Republicans praised one Supreme Court decision that left Democrats in massive despair

Democrats are still furious over a huge Supreme Court defeat.

The battle scars linger to this day.

And Republicans praised one Supreme Court decision that left Democrats in massive despair.

Back in 2016, the GOP-controlled Senate blocked any hearings or votes on Merrick Garland, Barack Obama’s nominee to fill the seat vacated by Antonin Scalia’s tragic death that February.

Donald Trump won the 2016 election and appointed three conservative justices, swinging the Supreme Court to the right.

Republicans praised that decision to block Garland again on Thursday when Garland defended his Soviet-style memo using the FBI to create lists of parents protesting Critical Race Theory and mask mandates at school board meetings.

Even though the left-wing National School Boards Association retracted their letter calling parents who protested at school board meetings “domestic terrorists,” Garland defended using the FBI’s National Security Division to bully parents opposed to the Left’s takeover of schools into silence.

Garland would not even apologize to Scott Smith, who was arrested at a June Loudoun County School board meeting.

The National School Boards Association cited Smith’s arrest as one example of domestic terrorism.

But Smith was the father of a 14-year-old girl raped by a biological male wearing a skirt and Smith showed up at the meeting demanding answers as to why the school board covered up his daughter’s rape.

Garland refused to apologize directly for that, and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton interjected to call Garland’s testimony a disgrace, demand Garland resign in disgrace, and express his gratitude for Republicans blocking Garland from ever sitting on the Supreme Court.

“That letter and those reports were the basis for your directive. This is shameful. Judge, this is shameful. This testimony, your directive, your performance is shameful. Thank God you are not on the Supreme Court. You should resign in disgrace, judge,” Senator Cotton exclaimed.

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