Robert Mueller got the boost that will leave Donald Trump red with rage

Robert Mueller is out to get President Trump.

The special counsel doesn’t just want to impeach the President, Mueller wants to see Trump dragged out in handcuffs.

And Mueller just got the unexpected boost to his crusade that will leave Donald Trump red with rage.

Special counsel Robert Mueller is out to jail President Trump.

That’s why he passed off Michael Cohen’s campaign finance case to prosecutors in the Southern District of New York.

And there are reports that anti-Trump prosecutors in that office are preparing an indictment against the President to file against him if he loses re-election in 2020.

But if Trump wins, he will remain in office and the statute of limitations of five years will expire.

That’s why Congressman Eric Swalwell – one of the leading conspiracy theorists about Russian collusion – went on MSNBC and announced Congress was working on legislation to extend the statute of limitations for crimes committed by Presidents so prosecutors can still try and jail Trump in 2025 if he wins re-election.

Politico reports:

Rep. Eric Swalwell said Tuesday that lawmakers are working on legislation to extend the statute of limitations for crimes committed by presidents, allowing them to be charged once their terms end.

With special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation expected to wrap up in the coming weeks, the California Democrat said members of Congress are preparing for the possibility of evidence that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign colluded with Russia.

“I don’t think any person should be above the law,” Swalwell said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “What concerns me is that right now the president may escape criminal liability because he could win a reelection and the statute of limitations could run” out.

Swalwell said he doesn’t believe a sitting president should be immune from indictment, as a Justice Department protocol dating to Watergate says the commander in chief is. But freezing the statute of limitations during a president’s term — as House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler said he was considering last year — could allow for prosecution once a president leaves office.

When Trump said Hillary Clinton should be in jail during the 2016 campaign, fake news reporters shrieked that Trump was an authoritarian destroying norms by threatening to jail his political opponents.

These same reporters stood by silently as Eric Swalwell bragged on TV about attempts to change the law specifically to jail Donald Trump.

With Trump in office, there is no chance this legislation goes anywhere.

But if and when the Democrats control all three branches of government, Americans can expect them to pass laws making it easier to jail conservatives.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. It was under Mueller’s watch as FBI Director that the human trafficking pedophile Epstein was given a quick plea bargain before any of his approximately 100 child victims were able to testify. Bill Clinton was on the manifest to Epstein’s private estate in the Virgin Islands 20+ times during and after his presidency. This estate and Epstein’s private plane are where all these sick crimes occurred. Clinton ditched his secret service detail on several occasions as well. Epstein was a huge contributor to the Democratic Party and the Clintons. Where was this great “bird dog” Mueller then ? He is nothing more than a political assassin for his masters. The Democrats are quick to make a connection with Labor Secretary Acosta for his part in the plea bargain but no mention of FBI director at that time, Mueller or the Clinton’s involvement with Epstein…..Why was Hillary allowed to walk away unscathed with clear obstruction of justice evidence against her ? Why was there no consequences for her or the Obama Administration with clear evidence that they allowed Americans to die in Benghazi by ignoring requests for more support and then knowingly attempted to deceive the American people and claim that it was a non strategic attack incited by a cartoon ? Tell somebody else your BS Democrats!

  2. SWALWELL,AND HIS COHORTS LIKE Adam Shit, are circling the wagons because they all know that if Killary and Obozo go down they’ll all be taken down! Killary is a very vindictive Bitch and they all know it!

    • Why did you say that. He can’t implicate Clinton and Obama because they didn’t do anything. And he is not out to “get” Trump. He is a Republican chosen by Republicans because he will just be concerned about the truth. They ASSUMED that Trump was innocent and Mueller is so highly regarded that everyone would believe it. Turns out that Trump was lying all along and now Republicans have to try to blame Democrats, who had nothing to do with appointing or controlling Mueller. And now people like you are trying to deflect the s**t to Democrats. Can’t be done. Trump is not just a liar and incompetent, he is the crookedest president ever.
      Trump University–Closed for crookedness
      Trump Foundation–Closed for crookedness
      Trump businesses–Closed for crookedness.
      Trump family–crooked.

      • Obama and Clinton are the biggest traitors this country have ever had. Julius and Ethel were tried and friedfor treason on less evidence than there is on Obama and both Clintons!

        • You are so right! I think the liberals were clever in pushing Obama to be president. Who would criticize a black man? No one would dare!
          And the Clintons seem to avoid all criminal activity. Hilary should be in jail for the laws she has broken during the Obama administration. How and why does she walk free? Many of us have been and still are outraged about her and yet she goes free. Now the Dems are hot to push Trump out of the White House when he has done so much for our country in a short amount of time. Where is the justice? It’s outrageous !

      • Obama and Hillary Clinton’s killing machine are GUILTY of giving Iran billions of dollars to further their terrorist’s plan plus Hillary Clinton sold one-third of America’s Uranium to Russia only to have that millions and millions of dollars donated to the Clinton foundation! What the hell are you saying that Obama and Hillary Clinton didn’t do anything wrong!!!???

      • jclandmark ,Trump has been telling the truth, since the beginning of his presidency. He told everybody that Obama had Weaponized all parts of the government CIA FBI IRS. And are you lying ,cheating ,colluding,stealing Democrats and fake media never have never told the truth, that they lied about ieverything.. that’s why the American people have stated that and polls they don’t believe Robert Moore is legit. That’s why also with American people have stated that the news is fake on Donald Trump. Well our day is coming and you get to watch Democrats fly everywhere and they’re going to be going to jail a whole bunch LOL.

      • jclandmark – you must be blind and deaf! Or were you asleep during Obama’s dictatorship? Were you even paying attention while Hillary was campaigning? These people were so corrupt that we are blessed that they are no longer in office because people are finally getting to go back to work!! Hopefully we can see the influx of drug dealers, sex trafficers, diseased people, welfare and food stamp and medical expense drainers slow down and perhaps, if we are lucky, stop!! I grew up in the 40’s and 50’s when most people got along. Sure we had problems but folks didn’t go around killing people just because they disagreed with their ideals, like democrats do!

        • He said he nor any of his people talked to russians! Big traitor fascist russian lie, by traitor trump who will perish in prison and go straight to hell with his father mother and the furer!

  3. Corrupted bastards tries to indict our president just because their dirty work can be investigated in nearest future. It is all looks like overturn in the government where is the Mob got real power for many years ! We will loose our Trump we loose our freedom and the country will be transformed to Banana’s republic with communistic’s dictat.

    • NO, this president will be indicted because of HIS dirty work. There is no evidence of dirty work by “them”. We HAVE to lose Trump to save the country. He is not only the lyingest and most incompetent president ever, he is the crookedest by a LONG ways.

      • You have listen to CNN too long. You are brain washed. Tell me why the Democraps are trying to change every law in the constitution? They are trying to protect themselves. They are after President Trump because he know what dirt the swamp has done. They want him out because he doesn’t play their corrupt game. Let’s waste as much American money as possible. Let’s cheat on every vote. Let’s let every illegal in this country . That’s the Democraps for you.. all corruption and lies….

      • Give us one example of crookedness J. The Trump University worked for the majority of the people who took the course. The people who didn’t apply themselves and failed sued him for fraud because he’s rich and they could Read the details… The Trump University was closed because he became president and his family didn’t have the time or ability to run it… Those claims were litigated. Another left wing conspiracy J???
        The Trump Foundation is closed for now but it was one of many of his businesses he announced he would shut down before the first campaign even started because of a conflict of interest, and because of people like yourself and the msm. No wrong doing has been proven and it’s been 2 and a half years. Kind of reminds us of the Russian hoax. Nice try again J… Anything else? Bring it.

  4. Swalwell is attacking Trump to keep attention away from the crimes of Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Swalwell is a low-IQ shill.

    • Vladimir Trump is nothing but a piece of shit the biggest crook since Nixon. Racist bigot Bastard. What an embarrassment to our country red faced BABOON.

      • You are the embarassment for buying into your false belief system. There are three poisons. Greed, hate and believing our beliefs and ideas are real.
        I think it is time for you to study and awaken. But not all people can awaken because they are self welled asleep to reality

      • I think you have your facts totally wrong. If Salwell and his cohorts are trying to change the statute of limitations on that type of crime it is because Hillary and Obama need the extra space, not Trump.

      • John, You are as brain washed as I use to be. My family has been Dems since the start of the party. I started watching and didn’t like what I saw. You are wearing blinders as I was. When I took them off what I saw was amazing. Open your mind and your eyes. I’m not saying you have to change parties just know what your party is doing. Please answer this question for me. How much of that money that Iran got did you take away from your family and of your on free will give it to them? They didn’t ask me. I would have said no. When they asked you what did you say? Waiting for your answer.

      • John. You forgot about Obamass. Worst president in the USA history. Should never have been president.. BIG embarrassment…? You Democraps just really know how to lie and cheat. Not one honest bone in your body. So sad…..

    • Yes. Mueller was involved in uranium one. And I had heard he was involved after 911 The Democrats have got so much on him that he will make up stuff to incriminate President Trump. THAT’S WHY OLE ROD Rodenstein didn’t turn in his resignation when he was supposed to. He is watching Mueller

  5. If Mueller had something, do it now not later! Absolutely absurd, to think he would get away with it! What Mueller needs 5yrs to show his bullshit lies! And make up something, you’ll go to jail first Mueller!

  6. Extend the statute of limitations? Hey, does that mean I can daydream about seeing 0bama in an orange suit doing time at sunny Gitmo?

    • That’s why a gallows is being built at gitmo!! I can’t wait for the perp walk up the 13 steps and the executioner calling out Hussein Obama, Killary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Eric holder. Then the slamming of the trap door and the cracks of breaking necks!!

  7. Mueller is going to Gitmo and will spend a lot of time there. He was involved in the Benghazi Uranium sale plus other illegal activities.
    The literals are still trying to reverse 2016 and they will never be able to do that,
    To many drugs and being sore losers from childhood.
    That will never happen.

  8. First time for everything. He was way past due. He’s used every piece of fake evidence money could buy to falsely convict Trump. I bet you’re right, he probably never lost a case. Although, it’s quite obvious he’ll go to any length, innocent or guilty, to safe guard his bought and paid for winning streak.

    • Yes he has lost cases, in fact he cost the American government 4.8 million dollars, look up the Anthrax case, he accused the wrong man and lost in cour with a judgement against Mueller.

      Also him and his lead prosecutor were the ones that went after Enron and Aurther Anderson, the supposed conviction which cost 10,000 jobs and the bankruptcy of both companies, was later overturned by an unanimous Supreme Court ruling. Not the best of convictions.

      Plus, there is no case against Trump or Cohen for that matter since neither has been charged by the FEC, which is the only orginazation that can file campaign finance laws violations. Look up their web site, there is no violation or request for a criminal complaint agaonst Cohen or Trump. The guilty plea by Cohen is a false plea and really not a conviction as it was never filed, only Cohen pled guilty without a charge.

    • We have people watching Mueller he know has a boss over him Mueller better pray that he is not in handcuffs very soon!

  9. I was raised as a democrat for too many years, but after the leaders being so dishonst we changed. It is so refreshing to have some honesty again. We shoud be happy we have a president that is doing his job with clarity and transparity.

  10. Mueller has squat NADA NOTHING. If he had then he would use it. He HATES Trump because when Trump canned Comey that FACT that Mueller and Obozo turned the FBI and the DOJ into attack dogs for the DNC and Mueller wants revenge. He has NOTHING and we’re the MORON MEDIA not lip locked to Democraps RECTUMS they would report this FACT and TRUTH.

    • I’ve been seeing these “got’em now” stories almost several times a day. These fake story tellers operate exactly like a Dictator would state run news he controls. It’s all bullcrap!

  11. Diane is most certainly a propogandized imbecile getting her “Faux Facts” from the LSM Media. Mueller is a corrupt tool for the Hillary Clinton Cabal. He’s an activist masquerading as an Special Counselor. Why isn’t he investigating Hillary’s Uranium One deal along with her numerous violations of the law her illegal server, destruction of evidence, smashing cell phones and hundreds of criminal activities. Hillary should be in Gitmo not giving speeches in her depends. Sheeple like Diane on the left are useful Idiots.

  12. These leftists hate America and freedom. Their plan is to twist the laws so there is a justice system for themselves and a different one for opponents. This is why they must never be in a position to run the country or appoint judges.

    • That’s why a gallows is being built at gitmo!! I can’t wait for the perp walk up the 13 steps and the executioner calling out Hussein Obama, Killary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Eric holder. Then the slamming of the trap door and the cracks of breaking necks!!

  13. Mueller is James Comey…….one in the same…….butt-budies for a many number of years.
    How sad that these liars are getting away with what they are trying to do to our duly elected president Trump.
    We need a Special Prosecutor to investigate the ones doing this. How can Jim Comey get a special prosecutor to investigate our President but the Republicans can’t get one for these liars and Hillary?

  14. Mueller is a Nazi, and hates losing so he is out for revenge. We all know Cohan is a liar, that is why he is going to jail.I will do my best
    to help Trump get re-elected. He will go down in history , as the greatest President we have ever had since Washington.Its a shame the left is so ugly and vengeful. sore losers!

  15. As we all know, Mueller needs to be in jail himself for his crimes including obstruction of justice stemming from his refusal to prosecute Democrats under Hillary Rodham Clintons’ Russia collusion lie.

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