Robert Mueller is hiding a disturbing secret

Special counsel Robert Mueller is out of control.

His investigation is the Deep State’s secret weapon in trying to take out Donald Trump.


  1. It’s another political hit job like they did to Kavanaugh. They remind me of Nazi’s who tried to control everyone. Or even like the mafia. Can you imagine being run by these people. God forbid

  2. The communist a.k.a. Democrat party in the end will pay for this you can count on it is I have that much faith in God that he is let these guys step their self time in again and they come up on the bottom and this time they will bury their self in your party will go back and it’s rat hole sewer for years to come.

  3. Representative Gohmert ripped FBI Director Mueller for ignoring that Boston mosque in the testimony regarding the investigation into the Boston Marathon bombings. Gohmert shredded FBI chief’s answers; Mueller’s only defense in not looking at that particular mosque was that all the mosques are part of their “Outreach”program to Muslims here in America and therefore not included in anti-terrorist investigations!!! Now that is the real case of PROFILING that excludes the jihadists! And that is how the two Boston jihadist brothers “escaped” the NSA and FBI attention. Mueller also did not know who is in overall charge of anti-terrorist programs at his own FBI. Note: since then there were more jihadist mass murders perpetrated in Orlando, Chattanooga, San Bernardino…


  5. This witch hunt is biased, unethical, and ridiculous! We have major players in the criminal organization aka the DNC, brainstorming the expulsion of the POTUS! This move is unique, in that treason aside, they want Trump gone! They will get rid of Trump over my dead body! I’m a proud member of the NRA and we, are 5-million-strong! Ponder on that for a minute or two, if your a democrat!


  7. Representative Gohmert ripped FBI Director Mueller for ignoring that Boston mosque in the testimony regarding the investigation into the Boston Marathon bombings. Gohmert shredded FBI chief’s answers; Mueller’s only defense in not looking at that particular mosque was that all the mosques are part of their “Outreach”program to Muslims here in America and therefore not included in anti-terrorist investigations!!! Now that is the real case of PROFILING that excludes the jihadists! And that is how the two Boston jihadist brothers “escaped” the NSA and FBI attention. Mueller also did not know who is in overall charge of anti-terrorist programs at his own FBI. Note: since then there were more jihadist mass murders perpetrated in Orlando, Chattanooga, San Bernardino…

  8. Laura the ill informed in our country have no idea how close we are to losing our Democracy and they’ll be the first to cry like hell if it happens.

  9. Nice point above – why did Rosenstein request an investigation when NO EVIDENCE EXISTED??

    This is a false investigation period. Sessions must come forward at some point, quash it and then prosecute the conspirators – starting with Mueller.

  10. Where are the stupid republicans? They are the ones who should put an end to all this nonsense and then go after Obama and Hillary, plus Comey and Lynch and Holder. The American people are watching you crooked and spineless republicans, so get ready to be sent home when the next election comes around.

  11. Yea and pigs will fly if he tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He is a leftist,liberal,socialist,dumocrat that is pissed that the idiot lying hitlary and her crimes did not win.

  12. Both comey and mueller are stooges for the clintons. Their loyalty has always been to the demoncrat party and they will do everything they possibly can to impeach our elected president. Watch the 8/4/17 Info Wars report “In 2005 Mueller closed the grand jury probe into Clintons’ Pardon of Marc Rich. “Clinton Fixer” James Comey was DOJ chief prosecuter in Marc Rich pardon case.
    Info wars has been maligned by the c.i.a., the vile liars in the corporate press and the demoncrats because they report the Truth about the crimes our government has been committing, albeit in a manner which is frequently quite outlandish. Whenever the liars in the corporate press and their comrades in the c.i.a. unite in attacking and ridiculing a person or message it sends up “red flags” that there is probably a great deal of credibility to the report. Remember what they did to the Wiki Leaks in order to avoid investigating the content of podesta’s emails. They created a lie that the Russians leaked podesta’s emails and have continuously attacked the Russians 24/7 on all of the major TV and radio stations in order to brain wash Americans who listen to their trash, garbage and LIES which is nothing more than a diversion from the content of podesta’s emails.

  13. He is the leader of the pack probably under soso’s is influence and money ,some diverted from us,and the rest are his and hillary’s and Bills helpers to destroy this nation. I say destroy them,that is what happens in war and we have been at war with these people for years and guess we didn’t even know it. Take them out.

  14. Wasn’t President Trump thoroughly vetted if he had any dastardly deeds in his business, politics that would warrant him not fit to be President if he won–unlike obama who was able to seal his past–how is that acceptable to qualify obama’s PRESIDENT OF THESE UNITED STATES–stupid me I forgot obama had the most transparent presidency and administration ever—-NOT

  15. I am so scared of our freedom is at stake. If they can do this to the President, they will do it to anybody that doesn’t agree with them. We have to stand up and be heard before it, too late. what a bunch of crooks, liars and a threat to America,

  16. Robert Mueller is dirt. He thinks he can get Trump impeached, but that is not going to happen. He can dream on. A person of his character is not respected. He acts more
    like the devil. God sees all the corruption that is going on. He had better not fly
    to high because he can be taken down several notches. My advice is to make a change
    in his life and get his act together. Effie

  17. DISBAR Mueller for lacking the legal and moral integrity to RECUSE himself knowing of all his conflicts of interest. His team should also be disbarred.

    Rosensteun should be fired fir requesting an investigation, knowing there is no evidence. The entire devious exercise is “illegal harassment of President Trump.”

    Sessions must unRecuse himself and return as Attorney General without Rosenstein and Mueller around the WH.

  18. Exactly. He should be fired. he is dangerous person who uses all smeared lies to destroy President Trump

  19. He kind of resembles the likes of that backstabber, John Keating McCain who sold out the Republican Hopefuls, along with 6 other Jonah’s in the Repeal vote.
    Now we should have a vote on McCain, we can call that the “Repel” the backstabber, out of the Party, along with his 6 fellow Stabbers. Now we can relate to how the Keating 4 went to prison, when JUDAS McCain sold them out to save his ass, back in the 60’s.

  20. well she better watch out because trump gave to dems before too,maybe investigate his dealings with dems then?

  21. I don’t even know why Muller is still in there. Except to cause trouble. They need to get rid of him.

  22. This Russia thing is begin giving to boomerang back to the Bleeding heart liberals where actual crimes were committed! It’s going to get very interesting! A lot of Republicans need to grow a big set of balls like our President has to make sure justice is finally carried out! Go Pres Trump, our best ever

  23. You might also question the Deputy Attorney General who appointed Mueller to handle the investigation. It seems that
    our Justice Department has been corrupted

  24. I voted first time when IKE was running and won, I did pay attention to Truman’s run and living in DC area was well aware of the goings on, also had a cousin in Congress, yet I have never seen such going on’s as there is today, those Dems are a disgrace to the office they hold, and so area few RHINO’s, “WE THE PEOPLE” have spoken and now is time to turn back to states, Medicaid and let Insurance Companies sell Insurance under aspects of the state Insurance commissioners, with multi state policies, GET THE GOV”T> out of our personal lives, NO Charlie Gard here, let Doctors practice medicine( this is health care) and let people decide what they need or if they prefer have a Health Savings acct.

  25. Mueller and his Cronies need to be put to an END they only came into EXISTANCE because of this Leaker Comey who leaked Government Information. Just look at the Picture as they say a Picture is worth more then a Thousand Words. Here is the Scum Bag Muslim Anti Christian Obama who gave Millions to the Muslim Brother Hood brought the MS-13 Gange into the US. 100’s of Illegals into America. President Trump needs to start his own to bring the Clinton’s, Obama, and the Clinton Foundation as well as the LEAKER Comey Lynch and the rest of the Obama people

  26. That is what I thought when I saw this picture. Nothing but a table full of Communists/Socialists or whatever you want to call them! Everyone of them is EVIL and want to take this Country out! PERIOD! Mueller needs to be FIRED AND THEN ARRESTED! This is TREASON to the United States of America! May GOD save us from this destruction!

  27. Very true indeed! And on top of all that, think of Mueller’s long and intimate friendship with James Comey. If Mueller had the integrity people credit him with, he would never have accepted the job in the first place, as the conflict of interest issues are enormous. His actions on taking the job only make his dereliction of duty worse (stacking his “team” with obviously biased “investigators”).


  29. what people don’t remember is the call for him to release his taxes remember? He didn’t and suddenly he was concluding with the Russians which the Democrats were so there we have it but I am worried bout Hillary’s lawyers going to the FBI and destroying evidence that could put Hillary way. I am worried about that lawyer….

  30. Exactly correct! This is nothing more than a wild witch hunt with Mueller now scrapping the whole reason for his job! He has now
    Turned out he is now doing things that were not a part of that deal! Does President Trump have any rights at this time or does he just sit by and watch these lying vultures pick his bones? This is enough to make those of us who voted for him to cover up D.C.! It is a viable plan….we are all fed up with the democrats being so disrespectful to the president and the fake news spinning all their lies about his family! What kind of people are we dealing with here? People like me are totally fed up with it!

  31. 33,000bleached, 665,000Weiner server, two illegal servers, broken phones and missing boxes from FBI, 141 dead and missing-where are the crimes ????

  32. Sessions needs to unrecuse himself and remove Mueller from this investigation as it is NOT an investigation, but an attempt to put Trump out of office. I’m so sick of these nasty low life Trump haters doing such corrupt work against our President!!!

  33. The American Voters need to see a list of those Republicans who do NZoT supporters Trump . Then we can work on getting g them out of office as they do not want what’s best for our country & those who voted for Trump. Let’s get s list circulating on House & senate members!

  34. Remember a while back when Madame Clinton was investigated and Comey said that if they filed charges they would have to take down most of DC. That is why Republicans are not helping our new President. They are mostly Dems planted by Soros in the Republican Party.

  35. Mueller is a crook, a liberal criminal and he hates America. I would love to have a one on one with him.

  36. Agree.This is so wrong to try to bring down our President and also bring down everyone who voted for President Trump. I feel as though this is the action of a third- world country and not the United States of America. Just WHO is authorizing this witch hunt? We cannot and should NOT allow a few people or even one man to take down our duly elected President Trump. Had Hillary won the election you had better believe that there would be none of this witch-hunt going on against her. Where in the world are the REPUBLICANS hanging out? How can they keep their mouths closed and their pens dry and unused? WHERE are our Conservative leaders? Have they lost their intelligence? This investigation after investigation and lie after lie about our President is far more than unacceptable and people responsible for such behavior need to be brought to justice and NOT President Trump. This COUP must end and those who are trying to tear apart our government must be brought to justice. REMEMBER that those of us who voted FOR Mr. Donald Trump for President are being dealt a VICIOUS, FEROCIOUS, MOST HARMFUL BLOW and are being treated as though our rightful privilege to vote FOR DONALD TRUMP means nothing– zilch– and that we voters count as nothing and can be treated as outcasts because we see in such a man as Donald Trump a restoration of government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE.

  37. I realize if Trump fires this POS it will cause problems. Just not sure how bad it would be for him. However not shut him down will also be problems. Trump should meet with his outside counsel and decide how best to handle this witch hunt.

  38. It won’t be Paul Ryan. In case you are not aware, Ryan (Is a POS) was on the plane when Lynch met with Bill Clinton. The pilot was going to tell all and was being kept in a secret location with security by Fox News. He was to be interviewed on air by Fox, however he turned up dead. Have not heard how he died as yet.

  39. You really don’t have a clue what Muller is doing do you? Go back and look at the picture again and it should answer any questions you may have.

  40. You want to rein in this Demonrat hack, go to the source. Start preparing cases to arrest and charge the top criminals like Obama, Clintons, Holder, and Lynch. It’s time the criminal element started answering for their crimes to the fullest extent of the law.

  41. You Damn Right, He’s just like the democrats, Jealous. Trump done something that they could not on their best day. He is also pissed because Trump fired one of their own. That crooked lying bastard comey.

  42. Well written Joseph. It would take a fool to think that this is not a set up. It’s time the Republican Party starts fighting back. If they try to impeach Trump then all hell will break loose. The people who voted for Trump have had enough of the Liberal BS. Against all odds Trump has kept his word and is working day and night to accomplish his goals. Just keep in mind which Republicans support him and who opposes him.

  43. What we are seeing is a none military coup to destroy the credibility and presidency of Donald Trump and his administration.

  44. Its a false investigation on its face – Mueller knows it and this is a crime in itself. He needs to be stopped immediately and then prosecuted for conspiracy.

  45. Mueller is a liberal lefty slug and must be fired immediately if not sooner. Most liberals have communist leanings and must be purged from our government. Lefty liberal swamper types are causing many problems for the Trump administration. I certainly hope that people are waking up to the rotten foul tactics of the elite lefty liberal democrat AKA communist party and will not vote for any of these slugs in 2018 and beyond.

  46. How long will we the people allow a corrupt Council make policy for the people by the people. It is time to stop this an for the people to call for the removal of Muller , Comey and all of the special council Attorneys . If that can not be done then the Special council should come under a special council investigation themselves. There should be a special report on a daily basis to the public showing the corruption of every Member of Muller’s special council. There should also be in that special council investigating Muller secondary Investigation of the Democratic party and its action of corrupting the minds of our young people in the educational system, through promoting Humanism . Creating a decline in the moral condition of this country . This country was never to be a country that denied God’s purposes for his nation. This was part of the founding Fathers service was to God and His laws first . We as a nation were never to be a socialist immoral nation. This nation was to look go God and be guided by His principles . This means that we all have faults and make many mistakes as human being. This slander an digging up all the faults of others is the wrong way to Go. Sometimes when people do this they will find that God will pull them down to the end of there career due to there slanderous activity. We are reminded how the scripture tells us that those who scheme evil things on their bed at night those very schemes will come against them. Perhaps we should allow God to do the work and make the judgment rather than we trying to make a judgment . We are all tired of the constant attacks. In seventy years I have not seen this nation an its politicians in such immoral bitter actions. This shows me that we have become a worldly minded nation in or politics rather than a godly nation honor God and His creation more than we honor ourselves.

  47. Mr. President, you have not only had to contend with the ilk of Muleears and Comey, you have one backstabber that is out of the way, but has caused you harm and that is one of the Keating Five Senators, that will go unnamed, but it is believed that he created the Russian Dossier of the prostitute Golden Showers. You do not need Muleears and Comey, when you have supposed Republican Senators, that wait with baited breath to sink your boat with whatever treachery they can help to get you out of office. The treachery also of obama, changing laws at the eleventh hour of his leaving office to form the Shadow Government now that also involves Comey. We back whatever action you take, don’t wait for the obama Coup to take its toll, WE STAND WITH YOU.

  48. Sooner or later the Mueller team will cross the line too much and the truth on he and his team will be fully exposed. There can be no objectivity when you fill the hen house with foxes. And the man that hired him ought to be thinking about his resume.

  49. President Trumph can and needs to get rid of the clown. He has the authority to do this. The counse is working on a basis that no crime has been committed because they can not find or prove one, and therefore should be didbanded.

  50. What a story,so comical!! Gimme a break!! Our government would be dangerous if they really worked for us!! But they would be a danger to the correct enemy, not to the American people!!

  51. I,m not sure what Muller is trying to do but all we ask is that he is truthful in what he does in this investigation

  52. BKaur: I agree fully Mueller needs to go. He has too much conflicts of interest and lies. AMEN, for what you say.!!!!!!

  53. Mueller is a low life that needs to be locked up for doing a personal,dishonest hit on the president in areas that have NOTHING to do with Russian collusion which is a farce from hell! Hillary and Obama’s main place of digging up trash that was just mere neutral facts of the past until they distorted it!! Mueller should be immediately removed and this WHOLE witch hunt should be brought to a screeching halt! Enuff is enuff!! Let the man do his job!! He beat the crap out of Hillary and her popular vote is illegals and dead people and multiple registries to vote!!! She ain’t no rookie by any means. A shining PRO at the criminal game!!!

  54. Hello President Trump, where are you? Time for you to end this Muelears Charade, he is trying to take you down. What happened to, “You’re Fired”, hit the bricks. Mr. President, you have the right to protect yourself from these backstabbers, give them their Walking Orders!

  55. Muller needs to have a special council investigate him and all of the lawyers that he has chosen . There needs to be a daily public report on all the corruption that they are involved with. Then the democratic party needs to come under an investigation for all of the corruption and leading this country down an immoral , humanistic way of life for the last forty years in our education , in our courts and in our relationship with God’s divine purpose for our lives and this country. This country was not founded to become an ungodly liberal socialistic nation .

  56. I believe Mr.Mueller needs to speak to his hiring of all (mostly) democratic lawyers, big contributors to the Clinton Foundation or to Hillary’s Pres. Campaign, to the Comey leaks, to the Hillary-Ukraine debacle, to the Russian oil deal that involved Chuck Shumer, to the Rice unmasking issues, to the Abedin terrorist connections, as they are all related to Russian collusion. Mr Mueller then needs to investigate the Clinton Foundation financial manipulations. Only then should he be delving into Trump’s financial dealings from years past. A Russian issue has derailed and smacks of Democratic party collusion, and a witch hunt to derail the Trump Presidence. Drain the swamp by requiring this investigation to be fully updated to the American public. No more secrets by the FBI, CIA. NSA, Recuse yourself Mr. MUELLER!!

  57. Mueller has corrupt baggage and is on a witch hunt on Trump. Look at his committee, it’s stacked! His committee and him need to go, not American!

  58. There is no way Mueller should be allowed to continue. The DOJ should fire him for mis conduct and crossing the red line over the top. This man is a biased and Trump hater. He should be ashamed of his conduct. Pleas relieve him or the silent majority voters will. Enough is enough.

  59. Does anyone else think it’s strange that the same people who want to dig into every facet of President Trumps life – sat idly by while Barry – whoever the hell he really is – sealed all of his records from the public? Their sudden concern is mystifying – and I don’t think it’s the American peoples best interest these folks have at heart. They are doing everything in their power to keep the focus off of the Clinton – Obama -corruption.

  60. I agree ! This witch hunt is out of control !! MAGA Trump !! You have a lot of support !!! No one is being fooled by the democrats anymore ! They are being just plain evil !

  61. Mueller is far more entwined in this than Sessions or any of Trump’s people. Whoever has the clout to pull the plug on this needs to do so and end this recusing themselves from matters that have been tampered with by Obama’s crew.. It is time to stop this fake Russia stuff

  62. we want go quietly, someone in the higher ups on the republican side, needs to step up and declare, ” this crap has gone on long enough”

  63. Mueller is far more entwined in this than Sessions or any of Trump’s people. Whoever has the clout to pull the plug on this needs to do so and end this recusing themselves from matters that have been tampered with by Obama’s crew.. It is time to stop this fake Russia stuff

  64. Former FBI Director James Comey has a long history of involvement in Department of Justice actions that arguably ended up favorable to the Clintons. In 2001, following the original 9/11 mass murder by the Muslim jihadists, President Bush asked the FBI to track the movements of likely Muslim jihadists; Comey and Mueller refused that request on the basis that such tracking would be “un-American”. The jihadist mass murders of Americans in Boston, Chattanooga, Orlando, and San Bernardino are therefore the direct result of that refusal. In 2004 Comey, then serving as a deputy attorney general in the Justice Department, apparently limited the scope of the criminal investigation of Sandy Berger, which left out former Clinton administration officials who may have coordinated with Berger in his removal and destruction of classified records from the National Archives. The documents were relevant to the accusations that the Clinton administration was negligent in the build-up to the 9/11 terrorist attack. Back a year or two ago, FBI director Comey announced that despite the evidence of “extreme negligence” by Hillary Clinton and her top aides regarding the handling of classified information through her unprotected private email server, the FBI would not refer criminal charges to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department since it was just a case of negligence. Imagine a similar finding of the Nuremberg trials of the Nazi criminals: “Well – yes, Goebbels did order that 6 million Jews be exterminated – but he really did not mean it, so let him go free with an appropriate government pension”. And now those two criminals – Comey and Mueller – are “investigating” Russian influence in the Trump victory???

  65. Mueller needs to go.. I do NOT trust him.. everyone he is appointing to his council are anti-Trump people.. he has hired NO ONE who is a republican and would be pro-Trump… the council is put together to try and take down our president… THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE AND HE NEEDS TO GO!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH… STOP THE WITCH HUNT!!!

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