Republicans scored a major victory that left Nancy Pelosi red with embarrassment

Democrats thought they had 2020 all sewn up.

Their House majority was impregnable and all the “experts” believed Joe Biden was on a cake walk to the White House.

But then Republicans scored a major victory that left Nancy Pelosi red with embarrassment.

Republican Mike Garcia won the special election in California’s 25th Congressional District, defeating Democrat State Assemblywoman Christy Smith.

Generally, a rule of thumb in politics is you should not put too much stock in the results of special elections.

They tend to be low turnout affairs that exist outside of the normal political environment because of unforeseen circumstances.

But this special election was different for a number of reasons.

First, Republicans had not picked up a Congressional seat in California for 22 years.

Second, Latinos make up the second biggest voting bloc in the district.

Third, this is the type of suburban district that Democrats successfully flipped from blue to red as evidence by Hillary Clinton carrying the district by seven points in 2016.

Even fake news POLITICO reporter Jake Sherman – who can be counted on as a reliable mouth piece for Nancy Pelosi and her allies – was forced to admit Garcia’s win was a big deal.

All the experts and political forecasters claimed in recent days that the House of Representatives was out of reach for Republicans.

And while Democrats are the favorites, this unpredictable political environment America is currently in leaves any outcome in November within the realm of possibility.

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