Robert Mueller is in big trouble because CNN told one giant lie

Robert Mueller treated CNN like the press team of his rigged witch hunt.

The two worked hand-in-glove to wage information warfare against the President of the United States.

But now Robert Mueller is in trouble because CNN told one giant lie.

CNN claimed one of the reporters followed his “gut instinct” and staked out Roger Stone’s home just before Mueller ordered a strike force of FBI agents consisting of ground, air, and water assault teams to take the 66 year-old political operative in to custody.

Critics immediately pointed out the only way CNN could have known about Stone’s arrest was if Mueller’s team leaked the information to them.

CNN protested that such talk was a “conspiracy theory.”

But Stone explained to Breitbart radio why it was a fact.

Breitbart reports:

Stone said, “[FBI agents] walked me out in the middle of the street to make sure the CNN camera could get great footage of the whole thing. The street was sealed off, so how CNN had a camera right outside the door; that’s very hard to understand, because nobody else was allowed on the street.”

CNN denied being tipped off by sources within Robert Mueller’s team or the broader FBI, crediting “reporter’s instinct” with its decision to have a camera crew on-site during the pre-dawn raid of Stone’s home…

…Stone went on, “So this was meant to do two things. One, to taint the jury pool, to paint a picture for the American people that I’m some sort of criminal, even though I’m charged with non-violent process crimes, and also to send a message to others.”

CNN’s explanation they just did solid reporting does not hold up.

Not after CNN published fake news stories like Donald Trump, Jr. getting advanced knowledge of WikiLeaks emails or that James Comey would dispute Donald Trump’s claim that Comey told Trump he was not under investigation.

These stories got onto CNN programming because they were directly fed to the network by sources within the Deep State.

And now the stakes have never been higher.

Mueller is close to wrapping up his probe, but he has found no evidence of Russian collusion.

Roger Stone is his last chance to “flip” a defendant into fabricating testimony against the President.

The “shock and awe” of the Stone raid was seen by many as Mueller’s opening bid to intimidate Stone into cooperating.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Do you mean the ones who invented the KKK ?
    How can we do that when the number of idiots is outnumbering the ones who can think for themselves.
    We must start with the educational system.
    Send all the liberal teachers to teach in Venezuela and hire these teachers who can teach our kids that there is no such a thing as free education or free healthcare. Today they are thought how evil is to be reach and how is their right to take from those who have.
    Sorry for the digression.
    You are right,
    No democrat should be ever elected in the office

  2. I watch CNN to be entertained.
    It is funny to see them drooling like dogs in trying to convince other idiots how bad is Mr. Trump
    Way to go CNN, please don’t stop for a second. Because of your heart breaking work Mr Trump will be elected second term and your station and all those idiots who work for it will fade out and they will be despised forever.


  4. If you go Google what Obama did while President, about all these prisons that were set up in several states across this country, it makes you wonder. There were high fences with Bob wire set up with tents, placed in several states. I do believe they were meant for us Republicans. Also you can YouTube it, there were caskets that would fit up to six people at a time stored on government property, and millions of body bags ordered, along with 300 gullentines. It’s scary to say the least. They had something bad planned. And Im really astonished that it’s been sweap under the rug.

  5. This is the dirty dog of CNN, and he’s the one that tells the idiots to lie day in and day out. In November 2012, Zucker was picked to take over as the president of CNN Worldwide in January 2013 after Jim Walton’s tenure. Zucker oversees CNN, CNN International, HLN, and CNN Digital.

  6. He use to fly to that private island with Bill Clinton. This is where all the young girls are disappearing too, for the pedifiles such as him and Bill. They both would go in a private jet and leave behind their security. Our children are being kidnapped in this country for these sick distorted Sobs! This is why they allow them to come here and kidnap them, and do not want walls to keep the drug cartels out, human trafficking has Mueller and Clinton’s stinch all over it!

  7. Hillary Rotten Clinton owns Mueller. He does what she says. The top FBI are part of the CLINTON CARTEL. MUELLERS WIFE IS THE DAMN CLINTON’S ATTORNEY! HOW DAMN IRONIC!

  8. An attorney with a client who has unlimited taxpayers money is in hog heaven. Mueller would quit if he had an honorable way to do so.

  9. Amen, Your totally Right and I hope the American People Know this cause the Democrats are coming after us, And I can bet it wont be legal. But it would take a life time to prove it ! Such Jackasses

  10. If the Demonrats win next election, we can kiss our country good bye. They will rule with tyranny, just like they have done to Trump, and Kavanauh. If they do this to a incoming President, and a Judge, just think what they will do to us! They are now trying to abolish Christianity, and in Arizona sentence you to prison if you do not make gay art, are things like cakes, witch is against our Religion. They want to shove their sick beliefs down our throats!

  11. I’ve had doubts about Chri Wray since the beginning (my gut tells me that he’s part of the swamp); this raid and many other of his actions have done nothing to help remove that doubt. When will we see real honest justice?

  12. Correct. And Mulehead is there to try to bury all of it. But it isn’t working on those who can think. Time to end the farce and start going after the real criminal actors 0bama, Clinton, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, etc…..

  13. I’ll try again…. Clean sweep is needed in all ASPECT’S of GOVERNMENT!!!Lets see if this comment gets posted????

  14. It’s how the Democrats have been working for many years while other’s looked the way!!! CLEAN SWEEP I

  15. Sad history, isn’t it? It is also served a terrible reminder what our government can do to you at the snap of the fingers. Scary, isn’t it?

    Stone is right on the spot when he called this raid “Gestapo” style. I think the Court need to question the reason of this raid. The Court need to protect the average American citizen. This is definitely an abuse of power.

    Christopher Wray is responsible. End of story.

  16. Listen up jerk……I do know all about the FRAUDULENT voting that went on in the 2018 election!!! Ya think it will STOP?!?!?


  18. No, what is acting like scared conspirathists is the belief concerning Trump Russia collusion. The left has been led by their leaders to believe a total fabrication used as a deflection for all the corruption in Obama admin, FBI and DOJ to clear Hillary of any crimes and frame Trump. YOU sir are the one who has fallen prey to BS.

  19. Wow Jack … you just proudly touted your high level of ignorance. Go read the history records of WWII including watching the films the dumb a_ _ NAZI’s made of themselves and their own atrocities. They’re out there in numerous countries, including mine, the U.S.A. Definitely not in your country, the F.S.A. (Fascist States of America)

  20. Ha ha ha ha… I tell you. People who believe rag news like this have got to be the stupidest humans on the planet. they are funny too. I love to hear Right wingers crying about “fake news” and the “deep state”. These are just fairy tales that their leaders tell them to keep them scared like little children because they don’t know any better. They keep them scared so that they can be easily lead. That’s why it’s always the most uneducated persons who fall into this trap. As many lies Donald Trump tells these stupid folks still believe him. I used to wish they’d wake up, but now I hope they just stay asleep so I can laugh.

  21. These are the tactics of tyrants. Our FBI has become the “American SS”. Christians, Jews and believers beware. The use these tactics to intimidate, they pass laws that let them murder our newborns. Next step//…..Intimidate a woman to murder her baby because she is on welfare or public assistance. Sound familiar?…of course not…you haven’t been taught about the Nazi Holocaust in school so you don’t know. The ignorant voter is the cannon fodder for the tyrant.
    First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.

  22. The one last chance for lurch to get someone to flip,and stone won’t lie..good luck to lurch and the corrupt leaders of the fbi.lurch should be fired by TRUMP the minute after he says mr TRUMP is innocent of any wrong doing!

  23. Mueller is a Democrat lackey that should be himself in prison. He has run over any oppositions civil rights much like the Gestapo did to the Germans at the beginning of the second world war. any friend or relation to our President is in his cross hairs. I can’t believe that Americans have put up with him this far.

  24. That camera man was once an assistant to James Comey. He then went to work with CNN. Does that tell you how CNN knew to be there? Leaks from the Mueller investigation team, probably Comey. When will people wake up to this FRAUDULENT investigation?

  25. Yes and where was Christopher Wray the FBI director?? He had to approve his men performing this horrendous sting operation…Only he could have approved using his
    department in this fashion…Although appointed by President Trump is he also part of the Deep State? How many traitors do we have in the goverment

  26. Since when does America condone the Gestapo tactics used by the Mueller Investigation to arrest an American citizen? Mr. Stone’s rights were, as a citizen of USA, denied! and yet, and yet, nothing is done to Mr. Mueller?!!! This is not Nazi Germany, so why the silence and acceptance of this enormous farce ? And the taxpayers continue to support this behavior by an unelected official yet?!!!!!!

  27. The people involved in this media scam need to be arrested for what ever crimes can be brought to bare. Mueller himself needs to be brought before the ethics board of the Bar association and possibly before the governing body itself for revolking his license for all this BS he has been doing which amounts to attempting to usurp the power and office of the President. This also constitutes TREASON and we the people demand this man face those charges and reveal others who accompanied him on his travel through themuck. Thank you.

  28. Everyone and their mother knows this is all BS. but ain’t jack s#@$ we can do about it.
    The stench of corruption is heavy. The government FBI and all politicians are dirty.

  29. Everybody just leave Betty alone. She’s either a paid Soros stooge or just an idiot. If no one replies to the idiot and ignores her she loses any impact the fool has.

  30. And the treasonous other party. I had the unfortunate history of having a mother who was in and out of mental hospitals. I also have the life time experiencing of hiring and occasionally firing some. I interacted with thousands of customers. The leaders of the other party tells me that my mother was thousands more mentally stable.

  31. Betty, we know you detest Trump, but I have a reasonable question: “How can you support the Democrat Party when they are allowing MILLIONS of aliens to DEPRESS the wages of working Americans who have supported that Party For 200 years?”

    Betty they are stabbing you in the back. How can you stay with them?

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  32. Bulls##T! Why didn’t Fox magically show up there also? This was a set up.Goebbels News Network was there to make sure it made the news.

  33. When CNN first went on the air I thought they went into their agenda riding the middle of the road. Of course it was not long until you could spot changes and bringing in some radical reporters. I have not watched them lately but I read reviews that sometimes characterize them as a joke.

  34. The Gestapo arises once again. The new Nazi party alive and well in America. How much longer before they pound on the door of all conservatives. Next is the red elephant patch on all of your clothes to identify who you are. Scary to see that the Goebbels News Network just happened to be there. This is troublesome folks.

  35. There will be proof, shortly. Grahm has demanded answers from the from Muellers team as to how CNN knew in advance.

  36. What speculation?? Wasn’t CNN at Stones front door?? Did the police have the road blocked off? Then how the H E L L did CNN get to be the ONLY media there and into the roped off area?? Your a complete idiot!!

  37. What the H E L L is wrong with you!! Did you ignore the post before yours? You idiots want unfair justice. What about Hillary, Comey, Bernnan, Holder, etc be arrested for lying to congress??? Have you demanded that they also answer to their crimes?? No? Why not??

  38. So will this conclude the one sided investigation, all for Dems, and finally have our govt back and fairness in govt? When will this grossly unfair two tier justice sysyemm cease. Will Hillary and Comey and Brennan and Holder be accused of lying to Congress? When?? Yes will justice finally be rectified and fairness to all occur???

  39. What’s the normal cost to send an officer out to bring someone in? Someone who has no criminal history, no valid passport, owns no gun and is almost 70 years old. Someone who would have come in voluntarily if call and told to show up at his hearing.
    This should scare the pants off every person in this country, democrats, liberals, republicans, non voters and even illegals. This is The United States of America and we don’t treat our citizens like this. Period!

  40. the mueller investigation is like star trek , it goes where no one has gone before ,there are no guide lines and he does what ever he wants , arresting people for things he has no business investigating , the only thing he is suppose to be looking for is collusion , but he’s going after tax cheats, liars, and international deals ,i bet if the fbi raided his house right now ,m they would find enough to take him out back and hang him on the spot , with his long history with hillary and oboma

  41. What some doctors in white suits need to do this to CRAZY donald. A Padded Cell With Rubber Walls & the latest fashion in Straight Jackets.

  42. Everyone knows this President is trying to keep a campaign promise that the amercian people voted for. The democrates are going against the will of the people and I think we all know. Elections have consequences. Can’t wait for 2020

  43. The FBI closed off the street to Stone’s house and even if CNN had an idea that this was going to happened, they wouldn’t have access to Stone’s house; the only plausible possibility was the Mueller and the FBI invited CNN to film the arrest and while there was nothing wrong with the invitation.. as it’s the lie which Mueller, the FBI and CNN told afterwards.

  44. The fact that investigation, news articles, and political agenda has been a liberal con job for over 3 years…will 67 million VOTERS really believe any investigation that has been hiding facts and using accusation, allegations, assertions, innuendo, lies, unnamed sources, unproven evidence, and no corroborating testimony, fabricated news stories, threats, demonstrations, violence and perjury to gain every possible advantage to create controversy for DJT. and his agenda of fulfilling promises as our president.
    As a VOTER I am completely skeptical of all investigation so far.

  45. Mueller needs to be investigated, convicted and imprisoned. Time he paid the price he “accuses” other people of committing. Time to deep six the Deep State.

  46. Have Democrats voted for a border barrier? Obama era Congress voted for 700 miles of wall. Is there a whole lot of politics in government? Did Donald Trump make a campaign promise to build a wall? Has DJT tried to keep his promises?
    It is the voters choice to back a president that is trying to fulfill promises or support politicians that play games with USA border security. I believe a president trying to do something…IS BETTER THAN A CONGRESS TRYING TO DO NOTHING ON THIS ISSUE FOR 2 DECADES!!!

    I support action over the attitude that every possible action must be thought completely through before acting. The MAKE IT PERFECT RESOLUTION has never proven to be perfect. But not acting at all is a loss of opportunity to find things about the actions that need to be addressed early in the process to get things done appropriately and adequately. So the longer CONGRESS investigates ways to get things done…THE LONGER THE USA ACTUALLY WASTES TIME NOT GETTING THINGS DONE!!! So a president willing to take the shots from all sides to actually get things accomplished GETS MY ADMIRATION AND VOTE.


  47. “shock and awe” of the Stone raid hit American audience pretty hard. 29 heavily armed FBI Agents two helos, two gun boats several armored vehicles. Wow all for a 70 year old man with no criminal record.

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