Republicans scored a major victory that left Nancy Pelosi red with embarrassment

Democrats thought they had 2020 all sewn up.

Their House majority was impregnable and all the “experts” believed Joe Biden was on a cake walk to the White House.

But then Republicans scored a major victory that left Nancy Pelosi red with embarrassment.

Republican Mike Garcia won the special election in California’s 25th Congressional District, defeating Democrat State Assemblywoman Christy Smith.

Generally, a rule of thumb in politics is you should not put too much stock in the results of special elections.

They tend to be low turnout affairs that exist outside of the normal political environment because of unforeseen circumstances.

But this special election was different for a number of reasons.

First, Republicans had not picked up a Congressional seat in California for 22 years.

Second, Latinos make up the second biggest voting bloc in the district.

Third, this is the type of suburban district that Democrats successfully flipped from blue to red as evidence by Hillary Clinton carrying the district by seven points in 2016.

Even fake news POLITICO reporter Jake Sherman – who can be counted on as a reliable mouth piece for Nancy Pelosi and her allies – was forced to admit Garcia’s win was a big deal.

All the experts and political forecasters claimed in recent days that the House of Representatives was out of reach for Republicans.

And while Democrats are the favorites, this unpredictable political environment America is currently in leaves any outcome in November within the realm of possibility.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. With ignorant communist bastards like Anthony Lukatella out there, we should all be fearful of losing our country to these cheaters. Get out and vote straight Republican ticket in Nov. 2020. If you doubt what these a-holes want, just read his post, it is terrifying! GBA MAGA KAG Go DJT…..

  2. No. 50! Mitzvah! If this dialogue died before this post, we’d have 49 posts and that’s a DIRTY NUMBER! The No. 50 is round, crisp and clean and this post fulfills a mitzvah for the sake of fulfilling a mitzvah!

  3. FluffyPillowFive you are so right I don’t see how anyone would vote for anyone that put illegals before the American citizens. that is treason

  4. Since Ca is a mail in state and this election was for only 6 mo this I think they purposely let the republican win. She said she wasn’t worried. How many bets do I have that that seat goes to another democrat. This was to make us think mail in is ok and not comprised.

  5. AMERICA is in a DEATH-MATCH for our LIVES! The ONLY way to WIN? … To Finish Clearing The SWAMP! … One CREATURE At A TIME! … One VOTE At A TIME! … I am Completely Encouraged by the last TWO ELECTIONS. That AMERICA Will Be SAVED! And the SWAMP Will Be CLEARED! See YOU at the VOTING BOOTH 2020.

  6. The people are fed up with the demorats and their communist agenda. The only way they can win ANYTHING in November is through deceit and fraud. But they are good at that so only God can help us now. Hopefully he is watching.
    TRUMP 2020……

  7. The mainstream media is the propaganda wing of the democrat communist party.
    The CCP also has their state run propaganda media outlets too.
    All communist parties have them. Cuba has them, and blocks reception of Miami stations so the Cubans can’t hear the truth. You can’t have communism or a dictatorship without control of the news. Democrats know this all to well.
    There’s only two kinds of democrats; aspiring communist, or useful idiot.

  8. Let’s face the facts…ANYTIME something happens that benefits, supports, is positive or proves the Dems, Left wing news, TV, Radio or Print WRONG~~ just gets ignored by the same.

  9. 2018 was one of the biggest election fraud ever played out by the demorat (death) party. they used ballot harvesting with million ballots used by these schemers by stuffing the mail-in and after poll were closed. now, this death party wants to use it again in 2020 mail-in and ballot harvesting after the poll closed. to put a stop to this, all mail-in and harvesting ballots will require witnesses and current address not less than 6 months. one can not vote in that precinct if live there less than 6 months and should have reregistered or use provisional ballot for follow up.

  10. Fluff Five that’s the most accurate statement I’ve heard in a while, I keep up with your post. God Bless the United States…

  11. Anthony Lukatella thinks just like AOC and all the Bernie crowd, IMO. There are a large swath of Americans that share his beliefs. They are very dangerous people that communists, and other tyrants use as pawns – useful idiots – to get and hold power. Once these useful idiots wake up to what they have enabled, and given power to it will be too late. They will suffer the consequences of their ignorance, and so will we who know better. Everyone will suffer equally.

  12. let us Truly Recall that the DemoRATs caused the last “Civil War”…
    and that if they continue on their current path will cause this next one…
    let us beat the snot out of Creepy joe the molester at the polls in this Election…
    and let us wrest back our country and liberties from the leftists…

  13. Anthony I see your back or you were incognito like Snott 07 and his little tricks of the trade. But, just the same you need to quite smoking that weed, your brain cells are still declining…There will be blood on the ground before the Constitution is rewritten…

  14. We almost lost our country to these dem fools, let us never forget that, so we must overturn just about everything they have done and never allow them the opportunity of catching us sleeping again !

  15. Once Biden wins, with or without the help of mail in voting and undocumented immigrants, he will grant amnesty to the undocumented class and all Republicans will be voted out of office forever. Then we can change the constitution and get rid of a lot of it. Then we can fix climate change and make everyone equal. No more sexes, no more races, no more classes, and no more religion. Just people living in harmony the way it should be.

  16. with absolutely no measurement of the number of people who have had Obama/fauci/biden’s paid for covid19 virus and the CDC forcing doctors and pathologists to lie about the cause of death so the the obama/biden/fauci paid for covid19 virus deaths look higher then they are we have no means of know what the actual death rate is.

    WE do know they are claiming 90,000 deathswe know the population is about 340,000,000 which gives us a death rate of about .oo28%. the death rate is probaly half to a third that without the CDC lie which gives you a percentage of about .0014%. oh and we know the average age of people they claimed died of covid is 74 years old. So all your workers that lost your jobs do to covid: your chances of giving it are just about half the chance of you dying from a bad doctors diagnoses this year (over 100,000 people die of that in america each year).

    the democrat governors are being dictators for no reason at all.

    Isn’t science wonderful!!! just about every person who claims to be a scientist is a lair. they are really a regurgitation machine that repeats what a teacher 20 yeas ago told them. Ask your doctor is you should be taking vitamin K2 if you have high blood pressure and watch them look stupid.

  17. with so many democrat corruption investigations going on right now and the democrats presidential candidate a rapist and pedophile i have to wonder what drives anyone to activity support the democrats.

    i guess i am assuming the pro rape, pro pedophile, pro bribery, pro illegal entrapment, pro gun trafficking stance of the democrats is appealing to the democrat voters.

    Does that mean if Biden wins we get to cancel all of our anti bribery, anti rape, and anti pedophilia laws? I am just wondering what these democrat supporters are actually supporting.

  18. There aren’t many people as tough as Donald Trump, who could walk the tight rope and stand up to the hostility that he is dealing with. Hillary Clinton would just pass out and fall on her face. Joe Biden would stand in one place, blink his eyes, and mumble incoherent platitudes. Barack Obama would do nothing but try to talk his way through the crisis. In the coming weeks, we will see a Donald Trump who will stand taller and stronger and he will lead us through this dilemma and in the end this country will become stronger and better.

  19. Robertnorwood because they have lumped all illness statics into the Covid-19 to make it look more inflated.

  20. Keep the red flowing and How could they possibly think a VP that did nothing but criminal act be the best candidate. Just shows how wrong the Democratic party has gone.

  21. backfire immigrants and illegals like Donald Trump , even they know who’s best for this country . So let’s become legal, and satisfy everyone.

  22. Ms. piglosi is up for re-election in Nov.2020 but she is in a very wealthy democrap dist. and there is very little chance that these people have brains enough to dump the old toothless hag witch of SF. It is also true that there is no such thing as a honest democrap. So just ignore the idiot. Hopefully, with what the CA. gov. nudesome and crapseti in LA have done with this CCP virus, this state may have a chance to turn RED again if Californians wake and see the truth.

  23. While were cleaning house. There are some spineless/ crooked Republicans that need to go if there not working for US let them get a real job like the rest of us

  24. I’m amazed that fine Republican people like Garcia are discovered all the time, while the democrats are always on the lookout for their next moron candidates. Look at the recent state governors who’ve made headlines for being stupid. All democrats. The moron in Michigan and in Wisconsin. The one in Michigan is power hungry and Evers in Wisconsin is a bureaucrat in failed education and a lackey for the teachers unions. Lots of lefty teachers is the reason he was elected. Look at all the recent democrat stooges that ran for president only to have another fading moron in Biden winning. Even their voters rejected them.

  25. Why no info about “regular old fashioned flu”..?.. There is a vaccine yet many folks get it and some die anyway. I must be qualified as a voice in the wilderness but related statistics might put a different face upon Convitis

  26. Dem voters are desperate. When desperate, some listen to anything that comes out of the liars mouths. Never knew a dem that doesn’t have a motive to line their pockets and seek a vote based on emotion. They waste our money, to give to others. Just let us get back to work!

  27. EVERY member of the US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES and EVERY MEMBER OF EVERY STATE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES are up for re-election o November 3,2020. IF every voter in every state of the US voted STRAIGHT GOP ticket there would NO Democrats in the US House AND in ANY House of Rep in ANY state in the US.
    Senators re-elections are staggered. Straight ticket still helps there. WE could get more than 80 GOP US Senators. WE could flip t least 6 state senates.
    Go for it…. talk to everyone that wants the Congress to work for them instead of investigate. We got a great flip I WI and CA.
    This is OUR Chance to restore reality to OUR US Congress.

    US House under the direction of Nancy Pelosi left after the horrific vote yesterday to go home until end of July to rest after working ONE DAY!
    Democrats voted to let Nancy Pelosi do ALL their voting for them. 20 is the House constitutes quarum for 435 members… she can vote all the rest. IF your Rep is a Democrat they voted for this so they do not ever have to work again just give Pelosi their proxy. IF YOU vote Dem you will vote to give your US Rep the right to all benefits and pay NOT to work. HUH????

  28. Congratulations to Hon. Rep. Mike Garcia. Thrilled for a family man and patriot to win the election. Finally, a Republican to stand for traditional core values — America — truth, integrity, faith. In God We Trust.

  29. “Democrats successfully flipped from blue to red as evidence by Hillary Clinton”, I thought that RED was Republican and BLUE was for the DemonRATS.

  30. The California seat was held since 1998 by Demonrats. The same night aDemonrat seat fell in Wisconsin as well. Wisconsin was pissed about Nutty Nancy Pigloser sitting on the new Transcontinental Bill that President Tump had worked out. She let Farmers and Agriculture Districts go Bankrupt and let families starve while she pushed the failed Impeachment!! The Demonrats all know that America is fed up with their BS and Rights grabbing ways. That is EXACTLY why the Demonrats are trying to push mail in voting!!!

  31. When is pelosi up for reelection and is there a vial Republican to campaign against her?

  32. Snott27 that’s the problem. Too many commiecrats trying to make the constitution say whatever they want. But idiots like you are on board with that

  33. Let Us Truly hope that this is a harbinger of good things to come. and that Nasty Nancy peelooser is also defeated, along with chuck the schmuck, and AOC, Omar the adulterer, and Tlaib the terrorist and CREEPY Joe Biden The Molester/Grifter…

  34. It may be an living document, but not an evergreen document and good luck changing anything on it, which hasn’t been done in 223 years amigo. A proposed Amendment must be passed by two-thirds of both houses of Congress, then ratified by the Legislature’s of three-fourths of the states. Below line, little shoe will be sitting in the background whining and pointing fingers as usual…Sound familiar???

  35. Scott, Ben Franklin said that we have a Republic if we can keep it, but dems have no intention of keeping it. They want to do away with the Constitution altogether and have total control of our lives

  36. Honest-Democrat…You are truly a fool. And there is no such thing as an honest democrat. They threw God out and have no morals

  37. Go back to school retard, the 22 second amendment states Shoe Shine can’t run for VP or President again in this life time.

  38. I have reservations about voting for Biden because of his declining mental health but I would feel more comfortable voting for him if he chose Barack for his VP.

  39. Julio trumpgate blew up in their faces. Remember? And now there’s proof of pushing the impeachment lies knowing that there’s no evidence. So keep on with your butt dildo and stfu

  40. Nancy Pelosi is like a gyssie heading up a bingo game with blind people, they wonder why they keep losing, but just can’t get a visual on it…

  41. On April 7th, 2020 I voted in the WI Primaries for the true party of the people which is the Republican party, at that time the amount of reported cases of those infected with the Covid-19 virus within Brown County, WI was not nearly as high as it is now, April in WI is cold, November just as chilly if not colder, prime breeding environment for the Covid-19 virus, inept medical experts still say at least another 18 months before they discover a viable vaccine, I have to walk 5 blocks to the local Village Hall to vote.

    Only a damn! fool believes it is not possible to develop a viable vaccine for the Covid-19 virus within another 4 to 6 months, that is if a viable vaccine to treat the Covid-19 virus does not already exist and Big Pharma is holding onto it until they figure out a means by which to get the most profit out of marketing it as possible.

  42. Three plus years Adam Schiff and the rest of the banditos were on national television screaming collusion, corruption, dishonesty and finally impeachment. These banditos spent taxpayers money to investigate for 3 damn yrs at a tune of $ 30 million and more and ended up with freacking egg in their kissers!!!!!

  43. Nothing would please me more than to see the prayful Pelosi kicked to the curb come November.

  44. I just hope more democrat voters realize the lies their party has been feeding them, and that their party is not looking out for the voters best interests.
    Why would anybody vote for a party that tries to help illegal aliens more than U.S. citizens?

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