Robert Mueller has this deadly secret weapon pointed at Donald Trump

Special counsel Robert Mueller is pulling out all the stops.

He was tasked by the swamp with taking out Donald Trump.

And he has this secret weapon pointed at the President.

Robert Mueller impaneled a grand jury in Washington, D.C.

He could have chosen Northern Virginia, but he selected the nation’s capital.

Mueller made that decision so he could stack the deck against Trump.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton won over 90 percent of the vote in the District, which is 49 percent black.

The grand jury selected by Mueller is just as hostile to Trump.

One witness described the grand jury as straight out of a Black Lives Matter rally.

The Daily Mail reports:

“A witness who testified before a federal grand jury that handed down indictments of top Trump associates says the president can’t get a fair shake and compared the jury room to a Bernie Sanders rally.

The witness claimed two of 20 jurors were wearing ‘peace T-shirts,’ and popped off on the jury pool to the New York Post’s Page Six.

‘The grand jury room looks like a Bernie Sanders rally,’ the witness said. ‘Maybe they found these jurors in central casting, or at a Black Lives Matter rally in Berkeley,’ said the witness.

‘There was only one white male in the room, and he was a prosecutor,’ said the source.”

A grand jury consisting of foaming at the mouth Trump haters is sure to hand down whatever indictments Mueller wants.

Indictments allow the special counsel to use them as leverage to compel witnesses to testify against the President even if what they are going to allege is false or made up.

The grand jury is Mueller’s greatest pressure point.

Will he succeed in using it to bring down Donald Trump?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. The swamp is wide and deep. Republicans sit on the sidelines and allowing this without saying much. Why? Isn’t it true that as an outsider, should the POTUS be successful in showing the American people the corruption that we’ll not vote for the establishment? Who wants to be out of a job down there? There’s lots of bad stuff going on and they’re all protecting their own behinds. The beginning of draining that swamp is a monumental task. We pray for the president’s success. Think of the folks who may follow DJT should he be successful in fulfilling his objectives. Augh, new blood to flow into the district of corruption, there’ll be dancing in the streets and both Republicans and Democrats will partner up! oh wouldn’t that be nice to get people elected who want to represent us and not special interest. be still my heart…lol

    • If trump has nothing to hide and is innocent, why refuse to be interviewed? He acts guilty!

      Mueller’s team (in a nutshell): His “A-Team”

      U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York; Counterintelligence; Deputy Assistant Attorney General; Deputy Chief of Financial Crimes; Trial attorney in the DoJ Fraud section; Deputy Chief of Counterespionage; US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia; Deputy Solicitor General; attorney for the Money Laundering Unit at the DoJ; DoJ Civil Division; appellate attorney with the DoJ Criminal Division… and the list goes on.

      One thing is certain: At the time Mueller reads his report it will become the most-watched TV appearance in HISTORY, with the whole world watching!

    • Mueller is a total disgrace to the United States and our whole Judiciary system. He thinks and acts like he really knows what he’s doing when all his cronies are just as stupid as he is.
      Trump should demand a special/neutral place for any grand jury. They have already said “Mueller’s whole objective is to take out our POTUS”!


    • Mueller and the rest of the Deep State have yet to realize what a “genius” they are dealing with in President Trump. Think about it. How intelligent must he be to be able to hide all of the so-called Russian collusion from them for all this time? Smart!

    • Oh, Mueller has $hit, all right…over $7 million in taxpayer dollars! Big bucks for no conscience…no moral high ground…and an over-abundance of hubris in not knowing when to give up the ghost.

  3. I fail to see how there are so many ignorant uninformed immoral people in our society.why don’t all of you go back to school and receive formal educations ? Perhaps you will then be. able to write intelligent comments. I truly feel sorry for your utter ignorance.

    • From whence do YOU hail, Mame, that you are so far superior? Your utter intolerance is showing. Find a safe space and take a pill!

      your one that thinks there smarter than GOD> but you will be brought down soon and find OUR YOUR JUST A FOOL AND FIND OUT YOUR THE MOST STUPID. DISRESPECTFUL IGNORANT ONE ON THIS SIGHT>> FEEL SORRY FOR YOUR STUPIDITY!AT LEAST YOU HAVE ONE PERSON THAT THINKS YOUR SMART. get in touch with her pammy jay????????????

  4. Actually, Mueller did constitute his first Grand Jury in Virginia . . . but evidently took heat from his Leftists friends who chose Washington, deCeit for the Grand Jury.

    Washington, deCeit is 90%, or so, rabid Democrat and Virginia was only around 70%+ in the area of the state he constituted his first Grand Jury.

    The fix is in . . . . ordered by obamba and his corrupt operatives.

    • But of COURSE Mueller took heat from the Trump-hating LEFT! Every damn investigator on the Russian collusion case hand-picked by Mueller himself is a CLINTON contributor! COMEY saw to MUELLER and orchestrated the entire sham!

  5. Why would we use the grand jury to decide the fate of the President? Should we have the congressional committee to determine the finding of the federal investigation? Do you actually think that the grand jury are sufficiently educated to understand the validity of Mueller so-called results?

  6. It is a shame facts are not used on this site. The real “FAKE NEWS” reigns on this site.

    It may well be trump did have contact with the Russians during the campaign. His son has admitted it to get info on your infamous HRC. But I guess that does not count. It is not on FOX Surprise Surprise Surprise

    For patriots you appear to be concerned more with your tribe than with the best interests and protection of the US. I guess you have a new definition for patriotism.

    You do have a major supporter in CA Nunez He does anything to keep trump from being impeached. If this is a lie maybe he will not support trump anymore. Not likely.

    • If you, Dee, grew up in a military family, you would know the true meaning of patriotism. Do you proudly display our Stars & Stripes? I have two in plain sight. Do you tear up with your right hand over your heart and STAND during our National Anthem? I do. Have you visited the National Cemetery of the Pacific? Rosecrans? Arlington? The USS Arizona? I have. Are you a Charter Member of the National WWII Museum whose father and uncles are on the Honor Roll for all perpetuity? I am. The right is RIGHT. And all things Fox News are RIGHT! Pay attention!

    • You sound like someone who either has inside information, or someone who got drunk off the liberal “kool aid” the Left has been pumping into its greedy public for years. Which is it? I would imagine Trump would have had many, MANY conversations with the head of any country, but it wouldn’t have anything to do with all the corrupt B.S. that Obummer and Hil-liar-y would have up been up to. Trump is taking care of business as he knows how, and you don’t like it one bit because it seems to be working in favor of ALL of America, not just the snowflakes, liberal sheeple, and special interest groups like gays and blacks.

        • It just frustrates me to no end how they can’t see how corrupt these politicians and mass media are in fabricating lies, misdeeds swept quickly under the rug, etc. when the evidence is IN THE NEWS EVERY DAY! I am up to my eyeballs in news articles that tell the sexual misconduct, anti-American kneeling during the National Anthem, etc. and these people disregard them as nothing to get all worked up over? These are supposed to be people we can TRUST!!

          • The only one you can trust, kotoc, is yourself, your own gut. Can’t recall the last time Congress did anything for WE THE PEOPLE. And the likes of Pelosi, Warren, Waters, Schumer, Obama STILL, Hillary STILL…are sewer rats spreading nothing but dis-ease. A DC FLU strain for which there is no vaccine!

  7. It appears to me that CA government and DC government are alike, crooked as they come. From the top to the bottom and everywhere in between. It will take an uprising to remove those in power. But who has the time

    • With any luck, the San Andreas will be the fault of CA’s demise…then AZ will have oceanfront property. I feel sorry for CA conservatives who must live with ult-left self-righteous holier than Thou CA liberals who care more about illegals than true Americans.

      • It isn’t just CA Conservatives, we in New York State, West of NYC, have to live with the ult-left liberals too. NY and CA politicians are all cut from the same cloth, corrupt and President Trump haters, except those of us West of NYC and Albany, NY. Most counties in NYS are Conservative, but Gov. Cuomo, Chuck Schumer, et al, don’t even count our votes. They only take a sampling from NYC and that is what they use to count votes. Many thousands of NewYorkers West of NYC, are leaving the state in droves…. Florida now has a larger population than NYS, including NYC. And Gov. Cuomo doesn’t even care, his state govt. is one of the most corrupt in the nation…. next is CA, and then Chicago, etc. So if you are from any other state than NY or CA, count your blessings because your state of residence could be worse. My husband and I are leaving NYS too as soon as he retires, which is very soon. Thank God!

        • Not to mention, Judy, your NYC Mayor DeBlasio taking an unconscionable salary increase. Like he has ‘arrived’, a legend in his own mind, and deserves it. What goes around comes around. Do take comfort in atonement…and best of everything in your pending retirement! The Desert????Southwest has a lovely vibe year-round!

      • Maybe the San Andreas is already beginning to act up – – there seems to be a lot of earthquake activity going on in SF right now; at least, according to latest news and weather reports.

  8. This bastard hitman should be removed from his position because he is paid by the democratic/communist cult to personally bring the President down. Trying this in DC Trumps enemies will lie through their rotten teeth because the MULE/jackass has threatened them with prison if they don’t say exactly what he tells them to!!!


      • WHAT HAPPENED TO THE JUSTICE we hear so much about?
        Does Mueller have no compassion for the truth, is his dislike of our President so strong as to allow him to forget his oath?
        This is disgusting and he is a disgusting deplorable excuse for a man if he cannot control his inner thoughts before they come out and hurt others.
        Wise up Mueller.

    • My understanding is that the grand jury was originally scheduled to take place in nearby Virginia, but Mueller had it moved to D.C., presumably, according to noted left wing attorney Allen Dershowitz, to “rig” the outcome in his favor.

  9. Lets hope Congress straightens him out
    and investigates the real criminals
    …obama, killary, Rosenstein, Comey, Mccabe,
    Huma and her friends, the DNC HAG
    washerman Schultz , her henchmen,Lerner, and on and
    on…. enough to keep Trump and his new AG busy for years

  10. If Mueller and the deep state come up with some bogus charges against Trump the stock market will crash, business will start laying people off and half of the people in the country will feel robbed and would never again trust the FBI or Justice Department. There will be a run on gun and ammo supplies like we have never seen before.

    • Carl, YOU are Totally correct! I truly believe, if ‘those snake’s’, prevail, that REAL American’s, are going to “RISE UP”, & WE, will endure another Civil War! ALL, because of “Illary”! Well, I guess, that although our wondrous Country, will be “torn astrewn”, perhaps We, the People, will PREVAIL!

      • And another civil war it will be! I, like many other patriots, am sooo sick of this s**t that I am ready for the war! Remember the saying ” Divide and Conquer”? That is exactly what the Dumbocraps are trying to do!! DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! We all need to band together and stand together. Let you voice be heard!

  11. same old democrat tactics , when is our doj going to start investigating the real criminals , the whole country is out of control with baseless acusations , from sexual harrassment to racism , and the doj is no where to be found , just what is sessions doing , i could really care less ,at my age , you fools are the ones who will have to suffer with the out come ,keep electing democrats and when the country is finally bankrupt and you lose all your free bees , you have no one to blame but yourselves

    • AMERICA’S DOJ is just as crooked as the DumbocRATS Party. There should be a DumbocRAT FEDERAL PRISON just for them. With all the cheating, money grubbing, lying and trying to make AMERICA SOCALISTIC, the prison would fill up quickly. Why do you think ObamASS has been out of AMERICA since January, if anything he has done leads to an indictment he can run to at country that does not have an Extradition Treaty.

  12. Time to disenfranchise Mueller and his Rosenstein sanctioned lynch mob. He needs to be deposed about his part in the Uranium One Treason.

    • Why in the hell don’t they get rid of him. He’s way over stepped his bounds. Let’s grand jury him and see what happens and fire him first. Doesn’t Sessions have any guts or is he just plain useless

      • Let the facts come out. What is Trump afraid of? You do know that President Donald (“First you grab them by the pussy”) Trump appointed both Sessions and Rosenstein. Why doesn’t he fire them? It is all in his control. It is not Obama, Hillary or the Democrats holding him back from making the move.

          • Gerald probably hasn’t even seen one. Much less grabbed one. I’m a 56 yr. old female. These Liberal feminists want to ACT like they have NEVER heard such language. They all make me sick trying to get people to BELIEVE OUR President is the ONLY man that’s ever said such things. Get a group of women together. Men and women both; have talked their so called “LOCKER ROOM” trash before. Do you stupid Liberals think Obama NEVER went out on Michelle??? If so; there is TRULY no hope for any of you. Even Madonna acted like it was just horrid. Think about it you brainwashed people. The Democratic Party are making a mockery out of all of you. They sit back and laugh while talking their same locker room trash about some of your men’s wives they have talked about being with or what they would do for them that you men can’t do for them. When are you idiots going to WISE up??? NEVER??? They want you all to believe Donald Trump is the very FIRST President (both Republican and Democrat) that’s ever talked the way he has. And although I DON’T agree with his PAST (I HAVE A PAST OF MY OWN) Or the ONLY President that has ever slept around. That’s NOT the biggest news here. The biggest news is the FACT you dummies are so brainwashed to the point where they have most of you TRULY believing this crap.

            And now on to this YAHOO story from the website YAHOO. You people even believe all this crap too. Robert Mueller has NOTHING on OUR President. All he has now is close to 10 mill. of WE THE TAXPAYER’S hard earned money. Plus a crap load of Brainwashed Liberals that believe Donald Trump is the ONLY President alive or dead that’s said some raunchy things about women. Like I said. I DON’T condone it; but I’m definitely not tripping out over it. He’s keeping his promises and making OUR country a better and safer place. But you idiots would rather feel bad for the likes of Madonna. Go watch her “Truth or Dare” movie. She says and does MUCH worse than ANY man could even think about doing. And let’s talk about Cher. Since when did she go into a nunnery??? Her clothing attire should be able to tell some of you Liberals that she could NEVER be shocked by the things Trump said or didn’t say.

            Now I could go on and on but I’m not. Because I know the people like myself would probably agree with EVERYTHING I have said. But if you Liberals want to continue looking ignorant at the hands of your very OWN party; then so be it. As for myself. I don’t want to be on TV. Especially when I know I’m being made a fool of. And some of you Liberals definitely DON’T need to watch FOX news. Why??? Because they have some clips of reporters asking so many of you about OUR President’s tax reform bill. And all of you are on tape talking about how horrible it is. Then they produce some of the main FACTS of a tax reform bill and tell you all Bernie Sanders had come up with this one. Every single Liberal on the street are all so quick to say that you would DEFINITELY vote for that one. Then the reporters tell you all that it’s really Trump’s bill. Some of you are even caught saying; “That’s NOT what they said on CNN. I have to say it’s FUNNY. But it’s also very sad your own party would feed FAKE NEWS to their own people.


            Just NOT on Snopes. That company is ran by Liberals.


  13. As we enter one year of the BS from Mueller and the millions of taxpayers money with no results one may wonder are the American people that stupid with this dog&pony show and the answer is apparently yes.

  14. Mountaine, haven’t you heard ???? When going after a Republican, proof isn’t needed just accusation . . This whole investigation is illegal yet KT is still going. What about that ? Mueller was a part of the fabricated dossier and direct player in the Uranium 1 deal. He’s nothing but a hired gun for and by the deep state criminal cabal that Washington has become. If not careful it could become the next Detroit…… President Trump needs to take the gloves off and soon.

  15. Robert Mueller,and those who hired and support him, should be killed by way of a public hanging. The hanging should be hosted by the U.S. government!

  16. They could go after any of the O’Nigga administration. However, they are all very well connected, with TONS of money and you know they have multiple passports set aside to mover to NON-Extradition countries. They will never see the inside of a US Prison! The BEST Justice that America can hope to get from these people is that they all DIE HORRIBLE DEATHS in some fashion. Hilldebeast should have a massive heart attack in her woods, her rapist husband should DIE of an incurable form of Aids or Syphilis. O’NIGGA should DIE of some kind of disease. And the list can go on and on. This is the only Justice America will see! And it can’t come soon enough!

  17. This entire investigation was born from the “DEEP STATE”.
    It is amazing how far these people will go.
    We want peace and fairness in our country.
    When we see the corruption that is occurring, how can we possibly respect our FBI.
    It is all so sad.

  18. Regardless of those pundits who know and allegedly respect Mueller, he remains an asswipe of the highest order. Tasked with one job and one job only…that of finding evidence of Russian collusion of which there is none…he cast an unconscionably wider net. From his hand-selected crew of so-called investigators to his choice of a grand jury venue, this entire charade smacks of bias, prejudice, and unadultered malice. Mueller brings a whole new meaning to RIGGED…while managing to further taint the integrity of the Federal Bureau of MATTERS. The entire 7th Floor of the J. Edgar Hoover Building needs a major sweep. This is absurd, ridiculous, inane, assinine antics costing taxpayers MILLIONS! While, now, those in the FBI/DOJ either fail to show for Congressional testimony or continue to withhold vital data or plead the Fifth Amendment…and then RETIRE to collect undeserved full pensions?…all signs pointing to OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE! THEY are the TRUE CRIMINALS of collusion for political purposes! Where is the balance of HONEST power? The FBI/DOJ has given the FINGER to Congressional oversight and the American people! PERIOD.

  19. No surprise that the grand jury is picked to remove Trump. All part of the insurance plan they talked about.
    The tragedy is that everyone in Washington DC knows Trump didn’t collude with Russia, they are using the lies of the Clinton dossier to remove Trump. All of Washington DC is complicit with removing Trump.
    This is a coup, and even Trump allies are participating.
    What to do?

    • Trust that Trump and his support team are ahead of the curve. He usually seems to be. Time and time again he has been found to be right. Remember he said he was being spied upon “wire tapped” and here we are with signs he was right. Illegally spied upon means all info, if any, cannot be used against him.
      Bannon out to sell books!

      • Dear Bruce,

        If he was “wire tapped” pursuant to a court order, all the evidence is admissible. At the time, his campaign was being lawfully monitored by virtue of a tip off to the FBI by Australian embassy. Only if he was “wire tapped” without a court order by a police agency would it be inadmissible.

        • The unfortunate thing is, is that the judiciary that issued the “court order” to “wire tap” Trump is just as corrupt as the DOJ and the FBI has been shown to be. The DEEP STATE will not allow itself to be drained without using every means legal and/or illegal to stop the process.

  20. Mueller and his connection to Uranium One needs to be before a grand jury. Jail time needs to be handed out and examples made of in order to stop the criminals acts and behavior of past, current, and future participants.

    • Exactly… right along with Clinton and Lynch… Mueller and his team of bias anti-Trump haters have one agenda and that’s to take out President Trump

        • The social revolution began the moment Trump descended his golden escalator to announce his candidacy for POTUS. Let the REAL RIGHT games begin! Gentlemen and Ladies…START YOUR ENGINES!

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