Republicans were stunned into silence by this warning on impeachment

The impeachment trial of President Trump is heading toward a verdict.

Democrats are counting on Republicans to break ranks and betray the President.

But Republicans were stunned into silence by this warning on impeachment.

Democrats believe four Republican Senators will break ranks on impeachment and support calling new witnesses.

Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell planned for a quick trial that ends in acquittal before the State of the Union on February 4.

Democrats want to throw a monkey wrench in those plans by extending the trial for weeks and months as the Senate litigates a court fight over claims of executive privilege over witnesses like Mick Mulvaney and John Bolton.

But Republicans are on notice that the President and his supporters will not tolerate Senators betraying the President.

As the Senate trial has progressed it has become clear the Democrats’ case is built on a house of cards.

On one hand they say the evidence that President Trump committed impeachable offenses is “overwhelming.”

But at the same time they say the trial isn’t fair unless they get to call a parade of new witnesses to testify.

Both statements cannot be true.

In reality, the Democrats’ demands for new witnesses shows this is an exercise in political vengeance over losing the 2016 election in hopes of damaging President Trump’s prospects in 2020.

And Republicans are on notice that the President’s supporters will hold them accountable for any betrayal.

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