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QUICK POLL: Release the Memo?

The FBI’s actions in the ongoing investigation of President Trump’s supposed “collusion with Russia” has sent jaws hitting the floor after and the latest round of FBI agents’ text messages were uncovered.

These texts have shown one FBI agent openly discussing his regret in investigating Hillary Clinton and his desire to “fix it and finish it” by investigating Donald Trump — even though he admitted the President did nothing wrong.

Now, we’re even hearing news of a an FBI “secret society” holding off-site meetings to undermine the President!

House Republicans are threatening to release documentation of massive domestic spying abuses by key “Swamp” figures like former FBI boss James Comey and current FBI Director Andrew McCabe — a move House and Senate Democrats are desperately trying to stop claiming “Russian bots are behind it.”

Should House Republicans #ReleasetheMemo and expose the Deep State’s treachery?

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