This report just exposed the truth about the Trump administration

The mainstream media is trying desperately to shape the narrative surround Trump’s administration.

One study found that coverage of Trump’s first year in the White House was 99% negative.

That’s what makes this new report on Trump so shocking.

The Heritage Foundation compared Trump’s actions so far to its policy recommendations for the new administration.

What they found will leave many political observers stunned.

The Washington Examiner reports:

With unprecedented speed, the Trump administration has already implemented nearly two-thirds of the 334 agenda items called for by the Heritage Foundation, a pace faster than former President Reagan who embraced the conservative think tank’s legendary “Mandate for Leadership” blueprint.

Thomas Binion, director of congressional and executive branch relations at Heritage, said that Trump has implemented 64 percent of the “unique policy recommendations” from the group.

At this stage of his presidency, Reagan had completed 49 percent of the Heritage policy recommendations.

“We’re blown away,” Binion said in an interview. Trump, he said, “is very active, very conservative, and very effective.”

What’s more, he said, Trump hasn’t just focused on one agenda area, but he and his team has pushed through administrative moves on foreign policy, deregulation, immigration, tax reform and health care, moves often ignored by the media.

“It is a huge volume that his administration has worked on and it is a huge spectrum of issues,” said Binion.

Some of the most notable successes are in repealing Obama-era regulations, like so-called Net Neutrality, reining in National Monuments that doubled as federal land-grabs, and withdrawing from the Paris Accords.

This report smashes the mainstream media’s narrative.

It shows how wildly successful Trump has been at implementing a solid agenda.

And with his announcement that he’s officially running for re-election in 2020, it looks like Trump will be running on a winning agenda.

What do you think? Is Trump successfully implementing policies that will finally Make America Great Again?

Share your thoughts on the report and Trump’s administration in the comments below.


  1. President Trump’s has done so much to help our country. And I would like to thank him. God bless President Trump’s and all of his family. Please don’t ever give in to the bull the media is handing out. We all support you and everything you do. Lives are getting better for all of us.

  2. Man he better tread lightly , gun control of any may sink his ship. I can’t vote for that! That may cut out half his votes.

  3. But, USA Sure NEEDS to Help the ‘Situation’ IN S.Africa.
    >Alert: ALL >’White’ Farmers Land to be Confiscated W/0ut
    Compensation. > Leave 0r You Die by Machete’ . Factoid. &

  4. B. Time will tell re ‘master? negotiator’ & Sure Hope you are Right. perhaps ‘off topic’ don’t care.
    > Mr. P NEEDS to Rescind ‘PROMISE ACT’ ASAP if not Immediately, per Parkland ‘shooting’ crap. Had what appears to be FF at Central Mi. University Today, (rite After ‘parkland event'( & hope you’re up on that ‘FF debacle Bust re AG Sessions = NEVER RESIGN 0r Furthermore RECUSE himself(& he won’t) the NEXT In LINE Would Be Another Mueller Complete DISASTER. N0T Going to Happen, better N0T, N0 Way.
    MR. P. Does Not to Publicly humiliate? his AG in Any Way. Do it behind ‘closed doors & dinner’.
    > a Biggee Request re Thoughts, Prayers. Action INK re S. Africa. You know what’s going on there? Machete’ time IF White Farmers D0 Not Leave ASAP. which brngs me to F Daca.
    WHERE Are ‘they Going to G0? Petitions already out. US? that would be a Total ‘hornets nest from the LEFT Commi Libs, Australia? N.Z.? Switzerland? Not Many places left to go,
    Before machete’ (stated fact) from there. oh geez, enuff. bye.

  5. And, yes…Trump is a master negotiator AND communicator! Listening is the better part of the art of communication and he exhibited just that with his open dialogue at the WH after the Parkland massacre. And yes…always repeat what someone says so that someone knows he/she has been heard correctly…and if not, clarify. Rolling dialogue like a rolling stone gathers no moss.

  6. And Trump never fails to make me laugh…at his style, his antics, his tweets! One thing, tho, I hope he learned at the funeral of The Rev. Billy Graham…humility…”never talk about yourself!”…or the size of the crowd you draw. It was never about Trump the man but Trump the LEADER to ????????MAGA???????? and encourage Americans to reach for the stars! Anything and everything is possible if we hold fast to Truth and RIGHT! And Trump IS my President!

  7. John….A lot of the problems you are citing are left over ocrapo policies. The President is trying to over come these with viable solutions, but he is confronted by the narrow focused msm and most dimocrops. The epa, the guberized (ment to fail) health care, the illegal immigration of non-assimilating muslems, the hispanis illegals (invited in, no problemo), The continuing war in the ME, several $billions to Iran to continue their land grabs aided by Putin, the NOKO can Mr Trump is trying to solve with out radiating NOKO, and such problems were tossed onto his lap. MAGA….and why does this site negate my comments by calling me a ‘bot???


  9. So who wants to pay more taxes to support someone else’s kids? Unless you’re rich, we’re struggling to support our own kids. We can’t take care of the entire world..and it’s not our problem that these people keep making kids they can’t afford to take care of themselves.

  10. Not happy with all of Trump’s decisions. But still much prefer him to Hillary. And he is a much better President than Obama could ever have hoped to have been.

  11. The tweets serve an important purpose, possibly several, but IMO, they are intimidating, they let the left know that he won’t stand for their idiocy, he fights back. No one really wants to be on the receiving end of those. Plus he is not discriminatory, left or right, if he believes you are full of it, then he will let everyone know.
    I agree that there are a few time I really wish he would castigate his staff in private, like with Sessions, but it also shows he ins’t prejudice and treats everyone the same. He mainly just wants stuff to get done.

  12. YOu will never get rid of DACA kids, so if he can leverage that eventuality with some VERY positive things like border wall, and stiffer barriers to entry, end to chain migration and lottery system… that is a trade off MOST Americans would agree with.
    As for the gun policy, the only thing I’ve heard is raising the age to 21 for AR type weapons. NOT a significant thing and would shut the left up and possibly weaken their arguments thereby gaining support from many independents. It’s the “doing something”: that would appeal to many of them.

  13. Well said Frances! Your comments look like words and feelings I would write so, I agree right down the line with you. Would like to add when POTUS is sooooo demeaning to members of his admin. and cabinet in tweets or public I could strangle him! Instead of publicly humiliating people he should criticize them in private. POTUS, put the shoe on the other foot and remember the “Golden Rule”! There is a right way & a wrong way to do anything! God bless POTUS and the USA!


  15. with every success he has liberals like Howard dooshenboms fangs get sharper and sharper..They hate to see this country and president doing well.Beware the devil,he is right in front of your eyes

  16. Donald Trump is the one of only two presidents that actually did what he campaigned about.It’s refreshing to see an outsider in politics, so he can look around and see the mess our government has done !!!!

  17. The President has done an amazing jobs considering the 24/7 negative coverage by the liberal progressive media…..and he just keeps pushing forward with his agenda, wearing out his administrative staff by demanding that things must get done.

  18. Eileen, I totally aggree. These liberals are so lame. All they know is how to resist, They haven’t got a clue what is going on. How can they call thwmselves Americans.

  19. Soros agenda needs to be neutralized. All Americans should be made aware of their goal. The influx of Islam aids in achieving one world government. Read their goals and how they intend to achieve them.

  20. Unfortunately at some point you have to fight fire with fire. That means shutting down media like CNN that is Treasonistic in their consistent presentations of our President and the fantastic work he’s doing to the point they are truely a threat to National Security. While Obama was in office if was a pure disgusting love parade and they would never report the truth about anything negative about him or Hillary and all her criminal dealings. The Clinton Cartel is one of the most dangerous, deadly organizations in the world with one agenda, full take over and create the NWO.

  21. Trump has done an amazing point until recently. He is now going against existing laws regarding the trading of amnesty of the criminal DACAs for funding of a southern border wall.

    He has now championing the altering the intent of the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights to allow citizens to bear arms, Apparently he believes this will strengthen his political strength in his 2020 re-election. What many believe he really is doing is weakening the strong position he had put the Republicans in to strengthen their majority in this fall’s mid term election to a position of possibly losing the Republican majority.

    If weapons are restricted hopefully the SCOTUS will find the restrictions unconstitutional which would really hurt the Republicans in the fall elections.

  22. Not real crazy about some of his tweets, but I love what he’s doing for this country and will continue to support him.

  23. Very happy with progress. But I am very concerned about protecting the SECOND AMENDMENT AND DACA. JURY IS OUT!

  24. Great job Mr. President. Don’t really know how you get by each day surrounded by some many un-American democrats.

  25. Absolutely! Trump and his administration are doing amazing things, truly Making America Great Again!!! If only Canada’s government would follow suit … GO TRUMP GO FOR 2020!!!!!!

  26. Donald Trump has done more in 1yr than any other President in the short time HE has been President than most have done in their whole terms!!! M.A.G.A. !!!

  27. I so agree with Tom. Trump is doing a fine job and Mueller needs to quit his hate filled corruption and investigate the real criminals Hillary and her whore hubby,Holder,Comey,Clapper,Brennan the Islamist’s, Lynch,McCabe,Foley,and the list goes on!! All of you hate filled people get off Trumps back and let the man do his job. There is no collusion except between Hillary and the DNC!! That doesn’t count the murder of Seth Rich,Scalia, and the list goes on there as well!!!

  28. But he collided with Russia…….. my ass! Lol! The Demonrats are the ones that colluded with Russia! Get off your ass Mueller,investigate that. Your doing a great job Mr president, don’t let the deep state hinder your progress. Soon, they too will be exposed and hopefully jailed for their crimes against this country and its people.

  29. No law or gun grab will ever keep criminals or mentally ill from getting a gun. We must be
    proactive and watchful.

  30. Trump is smack in the middle of being a populist…whichever way the wind blows at any given moment. Allows himself just enough wiggle room to the L or R to make that L or R THINK he’s in their court during all the psycho-babble. A master negotiator! The NRA and patriotic gun-owners need not fear a dent to their liberties with legislation that would compromise our 2nd Amendment. Trump has more up his sleeves than his ‘arms’ and our right to bear them…for protection, for sport, for culling those herds and feeding off the venison. And he now has an endearing comedic nickname for ‘Bama snail Sessions…Mister Magoo…because Jeffy cannot see what goes on in FRONT of him! Trump has the back AND front of ????????MAGA????????! Fear not! The dust has yet to settle.

  31. The best president we had in years if not the best president we have ever had. He’s putting America first. He’s making America Great Again. God bless him. Keep up the great work. Trump 2020!

  32. My Friend Donny is the greatest potus ever! he is fixing everything the last prez screwed up! Trump in My friend!!!

  33. Great report, but I still worry about the not-so-silent coup being done by the 99% negative coverage of MSM…and probably deep sate Obama holdovers. Other than hate, I wonder what they fear so much. Maybe it has to do with NWO and other globalists. He needs a special White House group to start the counter attack with good minds and even better speakers letting the world know about all the good stuff happening.

  34. I blame the press, Justice system, and liberals for not getting the ones in jail that are just sitting on evidence. They are shining like a beacon, come get me I am guilty, but they go after phantoms. Enough everyone do your jobs.

  35. I have been a strong supporter of Trump since he won the Republican nomination. However, today I am having my doubts since he is siding with the left wing of the DNC on gun control. I have been a member of the NRA for many years and believe in sensible gun control, but the democrats have never wanted law abiding citizens to own guns. Congress should pass mental health legislation to ensure mentally ill people cannot buy a gun of any nature. Every mass killing we have had in the past 20 years has been committed by someone under treatment for a mental condition. Law abiding citizens who own guns and do not take mind altering drugs do not commit mass murders.

  36. Freedom of the press is not license to gang up together to, de facto, libel the President and his administration. While the law forbids and makes it a felony for corporations to gang up together to fix prices, et al, the press and media seem to consider that they can merge to fcontrol public opinion. WRONG!!!!! JRW

  37. Donald Trump will go down in History as being the Best President of the USA. All his values on what he ran on as being the President is what America wanted..He understands the American people unlike the Liberals..That’s why he won, plus he was not a Politician looking out for himself..He truly meant it when he said, “Make America Great Again”. He has done so much in a year than Obama did in 8 yrs…What an accomplishment he has done..I am so very proud of him..The Liberal Media is so Disrespectful of him..If they think the American people can’t see that..Then they are fools..Trump will win again in 2020..God Bless him and his stamina and strength will be protected by God…Go Trump!!!!!!! 🙂

  38. I am so very proud of the POTUS! He has to date been not only a breath of fresh air in DC, he has actually done a fabulous job fulfilling campaign promises in spite of the dems and certain members of the gop (we are watching you and you know who you are). I will continue to observe and be active when and if the need arises but, if President Trump continues to excel he definitely will have my vote in 2020. Let’s roll POTUS! God bless all.

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