Robert Mueller could be preparing the one indictment that spells doom for Trump

Robert Mueller spent weeks lurking in the shadows.

He went quiet because of the midterm election.

But now that it’s over, word dropped that he could be preparing the indictment that Donald Trump fears the most.

Mueller observed Justice Department protocol and did not issue any major announcements in the 60 days prior to the midterm election.

However, Trump insiders predict Mueller spent his time devising his most evil plan yet.

Some on the President’s orbit believe Mueller could be laying the groundwork to indict Donald Trump, Jr for perjury.

Vanity Fair reports:

The bigger threat for Trump than losing control of Congress is Robert Mueller’s looming report. Sources say Trump advisers are girding themselves for Mueller to deliver the results of his investigation to the Justice Department as early as Wednesday, although it’s more likely he’ll wait till later this month. Sources say besides the president, the ones with the most exposure are Roger Stone and Donald Trump Jr. “I’m very worried about Don Jr.,” said another former West Wing official who testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The possible exposure would be that Mueller would demonstrate that Don Jr. perjured himself to investigators when he said he didn’t tell his father beforehand about the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting to gather “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. (Donald Trump Jr.’s lawyer, Alan Futerfas, declined to comment.)

This is Mueller’s nuclear option.

Trump would explode if Mueller tried to frame his son.

That could lead to Trump firing Mueller.

And then Congress could step in and begin impeachment proceedings against the President.

Critics believe this is a set up by Mueller.

He knows he has nothing on Trump so he could be preparing an indictment to induce a confrontation he knows will lead to Congress impeaching the President.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. True Herr Mueller knew how corrupt the Fisa warrant was ..a pack of lies payed for through money laundering by Hillary and knew it was the work of a lying Brit James Bond wannabe named Steele.

  2. Whatever. Prove Trump ” forced” the old biddy to resign. He serves at the Presidents pleasure and can be fired. So resignation under any circumstances is perfectly legal. Whitaker will likely prefer corruption charges against Rosenstein and Herr Mueller and likely persue criminal charges against the quid pro quo corrupt Clinton foundation for taking exhorbant amounts of money from the Russian after the signing away 25% of our uranium to them.

  3. Total Hogwash! Fear mongering! Look, we are not that stupid. Just give us the truth, we can handle it. Just B.S. to try and stir people up to read your articles. Stop it, or I stop reading and block you!

  4. Hey Betty life on your side sucks so bad, lies are all you got… liberalism is a cancer, no known cure to date… Suicide is a good option!

  5. Where do these LOW IQ Liberals get all of this CRAP they come up with ??? I can’t believe the weird LOON I read ! no facts just hear say ! My moms friends brother in laws sisters ants neighbors barber told me this so it must be true SOUNDS LIKE CNN’S LIBERAL SCARE TACTICS AND LIES !!!!

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  9. Good for Robert Muller. About CRAZY donald & D for DIMB trump, it’s about time that Mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM, That LYING, SICK MINDED PILE OF WALKING, TALKING GUTTER TRASH Got His Ass Kicked Hard!

  10. Prick B we still have the senate. Whom confirms judges? So go ahead and cum all over yourself. Your mama can clean it up. You people predicted a blue wave. Didn’t happen.

  11. The Vacancies Act gives the president some flexibility in choosing a temporary replacement. << Read The V. Act for Yourselves, then you will know ‘who’
    is cherry picking.

  12. Oompa B wrong . . . better check, the pardon power is NOT unlimited. Especially if Trump is convicted of some state crimes, like tax fraud in New York. State crimes cannot be pardoned by the president. Tax fraud – – comes from his payoffs to mistresses that Trump admitted came through his corporation – – but we filed as “legal fees” (Giuliani) – – which are tax deductible but payoffs are NOT!

  13. Yes, Dan makes MORE sense after drinks, because sober, not so much. Maybe Dan is drinking because there was NO red tsunami, or red wave, and only blue waves brought in over 30 Democrats (and more yet to come!) plus SEVEN Democratic victories for governors post . . . and many elections, even in Republican strongholds (like Texas) were BARELY won by Republicans. And he may be worried Butchy, that the 2020 election will have worse news for the Trumpers.

  14. Because, Kep, he did not do anything illegal. NONE of his campaign staff or cabinet staff (which he kept for a long time compared to Trumps record turnover) ever was indicted or were there any charges. Barack was a family man, never had any evidence of affairs or paying off mistresses. Never rented or sold any retail property to Russian mob oligarchs. President Obama was respected and liked by our allies, disliked by Putin – – Trump, just the opposite.

    And President Obama passed a major health insurance protection plan (ACA) which protected Americans from insurance companies screwing over customers with pre-existing conditions and made some needed reforms – – and it is quite popular now. So much so, many republicans lied and said they supported it this last election.

  15. wow, K Wagner, clearly hit a nerve . . . can’t handle the truth, can you?!? Don Jr. is in a real BIND because of his Dad, corrupt Don. You see, corrupt Don Sr. told Don Jr. to lie about the Trump Tower meeting and whether he told Don Sr. beforehand. Then Trump said in a tweet that the meeting was not about Russian adoptions (the first lie) but was about “getting dirt on Hillary.” Since even the media has the emails where Don Jr. was approached by reps of Russia to help with the election and Don Jr. Jared and Manafort all agreed to go to the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting, that is clearly conspiracy with a foreign power to defraud the American electoral process. Even Don Sr. is worried about the legal situation with Don Jr..

    Now keep in mind, many of you THINK Trump can pardon at will, but that is not fully true. For example, if someone offered to give a president $1million for a pardon, that would not be legal. Trump cannot legally pardon to protect himself or members of his family. Whether Trumpers like it or not, Don Sr. has gotten HIMSELF, by his outbursts and tweets, into a LOT OF TROUBLE.

  16. Well, if you watched NPR instead of advocating it being cancelled, you might know some of Trump’s many crimes. You would not read the whole outline, but several charges of obstruction of justice, money laundering Russian mob money, conspiracy to defraud the 2016 election with Russia and then other charges with Cohen admitted guilty to (at the direction of Trump), emoluments violations, and when he is subpoenaed to testify, even his former lawyer (Dowd) said Trump would be wearing an orange jumpsuit. That is just a start, I am sure Mueller has much more.

  17. Oh Carlos, you been using too many drugs. First, it is the HOUSE that impeaches, which means to be brought to trial. The Senate will decide if the president will be removed, and odds are stacked against that ever happening. And you failed to see the change of political winds with the blue wave? I saw a LOT of postings about a “red tsunami” – – – and it was not a tsunami and not red at all. It was 30 or more new Democrats in Congress and as been shown, Trump’s popularity is BAD! Did you know that exit polls showed that 40% of voters want Trump impeached? Voters are clearly not happy with Trump and after the election, Trump is even WORSE. Expect 2020 to be even more bad news for republicans – – – you have already run off a good section of your party!

  18. You are dreaming, #1 skins fan. Mueller was given a description of his investigation and he has followed it thoroughly – – most Trumpers try to find fault in it, but it is typical for investigations. Ken Starr started with Whitewater, got nothing on Clintons, then went OVER SIX Years to eventually have Clinton impeached for lying about his affair. Mueller has already indicted over a dozen Russians for interfering in election and is about to finish with his report soon. Investigations begin at the roots and go UP the tree – – so expect the charges against Trump soon.

    Many of you are just defaming republican Mueller, considered by both sides of the aisle to be a man of integrity and excellence, because you always want to blame someone else – – and not accept any blame for yourselves. Even Trump jokes about how you were his (cult) followers who would still follow him if he killed someone on 5th Avenue in broad daylight. He is the Elmer Gantry of politics (look it up)!

  19. Whenever you hear a “pundit” saying “there is no evidence, you are being tricked. At this point, no one knows what evidence Robert Mueller has compiled. We’ll all have to wait for the final report. But for someone who is says he did nothing wrong, why is Trump whining about this investigation so much?

  20. George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, co-authored a New York Times op-ed published Thursday that called the Whitaker appointment “unconstitutional.”
    The Appointments Clause of the Constitution, Article II, Section 2, Clause 2, Conway wrote, “means Mr. Trump’s installation of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general of the United States after forcing the resignation of Jeff Sessions is unconstitutional. It’s illegal. And it means that anything Mr. Whitaker does, or tries to do, in that position is invalid.”

  21. There is plenty of evidence of guilt, both for obstruction of Justice and for conspiracy to involve Russians to defraud the election. You will see SOON,

  22. This “Butchy” must be different from the regular Butchy. His comments on this article are all against the Prez, whereas another “butchy in earlier articles is/was a STRONG Trump supporter!

  23. Mueller according to DOJ regs should have turned down the appointment as he had a personal interest with the firing of his best friend Comey. None of the indictments had anyting to due with the election. Names of the alleged Russian military could have been pulled from anywhere. The Russian company when informed about the indictment said lets go to trial, show what you have and Mueller backed down.

  24. let me introduce you to hildabeast Clinton who has ties to 68 murders at this point. Also so many violations of federal and election campaign law they stopped keeping track.

  25. actually after Regan there was only two alliterations of one party, democrat. Bush was a 70’s democrat no matter what letter was behind his name. Cross check policies. We finally have a real republican. He is not conservative but the supreme court justices he appointed are exactly what the founding fathers envisioned, strict immutable constitutionalists. We should hope for more of the same.

  26. That is the Mueller ‘$ paycheck–he depends on that–if there were no more investigations brouhaha; where would his next income be?
    he has more money in his pocket than the average worker who does an 8 hr. day job plus 5, sometimes 6 days-he probably never washed toilets??HUH? LOL!!!

  27. This has become a sort of a mismash leaks and lies I say let Mueller indit either of the 2 men and as soon as he does issue premptive pardons that cover any potential possible charges! then get on with doing what we Americans need done!!!

  28. O. Possum, I am really concerned about the health of the Russians Mueller’s team indicted. They probably are still laughing so hard, they may die from lack of oxygen. This entire investigation was based on the Steele dossier, which was financed by HRC’s campaign, through the DNC, the Coie law firm, through Steele, to some unknown persons in RUSSIA!!! Now just who has something to hide? Could it be HRC has a lot more to hide than DJT??? Seems very possible to me.

  29. Muller getting 6 guilty pleas form high level Trump associates will be unnoticeable when compared to an honest Hillary investigation. Tick-Tock.

  30. It seems to be that if mueller had ANYTHING….the time to announce it would have been BEFORE the election. He has nothing.

  31. 6 Guilty pleas? None of which had anything to do with the objective of the Mueller committee – collusion with Russians. It was under Obama’s watch to assure no interference with elections by foreign countries. So issue your findings and quit spending taxpayers money!!!!!

  32. If muleface had anything he would have put it out before the midterms. He would want to boost the commiecrats.

  33. Oh yeah, Mueller’s investigation has produced 6guilty pleas! He is supposed to be looking into collusion of Trump and Russia? So he digs up dirt from 10/20/30 years ago on people who knew Trump and indicts them for something irrelevant to his investigation? No collusion has been found, so he is doing everything else except the job he is supposed to be doing? Wasting Millions of $$ investigating Nothing!!

  34. If Mueller was so diligent about protocol, why did he not go after Obama, Hitlery, Comey, Reid, and thecrest of the gang for the collusion with the Russians and others that he did find? He was involved in the Obama administration crimes involving the corrupt FBI and should have recused himself from the investigation. He is part of the Deep State and the swamp that needs to be drained!

  35. “Robert Mueller is lurking”? Really? Actually, despite all the spin this story, the author himself states “Mueller observed Justice Department protocol and did not issue any major announcements in the 60 days prior to the midterm election.”
    Robert Mueller is quietly doing the people’s work. His investigation has produced at least 6 guilty pleas among high level Trump associates. He has indicted 13 members of the Russian military intelligence for their attack on our election in 2016. The biggest question is why does Trump not want a full accounting of this attack? Is he hiding something?

  36. If the DIMS continue to harrass the president, he should now unload on them. Maybe now that Sessions if finally gone, justice might be served, just a little bit?

  37. President Trump doesn’t need to fire Mueller now that Sessions has resigned. there’s a new top gun in the DOJ who didn’t recuse himself.

  38. Mueller was hired to find any collusion on Russia & Donald Trump, he could NOT find anything. Investigation should have ended there. That was his only assignment. Instead he is investigating beyond what he was hired to do. Any other investigations should be done by the AG. Stop wasting money on Mueller.

    Millions of dollars going out each month, for what? A vindictive liberal working for the Democratic Party. If anything Hillary & the Democrats should be investigated for their Russian involvement by our own AG. Tons of evidence there already.

  39. If Mueller, “really” wanted to earn his salary, he would launch a “full scale investoigation”, into the “Clinton Cartel! One of the most corrupt political horror stories of the last 2 centuries! Dead bodies of “mysterious” fates, litter the Clinton trail, from Little Rock Arkansas, to the present date! Corruption, & Felonius, skulduggery, run rampant in “everything” the Clinton’s do, & their friends are “complicit”!

    A life time of investigations are right before Mueller’s eyes, if he had the integrity to pursue them! {but, of course, we all know how “corrupt” the Judicial system, FBI, & CIA are……Even “us dummies”, in every day life can see that!

  40. does anyone actually believe that President Trump is afraid of mueller ? he could have fired him a long time ago , be damned of the results . mueller is nothing but a lying conniving sneak , all he has done along with his lying staff is bilk the American people out of millions of OUR TAX DOLLARS . he is going to HANG HIMSELF , he needs to be investigated as he is nothing but a cheap part of the deep state . he belongs in prison along with the lying cheating stealing Clintons and others . don’t have enough time or space to list them , we all know who they are . justice will prevail !!!!


  42. Now that the midterms are over. It’s time for the Senate to take down all the key Deep State traitors, including this POS Shylock Yid!

  43. Mueller has never been investigating Trump ever. It’s all a hoax put on and paid by the left. Number two Mueller should of already recused him self because he is part of this fake dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton. They keep this BS open to gain votes. They will continue to do it untill next election cycle. And they can not impeach Trump period. That count on people being to stupid to know this and that’s most of the lefts voters.And if they could impeach him they would need to get two thirds if the Senate to vote on it. We won the Senate ,it’s not going to happen. It’s all charades from the left and it’s all going to come back and bite them in the azz. We now have a new Attorney General and we will be paving the road for a bunch of arrest comeing here soon and it’s not going to be Trump!

  44. Will you stop with the doom and glume headlines already? If Mueller had anything he would have presented it long before now. They most likely reason he has waited until after the election is that it will be more detrimental the democrats than the republicans.

  45. Let him indict Trump Jr. Let it run the gamut of process, likely with no conviction. Mueller will be through, no impeachment, nothing against Trump. Then Trump pardons him, if needed, and anyone else Mueller indicted that Trump thinks should be. Don’t play into their trap… but Trump likely knows all this already.

  46. Especially since he was illegally appointed. No stated crime, no Senate approval. Rosenstein doesn’t have the authority to simply “appoint” a guy with unlimited power. Rosenstein needs to go immediately as well. Hopefully the new AG will clean all this up.
    Also, Mueller now knows his days are numbered and will push to accomplish his task quickly, which means it will likely be sloppy.




  50. are you people really this dumb even if trump was impeached you can;t overturn an election because if trump is impeached pence becomes the president so all of you who want to believe that hillary would get the white house are nuts and deserve to keep listening to trump bs, the truth is this country just jumped back in time to before the cold war because of trump not knowing how to deal with diplomats that our allies don’t trust us because of trump so you need to pull your head out of your rear and start listening and tell you what a wise man told me pull the crap out of your ears and shove it into your mouth and listen, yes trump has done some good but a lot of you’ll think because he gave us some extra money well let you in on a secret he didn’t give anything compared to what he gave himself

  51. A few months ago, they were articles written regarding all of these secret Democratic Party strategies that they would put into effect if Trump fired Rosenstein or Mueller.

    How they would hold organizational rallies and all 50 states how they would try and shut down the various functions of the government etc. etc. Trump needs to fire Rosenstein now.

    Then he needs to turn around and pardon Manafort an anybody else that Mueller busted. But when he does, he needs to address the nation. Exit polls showed that many Americans believe now that the Russia investigation was politically motivated. He should sign there pardons or national television while he is addressing the nation and he should say that the reason that he is doing so is because of the fact that Robert Mueller was hired to find Russian collusion. Since none of these people were convicted Of colluding with Russia, the things that they were guilty of, were things that nobody would’ve ever found out about without the political witch-hunt.

    Now, make no mistake, the Democrats will move to impeach Trump at that point. But also at this point, that is what Trump wants. When the Senate refused to remove Bill Clinton from office, many of us saw it as Democratic Party partisanship but, we also accepted the fact that he had been found innocent by the “jury” which was the role the Senate played.

    Trump would be found innocent By the “Jury” which is the Senate and the American people would live with that. With the economy humming along, Trump would cruise to reelection.

  52. Impossible David. We live in a two-tiered legal system where anything a Republican does can be leveled as charges with penalties. Democrats can do anything they want because of the compliant Press.

  53. I don’t know where the author of the above article has been during the midterm elections. The Democrats do NOT have enough votes to remove Trump from office in the Senate.

    Also, Nancy Pelosi, if she is made speaker of the House has already announced that “impeachment” is not on the table.

    Even if Trump is impeached, he will not be removed. “investigations” and charges work both ways, if the Dems want to try to sink Trump in “investigations” than the same thing can be done against THEM in the Senate.

    Thank God we control the Senate!

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)


  55. Muller is the thug in all of this !!! He is power hungry. headline
    seeking, totally unprofessional. FIRE HIS ASS !!!

  56. yes truth wins somebody tried to frame mueller for sexaul misconduct and they won because mueller didn’t even waste time with it and referred it to the fbi and last i heard they still have to have grounds to fire mueller and there words we are working on it and if jr lied to the fbi how is mueller setting him up that’s as bad as trump every time he speaks its a democrat conspiracy but what was really funny when a retiring republican congressman said that the republicans lie all the time about everything. sorry to tell you’ll this but the only good politician is not to have any of them acting like 2 year old babies, now that would be true karma

  57. Now that Sessions is gone I hope heads will roll about this witch hunt overthrow of our government…finally. Rosenstien, Lerner, Hillary, Orr, Commey, etc all in orange suits. As well as Big Mouth Max.

  58. Hey, Butchy (what does that MEAN anyway?): Ya hear that whisper? That’s the ax blade headed for Mueller’s neck. ALL THIS is catching up to him. He was chosen by RR, and JS was planned to recuse for a REASON. All the impeachment exercises and rants won’t save Mueller’s ass. Whattaker now has DOJ control. BTW: Get your ticket now — I hear China’s looking for a few good lefties.

  59. Dream on! America has a banana republic justice system. If it didn’t this Mueller “investigation” would never have been authorized in the first place.

  60. In America’s justice system [if there is still one] ; the accused has the right to face and rebut his accuser; Whitaker will move to indict this provocateur of a hoax.

  61. Name those offenses, Butchy…
    PROVIDE the EVIDENCE… NOT just your bullshlt, aashole…

  62. We have criminals all over the FBI and CIA, and he is gong after whether Jr told his father ahead of the meeting or after the meeting????

  63. Sorry, but I think you meant that the Kenyan communist interloper and his regime were the most anti-American proMuslim, corrupt and unethical, criminal Communist that ever darkened our country.

  64. The fact of the matter is that this investigation was never about Russian collusion, or Mueller would have investigated the millions of Hillary campaign funds that went to fusion GPS and Chris Steele…oh but we went on a witch hunt instead…right?

  65. Mueller and his deviate team should all lose their licenses to practice law…..they are all doing evil things, especially Weinstein, that was in cahoots with the FBI creeps Ohr and his Wife, old Nellie, and McCabe…….totally illegal……
    Trump would just parden his son, and all the rest of the people illegally ruined by old Bobby Mueller……..he needs to stop wasting taxpayer money….already $38MILLION, WASTED. Mueller and his swine team need to pay back all the money he cost Flynn, and ALL the others….he was not hired to go back tens of years for anything!~

  66. mueller and his Inquisitors have finally found the 45th empty bottle of Russian Salad Dressing and they’re ready to “rumble”.

    A problem will arise when he presents his evidence to a Grand Jury as most honest folks will simply break out in laughter.

  67. Your English here appears that you may be drinking?????? Hopefully your not locked an loaded in that condition!!!!!!

  68. If you say 30 years, then your back into the Reagan time frame….. over the past 30 years the presidency was equally split between the 2 major political parties….

  69. These Democrats are dreaming up lies about President Trump because he did nothing wrong at all. All the President did was to make America Great again after 30 long years of Destruction from the Clinton’s to the Obama’s.

  70. If there is probable cause that Donald Jr. violated the law, he would, and should, be indicted. He will have the opportunity to defend himself at trial. If he is acquitted, he is acquitted. If he is found guilty, he can appeal, even to the US Supreme Court. Trump is a law and order man, except when he and his family and his Republican cronies.

  71. Mueller has nothing and he knows it. If he had anything On our President he would have been on Capital Hill with a Warrant for the President’s arrest. I think that Mueller has figured out that you can’t impeach a sitting President. You can’t arrest a President. I think all he has done is lined his pockets with Taxpayer Money. He continues to do it. All we have left now is to see if they Elect Nancy Pelosi. This Dingbat walks around like she is on Marijuana and she never follows through and how she gets where she is in Life is really an interesting piece of Knowledge. She says things at times that makes you wonder if she has a full string of fish. Now Colorado has Governor Jared Polis who I hope is not a Typical Democrat that we have had in Governor Hickenlooper, pooper, duper. I just hope he doesn’t decide that all the Western Slope is good for is Taxes. He said he was willing to work with the Western Slope so we will give him a chance. Obama was such a jerk and still is. He keeps saying something about the election. He is no longer President and he is no longer in Charge of anything except his big mouth and his over sized ears. Our kids are not Muslims and will never be. So we shall see. Polis does not begin until January. Good luck to him and we wish him well. This will be the First Governor who is a known Gay person. So we shall see how this all works out.

  72. Mueller has had almost two years and the backing of the media and DNC to completely fabricate A false case against the president and because the media is a democratic mouthpiece verifiable facts are un necessary.

  73. It is Wednesday morning in America. We still have a Conservative President and Conservative Senate and a Conservative Supreme Court. Yes, the House can go about impeaching anyone but it ends there. So that might make the looney Hollywood and late night talkers happy. It will continue to divide the country and ensure Pres Trump’s reelection. So all in all the USA is in good hands this morning.

  74. If I were Trump and lost my bid for reelection I would pardon all the people mueller railroaded I would in my 2nd term if reelscted.

  75. Had Trump fired Mueller earlier, the newly Democrat-controlled House of Representatives would be breathing down on his neck. Jeff Sessions, if possible, uses the US attorney general power to indict the Deep State conspirators.

    The Ethics Committee should have dragged Rep. Maxine Waters to be prosecuted before the mid term election. Likewise with many others that made verbal threats to physically harm the American citizens. Eric Holder made this threat. Hillary made this threat. And the list goes on.

    Yeah, we are more divided than ever.

    Had we still keep the House of Reps, we would have gone to punish the universities for violating the freedom of speech. The same for the social media that refused to air the conservative views.


  76. Herr Mueller is a Democrat shill. Make him play his hand. See if he folds. We still own the Senate and will reclaim house if Democrats are too wild eyed communist.

  77. Well if he does frame Trump JR… Let him then just pardon him afterwards ???? The President has the power to pardon anyone he wants sooooooo…..F Muller????

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