Robert Mueller crossed a red line and now Donald Trump is furious

Robert Mueller just went there.

He’s expanded his investigation once again.

And this time Trump will be furious when he finds out that Mueller crossed a red line.

Mueller is now probing alleged foreign donations to Trump’s inauguration committee.

This is the latest example of Mueller engaging in a wide ranging witch hunt that has strayed far beyond his original mandate of election interference.

Now the special counsel is digging into events that took place months after the election.

ABC News reports:

“Those interviewed included longtime Trump friend and confidant Thomas Barrack, who oversaw the fundraising effort, as well as individuals familiar with the massive inaugural fund, according to sources with direct knowledge.

Barrack, a real estate investor, has long been described as a Trump “whisperer” whose close friendship with the president landed him a prime appearance during the GOP convention the night Trump accepted his party’s nomination.

The billionaire runs a fund with hundreds of millions in real estate and private equity holdings in the Middle East. Barrack oversaw the largest inaugural fundraising effort in U.S. history, bringing in $107 million – more than double what President Barack Obama raised for his first swearing-in festivities.

According to a source who has sat with the Mueller team for interviews in recent weeks, the special counsel is examining donors who have either business or personal connections in Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Several donors with those ties contributed large sums to the non-profit fundraising entity – gifts that topped out at $1 million dollars, according to public records.”

This is out of control.

Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar have nothing to do with Russian election interference or collusion.

Mueller is casting his nets far and wide because his investigation has been a bust.

And the Trump administration is starting to get fed up.

Vice President Mike Pence spoke for millions of Americans when he said it’s time for Mueller to wrap things up.

Do you agree?


  1. Since Mueller cares NOTHING for the TRUTH or Justice he will do anything and everything to take Trump down. See Mueller only wants REVENGE for the PROPER firing of Coney a partisan political hack. Mueller hand picked Comey to replace him. He wanted Hitlery in power as did Comey which is why he tanked the Hitlery Investigation. Had Comey done his job then Hitlery would be in prison not the White House. Mueller who is on the TREASON that is the URANIUM ONE Deal wants Trump out to protect whatever his kick back for selling our America got him. Obozo and Mueller have hidden their pay off Hitlery’s was $145 Million.

  2. Hand Mueller his hat and tell him to head south and take his snake collection with him….The Party’s Over….

  3. im sorry i remembered it wrong this is the correct version. a New York Times Op-Ed columnist noted, “collusion” has virtually no legal meaning in this context. People can “collude” all they want; if they “conspire,” though, that’s another thing entirely.

  4. How come Obama wasn’t investigated when he interfered in Israel’s election?
    The Clinton Foundation has been taking contributions from the Saudis for years. Who is stupid enough to not know that a lot of that money funneled into her campaign?

  5. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Mueller is NOT overstepping his mandate! So far, he has 13 indictments, a conviction, and uncovered all kinds of other evidence of Trump’s associates doing criminal things.

    Folks, whatever you may think of Trump’s other policies, it is clear that he has been trying to cover-up something. Does he not want his tax returns to become public and show other malfeasance? I don’t care whether he had ties to the Russian mob before the election or after it. The point is, there is a very good possibility that he is being blackmailed by Putin and the sooner we know about it the better. If they influenced the election (which we now know they certainly did to some degree) or whether Trump is now acting in ways that are detrimental to our country because of blackmail or other Russian mob ties, we need to know. Let’s let Mueller do his thing. It appears that he is doing a great job and not being swayed by political pressure. Remember, he is a Republican himself and isn’t being influenced by the Democrats.

    • David Pratt you should pay attention to the real news. Mueller’s 13 indictments was a plot to make it look like he had something, but guess what; that is e
      What got Mueller in trouble with a judge on Manaforts case. You liberals are so gullible. It isn’t even funny how deranged you lefties are. #MAGA POTUS TRUMP

    • Get a life!!! U can’t be that stupid or can u?? Don’t even leave comments when U don’t even know the truth. We r sick and tired of u people just keep blaming and accusing Trump of lies etc. u people need to respect our president or just keep your mouth shut on everything. I was not happy when do call Obama won but u know what I accepted it. Many of us did I know why! Because we all have class. We’re not cry babies, and liars, wicked and evil people . Like all u haters that will not stop slandering Trump his family and I can go on and on. No matter what u liberals etc do to bring Trump down will never happen. U all making fools of your selves. God had put Trump as President. None of u haters will win. When God is in control the only one will sin is the one He choose. Not men. But I haters don’t want go see the truth. Look all what Trump have accomplish in his short time in office. Compare him to Obama. There is none. 2020 if God wants Trum to remain president it will happen. No one can stop it. God has the Power. U all don’t want to admit it. Oh well we will just say we told u all so. Trump will not break. He will not be bought, He is bold and strong etc. by time we have a president that is real. So keep whinning u still won’t win at the end. Amen!

      • Yes all that money wasted when it could have been used so many important ways. I agree the Demo’s should pay for it all. Mueller don’t got nothing if he did it will have been exploded by now. They need to start investigatingObama, Hillary, Lynch, shumer, mueller! Warren, Pelosi and many more bill Clinton and also Chelsea Clinton. She’s not innocent. She knew about all her mom did and didn’t do. It was proven Hillary email Chelsea about the Benghazi situation so u know she did on other things like their business so call charity dealings. She was involved in ghat situation she worked for their organization.

    • David, I don’t think you can help yourself, and I don’t think your a liberal, but I expect I am wrong on that. However you can change, you don’t have to be stupid forever.

    • You are so full of it, Mueller is a lying bastard who was a screw up when he was at the Federal Bureau of Incompetence. No one knows what his charter was or is other than get Trump at any cost.

    • you are dso stupid to beleive anything muller is doing he is a trader to the country .grow up learn what is going on you boob .OLD VET

  6. It’s my tax dollar that they are wasting. They will not do anything to the Clinton’s, because you may not make your next birthday. If the democrats do get back in power, just look at Russia fifty years ago. Government housing, collective farms, and you work for the state with little or no freedoms. Is that what America wants? I think not, fight for our way of life, and make America great again. Let President Trump do his job, and send the democrats, and the RINOS packing.

  7. This whole “investigation” is bullshit. Everybody knows it. If this continues, there will be hell to pay by the fools who support this degradation of the American way of life. Enough! Move on, let’s be One for America! Or, God have mercy on the souls who continue on this path of destruction…

  8. It is long past time for Mueller to “wrap things up.” If Mueller has something, he should bring charges, but it seems he has nothing. The Mueller mandate does not have unlimited range to investigate everything that has ever happened anywhere. Mueller should investigate Hillary Clinton; there he would find plenty.

    • why is it that the FBI/DOJ/etc use National Security as a reason to Not PROVIDE DOCUMENTS TO CONGRE3SS? Congress has security clearaqnces and accordingly All documents must be provided as requested ; using security as a reason to redact portions of documents could well be a means of hiding information which would be harmful to the FBI/DOJ etc. I have recommended the FOIA bew amended to make it mandatory for congress to be provided full documentgs when requested, no redactions. I have also rfecommended the FOIA be amended to make the individual responsible (not the section to which assigned) pay a heavy fine for ignoring the requirements of FOIA. Indeed the upper echelons of FBI.DOJ must be emptied out and patriotic individuals placed in those slots. Those that have engaged in criminal activities MUST be punished and not let off the hook. For example: Hillary Clinton indeed violated our security laws and she must be heavily punished. I pray God will play on the consciences of those who are lying/cheating/ln their attempts to take down President Trump.

    • Trump can fire Mueller Rosenstein! And he should tomorrow and send 500 Federal Marshals and Secret Service dressed in full Riot and SWAT Gear with 1000 sets of handcuffs and arrest everybody in the DOJ,CIA NSA FBI that even has a hint of corruption left on them. My earnest belief is that there will be very few Democrats left in Washington DC after this 18 election I mean think about it half the country voted for him all the police voted for Trump all military voted for Trump only Evangelical Christians voted for Trump

  9. Should have never been allowed to start!! Trump should FIRE Mueller and all his people!! Enough is enough!! The whole thing is CORRUPT to begin with!!! All based on hatred, a sore loser, and the Globalist’s agenda!!!

    • The US Attorney General (Not President Trump) should be the one who fires Mueller and not the President. General Sessions must step forward and cooperate with congressional investigations in order to weed out the criminals in the FBI/DOJ etc. If we had Congressman Trey Gowdy as our US AG, The swamp (actually SEWER) would be dried out by now.

  10. This is the last straw. Mr. President FIRE Mueller and arrest him for attempting to overthrow the duly elected government of the United States and for treason with his part in the Uranium One fiasco. This maniac has got to be stopped one way or the other.

  11. Let me tell you that if this character Robert Mueller was doing this to Hillary Clinton, he would probably turn up with that knife in his chest and dead in his bathroom.

  12. Perhaps we need to appoint a special counsel to investigate Muller. Let’s dig through his life and find out exactly what his agenda is.

  13. The Mueller MAFIA strikes again.

    When is Congress going to call Mueller in & demand to know what evidence he has on President Trump? WHEN? How about tomorrow?!?


  15. Our Great President Mr TRUMP is been attacked by All forces of evil in the camp of the demonRats . But We the Deplorables have the Big gun , “PRAYING” . I am asking to all of You to constantly talk to & pray to GOD the Father & Jesus the Son to protect & guide our President .
    Lets do it to MAGA , & when chanting go ” TRUMP USA” .
    Mr Sessions why are You NOT doing your job & fire rosenstein & mueller ??

    • Yes, we need to pray that the real evil taking place in our government will be exposed and that our congress will finally do what they have placed there to do and put a stop and round up these evil ones and bring them before justice.

    • Pedro you are so right we do need to pray for President Trump, and I hope every all Dem lose in November. As for as Sessions goes I believe he just waiting for Mueller and his minions to have enough rope to hang therself.


  17. I agree with one other in this post…we Americans need to rise up and take our country back! When will we uprise against all this bullshit!!!

    • This so called investigation is costing us taxpayers millions of dollars, “IT’S TIME TO END IT NOW!’

      • The main point is to keep it alive in the minds of American Voters with the hope it will make President Trump look bad and cast the entire Party in a bad light….thus giving the Congress back to the Democrats.
        It is sad and hopefully will fail. We need our President and his Congress….but we must get rid of the RINOs.

        • Yes… more Democrat interference in our elections, funded by one of the most evil men on the planet, George Soros.

          I want to know when the FBI is going to investigate that Soros piece of crap & his phony foundations. They interfered more in the 2016 election than the Russians! Soros needs to be in prison & his phony foundations shut down.

  18. This is the way our government has become, This is also why I voted for Our President. We need an outsider like him to find out who our own Government is working for, it sure not the people who elected them and gave them the power that’s abused !!!

  19. Who is really in charge? What unknown power is controlling our government? Why do some politicians say one thing yesterday and something completely different today? Why is the main stream media lying to the American people? I have a hundred questions that need to be answered but the most important one is this; Why are we sitting around typing comments on our computers instead of doing something about it? We need a plan and it has to be foolproof. The time for talk is over.

    • The mainstream media is lying to the American people because they are part of the Communist Party, which is controlling the DNC. McCarthy wasn’t wrong when he outed the Communists in the Government. He was absolutely right, but the media did a smear job on him, as they’ve done to President Trump.

  20. It’s a damn shame that this is being allowed to continue. It just goes to show you how The Deep State goes by the Law saying they are above the President and the Constitution of the United States. Someone needs to put this crap to rest Jeff Sessions, man up and burn your Deep State card.

  21. I’d like to know the person or persons that put the bee in Mueller’s bonnet to continually expand and expand his so called ‘investigation” into bogus charges against our president. You’d think he would have been so determined to find the truth about bathhouse Barry when oduamass hid all of his personal records and especially his authentic birth certificate.

    • I think it is time to put all of this crap aside and get on with the business of our country. Muellers obstruction has gone on long enough and I am tired of hearing the name. As if immigration and boarder walls were not enough to argue about.

    • Look no further than the deep state mole who is ROSENSTEIN. Give that sucker the boot, and problems are solved. Give his post to Louis Gohmert, or Ken Cuccinelli, or another Patriot who loves our country, and can kick @$$.

  22. How about all these a$$hole libs spend equal time going after the truly corrupt and guilty. We don’t have to name them, because they are in the media every day spouting their untruthful and corrupt trash. By the way who is Obummer “REALLY”?


    • Second Special Counsel for Clinton EMAIL SCANDAL, and foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation before the 2016 election should be opened NOW!!!

  24. Mueller in his determination to get Trump anyway he can does not view anything as out of bounds. Could Mueller himself stand up to that kind of scrutiny? Hillary certainly could not.

  25. Mueller Should Be Fired Then Aggressively Investigated And Prosecution For An Catalogue Of Crimes Against This Country And The American People Which Includes But Not Limited To Treason

  26. Mueller is one that should be investigate, along with his other FBI cronies that are all part of the deep state. Kick Mueller off the investigation and investigate his wrongdoings.

  27. Mueller was appointed by the DOJ and the DOJ should shut him down. Any income derived from private business operations nation wide or world wide becomes personal income and has nothing to do with the entity anyone received the income from. It is no longer foreign money if that is where it came from in the course of a business deal. So why would Mueller start reviewing private persons income? Mueller needs to be investigated and charges filed for invasion of privacy. Fire the head of the DOJ for lack of control over Mueller’s actions.

      • Watch the shooting comments folks. I never joke about shooting people. Our gun rights are under enough attack already. I am well armed, but deadly force are only for derence of self or others.

        • I agree. NRA members understand that it INAPPROPRIATE to publish scurrilous posts and gun threats.

          There are anti 2nd Amendment readers who USE such public threats to reverse the 2nd Amendment. Don’t play into their hands by making threats.

          We need to keep thinking, support each other and be SMARTER than leftists.

          IN THE MEANTIME, support conservative candidates for the midterms, donate to their campaigns and get out and vote!

          Pray for conservative victories in the midterms


          Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  28. Mueller needs to go, it is without a question a witch hunt not only about the so called Russian collusion but to get rid of Trump, if he want’s to be so fair,
    why does he not investigate the Clintons. He needs to go. otherwise we may have a revolution to stop this wast of our money

    • wait a second, I seem to remember that when this shit all first started that some Law professor said that collusion wasnt even a Law term or something like that but anyway he said it wasn’t even against the Law

      • I remembered it wrong. This is the correct version. a New York Times Op-Ed columnist noted, “collusion” has virtually no legal meaning in this context. People can “collude” all they want; if they “conspire,” though, that’s another thing entirely.

      • Mueller lied to the Grand Jury. He indicted a Russia company that DID NOT exist never expecting any of the 13 indicted to plead not GUILTY & plan on going to trial. He nvr expected his dirty trick to be found out. This should be enough to I’ve judge shut this down, put him in jail, & have him disbarred.

    • Globalist Republicans too…John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Lisa Murkowski, and even the Speaker of the house, Paul Ryan.

    • How can a President of the USA accept to have a filthy SOB as Mueller working in the Government??? What does the Judicial system has to say in all this??
      How far can anybody allow this to keep on going?? FIRE HIM IMMEDIATELY. He’s nothing but a filthy SOB.

    • We the true Americans are ready for what WE have to do. Be careful, libs , your ice is getting very thin and patince is running out!!!!

    • Replace Rosenstein and problem solved. Rosenstein has given Mueller all the power he needs to overstepping the boundaries of the actual investigation.

  29. Mueller is doing more to divide the country then anyone else, except maybe ObamASS. Let AMERICANS demand an audit of the “investigation”. The total would probably shock most AMERICANS. The AMERICAN TAX PAYERS are footing the bill..

    • Does anyone else wonder if this ”team” is keeping a little too much of all this money they are spending? That is scary! I feel Obama got more than his share of al those failed program he started. If we all knew just how corrupt our government is, we would rise up! We may need to do just that before anything gets better.

  30. I’m so sick of the partisan bashing and the one-sided investigations and accusations. Dump Mueller Now Mr Sessions. While you’re at it dump Rosenstein and replace with Trey Gowdy.

    • Gowdy, is not who you think he is sir. He’s a mole for the Deep State. See his recent interview on “The View” with Tim Scott. I say replace Rosenstein with Ken Cuccinelli.

  31. Mueller crossed the red line for Americans a long time ago. He is more dangerous than any other criminal around. Since they gave him an open lariat why isn’t he trying to put the Clintons and Obamas behind bars, the evidence of their wrong doing is all over the place! Time for the Democrats to pay or Trump to step up and drain the agencies of the trash. There had better be a damn good reason why Sessions hasn’t already done some butt kicking. MSM better start trimming their tongue too. The people are fed up with this crap!

    • I will once again become a happy American when I learn that at least 5-10 subpoenas have been issued to the rabid left. Until that happens, I am an unhappy American that no one in government except perhaps 3-4 are worth a single penny….most in government are our enemies, NOT our friends, and they are dangerous to America.

  32. America has two classes of people, those who follow the rule of law, and those who follow the rule of policy. The former are below the law, and the later are above the law. The scales of justice and morality are dipped below for the former, and tipped above for the latter. As many of our citizens have said …. we have enough laws, we just need to enforce them. The Constitution provides for justice and liberty for all, not just for the politicians who rule by policy.

    Time to lock them up ! Our president is said not to be a politician, but a business man. Learned people know politics , the word , comes from the Greek language. Poli in greek means many ticks, or small blood sucking insects.

  33. No one investigated Hillary Clinton after she received 13 Million dollars from the Russians to her foundation. 500,000 dollars from Putin to Bill Clinton when she was secretary of state. that is treason right there. A foreign government buying a US state official in the Oval Office.
    Where are all the wolf criers with that one?

    • No doubt they all live in the DNC’s offices. You all know how the saying goes:
      Rats usually live in one same filthy hole. That is why Mr. Trump has promised to drain the swamp. I storngly believe he must finish doing and fulfilling his promise right now, before it’s too late!!!

  34. I am sick of all this shot.I heard Ryan is also against President TRUMP and that Feinstein is also Deep State.

    • I wish we could have a Conservative party to join. Not just dems and republicans. Being independent only keen you would swing either way like a bisexual. And libertarians are too few in numbers I read about vermonts governor caving to the queers. And he is a republican.

    • This is beyond sickening and disgusting. I keep thinking wouldn’t it be better for all those losers to cooperate, ”be nice”, forget the witch hunt, AND just maybe they would make some ”good” points, AND possibly win in one of the upcoming elections? NO, NO, NO, instead they keep making fools of themselves, making us hate them even more, and we keep having more conservatives win elections. ON SEOND THOUGHT, you haters keep doing what you are doing!!

  35. Here’s what I agree with, ain’t nuthin gonna happen to any obama clinton cabal members until Sessions, Rosenstein, Wray, and every man jack alive in the FBI and DOJ and State Department and CIA are fired.
    They’re all in on it to remove Trump from office. Including Mike Pence.

  36. It is a year past due, and everyone knows it is a witch hunt, now they know it was a political witch hunt. It is also time for Session et al to start issuing warrants for those deep state liars and leakers. Why is Sessions not moving forward with these warrents???

  37. Time to turn the tables on Mueller, Raid his office, confiscate his records & computers.
    Raid Avaritie’s office also & confiscate his records & computers.
    Enough is enough leave our POTUS alone.

    • Sometimes I think the doj doesn’t have the balls to bust hillary rotten Clinton and mueller and put a stop to their commie crap. We need another senator McCarthy to start another unamerican activity group.

    • There will be no war if the Dems get control of our military. November is crucial and if the Dems lose in Nov then we need to arrest EVERYONE involved in this criminal conspiracy to bring down POTUS, EVERYONE. What they are doing is not “POLITICS” IT IS A CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY FOR WHICH THE PENALTY IS DEATH

    • I’m with you! Wondering if Ave’nut’ti is working with Mueller. He is after some fame and fortune, is a sleaze right along with Mueller. Hopefully their desperation will do them in!!. AND, has sessions been threatened, or is he just one of them (that is the biggest disappointment if he is dirty!)

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