Republicans met with Joe Biden behind closed doors to hammer out this secret tax increase

Republican voters expect their elected officials to fight Joe Biden’s agenda.

Instead, they are getting some bad news.

That’s because Republicans met with Joe Biden behind closed doors to hammer out this secret tax increase.

Republican “moderates” led by pro-abortion West Virginia Senator Shelly Moore Capito continued to negotiate with Joe Biden over the proposed “infrastructure” bill.

Biden initially proposed over $2 TRILLION in “infrastructure” spending that was really a Trojan horse for a cradle-to-grave socialist state and the Marxist Green New Deal.

Republicans countered with an offer that neared $1 TRILLION that could be financed by two massive tax increases.

One is potentially indexing the gas tax to inflation.

And the second is through inflation itself by just printing the trillion dollars to “pay” for this new spending.

Appearing on MSNBC Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg sounded an optimistic note that Republicans would cave in on Biden’s next big legislative priority.

“Their latest proposal gets to the neighborhood of a trillion dollars. That’s a good sign. There is a lot of — obviously, a lot depends on the details, and there’s still some daylight between where we have come in and what the Republicans came forward with this morning. But what it shows me is the idea that we need to make a major, major investment on the order of a trillion dollars plus. 1.7 is what we are calling for in our latest plan. That’s a general principle we can agree on.

“Now, we are concerned there are a lot of things we think weren’t in the counteroffer that really needs to be there. There are a lot of steps we need to take on everything take on everything from climate to modernizing veterans’ hospitals that we strongly believe ought to be part of the package we put together. But this is the season of sausage making. It’s going to continue to be this back and forth with lots of conversations, with lots of members of Congress. What I will say is that, you know, unlike some of the moments we have had in our political life. Recently, this conversation has, in my experience, continued to be focused. It’s been transparent. Sometimes, there are big differences, but it’s been a very honest conversation, too,” Buttigieg stated.

This news disturbed many Republican voters.

Helping Joe Biden raise taxes and run up the national debt are not why Americans send Republicans to Washington, D.C.

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