Report indicates “Mad Dog” Mattis took a shot at the Chinese military

Defense Secretary James Mattis has been referred to as a “warrior monk.”

He was renowned among Marines for his rigorous studies of military history.

So when China’s former Defense Minister posed a question to Mattis, he wasn’t expecting this answer.

A new report says that Defense Secretary Mattis took a swipe at the Chinese military in 2017 during the summit between President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The Washington Times reports:

The defense secretary was asked by then-Defense Minister Gen. Chang Wanquan what kind of military he would prefer to face in conflict.

Mr. Mattis responded that his preference, if he had to choose whom to wage war against, would be a military that conducts lots of training but has very little experience in combat. The reason? Nothing can replace the experience of combat and the chaos of war, something that even the most rigorous training regimens often cannot prepare militaries to deal with.

The comment was a not-so-subtle dig at the PLA, which is known to conduct lots of training exercises with an array of new ships, tanks and missiles but has not faced ground combat since the three-week border war with Vietnam in 1979.

Defense Secretary Mattis seems to embody President Teddy Roosevelt’s motto, “speak softly and carry a big stick.”

Once in giving advice to Marines in Iraq, Mattis said, “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”

It’s likely that as Defense Secretary James Mattis takes a similar approach to foreign policy.

He’s proven by his rout of ISIS that America is no longer leading from behind.

In his time serving in President Trump’s cabinet he’s clearly taken strides to revitalize the military that suffered under eight years of Barack Obama’s politically correct regulations.

What is your opinion of Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis?

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  1. I remember the Chinese incursion into Viet Nam shortly after the Viet Nam War ended. The Chinese got their asses kicked by a battle hardened Vietnamese army and had to scurry back into China. What the United States has are battle hardened troops and a very experienced Navy. The Chinese haven’t had a blue water navy in centuries if it has ever had one.

  2. The “warrior monk” is of The Highest Level.
    Someone said After POTUS DJT’s watch it would
    be President James Mattis. “Sir, YesSir” Sir.
    > Suits me.

  3. General Mattis and General Kelly were both great choices for major posts in the current administration. They are tremendously helping the US recover from Obama weakness syndrome.

  4. Mr. Trump is handling the military situation flawlessly … as it is with business, you hire with the highest level of confidence that your designated personnel know what the hell they are doing, and know that if they screw up they will stand up to the scrutiny that is duly administered ! Secretary Mattis is as hard as nails and expects a notch higher than what is humanly possible. ABSOLUTELY the right man for the job !

  5. Hell yes 4 more years best president we’ve ever had best combat leader wave ever had also Mad dog rocks

  6. That’s to bad. I guess you would prefer killing with kindness, a very weak and pathetic approach.

  7. The General has put pride back in the military. I don’t know if “mad dog” fits him now, how about “wise warrior”, or “silent warrior”, because he doesn’t draw all the media like those before him. When he speaks they listen, and show respect. I think “mad dog” applies when you are about to receive a butt chewing,and you know you have had one after he’s finished.

  8. TRUMP is the one that should take credit…..he hired him and was very wise to take the gloves off and give him the freedom to exact pain on the enemy……
    Just think for a minute if we had him in Vietnam and our air force was not forbidden from bombing the North.
    How many of those brave kids we could have saved? Out of the 58,000 + WAR is JUST, when necessary….politics in the other hand is always INHUMANE!!

  9. We don’t manually censor comments, Rob. But you may have triggered our occasionally over-active spam filter. Normally it just keeps bots from posting about “free auto insurance,” but once in a while it blocks a real comment.

  10. I see that you totally fail to understand, the GOVERNMENT is restrained from persecution or prosecution for anything that you wish to say, but ANY PERSONAL consequences are still there. If you offend people expect them to react accordingly. They ALSO can say whatever they wish, just as you can, and are open to consequences JUST AS YOU ARE.

  11. Hey pal anything coming out of your mouth wouldnt ever make it to the supreme court, maybe a traffic court in a small town.

  12. I have no doubt Mattis, much like a modern Patton, would love nothing more that to crush the filthy communist Chinese scum like a stale fortune cookie. The same applies to Bibi Netanyahu, who would glare at Obama with a desire to snap him like a pencil!

  13. I guess your name tells the tale, renewed right, specifically renewed 1st Amendment right! By claiming to be rewriting the law of the land, you are telling everyone that you are above and beyond the Constitution, by taking it upon yourself, to dictate your version of my 1st Amendment right to free speech, you are contradicting yourself by not allowing me my right!

  14. By your governing, my messages that are protected by the Constitution, this site is taking it upon itself to dictate, what an American born citizen, can think, and relay his thoughts, you welcome readers comments only if it is approved by your dictatorial staff! Is this really what you want to display?

  15. Our Forefathers didn’t mince words! The Constitution is what it is! You, by depriving me of my Constitutional right to speak my mind freely, are telling this nation that this site, are by your actions disputing the Constitution, knowingly, and blatantly!

  16. I love this Man, He’s exactly what our Troops need for a leader. With Mad Dog and President Donald Trump leading from the front, we can’t lose.

  17. Kind of reminds one of Patton. I wish he would walk up and slap the hell out of Brennen, Obama’s cowardly buddy.

  18. Trump has selected MANY, ‘GREAT PEOPLE”, that America needs, DESPERATELY! Gen. Mattis, ‘IS ONE OF THE BEST’ WE, can ‘breathe’ a lot easier knowing we have GREAT MILITARY MEN & WOMEN, who LOVE our Country & WILL, ‘Do their very best to Protect & Defend the United States of America! SALUTE, to our Military & Gen. Mattis! MAGA!

  19. Mattis said, “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.” That IS a Marine answer!!! GOD BLESS HIM!!

  20. Obummer’s stupid policy, euphemistically called “leading from behind”, was hailed by the treasonous MSM. It was not “leading”, it was craven unAmerican cowardice, symptomatic of the entire Obummer administration.

  21. Gen Mattis was just getting started about the time I retired. But he is really a Marines Marine. I started in Jan 1954 and retired Feb 1978. But we had great Generals then as well.

  22. You know, Obama was so worried about the trans rights. And he tried to steal the credit for killing Osama.

    Glad to know that we finally have a real commander-in-Chief.

    Mattis rocks!

  23. He is a leader he is a warrior.He prepares for every type of battle and or conflict. He is a Marine and I am Army but proud to have his leadership of our armed forces. You can sleep better at night knowing he is protecting us.

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