Robert Mueller handed out a subpoena that Trump never saw coming

Robert Mueller has his sights set on President Trump.

Critics believe he is straying far out of legal bounds to build a case to impeach Trump.

And now he just handed out one subpoena that makes it clear what he has planned for the President.

Mueller subpoenaed former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon to appear before his grand jury.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Former White House senior advisor Steve Bannon has been subpoenaed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to appear before a federal grand jury as part of the Russia investigation.

The New York Times broke the news while Bannon, the former chairman of Breitbart News, is testifying before the House Intelligence Committee.

According to The Times, Bannon was subpoenaed last week after the publication of the White House tell-all, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.”

The book, written by Michael Wolff, quoted Bannon as saying that Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting at Trump Tower in June 2016 was “treasonous” and “unpatriotic.”

“They’re going to crack Don Junior like an egg on national TV,” Bannon is quoted as saying in the book.

“Even if you thought that this was not treasonous, or unpatriotic, or bad sh*t, and I happen to think it’s all of that, you should have called the FBI immediately,” he said.”

Mueller could also be eying Bannon’s testimony because it has been reported that he believed firing James Comey was a massive mistake.

The collusion angle is dead so Mueller could be moving to trying to conjure up an obstruction case against the President.

Such a case would be a legal long shot.

The President has the authority to fire any Executive Branch employee he wishes.

But this is a political fight.

And Mueller’s purpose is not to deliver justice, but to hand the swamp grounds to impeach Trump.


  1. Totally agree, reporters even on the local level seem to have a mutant gene. Universities do not teach them anything that I can see.

  2. With help of Russia, he was elected vnot by a majority of Americans…Any mob protest of impeachment would be met with equal jubilance…

  3. With help of Russia, he was elected vnot by a majority of Americans…Any mob protest of impeachment would be met with equal jubilance…

  4. All the lies are perpetuated by Republicans…The swamp is full of Republicans disguised as Patriots and Trump supporters…When the truth comes out, many of these people will go to jail…Only then will you people know that you have been conned…Sad!…It doesn”t take a very smart person to objectively see that Trump is not a good person..Anyone that lies everytime he opens his mouth for no reason, and the truth is known, can’t be sane, and is unfit for President of this great Country…He too, is going to jail…If not now, as soon as he leaves office…If the 2018 elections were any indication, he won’t win re-election…”Lock him up!”

  5. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for false info. The DNC,
    Comey, Mueller and the lawyers should have to pay. The Dems always find a way to get rich on lies.

  6. I agree if the Democrats try to impeach Trump it will spell the end of the Democratic Party. Take out the illegal Californians, New Yorkers and Chicago thugs and Trump won by 60%

  7. If I were Mueller, I would be researching countries that do not have an extradition treaty with the U.S.. No one has really directly pointed in his direction. But those that have had access to portions of the Inspector General’s report on the DOJ have told many conservative commentators they were right in their analysis of the various Obama-Clinton Crime Cartel scandals involving members of the DOJ over the years. Maybe Mueller and his associates can get a group rate on a flight to Brazil or Argentina.

  8. Since we, the taxpayers will have to pay for Mr. Miller’s investigation, we
    should receive a total accounting over how much of our money, Mr. Miller and his Committee have spend so far

  9. Look at the things he has working for him, every single lawyer he has on that so called team is a demoncrat and hitlery supporter and several of them have donated to her cause. This whole investigation is nothing but a way for the demoncrats to try to put hitlery in the house for life.

  10. Lo just remember that a con con can Loalsobe used to remove parts of the Constitution as well, parts such as the wind amendment as well as rewrite the first amendment, the demoncrats would get everything they want in a con con.

  11. Remember the pic that was taken a few years back of mueller and comey, if it can be found look where their hands are, those two are queer for each other.

  12. If Mueller is basing who he subpoenas on that load of Fertilizer Wolff wrote he is a DESPERATE IDIOT. Even Wolff says his book is made up and a pack of LIES. Mueller needs taken down for many reasons but the biggest is because he is only doing this to punish Trump for canning Comey. Given what Comey slowed while he was in charge under Obozo he should be in prison not just out of a job. Mueller with his witch hunt should be tossed in a cell beside Comey for all the money he is STEALING with this FAKE investigation and personal attack on Trump for his pal Comey as revenge.

  13. If Democrats want to impeach Trump it will take more than an “obstruction of justice complain” because Trump fired Comey. Essentially it will be an illegal palace coup without evidence.

    A large number of Americans, probably slightly more than 50% want Trump to remain as president. I don’t know if the Democrats really WANT to incite a genuine civil war after an illegal Coup. I don’t know if the Democrats (and their mothers…the Media) understand the impact of anger there is against them.

    Democrats are “banking” on controlling the House after the election. But they still would need a 2/3rd’s vote of the Senate for a full impeachment. There is no collusion. Everyone knows that.

    I would strongly avdise Media and Mueller to pedal their wares carefully. Trump was honestly and duly elected. The Dow will be above 30,000 soon. Millions of Democrats have “changed their minds” about Trump. This is also a powerful factor.

    Would it start with 100 million Americans refusing to pay their income taxes? Would that be “only the start?”

    sanjosemike (no longer in CA)


  15. Enough is enough, let’s stop this stupid which hunt and money wasting,
    for nothing. We don’t have enough money for a strong army, but we waste
    money for this.

  16. Mueller, like most DumbocRATS are looking for the extra money that is coming in. The DumbocRAT saying should be ME FIRST THE HELL WITH AMERICANS.

  17. How much longer are the American people going to permit this farce to continue? End it I say NOW or suffer the consequences. This witch hunt has gone on far to long and needs to end. It’s basic reason was tarnished from the beginning in that the dossier that was the basis for an investigation was paid for by the Clinton’s and the DNC and meant to reverse the intent of the American people during the election of 2016.

    The press, which are supposed to be the eyes and ears of the American people are instead the tool of the left. The consequences I speak of will be the Convention of States, where the American people and their State representatives will reel in the power in Washington and correct a Constitution that has been failing us for years. A shutdown is quite simply a failure on the part of Congress to legislate. Congressman and Senators have long forgotten the art of compromise and the American people are paying for it.

    A Term Limitations amendment will come out of the Convention of States as well as a Balanced Budget Amendment. Perhaps an amendment should be considered to license journalists to practice their craft as it was intended just like a lot of other professions. A standard should be established where reporting fake news and omitting the real news stories has consequences. When attorneys deviate from the law, they become disbarred. Perhaps journalists should be disbarred as well when they betray the basic tenets of journalism.

  18. Yeah…”inquisition”! Takes me WAY back to high school history class! Some o’ these idiots were never weaned from thumb-sucking! They just SUCK!

  19. Too bad Grizz left off the /sarc tag as you two missed the jab. The last word in his sentence should give you the clue.

  20. Isn’t there outstanding warrants on Soros?
    Why isn’t he been arrested and deported to
    the country or countries issuing these warrants

  21. Let’s try shooting mueller in the head, but
    the bullet would probally bounce off his thick
    skull and it certainly would not find a brain
    that would take a very powerful microscope
    To find

  22. Why does our stupid congress(stupid is a
    kind word) allow this farce to continue with
    a very predictable illegal outcome by dem-
    craps. Muller should be disbarred from the
    human race.

  23. Soros not only wants to bring down this country but wants ‘ONE WORLD ORDER’ meaning he wants to bring down the whole world to their knees. These are evil times!!!!

  24. You know, enough is enough, Mueller is on a witch hunt with no witch in sight. If he was half a good as he thinks he is, he would have known this a long time ago. President Trump needs to shut this guy down so we the citizens of this country can get on with our lives with some certainty. This is a total waste of money by Mueller, and the Democrats. Shut them downs. Do like Obama, just write an executive order and ignore them when they start whinning.

  25. Mueller doesn’t have a brain. It has been replaced by democrap agenda. All he cares about is to get our President. And he will do it anyway he can and it won’t be legal. He is thoroughly corrupt!


  27. Does this mean that John McCann should be charged with treason- he should have contacted the FBI instead he hoped on a plain to dig up invented dirt?

  28. Metoo, impartial isn’t the question, Mr. Mueller is part of the anti-Trump coup the Dems have been running from the start . The bigger problem for the Trump camp is removing Mueller without shooting themselves in the foot.

  29. The Democrats have been trying for a year now to pin something on Trump to push their coup. If collusion is dead so should Mueller’s Panel be. Mueller is on thin Ice himself .@ people were indicted in the URAIUM 1 deal, They are going after the DNC for financing the bogus dossier , which is paid for Russian propaganda , and Mueller’s panel , being filled with Trump haters and friends of Coomey is coming under house scrutiny . This is a bigger scandal than Watergate , only this time Major Media is complicit .

  30. “integrity, honesty, and even handled inquisition”? What you been smoking Willis? You obviously been drinkin way tooo much Kool-Aid

  31. Enough is enough! This child’s play is unprecedented in America. The people who should be “on trial” are The Clintons; The Obamas; Mueller and Comey – not to mention Maxine Waters and her ilk. Let President Trump continue with his march to MAGA, without all the lies and hatred from divisive sources.

  32. Trump is a strong conservative leader and the liberal left will stop at nothing to try and stop him from trying to make america great again….

  33. Mueller and Comey have ushered the FBI to it’s present status of integrity, honesty and even handed inquisition.

  34. Richard, are 110 % or more in my opinion. This Mueller thing, “Lurch Comey”, the Clinton lovers in the FBI, the DNC paid for by Clinton is all treason to bring down President Trump, why is not Mueller not after them and GPS?
    If Mueller and Comey are not old drunks then I am a gorilla Boeing 787 pilot flying to the moon.
    Trump has realized as Harry Truman said “If you want a friend in Washington, buy a dog”.

  35. I agree with you whole heartedly. He is costing the American taxpayers millions of dollars. I can’t believe this corrupt Mueller is at the helm, he should be convected and shot!

  36. Mueller knew…FBI Director during Uranium One. This is ALL a cover-up of collusion, pay4play, mail fraud, money laundering, racketeering…ET CETERA. Stay tuned to Fox News’ Hannity…

  37. Who is paying our Liberal News Media?
    Liberal advertisers plus billionaire owners who feed their own objectives.

  38. Some of the aspects of how this special investigation is going is a bit worrisome. I pray that this man is caught doing whatever illegal things he may be trying to hide. If he is on the up and up, I will always doubt my gut reactions in the future. But, from the get-go on this, I felt if he were a man of integrity, he’d rescued himself. There is just too much going on in the swamp and he’s been a part of it for so long. How can he be impartial? Sad, but, I don’t think he can!

  39. Kotok …Obie got away with because we were too PC … besides the Dimms are smarter and 100% united in dump Trump than our splintered dufusses. Heck, we can’t even get support from the Independents (if any are still in Congress).

  40. You are right . The silent majority will NOT be silent anymore. We will fight for the constitution and our President! BELIEVE IT !

  41. Or just turnoff the endless money spigot for this self directed, unsupervised do whatever necessary take Trump out without a shot … a quiet, bloodless coup … much cleaner than the CBS Las Vegas alleged Clinton 49 bodies expose.

  42. Time for Robert Mueller to be indicted in the Uranium One Scandal. Didn’t he sign off on the Uranium One Scandal that let uranium leave the country? Did Robert Mueller not know this was going on and would affect the Security of this country. So if he did then why is he a Special Prosecutor. He ought to be in an orange jump suit in prison as I see him as a criminal not Donald Trump.

  43. Mueller has 2 (TWO) objectives:
    1. Impeach Trump
    2. Cover up and get rid of all evidence that incriminates Mueller himself, Obamma, the Clinton’s and all other parties involved in the Obamma administration and their criminal wrong doings (including but not limited to the e-mail scandel, the fake Trump/Russia scandal, and the uranium deal with Russia).

  44. Many of us had hoped that the election of Trump would allow the republic to be saved without bloodshed. It’s becoming apparent that was a vain hope. Semper Fi!!

  45. I agree. I believe Mueller is full of BS and the way Bannon has been acting, I wouldn’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth. I’m not going to let them win because I back Trump

  46. I think it is time for the DOJ to do its job. They should be stopping this witch hunt and bringing Mueller to heal. And it is time to frankly crush the big mouth he is bringing in to sound off his sour grapes about Trump. Bannon is a publicity whore. Nothing more and what he says is at best questionable and likely just lies or what is known as obfuscating. Taking a partial truth and warping it is what this man seems good at. So it is time to end the gossip machine. Calling Bannon in shows there is nothing and what this witness might say is also gossip. Very little here and if this is it, then Mueller needs to be ended as a special prosecutor but by the one that hired him. The second in command at the DOJ and another traitor. Then let that one go too. Big bunch of traitors in the FBI and the DOJ. Now what does that say about all the other agencies Bozo controlled?

  47. If that is in fact Mueller’s intention to try and impeach President Trump, then he will have started the second civil war.

  48. Be sweet if Trump DID fire Mueller…his POTUS right, after all. However, bad optics. Dems and mainstream media had Trump GUILTY when he fired Comey. Best to let it play out. Chips fall exactly where they’re supposed to. And it ain’t gonna be a pretty sight for the FBI and DOJ co-conspiratorial anti-Trumpers.

  49. I hope Mueller has a heart attack and dies so his witch hunt will be finished and we can go on with the real crooks, Obama, Clinton, Comey, Holden and all the rest. Demoncraps will never let this go on this far…..

  50. Remember that the criminal organization DNC is the ones who initiated this illegal investigation! Mueller and the crime Bosses at the DNC failed, to follow protocol for one! This admition of spying on the Trump Administration by the obama Administration nullified the entire thing! This is the easiest money Mueller will ever make!

  51. How about instead of closing the government let’s close Mueller down and use the money for something worth while instead of sending America into another civil war???

  52. There is no basis for an “obstruction of Justice charge. Comey went well beyond an investigators role in the E-mail matter, didn’t provide appropriate coordination on other activities, and was devious, dishonest, and a “leaker”. If one of your goals is to clean up the “swamp”, Comey becomes an obvious target.

  53. Wrong, first of all, Collusion isn’t a crime! Collusion without details, is just a word, like the word Durban made-up, and lied about, that made Corey Booker cry tears of racist rage! Grow up buttercup!

  54. I cannot understand why we are letting Mueller run this witch hunt. He should be fired for inflict of interest and be disbarred for unethical conduct. He is I. With Onama and Clinton’s.

  55. The admition, or gaff, by an obama Administration person that they did in fact spy on the Trump Administration is huge, in fact, it’s enough to end the Mueller witch hunt! It’s over!

  56. How much longer are WE THE PEOPLE going to have to pay for the stupid and treasonous actions of this idiot Mueller? It is well past time for Congress to shut the door on this a$$hole.

  57. Unfortunately, the majority of Citizens is not very smart and honest and with little or no moral values. And speaking of “work ethics” versus free hand-outs? Also there the scale is tipping to the disadvantage of our hard working President Donald Trump.

  58. trump’s body but all he’d have to do for that is get Hillary to take care of it. To me she is a killer just an uncaught one

  59. THAT’s a no-brainer! Anything and EVERYTHING ANTI-Trump! Mueller was tasked with finding Russian collusion ONLY but arrogantly cast a much wider net. What Comey had in mind all along. May be costing the taxpayers but will cost all anti-Trumpers in the grand scheme.

  60. The Mueller investigation keep evolving into something else: it started at the U.S. presidential election hacking issue, then to Russian dossier scandal, then to GPS Fusion involvement issue, then to Manafort inquiry, …. , and finally the Steve Bannon subpoena.

    Mueller better stick with the federal investigation objective, that is, whether Trump is guilty of tampering the U.S. presidential election, or not.

    The questions arranged for Bannon should be focused on the authenticity of the last election.

    My question for Mueller is … what exactly are you looking for?!

  61. Bannon looks like a disheveled unkempt drunk 24/7. Deliberate facade? Maybe. A hostile witness with zero credibility. Perjure himself in front of a Federal grand jury of Mueller’s choosing? ha! He’s done nothing but confuse the issue with his hop-Scotch antics…friend foe friend. Will leave jurors scratching their heads in sheer befuddlement. NOPE! Can’t use HIS testimony in any ‘no there THERE’ Russian collusion. Just m’thoughts.

  62. This guy is a troublemaker and a classic villain, and I look forward to seeing him lose this case against Trump, but it irks me to no end how he’s wasting our money doing this, just because he doesn’t like our President. We didn’t do this when that evil Obama was in office (which we really should have done.) They’re just still sucking those sour grapes and crying “foul!” because they lost. And I would love to rub their noses in it, and say, “We put up with Obama, even though we all know he’s EVIL… can’t you put up with a good guy for a change?”

  63. They keep saying the government may be closed because of the funding bill hold up? Closing the government may be the best thing that has happened in years. I say this because it seems to me Congress has been closed for years while it allows Mueller to just run rampant and do his witch hunt? At the same time Flake is making a speech to an empty congress, stating how important the news media is to keeping politicians on their toes, while totally ignoring any facts or doing anything positive. The media is as bad or worst then some of the politicians so that BS is like the rest of the talk that comes from the Swamp. So while Congress is doing nothing, the news is predicting chaos, Mueller is wasting millions of tax payers monies, obstruction is the democrats movement of the year, the news media is doing its annual scare the people tactic because the government may close? This is no longer a joking matter, it has become the norm. SAD

  64. Soros owns the liberal media. He is also part of the Deep State, along with the Clintons, Obama, Rothschild, and the rest of the “Big Guys”. President Trump has quite a fight on his hands, with those with blood on theirs.

  65. A subpoena for Bannon was obvious and logical especially after Wolff’s new “book” of fiction. To say it is a surprise for Trump is a bit fellatious. Little or nothing surprises Trump. The President has proved time and again he is easily 3 steps ahead of the democrats and the press every day.

  66. I think maybe we are due to remove some of George Soros Puppets , The FBI is as corrupt as any thing in the swamp! Trump so far seems to be the best man we have had in our White House in Years , Why do the Clinton’s still get News Coverage , Same with Traitor Obama , The Indonesian Liar born in Kenya , Who is paying our Liberal News Media ?

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