Robert Mueller got a big boost from one unexpected source

The goal of Robert Mueller’s rigged witch hunt is to destroy President Trump.

Mueller knows the swamp is counting on him to produce the evidence that will lead to Trump’s downfall.

And now Mueller just got a big boost from one unexpected source.

One of the big questions hanging over the Mueller probe is if a sitting President can be indicted.

Justice Department guidelines say no.

But Democrats and other Deep State prosecutors are itching to test those rules.

And they just got a big boost from Nancy Pelosi.

The new Speaker of the House claimed it was an “open discussion” as to if Trump could be indicted while in office.

Politico reports:

Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday declined to rule out the possibility that President Donald Trump could be indicted while in office, saying there is “an open discussion” on whether such an indictment would be legal even though Justice Department guidance states it would not be.

In an interview on NBC’s “Today” show, Pelosi (D-Calif.) acknowledged the long-standing precedent but noted that “it’s not the law.”

“Everything indicates that a president can be indicted after he is no longer president of the United States,” she told “Today” anchor Savannah Guthrie, who asked whether she thought special counsel Robert Mueller could “legally” return an indictment on the president as a result of his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

“I think that is an open discussion. I think that is an open discussion in terms of the law,” Pelosi said.

This is music to Mueller’s ears.

He needs political cover to make his move against the President.

And Pelosi gladly obliged and gave him the permission slip he was looking for.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. You see the picture of Mueller sitting at conference with BO and all the other crooks in there? He is not the person to do any invest’g of anybody. He’s as corrupt as BO and Hillary and all their cronies.

  2. What on earth are you taking. It’ll kill you in the long run. But, stupid does as stupid is (or something like that). I think you should read more and think less.

  3. Mueller can only put out a report and have some people indicted. It would be up to 2/3rds of the Senate to remove a president.

  4. Trey Gowdy said the Russia probe was not a witch hunt, and to give it the time and resources to reach completion.

  5. Dale, you need to retake or take for the first time, Civics 101. Impeachment only applies to a few offices, like the president, supreme court justices, not to everyone.

  6. Those ignorant enough to believe in the falsehood of the “Deep State” fabricated conspiracy have brains in a deep state of atrophy, Marcia!

  7. Trey Gowdy said: “You’ll never hear me refer to [the] Russia [investigation] as a hoax or a witch hunt. I’ve always said Mueller should be given the time, independence and resources to complete the job he was assigned,” Gowdy said, adding that “it is in our country’s best interest for Mueller to complete the investigation as soon as possible.”

  8. the 25% of the shutdown is the government wasted jobs not needed, government is working fine without them, they should be totally eliminated and that money saved should go to border security!

  9. The People of Flint, Michigan would really like to thank the first “black” President for ignoring them –

    choosing instead to glorify two young black THUGS as menaces to society, so that Obama could have a SMOKESCREEN to BENGHAZIGATE.

  10. Classy Hillary???

    You got your head so far up Hillary’s ass, no wonder you can no longer see reality.
    “Classy Hillary”, as he first case as an atty, accused a 12 year old girl, who was raped by a grown man so violently, she could no longer have children, as having invited this rape.
    She freed this rapist of some 12 years of age by arguing this little 12 year old girl invited this rape.

    Your “Classy Hillary is a power hungry monster that should have been imprisoned, her law license removed based on her first legal case as an atty.

  11. Betty I don’t know your age but I know you are not aware of Hillary’s “crime spree” over the last 40 to 50 years. She has tried to grab power, money and control where ever she can. There are those whose who protect her so she doesn’t hurt their party. She is said to have stated if they take her down, she would take a large portion of the DC government with her. That would be worth watching. She has been on the take to get everything she could get since way back in Arkansas. Be very careful if you think of her as a friend, some have not fared well.

  12. To Betty

    You buy into too much Democratic propaganda found on likes of CNN, MSNBC, NBC, etc.

    Expand your horizons…presently the are woefully lacking in information

    Hillary…and Bill Clinton’s have been corrupt and milking fools such as yourselves for decades.


    Try talking to a resident of. Haiti where Clinton Foundation given BILLIONS to fix housing etc…The folks still. Basic Iinfrastructure, housing, medical…the lot !! While Bill Clinton & Hillary built a luxury hotel instead of helping the homeless..Their concern is strictly for the TV cameras to con the likes of you.

    Hillary sold America to highest bidder while Sect. Of State…there is NO place for her or her family in the renewed America of today.

  13. Could not agree with you more. “When ignorance is bliss -[and apparently free meds in this instance] – ’tis folly to be wise.”

  14. Wow…what an uninformed response. Hilary is as crooked as a dogs hind leg. The have been books and videos which expound on her unhealthy but habitual lying and possible involvement in corruption of various types. Yes, she cares about people. Her Foundation tells about her “use” of people. Her Foundation is a family slush fund. Speaking of Russian involvement…have you read about the big $$$ given to her by Russia. “Me Thinks You do th protest too much, my dear” please go back and read,read,read. May truth touch your soul.

  15. How many Millions is Polosi getting to keep Mueller doing nothing but spending tax money to keep peoples mind off what the Democrats are doing!This just one of their many diversions!

  16. Ms Betty – what rock have you been living under? Ms. Hillary is no more classy than former president OBama and Michelle. All of them have denied liking America and pretend to want to help the American people, when, in fact, all they have done is fill their own pockets and gloat about all the horrible things they did.
    If you don’t want the border to be secure, then you take the people scrambling across into your home and all the homes of Pelosi, Clinton, Mueller and everyone who want the open border – then see how long you want open borders. It’s easy to talk and do nothing about helping those coming across without having to go thru a medical exam, and other vetting — where do you think all the new diseases are coming from?? Wait until someone you love and care about contracts one of them and then see how much you like the open border and your “classy” Hillary who doesn’t give two cents for you or anyone else but herself – she doesn’t even care about Bill!

  17. Hon you are a fool to say the least, and I personally can’t fix ” Stupid” . Not even going to try! Cheers to stupidity, this is what the Democrated Party thrives on! ????????????????????????

  18. Hon you are a fool to say the least, and I personally can’t fix ” Stupid” . Not even going to try! Cheers to stupidity, this is what the Democrated Party thrives on! ????????????????????????

  19. Why can’t Robert and Nancy both be impeached?Then procecute them to the fullest extent of the law in Texas and then hang them.

  20. Since when has a pesky little thing like the law stopped the Democrats. Most of them spend their time burning down places like Boston and Chicago anyway.

  21. Democrats are part of the deep state. DOJ start investigating all of the committee heads and Mrs. Speaker. Let the games begin. Build the wall. Put all deep state players in Getmo, along with the Clintons for a good start. Then go after the rest of the Rino’s

  22. The Democrats think they can change the rules WHILE they are playing the game!!! It doesn’t work that way. They are sore losers and go to GREAT lengths to win. Changing the rules as they go along to suit their needs.

  23. Pam Bondi – Name her your AG Mr. President. Sleek as a jaguar and attacks like one! Take down Mueller,

    Jim Webb as SECDEF. Now he’s a Marine!

  24. CNN is looking for a new show to air. I have one called “The Greatest Witch Hunter of all Time” starring Robert Mueller.

  25. The DEMONRATS just will not stop and based on the picture I see associated with this article the ILLEGAL ALIEN Numb Nut Obama has his fingerprints all over this newest effort to unseat a president that is the only president since Ronald Reagan that is actually on the side of the people. This article is nothing more than click bait, everyone with 2 functioning brain cells knows that indicting a sitting president is no bueno a complete no starter. The exception is the DEMONRATS and their totally BRAIN DEAD followers who neither of which have brain cells especially functioning brain cells.

  26. You cannot indict a sitting President. ..PERIOD..THE END! It is Constitutionally prohibited, and the majority of SCOTUS aren’t going to go wirh it…Pelosi be darned.

  27. You are right Randall! They make their own laws and forget about the Constitution, forget about all the laws…..they say….”WHAT LAWS??? We just make up our own as we go!” They are such a joke!! The most unpatriotic, no platform party ever!!

  28. HELLO!!! HEY DEMOCRATS…..have you ever heard of following the law??? OH, THATS RIGHT!!! DEMOCRAPS DONT GIVE A CRAP ABOUT THAT!!!

  29. How can anyone be indicted when no crime was committed? There was no one killed like in Hillsry’s handling of Benghazi???? I agree take out Mueller…. he is just milking it on Tax payers’ dime!! M

  30. Good question! Sadly, that most likely will never be answered! Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, four brave men were murdered on your watch!!! We will never forget Benghazi! Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods R.I.P. America had no leadership at that time..if that happened today, you would be returning home to your families~

  31. This hole Russian crap is all about Mueller and the democrat’s dragging this out until the 2020 election in desperate hope of President Trump not getting re-elected. Mueller has been at this for 2years and apparently has nothing, just wasting millions of taxpayer dollars. Maybe Mueller should be investigated along with with the deep state Rosentien

  32. The law is the law, no evidence means no trial, all those Dems., the crooks in the DOJ and FBI, the criminal and treasonous federal judges all need to be publically executed for treason, oh please! give me a front row seat.

  33. Mueller is a loser and the he will go down before he can even think of removing Trump. He and that idiot broad Pelosi better think about the Civil War they will bring on in this country and I for one will set back and watch as they all are become ghost that just appear. Since revealing that the 116th are greater in non-belivers that they are with believing in God. I just hope they all burn in Hell for all the EVIL they make up.

  34. Yes Mr President Trump Remove Mueller from Grand Jury Probe . Mueller has been Prosecutor long enough wasting Taxpayers money .With.absolutley no results .Remove today and save our tax monies.Thank you.

  35. Just like Pelosi thinks she has the same standing as the President.if that was the case then we have 2 Presidents the lady and their party are delusional. Needs to get her nose out of her coke spoon

  36. So Nancy Pelosi wants to bring charges against President Trump after he leaves office then why not against Obama for lying that he was born in Hawaii when his grandmother said he was born in Kenya and his college ID said foreign student,then he sent all that money on a plane to Iran without Government approval.

  37. Mueller has been at it for almost 2 years now.. if he hasn’t found anything yet, then there’s nothing to find and should just give up.

  38. I think the Democrats are corrupt that’s why they are mad ,because the corrupt
    Hillary lost the Presidency and they are trying their best to indict the President
    I hope the people stand up to this and vote all Democrats out of office to take our Country back God bless America and pray for our Country.

  39. I think it is time for mueller to be shut down and every thing he has to be classified TS until the new A G is put in office and he goes thru it and sees how much mueller broke the law and possibly indict him

  40. If Pres. Trump removes Mueller, it will look as an indirect admission of some form of guilt. The lefties are paranoid about him and don’t mind spending endless resources to try to find something in order to get some form of a revenge for the humility of having had the impeachment show of ex-Pres. W. J. Clinton. Dems appear to be perpetual adolescents!

  41. I’ll tell you one thing, if Trump doesn’t remove Mueller, Mueller will remove him. The lefties will shriek and wail, but the lefties shriek and wail at anything Trump does or does not do.

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