Robert Mueller heard the seven words that ruined his life for good

Michael Cohen’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee was supposed to finish Donald Trump.

Instead it backfired.

That’s because Michael Cohen said the seven words that ruined Robert Mueller’s life for good.

The focus of Mueller’s investigation was supposed to be Russian collusion.

Many anti-Trump “journalists” suspected Cohen was at the center of any scheme to rig the election – or in his capacity as Trump’s “fixer” knew of any evidence.

But that whole hoax came crashing down.

Cohen confessed he had no evidence of Russian collusion.

Breitbart reports:

President Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen told Congress that, while he has no actual evidence of the Trump campaign coordinating with Russia, he has his “suspicions” during a House Oversight Committee hearing Wednesday.

“Questions have been raised about whether I know of direct evidence that Mr. Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia. I do not. And I want to be clear. But I have my suspicions,” Cohen said during his opening statement.

This was a stunning end to the Russia collusion narrative.

For years, the media held out hope that someone in the Trump organization would step forward and confess to colluding with the Russians.

But that was not the case.

Paul Manafort’s lawyers denied he colluded with the Russians in their filing, arguing he should not receive the maximum prison sentence.

Roger Stone was not charged with lying to investigators about not colluding with the Russians nor was he indicted for conspiring with Russians during the 2016 election.

And now, Michael Cohen flatly admits he had no evidence of Russian collusion.

The idea the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians was one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated upon the American people.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. You are twisting what Cohen said. He said he did not witness any Russian collusion, not that it did not exist. We already know there was collusion/conspiracy of the Trump campaign with Russia, and evidence of that comes from the June, 2016 Trump Tower meeting. NONE of us outside of the Russia probe know yet just what Mueller has uncovered.

    There was a “smoking gun” produced by Cohen in the check signed by Trump that showed Trump was involved with the campaign crimes (2) of Cohen. So, we know Trump has violated the law, the only question left is how many laws were violated by Trump?

  2. You are not taking in all the evidence, Captain! First, the one check that Cohen produced was written by Trump WHILE HE WAS PRESIDENT. However, you missed the testimony that Cohen had other checks signed by Don Jr. and the Trump company (Alan Weisselberg, CFO). Second, the payoff was not just to the businesswoman, Stormy Daniels, but also through the Enquirer and David Pecker. Cohen has already produced the recording where Trump was going to pay back Pecker PLUS they wanted to buy other dirt Pecker had on Trump.

    What you fail to see is that even if the payoff was done only from Trump’s personal account, THEY WERE CAMPAIGN DONATIONS and illegal. But since it included money ran through Trump corp as “legal fees” (payoffs to mistresses are not legal fees) then Trump has included both his corporation in campaign fraud PLUS, probably, tax evasion. Even if I believed Trump was a private citizen only, there are laws about campaign donations that he violated.

  3. What campaign violations? You mean the “payoff” to that slut “Stormy” Daniels?
    What you refuse to acknowledge, that the “payoff” was done from Trump’s personal account – not from any funds from his campaign. This was done when he was a private citizen. Come on Doc, try to be fair will ya?

  4. So by Cohen admitting that there was “no Russian collusion” means that Mueller failed to extract that damning “smoking gun” from this coward. So Mueller’s investigation will now veer into some little process crimes not worth the $25million already spent on this sham investigation.

  5. First of all, the legal term for it is “conspiracy.” And the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016 was a clear conspiracy to use representatives of the Russian government to use in the election. Three that participated were Manafort, Jared Kushner and Don Jr. – – and we have the emails that they knew exactly what they wanted to get and were enthusiastic about it. Plus Don Sr. admitted in a tweet that it was not a meeting about adoptions (his earlier lie), but was to get dirt on Hillary. Getting dirt on others is not illegal, UNLESS it involves another country – – that is clearly conspiracy to defraud the election.

    Don Jr.s EXCUSE for it was that “it did not give us anything” but that is not crucial – – it was a conspiracy to get Russia’s stolen information. Plus we only have the word of Don Jr., who have already been caught in numerous lies about the same meeting. That is a clear conspiracy for these three, and I am sure Mueller is collecting evidence that Don Jr. knew about the meeting also. Even if Don Sr. did not know about the meeting until afterwords, he did not take that to the FBI, and has conspired to hide the evidence.

    Please remember, Sitala, that Trump has shown in numerous ways that he has taken steps to obstruct justice in this probe. Trump admitted on an NBC interview that he fired Comey “for the Russia probe” and he fired Sessions (asked to resign) for the Russia probe. So, we already know there have been crimes committed.

  6. The only evidence I’ve seen of collusion in the last 2 years is Clinton, Comey, Rosenstein, along with many DOJ(“Department of Justis”?) and FBI agents and the list of dems go on and on.

  7. Sorry, yours is already there and there is no room, and certainly no desire to become a cult follower and ass-kisser like you.

  8. The original hiring of opposition research was started by a republican running for nomination and opposing Trump. During that investigation, Steele, through his sources began to find serious information about Trump’s connections in Russia and the attempts of Putin to get Trump compromised (kompromat). Then Steele reported this to our FBI and intel people. The dossier is a series of memos, each indicating what Steele found from his MI6 sources. There has been evidence presented that the Dossier did not start the investigation, that much came from other sources. That is, unless you wish to stick to the conspiracy propaganda of the right wing spindoctors.

  9. Well, Dr. J: I think you just dropped a bunch of horsey bullcrap. First of all, it was the DNC under Hillary’s campaign control(Hillary had all the state level DNC’s sending all their donations to National) and Obama that colluded with the Obama’s DOJ (see Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr) and FBI (initially under Brennan, Comey, Rosenstein, & McCabe ) that decided to hire Fusion GPs (see Bruce Ohr’s wife) to fund opposition research (ex-MI6 agent Steele) to create the dirty dossier that started this mess. Using the Steel dossier, the FBI then went to the FISA Court to get permission to spy on Trump’s campain, wiretap Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort and Trump Tower. So using unverified information and neglecting to inform the FISA Court that the DNC funded the dirty dossier, they got a court order to “spy” on the Trump campaign. This all happened before the end of 2016. The entire premise for this whole witch hunt was to publicize any dirt on Trump to prevent him from winning the election. And the leaks to the press regarding anything Trump were coming from both the FBI (McCabe & Strozk) and the DOJ (L. Page and B. Ohr) Also, the FBI under Comey, thwarted normal FBI investigation procedures in the Hillary email investigation to make sure that nothing said or found would ever be made public. They just verified that the Hillary State Dept. made a deal with the DOJ and FBI big wigs that these high level people would be offered cushy overseas ambassadores positions with they would make the email scandal go away. So, the FBI did not interview any of Hillary’s crew under oath, and they gave legal immunity to Hillary’s top level folks before they were ever interviewed (See Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, and John Podesta). All of this so that none of these people would ever be accused of perjury. The treatment of Trump’s staff has been entirely different. Michael Flynn was cornered in his office on a Friday night, with what was supposed to be a Q & A session. He was made to swear under oath, and when he didn’t remember his details correctly, we was threatened and sued to defend himself. Paul Manafort and Roger Stone were subjected to early morning raids by armed FBI agents, and the FBI even leaked the time and place to CNN for the Stone arrest. Why, so that the main stream media could make a high profile public display of a Trump supporter being bullied by the FBI. And you complain that Trump obstructed justice, how is it that a sitting President cannot fire a proven liar and that was obstructing justice (i.e. James Comey) by creating an investigation based on unverified information funded by the opposition campaign. Under Comey, the FBI (and the DOJ under Lynch) colluded to hide evidence, mismanage Hillary’s email investigation, and leak information to the press. Comey even wrote the letter to exonerate Hillary before the FBI had even interviewed her or her campaign associates. Manafort was convicted of crimes related to his Russian business dealings that took place many years before the 2016 election campaign. And I have not heard anywhere that Manafort’s conviction led to Millions of $ being forfeited to the government. That’s a straight out lie! The Trump investigation was started by Obama’s FBI very quickly after Trump announced his run for President, and I believe the FBI put the special prosecutor (Mueller) in place only because Trump won the election. The collusion and corruption in the obamanation’s administration was beyond any of our imaginations or our knowledge. It has since then shown to have extended to the DOJ, FBI, NSA, DOLabor, EPA and to especially in the VA and Homeland Security. (What an oxymoron.) You sure like to twist up your facts. Why don’t you try naming those 6-10 people that have been charged or convicted for Russian collusion. And how about that Company that Mueller charged with collusion that was not even in existence during the time period in question. Your absolute intention to spread misinformation is obvious. Your head is full of crap, is that why you are so blind? Or is it that you just don’t want to know or care about truth?

  10. Just saw on news. Washington State Dem. Gov.running for Prez.He is running on Globel warming platform. He has a Solar Panel business.

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