Rashida Tlaib said seven words about Trump that proved everyone’s worst fears to be true

Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib is one the leaders of the gang of socialists trying to destroy America.

The Muslim Congresswoman’s loyalties have repeatedly been called into question.

And Rashida Tlaib said seven words about Trump that proved everyone’s worst fears to be true.

Rashida Tlaib and her allies in the so-called “Squad” were thrown on the defensive after Donald Trump called them out for hating America.

Tlaib went on CNN for a softball interview to defend herself and push the Fake News Media hoax that Trump calling Tlaib and her allies out for their bigotry and anti-Americanism was somehow “racist.”

But Tlaib dug her hole even deeper when she said of the President that “he’s the one who hates our country.”

Breitbart reports:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) on Monday evening accused President Donald Trump of hating America and using “racist” tweets to distract voters from his “lawless presidency.”

“I think he’s the one who hates our country because I’m an American just like anyone else, and I can tell you this is a failed presidency,” Tlaib told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer when asked why she was one of the lawmakers Trump singled out as someone who is disloyal and hates America. “And He knows it. He has a failed border policy where right now there are children dying in our care.”

Over the weekend, Trump said The Squad—Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA)— should “go back” and “help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.”

Donald Trump is defending patriotism and the fundamental value of love of country in taking on the anti-Israel, anti-America socialists like Tlaib.

Trump never mentioned race once in his tweets.

What he took issue with was members of Congress routinely running down America as a racist, sexist, and xenophobic hellhole.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Jobs and opportunities my friend. Also think of this if you need specialized medical treatment where do you go to Davenport IA or Chicago IL.

  2. Sad but true. Monkey mentality. Those that have it feel they must live in giant trees (cities) overflowing with other monkeys. That mentality has always been and always will be the downfall of humanity.

  3. Mark the right wing aka Republicans have probably 2 more election cycles then the demographics kick in the base of the party is basically older whites and we all know what is happening to them they are going to meet their maker.

    I am sitting in a state that is about to be in play why because the whites are now the minority. Mobilize the minority’s/younger generation turn them out you loose.

    Remember the majority of your base is rural not urban/suburban which parts of the country are growing and which parts are not growing don’t think it is rural parts growing.

  4. I fervently hope that none of them last 12 years. Considering the damage they’ve already done to this nation 12 years to continue their destruction is way too long. I hope we’re permanently rid of them by 2020 or very soon thereafter.

  5. Have no fear ! D T in 2020. God sets & removes. He set him up, & no amount of devil worship, left insane promises, will get them in. God has got it, & lefties are out , & they know it, hence their only job, at taxpayers expense has been obstruction t/ impeachment threats, & fake news/antida,, rape accusations of conservative govt officials/nominations!
    Relax, they are out, & DT is in ! U think Ibmar/Tlaib are daft? What about AOC, so obviously money grabber, & ignorant, with delusions of grandeur & importance… anyhow since she planning to b dead in 12 yrs….. nothing to fear.., the rest of us will continue living w fracked fuel, etc

  6. Why on earth are u fighting each other? For USA sake ,find something to agree on. Insulting /diminishing each other resolves nothing, right?

  7. And it is now reported, that Miss Ford may land up in jail, for her “ over active imagination, on Judge Kavanaught!

  8. Just bcause it appeared in a transcript, does not mean he said it, as a transcript can have add ins if so desired. Trump is a man, never claimed to be Messiah, & no one thinks that he is, not even his voters, whether christian or not. But the results of his work, /
    Olicies is self evident if you avail yourself of economic figures, reports, not subject to fake news… so fact is he has had supernatural obstruction, personal & family abuse & threats, smear & disrespectful abuse by all lefties, yet, he doggedly continues on his pathdpway to deliver for the nation! Can we try & give honour where due, instead of joining bats Ayers/fake news etc, and actually support the man in his quest to serve your nation? It is now reported that Ohmar is representing Turkey, & Tlaib? A disgraceful aplarentl6 h7man being, who never got taught self respect, nor the nation, ( of which you are a citizen, thereby insulting you too in the process each time she opens her mouth. When I raised my kids they were threatened by me to have their mouth washed with soap, if they used ugly language. Even today they still don’t do it, so my conclusion is that she never learnt basics at home…. so she should go back &learn to respect & honour people in authority/the office, in particular the highest office in the land. , while free to disagree, this woman from clips I have seen, is not qualified to be in any office. Her rage can only be tolerated, if she was mental, thereby unaccountable for full function. Likewise several of left Dems . If she so miserable, let her go back to Gaza & activate her great politics ( should she be allowed anything above blowing herself up, or providing kids to do so, like a sausage machine….

  9. Sorry, but you are in error about President Trump wanting to “DROP A BOMB” in the middle of a Tornado. And if you wish to concentrate on something really horrendous, IMAGINE CROOKED HILLY as Resident of the WHITE HOUSE, WITH SLICK WILLY AS HER ADVISER!! WE ALL KNOW HOW CROOKED SHE WAS AS S.O.STATE,,,or are you going to deny that also? Sorry, but we NEEDED DONALD AS PRESIDENT, to at least ATTEMPT to be a PATRIOT PRESIDENT, which we would NEVER HAVE HAD WITH CROOKED HILLY AND SLICK WILLY IN THE WHITE HOUSE AGAIN! Look at how the DUMBOCRAPS treated JUSTICE KAVANAUGH!!! THAT WAS SICKENING, and EVERY DAY THAT I WATCHED COMFIRMED WHAT I HAVE COME TO BELIEVE ABOUT THE DUMBOCRAPS,,,,THEY ARE A CROOKED BUNCH OF JERKS!!!

  10. 10 to one you’re absolutely wrong. My family is plenty well off and I’m half owner of a business. If Americans never had “government assistance” we’d be a hell of a lot better off. America is saddled with generations of lazy, ill educated dope addicts that think they’re entitled to the money real working Americans make. Thank your communist “saints” for that. MJ, you will always be on the losing end of any argument with me or any knowledgeable conservative, you just don’t have the mental capacity to realize it.

  11. You know Mark if it wasn’t for progressives you would not have SS if there is anything left. Also Medicare would not be there when you are older unless tRUMP guts Medicare and Medicare. 10 to 1 Bet someone in your family gets Federal assistance of some kind

  12. You know Mark if it wasn’t for progressives you would not have SS if there is anything left. Also Medicare would not be there when you are older.

  13. Yes, BBC (British Bull Crap) is communist as is pretty much the whole world with us True Americans barely holding on to the little bit of freedom left. FOX has been taken over by communist cowards also. Learn some grammar, spelling and punctuation MJ, although I realize they teach nothing in public schools anymore, except communist propaganda and how to be an effective liar.

  14. Aren’t you the gentleman who wanted to do away with all Muslims. You never did answer my question as to if you have ever been to that part of the world. And please don’t call names that’s childish.

  15. So Mark is BBC a communist outlet. Or is Fox where you get your news sounds like tRUMP has turned on them but then tRUMP as his own propaganda channel.

  16. So now it’s traitors to criticize the president or the government doesn’t sound like much of a democracy to me.

  17. Amen Limon and yes it is true he mentioned it it is in a NSC transcript. My question is tRUMP a man a god-king for you folks in flyover country that’s what the ancients called their leaders. Because if he is just a man as I suspect then he is open for criticism just like any other man. Unless of course he is the second coming of the The Son of God which I doubt.

  18. Whatever our Dear Congresswoman said, it can not be more stupid than our Dumber Than Dumb President. I mean what’s dumber than dropping a nuclear bomb in the eye of a hurricane? And he represents America. We must do better in 2020!!!!

  19. On Nov 18 1990 the 101st congress QUIETLY repealed the Mc Carran act of 1952 forbidding Muslims from holding office. Members of that congress were John McCain, Joe Biden, Al Gore, John Kerry Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

  20. Frank you are so right.I’m a navy Vietnam vet and want to say thank you brother for your service.Also we americans of all races and religions must not forget the millions of american men and women who served our country in WW2 and the 400,000 plus who gave their life’s so you and I could and all americans could live in freedom!!we must not let these hero’s die in vain.They gave their freedom so we could live free.We must never let anyone or anything ever take our great country or our freedom from us.

  21. Those of us who can see the convoluted actions by these liberals need to be prepared for the battle with the Devil l who has invaded their souls.

  22. I sent snail mail to each of these traitors. It would be great if all the conservatives would flood their mail boxes with statements about their traitorous behavior. I will set up an email to contact me for more information, like their addresses and my letters to them.

  23. The press holds some of the blame for the many people killed by zealots. They give way to much coverage and sensationalize these atrocities. And the programmers of TV shows with all the killing. What ever happened to good family shows?

  24. I see the haters are at it again. I don’t like tTUMP should I go back to my home country England. You folks had 8 years to move under President Obama why didn’t you folks leave then. Just asking.

  25. We need enforce our laws as to who comes into our nation, who honors our laws and is not here just to convert this nation over to Shera law because they are crazy enought to believe in the way of life they have been taught. To honor a way of life and make it so we have no freedom is not why you are government. If you are so determined to live the belief you have, go to a nation that as those laws and live here. We do not want you belief and refuse to allow you to make it a way of life here. Your belief and effort to shove this down our throats is totally rejected by a hugh majority of citizens here and we not in complience are more than willing to donate to someone to buy you a ticket to a nation under Islamic laws so you can be happier in the new nation.

  26. Why does someone who hasn’t the ability to decide if the attempt to make pancakes is correct even get a word in the media. I remember in high school my junior year during student election we elected 3-4 pranksters as class Officers. By second semester the teacher in charge of the process pulled those 4 guys and them sent them back to their little class clown

  27. Rashida Tlaib why don’t you go be with your muslim hate filled people. I’m sure you will fit in very nice. Oh that’s right you would have to be put in the back because your just a loser and compleat idiot and no one wants to listen to your stupid crap that you preach. You are on your way out and your pissed because no one cares about you. And no one really cares that you are even alive. You are a simple minded moron. So do yourself a favor and take yourself out before you you get stupid and start killing our beautiful American people that deserve to have true American fight for our rights. You are not that person and never will be that person. Too young and definitely to stupid.

  28. To answer your question, scotty, Just Look At Some Of Those (STUPID ADULTS) Who Voted A PISS ASS PIG In As President! STUPID Is As STUPID Does!

  29. Wrong, pauline. Only a fifth Stooge like yourself would think d. trump loves this country when the TRUTH is d. trump doesn’t Love Anybody or Anything in the world except Himself!

  30. You definitely sound like a “bleeding heart” liberal. Just the ones that have invaded our country for now, all of them would be nice. Their “values” are not American values. They are evil, murdering savages that have no place in our nation or indeed, the world. If you love them so much then go live in one of their countries. By the way; I don’t hate the race, I hate the “religion”.

  31. I am neither a communist or a terrorists so you want to kill all Muslims all 1.8 billion or just the ones in the usa. There is a term maybe you have heard of it Ethnic Cleansing.

  32. I won’t be happy until all muslimes are dead. Then I’ll be very happy. Conservatives are not “white nationalists”. We have and embrace ALL nationalities and races, as long as they love freedom and honor our Constitution. We hate communism and terrorists… Like your kind mj.

  33. I would say someone did something today so far all you whites decrying the Muslims need to go and look at your face in the mirror tonight and then look in your hearts and ask if this is what you want for this country.

    This was pure white nationalism nothing more and nothing less. So I hope you people are happy.

  34. She looks like a turd eater to me and must love all the Sanctuary Cities with all that free Buffet for that HUGE POTTY MOUTH !

  35. From an EARLY age muslims especially males are taught to LIE!!! To get an American to believe the lie is Great.

  36. Tlaib is a HATE MONGER. What has she ever done for AMERICA besides complain about our country? If she loves Palestine so much why doesn’t she live there? America owes Palestine NOTHING.

  37. Rashida Tlaib is a bull dyke who has foursomes with Ilhan Omar, Linda “The Lesbo”
    Sarsour and Ramsea Odeh!

  38. I am CANADIAN and I love Trump and I would vote for him. The last few years I heard so much about him and I feel he doesn’t lie. I hope and I think he wins next year

  39. The Dems appear to be made up of individuals who have no fear of the meeting they will have with the Lord in the after life. It’s so incomprehensible to me for them to tell the lies, do the destruction and horrible things to our country’s people in order to advance themselves (for what? Money?), fame? More like stupidity, understanding there is no end to it, just judgment & pain in their future for such a short time of control? fun? anger release? How stupid can people be???????? God will judge them, throw some into hell? Turn back, turn to Him since He is love, and that’s something you don’t have in your future right now!!! You have just punishment for your hateful, nasty deeds!

  40. The Dems appear to be made up of individuals who have no fear of the meeting they will have with the Lord in the after life. It’s so incomprehensible to me for them to tell the lies, do the destruction and horrible things to our country’s people in order to advance themselves (for what? Money?), fame? More like stupidity, understanding there is no end to it, just judgment & pain in their future for such a short time of control? fun? anger release? How stupid can people be???????? God will judge them, throw some into hell? Turn back, turn to Him since He is love, and that’s something you don’t have in your future right now!!! You have just punishment for your hateful, nasty deeds!

  41. Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. Canam884, NO, I Have Seen Her Mouth trying to sound out words all of the time, supporting those Radicalized, Dangerous, Deadly Violent And Destructive Islamic Muslim Aminals!!!

  42. I beg to differ with you Ms. or Mrs. Rashida Tlaib, Maam, it happened to be your ring leader, Whose name is Ms./Mrs. Omar, who said something extremely Awful about ‘We The Legal Citizens/People And The Legal Immigrants Of The USA” in her first comment, about “some people went out and did something” referring To what truly happened on 9/11/2001 AD! She supported Those Extremely Radicalized Islamic Muslim Males, Who Took Flying Lessons with the money from Osama Bin Laden, when those Islamic Muslim Males Flew Those Two Of Four Jam Packed Passenger Airliners Into The Twin Towers In New York City, The Third Of Those Passenger Liners Full Of Passengers Into The US Pentagon Building And Fourth Passenger Airliner, that the Passengers Over-Powered The Islamic Muslim Pilots Flew Into A Pennsylvania Field, Total Dead Happened To Over 3,000 Innocent Human Beings Inside The United States Of America, This Was Only One Of Her Many Fabricated Tales, when she showed her support for those Dangerous, Deadly Violent And Destructive Islamic Muslim Males and their Radicalized Friends!!!

  43. the answer to that is pretty simple. It’s easier to get stupid people to follow you into the abyss then it is for smart people. That’s why they don’t educate their masses.

    if you were educated, would you be stupid enough to strap a suicide vest to your chest, walk into a building, and blow yourself up?

  44. I have but opened or closed, she still has a mouth like a frog. Any minute, I would expect her to snatch an insect right out of the air.

  45. Mohamed said “a Muslim can never be a friend to a kafir”. (a non believer)
    They can lie, cheat, steal and even kill kafirs just because they are kafirs.
    It’s in the hadith. Go read it for yourself if you don’t believe me.




  48. They were auditioned by a group called the Young Turks and their campaigns were financed by them. .Check them out on U TUbe. Absolutely terrifying

  49. Totally disgusting and obviously haters of free America. They should all have their Citizenship revoked and removed from the USA ! These kind of people are not wanted here.

  50. Donald Trump has lost a huge amount of money since he became president, but I don’t think he cares about it. He is not perfect. We recognize this.

    Mr. Amirault, millions of previous Democrats are turning away from the Dems. Please try to reformat you TDS. You are being lied to. (Look up #walkaway).

    Rather than being angry with you, I will simply say that we would WELCOME you to our side, even if we have differences. Please consider it.

    Good luck and God Bless you,



  51. Very interesting information on Tlaib. Most of us did not know this. This CONFIRMS that REAL Jews and Israel have more to fear from Leftist American Jews, than other erstwhile enemies of Israel.

    I don’t really blame Tliab. I DO blame Leftist Jews who were (are) naïve enough to trust Muslims like her.

    What Tobocman did was unforgiveable. He can retain some semblance of atonement by GIVING up the Democrats completely and NEVER voting for a Democrat again.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  52. Libra, a “no win” is not the same as a loss. The powers at the time of Vietnam just decided it was an unfruitful conflict so the United States just pulled out. No loss – no win. Korea was similar except the South Koreans wanted their freedom more than the South Vietnamese, hence an uneasy truce. If the United States had unleashed our full might against those little communist countries they would have fallen within 6 months. We’ve never lost, we just quit.

  53. When making a comment the your President is only for himself you really should put some facts in to back it up. I understand it’s going to be really hard to do being he has so many acts of kindness to prove you wrong. To name a couple, saved a family’s farm, harem hoops, bus driver from Buffalo. Dry your tears because I have a feeling your going to have to save them for 2020.

  54. Mark: Korea was the first of the NO WIN Wars and Nam was the second– N. Korea technically is still at war with the USA and the U.N. My husband was a combat veteran of the Korean Conflict. Afghanistan and Iraq will be number 3 and 4 of the no win wars. At least S. Korea was saved and is now a showcase of what a FREE PEOPLE can accomplish.

  55. This entire debacle is getting too much attention. It’s merely another distraction to keep Americans from seeing what is and what is not happening to America.

  56. Yep! Hypocrisy at its best! But then that seems to be the mantra of the left, do the dirtiest, filthiest, things you can possibly think of and then blame Trump and the right for doing them. Every person in this wonderful country of ours would be a conservative if only the left could think further than from point a to point b. Points c and beyond are enigmas to them!

  57. You could strap a bomb vest on Tliab and she’d be right at home. Who the hell votes for people like this? They are the haters of America. The 4 of them need to be removed from office by any legal means, pronto.

  58. The press is our worst enemy, along with leftist college professors. I mean, how in hell do people like this tlaib and aoc Scum get elected anyhow?

  59. President Trump did more for America and the American people in two years than the previous four presidents did in 28 years!
    Donald Trump is my AMAZING PRESIDENT and like he promised, president for all AMERICANS! President Trump is the best president ever and the most brilliant leader in the history of the world!
    Keep America Great! Greater than ever before! AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST!
    Actions speak louder than words and President Trump’s actions speaks volumes for America and the American people!

  60. I would love to know why those few enlightenend ones that have been lucky to have been educated in the West don’t go to their country of origin to enlighten the uneducated.

  61. The voted in ‘squad’ has been generally disapproved of by most of the citizens of this country. Full stop. But it continues to sound its voice. This is of no concequence, we will soon be celebrating its disappearance.

    but it continues to be allowed to voice its views despite of America’s view points. Absurd as it seems, abnoxiou as it may sound, fact is that American knows it’ll be defying the anti-America, off before long.

  62. You are not the REAL Rush Limbaugh and you clearly know nothing about John McCain- a hero he was NOT!

  63. She said AOC just wants to be in front of the camera and she Scherie wants to help her district bring in jobs, have safety and security and be successful. She seems like a great candidate!

  64. Trump is just man enough to stand up and let it be known what Americans are saying. We are tired of the liars. Now they have been schooled on National television!

  65. SQUATTERS OF ISLAM! THEY ARE ALL FOUR FUGGLY! Good grief! They need to use some of that campaign fraud money and have a total make over!

  66. SQUATTERS OF ISLAM! THEY ARE ALL FOUR FUGGLY! Good grief! They need to use some of that campaign fraud money and have a total make over!

  67. She is A Typical lying deceiving Muslim proxie SQUATTER! AND ONE FUGGLY HARD LOOKING WHATEVER. Maybe another he/she like Big Mike Obama

  68. Anyone ignorant enough to buy into what the four fools are trying to sell, deserves the consequences. These four fools along with booker, waters, al green snake, lee, nadler, schiff, schumer cummings, johnson, lewis, are providing their voters with the divisive, prejudiced, do nothing, racist representation that they deserve.

  69. No one listens to the trashy, dung flinging stations,cnn, or msnbc. Trashy stations just throw trash. People are tired of the constant baseless diatribe against Trump. Everything that the trash throwers have thrown has turned out to be false. Yet the most ignorant continues to repeat it.


  71. Rashida Tlaib got her political start with the help of a two term Michigan State Rep, a Steve Tobocman, a Jewish man from a well to do Jewish family. He guided her and got her Jewish community backing. This was based on her support for a two state solution in Israel. She took all this money and support, got the nomination, unopposed and dumped Tobocman and the Jews that supported her. This pig throw them under the bus, Her word means nothing, she is a two faced snake, so whatever she does or says going forward should not be a suprise.

  72. Sir, I must disagree. At age 80 you are well aware you are aware of the struggles Blacks have been going through during the Cicil Rights Movement alone. It is my opinion that white trash had more hatred and disrespect of our great nation than anyone can imagine. After all white trash, elected and not elected, fought for Blacks to not participate in this great democracy. Those four sisters who were elected by their communities without the aid of the leading Communist country is the essence of strong womanhood. Our great country is moving on to the next glorious step. Have you ever thought what was the conversations like when the issue of emancipation came up, at 80 you know the conversations that were made about the civil rights movement, our great nation is going through another transformation, like the other two examples I gave this too shall pass. And AOJ will be the third woman sporting on U.S. currency. All of this is possible because of great souls like yourself, Sir, thank you for your service protecting our 1st ammendment.

  73. I am better off since Donald Trump took office. My children however can’t go out to play alone, my teenager can no longer save me a trip to the corner store, because we don’t know who is in our neighborhood since our state became a sanctuary state. And this is due to the fact that no one appreciates the American way of life. ‘They would rather spread hate and tear the people of American down. So they can take over. And it is getting worse and worse. Never Had a shooting near my house ..now a shooting 2 blocks away and drugs all over the place. And working in two stores in different cities and living in an altogether different city everyone I talk to never wanted ours to be a sanctuary state. I see Donald Trump helping people. I see many senators spreading hate chaos and looking out for themselves. I believe what I SEE.

  74. LOLOLOL, bloodlines, really?? I do not give a rats ass who you are related to, PATRIOTISM IS NOT INHERITED.

  75. Quit watching the propaganda media. Hillary has far more connections with Putin than Trump. Remember Uranium 1? After all she is the one that paid for the FAKE DOSSIER. Trump has been tough on all countries about unfair trade like China that democrats have interests in like Biden. These traitor democrats have given them secrets, etc. Research and you will not look like such an imbecile. There is plenty of proof, but you will see before long who the real traitors are.

  76. Well said, I am still waiting for all the Hollywood hypocrite satanic Luciferians to leave since Bush was elected so many years ago. Hopefully the Epstein case will take them out.

  77. Scherie Murray, she was on FOX this am. Really good, loves America. Just announced her campaign yesterday

  78. Obama Admin was sued by the liberal ACLU about the conditions at the border, Obozo built the cages, the pictures of children were from 2014 during Obozos term. Democrats are filthy lying hypocrites that NEVER said one damn word. FAKE CONCERN FAKE TEARS. Hopefully many will go away during the Attorney Generals investigation or with Epstein.

  79. She is just one angry person. It’s interesting that the president didn’t name names in his tweet, but the culprits automatically knew who they were. That says much more about them than he did.


  81. Agree with you. They think that all of America are FOOLS and PUSHOVERS and as soon as they set foot on the soil, they can do whatever they want to do. These people shpuld not have been allowed on American soil at all.Pres Trump is right. If they hate the country, they should leave. And good riddance, I may add.

  82. a bunch of anti american, anti white, anti semitic, sharia loving marxist, FRADULENT, FAKE, FOUR, DEMOCRAPS!

  83. Truth, no racism from Trump. America and it’s citizens are his priorities. Families, Safety, Law and Order, Health, and Prosperity. Just as it should be. Praise God almighty, we finally have a statesman leader. Lets keep him!

  84. Hell’ve deal in Congress , we have a terrorist voted into office , , just WTF is going on here in our country, Get A ROPE , ITS TIME TO STRETCH SOME NECKS IN OLD DC

  85. …the only crazies are these loathsome Muslim Quad Broads!
    Wake up America, before it’s too late!


  87. My family have fought and died for this country. In my entire life i have never heard any of them bad mouth the great country. Instead they instilled a deep love and devotion for this country. Even to this day i would take up arms and fight for her! The four whorsewomen of the apocolypse wouldnt give a petson like me a drink of water. Trump is not a racist, the only racisys i have seen are those four. The hate Americans, they hate Israel, they ate the true haters.

  88. Where is the Mueller-type investigation of Tlaib & the rest of the Kotex 4 Squad ???
    She is another corrupt, lying, Bolshevik, goat-humping Muzzie, co-co head, brown clown wench HO of the DemonRat Party circus. When will the GOP grow some and insist on a deep investigation of her.

  89. Donny jr. You can’t be real. I believe most Vetrans and current military are supporting our President. As for being a draft Dodger, foot bone spurs are a legitimate reason to disqualify anyone, as is being flat-footed.

  90. What we really need to do is round up Obama and Hillary and hold their feet to the fire, for starters.

  91. So thankful you have the courage to say what I and hopefully many others believe to true eventually. Americans need to stand up and be counted.


  93. I am as conservative as they come but I know when the writing is on the wall, when the game is fixed, when the old ways should ha e stayed we all want new, new, new. Obama made us pay to haul this parasite to the American way here to become a citizen. Maybe by age not her exactly but a lot of the and the same for Omar. We hauled in a bunch of Somalis and now they control the vote where they live. They call whites racist but by looking at how people vote, black votes black, brown votes brown and whites vote whichever way they can benefit individually. Chinese stay in China town and the same for many in this country. What we will see at the current rate of import is the dark skin will control America in 29 years. A lot of people may think I’m crazy then if so how many whites voted in this dumbass.

  94. What I see here bj is that ur so full of hatred for what America stands for Freedom but only ur pathetic view of it ur too ignoant to know that ur TRAITOR IN CHIEF is bring communisum to America

  95. I find it amusing that one of the 4 votes against feeding, clothing and giving medical support to those illegals is the one that is accusing someone else of killing those children. Perhaps she should look in a mirror before she opens her mouth. Maybe then she would not be considered such a joke and a waste of a human body.

  96. We as citizen of the United States have been disconnected from prtisapating in this country for many years. To complaine and insist on pray, scripture, crosses and God being removed from our schools, our meetings our daily life is the reason this nation is in freefal to the darkest area. To refuse to protect our children, be responsible for our actions and refusing to protect our people and our borders from those coming in this nation illegally is the reason we are on the every edge of the fall of this nation. We can not sit back and just do nothing. If we desire a strong nation, a nation that represents the people, we need to move to act together in protection for our country. If you do not want to pray, then don’t. If you do not honor this nation, so be it. But to take yourself and make it impossible for others to pray, honor and make our nation great is working against our people, our laws, our freedom and the very excistance of the nation. We need stand and make a difference for this country while we still have a nation or we will have not leaders but dictators as the 4 women in the Congress’s are and do we really want to live unter their rule. It will be rule with no freedom, no following the laws we have now, no ability to speak without being arrested. We are pushed from all sides but if we desire a nation for the people, we need stand for the nation we remember and stop giving in to all that seem or state offencee to our customs and laws. As our President stated, if they do not like our nation and need fence us out or fense themself in so as to not be hurt, we need stand and declare our preferance in our country. No one makes you pray, no one makes you honor our servicemen and women, no one makes you salue our flag, so shut your complainint and get on with your life.

  97. Jim Jones there’s a new lady running against AOC.. she’s running as GOP and she’s an immigrant from Jamaica

  98. We’ve never had a more patriotic President since George Washington, Abraham Lincoln (how did he serve his country, and Ronald Reagan. I’m a Veteran and I can spot a phony and a FRAUD LIKE YOU A MILE AWAY TROLLING COMMENTS so you have to be part of the demented dimwit obstructionist demoncrats.

  99. Very interesting. I agree. I get tired of the junior high mentality of name calling. However, you comment is alarming. There is no way these people are trying to assimilate to the ways of America. And Ilhan Omar’s asking for leniency for these criminals tells you…she sides with these criminals. They have a plan. One thing is to so-called out breed this nation so it can be slow take over by numbers. This among other things. Living en mass in in MI all together and now growing their nation within a nation is very dangerous given their terroristic and ideological mindset. It is a very serious thing. They do in fact need to go back to where they came from. They do NOT love this nation…but are taking advantage of the grace she has extended for evil intentions. I will say not all Muslems appear this extreme but many do.

  100. Very much like escape from L.A. or N.Y. the chaos,the lawlessness. Pretty sure a mad max senario!

  101. Pres. Trump LOVES America, and nobody, but NOBODY!, in that Goon Squad can convince me otherwise. If those goonies are looking for somebody who REALLY hates America, they have no further to look than in a mirror!

  102. @DAVID STRADER I agree, not much thought has gone into some of the comments. I think people are simply pissed off and for good reasons. I’m a former Minnesotan, and my family still lives there. I moved 8 1/2 years ago and leaving the place I called home for almost 46 years was really hard. One of the reasons I moved was because of the Somali refugees/asylum seekers. Somali muslims from Ilhan Omars community have branched out into Minnesota’s small rural areas and one happened to be Willmar Minnesota a town only 23 miles Nouth of my very little hometown. I know how pissed off I am, but I choose not to put my anger out like some do, I do have my own personal experience I tend to share, but not everyone has gotten to deal with it first hand and still have every right to be pissed off. When President Trump told them to go back to where they came from he meant their districts. Ilhan Omars muslim community is having a new security fence put up as we speak, and it’s to keep out, to keep them safe, it’s the Somali gangs committing the crimes, not outsiders. The fence is costing 825,000.00. Yet she wants open borders, I call that hypocrisy. She wrote a letter to the Judge that was going to be handing down the sentencing for the 9 Somali muslim terrorist that joined ISIS but got caught trying to leave the US, she asked him for leniency when sentencing them. A 825k fence around the 4 apartment complexes that gave Minnesota the new name * Terrorist recruiting capital * My personal experience with men from her community was them telling me that I was asking to be raped because of me wearing a tank and shorts in the summer and yes I did have a bra on also ( I have been asked that even though that shouldn’t matter). This was in Walmart, Cash Wise grocery store, nothing like doing my bulk shopping and having these animals threaten me with rape. My point is not everyone has things that has happened personally to them by one of these women, or people closely connected to them, but they have every right to be just as pissed off. I do need to research the other 3 also, find out what their past background is all about, Ilhan is the one that affects my homestate.

  103. Betty……………………………….Betty……………………………….Betty……………………………….Betty……………………………….Betty……………………………….Betty……………………………….Betty……………………………….

  104. Well Omar had her constituents, 80,000 of them, all Somali refugees sent to Minn. How convenient.That was Obama’s doing. Muslims have stated when they take over America it will be from within using freedom of speech against them.

  105. She should be thrown in GITMO for treason against this country , being a terrorist . She has not and never will contribute ANYTHING POSITIVE to the U.S. She is only here to invade & conquer with islam & facilitate sharia barbaric savage laws .

  106. My understanding, she was disappointment that we killed Bin Laden. She isn’t worth any press coverage. The only group that should be impeached are the Gang of Four. Radicals should not be allowed to be elected Democrat or Republican.

  107. The House voted against Trump as being racist toward the 4 racist ones in Congress. They hate America and Americans. They have said statements far worse, what has happened to them? Nothing.I say we all w the House and complain and make complaints against them and Pelosi.

  108. The political races for the House are not state-wide races. You can only vote for whom you want to represent the district that YOU live in. If the citizens of the district that she represents are of the same ideology as she is, they voted her in and are probable just like her. BTW, representatives don’t have to live in the same district they run in, they just must live in the same state, unfortunately. You would think that they should live in whatever district they want to represent.

  109. No Monty, don’t go to England. Russia has the type of government that you would be most suited for, but I wouldn’t advise you to spew out your crap to Putin!!

  110. But he gets jobs for all races. And who would want to be President?????
    Only someone who thinks he can help.

    Asians for Trump!

  111. My 3-great grandfather was one of Daniel Boone’s younger brothers, so what? What does that have to do with anything? Ozero caused race relations to worsen. Now, everything to the left is racist. The word has lost its punch.

  112. Bill Clinton was the worst draft dodger ever and Obama was raised in Hawaii which had huge opportunity for him to join the military and be of service to his country. However, he was known in high school for using drugs, bumming cigarettes and hanging out with gay men.

  113. Rose Waleski – The loud mouth “Squad” members claim that they’re concerned about the children dying at the border facilities. They wouldn’t be dying if their escorts didn’t drag them through miles of rough terrain. A lot of them are already sick when taken into custody. Maybe the 4 loudmouths should take the unaccompanied ones into their own homes while they’re awaiting citizenship – about 10 years. They can feed and clothe them and vouch for the safety of other Americans. Their concern about children dying is two-faced and contradictory though. All four of these evil entities are for late term abortions, including during delivery. They don’t care at all about the thousands of murdered babies every year. As far as loving our country, spare me. They have repeatedly spewed their hatred of America every chance they get. Pres. Trump never once mentioned race when he told them to go fix their country’s problems and then come back and tell us how it was done. He was a lot nicer than I would have been. I totally agree with his follow-up comment saying, if you hate America, LEAVE. I have been saying that all along – including Kaepernick and now we can add Megan Rapinoe (sp? – I don’t care). During the Vietnam era, the patriotic slogan then was Love it or leave it.

  114. Why hasn’t this disgusting piece of infidel trash been deported form America? Enough on updates on these worthless POS’S

  115. Easy…because most of her constituents are just like her. Only the people in her district can vote for their representative and if they are of the same ideology, that’s who they vote for. They tend to stick together in their own “no-go” zones.

  116. Great question! Maybe it was like who voted Obama in office twice????!!! Maybe the same illegal invaders, and dead people?

  117. The only problem is Who the hell would take her. She is worse than Hitler and Stalin. The whole democratic party should go with her..

  118. She may have been born in the US, but her purpose for being on this earh is to serve the country of her heritage, and not America, and if you don’t think I’m right, go back and watch all her videos and you will see for yourself, there are parts in Michigan you can’t drive threw, it’s like your in the middle East and not the America and that my friend is what she wants

  119. Kenneth I can’t thank you enough for your service, but I’m glad you made it safe back home, Lord bless you. With your service you service men are the one’s keeping this country safe and great again. Thanks a million


  121. She may have been born in the US, but her purpose for being on this earh is to serve the country of her heritage, and not America, and if you don’t think I’m right, go back and watch all her videos and you will see for yourself, there are parts in Michigan you can’t drive threw, it’s like your in the middle East and not the America and that my friend is what she wants

  122. Kenneth, your words captured more than feelings. Your commitment to the United States of America and what it stands for – cannot be captured by words, by pictures or images alone. What completes the powerful and overwhelming feeling is the powerful impression of the reality of war and the confrontation of beliefs.
    ‘In G-d We Trust’ reveals the powerful reality of Life’s Forces and Realities. Mortal mankind cannot fathom all that is expected, wished and hoped for. There is a bigger picture that we appreciate but not necessarily understand. Life today is not simple and it never has been. Appreciating provides insight into the picture that may realize in the near future. Once again, thanks for your inspiration and your commitment to a better and safer world.

  123. Kenneth, your words captured more than feelings. Your commitment to the United States of America and what it stands for – cannot be captured by words, by pictures or images alone. What completes the powerful and overwhelming feeling is the powerful impression of the reality of war and the confrontation of beliefs.
    ‘In G-d We Trust’ reveals the powerful reality of Life’s Forces and Realities. Mortal mankind cannot fathom all that is expected, wished and hoped for. There is a bigger picture that we appreciate but not necessarily understand. Life today is not simple and it never has been. Appreciating provides insight into the picture that may realize in the near future. Once again, thanks for your inspiration and your commitment to a better and safer world.

  124. Omg who let this animal out of her cage?????? Put her back in and ship with no return tag PLEASE

  125. What a gentleman! It’s nice to hear someone with integrity speak. Agree, we have to rise above their hatred and imaginary racism in order to win. However, I do think they have to be called out and even charges brought against them. Example: Marrying your brother for citizanship.

  126. K W L Wonderfull article ur a great American I am also a veteran prodly served have huge respect for John Mc Cain and all he suffered along with many who have given all but i had to draw the line when our POTUS Publicly DESRESPECTED John Mc Cain he desrespected all of us who bravely served no respect for a DRAFT DODGING COWARD

  127. Congratulations, timothy, you just gave a Perfect Description of donald trump, the Oval Office Orangutan Ape, UGLY, INSIDE & OUT! In Every Way Possible!

  128. I am sure there was massive voter fraud going on for years. Encouraging illegals to vote by Barak Obama certainly didn’t help.

  129. Are you sure you know him Betty? Maybe it’s a good thing to love yourself. I would hate to hate myself, and live with me. So maybe it’s a good thing for Trump to love himself.

  130. These 4 Pieces of Horse Manure that are being referred to as “The Squad” are nothing but a Bullying Gang of Racist Unpatriotic THUGS !!

  131. Monty Jackson; Two simple questions for you and I hope you state it without you using all your hateful, racial slurs towards white people.Why are you on THIS site? It clearly states RenewedRIGHT.Or is it you just love calling others hateful names and causing disruption,like a five year old, and that’s why you are here?

  132. I see the discussion has been reduced to name calling and who can out argue against a fence post ( remember it has no brains and no ears). Get real folks, hate begets more HATE! We can see easily who has the most hate, and spews the most idiotic, disrespectful comments… they all are a problem (this includes both sides, being an absolute imbecile claims all kinds of political affiliations) . And if you tell me to go back to where I came from, well great, great grandmother was a Cherokee!

  133. I’m from Colorado. I just contributed $25.00 towards John Cummings who has announced running against AOC. I will not contribute one cent to RINO Senator gardner of CO. I will contribute to any viable candidate that runs against the other three traitors. Hope many others will too.

  134. Hell, these Muslimes learned all their crap from THE NAZI ADOLF HITLER who wanted total World domination,and were Hitler’s Allies during World War two.. So it’s either Being a NAZI or Muslime for World Domination… I prefer just being an AMERICAN and a PROUD VIETNAM VETERAN and if need be MY OATH of ALLEGIANCE to AMERICA has never EXPIRED,unlike these so called DEMONRATS who are TRAITORS to GOD and our country.

  135. kenneth what a great read. thank you for your service and i thank the lord that we have men and women willing to give of themselves to serve and save
    this country from haters.

  136. Yes…vote every single one out!! I am not sure in Michigan, where I live, who really would have voted her in….I certainly did not!! In fact, we now have a Dem. Governor…how, I don’t know. When you have only 13 counties out of every county in Michigan voting blue (probably fraudulently)….most of us here would NEVER have elected her…I can guarantee it!

  137. Kenneth thank you brother I couldn’t have said it better.I agree 100% with you.I just wont to add one thing I said it every day at school the pledge of allegiance.welcome home my friend!! I’m a Vietnam navy vet who also loves our country and flag.Lets keep america great and free.U

  138. Comparing…”more American”….is so juvenile, but apparently that is the space that you are suffering in.
    As a person who descends from those who arrived first to begin the Jamestown Colony and who had to fight to survive ……..you have my sympathy.

  139. The rhetoric going back and forth today between all of you clearly indicates your feeling threatened in your rights as an American Citizen and you are fighting each other in words guaranteed under Articles of the Constitution. That’s the Constitution we fought for and won against England to be Free. Let’s not forget the origin of your freedom to express your anger and go forth respecting the Constitution and each of you learn respect for what price we paid to have this right to write opinions in this format today. Frank J. Stangel, J.D.(U.S. Marine Corps veteran)

  140. You, my friend, are 1 true patriot. I don’t know you, but i feel a brotherhood in you. I’m 61, never served, too young, but i love this country, much like you. I will defend her to no end. Thank you for your service….

  141. Failed border crises my ass, if it wasn’t for the Democrats stonewalling the building of the wall we would’t have all these kids being used as pawns for drug trafficking they wouldn’t be there. The squad could careless about them all four voted against the bill to fund help there. They all four are despicable examples of ignorant self serving arrogant Democratic Communists. Vote them out next election.

  142. Mr. Lynch; First of all , thank you for your service. I am also a vet.What you wrote was beautifully written and from the heart.But right now we are in very dangerous times. Some place I never expected our country to be in.The disrespect, contempt and treasonous shown and spoken from within our own government is staggering! I truly believe, not only do they want Trump out of office, but are forcing us into another civil war.Something I don’t think any reasonable human being wants.But the Democratic party does not want to work with our sitting president. All they have done is cause one unnecessary problem after a next.How this division will be mended is beyond me.

  143. How many times have the mexicans here yelled for us white people to go back to europe…isn t that the same thing…only I don t get offended and put on a racial show…I just laugh at them

  144. Are you for real? I got you beat, my ancestors came over on the Mayflower and I damn proud to be an American. Like Trump said, if you do like it here – you can leave anytime you want. I guarantee you will not be missed.

  145. Amen! The Sharia compliant muslimes have been deceived by “The Satanic Verses”, as they were very aptly labelled by Salmon Rushdi!

  146. I don’t think so. Good relationship with other countries is always good. I have friends that do things i don’t do but we get along.

  147. Please my fellow citizens of this great nation that I love, called the USA, take a moment with me to take a breath. Consider for a moment, like I keep forcing myself to do, that hate is what fuels and drives these women (and all birds of their feather). If the freedom loving people of this great nation respond to their hate with our own hate then they WIN. I don’t know about you but when it comes to the USA, the Constitution, and freedom I am all about winning. Are you with me? I know some are. If you disagree with me and love this country then I support you and I will listen. If you hate this country then you are my enemy it’s as simple as that. I am a combat Navy veteran and it was my honor to serve Lady Liberty. If she called on me now
    to give her all so that freedom could ring again tomorrow I wouldn’t hesitate. You see a funny thing happened to me during my service years that I in no way saw coming. I transformed from the inside out from a punk/rebellious kid to a freedom loving patriot. Many things contributed to that life altering shift. The most significant factor was the simple act of saluting the flag. You see it only takes an hour or so of practice (followed by continued maintenance) to get your salute mechanics squared away. Every time I saluted the flag I did so with every effort to give my best salute. With that effort and intensity something else happened. Every time I had the honor to salute the flag I thought about the flag and nothing else. Instead of seeing just colors and stars and stripes I started to see shadows of faces and hear echoes of voices. It was as if the men and women who gave all, it was if their spirits were speaking to my spirit. Don’t get me wrong I never heard any words or saw a distinguishable face. It was more like an unbreakable connection was formed from them to me. It was more like intuition. I recognized that the flag flies today because their blood was spilled at the altar of freedom. That the existence of this country, given the history of the world, is a miracle. A miracle that was made possible because of the many who have come before and been willing to fight and die for The Constitution. The Father of our nation told his men as they prepared to engage the enemy that we fight today not for ourselves but for the untold millions who will come after us. If you can find it in your heart to hate a nation who’s founding is far and away more noble and righteous than any other nation that has ever existed. Than I say to you that you are the problem. You are the hate. You look at this nation through a lens called hate. It doesn`t take a mental giant to find issues in this world. Is the USA perfect? Not by a long shot. The difference between us and the rest? We try to get it right most of the time. For the most part we care. We believe in and defend freedom. In WWII we showed the world and all of history just how much we believe. No country ever went to war on the behalf of other countries. The Nazi’s were not going to be a direct threat to us until they achieved nuclear fission. We could have stayed home and fought the war in the Pacific and dealt with the Nazis later. Instead D-day and the commitment that we will win or we will all die. 8,500 young American men died on those beaches on the first day alone. We went on to defeat both the Japanese and the Nazi’s. We freed all of Europe and the people thought we were Angel’s who had come to defeat the demons. Angel’s we were not, protected by Angel’s perhaps, but defeat the demons we did. Then perhaps the most remarkable act of any victorous nation in history we helped our defeated enemies to rebuild. We didn’t take them over, we didn’t try to keep them down, we helped them to rebuild! No nation has done anything close to this act of generosity, grace, and goodwill. So yeah if you hate this country it’s not the country that is the problem you are the problem. We need to see our shortcomings and acknowledge our wounds. Slavery, racism, neighborhoods where there is no equal opportunity, drug addiction, etc… but these are not reasons to hate they are reasons to stand together and work for a better tomorrow. Knowing that we have a legacy of greatness that we can continue if we stand together. Don’t let them divide us with their hate. Don’t let them WIN.

  148. Correct Man from Grey. Any person living here that bad mouths America, the flag even our President IS NOT an AMERICAN. As President Trump said, YOU CAN LEAVE.

  149. I highly doubt that you Monty, are more American than President Trump. Bash me all you want BUT he is the man that turned this country around with jobs, better economy(more money in your pocket) immigration laws, for which he has tried to work with the DemoDEMONS but as it is stated they have wanted his head since before he was elected. He stands for FREEDOM for which the DemoDEMONS are against, they want socalisim so they control everything you do and say. Go to another country where that is life because people like you are not welcome here. TRUMP 2020

  150. Monty, how old are you? Your posts would seem to indicate you’re about 12 or 13. I understand that intelligence isn’t required to be a DemonRAT, in fact it’s discouraged, but your posts are bordering on retarded. President Trump has done a great job while having to fight the obstructionists communist DemonRATS every step of the way. If there are things he hasn’t been able to do for the good of the country, it’s solely because the DemonRATS fight against every good thing he tries to do. Your party is putrid with the lust for power and wallowing in corruption of every kind, especially Soros’ money. All you commiecRATS need a truth enema.

  151. So you do not believe in freedom. You have ony hatred. sad. PLEASE go to the commie country of your choice where there is no freedom.

  152. Monty, you are not an American. You are a TRAITOR!!!! And YOU are clearly the racist. Take your sick hate somewhere else and get the help you so badly need.

  153. Monty, bloodlines mean nothing. It matters not how long you have been here. If you have no allegiance to this country, you are NOT an American. And it is clear that you hate this country, which makes you nothing but a traitor

  154. Monty, you have no clue. islam is our enemy and muslims have no business being here. Their goal is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. But I’m sure that is fine with you since you hate this country so much. You may not mind facing Mecca five times a day to pray, but I do

  155. Monty, it is very obvious that it is YOU who is ignorant, and full of hate. You know NOTHING at all about those who support Pres. Trump. I know HUNDREDS and NOT ONE of them is racist. But you are. PLEASE LEAVE if you hate this country so much. You have the freedom to go to the commie country of your choice where you will have no freedom

  156. Monty, you are extremely sick and ignorant. You know nothing at all about the history of this country. And take your sick hate somewhere else. It is not wanted here. GET HELP!!!!!!!

  157. Of Ms. I am sure I am more american than you if you want to compare family blood lines we can tell who the real America.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  158. Which one is it, 6th or 7th????? And if you bother to read history, you would know that they stole this land from EACH OTEHR long before the Europeans arrived. They were far from one big happy family. But if you hate this country so much, you are free to go. PLEASE DO!!!!!

  159. You are right I had to do my math 6th was my father I am 7th as a matter of fact my GGGGG Grandfather came here in1740 one of my uncles was in the Continental Army. So don’t ever disparage my politics. Please I have a son who is a Lt.Colonel in the fascist military he is a jackboot thug. So please tell me to leave you racist Republication.

  160. Monty, if you hate this country you have the freedom to leave. PLEASE DO. Go to the commie country of your choice.

  161. They have no business in our government. The goal of islam is total world control. All must serve allah or die. They are traitors

  162. What are muslims doing in our government??????? Islam is our ENEMY!!! The goal of islam is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. There is no freedom in islam. Libs are extremely ignorant to allow these traitors in our government

  163. Monty, you are extremely SICK!!!!!!! It is YOU who is the ignorant racist, and a liar. I know HUNDREDS of people who support Pres. Trump, and NOT ONE of them is racist. Take your sick hate somewhere else.

  164. Jesus will be her judge and executioner. And YOURS. You attack Will for what he said, but it is just fine for you call him names. And you are a LIAR!!!!! I know HUNDREDS of people who support Pres. Trump and ALL are very intelligent. Which makes you the ignorant one

  165. I get very frustrated with all the name-calling and disrespect. I believe that the four women in question should be required to know the complete history of our country and if they are going to serve in office …then they should give our country their allegiance and respect. Their attitudes and comments about the United States are unacceptable. No wonder the American people call them out!! THEY SHOULD!

  166. Monty…maybe we should put up a stake for you right next to the one we put up for Talaib and burn you both. No, that would be unChristian and you both have the right to
    say what you believe. But many of us natural citizens really do love our country and feel that when we have lost our freedoms there will be nowhere else to go. There are just too many coming in each month for the border people to handle humanely. God Bless America (which ever God you worship.

    Trump does love our country as well and wants to make sure aliens who are genuinely
    welcome come in legally and not as a person who comes in to murder and rape and make
    law abiding citizens afraid by the shere numbers of those coming in over the wall.
    Leona Turner

  167. Hey Bruce no I was lucky barely missed the draft however my parents both WWII generation my father was a military test pilot. But when I was nearing draft age during the war both he and my mother had plans to ship me to Canada ???????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Go China please take out the trash over here.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  168. Hey Bruce no I was lucky barely missed the draft however my parents both WWII generation my father was a military test pilot. But when I was nearing draft age during the war both he and my mother had plans to ship me to Canada ???????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  169. By the way, have you ever served your country in any capacity? I would tend to believe not which leads me to want to bring back the draft. Believe me, our drill instructors would knock the hate out of these lefties.

  170. Your spelling is as bad as your anti-American rhetoric. The train is leaving when you get aboard. What will you do when Pres Trump gets another 4 years? There is always Iran. RVN 68-69

  171. I have 4 words for she and her anti-American buds–You ain’t left yet? Very appropriate for these hate-mongers who would all be waitresses if it were not for the lefties who voted them in. RVN 68-69

  172. I am a 7th generation here if you ask me my family stole this land from the natives everyone who is not a native you need to go. Especially you ignorant DOTARD lover.

  173. I am a 7th generation here if you ask me my family stole this land from the natives everyone who is not a native you need to go.

  174. The racists are dem party of libtards that support bo’s treasonous crimes trying to blame everyone else for their own short coming stench of liars !

  175. I am 6th generation I don’t love usa should I go back to England ????????????????????????????

  176. I would like to practice my Constitutional Right on you you ignorant racist tRUMP supporter.

  177. It would be more sense if all these stooges are called racists after all the comments they made against America.

    Trump unquestionably loves America. End of story.

  178. Let’s ban you Bob you are just another ignorant white rasist tRUMP supporter.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  179. Who appointed you the judge jury and executioner oh I am sorry you are just another ignorant white tRUMP supporter.

  180. Talib should pack up her bags and leave,she should first get on her knees and ask Trump for forgiveness. She and her cohorts are a stain on America.

  181. they are not only disrespecting our president but our country and everybody that is a citizen here

  182. Tlaib the Raghead Wicked Witch needs to Burn at The Stake , for her sins and crimes against God and Country , End of Story !!

  183. I don’t understand why these hate filled Congresswomen have not been censured for all of those ignorant and racist, venomous statements they have made.
    Trump really set them up. This is what the left wants? Crazy!!!

  184. Are these left wingnuts and demo-rats deaf, dumb, blind and stupid? (Treason?) March 18, 2019 – ILLEGAL alien Serial Killer: charged With KILLING 12 Elderly Women, an additional 750 deaths under review. Apparently to the :squad: only ILLEGAL alien lives matter and not U.S. citizens; Kate Steinle- shot and killed by a FIVE TIME DEPORTED ILLEGAL alien. Marilyn Pharris-64-yo, raped and beaten to death in her own home by an ILLEGAL alien. Cpl. Ronil Singh- A legal immigrant police officer; shot and killed by an ILLEGAL alien gang banger. Worse, a nest of 7 other ILLEGAL aliens lied to police to cover for him in his escape attempt. These statistics are repeated 4,000 times EVERY YEAR, with likely an equal death toll by ILLEGAL aliens driving blind drunk without license or insurance. In the police officer account, he stopped this ILLEGAL alien for what would have probably been his THIRD DUI. The demo-rats have their headquarters at Disney’s Fantasy Land. Are they just too greedy for votes and their failed agenda to deal with reality?
    Worthless politicians are elected by apathetic citizens who don’t bother to VOTE.

  185. If the squad is not acknowledged by a group…the squad calls them racist…the racist squad is the problem.

  186. This tlaib and the rest of that squad hate the Truth, President Trump loves the USA and is 100% correct in his assessment of them!

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