Republicans are about to hand Democrats a crushing defeat

Democrats are engaging in all-out resistance to stop Judge Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is leading a filibuster he hopes will block Gorsuch ascending to the nation’s highest court.



  1. “They are even daring the GOP to “go nuclear” and change the Senate rules.”
    This is the rule of law for democrats.

    And Justice Scalia didn’t merely “pass away”; he was murdered. I so wish common sense had prevailed and an autopsy was performed immediately. We need another man of honor in the Supreme Court.

  2. If Republicans, Sen. McConnell in particular, had use their heads for something other than a hat rack, they would not need to change the rules. The Democrats changed it so it only took a majority vote but Sen. McConnell insised that the rule be reversed.
    Republicans talk big when they are the Minority but when the get the majority they do not know how to do anything except mess up everything that comes to the floor. They NEVER have known how to operate when they have the majority, not in my lifetime and I’m past 80 years.
    That is MyNickelsworth!

    • I totally agree. The Republicrats do nothing when given the chance to do real good for the country. Afraid of the
      very shadows that plague them from their dirty deeds
      in their past. Turn all of them OUT except Trump!
      We shall see what our civil war does out here -Okla

  3. I also agree ! I believe the family was threatened !!!! Why else would they be quiet ??? It was done and over with so quick ???? DO THEY THINK WE ARE THAT STUPID ??? We know the Clinton’s & Obama’s for what they can get away with !

  4. The Democrats make rules to work in their favor and then when roles are reversed they scream foul! It’s like they can’t even comprehend the word repercussions – the term what goes around comes around or the concept of Karma.

  5. I hope the repubs don’t act as usual & snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. BTW: I don’t believe for one second that justice Scalia died a “natural death”, he was murdered.

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