Robert Mueller got smacked with the one challenge that could end him for good

Robert Mueller never saw it coming.

The special counsel coasted for nearly 18 months on glowing press coverage and very little scrutiny of his work.

But then Mueller got smacked with one challenge that could end him for good.

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani went on the offensive against the special counsel.

He called out Mueller’s fishing expedition that has produced no evidence of Russian collusion.

Giuliani knows Mueller has nothing.

Mueller’s strategy is to string the investigation on as long as possible so the “scandal” hovers over Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

The Trump legal team is on to Mueller’s game and called him out for the scam he’s running.

Trump’s original legal team thought cooperation with Mueller was the best bet to wrap up the investigation.

That was a mistake.

And it only allowed Mueller to further expand his hunt for an avenue to impeach the President.

Many of the President’s supporters believe it is long past time that Trump’s legal team switch to a confrontational approach.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Mullers riding soros,money train to put doupt in people minds, now he found weak coen on tax evasion and using him to lie on trump to keep his ass out of jail! Total waste of time when they should be going after Clinton Cartel! Soros, Obama.

    • Investigator Mueller should be investigated himself. Back in 2002 when he headed the FBI, he was under scrutiny by the FISA court for scandals within the FBI. We never heard of that before now and yet he gets appointed special counsel to investigate crimes that don’t exist while overlooking crimes of Hillary that do exist. Then he puts the epitome of prosecutorial misconduct, Andrew Weissman, on his team and all Democratic donors and hacks. Even shifty Schiff of California has just admitted there is no Russia collusion with the Trump campaign by calling for dropping that and moving on to other “crimes.” Desperation to the nth degree.

  2. The Lie-beral DEMONocrat Syndicate which includes mainstream media with newspapers and magazines is a soft terrorist attempt to overthrow our government. I say “soft” because they don’t use bullets but effective nonetheless- it just takes more time. The corrupt swamp Deep State snakes include paid-off Republicans. Somebody better wake up before it’s too late!!!!

  3. Schiff child is married to a Soros child. That’s the fix. Soros is a Hillary money man. I notice there is another death this week, a man claimed he knew all about the Dossier & had proof, dead in the back seat of his car. Ask Comey what he meant when a reporter ask him “why didn’t you indict Hillary” he answered ” I didn’t want to disappear” live T.V. CNN never covered that. He’s being blackmailed I think. Comey & Mueller tried Enron together didn’t they. Wonder what they got paid to let most of them off. The false Dossier, anyone involved,dead. All of Dems. need IRS investigation, especially Maxine. Pelosi didn’t take a “vacation” she & Senator Mazie were planning impeachment for Pres. Trump. Mrs. Ford has been paid millions for her lies.

    • comey inherited mueller’s job of FBI Director AND also (probably) the clinton-crime-family-bag-man-job . . . . he truly does fears getting his name on the top of the hit list, but that’s just common sense, which seems to be lacking on the Dems side of the ledger. ????

    • If you’re looking for the antagonist in all this witch hunt against our president, look no further than evil George Soros, in-law of Schiff, who is bund to do all Soros’ bidding.

  4. If Trump won’t fire Mueller, he’ll likely lose in 2020. The best way he can guarantee 2 terms is to fire Mueller and let the Dems, who won’t be smart enough to ignore the bait, impeach him.

    • If he fires Mueller, the Demonrats will say that’s because he was guilty, and open up their own investagating, and spend more of our tax dollars for another fishing expedition. They have been waiting for Trump to do this that!

  5. Robert Mueller was hired to investigate for any collusion between the President, Donald Trump and the Russians. About two years later he hasn’t found any collusion between the President and the Russians. So, where there isn’t any collusion, he has move on investigating the President’s men! Robert Mueller has moved on to other areas than he was hired to do and is costing the tax payers millions with all his helpers, so this witch hunt should be shut down now! “No Collusion! No more Investigating and no more Witch Hunt Money!” Robert, you have done your job! “Unethically” but did your job so now it’s time to hang your guns up and retire!

  6. Muller has nothing on Trump, he should of investigated Crooked Hillary from the begining she’s the criminal that started this mess and still running around free. Enough lock her up

  7. Time to take the trash out and Mueller is the biggest piece of that trash along with the rest of the lying sniveling communist thieves that call themselves democrats (demonrats)

  8. Mueller is a completely deceitful coward, Bobby is terrified that if he fails the Communist sharia ideological cabal he will meet an untimely demise which the completely worthless component of toxic waste should die in the most miserable way imaginable.

  9. I think Mueller should be hand along with his 12 inch one for this vicious attack on the American people and their wallet. These lawyers think that they’re above the law and think they can bullshit the American people into believing whatever they say is true. We need a massive cleansing in this country of trial lawyers starting with Mueller down!

  10. Fire Mueller, Rosenstein and Wray. Release all DOJ memos. Demand 100 billion for wall this week, if no $$, demand 150 billion, up it 50 billion every week until the money is appropriated. Screw the Democrats. Grow some balls.

    • Democrats are the evil cancer in America, all they care about are votes from the illegals n there pockets , mueller n comey have an off shore account , money from the yhe Clinton uranium one deal

    • Willie: yes you are right sir fire mueller now and advise him to refund all of the tax payer money and put the bastard in jail with those other 17 Bastards or how many thats sucking the taxpayers dollars.

  11. you all know whats really funny is that charges against trump that they are trying to get transferred to virginia court of appeals does anyone know why , its simple they can fight to have the charges against trump dropped to misdemeanors from what should be felonies so he can stay the president, you all defend him why don’t you defend that he is using the presidency as a printing press for money when he over charges for rooms at his hotels where he is and to date i only know of him staying at trump hotels where he gets all the money. do you know that he is under investigation for missing money i guess is what to call it when they can’t count for almost 60 million dollars of inauguration funds from people like you who donated to his inauguration that they can’t explain as well as over charging for rooms and fees and this is only a couple of things there is at least 7 different charges against which part of them they are saying they can’t charge him because he is president, just the other day they shut down his charity fund because of illegal use of a nonprofit so before you defend him you should hear all the facts in which i say they should get all the evidence they have to charge him with bring all to one court house and with attorney generals and charge him all at once and this way they save time and either jail him or end it for good

    • Phantom you have an interesting spin on things. So far Mueller has come up with NO charges for our president Mr. Trump. And none of the charges on other people have ANYTHING to do with Russian collusion in the 2016 election. You do know that the Clinton Foundation was/is being investigated because hardly any of the money makes it to charities and that their daughter collects a very hefty salary from the foundation. And yet Mueller and the rest continue to grasp at straws coming up empty handed. Mueller lets the allegation fly but NEVER follows up on any of it leaving people to believe it is all true, regardless as to whether or not it is.

  12. Mull mull is a piece of human dump. The moth.. fu….is so corrupt i bet he cant sleep at night. Would some one with some balls get this jerk the hell out of there. Every one is scsred over collusion or obstruction. Plow thru it and put his ass on the edge of the plow

    • Don’t stop there. We actually need $45B. Trump is stopping invading other countries to the best of his ability. Get out of Syria, get out of Afghanistan for starters. The US DOES NOT need to rule the world. We need $45B to build that wall properly. It will pay for itself at $45B because we won’t be supporting illegal (criminal) aliens any longer. Stop welfare too. Only pay when working. Make able-bodied welfare recipients go and build that wall or get ZERO welfare.

  13. IM TELLING ALL Americans to get ready to fight in order to stay a free Nation of people. Our 2nd Amendment must not be infringed.

    • Did anyone ever ask what caused the ice age, and when did it first start to rescind, and why could it not be still recindimg as it has for the past 1,000,000 years.

  14. our corrupt government hard at work wasting our money , it’s a good thing mueller ain’t going after hillary , he would be dead by now, it’s going to be a really long 2 years with pelosi back in charge of the house ,let’s see how many more millions she can steal

  15. Way past time for Mueller to put up or shut up. I got a great idea for Rudy, Tell Mueller he has 30 days to show proof of collusion (His listed mandate) or shut down. If he refuses, charge him for “waste, fraud and abuse” and jail his ass.

    • 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies indicted, 12 Russian GRU officers indicted, about 24 overseas Russians charged with election interference, Richard Pinedo pleaded guilty, Alex van der Zwaan pleaded guilty, Konstantin Kilimnik indicted, Sam Patten pleaded guilty to steering foreign funds to Trump’s inaugural, George Papadapoulos pleaded guilty, Paul Manafort convicted, Rick Gates pleaded guilty Michael Flynn pleaded guilty, Michael Cohen pleaded guilty, and 1 red-headed Russian operative/spy in conspiracy with the NRA pleaded guilty. A Lot of WITCHES caught!! The question is: How many more WITCHES will be caught and will the head Warlock , Trump, be held accountable as well?? LOCK ‘EM UP! LOCK ‘EM UP!! LOCK UP ALL THOSE WITCHES AND THE HEAD WARLOCK UP!!k!

    • He can in a heartbeat, but if he does, the Democrats will say he’s scared and wants to stop him because he’s done something wrong! It’s right ever of Hillary Rotten Clintons play book. Comey already said they had nothing on him, the Democrats card game, keep playing untill 2020 election. They know their lie can live untill then with their ignorant voters! It’s really sad there are so many ignorant people in this country!

      • Trump’s in over his head. The Democrats are use to going for the main artery. They have no problem with killing people or ruining people. They dont care how much money it fine is spent. It’s just a game to them. They always play to win.
        Trump has to start kickin ssa & taking names.
        Time to come out swinging or the left and the right. Dknt forget the GOP is in on this too. They will bury him so deep he’ll never get out.
        Call a time out. Rally the milatery, the militias and the citizens. Winner gets the front seat.
        Voting and courtrooms wont fix this mess.

  16. It doesn’t bother any of you how corrupt Trump is? We already know that his father fed him millions by buying chips at one of his casinos and tossing them into the trash bin to avoid taxes. We know that Trump has laundered Russian money by selling them houses in Florida. He refuses to release his tax returns. Why? Saudi Arabia rents several hundred rooms in his hotel near the Whitehouse without using them. That’s amounts to a bribe. Trump is corrupt. Doesn’t that bother any of you?

    • Ron’s has, you just be one of those mentally deranged demonRATS!! A psychologist stated that he has studied all the liberalism and has declared that demonRATS are CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY!! In other words you all need to be in the loony bin because you are a danger to anyone you encounter, especially conservative Christians!! Lie Maxine Waters who told a crowd and others to attack Trump supporters and his cabinet and push them around, the same with Eric holder and communist John Brennan!! You all are a dangerous threat to the public!! Go jump into the sewer where all ???? ???? ???? rats belong!!

      • Mark Twain had the correct idea about lawyers and fixing what’s wrong with this country .
        “Take all the lawyers out behind the jail and shoot them . Well at least all the leftist ones like Mueller , Holder , the Obamas and good old Bill and Hillary .Hey , its a place to start .

      • Dear Diana, You sound like the most ignorant person alive. Trump did not sell Russia 20% of US uranium, Hillary with Mule R’s help did that. Slick Willy sold himself to Russia for hundreds of thousands a pop. I suppose you would like to deport all US naturalized citizens of Russian descent. What a bunch of poppycock about selling houses in Florida to Russians. You must have seethed long and hard to think that up.

      • This is the biggest Scamer ever in USA
        Muller and all democrats
        Lol getting payed$big for illegall Jin
        He is with all democrats that hate USA president
        Democrats will Spread more hatery and it will resolve in civil war
        That all party should be treated as a cult

    • Ronsch you have Trump derangement syndrome big time. You can’t see the forest for the trees because of your bias. Seriously do some authentic research you sound like a troll or a blithering idiot! I’m going with troll because no one can seriously be that stupid!

    • So in your opinion Obummer and Killary are good honest people who helped make America great. So please explain how ignoring our people in Benzahgi and leaving them to be killed when they were under attack and they refused to send help.

  17. I would wager a bet that the Mueller team and the Dem House of Reps are working together. Should this treacherous conspiracy be brought to the US Supreme Court, I would be very concerned with that two-faced Justice John Roberts that appeared to be liberal in some cases.

    What have Trump done that deserved to be impeached? There is none. Zero evidence.

    That’s treasonous to falsify the accusations against the president.

  18. This fishing expedition has cost us tax payers more than 25 million dollars ,and still climbing! Its really sad that they take our hard earned money and spend it like it’s nothing! If Mueller had anything on Trump he would if already gave it over! As soon as the Democrats start in the House, they are starting their own fishing expedition with our tax dollars also! They will find something because they will make it up! They are already saying they will vote in the House also to stop all investagati g on them, rather slot of you are aware ,there are several of them being investagated, for crimes, and curuption at it’s best! They are scared, and do what ever it takes to get rid if Trump!

  19. This fishing expedition, will lingure in the air like rotten eggs, untill the next election in 2020 to try and lure people from voting for Trump! It’s all a game if charades to fool the uneducated,and the uninformed, that he’s a Communist with ties to Russia. All Mueller is doing his obeying his Clinton Cartel to make Trump’s life, and anyone affiliated with him as miserable as possible, in hopes that he will loose votes, and not gain anymore Democrats to his side as far as voters! He gained a few million that voted for him in his election, and more are finally catching on to their party for what they really are Communist!

  20. Rudy Giuliani has been running interference for Bush satanic criminal cabal members just like Mueller since Giuliani got Bush41 off the hook for Satanic ritual abuse of children at San Francisco’s military base called The Presidio in the early 1980s. Giuliani was rewarded by the CFR and freemasons controlling congress by being handed the New York City mayor’s office with the sheeple in tow.

  21. Mueller will bring himself harm by this. It is a shame that they spent so much time, energy and money to look for DIRT, and will use it for the Destruction of other people’s Lives! The Motivational force is to do EVIL! If they have any form of brain cells, they could simply turn that HATE AND ENVY into LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING, to find the best way with which to help bring the two parties to work together; each brings out whose best and work as a TEAM for the Greater Good of the Country and one’s own Party, that would be so REFRESHING and will bring much HOLY PEACE within our be loved Country! Nothing ever grows when Negative Energy is the tool! Nothing grows under a Negative Force!

  22. His smoke screen is a play to allow him and other Democrat lawyers get their hands on sensitive information that the last administration didn’t get a chance to delete as they walked out the door. he is the ERASER MAN. It is what he has always done! A fixer!!!

  23. Stop Mueller’s smoke screen investigation. There is no collusion between Trump & Russia. Mueller can’t even make any up.

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