RESULTS: Out the “Whistleblower?” Poll

QUICK POLL: Should our national media elites "out" the so-called "whistleblower?"

What do you think of the results of the poll? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


  1. AMEN Randy, Like at hunting season opening day almost all High Schoolers had rifles in gun racks, vehicles never got broken in to , guns never got stolen, my school would let us out for 1 week during hunting season. Good times.

  2. None of the United States citizens who have informed upon Donald Trump or accused him of anything are, purely as a result of being identified, at risk of death or even injury. The level of potential retaliation being insinuated is absurd. Also, being as it is that they are all state actors in security-oriented agencies, they are supposed to risk their lives anyway in pursuance of what they perceive to be enforcement of law, including defense of the United States. They are supposed to behave like soldiers, but in entertaining mutiny, they would be wise to be prepared to face the consequences.

  3. Not when they are lying about what they heard , and it wasn’t even first hand Knowledge…..The Democrats were talking Impeachment even before President Trump took the Oath of Office…..So , yes the truth will set you Free, So Democrats needs to start telling the Truth…So far everything that they have thrown against the President are False Allegations, but are the crimes that the Democrats has done, but they are trying to blame the President for , and it is Backfiring on them…

  4. Given the facts, schiff lied to the American citizens on national television and then called it parody, democrats have attacked trump from day 1, Mueller investigation was a lie and to try and impeach a president with lies makes the Democrats as good as nazis, which is what they are…out of a list of 266 convictions for fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, stealing government funds, voting fraud, voter intimidation and so much more 166 convicted were Democrats, 100 were Republicans. I guess that kind of blows your holier than thou theory out of the water.

  5. Except for the fact, he wasn’t there, he did not hear the conversation, he lied about what was in the conversation that he did not hear, he is biased against Trump, he admits that… no sorry, if he would have been telling the truth ok, but he lied, he gets what he deserves.

  6. Does not anyone value human life anymore??!!!! This person is putting themselves on the line to tell a truth that clearly no one in the White House today has the “cojones” to do. This person I’m sure has family that loves them. They are following that age-old adage, “the truth shall set you free”!!

  7. This “whistleblower” needs to be outed. He is responsible for the attack against our President. President Trump, just like the rest of us, has the RIGHT TO FACE HIS ACCUSER no matter what that bug-eyed traitor Schitt thinks. And Schitt refusing to allow our President the right to not only face his accuser, but to question those who are in tandem with Eric Ciaramella. It is his Constitutional right as an American Citizen to do so. Schitt is not only a traitor but is acting like a DICTATOR OF A THRID WORLD COUNTRY in order to impeach our President, simply because he won the election in 2016 and the butcher of New York didn’t.

  8. On the contrary, this so-called “whistleblower” is NOT a real whistleblower. Everything he claimed in his talk with Schitt was not ‘FIRSTHAND” knowledge, it wasn’t even second hand knowledge. It was something he heard, or so he says, from other people and it is only his belief. He wasn’t privy to the phone call, only privy to what Adam Schitt told him to say. (Yes, I know, Adam “Traitor” Schitt doesn’t deserve to be called by his real name. As to Marlene, apparently she was really talking about Obama, What she accused our President of, is exactly what Obama is guilty of. Marlene is the one who was brain-washed by the Democrats so much so, that she can no longer think for herself only what she hears from the radical left and their cohorts. And she is willing to sacrifice her life and everyone else’s for her demented beliefs. She should crawl back into the hole she crawled out of.

  9. Spare us your sarcasm. It’s ridiculous how you condemn those that dare to have a mind of their own. Different opinions used to be allowed in America. America was great when people could voice their opinions without being bullied and called silly names

  10. We hate him because he has no soul. I love my neighbors and treat them as I want to be treated. This hate you speak has been brought on because of Trumps hate. I never in all my life hated anyone, it is hard not to hate Trump and I pray for the strength to survive his presidency and his heartless inhumanity that is spreading like the wildfires that are burning out of control.

  11. It’s called due process, the right to face accusers. Children and rape victims have been forced to confront their rapists. Having TDS is no reason that the president isn’t allowed due process. I can see from your post you are another 3L (liberal leftist loonie). Stop following the fake b=news media. Your intolerance and hate fills your derangement, Get HELP, soon

  12. I am sorry you feel that way but please, do you really want to condemn all those who voted for President Trump? It was not like that when Obama won. I pray that all those who hate President Trump dig deep to try and understand exactly why they hate him. And then look in a mirror. You may not agree with his policies, as many, many of us did not agree with Obama, but the hate and violence coming out of those on the left is absolutely shameful. I pray for your souls.

  13. Good point. How do we know whether “Shifty Schiff” is the “whistleblower” or told the whistleblower” what to say – and how to say it, beginning 10 days after the “coup” was announced and begun, by the lawyer for the “whistleblower”.

  14. Marlene first clean up your language and then please back up your disgusting comments with facts. That is the problem with liberals they let emotions get in the way. Please look at some of the good things this President has accomplished with no support from the Democrats. Just step back and get out of your box. Search first. Please?

  15. OK Sam give me the statute that says “outing is against the law” We know this for sure, this clown does not qualify as a “whistleblower” under the statute, and that has been proven. He was a leaker and an informant, and nothing else. His name and photo has been posted on many social media sites, and he has been “outed by three newspapers. The only people who want to keep him under wraps are the ones who say, “Disobeying a subpoena from their committee is obstruction of congress.” After getting up off the floor from laughing so hard, I saw the statement was attributed to Schiff. Made me laugh all the harder, as that twit knows nothing about the law.

  16. Young lady (?) I really and truly feel sorry for you! You are fulfilling Biblical prophesy with your outlook since the Bible tells us that in the latter days people will call good “evil” and “evil” good! Yes, I read what these others are saying about you and I certainly (to a degree) agree with most of them. However, that doesn’t prevent me from feeling sorry that you cannot understand what is happening to America! We allowed them to take GOD out of the schools and what happened? More and more school shootings and killings occurred! When I attended high school all of the guys that came in from the country had some sort of firearm in their vehicles. Were we going to shoot some of our classmates? Good grief NO!! We had them to shoot small game as it was available (for food) or perhaps some predators that were killing our chickens or (on occasion) some larger animals. We never considered killing each other because we were taught that the Bible stated that “Life was sacred and to be protected!” Now, under “evilutionary” (yes, I know it’s misspelled!) teachings we’re simply smart animals and all “animals” are alright to kill. I’ll quit preaching now and pray for you to find wisdom!

  17. I agree!! If what he said was true, then he should stand up and let us all see his face and take his blows. President Trump has taken enough. We all need to stand beside and behind the President now and forever. LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE ERIC. YOU CAN’T PUT THEM OUT!!!

  18. Scott,
    Trump would never have someone killed. I think you are thinking of who you supported in the last election who called us a basket of deplorables. There is your killer, your Satan who is responsible for murdering over 100 people including the lates hit on Epstein.

  19. It is brutally apparent that you exhibit unabashed “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and can only parrot the Communist News Network as you are incapable of independent thought. I suggest you select an appropriate deprogramming psychiatrist ad it’s apparent that will be your only hope for lunatic lib recovery. Try reading and learning rather than publicly proving what an ass does. has everything PRESIDENT TRUMP has accomplished for me and even you, child. It’s ALL fact checked so have at it! Impeachment LOL …. Hallucinating leftists wet dream.

  20. If only but something needs to be done about this this is unprecedented what the Democrats are doing to this President This impeachment BS started 9 hours after he was sworn in.Investigation after investigation that turns up nothing. People who think like the person you were addressing are either ignorant to the facts or brainwashed and they just believe what they’re told and don’t bother to get any facts for themselves. They just hate the president and they don’t care what the truth is. How sad is that? We are a country headed for a civil war and I say bring it

  21. There’s a movement called walk away it’s a movement for Democrats who finally woke up and see the Democratic party for what and who they are . Many people have already walked away from the Democratic party and become Republicans /conservatives. Those who walk away from the Democrats are fighting back they are telling them we are done with you your lies and your criminal practices we are done with you keeping us down and keeping us victims keeping us dependent on government that’s what the walkaway movement is they finally see democrats for what they are plantation owners keeping their people under their thumb.

  22. Seriously he’s not even a whistleblower he’s a Laker who had secondhand info of a call. That is not a whistleblower you know who’s a whistleblower Snowden was a whistleblower. There are other people who are whistleblowers that were outed that were retaliated against . None that I know were killed . Trump is not a murderer although I would not put it past them a Kratts and we know the clintons are . There was a whistleblower in Obama’s administration he was fired. This person whose name was already outed is not a whistleblower as I said he is a leaker with secondhand info. After the transcript was released it proved he knew nothing about what he claimed happened in that call or should I say how Schiff coached him.

  23. Oh yea Kevin so according to Eric CIARAMELLA the President had no intention to commit a crime(remember that was Clinton’s case with the e-mails excuse). Because if he said that in front of so many collaborators. You do not want to commit a crime in front of so many people. Dumb! Did you heard Biden? That was a crime!

  24. U are the DEEP STATE. If u want COMMUNISM, get the hell to Venezuela or Russia. I have lived in a free, prosperous country for 78 years called the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. TRUMP has given the U.S. many good things that the DEMOCRATS couldn’t do if they had it handed to them. At least with the economy doing well, we don’t have to MURDER BABIES to help the economy like Chelsea said. U DEMOCRATS have a lot to learn. Quite trying to change my COUNTRY founded under GOD. Please leave and leave GOD FEARING CHRISTIANS alone.

  25. KEVIN get your facts together, now there were more than one person listening to him to collaborate. Please you are not only dumb but hateful like a typical democrap. President gave the transcript, he doesn’t care. Did you read the e-mails from the whistler ERIC CIARAMELLA to his lawyers? They wanted Trump out the week he got sworn in. Please are you that stupid?

  26. Outing is against the law. Change the law first. I don’t advocate breaking the law.

    At this stage in the impeachment process, the is testimony based about first hand knowledge of the phone call. The whistleblower would have nothing to add to the impeachment process.

  27. Marlene what has he done so bad. Details please, you sound like a deranged woman. The guy has done better than any other President. Go right ahead tell us what he has done one by one with proof. I’ll listen. Even though I think you wako

  28. Earl please, now the man is a killer? Trump is a Christian, he didn’t drink, smoke or do drugs. What is wrong with you? Why do you hate him so much? He is running the country better than any other president had. If you hate living under his power go to another country or kill yourself. There end of your problem

  29. Are you willing to bet your life on your accusations? Name anything that Trump has done that harms any reader of this post? You cannot. Results are what matters, not personal (baseless) attacks. Prove your points or shut up.

  30. Obviously you have been listening to the left wing radical media’s propaganda way to long! You need to wake up before it’s too late. Ignorant folks like you are selling out our country & don’t even realize it! TURN OFF THE FAKE NEWS!!!

  31. Marlene, You should read a little of the thoughts of genuinely intelligent people such as Voltaire. There is something there that puts you in the category of revealing the depth that you are able to think. Consequently, when you write your hazy thoughts, you leave your incompetence no longer in doubt.

  32. Marlene, obviously you’re too inept to have read the laws relating to whistle blowers. The laws relate to each agency, not a general law covering all agencies. That’s why the IG had to send it to DOJ as it was outside their law’s purview. If you listened to testimony in the hearing, they didn’t say his claim was credible, they said they believe he believed it to be credible. However, DOJ did not find him credible, nonetheless, it had to be turned over to Schiff’s committee. I’d put Trump’s 191 IQ against yours any old day. You obviously don’t know what he’s accomplished nor do you listed to his words. He’s not a racist, at the time he (really his dad) was supposedly sued for discrimination, 40% of his rentals were to the blacks. Read the history of the lawsuit if you want to get a little smarter and not believe everything you’re told via the main street media. You’ve been duped with so many fake facts, like so many others who don’t do their own research.

  33. are you one of his rejected lover 0r are just a born again commie who hate our country folks like you should get on your knees and accept Jesus as youir savipor then you can be forgiven

  34. This is no “whistleblower”…all hearsay and “dem say”…and the rat Schitt quoting quotes that did NOT exist…and when the actual transcript was revealed this excuse for a human being claimed his initial bag of lies was a “parody”…and the Main Sewer Stream Fake Media continues unabashedly to run interference for these felonious corrupt beings…to the point of “complicity”…

  35. Talking about “nut jobs”…for someone who obviously supported the ex secretary of state (of Benghazi fame), one of the highest offices in the USA, requiring TOP security clearance, who, by their OWN admission, was too stupid to know that “C” on official documents meant CLASSIFIED/CONFIDENTIAL…and who supports “open borders”…No Borders = No Country…and wants to abolish the Electoral College…No College = No Constitutional Republic…should take a long look in a mirror before using such terms. Guess you bought into the DNC “hack” also, despite the fact that the transfer speed of the data effectively precluded that possibility…it was a download…which, if you were paying attention, Obama spuriously turned into Russiagate, to deflect the expected WikiLeaks, which incidentally have NEVER been debunked, “dump” on Hillary…which morphed into the fraudulent Mueller inquiry…The inability of idiots to see the obvious is proof positive of the success of the Main Sewer Stream Fake Media’s propaganda on the “feeble minded” over the last forty plus years and that their drivel is considered “gospel” by many is absolutely frightening…


  37. Move on SAD (Sorry A _ _ Dummycrat). The Sixth Amendment provides the accused to confront the witness, therefore the whistleblower or should I say the spy needs to be confronted and should be unmasked. #Trump2020Makeliberalscryagain #FindyoursafespaceSNOWFLAKE

  38. The whistle blower law CANNOT be used for the highest branches of our Govt. Period. When a President communicates with a foreign Leader, it is classified,privater and privileged to BOTH parties. No person is in position to say that “HE” has the right to determine for himself what a President says to another foreign leader to be classified or not What about the privacy of of foreign leader? If “anyone” can do this to the highest executive branch then ‘ANYONE” can whistle blow on the Supreme Court ruling before they make their rulings. That they were “talking” about what or how they were going to rule. If they can do it to Trump, they can do it to the High Court. Good luck with that.

  39. Hey Snott, I’ve done a hell of a lot of fact checking, as well as having government and military contacts. The facts are, the DemonRATS have constructed all this subterfuge and fantasy solely to put themselves in power and be the communist overlords of the country. If hyperbole, lying, being traitors and hypocrites were crimes, then all DemonRATS should be shot by military firing squads. Oh wait, those ARE crimes. Get those M 14s ready men, you’re gonna get a lot of target practice.

  40. Schiff lied for three years telling us he had proof of collusion. where is it? He lied. Then he makes up a transcript to fool the people. He never thought the president would release the true transcript. Schiff is doing this in darkness so he can continue lying to the people. This should have been out in the light of day so we could make a decision of what is the truth. Only a fourth of the congress gets to view this and the Reps. do not get to call witnesses. This is not following the rule of law. Sciftty is using the impeachment to try to win in 2020 because they cannot win any other way. The Founding Fathers are turning over in there graves.?

  41. You and those thinking like you are what is wrong in America. Who votes solely based on party lines “blue no matter who” my lord! Vote for whose ideas will better America and Americans. You’re so far left it places you as being just as much of a nut job as the far right. Heaven help Americans because CA has already suffered at the hands of the far left, spreading hate and lies is second nature to all who support such corruption!

  42. I love our honest president. He is a real man not like those girlie men like shifty shiff who lied for three years to us saying he had proof that Trump colluded with the Russians. He lied.

  43. Daryl …There have been three or four investigations of this president already. Nothing has been found. This is more attempting of a coup. That is what is illegal. I guess you think it is ok that the Obama administration spied on Trump and his campaign.

  44. Most all whistleblowers are out in the public. It is the aw that matters.l Besides this is not a whistleblower. He is a spy.

  45. Given the poll results, it’s apparent that this site is for right-wing nut jobs who support Donald Trump. Trump is a disgusting human being who has no redeeming human qualities. What does that say about the persons who are his base? Not much. They are too stupid to realize he would con them out of their last dimes if given the chance. And NO, the whistleblower’s identify should not be revealed. Doing so is against the law no matter what Republican politicians who are truly hypocritical ass kissers of Trump say. But then, when did the law ever matter to Trump and his supporters? Never, apparently. IMPEACH DONALD TRUMP AND LOCK HIM UP and VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO IN 2020.

  46. Why would he be killed? Republicans do not kill people. Trump has the same rights as every citizen. That is called due process. If someone was charging you with something your accuser would have to face you in person or there would be no case. The only thing a so called whistleblower has for protection is that he should not be fired.

  47. The only law in favor of the whistleblower would be no firing, no jail time, no fines, etc., etc.. but and there is a big but, they better be absolutely 100% right to accuse someone. You’d better have 100% proof! The identity is an open forum. As for risking his or her life. Not happening, they are protected under the law. No retribution unless you lied.
    What Americans should be concerned about is the fact that the President of Ukraine denies quid pro quo. He said, it was very professional phone call. The Democrats are spending our tax dollars to impeach a sitting President because they don’t like him. Instead of doing their jobs by coming up with resolutions to resolve real issues,that will help America. They would prefer to find reasons to not do their jobs! Disgusted. This is not the Democratic Party that I use to support!

  48. The DemonRats that are seated in our Congress , are the sorriest bunch of Liars and back stabbers , in the history of the USA . That’s right Nancy , you’ll be remembered as the leader of this bunch of treasonous traitors !!

  49. The only law in favor of the whistleblower would be no firing, no jail time, no fines, etc., etc.. the identity is an open forum. As for risking his or her life. Not happening, they are protected under the law. No retribution.
    What Americans should be concerned about is the fact that the President of Ukraine denies quid pro quo. He said, it was very professional phone call. The Democrats are spending our tax dollars to impeach a sitting President because they don’t like him. Instead of doing their jobs by coming up with resolutions to resolve real issues,that will help America. They would prefer to find reasons to not do their jobs! Disgusted. This is not the Democratic Party that I use to support!

  50. I agree, the whistle blower’s identity should not be exposed because it will put them and their family in danger. Also, the House has enough information from the other people that they have subpoenaed and have actually shown up that their name does not need to be mentioned. Even Trump’s daughter said the whistle blower’s name is not needed. Whistle blowers need to be protected so that others that have information on wrong doing will come forward, regardless whether in the government or workplace.

  51. Yes I agree with you . What is this other person saing . The comet now is the time to walk away . Away from what ? The crooked Democrats . Hell no dont walk away . Face those lame duck corrupted Democrats .

  52. Scott how about bringing jobs back Democrats sent out of the country? How about trying to help all RACE? I know you believe Obama was a good president! Really? I’m sure you are not that STUPID! If you think Obama was explain why he order the military to leave our military equipment behind so ISIS could have weapon to fight our military members? Why did Obama have a secret phone to communicate. Muslim brotherhood terrorist? Yeah he did! Why did Obama order Hillary Clinton to sell bomb material to Russia? Then got the Congress HOUSE to approve billion of taxpayers money to Iran? Iran wanted BOMB MATERIAL and they knew that they could buy it from Russia. Obama was a terrorist

  53. I wonder if Nancy Pelosi and shift see any of these messages ? If they do . I wonder what they think of so many people saing that they should be locked up or they should be impeached. Not our president .

  54. Betty stop your lying! You have not prove anything that Trump had done WRONG! You don’t know! So don’t try to twist the truth if you are going to listen to CNN and MSNBC and Adams Schiff! Best you close your mouth and computer. Because from the beginning NANCY PELOSI SAID THE HOUSE was NOT GOING TO WORK WITH TRUMP! Right here just put the whole Democrats House in a LYING STATE OF MIND! Like you and other who can’t put two and two together!

  55. Not so fast! Kevin! Yes Trump took an oath! So did the Democrats House who had REFUSE to be HONEST! WHO refuse to work for the COUNTRY! Since Trump got elect by the people NANCY PELOSI said that first day, we are NOT WORKING with him! So who breaking the Constitution laws? Democrats has broken them since 1980!

  56. Christopher this is not Trump we are talking about! It the fool who Adam Schiff is using to keep his lies going! It about from the first day in office that Nancy Pelosi said that the Democrats House was NOT GOING TO WORK WITH TRUMP! SO THIS IS ABOUT ELECT PEOPLE WHO ARE GETTING 174K TO DO A JOB BUT REFUSE!

  57. Daryl. Why don’t you prove what you are lying about? We know fool like you have no idea what you are talking about! Are you intelligent enough to tell us where you got your information from? Or you just running your mouth like any Democrats who have no clue about how the laws work! Coward are those who can’t back up their words!

  58. The so called whistle blower is not in any danger from the right. But if the left thinks he can hurt them yes he will die under mysterious circumstances.

  59. Gin, where is that health care everyone will love? Where is our new infrastructure? He also promised to do away with the deficit in 3 months.. yet it has soared to more than ever in history. Where is my big tax relief? I thought he was also going to unite the country… yeh, right. Why did he tell you he was bringing troops home from Syria.. and, oops, they went to Iraq, except for the ones he sent back to Syria to protect oil fields. And where are his taxes that he promised to release? And “drain the swamp”??? K Street is buzzing with lobbyists like never before; and rather than drain it, he has added to it and given us the creature from that black lagoon. When is Mexico going to pay for that wall? When will this trade war that was so “easy to win” be over? Saying he’s kept every promise is equivalent to peeing on yourself and being convinced it’s raining. Get a clue.

  60. This is Trump we are talking about. Not Clinton! The whistleblower has nothing to fear. Except being exposed as the liar he or she is!

  61. I’d just like to ask Kevin M if he had ever eaten paint chips when he was a child…after reading his dribble, it sure reads like it.

  62. Why didn’t Joe Biden think of that when he leak all of seal six name out? It because Biden was a Democrat and Muslim brotherhood supporter as was all of Obama administration.

  63. “A crime is a crime and in our country if you break the law you are held accountable.” Unless you’re a Democrat, then you lie, hide evidence, shift blame to someone else, vote in ammunity and pay raises to yourself, and create the illusion that you are above the law.

  64. You can’t be a whistle blower on something that is publoc. You can’t be a whistle blower when you didn’t hear something directly. So whistle blower rights should not apply here. And that fact he went to Schiff before even making the or filing the so called complaint ppl can’t be punished for something based in hear say. The law doesn’t work that way.

  65. Gloria, you don’t understand the very nature of the whistleblower program and the absolute necessity for it and associated privacy laws. In this case, everything he or she said has been corroborated many times over by others, so why put his life and his family at risk? In this day, one of trump’s cultists would likely kill him and possibly his family.

  66. The man’s name is already out there, all of D.C. knows it, and so does the press. Besides, he is NOT a whistle blower – he is a leaking lying spy.

  67. Connie, I listened to Rush for years but then he started going off the rails and I shut him off when he adamantly announced no one has ever gone bankrupt in this country due to medical bills. Nonsense. Rush should be one of the first you weed out; followed by faux news opinion people.

  68. The whistleblowers Name Should not be publicly exposed. Senator Grassley said there are laws protecting whistleblowers. I think he will get killed if his name is made public. It would be similar to the Mafia. If the Boss does not like somebody he will have him killed.

  69. You people have got your heads stuck in the sand. You ignore facts, and law. Your president is a criminal, and scam artist, and you are just living in denial. Trump has no business being president. He is in it solely for himself. Does not care about else including you people who so blindly support him.

  70. Carol, you really should get out more; or at least try harder to broaden your information and see the world without your trump blinders on.

  71. Annabel, tell me ONE thing your cult leader has done that could be considered professional? I loved Lindsey Graham’s defense… the administration is incoherent and so incompetent they could not have devised a quid pro quo… hahaha… now, tell us again who is delusional.

  72. Annabelle, like all you take your supreme leader’s word at face value and never, ever fact check it? I think Schiff’s parody was despicable because he didn’t need to do it, and all he did was lower himself to drumpf’s level. If hyperbole and lying were crimes, your cult leader would have been out the door long ago. Most people I know, knew what was in the transcript and that he was parodying it.

  73. Your a pretty big HYPOCRITE IF I MAY SAY. the point of this so called IMPEACHMENT was brought up about the QUID PRO QUO that VP Biden made. The POTUS got wind of it and wants the corruption investigated then the Dems turn it around and blame Trump for it. If it was t for what Biden did we wouldn’t be having this discussion nor this so called Impeachment inquiry. DUH

  74. Trump 2020, this impeachment is a FARCE!! pelosi and schiff need to be removed and charged with treason and incarcerated!! FOR LIFE!! Not in a swank country club for millionaires, a place they can”break ricks” for their room and board of water and bread. No booze or drugs, either !!!!! This has to be the biggest farce ever pulled and shiff is a real NUTCASE, a match for the LUSH!!EVICT THEM BOTH YESTERDAY!!

  75. I believe “the whistleblower” is a few democrats who made this scam to impeach an innocent man. It’s all a lie.
    They are all going to rot in hell.

  76. I believe We The People of these United States Of America have the Right to confront Our ‘accuser’ Satan the Devil who perpetuates a belief in the ‘evil’ characteristics rather than the ‘Good’ traits to be realized in the enduring composition of Our One Nation Under GOD…!!!!

  77. You must be a obomer lover the worst pres in my life time he even beat out peanut carter and i am from south Geogia. SEMPER FI

  78. This witch hunt is such a joke. It makes me want to vote for Trump even more. Any person is their right mind can see it.

  79. I agree with you 100 percent. I am also a vet, master gunny sgt recon scout sniper 63 – 93 i gave some some gave all forthe grestest countrey on earth. The democraps are power crazy nuts that have gone off the deep end with coup as in 3 world countrys. I am 75 and have seen so much hate of a elected president. I donot speak for all vets but most agree the demogos are like spoiled brats. They are not doing a dam thing for the people who put them in office an its time to send them home they have stold enough. SEMPER FI(ALLWAYS FAITHFULL) USMC

  80. Betty are you KIDDING me. I can’t even comment on your comment it will hurt my head too much. You Democrats are so draining. Try loving your country more than you hate President Trump. GOD HELP US

  81. Schiff and his so called whistleblowers need to be put in jail ASAP. MSNBC needs to be put in jail ASAP. They are Domestic Enemies. They are the problem with this country. You get rid of them and this country will experience great relief. What they are doing is not freedom of speech or press. It is the use of psychological warfare techniques to sabotage the Executive Branch of the USA.

  82. He is facing his accusers. Everything the whistle blower stated regarding the call was corroborated by every witness that has testified before committees. The identity of the whistle blower is irrelevant, and there are laws protecting them. Too many smoking guns, and it’s just a matter of time.

  83. If the whistleblower was a Republican they would put his name out as soon as they thought they knew it.

  84. Betty: Are you on drugs? It sure sounds like it. That Schiff “parody” says it all.
    If you cannot see that you are delusional. It was NOT professional at all.

  85. Everything the whistleblower stated was corroborated by all the other witnesses, and what does being a never trumper have to do with bribery and extortion? The President took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and he has betrayed that oath, by being an agent for Putin. He withheld American aid (taxpayer Dollars), for defensive weapons to Ukraine in their conflict with Russia, to further his political agenda and aid in his re-election. In the Mueller report there were ten instances of obstruction, and his entire administration is corrupt and an existential threat to this republic.

  86. You are so right, Annabael. Schiff is lying through his rear end, and I question where he went to law school.

  87. Democrats Desperated, they think they’re “above all laws ” , just because they are mayority not means they VOTE for the AMERICAN PEOPLE! We love our President, leaves him alone, the Democrats invented Russia..then, RACISM, now it’s Ridiculous, it’s RUSSIA second chapter, they’re playing dirty, and everything they accused our President ,it’s because they’re the really ones committed those faults, everything it’s turned the tables to them! Just wait for Barr investigation, a lot of Democrats will be found guilty! Just wait and see. God Bless our veterans! Stand up, for them! With proud!

  88. Schff should have been walked out the door right after his parody. He knew damned well
    most of leftists would take his words as gospel and not fact check. He caused untold damage.

  89. You have the duty to tell us just what crime the President has committed, when you write such TRIPE. We have had treaties with other countries since we fought for our Independence. We accepted help from France to fight the British, and German military, with British also using Indians to attacfk the colonies. If Schiff had named a crime, or could, he would be holding open hearings, in public, and not behind closed, locked doors In the basement. And both sides would have attorneys, and right to present evidence. You talk like a woman, who found lipstick on husbands shirt collar. Get wise to yourself.

  90. WRONG! You have a disease know as LIBERAL MENTAL DERANGEMENT SYNDROME!! It can be cured by actually paying attention! THEN PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR A$$!!! You should REVIEW ZERO’S Administration and BIDENS OWN WORDS!!!!

  91. What are you people on? Schiff is not breaking the law. Trump has broken the law and gone against our constitution. The only thing partisan about this impeachment hearing is the republican reaction to it. If someone on the left had done an iota of what this prez has you would be singing another tune. Almost every war we have ever fought was against communism, and this prez brings them right through the front doors of the white house and right into our election. Trump has admittedly tried to extort the president of the Ukraine for his own personal and political gain. That is against the law. As far as outing the whistleblower use the analogy that you heard about someone kidnapping a child, and you called the police to tell them what you heard. They investigate and find the person who committed the crime. Would it matter what political party you belonged to or the criminal belonged to?? A crime is a crime and in our country if you break the law you are held accountable. There is no farce, and if you believe it is you are completely uninformed and misinformed and possibly delusional.

  92. Schiff should have been walked out the door right after his fake so called parody as per
    anyone in the executive world would have been. He is a disgrace and should be fired and prosecuted accordingly.

  93. Remember the irs raids on the tea party ?
    The irs focused its powers on the tea party for political reasons
    That got them in trouble, and guess who was behind that?
    A lot is still to come out, especially when obamas side kick getting in the presidential race.

  94. I hope and pray trump leaves the White House . We need a real man there . An honest one . I don’t believe this so called man knows what honest means .

  95. You are sadly mistaken, I am afraid. President Trump has kept the Promises He Made during his 2016 campaign. He has taken no salary while President. Will you work for NO PAY for 3 years?? No. I didn’t think so. Be careful what you say online, you words have consequences.

  96. The democrats need to be embarassed over their behavior since the 2016 election. President Trump has the right to face his accuser.

  97. James: You must be an idiot not to know the extended list of President Trump’s achievements so far. It is pages long even though all the accusations and obfuscations thrown at him. He has achieved more for America than any other President in the same time frame considering the relentless opposition. WAKE UP IDIOT!

  98. The “whistleblower”, yenta (in this case). Whistleblowers are entitled to protection from retribution, They are not entitled to anonymity.

  99. Obama definitely didn’t help this country out. Heck all the vacations that they took cost our county millions of dollars. Btw pretty much most political figures are crooks Republicans or Democrats. There all over paid!!!

  100. The whistleblower is actually a leaker who relied only on hearsay for his accusation. He has done great harm to a duly elected president and this nation, and therefore, should be exposed.

  101. I can’t name the whistleblower, because my info doesn’t side with the person named (Eric Ciaramella)……
    I want to know his location at the time the call was made.
    I couldn’t find his location, but it surely wasn’t where everyone thinks he was. The democrats named the whistleblower, and that by itself doesn’t sit well with me. His name was leaked on purpose to start another false impeachment (round about) that we had with Russia. If someone has landline phone records, cell phone records, credit activity, flight logs, everyone leaves a paper trail, and that will be the key to prove it to be a lie.

  102. This whole thing is a disgrace to our country and a farce. The system of impeaching is being grossly misused and violated. Justice does not exist in this process and there should be a way to abort this shameful exercise in pure folly. I am an older 25 year veteran in both peace and war and feel my service along with many others who sacrificed to preserve our system are being cast aside by people with little to no respect for truth telling and justice. Schiff and Pelosi are a disgrace.

  103. Members of Congress are giving shiff too much leeway. They need to push back with road blocks to everything he tries to do.

  104. You are drinking the koolaid..trump a criminal? Really..and the crime is? Zero. Country in danger? Not so. Country in peace and prosperity. That is not danger. So it out the kool aid.

  105. Trump is the BEST President weve ever had. The ONLY President who keeps every one of his campaign promises. The fact that HE can’t be bought like the others is why we voted for him. The fact that he keeps his promises is why well vote for him again
    TRUMP 2020!!!!

  106. If the so called Whistleblower makes
    claims he SHOULD have to come forward.
    I believe Obama FIRED a Whistleblower

  107. Once again It’s the Peoples’ right to know. I want good news and CORRECT news. We will sort out the liars and quit using them. FAKE NEWS is not what I want. And yes, I’m a Rush listener.

  108. Trump is the worst President ever!
    He is a criminal and an immoral person. He has put our Country in grave danger.

  109. Yes & make him testify, OPENLY, .
    Disallow Schiff to stop, block or coach.
    There is no sense in allowing the fox (schiff) to guard the henhouse.
    There is a serious conflict of interest where Schiff is concerned.
    He is heading this kangaroo court , determines who, if anyone is to testify, says what they may or may not answer, & the cherry on top??
    He needs to be removed from the position. YESTERDAY!
    TRUMP ? ?? MAGA ??❤️ 2020

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