fellow “Squad” member Rashida Tlaib, who is in trouble after being caught potentially committing campaign finance violations herself by demanding money from her campaign to defray her own personal expenses, according to a government watchdog group.

Fox News reports:

The House Ethics Committee on Thursday released a trove of striking internal campaign communications sent in 2018 by Michigan Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib, in which Tlaib urgently requested money from her congressional campaign to defray personal expenses — and, a government watchdog said, possibly violated federal law in the process.

The document dump was related to the committee’s ongoing ethics probe into Tlaib, which the panel said on Thursday would be “expanded” based on a referral from the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE). Additionally, the Ethics Committee acknowledged for the first time on Thursday an investigation into Florida Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings concerning a “personal relationship with an individual employed in his congressional office.”

Texts and emails released by the Ethics Committee show Tlaib frantically contacting members of her staff for financial help.

In one April 2018 email offered as an exhibit by OCE, Tlaib wrote that she was “struggling financially right now” and was “sinking.” She continued: “So I was thinking the campaign could loan me money, but Ryan said that the committee could actually pay me. I was thinking a one time payment of $5k.”

Members of “the Squad” can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

They continue to find themselves caught up in scandals.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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  3. Democrats do not go to jail for criminality. Only Republicans go to jail. The system is rigged. I hope AG Bar and Attorney Durham get this matter straightened out. Rashid is a terrorist and always threatening terrorism against Israel. She is an outright crook that belongs in jail for a long time. Throw her out of Congress,never to run again. She is running in a district in which she does not live. Ask her father. Pelosi put these terrorists including Omar on the Foreign Intelligence Committee so they would know allour secrets and give them to Hamas, Iran, Hezbollay and other terrorist organizations. Pelosi also belongs in jail. She is a witch who tries to get even with our duly elected President by making up false charges against him. This will go down in the history books for trying to overthrow our elected President. First time in history.

  4. Amen Marilyn , I could not agree more nor said it any better . All one need do is look at how many in Congress and Senate have become millionaires while in office . One senator , now campaigning for President even spent a good twenty years on Welfare and living in a shed in his parents back yard until he went on the ultimate welfare , Politics ! Elected as mayor and climbing the ladder while living on the public dime .Now this guy owns two or three different very expensive homes .Go figure !

  5. What were the people in Michigan thinking, to elect a Quran supporting Sharia Law Muslim?
    Did they forget who caused 9/11!
    Ever since Trump was elected, this Palestenian Terrorist, has been calling Trump filthy names, and lying on Trump, to get him Impeached!
    Her using campaign money for personal use, hopefully will get this piece of garbage, Impeached, and jail time!

  6. ALL the GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS will pay for THEIR CRIMES against WE the PEOPLE but we need to get them out ASAP or we LOSE our COUNTRY!! The CONSTITUTION is our foundation and is WRITTEN in DIAMOND and will not be taken AWAY from WE the PEOPLE!!! If the DEEP STATE CRIMINALS and TRATORS think they have any POWER they are wrong!! We the PEOPLE will rise to this UNLAWFUL AGENTS in OFFICE WHO hates that we are the last COUNTRY that is free and wish to stay FREE at their expense!! FREEDOM isn’t free and they know we will fight for OUR COUNTRY AND OUR NATION TO THE END!! CIVIL WAR!!

  7. The squad in still in the Swamp, because they are protected by Old Witch Criminal Corrupt, Liar Pelosi and the rest of the Evil Swamp DemoRATS.

  8. What morons voted for her in the first place. I’ve lived in Michigan my entire life and can’t believe you in southern Michigan are so stupid, and I mean really stupid. Are Muslims now in charge of our State? Do not forget their ultimate goal is our destruction.

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    Keep doing the same thing, and expecting different results!
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    Before it’s too late. God will prevail though and I don’t think he likes what your doing, killing innocent babies. Just remember, eternity is a long time.

  12. The squad is here to bring down America. Anyone who doesn’t take the oath of office on the Bible and takes it on a Koran, should be dismissed from office! They should be IMPEACHED! Could a Cristian take an oath of office in their country on a Bible?? I think not! They would be beheaded!! We don’t need this trash in America!!

  13. Someday when Trump passes away he should lie in state face down. That way you commiecrats can walk by and kiss his ass goodbye. And then get the hell out of America.

  14. I agree totally. For a long time I believed the voters would be wise, but in the last decade or so, I don’t think they are, they continue to vote for incumbents.

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  17. This is ridiculous. A president being impeached for what people think he meant as opposed to what he said, and all the Laws being broken by Democrats. This by Tialib, AOC violations(now swept under rug), Omar that Tax fraud and illegal marriages as well as possibly having no relation to family that was given legal immigration status. What is worse is there are People Stupid enough in America to feel this is Fine!!

  18. This is why we need term limits. No congressman or Senator should be allowed no more than two terms like the President. They should not be allowed to run again years later. The longer they are in the more corrupt they become. Open your eyes to what is going on in our country. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

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  21. This member of the infamous Mud Squad is not going anywhere. The Democrats are a very forgiving corrupt people and they will watch her back with anything she does. Look how they forgave Crooked Hillary for her many wanton discretions. And then her is Slick Willie, Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. The list goes on and on and on with these corrupt Democrats. Tlaib will be in there until sees 90 years old just like Maxine Waters.

  22. The “Dung Beetle Quartet” AOC, Tlaib (taliban), Omar and Pressley are a gift that just keeps on giving to the Republicans and is the Democrats worst nightmare.

  23. Hey Jay, although I agree with you, I have very little confidence that there are enough Reoublucans that have the balls to go after Democrats the way they have come after President Trump…..and now after Bill Barr. The whole country should be afraid right now!!! But for now my question is simply, are all of Omar’s misdeeds being officially looked into? President Trump does his job, and they try to impeach him for it. They break laws, and no one seems to care. Look at Roger Stone…indicted on 5 counts of making false statements to the House Intelligence Committee, obstruction of an official proceeding, and witness tampering. That is just a good day for an underachieving Democrat!


  25. oh it’s all ok, she hates Trump, she’s a newly minted Democrat, a Muslim, and a woman…Nancy Pelosi will defend her no matter what she did…..she’s a member of the squad, and they are the face of the Democrat party and are untouchable.

    and I am happy about it; whenever Ocasio Cortez, or Talib, or Omar open their mouths and more evidence of their crooked watys is exposed TRUMP WINS. MAGA Trump 2020

  26. Jeff they have the idea that they own us body and soul. But I think that people are seeing them for what they are. We still have a lot of idiots out there. It shows in the posts from the liberal fools on this site.

  27. That is your opinion and even though he can be his own worst enemy the important issue is that whatever congress does, it MUST be FAIR. All of the Dems signed on to this as purely political, and all of us can see what Schiff is doing. IT IS NOT FAIR, but wait there will be a Republican majority in the house sometime, now since the Democrats set the PRECEDENT then that Democratic President is FAIR game for anything goes – picking his nose – Impeach him or her. What goes around comes around. Back in the Day that is why there was NO rush to “Even the score” because some one was butt hurt on losing. Now those times are passed, new era. Just like Tlaib said for the cameras on Ch-4 News in Detroit last January (with her 10 year old son present) “We’re gonna impeach the MotherFXXker”

  28. Well stated that she is a great injustice to herself, Palestinians and the USA.
    Not to mention a person with a foul mouth, no class and total disgrace to the Democratic party profile. What a bunch of losers from Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, “Max” Waters, AOC. etc. plus Senators Schumer. Blumenthal, and the only answer is to vote them all out of office ASAP as they do not help, but only hinder the USA.

  29. A lot of these various people in Congress seem to forget that they work for the people and not the other way around and than they go off on these crazy tangents that I am sure that most of their constituents could care less about

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  31. Just a footnote. If she is that desperate for money she can get a part-time job. After all, she and her co-horts have done nothing in the Legislature, absolutely nothing in the year she has been wasting our time. I apologize, I keep forgetting about the light bulb thing.

  32. $174,000.00 + a year in salary alone and she can not afford to pay her rent, she needs a financial advisor to help her control her spending. Oops, I forgot, she is a democrat and AOC is her financial person. Maybe AOC stole all of it to support “cows farting”.

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  42. Rashida and Omar , I think that everybody with any Common Sense already knows , that these two Towel Heads are anti-American . Now here Rashida is trying to con money from her campaign funds or should I say Bum money . Which is a crime as we all know , but liberal double standards will allow her to do so . It’s time to file charges and get a conviction on one of these liberal crooks , to get the ball rolling . All the DemonRats involved in this impeachment SHAM , NEED TO BE CHARGED N CONVICTED , N THEN SHOT BY THE FIRING SQUAD , FOR HIGH TREASONOUS CRIMES . THAT’S A FACT AMERICA
    AG Barr , isn’t it time for some action against these traitors . The liberal SIMPLETONS aren’t scared to file charges n have inquiry’s . Even with false accusations . I mean HELLS Bells , we know sleepy Joe n Hunter are guilty , along with Obummer n Killary , Nancy , Chucky and many more !!

  43. It a shame that these Democrats are not held to higher standard as Republican! They seem to break all type of Laws. But the House speaker will not call them out! But she will call out Republican!

  44. Ok you dems say your all about protecting the constitution and abuse, so here we go. This to me is an abuse of power so you should be asking her to resign or the people should have the right to have her impeached.

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