This Republican’s reaction to the Florida shooting just ended his career

The tragedy in Parkland, Florida motivated the gun grabbers to go on the offense.

They began organizing pressure campaigns to force Republicans to gut the Second Amendment.

But one Republican Governor just ended his career with how he responded.

Florida Governor Rick Scott ran as a Tea Party champion in 2010.

And he is expected to challenge Florida Democrat Bill Nelson in the November midterms.

He may have just thrown his chances away when he announced a series of gun grabs in response to the Florida shooting.

Scott threw gun owners under the bus by championing raising the age to 21 to purchase rifles, judicial orders that allow anti-gun judges to confiscate firearms with little to no evidence, waiting periods, and expanding the gun registration database.

Breirtbart reports:

“CNN reports that Scott is pushing a “Violent Threat Restraining Order,” which are similar to California’s Gun Violence Restraining Orders in that they a designed to secure court orders to confiscate firearms following a family member’s complaint.

It is difficult to see how such orders–designed to be triggered by family requests–would have been effective against Nikolas Cruz. After all, the family with which he was staying repeatedly called the police on him in November 2017 but refused to file charges when sheriff’s deputies arrived. A member of the family with which Cruz was staying explained away Cruz’s erratic behavior by saying he “had been suffering significantly from the loss of his mother” earlier in the month.

Scott is also pushing a bump stock ban, “tougher background checks,” more stringent rules against the mentally ill, and a ban on purchasing or possessing firearms by anyone “subject to an injunction for protection against stalking, cyberstalking, dating violence, repeat violence, sexual violence, or domestic violence.

In other words, gun control, gun control, gun control.”

It will be impossible for Scott to win in November without the support of gun owners.

And he caved to the fake news media which loves mass shootings because it gives them a chance to waive the bloody shirt of gun control.

Gun rights organizations will oppose Scott’s moves and if their members sit home in November, Scott is finished.

Had he stuck by the Constitution and defended the Second Amendment he would likely win the race against Nelson.

Now gun rights supporters in Florida will see they have a choice between two radical anti-gun candidates and stay home.

Do you think anti-gun Republicans will lose in November?

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