This Republican’s reaction to the Florida shooting just ended his career

The tragedy in Parkland, Florida motivated the gun grabbers to go on the offense.

They began organizing pressure campaigns to force Republicans to gut the Second Amendment.

But one Republican Governor just ended his career with how he responded.

Florida Governor Rick Scott ran as a Tea Party champion in 2010.

And he is expected to challenge Florida Democrat Bill Nelson in the November midterms.

He may have just thrown his chances away when he announced a series of gun grabs in response to the Florida shooting.

Scott threw gun owners under the bus by championing raising the age to 21 to purchase rifles, judicial orders that allow anti-gun judges to confiscate firearms with little to no evidence, waiting periods, and expanding the gun registration database.

Breirtbart reports:

“CNN reports that Scott is pushing a “Violent Threat Restraining Order,” which are similar to California’s Gun Violence Restraining Orders in that they a designed to secure court orders to confiscate firearms following a family member’s complaint.

It is difficult to see how such orders–designed to be triggered by family requests–would have been effective against Nikolas Cruz. After all, the family with which he was staying repeatedly called the police on him in November 2017 but refused to file charges when sheriff’s deputies arrived. A member of the family with which Cruz was staying explained away Cruz’s erratic behavior by saying he “had been suffering significantly from the loss of his mother” earlier in the month.

Scott is also pushing a bump stock ban, “tougher background checks,” more stringent rules against the mentally ill, and a ban on purchasing or possessing firearms by anyone “subject to an injunction for protection against stalking, cyberstalking, dating violence, repeat violence, sexual violence, or domestic violence.

In other words, gun control, gun control, gun control.”

It will be impossible for Scott to win in November without the support of gun owners.

And he caved to the fake news media which loves mass shootings because it gives them a chance to waive the bloody shirt of gun control.

Gun rights organizations will oppose Scott’s moves and if their members sit home in November, Scott is finished.

Had he stuck by the Constitution and defended the Second Amendment he would likely win the race against Nelson.

Now gun rights supporters in Florida will see they have a choice between two radical anti-gun candidates and stay home.

Do you think anti-gun Republicans will lose in November?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. If the Republican party does not get its’ act together and actually helps to pass any form of gun control, they are finished, and so is this country. Radical leftist “Democrats” seem to better at strategy than Establishment walnut panelled room Republicans are.

    • It’s not that they don’t have their act together, it is, that there are a few ( maybe more) demos jackasses, disguised as Republicans! This swamp needs MAJOR DRAINAGE!!

    • The actual number of gun owners in this country is surprisingly low. It’s hard to understand how they have made their coalition so strong. You can’t flip an election based solely on voting gun owners.

    • You should at least identify yourself as a Democrat. You overlooked the fact that there were multiple agencies who failed to protect the community. The FBI, OCSO, Local PD, School District, School Principal, to name just a few who failed to act in the interests of the community.

    • Poor baby can’t even use the keyboard properly. Has to yell everything. Very Trumpian. Yell it out because there is nothing to say. SAD.

      I take it you don’t like my point of view. Name calling is such the right way to get your lack of intelligence across.


      • Well, kirshenbaum, who in the hell do you think you are? Another demoCRAPer? What’s sad, is that some people are walking with their heads, you know where! You might be ‘ politically correct ‘, just like obozo! And you know what we think of that piece of garbage? Same things you are thought of! JACKASS!!!

        • Wow Aline – – you finally did it. You put up inanities after three weeks of trying to figure out what to say. I posted that March 1st. Have you had your head in a dictionary trying to fine some words to say? SAD.

          • You are a sad, sad person. Much like the rest of your ‘kind’. High & mighty standing on a platform of quicksand.

        • UNtruthful, very much so. What’s to be expected from people who think backwards anyway? If you agree with this ‘intelligent’ person, then you are EQUALLY unintelligent. Point made without much fuss. 🙄🤣

  2. When you people going to Talk about The REAL Contributor to Gun Violence The Greedy Rich in Hollywood?

    All You See ,in Movies, In video games And on Television Is Gun Violence!

    Your All Afraid Of The Rich Hollywood People! Get The Gun Violence Out of Movies, Video Games and Off the Television!

    Your All SCARED Of The Hollywood Fat Cats!

    The People of Hollywood Are The Ones With The Blood On There Hands! All They Produce Is Gun Violence!

    • You are correct Ed. Thanks. And add to those the anti-gun nut cases who want to take our defense away from us. Glad these fools were not living back in the late 18th. Century. If they were we would still be paying taxes to the British Crown.

    • DO NOT assume an R candidate is the answer; VET, VET, VET! Insure the candidate is and will vote CONSERVATIVE! Need I remind you FLake, Lindsey, McCain et al are Rs???

      • A CONSERVATIVE who adheres to the Constitution in the spirit in which it was written! And forget the Republican Party of RINOS. Establish the Constitutional Party! Liberals need not apply.

      • And This Scott, who yhenhell does he think he is? A traitor, that’s what! So he came to roost because of the Tea Party, right? If my memory serves me right (no pun intended), I would believe that the House Speaker (notice I didn’t say MY Speaker) rose I’m on the same horse! THEY have to start putting up people’s that won’t become a TRAITOR!

        • That’s next to impossible and the reason I say to not assume; but VET, VET, VET! Even when we DO vet carefully, any pol is subject to being corrupted; power alone can do that.

    • Certainly better to have a Republican thst. A Democrat. I believe some of what the Governor is valuable. Why should civilians have law enforcement weapons? Why should someone that is under 21 be allowed to purchase a gun? What is wrong with a waiting period giving the government time to verify applications? Why should mental illness NOT stop you from owning a gun?

      • Seriously? Did you actually read what you posted? Come on, you DON’T see what is happening? Americans ARE NOT going to let the GOVERNMENT take their guns, & even if they SOMEHOW manage to, GUNS aren’t the problem. Other ways will have to be used to fight this takeover. Why don’t you spend some time reading up on Hitler, HIS propaganda? I think that you might find it enlightening.

  3. Once one Constitutional amendment is eroded, so go all amendments falling like dominoes…and with that, ALL our freedoms. America suffered a terrible loss in Parkland…but knee-jerk emotional reaction immediately ensued rather than rational thought. Raising the age to 21 in Florida will not stop an 18-year-old in another State from purchasing a long gun and crossing State lines. We are the UNITED States of America; however, States’ autonomy prevails, and States are not in concert one with the other. TO WIT: CALIFORNIA!…in more ways than one! Concentrate on Fix NICS, say I, and preserve the freedom of the 20-year-old single mother who may have no other means to protect her children BUT to legally own.

    • You are absolutely correct Bessie. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights will come apart. This is what the American Commies have been fighting for since Woodrow Wilson. They don’t fight for the day, they fight forevermore! Something that the ReChickens haven’t the balls to do. The ReChicken Party will not get another dime out of me unless they change their tune; and quickly! Sorry, got off point a little. So to the point, not to be a creep, but what makes Parkland different from all the other mass shootings. “IT’S NOT THE GUN STUPID: IT’S THE SCUMBAGS BEHIND THE GUN, and the BULLIES in this world that push, punch, or otherwise harass these scumbags into going ballastic! The BULLIES have to be held accountable!!! Probably 17 innocent lives were loss because of these bullies. What amazes me, is these scumbags behind the gun, and now I feel bad calling them scumbags because they were probably decent kids with some problems, that were bullied right into killing! So my question would be, why don’t these off beat kids that turn to the gun, SHOOT THE FREAKIN BULLIES THAT CAUSED THE KID GOING OFF THE DEEP END??!!!; instead of shooting the innocents that had nothing to do with it, except maybe NOT REPORTING IT BECAUSE THEY’RE AFRAID OF THE BULLIES TOO! So I guess what I’m saying is stop thinking about the gun, and start thinking about WHO IS CAUSING THE SHOOTINGS…THE BULLIES! There, as Irv Holmer would say, “You just broke the code!!!

      • John, you’re actually on the right track. It’s not always necessarily bullies; it can be other psycho-emotional problems entirely unrelated to school. But the bottom line is that it is NOT the guns; it’s the broken PEOPLE who use the guns or other weapons to do harm to those around them. And at the root of that is SIN: without a sound moral Standard (GOD), sound ethics, having learned respect for others’ rights, and empathy, all of which come out of a solid Yhwh God-centered background, this is what we should expect, and we should expect it to worsen with each successive generation. Bullying is just another symptom of this same root problem.

  4. Wanting to make minor changes in law, like raising the age that a person has to be to get an automatic weapon, isn’t “gutting the second amendment”. Be reasonable. There’s room for compromise without taking away people’s rights. Being against that age change is like complaining about having a legal driving, drinking or smoking age. Maybe you’re against those, too, but societies can be free while still having laws that restrict some things for safety’s sake. It’s not the only change under consideration. Don’t be against change because you’re assuming it will mean the end of our democracy. That’s too extreme.

    • Linda, you’re being a hypocrite. You say that making minor changes to the law is reasonable. You must be very young as you don’t realize that making minor changes to laws, is going to break down the God given rights we were born with, or at least given to us by the CONSTITUTION, the Amendments to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. That’s exactly what the democrats need, and let’s face it, there is no such thing as a democrat anymore, that went out the window with JFK; all they want is a little change here and there so they can later make HUGE changes. Start reading the REAL history and not what these commies are teaching you. We are in 1930’s Germany right now, and you know what happened there, or at least you should!

    • Since when can a person but an automatic weapon, the title that was used was nothing more than a semi auto, one trigger pull one bullet that is a semi auto. If you read what the demoncrats want you might be surprised maybe not, the demoncrats have already said they want to confiscate all guns for every one, their thinking is that no guns no crime, nothing could be further off. If the demoncrats get what they want this country will be utterly defenseless and only the criminals will have access to guns. People are their own first responder, if a thug breaks into your home are you going to rely on the police or take action to protect yourself. The 2nd amendment was put in not for hunting or for target practice, it was put in to defend against a tyrannical government.

      • The gun Cruz purchased was a semi-auto AR 15; but I’m not so sure that was the gun used. The 1 teacher described “bursts” being fired. She also described a fully armored and masked shooter, at a time when it appears Cruz was outside the school talking to an evacuated student. If someone can tell me how he can be in 2 places at the same time, I’ll believe he was the shooter.

        • S.- glad you aware of teacher report. I mentioned in earlier post what i heard -1234 in less than one second. Cruz couldn’t pull the trigger that fast. Cruz didn’t do it – but taking the patsy confession hit. Pretty bad stuff. Another FF is coming.
          Just read a report, nefarious activity going on in Mex. 2 white men donned in Immam garb wandering in Leon City Centro.
          Mex. basically No Muslims. Hope N0 FF there. Person reporting this IS There on public pc. ‘they’ blocked his pc from posting. He shouted CIA – to let E’0ne know. He’s taking his life in his hands.

          • I wouldn’t bet money on those Mexicans not also being Muslims; Muslim brotherhood groups have been recruiting heavily below our southern border for several years now; especially among the jail and cartel populations. They could well be any or all of the above. I live in AZ, and have for nearly 4 decades, so what goes on in CA and below our border are of interest to and impact us here.

          • He said 2 ‘White’men. Not ‘olive skin’. Know the Muslims at border. Don’t know how deep into Mex ie. central . This is going on in Mexico city. Info from former NSA living in Mex.City. & has busted the FF memes 0ver & 0ver. His site is ‘Heavy duty’ & circumvents fbi/cia taking down his pc all the time. They did it today,(again) that’s why he went to a public place to try get info out (to us here)& ppl there notice. So, i dunno, we’ll see. Sometimes ‘exposure’ backs off ‘the goons’. ( then they make new plans elsewhere.)

          • The FIRST I heard of their incursion was as far south as Columbia and the cartels there some 7 or more years ago. So central Mexico is a piece of cake. Many Mexicans; especially among the “upper classes” look very fair and Caucasian. They still have a lot of Castillian Spanish in them. And as we’ve seen with Muslims; it’s not just the lower classes involved in the terrorism and violence.

          • Excerpt from his site/screen captured, before it ‘disappears’.
            Excerpt: I have received a number of tips from my readers revealing additional so-called “Mass Casualty Events” are now also planned for the cities of Dallas, Houston and Anchorage, Louisville and elsewhere. Ads for “Crisis Actors” are appearing online at places like Craigslist” offering to pay such actors $1,000 for their participation in the upcoming “Drills” and the one for Louisville insists potential selectee “must be discreet.”

            More “mass shootings” may be planned for Houston on March 2. Dallas on March 18, and in Louisville, KY (Date not yet disclosed).

          • Yes, Craig’s List has run adds for them before, and Charlottesville was 1 of their “casting” efforts. I don’t doubt there are riots planned and mass casualty events planned across the nation. Why not? They’ve been getting away with being more violent, just like the kids in S FL for years now.

        • Cartel types Do N0T pose Immam(s) Much to WICKED.
          3x attempt for link to ‘excerpt’ here goes’

    • well my thing is stop kids from driveing there on cars to school so they cant get guns to gun control well work till someone gets the black market off the streets.anybody can get them that way

  5. CNN doing the only thing they know how to do. Take the money and lie through their filthy lying teeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JUST REMEMBER THEY ARE THE COMMUNIST NEW COMPANY, may everyone that runs that disgusting company rot in hell………………..

  6. I have started to notice that men who lose their hair, also seem to show signs of losing their minds. He more than likely lost his gonads as well.

    • NO! Mr rick scott (sorry, no capital letters for idiots, you need to step down, because your brain got a ‘ head start’ on you, moron!!!

    • Gov. Scott did the right thing by changing the age. But we have to get rid of machine guns, guns of war. When the founding fathers drafted the second amendment, it was meant to protect against the British and help farmers kill animals on their farms. It was never meant for armaments of war as machine guns. Trump and Scott have to come to their senses so that children or anyone is never again shot by a machine gun in which bullets fly out many at a time. One child died with 9 bullets in her. Another girl, dismissed from the hospital, has 5 bullets in her. Do away with armaments of war. Our representative, Brian Mast, lost 2 legs in war and we do not need machine guns in the US. If they stick with the NRA, their careers will be over and I voted for Scott and Trump. But I am damned mad that machine guns can be purchased even by sane people and insane people.

      • When the British captured a man carrying a Kentucky Long Rifle he was to be shot !!! The most feared weapon of its time. The shooters were deadly accurate. The assault weapon of it’s day. Cross Bowmen where looked at the same way in the middle ages and Long bowmen before them. Lasers are very deadly, YES WE HAVE THEM — BIG DUMMY> We use them many ways. Range finding one example, I can’t say the rest. But it is true. Lasers can blind you before you know it. I rather die than be blind. People are who do this, how many stabbed, hit by car (one in DC on purpose this week) shot 1 or 2 at time daily. The punk got a big bang for his buck. BUT THE FBI DID NOT DO THERE JOB OR THE SHERIFF IN THAT BROKE D–K COUNTY. He is also a Democrat or Rat.

        • Should we allow the Anti-Liberty Leftists to get away with their double-speak, soon they will claim a child’s B-B gun qualifies as an assault weapon of war! The semi-automatic loading design has been around for over a century – of course we didn’t have as many Leftist Loons filling kids’ heads with crap in those days either.

          • Some of them already are, by demanding that all semi-auto guns be banned; many air guns for BBs or pellets are, in fact semi-auto!

      • Ilene, why do you think you have massive shootings in schools but not in Govt buildings, big companies, museums, and so many other such places? Answer: because schools are gun-free zones. This is not difficult to understand, is it? Another point: the bad guys will ALWAYS find a way to get assault rifles. Making them illegal will not solve the problem. As they say, only a good guy with a weapon can stop a bad guy with a weapon. And I say: he´d better have the same or more potent weapon than the bad guy. It´s about good common sense.

        • The fact is that most of the places you name are also gun free zones; BUT the difference is they have armed guards whereas schools often do not.

      • Where did you get the idea that an AR 15 is a machine gun? Even a bump stock does not make it a machine gun. Nor is it even an assault rifle which everyone in the media and general public except those who served in the military call it. An assault rifle has a switch that can make it a machine gun or otherwise only a semi automatic rifle. It is not even called an AR 15. Many rifles are made to look like the military version but are far from it. Might I suggest you look all of them up on the internet to know the difference.

      • You are 100% WRONg it was meant as a way to stop a government overeach and government seizure of firearms THose that were available THEN. This is what is available today. Same type of guns Military stopping weapons.

      • The 2nd Amendment was also designed to protect the people from the Government over reach and denying our rights to defend us from fools like Governor Scott. Sorry, he’s 100% wrong. What happened, in this case, was a pure unadulterated failure of the FBI and the County Sheriff’s lack of action on all the warnings they had. If they had done their jobs, the shooting would not have occurred. My personal belief is that they didn’t take action so that it would allow the people to get angry and do just what they are doing, attempt to disarm the entire country. That my friends is the real motive of the Dumbocrats in office today. Obummer did his best to rid us of the constitution, fortunately the people were wise his hidden agenda.

        • Yep, this was a total FALSE FLAG to advance the gun grabbing leftist agenda. That’s what they’re talking right now as a committee of lawmakers with Trump and NOT talking about the real reasons why that shooting was allowed to happen.

          • I think he doesn’t know all the stuff that has come out on this; earlier he was holding a conference live on OAN with a mix of Dems and Repubs; but he was following all the leftist talking points, agreeing with them and the Repubs weren’t correcting or offering any of the info that shows this was a false flag. Not that that surprised me a lot; Trump has been more leftist than conservative all his adult life. But he left the door wide open to gut the 2nd entirely and follow OH’s lead in banning all semi-auto guns, based on LIES and deceits and STUPID gov’t policies in Broward and Miami-Dade Cos.

          • Depends on who’s filtering the info to him; he can’t be doing everything his job requires and keep up with all the stories emerging on this.

          • Need to write WH & Get Past Kelly ‘filter’.
            NEED to ‘work on’ Kelly, Incessantly.
            an Aside: i did get one ‘response’ w/my name on it re
            ‘foreign military affairs’ – usually all responses are generic.

          • Comments Do Get ‘into’ their Minds when ‘situations/issues Are Discussed.(even off the ‘cuff’.) V. Important To Let ‘them Know’ the PPL
            D0 ‘know’ what is Going on.

          • &&& Are you aware that Michael Savage is ‘fishing the pond’
            ie running for Senator in CA. to try Clean up G_D Awful mess there. IN w/the Donald on certain levels.
            Feinstein is 84 effin yrs old. Please. ST0P. Along w/ Pelosi. March 8 is file date. He willannounce yay/nay on that date. DEAR G-D, yes.

          • I have heard that rumor, and that the Dems are NOT backing her this year. While I’m not a fan of Michael Savage, he can’t possibly do any worse (that’d be too much work) and he might just do a lot better. I’m just not fond of his style.

          • Gee – Savage is v. erudite Many Levels. #’s of Degrees.
            “Borders Language Culture” & doesn’t carry ‘baggage’ ie javanka.except for Banned in England for saying the ‘Truth’. I think he’s awesome – doesn’t ‘mince words’/Bold. But falls short of FF info – for 0bvious reasons, i guess. Yes, a diff ‘style’ for sure.

          • My issue with Savage isn’t his message or qualifications; so much as the manner in which he chooses to deliver that message.

      • Yeah since when are machine guns available and where can I get one, the fact is machine guns are NOT AVAILABLE and CANNOT be purchased at the gun shop, the paperwork that says you can buy one takes about a year to go through, and the paperwork that says that you can have a machine gun takes about another 6 months, and then go buy a machine gun costs about $5,000 and up. Machine guns just are not that common and just are NOT USED in crimes today.

        • They are used in CRIMES because CRIMINALS can get them on the black market without all the paperwork, which is WHY more restrictions on guns will not solve the problem. Criminals could care less about more laws since they aren’t bothered by the ones already on the books.

      • An AR15 “Is Not A Machine Gun Or A Weapon Of War”!!! The
        AR15 is Designed To Look Like A M16!!! The Difference Being the AR15 Semi Auto one trigger pull equals one bullet!!! The M16 has Full Auto and Semi Auto on Full Auto the M16 with one trigger pull by holding the trigger down can unload 20 bullets in about 1.5 seconds, but the shooter doesn’t have much control on where the rounds GO on Full Auto!!! ARMY Big Red One INF. & AIRNG Retired!!!

    • There are other parties besides [it seems] the corrupt anti-American party of the Democraps and those disguised as repubs. People need to get out of the false mindsets of blind patriotism to corruption of any government and being too big to fight or fail and also get out of the false mindset that the corrupt established current two parties the repubs and democraps are the only viable party and that any other party vote is wasted!

  7. 2x post- 1st post=deleted wrds. Who are you Lyle, Posting Re Al Bielek etc,
    Is this a ‘catch’ for those that ‘Know’ ???
    Well, for ‘those’ >logging info< = Don't give a
    Rat's Ass. You G0 Down, In the Long Run (loggers).
    Thnx Lyle – for the 'snag'. It's 0k__ & Basically G00D__

  8. I say…..don’t cut your nose off to spite your face…..yes not liking how he folded, but think how it will be if a dim takes his place.

  9. Rick Scott was supposed to be smarter than that! He might as well withdraw from the race and let a real conservative run against Nelson. Have the majority of people in Florida crossed the dementia threshold or snuck in illegally. If not, Scott can’t win. It’s a choice between two elitist progressives.

  10. The republicans had better get some one that is a true conservative and will protect the entire Constitution and show the people that the 2nd Amendment is not for sale or to be modified to fit the democrats/communists. Rick Scott has turned his back on the conservatives and can kiss his future as a senator goodbye.

    • For what it’s worth I’m proud of the post’s I’ve seen of Scalise defending the 2nd Amendment after what he has been through and the after effects he still suffers. That is backbone and courage to me. We need more like him.

      • He knows well it was good guys with guns who stopped the jerk who shot him and enabled him to reach the 1st responder EMS people and then the hospital that saved his life. The man is NOT stupid; he wants to protect that for others as well, since we can’t entirely eliminate criminals or crazies.

  11. Amazing that they just don’t get it; it is impossible to disarm the criminally insane, evil and those with intent to commit murder, guns and bombs can be made in the garage, the ONLY option is to ARM the good.

  12. Like you guys, I’m a conservative Trump supporter but where I differ from you is I live outside the US – in Europe, in fact, and, like the rest of the civilised world, I’m shocked at the steadfast support of your 2nd Amendment by you.

    I’ve read and heard all the pro-gun arguments and can only conclude that the simple solution is to de-gun your society i.e. through a compulsory amnesty, and incentives.

    Before you start shouting and raging ask yourselves this “Why does the rest of the world conclude the US is a crazy place? The number one answer is guns, guns, guns! Why does no other civilised country have such a liberal attitude to guns – and a distrust of its fellow citizens, like the US? Every country has crazies but no other country makes it so easy for them to act out their craziness – as the US!

    • If you are mot a citizen of the US keep your OPINION to yourself and stay the hell out of our business and OUR Constitution. Furthermore stay out of OUR country and live as you can in YOUR country.

    • The biggest issue with your comment other than it’s our Constitutional Right to bare arms, is that if you take the guns away from the law abiding citizens you still will never get them away from the criminals and then we will never be able to defend ourselves. I don’t know the laws in all states, but in my state I have the right to defend myself if someone comes into my house and means me harm and me getting my gun is a lot quicker than 911.

    • SAVE YOURSELF! Do not vacation, invest, squat, pay attention to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA then!
      Our “guns, guns, guns” were adequate for your yankee asses when you were vulnerable to occupation an defeat more than once.
      Regarding your unfounded declaration “why does the rest of the world conclude the US is a crazy place?
      We do not care what the world, especially europa, think, if you think at all.
      Whether we are crazy, is a matter of opinion, and like buttholes, every person on earth has one
      Remove the plank from YOUR eye before you demand we remove the splinter from ours!

      • How many God forsaken shit holes have we saved????? Lets get out the places of combat, where good guys are dying. We don’t need to be the world Savior. Retired E7 USA

    • If you are not an American citizen, and do not live in America, you don’t really have a say in what happens here. The rest of the world should stop meddling in America’s affairs.

      • Exactly, look at despots, maniacs such as hitler, mussolini & their like. Honestly, WHEN will people wake up & actually SEE what is going on all around them? Before it’s too late.

    • Sorry, in Switzerland all homeowners are required to have a gun their home. We have relatives there so we know what is going on.

    • Well, Well we had to protect the Limeys from HITLER I was blessed to be a ARMY brat (23 Dad, me 29) I have see what happens in the world. You will see it if the Demonrats ever take complete contol.

    • Yep and that’s why ISIS has pretty much free reign to operate and kill in many European countries right? They know in America that they just might run into some of us who have guns and can put them out of their misery real quick.

      Why do you think Japan didn’t invade after Pearl Harbor? The West coast was wide open to them. Except Yamanoto was quoted as saying among other things that America had too many guns for Japan to face any land invasion. Still the same today.

      • There is NO way to ban everything that can be used as a weapon with which to kill another human being; hands and feet, as well as virtually every household implement, rocks, etc have been used frequently as well as more recognized weapons.

    • The US has always had guns and a Constitution and that ain’t gonna change if I can help it. i’m not a politician, but I am a Patriot and will do what I can!!

      • The guns were here even before there was an US: and our Founders saw need to insure they stayed in the hands of the citizens to defend against a tyrannical gov’t, as they’d had to use them.

    • Jazz. Sorry for our Trumpians. They really have nothing to say so they swear and call names. They don’t know how to converse or debate, just rant and act like little kids. It is really sad.

  13. When I was in grade school in the 50’s, studying American history & the constitution, we were required to read up on anti federalist papers.In it I remembered,Jefferson, Madison and especially Monroe stated “The right to keep and bear arms is a basic human right,”not to be infringed by the Government and not to be construed as only for the military.For fear of the Federal Government to usurp peoples individuals rights. Unfortunately how many of our representatives even read the full meanings of our original bill of rights? A lot has happened since then that our freedomshave been chipped awaay little by little.

    • Amen to that! We the citizens of each state ARE supposed to be “the well regulated militia” in each state. The states have fallen down on THEIR duties to see to the proper training and regulation of their militias; but that doesn’t mean we should now be disarmed and prey to the Feds with their overbearing tyrannical ambitions.


  14. A former friend of mine the late Al Bielek informed me of a deep state program, part of the highly covered up Montauk Project of which he was a part. young people with weak minds are hypnotically programmed to to doing the bidding of their programmer(s). After they are programmed they are released , not remembering the programming, going about their business like nothing happened. The person is contacted , perhaps by phone and are given instructions which they precisely carry out as if they were robots. Timothy Mcvey would be an example of such a person.
    Then it is a crisis which ith crooked politicians push to get legislation which continuously wears away at our freedom.

    Remember that Presidential Pretender Barak Hussein Obama repeatedly sain, “Never waste a crisis.

    Preston Nichols in his series of books in covert projects like the Philadelphia Project the Montauk Project and many other covert activities centered around Long Island wrote much about many unbelievable but TRUE happenings. Find, read, study and research these books and get a REAL EDUCATION on the activities of this nations “swamp dwellers

      • RR let your post thru Lyle, b/cuz >they Thought < No 0ne Would 'know' what you were talking about. Well,guess what –

    • Perhaps Barry was of the ‘Monarch Program’. Mother was embedded in CIA at that time … Barry ‘o’ has been Said: in a ‘jumping room’.

    • Who are you Lyle, Posting Re Al Bielek etc,
      Is this a ‘catch’ for those that ‘Know’ ???
      Well, for ‘those’ >logging infoRun<.
      Thnx Lyle – for the 'snag'. It's 0k__ & Basically G00D__

  15. Tell the whole truth if you’re going to tell anything. I listened to my governors little speech. And what you are not saying is that in order for this to happen there will HAVE TO BE a court order and it’s only valid for sixty days! Who’s side are you really on??? The do nothing that he is going to run against Must be defeated in order for this state to maintain a grip on our rights. Get the story right or don’t tell half truths!!!!!

  16. Mark – – So as a gun owner which militia do you belong to. Do you regularly go out on drills to coordinate things if something should happen and you are needed?

    The right to bear arms CAN be infringed. There is a ban on fully automatic weapons. You can’t own a tank or a bazooka. The Supreme Court with a conservative majority has said that there can be regulations on the Second Amendment. Yes it can be and always has been infringed for the safety of the population at large.

    Bump stocks are not guns. Ammo are not guns. There is nothing that says that a government can’t tax the sale of guns (they do now). So what part of this don’t you get?

    • Your an uneducated idiot. Yes we can own tanks and automatic firearms. You see we just dont use them against our follow citizens because we aren’t mentally ill.

    • There is no ban persay on automatic weapons as long as you fill out forms and pay a tax to own one and then you might wait well almost a year, to get that liscense. While the government checks you out from head to toe. So to say

      • I get that but the chance of owning a tank that is functional is pretty slim. I can’t imagine any state that would want you driving that thing down their highways. And from what I have read, the paperwork and background checks are really extensive. And the expense is almost prohibitive.

    • Not sure to which Mark you were responding. The right to keep and bear arms is a prior right of the people. It was not given by the constitution only recognized as a right that could not be infringed. By the way U.S. citizens can own machine guns and active tanks, so your arguments are invalid and uninformed.

  17. The Republicans in Congress need to remember what happen when to the Democrats when they passed the Semi-auto and magazine capacity laws. The next election was a bloodbath for them at the polls. We already have background checks and the government seems to be acting like a bunch of Keystone Cops dropping the ball at every turn in not keeping the data up to date. This is not a gun or gun owner problem so why are we being punished. Because for the most part we gun owners are Conservative, believe in God, the Country the Bill of Rights and Personal Responsibility. The problem comes from elected officials and government officials not doing their jobs. If you want to fix Broward County’s problems you need to clean house at the Sheriff’s Office from the top down. The School district needs to spend money on responsible security professionals and cut the pay of some incompetent administrators. You don’t punish the flock because the sheepdog can’t keep the wolves away.

  18. I have previously responded to anti gun politicians. Thr second amendment was put there to protect citizens from the government. I and my family wil never allow our guns to be taken by ANY government law. with 120,000,000 gun owner this could spark violence and at the least this gun grabbers should be voted out. I served in Vietnam Nam, lived through the 60s, lived through Obama and have the will to resist the government. If Trump sides with gun control it will be just another lie to get him elected.

    • They’ve got to be stupid to think pushing gun control will keep them in office. There’s a good reason that the 2nd Amendment was put into place to begin with. Now that we can add cowardly LE to that historical list of reasons, it’s one more very good reason for being able to protect oneself. No matter how hard they try, LE will never be able to protect citizens from crime better than they can protect themselves.


        • REPLY

          Butchy – – Looks like your cap lock got stuck again and you didn’t even notice. Can’t understand why you have to always be screaming. God knows you have nothing intelligent to say.

          So he has such a loving family? Only when he shows them the money and position. Ask the kids what kind of father he was. Ask his wives how great a husband he is or was. Would almost bet that Milania is out of there as soon as he is no longer president. You can see the disgust for him in her demeanor. The man is a morally bankrupt narcissist. He isn’t a Republican or a Democrat. He’s a Trumpian. The whole world is all about him. Just a disgusting human being.

          Or am I missing your sarcasm? In which case I apologize.

  19. I believe in the 2nd Amendment, but with sanity. I realize that the liberals are pecking away at the 2nd Amendment and hope to gut it eventually, but what Gov. Scott proposed does not throw the IRA under the bus. What’s the big deal of making the age of 21 the age of purchasing an AR-15, you have to be 21 to purchase a handgun? Background checks to weed out possible nut cases is a rational idea. I disagree with his stance on arming school personnel, I think trained volunteer teachers, administrators and auxiliary personnel should be granted concealed carry permits in the school. When an invader starts shooting up a school, it would take law enforcement 8 to 10 minutes to respond, if we had armed school personnel in attendance, the damage might be mitigated. About 10 states already allow concealed carry in the schools and no attacks or accidents have occurred, and it also would notify possible attackers that the school is not a “gun free” zone. It would be a deterrent. So don’t write off Gov. Scott because the alternative, Sen. Nelson, would be much worse.

    • As a social liberal I can tell you that we don’t have a problem with you spending your money on legal guns. But bump stocks aren’t guns. Ammunition aren’t guns. The Supreme Court has even said that the Second Amendment can have restrictions and we do. We, and from I have heard, the majority of gun owners don’t have a problem with a background check for ALL gun sales. We don’t have a problem making it mandatory for ALL states to report ALL incidents into the data base. We don’t have a problem with having more money for mental health care. We don’t have a problem tightening up the list of people who shouldn’t get guns.

      But we have never said to take away guns from those who have them and have never said that any qualified citizen can’t buy a gun.

      • HOWARD which part of
        ” A WELL Armed Militia being NECESSARY to the Security of a FREE State, The right of the People to keep and bear arms shall NOT be INFRINGED”.

        DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND ??????????

      • Actually, Feinstein was quoted as saying “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them… ‘Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ’em all in,’ I would have done it…”

        • Fred – – There are a number of people, a very small number, that would like to take out the semi automatic weapons. It is not something that would pass Congress and didn’t even when the Democrats controlled. It never came up. Wishful thinking on her part.

          Personally, I have no problem with semi automatic. I have a problem with the clip size. Ammunition is not a gun so it can be regulated.

      • A gun without ammo is just an expensive club! Don’t be absurd, and pay attention; y’all peeps DO want to take away our guns and we KNOW it.

        • So taxing ammo is taking away guns. I am not sure where you come up with that. We also don’t say outlaw ammo but limit the clip size. When the second amendment was passed you could shoot a shot every couple of minutes if you were good. Why do you need more than 10 shots in a clip? You will still be able to buy as many clips as you want.

          • For one thing you are confusing clips with magazines, but they aren’t the same. In the second place, there were rapid fire guns when the second amendment was written. You are simply parroting all the worn out uninformed talking points of the Marxists and Socislists.

          • They’re NOT talking about simply “taxing” ammo; they’re talking about making it IMPOSSIBLE to purchase or otherwise acquire. Take your leftist talking points where some of the uninformed will be impressed by them.

      • The people have the final word. Not the supreme court, they just in inturpet what the meaning is. Law by the people is what rules.

        • Really? What country do you live in? It isn’t the U S. We elect people who pass the laws. This is a Democratic Republic not a democracy where the majority rules. The law rules and the final interpreter of the law is the Supreme Court.

          • NO, the “majority” doesn’t rule; that’s the definition of a democracy, not a republic. AND the SCOTUS is NOT the final arbiter of whether a law is Constitutional, or not; that lies in the hands of the people of the US. The SCOTUS’ job is arbiter in disputes between states, primarily; read the Constitution as WRITTEN, not according to what your leftist teachers told you it says.

          • So Article III sections 1 & 2 state that the judicial power of the United States shall be vested in one supreme court and other courts that Congress shall establish. It has the power in law and equity to decide all cases arising under the constitution, the laws of the United States and Treaties made. Yes it also hears cases where there is a difference in outcomes of lower courts as it relates to multiple states.

            Read the actual constitution.

          • howie – you are such a ‘quinck’, bet you don’t know what that means. peeps laugh at you. no place to go. “got no friends” ?

          • You are right. I have no idea what it means and couldn’t find it on the internet either. Something new you made up?

            By the way. I have a great life.

          • That is what the Constitution says; except the “interpret the laws” part, where their only job is to decide whether they think it aligns with the Constitution; it’s NO ONE’S job to “interpret” the laws, just read them and adjudicate according to what they say, not what you THINK they should say or want them to say. SCOTUS only issues OPINIONS, then it’s up to the People or their representatives to deal with what that opinion says.

    • The 2nd was put in, so we could protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. 2 ways to enslave the population. 1 is by force (Can’t do that with the 2nd) 2 is by debt. WAKE UP, it will happen sooner than you think

  20. You guys lie like a rug. The only people who talk about gutting the second amendment are the guys that want to make it seem like anything that might be done will lead to a slippery slope to take everyone’s guns away. You will have to tell me first which Democratic administration asked to change the second amendment. Go back as far as you want. Carter, Clinton, and Obama never did. So cut the crap. If you want to argue substance, go for it but you don’t help your cause with anyone when you go that far afield from the truth.

    • Howard, What ARE You Going to Do, When ‘they’ (your lib. soc. >friends<? Come For You . Say 0k? & Go To 'hillary's 'Re-Education'
      camps/ 0h 'scuse me – Auditoriums/ NFL Football Stadiums etc.

      • Ring the bell – – -Exactly the answer that backs up my statement. Nothing really to say so drag out the tired fear mongering that doesn’t need to exist. You don’t get the idea that NO one is looking to take away our guns.

          • ‘Thoughts/Statements’ = ‘twisted’ &&& D0 Your 0wn DD. N0 0ne Here 0r Anywhere else should have to tell you that. Yes, ‘i’
            Will ‘Cut the Crap’ & So Should You. Good Luck? Hope so.

        • I’m not sure where you’ve been living for the past almost decade at least now, but the UN and leftists in the US most assuredly are seeking to make useless and take away our guns and ability to defend ourselves, at every turning. This was just the LATEST iteration of that effort!

          • So how many people are actually saying to take away the guns? Not many, really. When it comes right down to it, it might be on some people’s wish list but you notice that no Democratic president has even brought up the subject.

          • YOU WEREN’T listening; O was trying to get the Senate to sign on to the UN gun control agenda which was TAKING AWAY ALL GUNS!

          • Like I said you weren’t paying attention; he tried it several times over the 8 years of his regime. If you didn’t hear it, it was because you never listened to NEWS, as opposed to propaganda.

  21. Scott was all wind when running with Trump but he never ended the Sanctuary cities in our state, he never stopped the refugee flow and he never got rid of our illegals, he must believe the Demonrats will win and is now, like McCain and so many others a RINO but I can tell you now he is through. Florida has had enough of this shitbird.

  22. I was hunting and target shooting with friends as a early teen. I was reared in the South, and those activities were considered the norm. Never did it occur to anyone to harm another person. The difference in people now is caused by a societal moral degeneration. I am a combat vet and former law officer, and saw it begining in the late 60’s.

  23. People seem to be fixated on gun control and who should be able to get a gun. People are pushing to get this quick fix passed without thought of what a gun is used for, by not paying attention to what the Second Amendment actually states.

    I do not know about anywhere, except Chicago, Illinois, when it comes to owning a firearm. Here you must be at least 21 years of age and not been in a mental hospital for at least 5 days in order to own a firearm. Even then a person can be denied.

    My thoughts on getting a firearm are: Those who are getting a firearm for the first time should be a requirement to first see a CREDITED mental health physician. That mental health professional would meet with the person seeking a firearm for how many visits necessary to fill out a certificate clearing the person as being mentally competent.

    This physician MUST give a letter clearing the person, as to having a healthy state of mind, in order to seek a FOID card. This letter would be sent to the State approving the mental health of the affiant to be approved by the State, for a background check before a FOID card can be ISSUED. At that time the State can give the person a letter to attend an approved accredited school, or pay a fee to attend some private police officer instructed classes. Once the classes are had and PASSED that person would receive a Certificate of Completion which then goes to the State to process the FOID card. This would give the person who wants a gun have completed all necessary qualifications to LEGALLY purchase and own handgun.

    In order to be a Chicago Police Officer you need to pass a number of background checks and exams, including two very long psychological exams and an appointment with a Psychologist appointed by the City of Chicago. This is to clear the potential officer to be approved mentally healthy to be able to own a firearm, which is needed to do their jobs. Once at the Academy, Chicago Police Officers MUST PASS numerous exams on how, when and why a gun can be used. They also go through numerous physical tests to see how they would react in various instances. This is much harder than you would think. The exams must be passed with 100% accuracy. Failure to do so, another exam is taken until the 100% is attained – each test is different. Again, these exams are harder than you would think. I believe everyone wanting to own a gun MUST also take these classes and pass the exams before getting their approval for a FOID card. The State will then approve a FOID card, when all the above is completed and passed with a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION before receiving their FOID card, which allows someone to legally own a firearm.

    This would take some time to go through the process to be allowed to own a firearm, but what is the rush? There is NO NEED to get a gun right away! If it is a problem then that person should NOT have a firearm, as something is wrong with that person.

    This is how it should be how it is done throughout the entire United States – no shortcuts – no getting a quick and fast track to getting a firearm to receiving a firearm. Remember the Second Amendment states the right to bear arms to protect our homes – not to go out into the world and just shoot anyone.
    By the way I am very much opposed to teachers having guns in schools! Way too much can go wrong.

    • I disagree. First off, our current crop of mental health professionals aren’t all that mentally sound; these are the folks supporting and pushing the “homosexual and transsexual” lifestyles as “normal”, and claiming they’re of “sound mind”, and conversely who believe Christians and Jews are “bonkers” for believing in God, despite millenia of evidence that faith in Yhwh God is not unhealthy at all. Then there’s the COST of such a visit and examination: no shrink would issue a certificate based on 1 visit and for hundreds of $$$ per visit, that gets prohibitive on top of the cost of the fire arm and ammunition etc. YES, background checks and maybe fines to agencies who fail to report information they know that belongs in the data base to say a person should be banned from owning a gun, such as happened with the TX church shooter, and agencies that fail to act on reports of persons who are behaving threateningly.
      I disagree that the need to acquire a gun quickly shows instability; it may show that someone has just been victimized and doesn’t want a repeat of that experience or that a viable threat has been issued, against which defense is needed. A lengthy process may cost lives. There are already waiting periods on gun purchases in most states, to allow the investigation to be carried out.
      As to teachers in schools having weapons, many are vets, who are combat trained and experienced, just as many of my teachers were WW II or Korean War vets; I would have felt safe to have them armed, had this situation been the case when I was in school, but it wasn’t. In any case, Trump is proposing well trained and experienced gun handlers be armed in the schools not just anyone and everyone.

    • And yet, after all that training and screening that potential Chicago officers must pass, and that you desire that everyone nation-wide should be required to endure, after all that, SOME of them find themselves in court at the wrong end of the law.

      Where did your strict qualifications fail in these cases?

    • Gun free zones are great. Bull S$/?!!!
      Only the law abiding gun carriers obay these
      It is just like speed limit signs, they are only
      As good as the drivers that will obay them.
      Unless the drivers see a police officer patrolling
      These speed zones they will drive just as
      fast as they want, put A police officer along
      the road and every body drives the posted
      speed limit. If the bad guy has in his mind
      to break the law he will gun free zone or not!
      But if he knows that their are armed people
      on the property he will go to A place where
      their are no armed people!!

    • You are going on the assumption that once a person goes through your psych evaluations that that person is okay forever!
      Rather than putting all law abiding citizens through such an ominous requirement, it should only be based upon evaluating those who have shown some instability that hasn’t been reported to credible mental health physicians. If two mental health physicians find a serious problem, they can then present their findings to a court who then must adjudicate the person as mentally deficient. (For you information, that is how it is currently supposed to be.) Somewhere between 83 am daughter 100% of all mass shooters were either on or had recently gotten off psychotropic drugs. Those people were not properly monitored.
      Your method requires complete government intervention even before a problem is present.

      • Yeah, but FIRST you have to find 2 actually mentally healthy mental health professionals; so many of them are hide-bound leftists these days. These are the same people telling us that homosexuality and trannies are “normal” and conservatism and Christianity are insane.

        • Mental Health Geeks ‘pushing >Planned P-Hood Aborted ‘recycled parts’ ie. Hormone Therapy. PPL ! WAKE UP !!! You too, MR. Pres. etal. Thank you.

  24. I guess I’m missing the boat I know that by laws already on the books the young man was under 21 and not eligable to purchase the weapon he used. I was in favorof holding the dealer who sold him the gun equally responsible, but I was informed the dealer cant be held responsible for how the weapon is used. What about this it seems the dealer did not follow the law a background check should have reveled his age and that he could not buy the weapon the dealer may not responsible for what he did, but he sure in hell can be held for illegally selling him the weapon. WE HAVE THE LAWS ON THE BOOKS. Gun dealers in stores and shows should be the ones to do a simple check as to age.If he had a drivers license and they checked it would have showed. This is not going to stop anyone with murder on their mind but could slow down some of the carnage!

    • Yes he was, his gun was purchased legally, except for the mental health issues which weren’t on the available data base when the check was run. A rifle was legal to purchase at 18 in FL. In fact, it is in most states.

  25. I disagree; most gun owners want them responsibly handled and today’s 18 year olds generally demonstrate they aren’t capable of responsible handling. Further, people with SMIs have been banned from owning guns since the ’80s; SMI is “serious mental illness”. And most gun owners seem okay with stricter background checks. Bump stocks are maybe a sticking point.

  26. What a disgusting article. What the Second Amendment crazies don’t realize is that these amendments aren’t open ended. You can’t shout fire in a full theater. So goes the first amendment. There is also nothing that says that the second amendment is open ended. Otherwise, why don’t we just give automatic weapons to ten year olds? Why stop there? Maybe you should be able to own a tank and drive it to work?

    Just because you want to find an answer to this problem of people killing with guns doesn’t mean you are yanking the second amendment out of the constitution. It isn’t an all or nothing thing.

    And also keep in mind that a bump stock is not a gun. Ammunition is not a gun. There is nothing that says that you can’t regulate or even require registration, taxation and classes for all gun owners without running afoul of the second amendment.

    So lighten up. Almost 2/3 of this country want something done regarding guns to stop the carnage. Background checks on ALL gun sales is a great start.

    • Well actually your wrong on a couple of things. Most people want the laws already on the books enforced before we stalk about more laws the restrict a right. Secondly the Bill of rights is actually actually a Bill of anti-rights as former president Obama said, the Bill of rights does not grant rights to the people it tells the government what it is not allowed to do i.e. government shall write no law, shall not infringe. We as a society have allowed the government to infringe on our rights in the name of safety, now we have fewer rights and no more safety. Schools did not become gun free zones until 1990 since then there has been at least 8 mass shootings per FBI definition ( FBI says more than 4 victims to be a mass shooting) but prior there was only one. Sounds to me like the infringement of law abiding citizens rights have made schools less safe.

      • Nels – – You are right in that the Bill of Rights are what the government is required to do. The gun thing isn’t in the Bill of Rights but is an amendment to that Constitution.

        The fact that we have more school shootings now has more to say with society in general and it’s want to have guns that can do more damage from afar. When the AR 15 was banned there weren’t as many shootings. That says something also.

        • Honey, the 1st 10 Amendments ARE the Bill of Rights; and you’ll find the “gun thing” in the 2nd of those 10! Proportionally, society has fewer guns now than ever before; the problem that’s responsible for all the mass shootings has nothing to do with the proportion of guns owned; it has to do with the HUMAN condition specifically SIN and human nature which is bent toward evil, especially when it has no “moral governor” to it. It’s not GUNS, it’s BROKEN PEOPLE!

          • You’re right. My bad. Don’t know what I was thinking at the time (probably wasn’t).

            You are also right, it is broken people. But broken people that have guns that can kill from a long distance just exacerbate the problem. I’m not saying to take those guns away but there is no reason to enhance those guns with bump stocks and large clips of ammo. Nothing says we can’t tax the hell out of ammo.

          • “Taxing the hell out of ammo” means no ammo for guns which means all you have is an expensive club; it’s STILL violating the 2nd A.

          • We decided that cigarettes were detrimental to one’s health and to the people around them. When I was a teen and smoked it cost $2.90 per carton of 10 packs. Now it should cost ten times that amount. But wait, it now costs at least $50. Quite a tax so that we can have the money to deal with all those people that need help because of their illnesses.

            No different with ammunition. I am not saying that you charge a confiscatory tax but a good size tax that will get you enough money to help pay for the carnage that the ammo causes. Maybe you will get people buying smaller magazines and less ammunition. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to have a gun that shoots and kills, it will just cost a little more.

          • BIG difference between a bad habit that hurts you and everyone around you; and keeping a weapon for self and other defense!

          • Not really. It’s a known fact that homes with guns have a higher suicide rate. That is far worse than smoking. Guns are also the largest killer of people so that makes it dangerous to others. And that doesn’t even count how many times guns are used in robberies and assaults. And as I said, I just want to tax the ammo. Make it a little more expensive to have those guns in a usable condition. Then again, those who have a gun for protection are spending way more on the gun than they ever would on the ammo, even with the tax.

          • Really??? Where did you pull that factoid out of???? It’s not guns and never was; it’s the people who are broken and there are more suicides by ALL methods than there used to be. Having guns in the house doesn’t increase the likelihood and guns DON’T kill more people than smoking does.

          • That’s for sure! FDA doesn’t even investigate a drug ’til there’s a significant body count from it; they just believe the guys who are motivated to lie about the adverse events to recoup their money. And that doesn’t even include the wrong meds prescribed, or the wrong drug/dose filled at a pharmacy….

        • The .0001% of ‘Society’ Causing Damage w/’umbrella’ ie Far Left Policy Does Not ‘represent’ Majority, & Presume you, would prefer to be safe/comfortable. Howard, your discussion is ‘weak’ In Reality.

          • Ring – – That’s not what I said. The majority of people would like to plug the loophole where 40% of the gun purchases are done without a background check. The majority of the people are for banning bump stocks.

        • The first ten amendments are the Bill of Rights. You didn’t grow up in America did you? Falls Sie möchten können wir das Gespräch auf Deutsch weiter halten.

      • Ben Franklin warned about giving up rights in the hope of a bit of safety; he didn’t think people who did the former for the latter deserved either.

    • HOWARD, Again I ask you, which part of
      ” A WELL Armed Militia being NECESSARY to the Security of a FREE State, The right of the People to keep and bear arms shall NOT be INFRINGED”.

      DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND ?????????? You don’t seem to grasp the last 4 words of the Second Amendment

        • I guess the argument is that when the second amendment was ratified you shot one bullet every few minutes, not 50 per minute. The guns weren’t accurate. I don’t really care what the words say, they can be regulated. The first amendment says we have freedom of speech but you still can’t yell fire in a crowded theater. It’s regulated. It has to do with the general safety of the citizenry. Therefore you cannot have automatic weapons or other weapons of war.

          If you have a problem with that, take it up with the conservative Supreme Court which says that the second amendment is not open ended.

          • An AR 15 is NOT a weapon of war; it’s a hunting/sport shooting rifle. And it doesn’t shoot 50 rounds a minute. Only criminals and military have such weapons as do.

          • “For an average shooter, you’re talking about a top speed of about two shots per second, which means you’re emptying a mag in 15 seconds. Reloading takes maybe four seconds, so it’s 19 seconds to empty a mag and recharge. So the effective rate is about 90 rounds per minute, not counting the time it takes to aim.”

            Sorry but you are wrong. Technically if you had a large enough magazine you could do twice that much. Look it up.

          • NO, I’m not; there just aren’t that many people out there in the general public who could possibly fire that fast.

          • Weak discussion at best, H. kumbayyahaaa. i won’t be at your ‘marshmallow s’mores campfire’. Better be careful H. re wanting
            S’mores’ ???

          • ps. H. correction re ‘camp<fire'. Hillary Said:
            ["Adult Fun Camps"] probably you can still marshmallow S'Mores, hot doggies etc. there, but maybe just once a wk. (If your're 'lucky'?) & wear a brown shirt as long as you can. that's all.

          • The guys that wrote the Constitution & the Bill of Rights were a pretty intelligent bunch. I am sure they saw a lot of development in weaponry in their lifetime and would expect to see even more in the future. So, your applying the musket argument just don’t hold water. SORRY

          • Yes, they did, most notably the Kentucky long rifle which put the usual muskets used to shame for distance, and accuracy.

          • I don’t think they visualized what we have today any more than the idea that we would make a 100 ton object and fly it through the air.

          • I think you might be very surprised what our Founders knew and/or imagined. Jefferson in particular was a very imaginative fellow, indeed, and that excuse is as old and tired as the hills.

          • Used to be able to do that. But now there are too many people like you walking around to take that chance.

          • “too many ppl like you walking” etc ???. ppl like Me???. you must live in a bad hood. should have millions More just like me – wouldn’t have so many problems / twisted thinking.

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