RINO Senator threw in the towel in the face of a career-ending fight with Trump

Arizona’s Jeff Flake has been one of the leading anti-Trump RINOs in Washington.

He attempted to first sabotage Donald Trump’s campaign and then his Presidency.

But he looked at one poll and realized his career was over.

Flake is being challenged in the Republican primary by pro-Trump Kelli Ward.

The Arizona incumbent was facing polling deficits of over 20 points and pulled the plug on his re-election bid and will become the first Arizona Senator since the 1920s to only serve one term.

Flake defined his political career on being a sock puppet for #NeverTrump republicans and liberal media members.

Flake routinely denounced Trump during the campaign and would not endorse his own party’s nominee.

Working to elect Hillary Clinton was an unbelievable act of treason from a supposed “Republican.”

Once Trump won, Flake’s treachery escalated.

He ran to the liberal media to complain about Trump’s conservative plans to secure the border and end illegal immigration because his paymasters in the establishment demand a limitless supply of cheap labor. Flake was a lead sponsor of the Gang of Eight 2013 amnesty bill and carried the water for open borders globalists.

Flake also authored a book trashing Trump – and by extension the American people who elected him – as angry bigots.

The feud with Trump took its toll and polls found just 16 percent of Arizonans had a favorable opinion of him.

He also trailed his primary challenger by 20 point margins.

So Flake bowed to political reality and pulled the plug and called it called it quits.

But he had one more final performance to throw another temper tantrum about Donald Trump and the men and women who sent him to the White House.

He whined and complained in his floor speech where he announced his retirement about Trump’s bad manners and tone.

Flake learned the same lesson as every other establishment Republican and Hillary Clinton did during 2016 – taking on Donald Trump in a political fight is certain doom.


  1. I agree. President Trump wins again! We Love You President Trump! Now we’ll get that wall built – we know you’re not gonna spend one cent of taxpayers’ money because you are gonna make MEXICO pay for it! Thank You Mr. President!

  2. Trump is keeping his promise , “Drain the swamp ” . So far those who are leaving , should have left years ago . They are only working for special interest . Its time all of those go ! Next national ballot we should have term limits added to the ballot, you know they will never vote for term limits in DC!

  3. Please stop bringing up the corrupt Obama’s and their corrupt Legacy’s. We aren’t interested in either one of them.
    They are a disgrace to our country..with Benghazzi and their open lies thru their family robbing Social Security of $450 Billion dollars and putting it in their pocket to, Now they sold our American uranaium to Russia for bribes and payola monies. Do America a favor and stop reminding us of our worst presidency occupation in History. Thank You.


  5. Well jeffy you made the right call and excused yourself from an embarrassing and humiliating defeat. You have turned your back on your constituents. Shame on you. You bum rap trump. WE will Drain the Swamp. One more down and more to hit the road. Good bye and good riddance. Hasta la vista, a didos arrivaderschie or how ever you spell it. Got the picture. Please never come back.

  6. ONE DOWN and a bunch to go. Some off these Jerks forget who put them in office and why. As soon as they are in they think we can’t get them back out, just ask Flake!

  7. That is a problem that needs to be changed, as they DO NOT deserve to have this, we only should give any of them the salary for when they are our Representatives, not continuing after there term is ended….

  8. That is a problem that needs to be changed, as they DO NOT deserve to have this, we only should give any of them the salary for when they are our Representatives, not continuing after there term is ended….

  9. Trump wasn’t kidding when he said we need more republicans to get his agenda passed. We need at least 60 just to get 52 to vote yes. These swamp creatures are really in large numbers. All the Dems plus at least 6 Repubs. I can’t see getting more seats though. Our only hope is new canidates like Kelli Ward will show up to unseat the RINO’s.

  10. McCain, Collins, McConnell and Ryan are still around. There are plenty of RINOs. It’s why nothing gets passed. They are the Dems gift that keeps on giving. Won’t repeal Obamacare and won’t pass Trumps tax reform . The senate will reconfigure the tax reform to appease Dems instead of passing it as is. We have the votes. Just pass legislation You GOP scum. If not Dems will have control and our chance at a great country will dry up. Amazing how we have majority and whitehouse and these anti trump swamp people don’t give a dam about the American people.

  11. An Arizona voter loves it and is cheering. It’s too bad that we still have a bad apple in the barrel here.He can’t be gone soon enough, and I have been waiting a long time for it.

  12. Butchy – – – with all this good news I have to throw in a “wet towel”. The FOX commentators (I am listening right now) are saying Corker, Flake, McCruddy all support the “bipartisan tax bill and will vote for it”. If those three support the bill and plan to vote for it, THAT tells me is is NOT a good bill and gives the demoncraps what THEY want.

  13. I think in 2018 maybe things will get done, and get people in there that support President Trump. All we need is to send democrats Wilson, Waters, Green, and Lee packing also. The good Lord is taking care of McCain.

  14. BIG problem is flakey flake can now draw his full salary and bwnwfits for the rest of his life – just for being on the payroll just one term.

  15. Bruce – – – partly right. I agree with your comment of “Go Kelli Ward” but disagree with your “Pay attention McCain to your constituents”. It should be Constituents pay attention to how McCrud has betrayed you and the Constitution and get rid of him.

  16. All I can say is thank heavens, one RINO is smart enough to read the writing on the wall. Hopefully, his senior (McCain) will see it, too. Then McConnell and Corcoran and every other wannabe in RINO clothing will turn tail and run!

  17. Amen, Flake has never been or ever was a Republican, his hate for our President has shown from the beginning. Steve Bannon is doing the people’s business. 2018 will be a great year for all Americans. Bye Flake

  18. The “SWAMP” just got a little smaller. Thanks Jeff for letting us know what you really think of your constituents. This is a great day for Arizona. This is a great day for America. GO KELI WARD!

  19. More gurgling sounds from the swamp being emptied. Look at all of the positive movement in less than one year! Stay strong, be resolute and MAGA!

  20. This is the best thing that happened to Congress and the American people. He was never a conservative Republican. Only in name. His democrat stupidity was plain and clear with his little speech to Congress yesterday. What a little man with a little brain. Good riddance.

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