Republicans just took one vote that will leave Donald Trump red with rage

Donald Trump is defending American culture from a vicious onslaught from the American Left trying to erase the nation’s history.

But the President got some bad news.

And it’s all because Republicans just took one vote that will leave Donald Trump red with rage.

Donald Trump recently announced his opposition to renaming military bases named after Confederate Generals.

“It has been suggested that we should rename as many as 10 of our Legendary Military Bases, such as Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Fort Hood in Texas, Fort Benning in Georgia, etc,” the President wrote on social media.

“These Monumental and very Powerful Bases have become part of a Great American Heritage, and a history of Winning, Victory, and Freedom. The United States of America trained and deployed our HEROES on these Hallowed Grounds, and won two World Wars. Therefore, my Administration will not even consider the renaming of these Magnificent and Fabled Military Installations Our history as the Greatest Nation in the World will not be tampered with. Respect our Military!” President Trump added.

But Republican Senators working behind closed doors on the National Defense Authorization Act passed an amendment by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren – with a voice vote to avoid accountability to voters – to begin the process of renaming bases named after confederate generals over the next three years.

CBS News exclusively reported that:

A source familiar with the proceedings confirmed to CBS News that the GOP-led panel on Wednesday approved the amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) offered by Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts via voice vote. According to a summary of the NDAA released by the committee Thursday, the measure requires the Defense Department to rename posts and assets — streets, aircraft, ships, and other equipment — either named for Confederate officers or that honor the confederacy within three years.

President Trump has said this is a nonstarter for him.

But now Senate RINOs are teaming with Democrats to hold military funding hostage to force President Trump to accept erasing American history.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. How and why was a voice vote taken for any vote. Every person needs to be responsible for their their actions on how they represent the voters that gave them a job.

  2. Not that I matter, but this bunch of cowards need names posted and voted out. Beginning to be as dirty as no good Dems.

  3. So what are they changing them to. I suggest after “NO” Human being . That way it will not hurt anyone’s feelings. Say Tiger Air Force Base, Fort Rhino NC and Elephant Air Base. Maybe Camp Zebra.

  4. I say, post a list of the names of those Republicans that did this… we can pass it around and make sure they never get voted into office again. They don’t care about us citizens.

  5. Those Republicans who voted to change the names of the military bases
    are traitors to the American people and the country. I want to know their
    names so I can make sure they never get elected to any office ever again.
    The Deep State swamper Republicans are ten times worst than the Democrats.
    They are liars and traitors which makes them more useless scum. Voters check
    out your Republicans to make sure they are not in the Democrats pockets or are
    spineless cowards.

  6. I hope the chicken s___ companies that are giving money to the domestic terrorist groups and the most of our so called republican politicians. It don’t matter how much you give to appease them. All you are doing is helping the Chinese gain a better foothold to take over our country. Starting with the Clintons, most of the democratic party has sold the US out to the Chinese communist. As for history/education. The decline of public school system. Started with the utopia/Marxism and communist teachers in the 1960’s. Most of college kids at that time. Who became teachers, continued to preach that the only way to live. Was to live the way china and Russia does. Another lesson the democratic party learned was from Hitler. We now have gov., mayors, and other democratic teachers and politicians. To snitch on people and get a monetary reward for it. In some places, they want the children to snitch on the parents. If they do not agree with the democrats say or do. I could go on and on. But, I won’t. If you want to live in a country like China/Russia just keep on believing that things will be better in that type of country. Vote democrat. Then, hope and pray to GOD. That he sends somebody to save yourself and others. Because, otherwise you might and will be used as target practice by your new leaders. Sooner or later that is just for the fun of it. I used to be a democrat. I am damn proud to be a republican/conservative. To all the these children in school and mostly college. If you want to really get an education. Don’t read the internet. Go to a public library and read different books on the history of the US the world. Yes, there are and have been dark parts of history. But, every country has got its dark parts of history. You will get a better education by reading paper books. Instead of reading what the utopian teachers want you to learn. Oh, and by the way. This is for another time coming soon. Lets not forget about the Muslims that want to do the US harm to. If you don’t like living IN the US. Then leave it. But, there again. You won’t, because You are to scared to. Goodbye for now.

  7. The Republican Senators once again showed how gutless they are are by doing a voice vote on renaming military bases so POTUS will not know who voted yes or no on the motion. I am beginning to think that citizens should ALL vote for anyone running against both parties. I am sick & tired of gutless Republicans & Hateful democrats who do not care about the people of this nation like POTUS does. I despise all the Cabinet members who betray him after they have been deservedly fired by either writing a book filled with lies OR speak on fake news cable tv channels. I hope ALL of you in Congress lose your next election attempt.

  8. Most people don’t realize that slavery actually started in Africa between the warring tribes. They would kidnap their enemy from another tribe and sell them to the Muslims who then sold them to the white man. Why don’t the blacks blame theirselves or the Muslims? No it goes straight to the white man. If they aren’t happy maybe they should go back to Africa where they’re still killing one another. I’m tired of the white man being blamed for everything. There are idiot white men who apologize for being born white. I saw white people lining up to wash black people feet. Sorry remember what Jesus said to Mary Magdalene. I will never kneel to anyone but God. It’s a disgrace that they don’t treat the flag as a sacrifice to the lives of the people who fought and died for our freedom. Remember when 911 occurred everyone was praising them as they should, now they disrespect them. Their grandparents are rolling in their graves. Pelosi and democrats should be reprimanded for giving the flag to a criminal. Did she feel sorry for the pregnant girl he held at gunpoint? At her stomach no less. He had drugs in his system. I’m tired of crime being made martyrs because of their race. Obama created this racial tension. The democrats are continuing all for votes. If the blacks were smart they’d look at who’s side the democrats have been on in history. They promoted slavery the republicans fought against it. Every time Biden makes a blunder, which is often, they cause an uprise to distract, Trump is the only on who is fighting for us. Most lifetime republicans are too much of a wussy to fight for anything. That’s the only compliment I’ll give the democrats, they do fight. Keep America free!

  9. Both the Republican and Democrat Parties have a few that think appeasing a small percentage of people will take care of America’s Race Problems. Appeasement does not work and these Rhinos will find that out and then what? We should all make an effort to respect, love all mankind. What is wrong with living together in peace?
    Every one, everyone has a dream, a hope – lets not stand in the way of anyone’s wishes, desires, expectations and aspirations.
    America learn to Bless GOD for a change!

  10. I want the names of these RINO’s so they can hear directly from, “We The People”, a.k.a. their CONSTITUENTS!!

  11. Most children were not taught history. The school boards in my State hates being told what to teach. Most didn’t know what voting is for. The kids were taught they don’t have to listen to their parents and if they are smacked they should come an tell them so they can report them. Sounded like the Hitler picking out all the blondes and having them report, their families and neighbors if they feed the jews. You know cwhat comes around goes around.

  12. Trump does not “suffer fools gladly.” Between the Main sewer Stream fake Media, the K.G.B. type censors of social media, the Democratic National Congress, a bunch of R.I.N.O.’s, the ignorant mobs created by same, those who would “eliminate” history to appease their stupidity and countless other ignoramuses, he has a lot of “glad suffering” to do…

  13. If you support Confederate monuments and everything related to the Confederacy but oppose the right of NFL players to kneel during the National Anthem, then you are being inconsistent! Those who feel taking a knee for the anthem is disrespectful to the flag and veterans should know that the Confederacy fought against the American flag and fought against Union veterans! Those who support the Confederacy but condemn those who kneel for the National Anthem are intellectually dishonest and are major hypocrites!

  14. The Rhino’s/Turncoats are all on the same sinking ship as the DUMBORATS !!
    They should all be put to work building the Great wall of America. And, when finished left on the opposite side of the wall.
    Defacing and erasing our American History will never be enough for these idiots. Going down this rabbit hole will lead no where!
    Just watched rhe new “MLK” movie it had both the Confederate Flag at the court house. And ,the American Flag held by the “MLK” protesters. Eventually the American Flag will be Racist to ?! Never give up “Ole Glory” !!!!

  15. The Republicans in office for the most part are cowards. We need term limits to keep the bad ones from becoming entrenched. The longer they stay in office the more corrupt they become. Too few are willing to stand up and buck the system.

  16. I’m at the point of feeling that the USA should be run by non-politicians. Seems like President Trump, we are the only ones that can think away from our pocket book and pants pockets. Don’t care whether left or right, President Trump is being faught on both sides. Thank God more Republicans are working w/him than against him, and those on the right that are working against him should resign as a Republican because they are not any better than the left. JMHO

  17. If this happens I will stay in my house and I will quit voting. Because Trump is our only hope to still have the USA as it was meant to be. I pray that Trump wins reelection and we get people who care about this country. I cant believe that Warren’s bill passed. I say bring in the military and end this and send everyone to China.

  18. It’s a slow decline when the very people who should be stopping the downhill descent cave in. Why are these rinos persisting in dropping standards. Shape up or ship out.

  19. Demoncrats changed the name of Cape Canaveral years ago, to honor JFK. That name lasted a few years, but was reverted back to Canaveral. The same thing can happen to our bases and monuments. It all depends on the Administration in charge at the time. But as someone else posted, this decision should be made by ‘the people’, by a popular vote. Not politicians with an agenda. That agenda? Getting re-elected time and time again.

  20. I want names. I want to know who these traitorous rinos are. Give us their names so we can target them in their next election. We don’t need a–holes like this on our side we have enough of them on the demoncrat side. Dump them all in Nov. Reps and dems alike, they are all anti-American antifa supporters and do not deserve our support or respect.


  22. All you brothers best just be glad your living in the USA , it was your own trible leaders who sold your job folks off too the slave traders in the first place . So watch what your wishing fir , you could be over there in Africa running from the Lions and Tigers n Leopards n Rino’s and the Nile River crocodiles , and many other predators , plus snakes and the Towel head idoit Goat herders just might put you in there old goat herd , that’ll teach you a new way if thinking . I’d say THINGS ARE damn good here in the USA for you , DON’T BE BITING THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU BRO , these damn liberals are just using you and have been for the past 60 to 70 years , open your eyes jesus Christ , just how stupid are you really .

  23. You all have to understand something here. The Republicans are part of the Deep State, too. Their masters control their lives. When their masters tell them when to sit, they sit. When they are told to stand, they stand and when they are told to speak. The only difference between the Republicans and the Democrats is the Democrats are much, much deeper in the Deep State than the Republicans are. The Democrats have already sold their souls to the Devil. The Republicans are not quite there yet. But by and by, they will all eventually get there.

  24. I can’t UNDERSTAND why people would follow and support Pelosi or any of the them..they are like a bunch of sheep being led to the slaughter house..WAKE UP PEOPLE!! They need to be put out of office. They aren’t for us, they are for their own agenda . I can honestly now see why governments get overthrown..if trump doesn’t win we are SCREWED.

  25. Some of the names they thought of were great military leaders but do not have a clean background. They to check them out, like the bonus army of 1932 protest and who led the troops in destruction of the camps containing women and children.

  26. I believe that “WE, THE PEOPLE” should be the ones to vote on this issue. It affects all of us when our history is being erased. Do not trust the senators or reps on this….trust the people! Put it on the ballot as a yes or no question. Because many Senators will be voted out as to how they account for this issue. Many say to let history alone!

  27. Do your worst commies, God is in control.when you are far enough out on your limb,he will saw it off.If you want to hear god laugh,tell him your plan.Enough said!

  28. Think of this as an Ideology instead of a man. Dan 7:23-25

    23 Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces.

    24 And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings.

    25 And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

  29. Tony Bell I’ve been preaching the same message since I started blogging on this site. I’ve tried to tone the rhetoric down, but I’m staying on message. If they control enough people we’re in trouble. People like scott27 and some others think that we are being mean. We aren’t mean, we just mean what we say.

  30. The President is not the only one enraged at the stupidity and cowardice of the RINO Senators! I’m sure there are a few good ones, but when on earth are these people going to stand up for what we, the people want! If only we could vote every one of them out and put in new young, clear minded conservative people who have their head screwed on right [I mean that in the sense of “correctly”]!!

  31. Time to stop Americas destruction. These foolish people in government work for us.
    Most everyone seems to forget that as American citizens we are sovereign (Greatest in status, authority or power) which includes our rights. Although the globalists may try to justify oppressive measures in the name of security, you are still the ultimate decision maker. To note; the globalists controlled government has tried and succeeded in many ways to squelch our sovereignty, but only because fear tactic imposed cause people to give up rights for a false sense of security. Be aware and exercise your sovereignty. Vote these fools out. KAG 2020

  32. Get these bastards out. So sick of these idiots turning on our President . These young people don’t have a clue. They have been brainwashed. And they are giving the blacks a line of BS

  33. The American left is fully aware of this, and working toward it while you sleep . It is possible to conquer a people. But, for any such conquest to become permanent their culture, their heritage, and their history, must be erased and replaced with those considered acceptable by the conqueror. In the current instance, the would-be conqueror is the totalitarian left.

  34. We need term limits,(One in office, one in jail?). And we also need a law that no one may run while holding office, as they spend too much time running and not enough in actually working.Make them run on their OWN time. Base pay of 170 K? I’d have to work something like 250 hours a week to make that, and they junket all over the landscape on “fact-finding” tours… B.S!

  35. If AMERICAN patriots ever unite
    I’ll be there if I’m alive but
    I’m 80 so we must hurry TIME IS WASTING LETS GO.

  36. That was a BAD MOVE by the ELECTED OFFICIALS who are all FOOLS! There we go… down…! We, the Modern Day Aemricans, we are FOOLS!!!! SHAME on US! There was this saying: “In oder to understasnd what is new, one must learn from what was OLD!” We do not know our HISTORY!! SHAME ON US! Demacracy works obly for a breaf time! History tuaht us that very well!

  37. This is just going to far! Are we erasing the whole Civil War and history from our country? This is event that happened in our past and it can not be changed or a different outcome. How about we erase everyone’s birth date, marriage licenses and drivers licenses, that will make none of us will exist to anyone. Erase our family history.


  39. This is what happens when Everybody gets a TROPHY! If you don’t like this country, GET THE HELL OUT! Better yet, go on you tube and watch “The Star Spangled Banner as you’ve never Heard it!” Dead bodies held up that American Flag! Shame on you politicians! ALL of you!

  40. Beckley WV still has Robert KKK Byrd drive. When is that going to change? And guess which party senator Robert Sheets Byrd belonged to. Yuuuuup!!!! The COMMIECRATS!!!!!

  41. Use water cannons to clear out the CHAZ protestors, it will give them a well needed bath in the bargain. Also say a prayer every night, asking GOD to protect MAGA.


  43. That will not stop the liberals, they will ask for more like a spoiled child. Don’t delete our history, yes it has faults but what nation or family for that matter hasn’t. We learn from those chapters in life and better ourselves. If these idiots don’t like it, the beauty of this country is they have the option to leave and go where they think it’s better. Only on the way out leave your us passport here so you don’t return.

  44. I don’t think the names should be changed. If they must be changed, lets name one of them Fort Trump!

    USAF Retired

  45. Leave our history alone it’s our history good or bad how can you learn from history if all you do is delete it !

  46. Leave OUR history alone. If your unsatisfied with America, Find another country to live in. You who are Democrats should know that it is your party that didn’t want to abolish Slavery and weren’t going to sign the Bill of Rights. Also YOU own the KKK. They came in to being in 1865 after Lincoln (Republican ) Freed them . They were invented to keep the Blacks and Republicans in check. Do the Research, You should be ashamed of yourselves.


  48. Just VETO THE BILL!

    Send it back to have that removed and give them a choice.


  49. Birthdate of the finest riflemen to pave the way for Freedom of a new country and Free People. I pray for all Armed Forces past and present that have protected our country foreign & domestic. To my brothers of Alpha Country -1st Battalion – 75th Ranger Regiment United States Army. Sua Sponte; God Bless America & President Trump…

  50. Gab people like you are a fungus on America. It’s ok. Lots of people like you are polluting our country. But that’s going to change. After Trump wins again, your kind will be extinct and most of you will crawl out of the country.

  51. Gab there’s nothing Christian about your baby killers party. Go peddle your garage somewhere else.

  52. Just in case you didn’t get it. You are the liar and the divider. You’re just calling me what you are.

  53. Christians don’t lie like you do on an repetitive basis and stir the pot at every occasion.

  54. Get over it. The only person living in the past and calling it great is Donald Trump. Everyone else is trying to live in reality even his republican peons.

  55. 155 years after the Civil War, Pelosi is still trying to impose the tyranny of Reconstruction on the South that President Abraham Lincoln fought so hard to avoid. Lincoln was ardent in his commitment to keeping the Southern states as equal members of the union, and opposed those who would call them traitors. Pelosi is acting from the same party that created Jim Crow justice and embraced the KKK for almost the same number of years. It was the Dems that spent over 100 years imposing their version of cruelty and barbarism on the South. If Nancy Pelosi is still looking for a white supremacist, she only has to look in the mirror. Pelosi is the one trying to rewrite our heritage in the history books with her Marxist hatred for POTUS and her Globalist view of the USA.
    The business of renaming these military bases is just yet another attempt by Pelosi to use racial divide as a means to usurp and divide support for the Trump presidency and his re-election in November. One more reason to get everybody out to vote to support POTUS and send this cruel crone and her Calif coven back to the Left coast to retire. Maybe the BLM will then annex Pelosi’s SF residence as yet another one of their police-free zones.

  56. Expact Tom the commiecrats are trying to deprive people of their heritage. It’s called divide and conquer.

  57. The first step the the communists took in Russia during the Bolshevik revolution was the rewriting of Russian history and the destruction of its past. The same thing is happening in the USA. This is the first step. These people need to be stopped, I will not donate on RED CENT to any Republican who goes along with this stupidity and, unlike many who love to comment of every article out there, I put my money where my mouth is.

  58. Justme – the aftermath of the 2nd Revolutionary War (civil war) was strange because usually the winners write the histories. In the South, it was the losers. Correct to say that the main issue was state’s rights. It is hypocritical to say the North, the area that owned the slave ships truly opposed slavery (actually simply false “history” taught
    for close to a century now.) It is RACISM from liberals and Blacks who demand the revision of history, and the removal of Confederate monuments. Just as there is not room for white racism in this nation, there should be no tolerance for black racism either.

  59. We the people of the 50 States that comprise the United States elected the Senators from the individual States to represent us their constituents. However, far too often they make decision on certain issues that in my opinion they should have at least polled their constituents with regards to our views on the issues. As of late too many decisions about changing our history have been addressed and decisions made to more or less eradicate parts of our country’s history because of a minority of the people are suddenly displeased with our nation’s history and decide to play the RACE CARD knowing for some time now that our politicians have lost their spines and dare not to be labeled as Politically Incorrect. So they sacrifice our HERITAGE and HISTORY in hopes of appeasing this minority and kissing their asses to reelected. This is another excellent reason for Congressional term limits and getting rid of Career Congressional members who no longer have their constituents best interests at heart, but rather only their own. I, personally, am totally tired of all the changes being made by Gutless Senators who need to grow a pair and stand up for the historyof our nation. GOOD or BAD, it is still our history and no matter how many statues of historical figures the Leftist tear down it won’t change our history and I for one will insure all that I know about our history will be passed down to future generations. I PROUDLY SERVED my country, this great nation, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, for 24 years in the United States Navy and have never regretted the sacrifices I had to make, but as of late I have questioned what was it all for if our Leaders are going to KOWTOW and submit to groups such as BLM, ANTIFA, and Liberals who accuse and label people as Racist whose opinions are different and don’t coincide with theirs, when they themselves are Radical and Racist! As for tearing down statues of historical figures,
    changing the names of military installations, and other issues that pertain to our history should not be left solely in the hands of Senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen, or Govenors. The people of each State, the Constituents should be polled as to their wishes. Let the people vote on the issue. Each State can make its own decisions about Statues and changing of history, but the choices should be made by the People and for the People and not by a State Senator or Representative without first polling his or her Constituents. Personally, if the Senator of my State has voted to change the names of military installations, dishonoring those men and women and their families, and the Govenor to remove historical statues, I can damn well guarantee them they too will be forgotten history come election time. I never thought I would feel shame in what my country does, but the path it is on now and the so called Leaders, who many have proven to be HYPOCRITICAL SCUM, I have had to rethink that. However, as I vigilantly did during my military career, I still stand ready to defend my country against all enemies Foreign and DOMESTIC. It was an Oath I took upon entering the United States Navy and everytime I reenlisted, and now, though retired, have never been relieved of my obligation to fulfill that Oath. Non Sibi Sed Patriae!

  60. Slavery was legal until 1865 when the emancipation that was pasted in 1863 become law. Why would a war be over slavery when it was still legal. Besides all the poor farmers and the 90,000 blacks who served in the Confederate army, do you really think they put their lives on the line so some rich dude could own slaves. They were neighbors who stood with each other against the northern invasion. What made them strong is they were fighting for their homes and families and they were willing to fight to the death to protect them.Why shouldn’t honor such a people.

  61. To justme. I had gggrandfathers that fought for the south in the war against northern aggression. And I’m damned proud of them for taking a stand.

  62. Justme! Did you learn anything about history in school. Or did you sleep in the classroom? These Confederate were people of AMERICA! More than you will ever be! They stood up to the NORTHERN PEOPLE WHO TRY TO FORCE THEM TO CATER TO THEM! THEY WERE THE FARMER WHO FEED THE COUNTRY! Lincoln fired the first shot to start the war! Did you know that? Did you know it was OVER STATE RIGHT? NOT SLAVERY? I BET YOU DIDN’T! Who PUBLISHED THE HISTORY BOOK? A northern company! Think you should believe it? Hell NO! South lost the war was due to running out of FOOD! AND AMMO! YANKEE DESTORY THEM! To tell the truth that why LEE SURRENDER! BUT THOSE YANKEE WERE NOT WINNING! Want to know why they put all these MILITARY Base in the South? Hoping to keep us from coming back for another war!

  63. Trump give these RINOREPUBLICAN the middle finger! These POLITICAN who are wrong needs to resign! We don’t need to cater to BLM or anyone who aganist the history of this country. Can get the hell out! All this was before their time! It to bad they slept in the history class!

  64. A very strange post. It quotes Trump as saying: “These Monumental and very Powerful Bases have become part of a Great American Heritage, and a history of Winning, Victory, and Freedom”. And Trump himself has said many times that he doesn’t like “losers”. Yet he seems to laud these Confederate Generals who weren’t “Winning” a war but actually LOST a war, obviously did not achieve “Victory”, and they hardly defended “Freedom” as they were fighting for the right to keep slaves. So Trump wants to continue to honor men who were “losers” and fought against Freedom? How very strange.

  65. No, Trump won’t see red over this. He knows that it’s stupid and just a way to kiss the asses of the black lives matter. ) morons. Their lives don’t matter any more than anyone else Just a bunch of political correct bullsh$t. Will Beckley WV rename Robert C Byrd drive?

  66. Lots of traitor republicans/rinos will soon be out of work. Many are lifers that must go, the cowards who sell out and refuse to grow spines when times get hard. Trump will be reelected but many of the wussie rinos will fall – and should! Hopefully there are some patriot candidates with brains and guts who can force the rinos out in the next election.

  67. just another reason Trump will NOT get re-elected. This country is going to be sorry, but it seems that our President must a popularity contest. It’s sad that this kind of thinking permeates this country, but it does. It doesn’t matter that he got The US working again and started up old shut down factories filled with minorities as well as taking these people OFF of welfare. He’s just a NO GOOD rotten rat because he used social media to defend himself. The worst thing is that it’s The Rinos who’ll do it to him.

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