RESULTS: Grassroots Donald Trump Impeachment Poll

QUICK POLL: Do you want President Trump IMPEACHED AND REMOVED from office?

What do you think of the results of the poll? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


  1. the democrats are the ones that should be impeached. Nancy pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Chuck Schumer should be impeached from Congress. President Trump is doing a great job and all he gets is alot of scrap. Things are so much better.

  2. Korah has come back from the dead in the person of Schiff to do what he tried to do to Moses, take over and be the commander in Chief. Its called the rebellion of the democrats. They forgot I thing, God put him their and the democrats will have to go through God to remove him.

  3. Go Trump! Cant wait for these corrupt democraps in congress to go to Gitmo and face a firing squad! Especially there leader George Soros! Love to be the guy that pulls that trigger! Corrupt bastards. Actully Gitmo would be to good for them! They deserve a face up gilitine, and it comes all the way down on 3rd try!

  4. I am shocked that that anyone would want Impeach President Donald Trumph, because I think hat he is the best President since Former President Ronald Reagan. President Trump has taken this Country from a country that was badly bruised when He began his start as President and said what he wanted to do and he has done it and we as a Nation are back in front as the Leader. People that want to Impeach him are just plain “SICK”.

    • Trump is a disgrace. You can’t justify his conduct in any way. If a Democrate did what he’s done they would have been tarred and feathers and hung out to dry. I am no longer in a favorable side with the Republicans. The cover up and twisting of the truth make me vomit.
      Sad country now. I was so very hopeful
      When Trump went into office. Big disappointment!!

      • Well I said it before I will say it again President Trump gets impeached on phony BS there will be another civil war I can almost promise there will be one. It will be the fault of the Demoncrates if we do. Trump did nothing wrong. All the Democrats want is to over turn the 2016 election they are still pissed off abuse a good man won and killery Hillary Lost OST LOST also getover it already

      • You have drunk too much of the MSM coolaide. You’re accusing Trump of the very things that you liberals/Democrats do. I hope the blinders will be removed from your eyes soon. Because your accusations have no basis in fact and make you look as looney as the rest who can’t think for themselves.

        Want to change the Country? Move away. You don’t have my permission as a citizen and a Veteran to do so.

      • You have got to be kidding. Everything the President does is either Manipulated,Reframed, twisted, lied about to make him look like Satan. This is Done by the DNC and their P.R. dept. The main stream media. You have had your brain washed, like most weak minded sheeple have.

      • Victoria Sholler you should take a close look at what Obama did b4 you call President Trump a disgrace. Obama did everything he could to tear this country apart and you voted for the man. You should be ashamed of yourself

      • Clearly someone is feeding you all kinds of crap, and like the rest of the liberal turds, yall just eat it up no question. Trump 2020 guaranteed and all the corruption is in your pos demorat party. Anyone who has the slightest bit of intelligence can see that from the last 3 years. Yall make me sick.

      • Please tell me what you believe he has done that is not legal. Where are your facts? You want to talk illegal how about FAST & FURIOUS? your former god pulled that one off and one of our Boarder Agents got killed and your precious Dems shoved that under the rug. How about Bengazi? Hmmm. Was that Trump…. oh nope again the actual worst potus ever OBAMA

      • You drank too much of their Kool-aid.

        When they take all your money and land and call you comrade, you’ll wish President Donald J. Trump was still POTUS.

      • 3 years of daily attacking President Trump by the radical demonRats and he has still done more for AMERICANS than the demonRats have done in a 100 years. We have muslims in our congress and teaching in our public school system, compliments of your pals the demonRats, and the taxpayers dollars that the demonRats are using to pay for their witch hunt. I realize that by your comments that you are sold out to the destruction of the American dream and incapable of recognizing the damage to America that the demonRats have and are doing to America at home and abroad.

  5. I don’t have time to read all the comments, but the way it looks to me is that due to the hate for this man, President Trump, the Dems and their followers are willing to tear this country apart! Look at the record he has set – helping America recover from the mess we were in – more people have jobs, the economy is better, he is brave in standing up to other nations and not bowing to them! It is frightening to see where we are headed. Only the Lord knows the outcome.

  6. This is the real Chainlink700rt
    I support Donald Trump 1000%
    Someone is using my code signature (Chainlink700rt)……
    So any negativity towards Donald Trump is not valid.
    Just wanted everyone to know I will vote for::::



      • Agree. He’s done everything he has promised. The Democratsjust have not done their job since he took office. All thwy have done is trying to get him out of office. They shouldn’t even get paid!!!

      • As the words to a beloved song stated; if you don’t love it, leave it. Referring to our great country! President Trump is indeed the best president our country has ever been blessed with! I voted for him in the last election and definitely will proudly vote for him in 2020! God bless President Trump, and God bless America!!!

          • Albert is a 72 year old weak liberal. Your feelings got hurt today, its ok. Call 1 800 killary lost and have her send you a complimentery whaaamburger with a large order of frenchcries. Then you can cuddle up with your teddy in a safe corner and sleep. Libtards. Thats a disease that can never be fixed. Yall are so blind and ignorant its a wonder you can even go potty without a demorats help! Trump 2020 woooot

  7. Trump has done what Obama couldn’t do because he was too unspecified: Yes! We can….?( but what?). Trump opened up the sentence and made sense of it: Make America great again! So Trump had the answer, which Obama never figured out for eight years. It took Trump three years to fulfil his goal. Obama never seem to have had a goal, only wishful thinking.

    • Trump is a complete fraud and the entire world is seeing him exposed. Other than his group of trained seals, no one else is b.c being fooled.

      • None are so blind as those who will not see! You surely do not want open borders, free Medicare for everybody but our seniors, gun rights taken away, abortion at free will, Sanctuary cities for the crooks Run free, massive immigration uncontrolled with open borders okay, EPA closing are coal mines, One World Government Taking Over Control of our government you can have all these if you vote Democrat

        • Keith: Absolutely frightening – but as a voter since the JFK election, I would never have dreamed our country would have manifested itself in the way it is now! Hopefully, our hidden majority will save the country from complete distinction by voting for Donald Trump for 2020. How this honorable man handles the hate thrown at him daily, is beyond my sense of integrity and patriotism! God bless President Donald J. Trump!

        • The George Soros-ian globalist banking clique definitely wants it all and with the backing of the largest voting block at the UN, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, they have gotten over 100 international banks onboard to support this travesty and support impeachment of a sitting President based on an anonymous whistleblower who doesn’t want to identify himself in Court! The precedent of this impeachment that side steps fundamental concepts of justice is worse than anything Presidents Donald Trump or Richard Nixon ever did!

        • Thanking all the men and women in the military past and present for protecting our freedoms guaranteed under the US Constitution. I slept in a warm house, on a good mattress, with a pillow under my head. Our military slept in a fox hole with a helmet for a pillow and a locked/loaded weapon for cover. SALUTE!!!

          • Democrats are so dumb! Imagine putting Schiff, an obvious liar, with an axe to grind, to impeach Trump! Do they think Americans are idiots?

        • Actually, you can only SUPPORT having all this by voting Democrat; Try to implement and enforce any of this garbage and the Real American Patriots will rise up and demonstrate exactly WHY we are still a truly free Nation, and not willing to be subjects under any Authority but our own

      • Your a disgusting uneducated brainwash fool. You listen to democrats who are traitors to the constitution. You probably don’t know what’s in the constitution.

        • Somany here are mentioning the constitution, but none you have red past the first page. So do not evoke the constitution because you have no idea what it is.

          • Speak for yourself, the majority of true Americans have read and understand the rights in the Constution. Many have died protecting those rights!! What have you done ??

          • well deep state, since you know the constitution sooo well, then you know the impeachment process should allow for the accused to know who his accuser is and the accused rightfully has the right to defend themselves in a court of law as provided by the U.S. Constitution. Congressmen/women swore to uphold the Constitution and yet, they are stomping it into the ground. They are degrading our great nation with all of their lies and deceits. They should be setting good examples; what they are doing is criminal. May God bless President Trump! May God bless the U.S.A.!!!!

      • Anyone w a lick of sense would realize that a party that wants to take your straws away is going waaaaay to far. What’s next toilet paper? Trump 2020

      • Show me the FACTS!! NO TALKING POINTS… JUST LIKE WHEN IN COURT…. WE WANT THE TRUTH THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. Please share it…. Otherwise go crawl back under your rock drinking your koolaid and suck your thumb… should I see if we can get you some diapers too?

      • Leeschu,PRESIDENT TRUMP has done nothing criminally wrong, any impeachment the unhinged Denocrats manage to force through would be based on lies and long-term subversion and fraud by same, and there will never be a conviction or removal by the House, so in the end, nothing much changes but the reputation of the lunatics trying STILL to overturn a legal election!

        • Really. You think the two witnesses were lying. They just presented facts. Did you listen to their testimony.?Why is trump forbidding his staff from testifying if there is no evidence. Maybe you would think differently if the paperwork and testimonies were not being blocked by trump. He broke the law by withholding weapons to Ukraine and asking for a favor to investigate his opponent. If he is so great, why is he worried about Biden’s son. Release the records and allow the witnesses to testify. Honesty I
          And integrity are two words not in Trumps vocabulary. Start worrying about our democracy and not your party.

          • Well he would bit the whole setup has NO DUE PROCESS and most of those who refuse the subpoena are under executive privilege. Only a non-sham court can get it released bit only if a crime has been committed which it hasn’t

    • Completely wrong and absurd. Donald Trump’s behavior, by his own actions and language, is the most evident probe of his unfitness for occupying the presidency or any public office. He is a compulsive layer, malignant narcissistic, serial sexual predator, dysfunctional personality, and a shame for our America!!!

    • Idiot! Trump was elected by the people. How dare a handful of congressional hateful demonrats even try to over ride millions of voters . Get over it !!

      • DICTATOR TRUMP was not elected by WE THE PEOPLE, he was help with his friends in Russia and idiot that want to live under and DICTATOR.

        • Richard Crooks, do you ever watch anything besides CNN or read anything besides the NYT? Get your head out of your ass and stop letting the libs lead you around by your nose! The only person you are fooling is yourself!

          • It must be really hard on you to be blind and stupid. oBONZO was the BIGGEST CROOK this Country has ever seen and right behind him is Bill Clinton. It must be awful being a demoCRAP and being in a political party that is for everything wrong in this Country such as Abortion’s even after a heartbeat is detected and abortion’s where the fetus is kept alive so they can harvest the body parts to the highest bidder and please don’t say it’s not happening because it does just think about body parts going to people because of the political they support and you murder babies after a heartbeat is detected and you call yourselves Christian, think again. You idiots are the ones that support taxpayers paying for sex change operations on people in prison.I could go on for hours about the bad things demoCRAP’s support so I say you support everything bad in this Country and leave it at that.

        • He has been the greatest, unapologetic and strongest minded president we have ever had; as a non-koolaid drinker, I am ready to re-elect him after fifty years of being a democrat. There is not one democrat candidate that put America first!!

        • Richard: You are one of the reasons we are fighting for a return to sanity! Has Obama’s school system created a bunch of blind idiots who cannot make a single original statement without voicing opinions from other blind idiots?

      • Sorry Fred, but he was Not elected by the people. You need to do some fact searching. He became President by the electoral college. A system that needs to be ended.

        • You really are a stupid idiot, I bet you don’t even know why we have Citizens United!!! You really need to look it up and you should also read the Constitution for then you just might learn something!!!

          • This is another Which hunt that the Democrats made up because they do not like Donald Trump because he’s not a politician and they’re all corrupt bargain hunter by then but don’t nobody says nothing about them

          • Sorry Trump lost California, and he lost popular vote by 3 mil.
            Trump is a looser, if he runs in 2020 he will not get even 40%.

        • You are a fool big time. The electoral vote is not going anywhere. President Trump was and I’ll say it again just so you will learn something. He was elected by real legal American citizen’s and since you do not like love living here in America then move to Russia or even Iran and see how you like it. Huh!

        • karin, you need to take a course in american civics and learn why we have the ELECTORAL COLLEGE. it is to be fair to those states that don’t have the population as say the eastern and western states. if the the electoral was not in effect the eastern and western states would always determine the outcome of the elections and the states with less population votes would not matter.

        • You obviously fail to understand what the Electoral College is or why we must have it. It provides equal representation for all the states to have their votes counted so that the presidential election votes will not be dominated by only the states with the largest populations like New York and California. It must therefore remain.

        • Sorry Karen, we already know he is elected by the electorial college as is required by the Constitution, but people still did elect him, because the electoral college is regulated by the people who vote.

        • Hillary had well over ten million illegal, fraud votes cast for her in 2016. All those dead demonrats voted for her and she still lost.

        • No, the electoral college needs to be enforced. I don’t want the loons of 325 square miles telling the other 14 MILLION square miles on what’s good for us all. That 325 square miles is new York and Californicate. Both of then have turned to shitholes because of leftist politics.

      • Everyone should stop calling each other idiots, and please stick to some basic facts.
        Trump won by the means of the Electoral College which is part of our system.
        As to opinions, I agree with Valencia, this poll seems suspect. Maybe only 5% of your readers are of mixed opinion. And Lowell’s threats should be a concern to national investigators as to his danger of gun violence. Beware how you treat your fellow citizens, please.

      • I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of Congress being paid $174,000/yr and the Democrats haven’t resolved any issues…. they refuse to accept the election of Donald J Trump, they refuse to work with the Republicans, they refuse to resolve immigration reform, infrastructure, border wall, security for America, welfare reform, pay inequality, housing, homeless, etc. By my match calculations, WE THE PEOPLE have received nothing in return… and you wonder why America is going broke and the deficit is $22T?

        • Obama’s economy continued to improve but is now beginning to struggle with Trump’s trade wars and his huge tax cuts for the rich. And even if the economy was booming there’s more to life than guns and butter. Having a known con-man sitting in the White House demeans us all – hell, he’s not even a smart con-man.
          He’s stupid, he’s lazy, he’s corrupt but it’s us who will end up paying the tab when his ghastly incompetence
          finally becomes so blatant even his schtick can’t save him. How anyone can continue to support this blithering idiot is beyond me!

      • I went to vote @the municipal elections this morning, & I have left the Democratic party, to which I didn’t always vote Democrat, & can now say, Republican, all the way, the democrats are really turning my stomach, They just can’t handle an outsider, and smart business man.😉

        • Your comment is great and truthful, best president ever i to changed from democrat to conservative ,Never to go back,they turn my stomach

        • Good for you. The Republican Party welcomes you. I have worked with the Republican Party for years and a nicer group of people can’t be found.

        • We Republicans extend to you a “wholeheartedly” welcome – from a proud American and Republican! KEEP AMERICA GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP!

        • He’s a TERRIBLE businessman… unless you prefer your business going bankrupt (repeatedly), driving your contractors and suppliers into bankruptcy as well by refusing to pay them and finally going to Russian oligarchs for funding after all the banks turn down your loan applications. Yep, he’s a great businessman – if you’re in the mob.

    • No people Who actually Read the transcript and Did the research and listen to the fools like shity shift know that it is a political witch hunt with all the democrat witches losing their minds over LOSING, they can’t Handel TRUTH, and can not speak truth. The dems are a JOKE.

    • Valencia, Dream on dim!! Trump/Pence in 2020 and More Republican Presidents for a minimum of 20 years after 2024. Goodbye all you dims who claimed if President Trump won you’d leave the country. Maybe you’ll actually do it in 2020/2021.

    • I agree! He should have been impeached long ago!
      I guess you can’t cure stupidity in the minds of imbeciles. Even a fool will look back in ten years and admit they are no better off due to this idiots time in office. What a shameful example the US put forth as the leader of the country.

      • David Bell such a great comment, DICTATOR TRUMP and his comrades are hell bent on bringing the country down and to live under a DICTATOR. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU EVER HEARD TRUMP SAY HE IS FOR WE THE PEOPLE. NEVER.

        • Richard you sure have been living under a rock the only party that acts like dictators are the Democrats, for they never listen to the citizens and for 3 years now they have accomplished nothing that the citizens want done!!! It is very well known that the Democrats are the ones that want to be dictators and have complete control of are lives!!! Wake up fool !!!

        • watch his rally’s fool he is totally for giving America back to Americans. get your head out of fake news and see what is really going on. try fox for a day.

      • Maybe you should get out of america your not a american anyway
        The democate want iran to take over our country thats way obama give them billions of dollars to destory our country so go join the iranians so we can kill you to

    • Pay attention – 5% want him impeached and removed from office. There are more people that want he impeached but not removed from office. Look at Slick Bill Clinton who remained in office after getting multiple in the Oval Office and he wasn’t “Removed”.

    • I’m a Canadian, almost everyone in Canada watches what is taking place in the United States as what happens with the United States economy will also happen some what in Canada within the year as we are so closely tied to each other. Trump in my opinion has done good by the United States and should be left alone to run the country as he sees fit. The people of the United States voted him in, in the last election, so leave the person alone unless he has done something terribly wrong that can not be corrected while he is inn office.

      • Thank you David for your Blessed comment! My Mom was from Montreal, Canada; and I’m proud to say that I we voted for President Trump in 2016 and will again in 2020. Best President in ages – economy doing great; jobs available; and better trade agreements. I love Canada too!

    • greatest president we have ever had not bought bye big money. giving America back to the people of united states. looking out for our vets and police. bringing back our jobs. list goes on and on and not using the white house for his vacations at the cost of Americans. actually working and working hard. no harm meant but have you honestly listened to him or you in favor of fake news. watch his rally’s just once to see what he is doing. seeing is believing.

    • why should he be impeach. mr trump president did you loose your food stamps, an wel fare check get over it get a life. tiard breath,best president we have had in, do life time what he say,s he will an beyone.

  8. Whi;e I believe President Trump will be re-elected, my concern will be replacing the minority in the Senate so that we can get things done during the next four years or we will be back in the saddle again. Just my opinion.

    • You really mean The House! But UR
      correct in principle cause they are
      several RINOS in the Senate tht
      need to be Report so we can truly
      have a conservative GOP Senate

          • I think the whole Democratic platform is fake! The majority of the American people love President Trump! The American people want the Republicans and Democrats in Congress to do the job they were elected to do for the good of the country, not play politics 100% of the time.

  9. Of course I don’t want Trump Impeached and Removed from office – I am a staunch supporter of President Trump and I am predicting a Landslide Election in 20/20 and the Dems can go pound salt – They have sealed their fate with this Impeachment Process.

    • You really mean The House! But UR
      correct in principle cause they are
      several RINOS in the Senate tht
      need to be Report so we can truly
      have a conservative GOP Senate

  10. Trump’s son was in Russia just before the election!! It was on our 11 o’clock nightly news! Both my husband & I saw it. I wish that I had a tape of it but I don’t. TRUMP SHOULD BE IMPEACHED!!!

    • I recently listened to a political annalist on You Tube who said that Trump has actually met the criteria of having committed all 4 requirements for impeachment. “Treason, Bribery, High Crimes and Misdemeanour’s. I am reading House of Trump House of Putin by Craig Unger, which is documented information. You will not believe the connections between Trump, Putin and Guilliani, and the Russian Mafia. In my humble opinion I believe that the conspiracies are created in Russia, carried to our media who reports such and keeps some people forever suspecting our Institutions in the government of being criminal, believing that the legal media is “fake news” and that makes Russia’s Putin hand picked our current President. Only and opinion but it seems logical with the information I have read so far. I like books, they are researched usually. If not, find some that are.

        • John, your hatred is showing. You shouldn’t be calling anyone stupid since your comment just showed all how truly ignorant you are. Go back to your cave of hatred and stay there.

        • Keep on voting Democrat. Your taxes aint high enough yet. Democrats areas high taxes. High welfare. And you love it. You caint fix stupid. Small government small taxes. Big government big taxes.

      • Wow and you come from where? Mars? I think you are mistakenly thinking of hilly Clinton and obumbutt they were in bed with the Russians giving them our Uranium, You Know the stuff WE need for security of nukes? Or did you Forget that? The only mafia is the Clinton mafia Yup you need to do some research. But then that would mean learning Truth and no liberal dem would ever do that , oh and what about the illegal e mails? And Benghazi? And the gun runners? You know the ones hilly handed over to the cartels that Murdered the Boarder officer? Oh and how about obumnutt allowing the Release of bagdaddy? You know the POS who Killed the Americans so many crimes by the Clinton and obumbutt mafia. Wake Up sheepel

      • WOW Sally…a political analyst on utube…I’m really impressed with your choice of a source of information that guides your thinking. And a book by Craig Under…Ooooh, he’s another expert, right??? I like books too, but it’s easy to write a book, as many do today, if you’re only researching one side of an issue and only push that side in your book. Were there any real libraries in the area where you grew up?????

    • That is the most ridiculous reason to want a president impeached! So what if his son went to Russia! Hillary and Obama sold our uranium to Russia!

    • Gloria, you are too stupid to even be allowed to vote. I dare say you love the democrat party more than you love this country. Intelligent people like myself left the democrat party years before they became this corrupt.

    • Gloria, I think you are spreading fake news, but that is typical dim behavior. I don’t give a rats patoot if President Trump’s son was in Russia. You dims have a very convenient memory block concerning Obama being caught on camera offering Russia better access AFTER he was re-elected. How about idiot Biden going on camera and bragging about his threat to withhold a billion dollars from the Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor who was looking into Hunter’s illegal behavior. Oh and yes, about Hilda’s fake Russian Dossier, the Pay for Play, etc. JUST GET OVER YOURSELF AND REALIZE THE DIMS HAD ONE OF THE WORST CANDIDATES RUNNING AND THIS CURRENT CROP HAS SUNK TO A NEW LOW.

  11. IF…..IF, the watermelon Dems actually vote to impeach Trump, they shall be totally out of power for many election cycles to come!

    • OMG,
      The present GOP is the most corrupt, nefarious group of traitors that have ever existed in my lifetime!!! I will never vote for any Republican candidate! Moreover, your organization just publishes lies-nothing but “fake news” and I do NOT want to continue my subscription.

        • No sand or mud butt he has a crappy outlook on the GOP! Just another ignorant Hater without a clue of the Deranged Democrats he likes. Very Foolish

      • For your dam information the people that are corrupted is the Democrates and the four so called women Cortez , Omar , Tlaib, Pressley. These women should never be in our government office in the first place. These women ,Democrates , fake news and the talk show the View are the blame of the MASS SHOOTINGS IN OUR COUNTRY AND THEY SHOULD BE ACCOUTABLE FOR THEIR HATERED AND THEIR RACIST BULL CRAP.

        • Accepted foreign aid in getting elected (per Mueller report.) Attempted to obstruct justice 10 times during the investigation into Russia (attempting is still a CRIME) Withheld military aid approved by congress from Ukraine until they delivered a non existent server that proves Ukraine actually meddled in our election and provide dirt on Biden reading it on CNN. Currently withholding military aid from Lebanon. Pulling out of Syria allowing the slaughter of innocent people and allowing Russia to take our place. Inviting Turkey’s president to the white house after he murdered our allies. Selling Saudi Arabia weapons even though congress voted no after they viciously killed a permanent American resident with American kids. Enriching himself and his family through the presidency. That’s just a start.

          • Apparently you believe only liberal crap and, are not brave enough to look at conservative sources that tell both sides of the story. Communist News Network and Marxist Stalinist Nazi Broadcasting Company are just non-stop anti Trump propaganda. You need to watch FOX, OANN and NEWSMAX to see both sides of the story. Every story has two sides. You have apparently ben brainwashed by and indoctrinated by the left wing liberals who want to make everybody a slaves to the government.

    • Hard to believe the republicans have lowered their standards to support the lying, corrupt, racist Trump. He’s a total embarrassment to the world and he’s in bed with Putin. Wake up republicans before you get crushed in 2020!!!!! Impeach him now!

      • John Jones: You better be glad Donald J. Trump is the President of the U.S.A. If he wasn’t, Hillary would have sent the rest of America jobs overseas. You needs to Thank Almighty God Trump is out President. He is not in bed with noone but his Melanie. You needs to stop listening and looking a the brain-washed main stream media and their lies about our duly elected President. If they don’t stop attacking this man and lying on him, all I can say is, watch for the wrath of God upon this corrupt news media and the demonic demon-crap party. God almighty is in control. God is waiting for the day, time, hour, month, and week to exposed all the corruption for the whole world to see. Wake Up!

      • God is the almighty; & the day has come for the Democrats; that’s why Cali is burning heading for San Fran; & will get the movie star’s hses next. Your wine will be gone; & hopefully all the drugees.

        • The day of wicked commies are coming to an end. The lying Democrats are going to be exposed for what they have done. If they want to start a Civil War we the true Americans will finish it. God will always be on the side of the Right.God divides the Sheep to the Right and goats to the left. Also stop listening to the Hollyweird stars. Trump is the best President we’ve ever had. 💪😁😃

        • Fires are gone. Nobody died. They are getting worse every year due to CLIMATE CHANGE. Florida is flooding on sunny days because sea levels are rising. Jesus wasn’t white and probably didn’t exist. The world would be better off without religion (or superstition as I call it.) We’re nothing but stupid freak apes that understand math. Why else do we have more nuclear weapons than needed to blow up the entire earth more than once.

  12. After speaking to thousands of people I feel that this would be the end of the Democrat party if they were successful eith impeachment

      • YoMama, Yo Crazy! The Republican party is stronger now that we have a President who has a spine and guts. I like the fact he is NOT politically correct and calls them as he sees them. He is NOT a wuss and that is a definite asset.

    • I want the real Gangsters tried The whole DNC Demacrat Nazi Collision investigated tried for treason when convicted. Then let the military despose of this human debris like the execution pole. And it should be on national TV so everyone can see what happens to traders and gangsters in America….

      • Lmao and we’re the nazis. What you just described is fascism. You don’t deserve to be an American. PEOPLE WHO DISAGREE WITH ME MUST BE KILLED! Fascist

        • @ SutupBoomer: in actuality, it is the leftist who do not tolerate any who do not think like they do. True conservatives put up with idiots like that and try to let their votes do their talking for them. That is the main reason Trump won, we had put up with enough “not-America first” presidents from both parties in a long time.

    • It is over for them anyway, the American citizens has seen how corrupt things have been
      and that do not want this type of government. They according to most voters, they are
      planning on voting them out of office.

    • I fear this will trigger a civil war! The demons should be dragged out of office and impeached. This demon party should be gone!!!!!! I’m soooo sick of them!!!!!

      • It will be a civil war and the Democrats asked for it illegally impeaching a President and other crimes committed by the Democratic Party

      • Diane, I hear that a civil war is imminent. The Conservatives will clean their clocks. The dims talk a good game, and they are so brave with their faces covered and running with a mob when they are beating up little old ladies, but they will be properly defeated.

    • I truly believe it will be the end of the democratic party too if they go through with this. People are already fed up with their crap & they are just digging their graves now. I have never ever voted for a democrat & never will. They are all sick & brain washed & under the devils control. They just can’t accept that Trump Won. They all need to be kicked out of politics & terms should be set for all of congress. They should not be allowed more than two years in Office with no retirement & they should have to pay Social Security same as we do. Neither should they have government Insurance. It should be the same as ours. All of the democrats now should be kicked out of office now. I believe in President Trump & I am sorry he has been put through everything that he has.

  13. Just simply vote any dempcrat that is running for any office OUT. I voted Democrat about all my life but they showed me we dont want any democrat even as dog catcher.
    Do they think we will forget by election time? If there is any good democrats out there they need to get some changes made because the ones in the House of Rep. are getting all your voters to turn against you. Just remember to vote NO to all democrats. Watch them moan an groan then. They wont do the work they were elected for, send them all home.neldon

  14. First things first! Hillery should be investagated by every aspect of the law and no corrupt judges,CIA FBI or DOJ from the past involved, all unredacted documents turned over, we all know she burned there New York house filled with BlackBerry phones, house office computors, and files! That more than a crime itself and that nothing compared to the Bengazi theosco ahead created and got people killed! Her and corrupt Obama gun running operation, then abandoned post and camel jockeys ran off with all the missiles and weapons, then theres the illegitimate corrupt idiot Obama that never should ha e been elected, a George Soros puppet! Then there’s the worse problem of all! George Soros! Hes what wrong with every country, corrupting them all! Controling markets and democraps protecting his old sorry ass! They all should have real investigations done before they even hold a meeting about Trumps! Hes doing a wonderful job for hs ing to put up with all the crap thrown in his way! Obama, Clinton’s and sorry ass Soros doing it all along with corrupt democraps in congress! Trump should get 2 years back from time wasted by democraps! Obama, Hillery and Soros should be ran through Gitmo as quick as possible and Shot to death!! No questions asked!

    • Rickster
      I believe that William Barr and his team have now started a criminal investigation into the origin of the Russian collusion investigation.

      There’s a lot of worried democrats and rinos now. I bet there’s a majority of American citizens who want to know the truth about the Russian collusion investigation.

    • She was investigated by the republicans on all the b.s. you listed and found absolutely no evidence of wrong doing. Benghazi 4 investigations and nothing, talk about a waste of tax payers money.

      • OMG! He’s a con artist! A criminal! Huge liar and cheater! In way over his head! How can you not see him for who he is? It’s amazing to me how you think he’s a good president! He had shown us who he is..and you just don’t see it! Or you don’t think there’s anything wrong with being the dumbest leader of the free world we’ve ever seen! He’s so dumb, he doesn’t even see how he’s his own worst enemy!

        • Truth and Facts – Well this name surely does NOT reflect your words. Hilda is responsible for what happened in Benghazi. She was given a total pass by the corrupt people in power. Anyone else’s behind would have gone to federal prison. Why don’t you try some of Hilda’s tricks and see how quickly you become a guest of the federal prison system.

  15. Whay very good job President trump have done for this country they want remove Chess to hurt on person they not think about the country and the people and security he can not be impeach his the best President look
    His very good job his doing for this and the world.

    • What difference does it make why one of Trump’s sons was in Russia before the 2016 election , Donald Trump was just a candidate for President not a sitting President and Trump Industries is not just an American corporation its world wide and they do business in many nations . Not to mention that Trump had to sever all ties to Trump Industries before he could even run for President . Besides its not like he was the sitting Vice President and took his son to the Ukraine on Air Force 2 and his son comes home with an 80 thousand dollar a month job and his company got a 1.5 billion contract with the Chinese government . You need to get your head out of the sand and stop watching network news your being lied to misled .

      • Basically you are saying that people should watch the news that Trump wants you to watch. O.K. read books and get really deep information regarding Trump, Putin and the Russian Mafia. I think it is you who is staying with head in sand or wherever. When one says, “I am like Trump”, he is saying he is a liar and one needs to watch out. Better yet get out of the way.

        • Please tell me what books you have read about this, not tv news.
          Did you read any books about Pres. Obama while he was president? Obama’s own books?
          You, sir, are the one believing the propaganda! Read Fiorazo Redefining Truth. The Democratic Party is controlled by George Soros who funds Move and Black Lives Matter. Your Democratic Party was the party of slavery in the south. Then Lincoln changed slavery so the Dems created the KKK to frighten whites who accepted black Americanx and to hang no compliant blacks. To go one step further, Margaret Sanger whom the Clintons champion started Planned Parenthood to keep the population of blacks and undesirable poor whites down.

          • You know that parties basically switched during the Civil rights Era right? So Lincoln was a republican, but he was a PROGRESSIVE. He wanted to end slavery. The democrats in the south were little bitches and the civil war broke out and the south LOST LOLOLOL. Today’s Republicans are not the party of Lincoln. Lincoln would be a Democrat today. Study some history.

    • Gloria: Regarding your question concerning Son of Trump, get Craig Unger”s little book with much to say in it by the name of “The House of Trump. The House of Putin.” It discusses and documents Trump’s and Putin’s connection with each other and the Russian Mafia. I thought that these up tight Republicans were for making America great. Looks like it has to do more with their making America the United States of Russia or something of that order. We have many who are giving the false information for some news sources to broadcast. They create this as Russian operatives and assets do. The are getting people to thrive on conspiracies that are non-existent and turning many against the US. (also us.) There are many good books that will prove the way Trump was chosen and why. He serves himself and other nations who are not our friends very well.

        • The real crimes(plural) are the attempted coup by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, and the red herring cover up being committed by the Democrats and the media that is happening now ,

      • You are most likely another one of those people totally propagandized by the left. Am Independent and think both Republicans AND Democrats have a place in the leadership of our magnificent country. HOWEVER…the hard left consists of people like you. No thanks. Your namesake must be so embarrassed. Wish you well regardless…just not to your broadcasting for the hard left.

      • Well put. Trump has connections to Russian via sale of the condominiums at inflated prices. Russian mafia financed Trumps golf courses in Scotland and Ireland. My information is from sources in Russia. Putin has a mountain of kompromat on Trump. just look how he kowtows to Putin, the example is news conference in Helsinki,

    • gloria
      Before the 2016 election Donald Trump and his son were private citizens and business leaders,not USA government officials. Has business leaders they were quite entitled to make business deals overseas.

      creepy joe biden was an elected USA government official who used his position has Vice President to withhold funds from the Ukrainian government. Unless they terminated the prosecutor who was investigating corruption of the company that had hunter biden sitting on the board of directors.

      The media platforms don’t want to raise this, because people will see that Donald Trump was a businessman who was legitimately dealing with overseas countries. While creepy joe biden was a corrupt politician who was extortioning the Ukraine government to prevent his son from being investigated.

  16. There is really only one way to get rid of these sick minded idiot Democrats and liberals and that is to vote all of them out of office all over this country, or give them the civil war that they really want!!! Either way we will end up saving are country, for if we vote all these Democrats all out across this nation then we will get are nation back on track of being constitutional and a lawful civilized nation, if they want to start a war then we can execute all the Democrats and liberals in are nation or excile them from are nation!!! For in a civil war these Democrats and liberals can never win for they would all be over matched with are military and are patriots!!!

    • Amen to that
      Thank you for standing for our country and our President
      I agree with everything you posted. Kick these Democrats out of offic Everything you posted is right.

    • The DEMS must be voted out of office, they are incapable of leading this Nation to further greatness. They really are not intelligent enough to further be in office.

    • Sir:you are promoting civil war because one is a Democrat. The Democrats have as much right as you red-neck, punitive ignorant folks. Voting out of office, if you can is legitimate, however, should you loose do not yell fowl when the Pres. has outsourced the previous election, and might do the same if he can on the next. As far as Intelligence for office, listen to Kennedy from La. when he speaks not knowing what he is trying to say. He is alw3ays “going to see”. He is like many of the Republicans in Congress, scared of Trump as Trump will make him loose next time if he crosses him. Advocating war against other civilians of this great nation is against the Constitution, which your President considers to be fake. Trump is who is fake and non American as are many of you.

      • Mack, your ignorance is unbelievable!! And so is your sick hate. NOTHING you say is true. You have no clue at all about the truth. sad. And it is “lose”, NOT “loose”. Please take an English course.

      • @ Mack: You do know the more Mueller investigated Trumps “collaboration” with Russia that more Democrates came to light collaborating with them instead, especially Clinton? Thus the Steele (spelling) document.

  17. Why should president Trump be impeached? He has done nothing wrong. I think this is a sham what they are doing to this man.. He is the best President we ever had and I stand by him 100%I think it is awful what the Dems are doing to him . Shiff should already be out of there when they discovered his first lie.. They really like spending the tax payers money up there and it seems like I don’t hear anyone complain about it . They don’t deserve any pay cause tax payers are paying the bill for the impeachment. They should not draw any pay because they have done nothing but investigate Trump and have not done one thing for the people that put them in office.. It is time that we took back the government. We were the government at one time and and let it all slip through our hands. It is time to fight for it back.

  18. We should all concentrate on what is best for this country. Forget Republican and Democrat, Liberals and Conservatives. We should pray and get on the same page. Trump is our President just like Obama. we prayed for Obama. Trump has interrupted the money flow for many politicians and that is the main issue here. Go Trump. Go America.

  19. Now, make each pollster actually sample the correct percentages of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents versus adding 8 to 10% more Democrats to show more than 50% want Trump impeached. Otherwise, figures don’t lie, liars figure and manipulate the numbers to make Trump look bad!!


  21. Current LAW demands closed borders but permits requests for inclusion! Conservatives want closed borders and want current law upheld! Progressives want open borders and want current law ignored! These two desires are in direct opposition to one another. There is NO MIDDLE GROUND!
    There is absolutely no room for any compromise! We are supposed to be a country of laws. Follow the law or change the law. Don’t ignore the law!

  22. remove all dems @rep who are to stupid to realize That Trump is the best thing that has happened to this country ever. Start by disbarring all attys in house and senate that carry on and repeat distort all lies about President trump In real world they would be disbarred for filing false statements.

  23. A batch of recent polling confirms the Democratic impeachment push is gaining steam — including a new POLITICO/Morning Consult survey that shows for the first time that more voters support than oppose proceedings to remove Trump from office. The uptick is primarily among Democrats, as Republican voters surveyed continue to have Trump’s back.
    The new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll comes as at least a half-dozen other media outlets have released surveys showing support for impeachment rising.

    • And that support is only there because only one side of the story is being told!! If i only watched the lame stream fake news media i’d probably be a brainwashed drone hating the president as well!! There’s no truthfulness left in the lame stream fake news media anymore!! It’s nothing but liberat propaganda these day’s!!

    • Why would anyone gives a damn about polls. Remember Hillary winning all the polls? The only one shall count is in November 2020.

      • For your information joe Maranville,Trump is a conser ative Republican.Get your facts straight,before you make any more comments.
        What a dummy!!!!

    • If course the count is high in favor of impeachment! Why do you think Soros and that ilk want open borders; and if you believe the count is accurate, I know of a well known bridge that’s for sale

  24. I can see this is a Pro-Trump page full of racists allied to the Russians plan. The score you shows only exist in your own local opinion but Do Not represents
    the genuine American mentality. I am white, US citizen and, I love and accept all the shades of my country that gives Us, the Honor to be, The dream makers.

    • Malka…???????????????????????????????????????? “The American Mentality” is not represented by CNN polls either..duh de ta de

    • I lost the little bit of respect when he broke the Constitution. Anyone that does not believe the constitutional processes do not work does not deserve to live in this country. By the way, the GOP that are backing his illicit behavior need to leave right behind him. This is the same process that has worked for over 200 years. It will not be stopped because one person comes along with a God complex. He needs to step down and quit wasting tax payer money trying to prove something that cannot be proven.

      • Ms. Gant, You are entitled to your opinion but I wish you would think back over the last eight years when we were going down a rabbit hole. We should all pray for our President and our country and traps them.

      • Juanita, just which of the jackasses running for president would you prefer. Not one of them have any credit with me. It is the dems that are breaking all the constitutional rules.

      • Juanita, please name one thing Pres. Trump has done to break the Constitution. You CAN’T!!! Hw has done nothing wrong. He has done a lot of good for this country. Wae up and get help for your hatred. It is the dem party that hates our Constitution and will not follow it. They have thrown God out and satan has taken over.

        • Accepted foreign aid in getting elected (per Mueller report.) Attempted to obstruct justice 10 times during the investigation into Russia (attempting is still a CRIME) Withheld military aid approved by congress from Ukraine until they delivered a non existent server that proves Ukraine actually meddled in our election and provide dirt on Biden reading it on CNN. Currently withholding military aid from Lebanon. Pulling out of Syria allowing the slaughter of innocent people and allowing Russia to take our place. Inviting Turkey’s president to the white house after he murdered our allies. Selling Saudi Arabia weapons even though congress voted no after they viciously killed a permanent American resident with American kids. Enriching himself and his family through the presidency. Called the emoluments clause of the constitution phony, he called part of the constitution phony. Nothing wrong with that? That’s just a start.

    • President Trump is the greatest president America has ever elected
      Shameful hoe the democrats are acting
      Prayers for you n your family n your cabinet ????????❤️

      • Gloria why do you turn a blind eye to all the hateful rhetoric that consistently comes out of this Presidents mouth. He lies every day and his followers continue to believe the lies and make up any kind of reasoning to validate him. More and more people are saying Enough and he must go asap!!!

        • Please what has he lied about? i hear this all the time but no facts. give examples. I have heard the interviews and heard the speeches and have heard no lies. Cannot say the same about his Democratic opponents.

        • Marylin what has President Trump lied about? if you want to talk about him, how about the lying Democrats and the media who constantly barrage the President and undermine anything good he does? So lets be honest here, call out the Dems such as Nancy Pelosi Chuck U Schumer, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the swamp draining and corrupting America not giving a rat’s ass about AMERICANS!!

    • I am also white and a citizen!Have you forgotten their is a law against busti g through a border!I also embrace ALL legal immigrants. I was a single Mom it three I did it without help. Hard work.I don’t feel my income should go to other able bodied people! Being responsible for ourselves counts!!!!!

    • You express your opinion freely because of the Constitution of the United States of America, and because of people like President Trump, and the Grace of God. Be grateful and respectful, ALL US citizens are entitled & priveledged to speak in an informed & educated manner.

    • Malka , I think you’re disillusioned. and you assume everyone on this blog is white and racist. Why? in your home country , if you were born somewhere else before you came here, do you think any President governing their Country ,wouldn’t put their own people and interest first to strengthen their own Country before allowing everyone from another Country to just come in , take up permanent residency, unannounced, commit crimes,support non citizens, sell drugs ,etc and just keep allowing that? Not a snowballs chance in hell!!

  25. I am sick of the dems. They all should be charged with treason and removed. They can’t win by any other means only cheating. Trump best president ever, Trump 2020!!!

  26. They are trying to keep this crap going to get a lot of people to vote against him in the 2020 election. Keep saying it and it becomes true in their minds. They are powerless to do anything else. The only plan they really have is to get America to become a slave country under a One World Government. Choice: Bring America down anyway possible or Keep America a Great Nation. Enough said.

    • All done in secret so they can leak out lies to the willing press, day after day. Demoncrits are a bunch of hypocritical, insincere, slimy,skeeving liars from hell. A pox on their houses.

    • The Kennedy’s said that, if you are going to lie, tell a big lie. Make it simple and repeat it over and over until it’s the truth (in people’s minds). Looks like the descendants of their Democratic party are following that tenet. Too bad. I liked the Kennedy’s. My family and I were Democrats then. No more. The party today is an insult to their stellar forebears. Trump has put jobs, the economy, and patriotism on a good track. What did the give-away to buy our votes do? I can’t see that their penchant for largesse is actually helping anyone, especially Americans.

  27. The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

    • GOOD, vasu, your ‘platform Rant’ Is ‘brief, this rime.
      > The 0nly thing you say worth ‘merit’ IS Animal Rights.
      > Remaining ‘agenda’ NEEDS your ‘personal’ Review IN REALITY,
      & NOT ‘trained puppet’ talk. YOU NEED ‘PROPER INFO’. Find it.

      • ps. vasu. FYI: Planet Earth HAS HAD A ‘Sustainble ENERGY SOURCE’
        To THIS Date ___ Understand?
        EX: CA ‘Solar Panel’ DO NOT perform When Electricty Is ‘Shut 0ff ‘ !
        Neither Does Wind ‘power. Vasu, These ‘Sources’ ARE POWERED
        by What??? You tell me. AFTER ‘Due Diligence’ SINKS INTO
        Your ‘head’. 0k? 0K !!!
        &&& ps. this is ‘RARE’ i would reply ___ > GO & LEARN W/ ‘intelligence’.


  28. Try them all for TREASON and hang them. They were sworn in under the Constitutional Oath. As they sell our Country and steal our liberty. They are commiting treason.

  29. Dems are wasting so much money on witch-hunting that nothing is getting accomplished on the true concerns of the country. As an independent I have been totally discussed with the Left.

    • How any independent could have watched the shameful treatment of Judge Kavenaugh, with the lying witnesses, scum lawyers producing more fake testimony with nothing to back it up, could ever vote for another demoncrit is beyond me. That is where the left truly showed their criminal azzes.

      • Where’s that lying lady Ballsy Ford now who was accusing Judge Kavanaugh of having a rape train? How unbelievable to get up on that stand in a little girls voice to try to be more convincing to fool the public and lie to keep Judge kavanaugh from being nominated? I think she also took some acting classes, go figure. I wonder who was behind that? Could it be the Democrats? Plans foiled AGAIN HAHA


    How about the over 10,000 lies he has given? By his vaccilations!!

        • Democrats are ALL about SELF…not the American people. WHAT have they done for this nation and the American citizens in all the years they were in control … NOTHING !!! It’s all an attention getting mechanism they use !!! They want to pocket the hard working taxpayers money in THEIR pockets…then say WE did everything for the American citizens…they are ALL LYING DEMON Rats !!!

    • I make $90,000 a year and for the first time in many years, I received a refund because of his tax cut. Tell me what has Congress accomplished in three-plus years besides going after Trump because he beat them? Absolutely nothing! He does not favor Russia and North Korea. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. A truism.

        • MSM and others manage those polls to drag donations from people who care, but the MSM and the pollsters get the money. Just watch how they sea saw, up and down, to keep the money coming. SO IT IS FAKE NEWS, TO DRIVE THE POLLS. When they poll, they know where to get the answers they want. to get more donations. Taught in college course – Accounting 101

    • He cant fulfil all his promises because the dems and obama appointed judges keep blocking Trump. Hr cant do his job for fitting the media. Dems and rhinos

      • Fair is fair. The Republican Congress under Obama stated they would block him and make him a one term President. The shoe is on the other foot now, and the whiney Republicans could dis it out, but they can’t take it.

        • I can agree with tit for tet, I don’t recall any one was trying to impeach Obama when our troops were put in harm’s way in Syria when the red line was crossed or when the weapons were lost and made its way to cartel. How about when he promised that everyone would keep his/her insurance but lost because the ACA was rushed for his signature but wasn’t read by anyone and Pelosi didn’t even know what it contained. That is just a few to mention which you all know there were a lot more.

    • Charles J. Easterhay If you didn’t notice the phony Mueller Report convince a bunch of stupid people to vote in Democrats in 2016 election. That’s why nothing is getting done. The Dictating Dem’s have done nothing but obstruct. But the Wall is being build & Mexico is protecting the Border. That’s a whole lot more than Nancy Pelosi has done.

    • Wake up smell the roses and stop being a cnn fan they lie, and never prove there facts,listen to fox for the truth, the impeachment hearings are against all of us, its not giving any constitutional bylaws,to the president ,how would you like to be accused of something and not be able to defend yourself, very unfair. Anyway everyone is entitled to their own opinion stay safe

    • Your a FOOL he has done More then ANY President ever has . Who do you THINK is paying for the 27,000 soldiers who help stop the flow of illegals? Mexico so yes they are helping to pay. What do the dems do? Beside show how Corrupted and what sleazy lying criminals THEY are. The dems are a DISGRACE to any decent American. The the dems ARE evil and all the fools who support them are evil as well. God Bless President Trump, Trump 2020 all who are against our President are Against America And Patriot Americans

    • You should educate yourself before making such comments . What you have learned from the biased liberal media does not adequately prepare you for intelligent debate .

      • First show me a intelligent Democrat, other then Tulsi, she has more balls then Schiff, Shumer and Nadler put together! Course that fight comes from her roots in Hawaii! Now bring a team of Democrat debaters, let’s go to the mat!

    • Charles: What a brainless moron art thou!!! You have nothing but SHIT for brains, the result of which has also caused you to have optirectumyopia wherein your rectum and optic nerves have gotten mixed together giving you a shitty outlook on life!

    • Check with the Democrats, and ask why they block with bans and minor judges, who write a rejection, that should only be decided at Federal level , if Judicial Branch will accept the case. Much of what he wants, was wanted years ago by non-partisan Congress (House and Senate). Just because Donald Trump was elected in 2016, is no excuse for Democrats to start blocking him, for political reasons. Get over it

    • Why don’t you try getting a wall from the demoncrits. Good luck with that one. Trump is working on the wall, parts of it already built.

      • Pelosi should be arrested, she stole $2.8 Billion from social security, to pay for Schiffs Impeachment of the POTUS, that really pisses me off! Anyone else?

    • No disrespect to your person. My person has been engaged with a corrupt corperation in court representing my person for 5 plus years. The democrat establishment in the legal system allows insurance fraud and hippa violations in where i live. They will admit that fact outright, so not only is my person fighting against a corrupt corperation also a corrpt democratic party controlled legal system. Your preceptions are not the reality we actually live in. You are their servents by choice, which is fine to this guy. But dont expect that the rest of us have a desire to be enslaved by any political party as that controls your mind with trivial aspects of life. This guy recomends live the hell before you judge the ones that engage the corruption. This guy was a registered democrat before wisdom was granted to my person”so this guy understands”.

    • The wall is being built, in spite of the Dems fighting and resisting him over funding ( and some Republicans also). He tried to work on health care, but of course got no help from the Dems & John McCain. The tax break has helped the middle class. Even the left wing media has been forced to admit it. He has put more sanctions on Russia than other presidents. He has at least gotten to the table with North Korea to discuss denuclearization, again more than his predecessors have done. The Democrats are trying to take the votes away from millions of Americans because they don’t like Pres. Trump and can’t accept their loss of an election. It is outlandish the way they are keeping us out of the proceedings. This is simply opposition research for 2020, and the taxpayers are paying for it. Schiff is trying to make the witnesses say what he wants to hear. They then “leak” comments taken out of context to the Democratic press. President Trump is being denied his right to defend himself and the voters are being denied their rights also.. Now I want every Trump hater to tell me that they would have no problem whatsoever with their “god” Obama being treated this way by the Republicans.

    • Charles, you are very sick and wrong!!!! Pres. Trump is doing nothing but GOOD for this country. He does NOT favor our enemies. That is a LIE!!!!!

    • The wall he promised is beautiful!! Not completed ALL the way but moving along. At San Diego border has made a huge difference!! Stop listening only to CNN, MSNBC, don’t read NYT & other printed matter by iirresponsible haters. Look and listen to both sides, then allow your mind into the realm of reality

      • From PolitiFact: Before Trump became president, 654 miles of the nearly 2,000-mile U.S. Mexico border had primary barriers. As of today, that hasn’t increased.
        To date, the administration has replaced about 60 miles of dilapidated barriers with new fencing. And a major component of Trump’s pledge — that Mexico would pay for the wall — hasn’t been part of the equation. U.S. taxpayers have paid the cost.

    • He’s working at keeping all his promises youmust belong to the other group! If the Dems would grow up and do things right the American way ! Things would be so much better! Stop complaining and pray for our country! Before you lose your freedom of speech and all your other rights!

  31. NO ! ALL THE DEMS should be arrested to GITMO for their continuous SEDITION against Trump ! & High Treason against America for working for the NWO criminals like soros !

    • Tar and feather all Demon rats, resisters,obstructors, never Trumpers, antifacists for stonewalling our magnificent patriotic leader. President Donald J. Trump.
      Trump is full of testosterone and bangs pretty women, proud of him.

  32. The DDs (Desperate Dems) can’t wait for US citizens to choose the next President at the ballot box in just one year. That is because, imo, the Dems are afraid that they do not have a candidate capable of besting Donald Trump.

    • I agree 100% Grail. They know they don’t have a capable candidate so they are doing all they can to discredit President Trump. It’s the democrat way.

  33. Trump’s impeachable offense is that he has kept, and is keeping, the promises he made to The People to get elected. That’s it in a nutshell. Trump 2020!

    • What promises has he kept? Seems to me he runs around making messes everywhere, tearing up the JCPOA (now Iran making all kinds of trouble), the TPP (designed to curb China’s expansionist plans), pissing off our traditional EU allies, running up record deficits, and getting NOTHING DONE to fix anything. No wall. No “great health care” (despite 2 years of total control of Congress), No China deal. No NoKo deal. Just a tax cut for the rich (why do the richest Americans get their tax rate CAPPED at 35%??? Nobody else gets a CAP, we all pay a graduated rate. But they get a CAP!!!) And now he makes the most idiotic call on abandoning our Kurdish allies, the ones who lost 11,000 dead (while we lost a TOTAL of 8) in fighting ISIS for us. His thank you (after blubbering his thanks last December on video) is to turn his back and run, just like the draftdodging coward he was back in ‘Nam. So, now tell me what has he “accomplished, other than make messes that are still festering, festering, festering…….
      I expect crickets.

      • You really should take a break from CNN and MSNBC. Maybe take some real life courses or how to use common sense in six easy lessons. You will find that life is so much better when you aren’t swallowing all of the sewage the left wing propaganda arm vomits on you.

      • 1) Obama & Kerry paid Iran billions of dollars for JCPOA AND DID NOT STOP them from enriching Weapons-grade nuclear material. Allowed them to also pay terrorists.
        2) The TPP was NOT designed to curb China’s expansionist plans. It further managed to increase the US trade deficit and curtail more jobs.
        3) If pissing off our traditional EU “allies” was caused by forcing them to pay for their own defense, then it is the proper thing to do.
        4) It wasn’t the President running up record deficits, it is your stupid liberals who instead of solving problems just throw money at them. Take a look at how much money is being saved by the president’s policies….only to have the liberals try to spend it on worthless programs usually as a benefit to their corruption and greed.
        5) Actually after allocating money to the Budget is not Trump’s call. In spite of the games Congress has played to keep the borders open in protection of our security and economy, the president has had to declare a national emergency and the wall is being built rapidly. He has induced the triangle countries and Mexico to stop the dangerous caravans of illegals from invading our borders that will save thousands of our lives and trillions of dollars to support the illegals.
        6) Not only has the president had to fight the degenerates in congress, but he has had activist jurists outside their jurisdictions (almost all having been appointed by Obama) fight him on Healthcare (and other major programs). He has eliminated the onerous penalties for not purchasing Obamacare and will have it completely gone by the Supreme Court.
        7)Too bad but the China deal is being activated right now as I am writing this. As for the USMCA, it is your beloved satanists who have been holding that up because they see their only action should be in keeping the government (Deep State) corruption that feeds their greed and power.
        8) Your corrupt leaders have also had over 50 years to solve the North Korea situation, but all have failed. Instead they just gave these communists money to just keep them busy building bombs and wreaking havoc on the world. That has ended by President Trump as they have learned that it will not get them anything.
        9) You are truly a very ignorant person since you don’t have any handle on economics even after the horrific business and job losses we had due to the taxes and regulations in this country. This was all done in an attempt to bring our country to its knees forever….”These jobs will never return as there is not magic wand to bring them back” was the response by your Manchurian candidate Obama. Funny how President Trump has brought them back and also new investments so the jobs are up. The industries have more investment money to spend to increase the jobs and be competitive in the world….It is no longer China who leads.
        9) If no one got tax reductions other than the very rich, then why have so many people been able to have more money in their pockets with the promise of more to
        10) We are now leading the world in the energy field and having cheaper prices and more jobs due to President Trump’s policies and deregulations.
        11) We have a stronger military than ever before and better equipment for their support.
        12) In your idiotic statements about abandoning the Kurds, our military was sent over to this area not to protect our sovereignty and leave, but were put into another no win situation. We are not abandoning them, because we are supplying them with the means to defend themselves without wasting our blood. Even in Viet Nam and Korea, our government leadership played “war games” at the expense of American blood and lives. At some point when we are forced to commit troops, we must do it with the intent to win not just “hold the line” and maiming and killing our heroes. It’s too bad that you just parrot what you hear from the MSM propaganda machines and not deal with reality and facts that are easy to check out.

        • I’m disregarding most of what you say after point #1. The Truth: “The nuclear agreement included China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union, so Obama didn’t carry out any part of it on his own. The deal did lift some sanctions, which lifted a freeze on Iran’s assets that were held largely in foreign, not U.S., banks. And, to be clear, the money that was unfrozen belonged to Iran. It had only been made inaccessible by sanctions aimed at crippling the country’s nuclear program.” Check it out at

        • So what about the farm bailout caused by trumps stupid trade war? It’s cost TWICE what the auto industry bailout cost (which was paid back) and the deficit is @ a record high BECAUSE OF TRUMP. We have no healthcare replacement that is supposed to be better than the ACA. The wall (fence) can be cut through with power tools. This came out today. He’s taking money from anywhere he can to build his fence when all that has happened so far is replacing existing barriers. Mexico sure did pay for it! A judge ruled his border “emergency” is unconstitutional. While our infrastructure is crumbling, our schools are failing the students (hence you people) and students live in fear they will be next to get shot. Nice priorities Boris.

    • Dems don’t care about us just what they can get President Trump is one of the good ones Dems are afraid of him that’s why they want him out they’re the one should be arrested

    • The radical Liberals will try anything to stop Pres. Trump, including lies and doing this all in secret! It is a national embarrassment what they are getting away with! All of these hateful actions will cost them the election, mark my words!! American citizens are smart and are well aware of the lack of integrity and honest of the Dems!!

      • Republicans are represented on the committees, and are free to ask questions of the witnesses, too. Just because they hold the interviews behind closed doors does not mean the info (remember, this is just a fact finding/grand jury type of inquiry) does not mean the interviews are “secret”. Relax, all the info will come out in due time.

        • That’s a bald-faced lie! No Republicans are being let into “Liddle” Adam Schiff’s secret meetings, nor any of President Trump’ lawyers! The few times the Republican House members are let in to a meeting, they had chaperones escort them in and out, watching everything they do, like they are under suspicion themselves! The Demonrats are conducting a Soviet-Communist-style Kangaroo Court, they have thrown the Constitution down the toilet and crapped on it, they have thrown law and order and fair play in the trash heap and set it on fire! The Demonrat Party as a whole are committing sedition at the very least, and a LOT of them are guilty of treason, and deserve a traitors’ punishment!!! The Demonrat Party needs to be classified as a criminal Organization, and ejected permanently from politics by the Supreme Court!!

        • All committees are made up of both parties. Some Republicans have been showing up, except when they were protesting with Rep. Gantz. What hypocracy! Even Trey Goudy stands behind the process that has been going on. It’s exactly how he ran the Benghazi investigations.

    • Exactly, the Dems are running scared. There are many who are under indictment, and many are even there at Gitmo. So, the ones who aren’t are peeing themselves. It is almost laughable, if it were not for the nice ones I know who are not aware of the Q posts.

      • What Dems are under indictment? There has never been so many Presidential associates either indicted or in the midst of a scandal as those under Trump. Gee, conspiracy theories are so much more entertaining and make us feel as if we’re on “the inside”– More knowing, maybe even more intelligent 😉

    • Asking a foreign government (Ukraine) to interfere in America’s 2020 elections is a crime. So is cooperating with a foreign government (Russia) to do the same for 2016. So is lying about both in order to cover up the crime. So is withholding money (extortion and “this for that”) in order to get that cooperation. It’s in black and white if you care to read it.

        • Yeah… hillary and obamas hands are dripping with blood. Wonder if they have nightmares about all the people they had murdered.. they should til the day they go before the Almighty

      • Gary,
        You must be referring to sleepy joe biden. the DNC, and HITLERY. THEY did all the things you are posting. (PRESIDENT TRUMP DID NOT… THAT was ANOTHER LIE perpetrated by the corrupt DEMOCOMMUNISTS) PRESIDENT TRUMP not only has the RIGHT,to ask, but because of the TREATY, it is his DUTY to root out CORRUPTION,and the DEMOCOMMUNISTS were guilty of ALL they accuse him of doing.(that is the way DEMOCOMMUNISTS “operate” ..always blame the other side as you are committing the acts)

  34. As a very interested and informed Canadian, I am ‘sick and tired’ of the abuse being consistently heaped on The Donald and the Republican party by the undeniably corrupt, and proven to be corrupt, mainstream media and the democrats!!
    Anytime the US wants to ‘get rid of’ Donald J –just let us know–we will take him in Canada in a nanosecond!!

  35. I know of about 500 others that I’d rather see impeached…but the ones really deserving; Waters, Pencil Neck, Pelosi, Schumer, The Squirt squad. These 8 would be a good start.

    Next time the Republicans with backbone try to storm the secret impeachment testimonies, they should have pro Trump bikers with them, maybe then the democraps will realize how po’d we are.


    • Ok, Mr. Bloodthirsty one. But then, if Trump (who is more guilty, after all) is found guilty of crimes committed as “president” during his tenure, the same happens to him. If we can find a rope strong enough.

      • Better get several ropes for hanging quite a few guilty parties who are as yet walking around free instead of in prison. And if all it takes to be impeached is to ‘dishonor’ the office of POTUS, all previous presidents w/few exceptions should have been impeached.

  37. What i want is to see the Democrats held accountable for all their unlawful actions! Why are the Republicans so afraid to go on the offensive instead of just reacting? The deep state MUST be held accountable!

  38. If they think I am going to be live a ukranin communist life they are dead wrong. My President has done nothing wrong to warrant the slander and defflamation of character that he has been put thru by people who dislike him. I think it is time for him to file a lawsuit against these people. Even thru all this BS he has done a great job. Could even be better if the jackasses would work with him instead of against. Two years the economy flourist until the democrats won the house. How stupid can some people be?

    • The Democrats are letting the people they represent in this country are letting them down.they haven’t done a dam thing for who they represent.I M a same of the whole bunch of them.they talk about criminal justice system where is justice in what they are doing.they have not done a thing dam thing but try an get Trump since he’s been in office if that is not a crime what is !!!?

  39. What do the democrats have to impeach President Trump on? Every trap they have laid to try to catch our president in, they have caught themselves. They apparently haven’t learned from history – don’t lay a trap for others as you are likely to get caught in it yourself.

    • Not ONE REASON. Political illegal lynching with nothing except stealing our votes. It is a lynch mob without facts or law. I am sick of DEMOCRATS. STOP THIS attempt to steal the legal will of the people.

  40. What do the democrats have to impeach President Trump on? Every trap they have laid to try to catch our president in, they have caught themselves. They apparently haven’t learned from history – don’t lay a trap for others as you are likely to get caught in it yourself.

    • over 10 clear charges of obstruction of justice and now working with a foreign power to help with his election, all blanket charges for breaking laws.

      • But they are allowing Biden to run where it’s on video he’s bragging of threatening the then Ukrainian President of withholding a Billion $ unless he fired the AG investing Hunter & cronies.
        Can we say hypocrisy..

      • Why was President Obama not treated in this manner? He gave $ in the middle of the night to Iran, He gave Mexican cartels guns, that were for tracking and they had no gps chips in them, he let our Consulate in Benghazi get mowed down, he drew the biggest amount of money to save our jobs and did not work. He gave uranium to our enemies, he gave some of the Islands in Alaska to the soviets, he tried to kill all coal mines and all the jobs in very poor areas. He killed the pipeline and all it’s high paying jobs. He wrote in his book that he would stand with the Muslims,and snorted coke. He is our biggest disgrace ever, why are we trying to lynch a man who does not owe anything to special interest groups, and putting us back to work. And Obama spied on the trump campaign, and gave the FBI& CIA the go ahead to spy on Trump. If we the silent majority acted like the left he would have been impeached.

        • Obama did not give money to Iran. It was Iran’s money that was being held in foreign banks–none in the US. The US and many other countries agreed to take the sanctions off having the money held in those banks. Please start with the truth!

    • I agree–he doesn’t fit with the pack so they vilify him. He’s focused and gets things done–imagine what he could achieve without all the distractions. Pelosi (may her epitaph be “sign it, then you can read it”)and cronies decided ever since the election that they wanted to overturn the election. The scramble for some way to do it without inciting civil unrest has been constant and now culminates in these spurious impeachment hearings. I find it astounding that the videos of Biden BRAGGING about his “quid pro quo” warranted not a peep at the time. We have blatant double standards and its time for people to demand an end to their attempts to overturn the election. This is sedition.

  41. I agree with Bill Koch. Hillary is nuts. She blames everyone but herself for her election loss. Since the day Trump was elected, the Democrat’s entire focus has been removing him from office. They have done nothing to help solve our nation’s problems. They’re opposed to everything Trump tries to do. They’re the obstructionists.

    • Not ONE REASON. Political illegal lynching with nothing except stealing our votes. It is a lynch mob without facts or law. I am sick of DEMOCRATS. STOP THIS attempt to steal the legal will of the people.

      • Stealing who’s votes?! If our votes counted Hillary would have won by 3 million. Also the voted we cast in 2018 actually mattered. Trump is being held accountable because we VOTED in 2018. The president isn’t the entire government. Don’t spout that fox News crap when you know damn well the 2018 election is the reason this is happening. People are sick of him, and it’s only getting worse. Remember this? BOOOOOOOOOOOO LOCK HIM UP. Happened again tonight. Get out of your echo chamber.

    • Another conservative lie. The Democratic controlled House has sent over 200 bills to the Senate for passage, but the do nothing Republicans and Senate refuse to even bring them to a vote. Who is doing nothing.

      • Have you any idea of the content of alleged bills passed by the fanatical, obsessed,somewhat pathetic group of representatives,elected to do their best at governing our country. Personally, there are only a few who would ever EARN my vote!

  42. The first president that puts America and the working class first. Also Christian values. So this is what they want to impeach, no way God bless my president.

  43. I’m sick of all this impeachment mess.. it’s time for all of them to work together for this country…. the Democrats think they can stay in forever.. they just want power back at any cost.

  44. Trump is one of the first Presidents to keep his promises. IMPEACH???? How about Pelosi,Shiff,Shumer,etc. They have done nothing to earn their salary these past 3 years. The democrats are a total disgrace. Also Note Hilliary is nuts. Bill Koch, 21050

    • I and the majority of my extended family in the Md. Virginia, D.C suburbs numbering about TWO THOUSAND FOLKS) have been life long Democrats but have switched to become Republicans, based upon the activities of the Dems. We used to read the Washington Post, but now only use old copies for back up toilet paper.
      The impeachment process as being used now is a FACIST PROCESS LED BY THE HEAD OF THE NAZI SS, Adam Schitt.
      I am a lawyer and a good one and have studied this situation and have determined that Adam Schitt (Brennan, Clapper, Obama, Hillary and many others deserve to be in Guantanamo Bay Prison Camp, prior to being shot or hung for many serious crimes including Sedition and Treason.

      • Agree. Tired of Democrats and their cohorts in media, rhino’s etc accusing the President while they’re the ones committing sedition/treason. They need to be appropriately charged and at a minimum in a real prison while the ringleaders shot/hung for treason. The dems and killary are the ones who used foreign resources to fake a dossier to commit a coup, not the President!

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