The Right is fuming over Paul Ryan’s latest action

For the first time in more than a decade, Republicans control the White House and both chambers of Congress.

But you wouldn’t know it after reviewing the massive spending bill the House of Representatives just passed.


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  2. I very much wish I could have voted for Ryan’s Democratic opponent in the last election. I wish I could understand why he’s been elected Speaker of the House; he seems to be determined to pass a Democratic agenda, whatever Republican voters want. He’s a complete disgrace.

  3. I have been saying since around the turn of the new millinneum that we need to take to the streets in a whole new American Revolution. Politicians and government employees are all crooks…every last one of them. They are all lying, self-serving criminals. We will never fix America until we restore integrity to public office and government employment. END OF STORY !

  4. I have voted Republican for one reason: They are the lesser of two evils. The line of difference is getting closer together. The party does not know how to govern because they do not accept and govern by the Constitution, they lie constantly during campaigns, they vote Socialist or worse while the feather their own nest.
    We need Term Limits to two terms. That way we can weed out the RINO’s more often.
    This time around they lied to Pres. Trump, promising him their support and then the are doing every thing they can to destroy his administration.

  5. Amen VP Pence! Rush is just a little bit “Over the Rainbow” on this one. Time to breathe and come back to reality a little bit. We ARE making very clear headway. It’s time like never before to STAND WITH OUR PRESIDENT as never before. The Freedom Caucus is even “finally” getting a little more on board, so let’s “Stand United” lest we allow the Left & the Left Media trying to divide us as well and end up a “Failed Body & House Divided” that would only Sadly fall. Pray for our Leader’s Daily for Divine Wisdom, Knowledge and Favor. Also Pray for Peace both in America and for Israel & Jerusalem. God is Clearly For us again, so who can be against us? No one who matters.

  6. Please don’t hand the demonrat even more of what they want by not voting. Just encourage new and real conservatives to run for office. Drain the swamp at the polls, and this goes for anyone who has served more than one term.


  8. The problem here is this all these other politicians that ran against Donald trump thought they were gonna win the presidency ,and the majority of the prople of america proved them all wrong by not voting for them ,so now they are pissed and figure if they all vote democratic that Donald trump won’t be able to pass anything and this is why our country is in this situation,all the republicans should have to vote republican not just say their republican if they don’t want to be republican ,we can vote them out next year,and maybe ( I truly doubt it ,with all the years of crap coming from government ) things would change, this country has to do something with this crooked people going into office, like i alwats Saud “the government has to come up with a policy to check these people out before their able to enter into politics ,not when their about to finish their presidency, that’s just to late,like with obama, if they would have checked him out before they would have found out he was a muslim


  9. I am see this as terrible thing what is happening with Ryan what he is doing behind president and also why president go with Ryan!! He was doing this as long as he is speaker of the house!Helping Obama with anything he ask for or more money as he ask for I be living he lie to President about all what he does!I think he should go!Everything looks fishy with this Gay!

  10. This comment is right-on with my political views. The system has been corrupted for
    quite some time now and some people are just beginning to realize it. The media, in
    general – being conservative or liberal, don’t discuss or report much of what we need
    to know but attempt to make us believe that they do. Therefore it is up to us to look
    for other means of information & determine it’s truthfulness based on what we know
    has and is happening. The banks and members of the Illuminati want the NWO and
    control of ALL people worldwide.

  11. Don’t blame the Republicans for RINOS like Paul Ryan Pelosi, McCain, Graham, Rubio etc! What we have to do is purge these RINOS and get back to the traditional Republicans who are not afraid to shove it down the throats of progressives and are not on the Soros payroll.

  12. I think Ryan is just like Comey they were aligned with the old regime and now they are trying to hide in the new administration. Comey can’t keep his story straight. We all know what that means. I hope the good people in Wisconsin have the sense to remove Ryan in the midterms.

  13. Mary: I don’t know how old you are but I’m more than old enough to remember 1994 when the Republicans won both houses of Congress for the first time in forty years. I thought, “great, now we’ll get smaller government, lower taxes, less regulation, and all the other principled changes Republicans supposedly champion.” Instead we got bigger government, higher taxes, more regulation, and none of the principled changes Republicans claim to fight for.

    By 1996, I became suspicious that there was no two-party system. I carefully listened to what the Republicans said but I watched very closely what they did: promises versus actions. It was like trying to match the lyrics to a Neil Diamond song to the music of a Pet Shop Boys tune. Today I am convinced that the whole two-party idea is nothing more than a cleverly orchestrated theatrical production based on deceit and deception in order to convince the average American that they have a choice.

    Shortly after Ryan became Speaker of the House, he passed a Continuing Resolution giving everything the Democrats had asked for. To paraphrase Nancy Pelosi, “we got everything we asked for and more!” When the Republicans knew Obama would veto any bill to repeal Obamacare, they passed a repeal bill somewhere in the region of 50 times. But when they knew Trump would sign a repeal bill, the repeal bill was nowhere to be found.

    Whether or not Trump is the genuine article or just another very cleverly scripted player in the deception production remains to be seen. I will admit that he has done some good things such as nominating and getting Gorsuch elected to the Supreme Court. Or maybe that was just another distraction to appease–throw the masses a bone. On the other hand, Trump was highly supportive of the Obamacare Lite bill being pushed by Ryan but strongly opposed by the few true Conservatives in the House.

    Frankly, I’m sick and tired of conservative talk show hosts claiming the Republicans have no backbone and that they’re scared of being called names. Are they really as stupid as they sound? Republicans certainly have no fear attacking those on the Right such as Tea Party members who stand up for Conservative principles (remember the “Hobbit” comment by McCain). It’s not that they have no backbone; it’s that they are corrupt to the core–bought and paid for my their corporate masters. Yes, it is a Representative government–they just don’t represent the people.

    Sadly, you might as well get used to the ever-increasing march to a totalitarian society for, as sure as eggs are eggs, that is where we are heading.

  14. The only reason I vote R they SUPPOSEDLY are FOR SMALL GOVERNMENT, PRO LIFE, THE CONSTITUTION, NATIONAL SECURITY, but I am beginning to wonder if that isn’t fake news and they are just a bunch of phonies that feather their nest and to heck with what the citizens need or want. Trump campaigned and is for the people, low Taxes, small government, pro life, Immigration Reform, build a wall southern border, and he has had zero help from Ryan the Congress, the press. He is fighting windmills alone.

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