RINO Senator threw in the towel in the face of a career-ending fight with Trump

Arizona’s Jeff Flake has been one of the leading anti-Trump RINOs in Washington.

He attempted to first sabotage Donald Trump’s campaign and then his Presidency.

But he looked at one poll and realized his career was over.

Flake is being challenged in the Republican primary by pro-Trump Kelli Ward.

The Arizona incumbent was facing polling deficits of over 20 points and pulled the plug on his re-election bid and will become the first Arizona Senator since the 1920s to only serve one term.

Flake defined his political career on being a sock puppet for #NeverTrump republicans and liberal media members.

Flake routinely denounced Trump during the campaign and would not endorse his own party’s nominee.

Working to elect Hillary Clinton was an unbelievable act of treason from a supposed “Republican.”

Once Trump won, Flake’s treachery escalated.

He ran to the liberal media to complain about Trump’s conservative plans to secure the border and end illegal immigration because his paymasters in the establishment demand a limitless supply of cheap labor. Flake was a lead sponsor of the Gang of Eight 2013 amnesty bill and carried the water for open borders globalists.

Flake also authored a book trashing Trump – and by extension the American people who elected him – as angry bigots.

The feud with Trump took its toll and polls found just 16 percent of Arizonans had a favorable opinion of him.

He also trailed his primary challenger by 20 point margins.

So Flake bowed to political reality and pulled the plug and called it called it quits.

But he had one more final performance to throw another temper tantrum about Donald Trump and the men and women who sent him to the White House.

He whined and complained in his floor speech where he announced his retirement about Trump’s bad manners and tone.

Flake learned the same lesson as every other establishment Republican and Hillary Clinton did during 2016 – taking on Donald Trump in a political fight is certain doom.