Robert Mueller filed one document that just changed everything

Robert Mueller reached a new low.

The special counsel’s crusade against the President scraped the bottom of the barrel.

And he just filed the one document that changed everything.

When Mueller secured a plea deal from former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, the fake news media figured Trump’s goose was cooked.

Mueller giving Manafort a plea agreement must have meant Manafort would deliver the goods on Trump.

But now Mueller is claiming Manafort violated the deal by “lying” to investigators.

He filed a motion in court to move to sentence Manafort since he is in violation of the agreement.

But Manafort’s lawyers maintain he has been truthful with Mueller and his gang of angry Democrats.

The Daily Caller reports:

The three-page court filing does not reveal what Manafort allegedly lied about, though prosecutors said they will file a detailed report laying out Manafort’s alleged “crimes and lies, including those after signing the plea agreement herein.”

Manafort’s lawyers disputed the government’s claim, but said there was no reason to delay sentencing in the case.

“Manafort has provided information to the government in an effort to live up to his cooperation obligations,” attorney Kevin Downing wrote.

“He believes he has provided truthful information and does not agree with the government’s characterization or that he has breached the agreement.”

Critics believe Mueller is actually upset that Manafort is telling the truth.

There was no collusion with Russia, but Mueller wants Manafort to fabricate his testimony to say otherwise.

So because Manafort is not playing along with Mueller’s scheme to frame Trump, Mueller is sending him to jail.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


    • Butchy, my son is a genetic scientist and I would venture to say both his smarts and his humanity are in a universe you couldn’t begin to understand.

      • Scott27, You absolutely cannot help yourself, can you? Who, on this site, cares whether your son is a scientist or a garbage collector? Most people would say, yes, I have a son but, someone with an inferiority complex, low self-esteem, etc. would feel the need to impress people by say exactly what you said and thus feel better about yourself.
        Scott27, you try too hard! We don’t really care about you one way or the other, so give it a rest.
        You portray arrogance and you think you are superior but, you are just a confused, misguided liberal, convinced your views are right but, you are dead wrong! Sad thing is, you are irredeemable. You waste your time with us and we waste our time with you. Pathetic!

  1. It’s as plain as your nose on your face what Mueller did. Mueller made Manfort say what Mueller wanted him to say knowing full well it was a lie and now Mueller will convict Manfort for lying even thou Mueller made Manfort say under oath what he Mueller knew was a lie.

    What a scam ! Tell the true and go to jail and lie go to jail. Either way Manfort is screwed.

    I knew that was going to happen with all the democrat lawyers working for Mueller

    • I agree!!! It is like the brow beat people until they get the lies they are looking for. They keep grasping at straws. I say enough is enough. They have found NO collusion and now the courts are investigating the Trump Foundation. They didn’t do much when they found out all the deceitful practices of the Clinton Foundation.

  2. Manafort won’t lie and say President Trump colluded and now Mueller is mad at him! Stay strong Manafort, the truth shall set you free!!! (via a pardon from President Trump)

  3. Dan T., Scott27 wrote two comments trying to belittle and insult me. That dude thinks he is bothering me calling me a alt-right, now that is a joke. I despise alt-left groups, antifa, blm, etc. there is no way I approve of what the extremes from either party do.
    I just consider the source and dismiss any and all Scott27 says. He’s a liberal and you can’t expect anything from him. He is particularly pathetic.

    • M I read his crap. Like you, I’m opposed to extremist of any kind or party. Those people are more likely to become unhinged. If God forbid, there is ever a civil war in this country my family has bug out plans. But will resist with violence if forced to. No matter which side threatens. True Americans should be able to argue without violence. It seems the left is more aggressive. Any group whom screams at the sky over an election isn’t wrapped very tight.

      • Dan T., I remember that warped bunch with their faces turned up to the sky screaming their lungs out over HRC losing. Silliest thing I ever saw, well almost!

        • M if these people prevail, we will all be subjected to a way of life even they will hate. With millions of libs, there’s not enough room for all of them to be part of the ruling class. Most of them will be subjects. They are about to put their most left wing person in as speaker of the house. That speaks volumns.

    • Mueller has gone to a all time low criminal rogue lawman. God sentenced the serpent that tempted Eve to the Apple to crawl on his belly for his life. Mueller is such s serpent with his criminal doings. He apparently has no sense of morality at all but the good news is that he will father God one day and be thrown in fiery pit with Lucifer. Mueller can rest assured he has a reserved spot in hell along with all his cronies.

    • Mueller and HC, if they do not recieve their JUST Punoshments here on earth, they surely will receive tham after death!!! Pray for thier Comversions! Hell is not a pretty place!! No one should be find in a place wher is the VOID of t he Presence of God!

      • I don’t want to wait for God to sort them out. They need to suffer as well on earth for their crimes of murder and treason as for HRC, and treason as for Mueller and the other Deep State agents. Oh, and please don’t leave out our last president obummer.

  4. Any of Robert Muller’s “LOWS”can’t in any way compare to all of the “LOWS” done in the past two years by d. trump, That White House WORTHLESS WORM!

  5. I would much rather see my tax dollars for investigations and indictments for Killery obufa and DNC. At least we have prof of crimes committed. Muller is on a never ending witch hunt.

        • Dan T., I think I am pretty much like other conservatives, so if true, after we read Scott27’s NASTY CONDISENDING SLIMY comments, we feel like we need a shower. He makes me feel like, BLEAH, you know how Avenatti, the attorney, is a slime ball and makes you feel dirty, well, Scott27 could be his creepier brother.
          Keep it up Scott27, one day you will disappear and no one will even notice.

          • M snott is pissed off. Better pissed off than pissed on. I notice I have that effect on these liberal idiots on this blog. I notice some of them went away. I’m better blogging than speaking I get my Copenhagen snuff on my eye teeth and can’t see what I’m saying.

          • Dan T., You are one crazy blog buddy! Better get that snuff off your eye teeth before you run into something and hurt yourself. By the way, doesn’t that snuff burn your eye teeth? Hang in there, we will outlast the libeals. We must SAVE OUR COUNTRY!

          • I’m sure people with the ability to think critically do disappear; and I will too. My word, there is an overflow of adolescent thinkers here who resort to name-calling and gibberish. Just like your cult leader, without a teleprompter the guy cannot string together a coherent adult sentence. Same with you folks. I wonder if you have any mature values at all. Is this the stuff you teach your children. My God, I hate to think what my children will have to deal with. But I am thankful you are in the vast minority. Seriously, what is wrong with you people?

          • I probably find Avanatti as creepy as you do. But it’s funny you call yourself a conservative. You’re not. At least what I’ve known all my life as conservatives… had tremendous respect for most of them. But no, you are not a conservative so much as an alt-right winger. You and Dan and others give conservatives a bad name. Sad.

  6. the bad news is the bs they are telling here is only 1/3 true, the truth is that there is conclusive proof that manafort lawyer was secretly giving information to trumps team to fill out the questionnaire from mueller. but manafort signed a plea deal with mueller covered all the bases so when he was testifying not only for federal crimes but state crimes in california, new jersey and virginia so not even trump couldn’t pardon him for state crimes, this was done thru a 175 page plea deal agreement that mueller drafted to protect from trump pardoning manafort. even the lawyer or judge working at fox news commended mueller for the way he did it

    • Then why did Manafort only get 14 days in jail if his crimes were so egregious? And why is Muleface trying to set him up again? They got Nuthin’! he is fabricating to keep himself relevant. The American people are tired of the deep state Demcrap S##T!

    • The plea deal according to Mueller has been violated by Manafort lying, so Mueller is vacating it and asked the court to sentence him. But if the President pardons him, the federal case Mueller has brought will be gone as far as jail time.

    • further proof he is a crook too…look at his past and the gangster Bolger, who was living in CA for years…and Mueller was associated with the “gang” and he caused 2 innocent men to die in prison…he is a piece of crap

    • M I’ve done it again. Oops!!! Another one bites the dust. Teaching our children? I teach mine to respect the bill of rights and the rule of law. Mueller, Hillary and that whole septic tank load of crooks belong in jail. All I read is left wing crap from these people. The mission is to tear down America’s structure and make her into a socolist shithole.

    • If I have my facts straight, Mueller is an illegal Counsel anyway. His direct boss was Jeff Sessions, who recused himself. Making Trump the only person who could appoint him. Trump didn’t appoint, Rod Rosenstein did. With NO authority to do so. Hence, Mueller is illegal. Someone correct me if I am wrong. We all need to know the truth.

      • Truth? No one else here is interested in the truth; in fact most despise the truth. Much easier to join the cult. Shouldn’t the question be more focused on Manafort? A guy who stole from every person here through his tax evasion scams, money laundering and later witness tampering. But those things don’t matter to most here. But thank you for recognizing everyone needs the truth.

        • Scott27. Take the white pill with your Kool-Aid. Manafort stole? What about you king and queen, The Clintons. Shall we start with the Whitewater scandal back in the 1990’s? And move on from there? If you can’t back up what you say, don’t say anything. “Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought the fool than to open it up and remove all doubt”. Become aware, you shall.

        • Scott…..The cult being the liberal democrats…crooked Hil, lying O and his posse? Remember if you like your doctor you can keep him and if you like your health insurance you can keep it…have you kept yours?

          • hahhaha… Kate, kate, kate. Fact is, I have kept both my insurance AND my doctor. But I am, however, waiting patiently for Mr. drumpf to offer us a health system that is something everyone will love and will be much cheaper as he promised multiple times. Research it. That’s what he promised. Where is it?

          • The only thing I’ve said that requires facts is the list of investigations and findings. All well known and established, and you can look them all up on your own. And a of typing with no facts? Do you read the posts here? No one could back up half of what they say. It’s nearly all cult recitals..

        • Snott27 a man whom said he was testifying against the Clinton crime family while in prison suddenly died. Interesting. So keep your commie nose in the Clinton assholes and you might not be listed as a suicide. You worthless loser. By the way. How would America be better with that sleazy crooked bitch in the whitehouse?

          • Show me where I said anything to indicate I am a Clinton supporter. I actually don’t think we’d be better off necessarily. I do, however, think we’d be better off with my local dogcatcher than drumpf; or Hillary, honestly.
            And the silly conspiracy theories like dying suddenly in prison…. give me a break. Next you’ll be saying the world is flat and we’ve never been to space.

  7. I fully anticipate that some day when the full truth comes out that the conspiracy against President Trump will land squarely on former president Obama’s desk, at the very least he is party to it.

  8. Mueller is searching for the truth. If Trump is innocent, so be it. If Trump is guilty, so be it. Mueller gets paid either way.

    • Eric Granberg, the LAST thing Mueller is searching for is the truth. Mueller has been on a witch hunt for nearly all of the last 2 years. There was no collusion(and Mueller even admitted it on MSM) yet he is still causing a HUGE waste of taxpayer funds so he can go fishing for anything he could possibly use against President Trump.

      • ChuckB, You are so right! I saw a retired judge on TV today say that Mueller is not searching for the truth and he is not going to be fair because his job is to dig out stuff he can charge the President Trump and his campaign for. And no, this retired judge is not a Republican, he is a Democrat. I don’t agree with a lot of what he says but, he nailed this statement!

      • Let’s compare, M, shall we? Bengahzi, 4 years, O indictments; Whitewater, 6 years, 0 indictments; Hillary email, 2 years, O indictments; Mueller, 1 year, 19 indictments, 5 guilty pleas, 4 convictions. Where were you with this waste of taxpayer dollars during the previous investigations? Some witch hunt.

    • Nope. Mueller definitely has an agenda and it’s politically motivated. There are so many Dem bodies that need to stay buried. He is the watchdog and has been unleashed on Trump to both mask the sins of the Dems and attempt to discredit all allies of Trump in this continued effort. It’s all a sham. And Obama set it up.

      • Thank you Kalia you summed it all up, clearly and neatly, you are absolutely correct and you know something the silent majority are watching and listening, you put into writing what the American people are seeing and understanding.
        May God Almighty deliver our President and those with him from the jaws of the enemy in Jesus Christ name we pray!

    • Mueller has a track record of slime. He sent innocent men to prison to die to cover his tracks w/ Whitey Bulger & Whitey got transferred to VA & got killed a few weeks ago so he would not be around to testify against Mueller.

      The Government paid off $10,000,000.00 to the families of the men who died in prison but nothing was done to Mueller or the agents who showed up at every parole hearing to keep them in prison.

  9. If Mueller wS investigTed just one tenth as much as Trump, his past history would put himinjail.why isn’t he locked up for keeping innocent prisoners in prison until after two died to protect ct his criminal soueces to bring down his informants enemies? People died because of Mueller and he walks around free. Double. Standards at work.

  10. President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was found guilty on eight counts of financial crimes. Jurors were unable to reach a verdict on 10 charges, and Judge T.S. Ellis declared a mistrial on those counts. The Media heads are exploding, claiming a Trump pardon would be an immoral outcome and an appalling attack on our Judicial System…Oh Really? Then, let’s take a close look at President Clinton’s Pardon of Marc Rich…

    In 1983 Marc Rich and partner Pincus Green were indicted on “65 criminal counts,” including income tax evasion, wire fraud, racketeering and trading with Iran during the oil embargo (at a time when Iranian revolutionaries were holding American citizens hostage). The charges would have led to a sentence of more than 300 years in prison had Rich been convicted on all counts. The indictment was filed by then U.S. Federal Prosecutor Rudolph Giuliani. At the time it was the biggest tax evasion case in U.S. history.

    Rich was in Switzerland at the time of the indictment and never returned to the United States. He received a presidential pardon from Clinton’s last day in office…

    Rich’s companies eventually pleaded guilty to “35 counts” of tax evasion and paid $90 million in fines, although Rich himself remained on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s TEN MOST WANTED FUGITIVES LIST for many years, narrowly evading capture in Britain, Germany, Finland, and Jamaica. Fearing arrest, he did not even return to the U.S. to attend his daughter’s funeral in 1996.

    Clinton’s critics claim Rich’s pardon was bought, his wife Denise Rich gave more than $1 million to Clinton’s political party, including more than $100,000 to the Senate campaign of Hillary Clinton, and $450,000 to the Clinton Library foundation during Clinton’s time in office. The Parton of Paul Manafort would look like a parking ticket in comparison to Marc Rich…so CNN needs to stop pissing on our leg and convincing us it’s raining!

    • They are discussing their involved in the NWO. The org. that the UN wants all 193 countries of the United Nations to sign. Read ‘global compact for safe, orderly & regular migration. Really scary.

  11. Considering Muellers history of being crooked why is anyone surprised? Four innocent falsely accused when Mueller knew they were innocent, withheld evidence showing their innocence, tow dying in prison.. all he has to do is fabricate “evidence”.

  12. Mueller is still digging for the last scraps at the bottom of the barrel. The Dem House of Reps will assume this political chaos after Mueller investigation end. Yep.

  13. Muleface is hurting the commiecrat party. Republicans won HUUUUGE in Mississippi Our losses in the house was small compaired to what it usually was. Commiecrats will burn down their own house over the next 2 years.

      • Ben they was calling it a race that could go either way. Closer than normal. Mississippi isn’t a liberal state, but sometimes us people can get stupid I’ve had to hold my nose to vote for some republicans, but no dem will EVER get my vote. The dem candidate in Miss. had something going for him. It’s called black power.

      • This Cindy Hyde Smith woman was a democrat until recently. She’s out for herself. Although, She will probably vote with President Trump. She is only concerned about furthering her career.
        I was born & raised in MS. In the late 70’s when I moved to Tx., you couldn’t find a Republican in the entire state. I retired & returned to MS. in 2005 & everybody was a Republican. They had left the racist KKK democrat party. I’m proud of the MS. of today, rejecting racism–the KKK democrat party.
        This woman surely knows what those nooses [that were displayed in & around Jackson this week] were used for.
        The only thing about it, the guy that was running against her is dirtier than she is.

        • Baylee, where have you been these past 50 years? The kkk-democrat ties withered more than some 60 years ago as people learned, grew and matured; and the republicans picked up that mantle. Someday they’ll learn too I hope.

        • Baylee, You are so right about Espy being dirty. He is an old Clinton Cartel crony. He held a state job in MS, I don’t know the complete story but, they indicted him for graft and corruption of some sort. He had to resign his job and don’t think he spent any time in jail. But he is dirty! I would have had to hold my nose to vote for Cindy Clyde-Smith. Not just because her brain doesn’t engage before she opens her mouth but she’s not likeable at all to me. The best way I can explain it is she reminds me of HRC for some reason.

  14. Someway some how trumps team should sue all the s people who has made it so hard to do the president job as president. the previous administration needs to be quiet and let our country have a new leader and some peace we did when other presidents were elected just go away until next election. Let our country alone for 4 years it should be a bill stopping old presidentsto go to foreign countries unless asked by new president . they are just,making our country with more problems one leader at a time .like them or dislike them .

    • I agree! What in the world is Obama and his gang of thieves traipsing around the world putting down the man I elected to be President? They all should have their security clearances and passports taken away.

  15. Mueller will hang for his participation in the 9-11-2001 attacks. Too many cocaine addicts in congress and D.C. in general to tolerate another day of their lies and brain stem reptilian aggression.

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