The real truth about Trump and Russia changed everything about the Mueller investigation

Democrats and the anti-Trump media pushed a narrative that Russia meddled in the 2016 election to defeat Hillary Clinton.

And they also claim the Trump campaign colluded with Moscow to ensure victory.

But the truth just came out and it’s so shocking no one could believe it.

Representatives from Google, Facebook and Twitter testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about Russia’s alleged role in the 2016.

It’s been accepted as an article of faith that Trump and the Kremlin are in league to subvert American democracy and international institutions.

That theory evaporated when the tech giants testified that post-election Russia ran ads designed to undermine the legitimacy of Trump’s election and sow discord around the President-elect.

Politico reports:

“Top lawyers from Facebook and Twitter said Tuesday that Russian-linked posts and advertisements placed on the social networks after Election Day sought to sow doubt about President Donald Trump’s victory.

Facebook general counsel Colin Stretch told a Senate Judiciary panel that content generated by a Russian troll farm known as the Internet Research Agency after Nov. 8 centered on “fomenting discord about the validity of his [Trump’s] election.” That’s a change from Russia’s pre-election activity, which was largely centered on trying to denigrate Hillary Clinton, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said in a January report.

“During the election, they were trying to create discord between Americans, most of it directed against Clinton. After the election you saw Russian-tied groups and organizations trying to undermine President Trump’s legitimacy. Is that what you saw on Facebook?” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) asked at the hearing.

Stretch and his Twitter counterpart, Sean Edgett, called that an “accurate” statement.”

This calls into question the whole basis of the Mueller investigation.

There is no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia.

And after this news, critics of the Mueller probe are questioning if that whole collusion premise was fiction.

If Russia’s goal was to sow discord, why would they care who won the election?


  1. Maybe you should try just a little bit of proof reading and spell checking before you push the post button and embarrass yourself with your posts.

  2. The Clintons, the Bushes by knowing and not doing anything, Obama, every democrat, rinos republican have been selling our country they are all scums.Maybe this group should campaign for Michelle Obama so the country be given to Mexico and the Muslims. They really like what they see in Europe the EU is run by terrorist.

  3. Most people realize by now surely that this is all a smoke screen put out there by the FBI, DOJ and most of Congress to cover up the real collusion, Democrats and Hillary. This Uranium One deal that has involved the Staye Dept, the Clinton Foundation, the DOJ and the FBI are the things that should be investigated and not by Robert Mueller as he is complicit in this. Why does these ridiculous Senate investigative committees not spend time uncovering the real crimes. NO ONE in any department of our government has the balls to take on the Clinton machine and her cronies (which probably includes most of the people in Congress). Our AG is one of the biggest jokes of the decade. He is far worse than that crook Holder or Lynch. At least these people took a stand on things that benefited their President and party whether it was right or wrong. The FBI is a complete sleazy cesspool of corruption as is the CIA, DOJ and NSA. Does no one in this country within in our whole government want any justice to be served at all about any thing. I am so so sick of all of the “BREAKING NEWS”, we have Clinton now or we have Trump now, the end is near. What a joke. This news media is the most biased in the world at this present time. I am old and know it was not this way 50 years. Ago. You did have a few honest, truthful journalist that reported the news, not what they hope the news was or what they spun the news to be.

  4. After all the STILL ONGOING revelations about the TRUTH of who is and was behind the “Russia Collusion,” there needs to be a full investigation of the Deep State and Judicial Watch should KEEP the FOIA requests coming and those being sought need to be FORCED from those with them to ascertain the REAL culprits and the reasons why! AMERICANS HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW AND THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO EXPECT THOSE RESPONSIBLE BE CHARGED, INDICTED PROSECUTED AND IF CONVICTED,BE PUNISHED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF OUR CONSTITUTONAL PENALTIES FOR THEIR CRIMES!A FEW EXECUTIONS IF WARRANTED, TO SERVE AS A WARNING TO ANY OTHER WOULD BE TRAITORS MIGHT CONVINCE THESE PARASITES TO CEASE AND DESIST SUCH ACTIONS ; BUT PERSONALLY, I DOUBT IT. Support Judicial Watch! We would know nothing about any of this had they not been persistent in the face of democratic obfuscation and interference with their investigations but they have made us all aware of how truly corrupt establishment Washington IS and we should strengthen their efforts to protect and serve We, The People, as our corrupt Establishment government DOES NOT! REMEMBER that when you go to the polls at this time next year and vote to DRAIN THE SWAMP, then and in EVERY election thereafter!

  5. Former FBI Director James Comey has a long history of involvement in Department of Justice actions that arguably ended up favorable to the Clintons. In 2001, following the original 9/11 mass murder by the Muslim jihadists, President Bush asked the FBI to track the movements of likely Muslim jihadists; Comey and Mueller refused that request on the basis that such tracking would be “un-American”. The jihadist mass murders of Americans in Boston, Chattanooga, Orlando, Fort Hood, and San Bernardino are therefore the direct result of that irresponsible refusal. In 2004 Comey, then serving as a deputy attorney general in the Justice Department, apparently limited the scope of the criminal investigation of Sandy Berger, which left out former Clinton administration officials who may have coordinated with Berger in his removal and destruction of classified records from the National Archives. The documents were relevant to the accusations that the Clinton administration was negligent in the build-up to the 9/11 terrorist attack. Back a year or two ago, FBI director Comey announced that despite the evidence of “extreme negligence” by Hillary Clinton and her top aides regarding the handling of classified information through her unprotected private email server, the FBI would not refer criminal charges to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department since it was just a case of innocent negligence. Imagine a similar finding of the Nuremberg trials of the Nazi criminals: “Well – yes, Goebbels did order that 6 million Jews be exterminated – but he really did not mean it, so let him go free with an appropriate government pension”. And now those two criminals – Comey and Mueller – are “investigating” Russian influence in the Trump electoral victory???

  6. Mo: You are 100% correct, I have never seen such a corrupt administration as the O’Bama Administration. I hope they arrest them all for the damage they have done to our Country! Thank God for President Trump and his family! We have a great family in the White House now!

  7. Now everyone knows why Rosenstein pushed AG Sessions into recusing himself from the Russia Investigation. He had to appoint Mueller to protect them and all of the Obama Admin., Hillery, Holder, Lynch and all of the rest of the people involved in the Uranium One deal that basically sold our National Security out from underneath us. The Clinton’s banked at least 145 million and who knows how much the others banked in bribes and kickbacks, all of which the FBI under the direction of Mueller back in 2009 and was shelved by Mueller on orders from the top until the deal was done.

    Mueller’s mission from the very beginning was to maintain the cover up of all of the crimes behind the scenes in the Uranium One deal and to take Trump down my any means possible. Their thoughts were to point the Collusion finger at Trump while the whole time they were the ones eyeball deep in collusion with the Russians, from the top down in the government and the heads of the DNC, as well with the Clinton Presidential Campaign. We now know the the Obama Administration has been the MOST CORRUPT Administration in our Great Nation’s History and that we have a former President that is GUILTY of TREASON in it’s worst form.

  8. Mueller has no integrity. He was FBI Director when the Uranium One-Rosatom-Tenex investigation was shelved until after the sale had been completed. Obama was at the helm, Hillary was Secretary of State, and Rosenstein and Comey were Mueller’s underlings at FBI. Holder and Lynch sat on FBI evidence of Russian bribery until well after approval of the Uranium One sale. Trial and conviction of Vadim Mikerin based on evidence gathered in 2009-2010 did not occur until 2014. Mueller an Rosensteiin must be removed due to their extensive involvement and resulting conflict of interest. Special Counsel must be appointed to investigate Obama, Hillary, the FBI and DOJ corrruption.

  9. Trapped you are exactly right..imagine if Hillary won?Then we would see real Russian collusion..she would be the Russians puppet on a string and we would be in a world of sh☹️T like we have never seen

  10. Mueller has proven that he is NOR following the leads that he considers inconvenient to him, and his only “indictments” are not even based on what his purpose is ascribed to be, he is only a liar and is worthless as any kind of prosecutor.

  11. I still believe there was Russian involvement in the election. But, not for Trump to win, but for Hillary to win. If they hacked her deleted emails (many experts think they did), as president they could hold that over her head. Her & Wild Bill and the money Russia gave the to Foundation. Not to mention her giving 20% of our uranium to Russia. Common sense: Why wouldn’t Russia want her to win?
    If Russia was trying to rig the election in Trump’s favor, they sure made a mistake. He has slapped them with sanctions. Not something a friend would do.

  12. Every time they point a finger at President Trump, They have 3 pointing back at them. They have been accusing him of things they’ve been doing right along. They are evil. Glad the swamp rats are being exposed. Now send all of them away

  13. Yes! I think if mueller had any integrity he would step down since he hasn’t defund this witch hunt. They are protecting their butts because they all thought crooked Hillary was a shoe in. Stop wasting our hard earned taxes dollars put it
    to use by locking up Hillary Comey Jared mueller holder all the crooks that conspired to dismantle our government & rights

  14. NO! Time to INSIST it follow the leads and stop trying to do a hit piece on Trump. The establishment now WANTS to stop the investigation because it’s pointing at THEM. Follow through where the facts lead you, too bad it implicates those who are anti-Trump.

  15. Clinton crime family needs to be exposed, but MSM keeps all her crimes hidden. Barry Soterro is just as bad, he had Larry Sinclair killed, oh it a was a hit and run, thats right.!!!

  16. Absolutely amazing how it has become so clearly evident that Hillary and the DNC are the ones that colluded and had paid for the false dossier. It seems that the tide should have turned in the direction of investigating them yet it drones on in the direction of damaging the Trump administration. This is straight out of the Saul Alinsky book “rules for radicals”.We South Carolinians had great hopes that our appointed “pitbull, Trey Gowdy would have intervened into this madness and brought it to a halt but he seems to have become under the stockholm syndrome and is now playing politics as usual. This seems to leave us with no hero, no hope. God save the USA!

  17. Ross Campbell I agree with your comment 100% when will these insurectionists realize “WE THE AMERICIAN” people have caught on to the democRATS games and don’t buy there rethoric!!!!

  18. This is all Baloney. Everyone knows that there was no collusion between Trump and Russia, but it’s the only lever they have to remove Trump from office.
    That’s their goal, not else.

  19. Those Democrats… they just don’t know when to say “uncle.” They can waste all that time grasping at theories and throwing blame at non-existent collusion, but it really pisses me off that they’re using my dime to do it. They’ll keep on sucking those sour grapes until another Libturd is elected.

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