This RINO fled the swamp after getting career ending news

Swamp creatures have been scheming to derail Donald Trump’s agenda since the minute he took office.

One of the ring leaders was Pennsylvania’s RINO Congressman Charlie Dent.

But after getting the worst news of his life, Dent ended his political career.

Dent was a leader of the RINO “Tuesday Group.”

These are left-wing Republicans who agree with the Democrats on everything and fight conservatives and Donald Trump at every turn.

Dent was one of the ring leaders of the fight by liberal Republicans to kill any effort to completely repeal Obamacare.

And he opposes Trump’s border wall.

So over 100 Trump supporters held a rally in his district where they threatened to support a primary challenger if he didn’t fall in line with Trump’s agenda.

Dent took stock of the situation and folded his cards and announced his retirement.

Breitbart reports:

“I’ve worked to instill stability, certainty, and predictability in Washington,” Dent said in a statement. “I’ve fought to fulfill the basic functions of government, like keeping the lights on and preventing default. Regrettably, that has not been easy given the disruptive outside influences that profit from increased polarization and ideological rigidity that leads to dysfunction, disorder and chaos.”

“But I have also had a stake in major legislative accomplishments: budget agreements that prioritize our federal commitments, pro-growth trade, and tax policy, initiatives to advance medical innovation and research, major infrastructure investments, and policies that secure our homeland.”

The decision comes after State Rep. Justin Simmons, who spoke at this week’s “No Surrender” rally, confirmed he would challenge Dent in a primary, branding him “the most liberal Republican in Congress.”

“I guess the polling must have been really bad. Can’t say we were expecting this,” Simmons said on hearing the news. “I think right now we could say, ‘Mission Accomplished.’ We wanted to make sure we got a more conservative candidate in the seat, and now we can do that.”

Dent’s leaving is a serious blow to The Swamp.

Now the fight is on to replace him with a representative who will stand by conservative principles and fight for the Make America Great Again Agenda.


  1. Politicians in D.C. Know things we don’t and there is something huge is coming, worse than 1920’s. They know, and that’s why they do nothing!

  2. Greed, they get money from Dems when they do Dems favors! D.C. Is a fiasco, and the establishment is ruining a perfect opportunity! You know the liberals would have been getting things done had Hillary won!
    Politicians are sorry, low-down-crooks! They take in the tax dollars and spread it around both sides of the aisle!

  3. The ENTIRE swamp in D.C. needs to be cleaned out… Sure would like to get rid of Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, McCain, etc… we would have a much better country without them…

  4. If you add to that, that it is illegal for any public officeholder to take any form of money or contributions from lobbyists, you have removed most of the reasons they stay in office.

  5. The only way to do this is to get with your state congress to sign into the Convention of States Constitutional 27th Amendment! This Amendment puts term limits on all elected federal politicians, (2-3 year terms in the senate, and 3-2 year terms in the house)! It also makes it so they can not retire from that office, and makes them have to carry the same health-care insurance that the rest of us have to have! Then last it make so they can not lobby for anything or anyone for seven years after they are out of office! We need 32 states to have it sent to President Trump to be signed into law! We have at least half that right now!

  6. This is what we need to be doing! If you ask yourself, what has my representative or senator done to help this country, and you can’t come up with a single answer, then fire his or her ass! Doesn’t matter what party they belong to! It’s time for we the people to drain the swamp! We can get help from President Trump, but it is we the people to vote in someone that will work with Donald Trump to make this countrygreat again!

  7. Interesting thought BUzzzzz. I’ve wondered if some Democrats run as Republicans to get elected then when they do get in Congress vote the way they really lean. All RINOs should be voted out of office at the next election cycle. They are traitor turncoats.

  8. Did you ever think that the Dems have planted left-leaning Republicans in Congress so that we get the results we’re seeing now..? Think about it…..

  9. I dont understand how they can claim such grand achievements having served with a totally dysfunctional legislation. Nothing that congress has done in 8 years has benefited the public.

  10. I dont understand how they can claim such grand achievements having served with a totally dysfunctional legislation. Nothing that congress has done in 8 years has benefited the public.

  11. The exodus of RINOS will accelerate as the election approaches. So many and so little time!

    RINOS simply do not understand just how HATED they are by voters! HATED!

    Ryan will be a victim. Flake is done. Heller is GONE. Good riddance to Charles Dent. McCain’s life expectancy is 12-15 months. Cory Gardner, attempting to woo Democrats (who will NEVER vote for him) is angering the Republican base. Same for Mike Coffman.

    This is just the beginning of the coming RINO BLOOD BATH!

  12. Dent says, “he fought to fulfill the basic functions of government” well that is what don’t want. We want someone who we serve the people. That is why we voted for Trump.

  13. There’s a fourth which definitely needs to be washed out of Congress. That’s Senator Lindsey Graham, who couldn’t stand the fact that Trump beat him in the primary in 2016, so just as Hillary Clinton has been trying to do since she lost to Trump, Graham has been trying to undermine Trump ever since he took office. The American public needs to teach a very hard lesson to poor losers by utterly crushing them in elections, and constantly bombarding them with crushing criticism on social media until they finally give up and shut the hell up!

  14. Hooray Hooray
    Another RINO bites the dust.
    Graham and Flake and Mc Cain..
    . are you listening?
    Get out peacefully before you are shamed out!

  15. Now let’s go after Ryan, McConnell, and the rest of the damn traitors. Dent deserves prison, not retirement at our expense. MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  16. We need for someone to step up and create an amendment to the Constitution which puts all this nonsense to rest once and for all.

  17. But remember this is just the beginning. We have many more to get and in many ways we may have hands on to this matter. America is the Protector of Israel and those who believe in the God of Abraham.

  18. Liberalism is a rabid disease that is worse than leprosy. We must continue working to rid ourselves of this mental sickness that has infected our society. We will prevail no matter how long it takes.

  19. One down many many more to go! This may be a wake up call for other RINO republicans and republicans that are not heeding the wishes of We The People! Hopefully McCain will retire along with McConnell. etc. Bye bye, nothing lost!

  20. I would be very interested to hear FROM THEIR OWN MOUTH exactly what they have against the Border Wall, against Repeal and Replace…….against any and all of President Trumps PROMISES?


  22. I agree, Mr. Martin..It’s called the Convention of States movement! Through this laborious process, using the Constitution as it’s basis, this movement is all about “Draining the Swamp”…with term limits and reduction of perks after they retire..but it will probably take a Constitutional amendment to get this done. This way, it levels the playing field somewhat with that of normal people in this country..which the “elites of Congress” do not consider themselves as a part of.

  23. Will be happy to see lots of senior republicans and democrats go they think they own the country. It is past time we need time limits but as long as we are foolish enough t thing they will roll over for term limits we will never get them. We have to find a way to force 8 year term limits on all government elected officials

  24. Well, that’s good news! Bit by bit, let’s run ALL those RINO’s out of office! And while we’re at it, let’s deny them the hefty retirement benefits they voted for themselves… not a penny more of our tax dollars.

  25. Don’t know how or why this and/or any other rino to call themselves, or even allowed much less register as a republican.

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