Rashida Tlaib went on TV and said one thing that had everyone talking treason

Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is one of the highest profile Democrats in Congress.

Tlaib’s long advocated for the impeachment of Donald Trump and is pulling the Democrat Party towards socialism.

Then Rashida Tlaib went on TV and said one thing that had everyone talking treason.

Like most Democrats, Tlaib is a radical pro-open borders fanatic.

And Tlaib is seizing on the media’s coverage of the Democrats’ lies about the treatment of illegal aliens in detention centers in order turn loose thousands of illegal aliens so they can lurk in America until the Democrats grant them amnesty.

Tlaib went on MSNBC’s “All In” where she continued to push the false claim that the Trump administration is torturing children.

Breitbart reports:

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “All In,” Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) said all the border detention centers should be abolished to put an end to the Trump administration’s ability to separate and hold immigrants.

Tlaib said, “The current administration continues to deny access to information. The subpoena [received] bipartisan support through oversight we issued to the administration has yet to be abided by. They completely obstruct any kind of access to information. And that’s the problem is I don’t want to wait a year or two years to find out about the other horrors that we yet to know about where the children are. We’re not talking about a few hundred. We’re talking about thousands. I’ve heard up to 16 to 20,000 children have been separated from their parents.”

She continued, “The solution is to talk about the discontinuing, completely abolishing the camps. So that means no separation of families. That means let’s go by the legal process of asylum. If you’re coming to the border and you seek asylum, let’s go through those legal processes.”

She added, “That’s the problem that we haven’t actually dealt with the thing that created the crisis, which is this continuation of the separation policy that is inhumane and un-American.”

There is a crisis at the Southern Border.

But of course, Democrats won’t address it.

Instead of closing the asylum loopholes that are acting as magnets for the hordes of illegal aliens that are causing the overcrowding at detention centers, Democrats are focused on finding ways to release them all into the interior of the country so they can sit and wait around for the next amnesty so Democrats can make them all voters.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Rashida Tlaib is garbage and in most congresses, she’d be the worse! However, the lesbian Tlaib is in a competitive race with lesbians Ilhan Omar and AOC for the title of worst Congressman in the current Congress! All three are horrific and they are lesbians!

  2. Rashidaor Rash-Ida , the woman , if you can call her that is as ugly inside as she is out . She has no clue what it means to be an American and Pelosi should censure he and the other members of the so called crew Then they should impeach the ‘Mother F**kn” Birch !

  3. Number one, she’s always going to hate the world. Look at her! You can’t correct that. Now, we have a lot of foreign trash running their flaps. Thank you Obama you fuorking negro. Go look at the numbers our tax dollars funded to haul trash like this bitch over here. Talk about someone like that adopted kid, last name starts with a K, his parents disowned him. He’s from up north where that little Somali terrorist became a congress woman. You know the guy. He doesn’t have balls to take losing his job so he blamed it on the cops. Anyway, the skin color is why Cortez, Rashid and Omar can go out and run their little foreign moutgnhs. I know Cortez is pet citizen. Anyway and if they did t have a pussy, they would not be as boastful. We all know that! The libtards need our 78% ignorant women voting so they ha e a chance to win and without Obama hauling in all of these trashy Africans then they would never get elected again. I say 78% ignorant women because after the 2008 election when polled women were asked why did you vote for Obama instead of McCain. Answer, he is better looking than the other guy. Now look how many women are in prime time politics. Jezebel had a plan for Baal. And this is what we get for never telling our bought and paid for negro President no! Kind of hard to when all you hear is racist. I can’t wait until the collapse, we’ll ha e a hunting season on Baby Murdering Party members.

  4. The DEMON RATS’ hypocrisy is so very visible as the nose on a human face!
    They bitch and moan about all those Illegals at the border, yet for months on end they refused to eve n listen about the financial dead end, the authorities faced.
    They wanted just to keep pecking at this wound but not to seal it, thinking that this will bleed Trump dry!
    But guess what? We voters are not fools, that you think we are! Here’s to the hope that no member of the DONKEY party will ever be elected to office for the next three cycles! They are the Party that held office nearly 100% soutjh of the Mason/Dixon line, they fired the first shot in the Civil War, begun the KKK and created the Jim Crow laws, yet somehow they pasted all this on the Republicans but that was proved wrong by the Dem’s refusal for LBJ’s program that passed with Republican votes over the Dem’s neR 100% REJECTION!

  5. My personal opinion about the Thousands of Children separated from their families is that they are illegals and should not have come here. They are not our responsibility, send them back across the border and let Mexico provide for them. We as a Nation should have signs reading stay out. Anyone caught crossing illegally will be shot. I’ll guarantee that will stop them. We as a Nation should not have to put up with those people unless they do the necessary work to come here legally.

    • David, you are right on. They are not our responsibility. It is the fault of the PARENTS who took them here!! Send them all back where they came from

  6. you don’t have to wait for years, just follow the Clinton gang to pedophile Island. there is a shit load of them, brought there by the democrook party for their sexcapade, and I’m sure it was at taxpayers expense

    • Yep, besides Epstein’s ISLAND RETREAT, KW brought attention to Obama frolicking in the surf at Richard Branson’s island retreat.

  7. This women needs to be deported back to that hell hole’ that’s were that pos belongs’ not in our country, it would be nice to have our country back’ get rid of all this garbage that’s here in our great country. NOW I AM ON THAT TRUMP TRAIN’ SO WHO ELSE IS ON THIS TRAIN. I AM FOR DONALD TRUMP ALL THE WAY. GO TRUMP.



    • Where does she think the children will be put until their case is heard if there are no buildings to put the children.

    • Is she from Iraq? I thought she was Palestinian. Not that it matters that much. She’s still hate-filled. But I think she was born here, too.

    • Now that Direct Energy Weapons = DEW – are being exposed, then maybe people can wrap their brain around that what occurred in Paradise, California, killing scores of people burned alive in their vehicles trying to escape the sudden WILDFIRES, was suspected to be from DEWs – and used as a DISTRACTION to the Democrat party’s BLUE WAVE as pre-meditated ELECTION THEFT- manipulating Election results “after” the night of the Election w REPUBLICAN VICTORIES – surreptitiously changed to Democrat wins –
      when democrats as Supervisors of Elections suddenly found “uncounted” provisional ballots, and immediately affected the Election results, w/o verification as actual, eligible Voters.
      Provisional ballots are not to be counted, until verified.

    • If we just take her back there, her own people would kill her,. Women can not open their months their like she does here.

  9. Tlaib is a worthless Anti American Towel Head Pig , she looks like a Hog , probably smells like Hog , A bucket of Swines blood is in her future , The Treasonous Traitor needs to be Hung With A Good Short ROPE and At The nearest Tree , the sooner the better !!

      • Eliot, that petition has been going around for many months. I signed it a long time ago and at last count about half of america signed it. Remember, demorats have different laws than everybody else. There is enough votes to send that raghead to the moon, but it ain’t gonna happen.she needs to become a suicide bomber inside a pig trough.

  10. Tlaib is just another muslim POS,Aterrorist in sheeps clothing,she is also trying to take over OUR country by letting millions of illegals just walk into this Country. I am of the opinion that she and ALL others like her be treated like the crimminals and terrorist they really are.

  11. Amash,.Tlaib..Omar. when will America wake up. I understand there are roughly a dozen of these muslim snakes at the federal level of representation and who knows how many involved in NSA, CIA, FBI, NASA, DOE, DOD, DOI let alone thise6of the state and local level of government? You had all best hunker down and get ready. For all you anti second amendment retards, do NOT come around me looking for salvation. You had every opportunity to correct your course and still chose people like Tlaib over American ethics and ideals. As for Obama and his whole administration they should have their guts hung on a barbwire fence post for what they have done to our nation. The rest of you communist boot lickers can join each other for a social evening at the gallows steps.

    • Andy from what I understand there is several Hundred of them all through out our Political Offices I watched an Interview the Other night it was 15 mins long and the guy was Interviewing the Heads of the Muslim Brotherhood and they all said that the Western Civilization is nothing but Immoral Evil doers and we ll have to be Removed from Society and that they are going to take Over the America as we Know it and make it a Muslim Country this is why OBAMA filled our Country with Millions of his Brotherhood and also placed them Through out every Branch in Our Government Offices. If you would like to watch it for yourself you can do so by going to YouTube and searching for The Truth about the Muslim Brotherhood, It really Pissed me OFF to watch it because it’s the Damn Truth and They make no Excuse nor do they Hide their Truth Intentions and Our Government has Know this the Whole time, The are Funds by the Democratic Party…..

  12. This muslim creature, along with the other one, omar, and aoc are all NOT feeling right/good when they CANNOT “TRASH” THEMSELVES, so they are SPEWING LIES and CRAP that thank GOD not too many Americans “believe”…..!!! AND the so-called “torture” of ALIEN children was STARTED by 00’bozo = that USED-TO-BE RADICAL COMMIE MOOSLIME who sat UN-elected in the PEOPLE house for 8 TERRIBLE years…..!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. These Democrats cannot stop lying. Will the American people really vote for these dishonest, sleazy people in 2020? I pray not.

  14. Many of these she is calling “children” are 16 and 17 year old gun toting drug runners and pushers. The reason it was so easy for Britain to take over a significant foothold in China in the 18 hundred’s is by getting a lot of the Chinese people hooked on opium. That is what the Muslims are doing to us and why Rashida Taliban is pushing for the “innocent illegals” to come in. It is also why she and Omar are pushing for the government to fund abortions. They want abortions for Americans, not for Muslims!!! Give them time and they will want abortions up to age 5 or 6!! I wonder if AOC has Muslim ties!!

  15. It is unclear in the body of this article whether the attention grabbing headline is trying to refer to treason committed by Trump for separating children from their “parents” or treason committed by Rashida Tlaib and her media cohorts for the hyperbolic lies they are spreading about conditions at these “detention camps”.

    I vote for treasonous acts committed by our far-left communists. Conditions are obviously far from optimal at these camps,BUT there are two reasons for this:

    One: the far-left is encouraging mass migration from every nation in the world by keeping our borders totally open and promising many “free” entitlements to those that complete the journey. Come one, come all.

    Two: the far-left REFUSES to provide any funds to handle the resulting overflow of the detention centers cause by their actions outline in point ONE, above.

    Three: they seek to blame the resulting lack of “humanitarian condititions” on Trump.

    Trump has been quite forthright in his plans: First build a wall to slow down the invasion. Then deal with the millions of illegal aliens already in our country.

    The far-left couldn’t care less for the depravations suffered by the in vading children. They want to stuff as many illegal aliens as possible into as many states as possible. AND make sure that the number of non-citizens that are counted in the 2020 Census are NOT specifically identified as non-citizens so that the far-left can artificially increase the number of electors granted to each and every liberal voting state.

    Next they will give drivers licenses to every illegal alien, even if they don’t actually have a car so that they will be accepted as legal voters even if proof of ID becomes law.

    Naturally, in gratitude, almost all of these illegal voters will vote for the party that has given them all this “free” stuff, and the “liberals” will be in POWER forevermore!

    Therefore, I vote for the liberals being guilty of treason, not anyone in the Trump regime.

    R.I.P. USA……..

  16. Tlaib, is a muslim, I don’t recognize her
    or what she stands for. She can leave the United States
    anytime she wants, I don’t understand how in the hell
    she get elected. shria law is what she wants.
    I will never submit to a muslim BECAUSE I

      • The Quran commands that all infidels must submit to Allah or die. The goal of islam is TOTAL world control. Muhammad made up the Quran to get even with the Christians and Jews who did not want to associate with them. Muhammad was very evil and wanted to rule the world. yet you are not all bad? Anyone who follows the evil Muhammad either agrees with his evil or is clueless as to what he taught.

        • Just like Christians had a reformation. There are Muslim reformers working hard. El Sisi is one of them. There are many more.

        • Reformers present the modern world and teach a more modern understanding of the Quran to be applied to today. It really began long ago which is why most Muslim countries a woman cannot marry before 18. It’s a constant battle with the Islamists.
          In Cairo, most middle class and all upper class girls go to college and graduate with a profession before they marry. Problems are encountered among the poor and in the countryside.
          You are making judgments about places you never lived, and probably never visited. In Egypt my family is part of the war against Islamists. They went through 2 revolutions.. The Muslim brotherhood hid their true nature and a lot of people fell for it.
          But, it is not true the Morsi was the first democratically elected president. They stuffed ballot boxes, terrified the Christians in the middle of Egypt making them afraid to vote.
          Where the polls showed the people who favored Shafiq over Morsi those voter locations “malfunctioned”.
          When my husband went to vote at the consulate the box was full. The secretary confided that the boxes came full when my husband asked how many voted before him.

  17. Rashid somehow doesn’t have the slightest problem with the fact that in her country, children are often used for fodder. But here, she is such caring person. It almost makes one want to cry except she is such a hypocrite along with the rest of her Islamic murderers who are only interested in revenge.

  18. Rashida (Motherf*cker) Tlaib is becoming boring and tedious with her vile hatred for America and President Trump!

  19. It’s kinda wishful thinking, but I wonder how much it would cost to ship all the illegals to Iran. They’d surely get free stuff over there. And the Ayatollah would go from mean to happy with all those new people to torture.

    • Gene Hudson. You are correct. She also answers the real question of why Muslim men require the women to cover their faces !!! Sorry to the Muslim women I know that don’t have any reason to cover up..some really good looking ladies. Rashita is not one,!

  20. Idiot’s got it wrong, their parents are guilty of child abuse
    for putting them in a situation where they walk many miles to
    a country they are not entitled to live in,risking dangers,
    illness, etc. Put the blame where it belongs. they are not
    entitled to the 4 Seasons while they wait to be rejected.


  21. Tlaib,Omar & Cortez need to be put out of office. If we make a big enough deal over them. They would do something about it. We are going to continue to hear the same ole crud coming out of their mouths. Goes for Pelosi too.

    • Amen! They should be tried for treason, including Pelosi, Schumer, Waters,Warren, Schift, and the rest of the anti American left.

      • Why the hell we let the ragheads in gov they know nothing about america they do not want to live by out constitution get them the hell out of America before they take over america needs to wake up way its going now it won’t be free country one cockroach in office and they will take over and we wont have any rights all politicians should be elected by the people all of them 2 term max if President can only do two terms what makes the special to be there for life

  22. She is totally corrupt and wrongheaded. She should be deported back to the s…hole country she came from and she can take 1,000 of the Somalis with her from Minnesota.
    She is a traitor and should be treated as such.

  23. Down with you traitor! You’re not American! You and your fellow DemonRats are all treasonous monsters that need to go!!!

    • See what happens when these FOREIGNERS get into our country and bring their IGNORANT culture with them? Just TRASH… PURE trash.

  24. This Tlaib DUDE, needs 2B ran outta this country, PERIOD!!
    Oh that’s not a DUDE!!
    Well then that’s 1 UGLY BITCH!!!👌
    I can see Y they make
    them wear BURQAS NOW!!
    I wonder if it’s mother knows it out SCARING PEOPLE!!👌👌👌👌

      • You’re a sick ignorant woman and thug, you must be proud you are supporting a sadistic, egomaniac and serial sexual assaulter.

        • Ornery…YOU are the one who is extremely sick and ignorant!!!!!!!! You have been very brainwashed. Pres. Trump is NONE of what you said!!!!!!!!!! Take your SICK HATE somewhere else. And you attack Pres. Trump who has done nothing wrong and close your eyes to how sick Obama is. Obama is a TRAITOR!!!! He is MUSLIM and has always sided with our enemies. Obama brought in hundreds of thousands of muslims knowing full well that the goal of islam in the U.S. is to throw out our Constitution and replace it with sharia law. FACT!!!! Obama’s goal was to have everyone dependent on government for everything…NO FREEDOM. FACT. He does not believe in freedom, as there is no freedom in islam. WAKE UP!!! Pres. Trump loves this country and has done a lot of good for it. If you hate this country so much, you are free to leave. PLEASE DO!

          • bj, you are so stupid, I almost didn’t respond, you know nothing at all, Trump is all about his ego Trump in life, the adulation from rallies, the wall, thousands of miles of sideways statue, money, none his too much for this multiple bankrupted thief, and his vengeance is legendary even amongst friends. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself, not even his wives or he wouldn’t have raped the first, and cheated on all of them with his sexual assaults. You are a delusional fool whose initials fit your favorite activity you perform.

          • Ornery, I am far from stupid. What I said is the TRUTH But just keep believing the lies of your sick lib leaders without question!!!! Try thinking for yourself. You accuse Pres. Trump of being all about his ego, but fail to see that Obama was FAR WORSE!!!!!! NOTHING you said about Trump is true, but what I said about Obama IS true. Look it up if you know how. Obama is a MUSLIM TRAITOR who puts islam above this country and our freedom. But that is just fine with you. WAKE UP!!!

        • Have you ever heard the expression “It is better to remain silent and allow others to believe you dumb, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”. Ornery SUDAN, do you need this explained?

          • Ornery…YOU ARE A LIAR!!!! You know NOTHING at all about anyone who supports Pres. Trump. That is very obvious. It is YOU who is evil and brainwashed by your sick lib leaders. I know HUNDREDS of people who support Pres. Trump and NOT ONE of them is evil or brainwashed!!! ALL are very loving decent people who do a lot for others. And they ALL know how to think for themselves. Hillary Clinton is FAR WORSE than Trump. WAKE UP!!!!!

  25. Tlaib has better American ideals than all the rednecks on here that insult Obama, Clinton, are against equal rights, think Trump is some kind of savior while he is the anti-Christ if such a being exists.

    • Oh yeah….she is concerned so much for the safety of the children (who are illegal) along with any parents that brought them here…YET what a hypocrite she and the entire Domocrat Party is when they aren’t at all concerned with the innocent little babies they kill by the millions. Even the barbaric dismemberment of them for profit. Now ho is evil??? Tell me again!!

    • Moses: ratshita talks for the benefit of you, the ignorant. She and the other democrats say these people deserve medical treatment, food, lodging, care for the children, driver’s license, etc, With all of this being waived in front of the people in central America, Somalia, etc, etc., who wouldn’t want to come here.Add in sanctuary cities to help protect the criminals. If Mexican officials were saying this, just imagine how many people in the US would be going south.

    • You are a blind sheep, you know “NOTHING” about the real conditions there. Obama did the same exact thing, but then it was all OK.

    • From your name I can guess that you belong to the same ancestors. To the point,she has a big dirty mouth and behaves like trash. Her fight for open borders in order to let every one from her village come in will never happen. We really don’t need her to lecture us and give us her ideas because she is worthless and in the next election she will be out.

      • Linda…??? Moses was Jewish and I’m sure not even remotely and ancestor of this idiot who needs to change his name. He is defending this idiot muslim so maybe he is muslim, which would make sense as to why he is so filled with hatred

        • bj you’re right for once, but I am not a Muslim. I don’t support them or condemn either like racists like you. On this site we are dealing with so many ignorant right wing rednecks like you that one had to expect their total lack of knowledge and morals.
          That is my real name, there are many men named Moses like Moses Malone.

          • Moses, you are extremely IGNORNAT!!!! And who is WE?????? This is a CONSSERVATIVE discussion board and we don’t need sick libs like you. And I am not racist!!! Never have been, never will be. God created and loves all races. But you are very ignorant about Islam. It is our ENEMY!!! That is a FACT. The goal of Islam is total world control. Either you serve Allah or die. Read the Quran, do some research on Muhammad who was very evil. Go to the Middle East. The truth is never racist.

        • Actually BJ in the time of Moses there were no Jews or Christians or Muslims. There were Hebrews Romans and Philistines. The Hebrews became the Christians and the Jews. The Muslims came from a story book made up by a serial rapist and murder named Mohammed.

    • Moses,
      obama and crooked hillary are traitors and it will not be long before investigations of all of the crooked demoncrats comes to light. Above the law is celebrated by the demoncrats and if there is any justice in this country all of the elite people who where in power when President Trump took office will be sentenced to serve time for their crimes!!

      • In as much as I HOPE you’re right, Robert, I will believe it when I see it!
        I doubt the “Elite” are fresh out of nasty tricks to keep themselves from being prosecuted.

      • Trump is the criminal, and always has been since his youth when he assaulted a teacher. Military school didn’t help because he was a draft dodger and later a serial sexual assaulter, thief, con artist, a mobster who stole the election with Putin and Russian help. You must be proud of your choice of the Divider-in-Chief.

        • Moses, if he is a criminal, provide proof. You CAN’T. You just come on here and lie. IF you bothered to check, you would know that Pres. Trump is not a draft dodger. He was rejected. But just keep up the hate and lies.

      • Obama already started that, knowing full well that the goal of islam in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. dems are very dangerous to our freedom

    • Moses. What planet are you living on? Tlaib is currently under investigation for campaign address fraud, campaign fund fraud, association with known terrorist organizations, etc.
      Not sounding like a good American to me. How she was ever elected is still up.for debate(?).
      Tlaib using profanity is absolutely unacceptable on many levels too.
      Tlaib, along with Ocasio and Omar are the most despicable women we have ever had in our government. Hopefully karma will correct the situation and remove these three criminal women vey soon.
      Trump,2020. Our only hope 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      • Trump is a sadistic serial sexual assaulter, a rapist, a mobster, a money launderer who stole the election with Russian help, now hacking has been found in FL and NC, he owes Putin so he kisses his butt. His main reason to be President is to feed his sick egomania, to get revenge on Obama for a few jokes at the correspondents’ dinner some years ago, and to build his empire of corruption. He never cared about anyone but himself his whole life, not even his wives or he wouldn’t have cheated on all of them numerous times. He is America’s most famous mobster, and America’s Hitler, you must be proud you are supporting him because you are also against people different than you.

        • Moses, your LIES are extremely SICK!!!!! NOT ONE thing you said is true. YOU are evil and need to leave this country you hate so much.

          • I love this country more than you because I can see the truth and how Trump and his cronies have obscured the truth and darkened the world with his lies, greed, obsession of revenge, his stupidity of denying global warming, his treatment of people who are not white, his obsession of a sideways statue of a wall while he craps on the illegal immigrants and all the women he has sexually assaulted.

          • Moses, you know NOTHING about the truth. You just blindly believe the LIES of your lib leaders without question. NOT ONE THING you said is true!!!! And WHAT PART of ILLEGAL do you not understand????? They have no business being in this country!!! If they don’t want to come here legally, they need to stay home. You attack Pres. Trump, but the extreme corruption of the Clintons is just fine with you. And it doesn’t bother you that Obama is a muslim traitor who sides with our enemies. You are a fool


      • Trump2020Hell. Trump is the mobster, his whole life has been about corruption and crime, punching a teacher, draft dodging, thievery scams like Trump U, hundreds of lawsuits lost, ripping off family businesses who worked on his casinos, money laundering, stealing an election, nepotism for his daughter and son-in-law who couldn’t get security clearances, kissing dictators’ butts. Is that enough because there is a lot more like racism, kicking McCain when he was healthy, and dying and when he was dead.

        • Moses, GET HELP with your SICK HATE!!!! NOTHING you say is true and NONE of it can be proved!!!!!! Take your sick hate somewhere else.

          • bj,you need to read a book. I suggest “Blinded by the Right,” and any by people who wrote books about Trump. Even the man who really wrote the book, “The Art of the Deal,” that Trump takes credit for despite supposedly losing 1.2 billion during those years has said about Trump. His name is Tony Schwartz and haa called Trump a sociopath. Look that word up ignoramus and ghost writer as well. Schwartz feels guilty he helped build the myth of Trump which with his sick charm to appeal to ignorant people and racists like yourself, has allowed Trump to steal the election from sane Americans, and he did it with Russian help. He is a freaking traitor as are you or a brainwashed punk. His whole bitherism lies appealed to racists like you bj, you’re an idiot who is irresponsible for voting and even commenting on any site as your opinion is pure idiocy.

          • Moses, I read lots of books. You are very foolish. You attack Trump,but the Clintons’ extreme corruption and Obama’s treason mean nothing at all to you. Wake up. The dems hate this country and are very dangerous to our freedom. They have you very brainwashed. sad

    • Moses, think really hard, and do some research.
      Tlaib, has probably never been to the border.
      I have been to the border, have you ever been there?
      There’s thousands of people, that do not have the right to
      be here, read the quran in it you can find your answer.
      And by the way, if you don’t like the way Americans live
      You can leave anytime you want.

      • I love this country more than you chainlink, because I see the evil of racists and Trumpsters who include the KKK, mororcycle gangs, white supremacy groups, the Nazis, the haters and know that we should do a lot better. Those refugees that you somehow hate are leaving terror, starvation and in a way they deserve to be here more than you or me as they all have ancestors who lived here before us as Native Americans and the Spanish, they are also more what Christ would think are good people, as most, not all would do anything to help more needy people if they had a decent life.

    • Moses, your ignorance is profound and you have no concept at all of what truth is. And a LIAR!!!!!!! NOTHING you said about Pres. Trump is true. PROVE ONE THING you said against him. YOU CAN’T!!!!!! You need LOTS of help with your sick hate. Please get it

      • Obama saved GM and the economy that was imploding under Bush you fool. He wound down two wars and brought integrity to government despite total GOP opposition and now we have an evil egomaniacal mobster who stole the election as a traitor with Russia’s help. And you say nothing and know nothing.

        • Obama didn’t “save” GM He dismembered GM and gave the Hummer plans to China. He shut down the Pontiac line and the Saturn line. Obama saved nothing. He gave Chrysler to the Italians. The economy improved some in spite of him, and then recovered fully under Trump. The only thing he really helped was his own Swiss bank account with a big chunk of the money (cash) he supposedly sent to the Mullahs in Iran. He brought us the most divided country in our history and the most corrupt government in 200 years. The person working with the Russians was Hillary. Maybe you’ve never heard of the “Steele Dossier”?

          • The division is much worse now and when he was President the racists came out full force against him as did the entire Republican Party who vowed to stop anything he tried although he bailed us out of the worse recession in decades. Don’t you remember the panicking America had and Obama’s lack of chaos settled the world and this country. Could you imagine Trump managing the Ebola scare? Trump is a maniac in numerous ways.

        • Moses, it is clear that YOU are the fool. You have no concept of the truth. And Obama did NOTHING at all for this country!!!! WAKE UP!!! And it is OBAMA who is the racist. He hates whites. Read his own books. It’s in there. Obama bailed us out of nothing. Lack of chaos???? Obama hates this country and his goal was to have everyone dependent on government for everything. He is MUSLIM and there is no freedom on Islam. Your ignorance is astounding

      • The Republicans and racists absurdly and viciously called Obama the anti-Christ, and it is quite ironic that the real deal stole the election with the help of thugs like you Sammy.

        • Moses, it is the dems who are racists. And it is very obvious that you know nothing at all about the anti-Christ. Try reading the New Testament. Obama is not the anti-Christ but he is evil and sides with Islam.

    • Moses…Your ignorance is profound. Her “religion” islam in their muslim countries enslave and MURDER all who will not submit to Allah, which is much worse. But I’m sure that is just fine with you. dems MURDER innocent babies before they can even enter into this world, but I’m sure that is just fine with you. YOU ARE SICK!!!!

    • Moses, YES there will be an anti-Christ (which you know nothing about because you have rejected God and Jesus), and it is NOT Pres. Trump. It will be someone who is very evil. Pres. Trump loves this country and has done nothing wrong. NOT ONE thing you said about him is true. But since you hate him so much, PLEASE move to the commie country of your choice

      • Your mouth is disgraceful and your ignorance incredible Tyree, you need to get off these sites because you never have any statement that takes intelligence.

        • Moses, HUH?????? It is YOU who comes on to a conservative Christian site and spews hate and lies. It is you who needs to get off. You know nothing at all about conservatives or Christians. If you don’t like what we have to say, it is very simple. DON’T COME HERE

    • Were any of these anti American Muslim women in Congress born in this country? Since women Muslim women are considered second rate by their husbands, how are they allowed to hold office?

  26. A Palestinian. Her people, as you know, taught their children some songs how they should kill, kill, kill, blah, blah their Israeli neighbors. Also, pushing them into the sea. And they are not fond of America.

    I have had with the Minnesotan citizens. Their mind are really warped. Terrible … they had the nerve to elect this beetch. They elected a foreigner that was raised to hate everything about America. 🤦‍♂️

    • We need to change the education system back to how it was when children were actually educated instead of being brain washed as they are today. Thats whats causing idiots to be elected..our young people are brainwashed uneducated sheep who cannot think for themselves

      • Yes, Carol, you are sooooooo right. Colleges used to be institutions of higher learning but are now institutions of indoctrination by liberal leftist pigs. That started in the 60’s. But even more sad is that in the past 10 years (since that Obama clown and common core) that indoctrination has gone as far back as kindergarten and these kid’s parents think it is great!!

        The biggest epidemic in America in the epidemic of STUPIDITY!!

    • Why in heavens do we to give this moron a platform to scream her hatred for the greatest philanthropic country in he world. This animal who said ”we will impeach this MF” should be pulled from her nose and shipped to her shit hole muslin cesspool country. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH –give her to BILL CLINTON SHE HAS THE MOUTH HE LIKES

    • Minnesota has Omar not Tlaib. Obama dumped thousands of them off the planes in the Twin Cities. Omar got elected because her district is made up of Muslims. Most of Minnesota are Trump fans but we don’t stand a chance against the population of the Twin Cities.

  27. gm 03jul19
    AOC(incl. Rt & Io) is a Pathological liar (also called pseudologia fantastica and mythomania) is a behavior of habitual or compulsive lying, she can look you straight in the eye and tell you ‘bareface lies’, and, if questioned will turn the table on you, lest she be cornered, and she will move away for a more receptive crowd. She prefers a gullible audience and not one waiting to trap her and, that she does not like. She has the support of democrats like rep. Elijah Cummings and others who encourage her to speak freely and backs her up. What she is doing is to incite the crowd into believing what she sees and what she says about a situation knowing fully well she will lie about it and her audience will listen. AOC knows how to make it up as she goes.This young woman is full of tricks and needs to be caught out by questioning her. Her problem is she lacks factual and moral observation and is ready to shoot the shit the way her democrat leaders have advised coz they do the same thing. She is the trashbag for the democrats the way they are themselves. The democrats are in league with Central American countries for this crisis south of the border and play a game of silence to put unnecessary pressure on PTrump to ridicule him to handle this situation created by demon-rats. A full investigation should be conducted with Central American Countries to find out who is responsible for this sudden invasion of the USA border in effect to create problems for the Trump admin. Most msm play political games along with democrats to heightened levels of intensity using this crisis to blame Trump. This is your dirty demon democrat devils disruption. However, sedition, treason and subversion continue without any charges being laid or culprits being apprehended, we remain a quagmire of lawlessness. It tells democrats and some republicans, see we can do what we want and get away with it, we are above the law, we don’t recognize this president and it will be played out till the 2020. These miscreants know one thing when you stand up and throw-the-book at them and bring them to reality for what they have done. Tough-love!

  28. oh I see only democrats can make fun of people but no one else can like the tonight show and the late night show hosts who make fun of Trump so put them in prison, they do far worse than any one . Democrats can dish it out but they can’t take it That’s to bad whats good for the goose is good for the gander. get over it .If congress wasn’t doing stupid stuff they would not be made fun of .

  29. This subversive anti-American Muslim and her ilk want to take this country down and of course the democratic leadership will do nothing for fear of losing a seat. I find these people hateful, hypocritical and pathetic.

  30. She’s the one torturing us with her insane rhetoric. I can’t wait until the next election is scheduled, so these hate , dividing so called politicians, will be ousted from their posts. Wiedersehen abfall

  31. She is VERY lucky she is the U.S. with that kind of stupidity and language.Nancy is senile and this one is very evil.

  32. “Democrats are focused on finding ways to release them all into the interior of the country so they can sit and wait around for the next amnesty so Democrats can make them all voters.”

    The democrats are not waiting for amnesty. They are right now registering illegals to vote. The Republicans need to tighten the election laws to prevent this democrat abuse of our elections.

  33. Since RATSHITA likes open borders, POTUS should accommodate her. Begin by planting 20k non muslim migrants in her district. 20k more in her neighborhood. All new housing/health/education/freebie projects in her area should b geared 2 support the new arrivals 1st! I wonder how long she will last in congress? I believe some1 in power previously pulled that stunt in reverse. From what I have seen it works quite well.

  34. Congress woman Tahlib and Omar and AOC, should all be made to resign from elected office, because, they are the ones making all of these horrible stories about
    President Trump and the CBP being inhumane towards all of these illegal immigrants that are crossing into the United States without legal documents and without a very good reason why we should allow them into our country without legal verification on who they claim to be.

    All the corrupt and crooked Democrats want is, for all of these illegal immigrants and their families that they bring with them, to come into our country and into our communities, and do dangerous crimes in our neighborhood’s and our communities. All of the Democrats wants to give every illegal immigrant amnesty and free health, free college tuition, and give them free food stamps and free housing, and the Democrats wants every full-blooded American citizen to be the ones to pay for all of this for all of the illegal’s that are coming into our country. The Corrupt and crooked Democrats don’t care enough about or for every full-blooded American citizen, that has elected these Democrats into office.

    The Democrats aren’t doing their job’s of representing their constituents that elected them into office to represent their constituents State or district. The Republicans are doing a better job, than all of these corrupt and crooked Democrats.

    I will continue supporting President Trump and his whole administration and I will continue with supporting the CBP’s performance at our Southern Border’s.

    Talib, Omar, and AOC needs to be replaced or made to resign NOW PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will continue to tell horrible stories to try and help the Democrats win back the WHITE HOUSE and the both branches of Congress, because, they want things to go back like it was former Barack Obama in the White House, and letting the corrupt and crooked Democrats continue with their crooked and evil ways towards all of the full-blooded American citizens.

    • You are right of course but won’t happen. Republicans don’t have enough clout. Donald Trump is standing there, all by himself with no one to help. I don’t have clout. Nor do you. Our congressional representatives can’t seem to get out of the gate to do anything. They all are concerned about their cushy jobs. Nobody wants to rock the boat. People are so apathetic and won’t do anything. Our economy is the best it has been in many, many decades. When things go well, nobody sees the need to step up. I’m 70 years old, retired, in poor health with a very small pension, no annuities, living on $1500/month. I have no idea how anyone can help us, the silent minority of Conservatives. News media is hoodwinked and ignorant of the truth.

    • Everything horrible about Trump is true, there are also many untold stories about his greed, sexual assaults, mafia tactics in business, his many bankruptcies, his insults, his lies, his not paying taxes and showing his tax returns need to be exposed much more. Barbara, you need to smarten up or just stay off these sites.

  35. I am convinced that this country is under attack to stop the single obstacle against a one world government. The real thing is the idiots wanting this to happen will not be in the high positions they think they will have. Using logic will not stop them and either we will cave in or erupt into another civil war. Only time will tell and frankly I do not want to live long enough to see what is going to happen to a country I served for many years and became disabled in the process

  36. Antifa, CAIR, TMUSLIM Brotherhood, “Gay Pride, mainstream media, SPLC, the Republican, Democrat & bureaucratic LEFTISTS & many other Leftist groups are all in collusion to end American freedoms as soon as possible. They are engaged in high treason.

  37. The terror & hate thesee Leftists & their news media cause daily in this country is pure treason. We are at war & these traitors are out deadly enemies. They are traines & practiced liars & cannot be redeemed by coddling or respect or any placating. They are intent on whipping up daily chaos to obscure their lies & horrible crimes with the end goal of totalitarian domination of all of us. TAKE NO PROSONERS, DAVID HOROWITZ.

    • They should be deported back to the shithole countries they come from.Tahlib and omar,they come here because the USA was a better country to live in,and now they want to turn our country into the same thing they come from

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