Republicans just hit Adam Schiff with one nasty surprise that he never saw coming

Adam Schiff is still reeling from his defeat in the impeachment witch hunt.

Now Republicans are pouring salt in the wound.

And Republicans just hit Adam Schiff with one nasty surprise that he never saw coming.

The House Intelligence Committee used to be a bipartisan panel where lawmakers put aside their partisan jerseys to exercise oversight over the intelligence community and handle classified information.

Adam Schiff destroyed all of that.

Beginning in 2017, Schiff engaged in a campaign of leaking, lying, and public grandstanding over the Russian collusion hoax to try and bring down President Trump as well as raise his political profile to benefit a future run for higher office.

Republicans then seethed as Schiff ran a series of Stalinist show trials in Schiff’s rigged impeachment inquiry.

Now that the Russian collusion conspiracy theory and Ukraine hoax utterly collapsed Schiff claims he wants to get back to regular business.

That was another lie and Republicans called Schiff on it.

House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes sent a letter Schiff that was signed by the committee’s eight other Republicans announcing they would boycott a Schiff-led hearing on emerging technology and national security.

“Given the committee’s access to highly sensitive information, it is concerning that you prioritize publicity events rather than the more productive work that occurs in the committee’s classified spaces,” the Republicans letter exclaimed.

Many Republicans think it is impossible for the Intelligence Committee to resume normal work as long as Adam Schiff serves as chairman.

Schiff’s bad faith and unethical conduct has destroyed any trust the two parties previously enjoyed beyond the point of any repair.

Republicans will protest, but the only way to remove Adam Schiff as the chairman of the Intelligence Committee is for the voters to remove Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats from power.

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