Republicans struck one deal on impeachment that left Trump stunned into silence

A Senate impeachment trial could begin in very short order.

Donald Trump’s political fate hangs in the balance.

And now Republicans struck one deal on impeachment that left Trump stunned into silence.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi withheld articles of impeachment to try and pressure Republicans into caving to Democrats’ demands for witnesses at an impeachment trial.

Republicans want to structure Trump’s impeachment trial like Bill Clinton’s, where the trial began with opening arguments and time for questions and then there was a vote on witness testimony.

Democrats hoped the delay in sending over the articles of impeachment would twist the screws on RINO Senators after weeks of media backlash.

But that gambit failed.

Mitch McConnell announced he had the votes within the Republican caucus to proceed with a trial without committing to witness testimony.

POLITICO reports:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is moving forward on a set of impeachment trial rules without Democratic support.

The Kentucky Republican said Tuesday that he has locked down sufficient backing from his 53-member caucus to pass a blueprint for the trial that leaves the question of seeking witnesses and documents until after opening arguments are made.

That framework would mirror the contours of President Bill Clinton’s trial and ignore Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s demands for witnesses and new evidence at the outset.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi has withheld the articles of impeachment since the House voted in December to charge Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, in part to push Republicans to agree to fair rules for the trial. The GOP used the delay from the House to get ready to start the clock on the impeachment trial as soon as possible.

Pelosi’s ploy never had a chance of succeeding.

The idea that Republicans would cross President Trump to side with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer on to put the Democrats in charge of an impeachment trial was Fake News Media “wish-casting”.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Nancy Puklosi has lost it. She doesn’t care for Americans or America?? Just like the rest of the demon rats in the government. The just want the power to control everything thing. I pray the American people have better sence than to vote for any of them!!

  2. Madame Maliosa only has Abuse of Power now as her articles because Supreme Court removed Contempt of Congress because Pelosi never gave time for Prez’ legal avenues to be used. I’m surprised that this article doesn’t keep up with this fact. And so Nancy must defend a very weak accusation of Abuse of Power about 2 presidents following properly 1999 USA/Ukraine treaty to investigate US CITIZEN corruption in Ukraine. That is why Prez calls it a perfect call – perfectly following treaty requirements. Of course Paul Pelosi Jr. busy there slushing funds in Ukraine at same time Donnie nosed around with phone call maddened Madame Mafiosa as any mommy would get mad & thus we have a partisan faux lying impeachment coup against a duly elected sitting president who is doing a great job for our country. But a mommy’s anger knows no bounds! Or legality as is evident with her unconstitutional squatting on the articles instead of sending to Senate. She fears the dem treason trials on Senate witness stand under oath. What mommy wouldn’t???

  3. Thank you for Affirming that this group rarely every misleads anyone.
    And that the misleading here, is done by people who choose to be Democrats rather than

  4. Mitch McConnel should tell Ms Pelosi the Senate will hold the trial and, since she hadn’t sent over the articles of impeachment, the Senate will pick the House managers, the Senate will weigh the evidence presented by the House, and then decide the issues. Afterward the Senate will send her a letter advising her of the outcome on each Article.

  5. If the House Bill of Impeachment is anything other than yet another Kabuki Theater Act then there is an ~Implied Duty~ to forward those articles Expeditiously to the Senate.
    It is a Founding Principal of US Law that any accused, I repeat ~any~ accused, has an absolute right to a Speedy Trial. Pelosi and her Demoncrat [est. 2012] co-conspirators are attempting to engage in a soft coup, and the Senate Isn’t Buying Any Of It.

  6. Well Mitch it will all even out once Pelosi sends the article of impeachment over obtained with a stacked deck. The House impeached with a stacked deck and the Senate will try with a loaded deck. When finished we will have a full deck. Seems fair to me.

  7. If the impeachment items aren’t given to the Senate how can the Sena te have a trial. Yu don’t call a trial within evident on the accusing side. McConnell should say we have no evidence to call a trial and drop it. By calling their own trial without the impeachment items, the Senate is saying we believe Trump is guilty and so we need a trial just like the House is saying. When nothing is presented to the Court the court drops the trial since there are no charges being presented the court. Well, the Senate does a trial, that means the Senate is a court at that point

  8. It’s the way the Democrats have it, not by what’s good for the country, only by what’s good themselves, by cheating and dishonesty. Why let them?

  9. Nancy (miss lube rack) Does not have anything to do with impeachment in the senate. There is no reason to worry.

  10. First off Trump has NEVER been “stunned into silence”. Second Trump said all along he would not be against witnesses.

  11. Romney is the worse of the 3. He another noname McCain. Rand is a libretarian and very concerned about fiscal issues. Can’t say I blame him.

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