Rashida Tlaib said two words that could overthrow Donald Trump

Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is a magnet for controversy.

Since Tlaib entered Congress, she has called for Donald Trump’s impeachment.

But things just went from bad to worse when Rashida Tlaib said two words that could overthrow Donald Trump.

The Democrat voter base is increasingly angry and frustrated that the Congressional majority they elected has not yet moved to impose socialism on Americans.

Congresswoman Tlaib shares that fury.

And now she is calling for a “political revolution” to eradicate capitalism, grab guns, and open the borders to millions of illegal aliens.

Breitbart reports:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) called for a “political revolution” in America and expressed her desire to “completely transform” the U.S. political and economic system in a tweet posted Saturday.

“We have to make the tough, courageous changes that completely transform a political and economic system that is now built for corporations (and profits), not people,” Tlaib wrote.

“Choosing the status quo means doing nothing and giving up. We need a political revolution,” she added in a call reminiscent of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) political pleas.

Democrats haven’t been able to impose this anti-American agenda because they don’t have the votes.

However, the Left believes shifting demographics and suburban white voters abandoning the GOP will lead to an electoral route in 2020.

That could mean a President Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

If the Democrats win in 2020, it will lead to a political revolution in America.

Full-scale socialism will be on the table.

Trump’s Democrat successor will undo all of the tax cuts and executive orders cracking down on illegal immigration.

America will look more like Venezuela than the nation of freedom and prosperity we know and love.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



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  2. Rashida Tlaib is a bull dyke who engages in foursomes with Ilhan Omar, Linda “The Lesbo” Sarsour and Ramsea Odeh!All four terrorists are Dirty Dykes!

    • No words uttered by either of the Muslim congresswomen are likely to overthrow anyone except Rashita Tlaib or Ilhan Omar – both of whom are frequently spewing anti American hatred & playing the race card. Neither of them seem to have the intelligence to see it is not the color of their skin that makes them un American traitors, but their constant racism & anti America & anti Americans that makes them unAmerican, ungrateful & very unwelcome to most Americans who love this country. I still think I Omar’s beloved Somali homeland is safe enough for her to take vacations in on the American taxpayer’s dimes, it is safe enough for her & her family to return to, so why hasn’t she already done so. If she cannot abide by our Constitution & American laws – then she needs to return to where their Sharia law is still the law of their homelands!!!!

  3. Red man is not really a black man. He is probably a skinny, feckless little gay white kid trying to get attention and stir up division to be a hero of Antifa. Your dialect is too contrived and stereotypical to be real! A real black man with pride would not want to appear so ignorant and uneducated. Grow up Redman. God is watching and knows what you are really like… a hater and a divider. Both of which He detests.

    • No. Camels
      Tlaib and Omar take them behind their tent and when they’re done with them they sell them them at their used camel lot.

        • Personally I’d just assume some other scumbag mudslime chop her head off with a scimitar. Let’s drop her foul ass mouth off in the middle odd Syria with a huge tattoo on her back that says mo ham eater is gay.



      • Chief Kickabitch of the Slap-a-hoe Tribe,

        Tlaib and Omar are way more true Americans than those who support Racist and Liar Trump will ever be.

        They are being attact with vicious lies and hateful racist comments by Trump supporters.

        Those who support Trump have racists tendencies themselves.
        It makes people who support Trump feel much better about themselves to know that their leader President Donald Trump is also a racist.

        • Hello Diane! Aren’t you being a mite hypocritical yourself while defending two of the worst racist congressional members who are always spewing racists remarks against anyone except the Muslims, praising the terrorists and spewing anti American rhetoric. May I suggest that if you really think they love this country and are great Americans you should also pack up and go back to whence they came for an extended stay until you can learn to appreciate our own country, which still is the best boat afloat on this planet and the last holdout against the one world global government, aka the new world order!!! If you really think either of these 2 racists are representative of this country, you sure are confused and in the wrong country.

        • Diane, it is you morons that see race in everything, while remaining blind to the actual facts, that have racial issues, yet are too unintelligent and narcissistic for a little self reflection to see it. Perhaps a few years of therapy could help you see reality, if you’re not already too far gone.
          But seriously, get over your ignorant self.

          • WILL  T.

            It’s people like you who blindly support a Corporate CEO who by the way, not one Republican supported until he became the Republican nominee for president.

            It’s people like you Who will regret it should that corporate CEO be successful in turning the United States into a corporate run dictatorship.

          • The only people trying to turn us into a dictatorship are your own free speech denying,antisemitic, religion hating, death threat posting fascists. Hell, you even have your own masked brownshirts working to terrorize everyone into accepting your fascist agendas.
            And the only thing I regret is that you have been allowed to get as far as you have, though I believe it will soon come to an end, one way or another.

          • Will T.

            Come on WILL T.
            You know i am right.
            I can read it between the lines in your post.
            I know that you don’t want to admit it because of your embarrassment.
            I understand and i feel for you.
            God bless

          • Pitiful. Like I stated, narcissistic. And you understand nothing outside of the smug, self important, hate fueled delusions within your little Marxist bubble. It is those like you I feel embarrassed for, especially the way you make our great nation look weak and ridiculous to the rest of the world.

        • Works for me. But I also know that you are full of shit And you commiecrats aren’t going to win with accusations of racism. It might have worked at one time, but people are figuring out your stupidity.

  4. The difference between Capitalism and Communism is that the latter is a select few of elitist components of toxic waste who wish to give the average person any chance whatsoever of ever getting ahead in life they actually wish to inflict as much misery upon the average good as possible so they can live even more posh lives.

    Like Omar send that component of toxic waste back to its homeland.

    • Trump is a failed capitalist. Has bankrupted everything. Has quoted commies and has gay commie lovers. Trump gives the elite tax breaks. He lives off taxpayer money. Why didn’t he go to visit the victims of the mass shooting in Toledo? Where did he read about the British Airports attacked by Washington?

  5. Don’t you people realize that if you respond to The RedMan that it’s just what he wants? He loves to see his name out there. If you ignore him he might be smart(???) enough to go away. However, if you’re as ignorant as he is I seriously doubt it.

    • No Shirley tragically you are wrong because The Redman is one of two things either someone who is afflicted with and suffering from such an intense form of psychosis that there is no known cure for it who resides on a warped plane of existence or a computer that instantaneously thinks of the most completely insane and irritating comments to to provoke anger among the most calm and rational people within our society and engineered by those whose thinking has not yet been too damaged by a process entailing a routine regiment of Psychotropic and Psychedelic drugs.

    • Shirley I’ve been saying that. And ignoring him I also know that if him and I met, he wouldn’t say them things to my face unless he had backup. And I have two friends with me. One is named smith and the other is named wesson.

  6. This POS is an example of what the demo-RATS have let into this country. If they like their ways of living so much them LEAVE this country and GO BACK to your own kind and leave the US alone. We do not need or want your kind of shil in this country.

  7. Have you ever known of an outstanding car made in these countries: Pakistan, Somalia, Mexico, Syria?

    No, these people have very poor education levels and cannot compete in the world. Hence, their need to tear down those who are more civilized.

    • Yet it is nations where people are just that undignified, lazy, and stupid that our wealthy outsource our jobs to and never are the wealthy punished for doing so, there is only one way to get and keep jobs for the citizens of this nation severely punish the wealthy who have for so many years they cannot compete on the global market and sinfully give jobs that should be given to United States citizens to foreign scum.

  8. Redman keeps taunting us using the “inbred” accusation.
    GO to YouTube and see all the documentaries about how the Pakistani people marry their first cousins and have damaged children. They don’t even care.
    In London, they still marry their cousins after being informed about the chances for birth defects. The rate is 50% there. But, of course, much higher back in Pakistan.
    In Pakistan they use the children with birth defects as a begging tool.

  9. All these bitter Muslim skanks in Congress are miserable POS’. They’re angry they will NEVER measure up to Western women. At least we can still have orgasms and didn’t get our female parts hacked off in the name of that barbaric religion of theirs. Alllah allllah snack bar, bitches.

  10. Rashida Tlaib is an radical palestinian jihadist root in piratical boat who her predatory tribe didn’t inherited any religion, any culture, any Law from the past Her cousins in ISIS and Taliban killed a lot of muslims in Syria, Afghanistan, Irak, Lybia and beyond

  11. This fat sloppy idiot “Congress woman” looks like she’s always drunk and smells like piss and Fritos. I put her position in quotes because we all know who this terror wrist (yeah, it’s spelled wrong on purpose) works for.

    • That would describe Trump. He hangs with Saudi terrorists. and commies. We MUST OBEY!… THE!… CHOSEN!……………..ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

  12. LOOK…MICHIGAN DID NOT EVEN WANT HER. … There were ZERO Republican Challenger’s! … And SHE STILL NEARLY LOST! … Her Race Was TO CLOSE To CALL! Go Google It. … She ain’t NOBODY. … This will be her last JOB in Politic’s Folks. … She is A One Hit Wonder! LOL … Who takes this Radical Muslim Seriously Anyway? … We better make sure we have Republican’s in EVERY DISTRICT And In EVERY POLITICAL RACE. … Or we can EXPECT More Like HER. … Honestly, The Pay is Magnificent. The Benefits are Amazing. You Need ZERO Experience! HEY, if your a Conservative Constitutional Loving American! Google your District … Go Fill Out The Forms! Run For Office! … I know you do a much better job than this RADICAL CRAZY LADY? RIGHT

  13. If Rashida Tlaib is so unhappy with the President that America elected, she should go back to her people in “Palestine.” Maybe she would be happier in that sh_thole place.

  14. Muslims belong in the ground, not in Congress! I don’t think that most Americans (and Muslims) realize that American Patriots are ready, willing and able to protect our country and that we are just waiting for President Trump to give US the word. If that should happen not one Democrat or Muslim will be left in America! That’s the exact reason why the Democrats are trying so hard to get our guns…..

    • I agree. Rashida is a demon from hell diguising as an ugly muslim. They belong in the ground slithering in the sand. Get out of our country. You will not prevail. Trump in 2020!!!!!!!

  15. Redman, what a ASS you are, why don’t you move to a different country if you don’t like it here. I have not read one nice thing you have written, in many many posts. Are you just an unhappy person, or perhaps a little nuts? If the Dems and Republicans would try to work together something good might happen. Why so much hate?

  16. There are too many Somalis in this country, to suit me. They have killed and killed American citizens. They all need to be removed as a dangerous population, that should have never been admitted to this country. Look at Germany, have to deport millions of illegal migrants.

  17. This disgusting woman doesn’t deserve to be called an American and god help us if the democrats win in 2020, American will cease to exist.

    • Really???
      Let me see in the traditional Islam religion if a Muslim girl marries outside of her faith, she is killed.
      If a person converts to another religion they are killed.
      Dogs are unclean and not allowed for pets, etc. etc lots of rules
      If you lie to a person who is not Muslim it is ok, but cannot lie to other Muslims. See below:
      The true history of Islam is not taught. G-d forbid, The Jewish religion came before Islam.
      Despite concerns about the reliability of early sources, most historians believe that Islam originated in Mecca and Medina at the start of the 7th century CE, approximately 600 years after the founding of Christianity.
      History of Islam – Wikipedia

  18. The squad as they are called are a joke and most likely going to be a one term bunch, and Omar most likely will be impeached and hopefully exiled from are country, and hopefully the same will happen to Tlaib!!! I am very sure that these insane women will all be gone come the 2020 elections, for they really have no business even being in are government at all!!! They are just to uneducated to the point of being nothing but emotional nut cases with no common sense period!!!

  19. Congress does not have to be in to have an election. It really doesn’t matter anyway because they are seat on there hands anyway. The election was on Tuesday and 9/11 was Wednesday. I guess they don’t know what day it is.

  20. The US is becoming a nation of fools. The democrats in congress and the leaders of the big cities have proved that. The four fools, elected by fools, who were fooled by the fools, is the most recent, ratchita, omar, pressly, etc.

  21. REDMAN POPEYE’S hasn’t thrown out your dinner tonight keep your eye open when they throw out nights old dried up CHICKEN in the DUMPSTER OUT BACK you muddle headed IDIOT. BTW Time to vote this CRAZY Talib out along with Omar n AOC.

  22. RedMan and his Muslim followers are the real hate monger’s in America. I highly suggest you pack your Camels, goats, and chickens and go back to Iran!

  23. Greasy headed racist white-folks in america are some of the worst terrorist in the world. Look at how they post hater rants, and put down other people when they are worst den what they post while in denial with NO conviction. Most of these demons in pink skin have inbred brats coming in behind dem causing the country to fail. hahahahahahahaha

    • everyone spews hatred your way because they mirror your foul mouthed inbred hatred.
      Grow a pair and say something original that is constructive instead of destructive

    • Some people get use to being cared for through
      programs like snap, but when they are asked to PROVIDE
      A VALID REASON FOR NOT WORKING, they sound like you.
      We have a responsibility, apparently you fall short of that responsibility.

    • Actually, the people of the Middle East are more inbred. Pakistanis marry their first cousins 50% of the time in London – and even much more often in Pakistan! So, that garbage about white people inbreeding is just that – garbage. Because the US is probably the least inbred population of the world.

  24. All one has to do is read the book “Islam is of the Devil” and it will tell you exactly what Muslims have in store for us. Quite Scary.

  25. She’ll get the other kind. Did she and others forget there are 2 Houses in Congress and part of the Senate’s job is to keep the other house from going bonkers? That is also why the states legislatures originally selected Senators. I think sometimes the left forgets it is called the United STATES of America, not the united illegal rabble to cater to.

  26. What the Republican did in North Carolina (holding a surprise vote against the governors actions while congressional  Democrats were gone from the State to mourn the 9/11 attacks) were not the actions of decent patriotic Americans.

    Their actions were those of criminal mobsters.

    They lied their asses off by promising that no voting will be held while Congress mourns 9/11

    Republicans have just sealed their doomed their fate.

  27. So she thinks we should be more like ‘her people’, barbarians forever waging jihad against everyone not just like them? And to think she calls us bigots.

  28. Read The Book of Revelation. The part about the Mystery Whore of Babylon. Our country is the Mystery Whore of Babylon. When the Democrats take over this country will fall. In the Bible it tells exactly what will happen. The Sharia Muslims are children of Satan and these four are living proof. We won’t be able to stop it but with our prayers we might be able to slow it down. God gave us more time by giving us President Trump. By saying that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel President Trump fulfilled one more prediction of the end of time. I’m ready to go. How about you?

    • Linda, while I agree that we are living in the end times, and our nation will, at some point, fall, I don’t believe that Mystery Babylon is a country. And though it angers a lot of people when I bring it up, think about this: who has had far more influence and control throughout the world than any nation? And why is most of Christianity so comfortable, even traditional, with celebrating a watered down form of Christianity mixed with so many pagan ideals, connected to the solstices, rather than God’s appointed Holy Days, and “God’s day” rather than His appointed Sabbath?
      Have you read the parable of the sheep and goats, those that helped the poor and cast out demons in God’s name, yet God did not know them because they followed their own way?
      The Antichrist many are waiting for has already been among us since the crucifixion, and has deceived billions since.
      Are you sure you’re ready?

      • Hey, will tongue. I’ve been trying ta tell you pinkies dat money greedy, inbred, racist white-folks are the “antichrist”, and the “deceivers”. Dem Romans who done the “crucifixion” were white-folks. hahahahahahahahahahaha

        • The Redman comments have finally finished pushing me to wholeheartedly support Trump. I’ve been looking for a Democrat candidate I could support, but the nastiness and outright lies the Democrat Party members have constantly repeated about Trump has finally convinced me that evil resides with the ignorant Democrats. The only theme I hear from them is “defeat Trump”, not a reasonable platform.

        • Do the world a favor and increase you routine regiment of DMT at least 100X for one last twisted hallucination before we are put out of our misery, clearly you have been and still are afflicted with and suffering from such an intense form of psychosis that there is no known cure for it and have been residing on a warped plane of existence for a very long time.

    • Linda praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. I’ll go down swinging. As for your opinion on the whore of Babylon, I once heard a sermon on the subject by a Baptist minister by name of Dave Kissler. Google him and read about his ministry.

  29. Hypocrisy, Lying, Misleading, Stupidity, Deceiving, Obfuscating, Antisemitism, Provocateurs, Prevaricators , Perjurers, Pedophiles, Communists, Homophobic, Racist all Democrat résumé enhancements.

  30. She can eat shit and choke to death on it , there’s no way in hell that’s going to happen , you liberals best rethink your Bull Crap ideas or else , that you can count on you bunch of damn Traitorous Idoits

  31. Muslims are terrorists and will always be terrorists. To have a Muslim in Congress is against the constitution because they cannot adhere to the oath of office they took. Their beliefs mandate they lie to forward their goal.

  32. The majority of Americans aren’t taking that Muslim bitch seriously. Her and the rest of her rat squad spew their bullshit and people are seeing how crazy and dangerous they are.

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