Robert Mueller is to about secure a guilty plea that could bring down Donald Trump

Robert Mueller is desperate.

The special counsel needs to put points on the board.

And now he’s about to secure the guilty plea that could bring down Donald Trump.

The Washington Post reported that Mueller’s team was in plea negotiations with investigative journalist Jerome Corsi.

Mueller believes Corsi received inside information about the contents of emails stolen from the Democrats that WIkiLeaks released during the campaign.

The Washington Post reports:

It is not clear what information Corsi could leverage to get a deal with prosecutors. However, he told the Daily Caller last week that prosecutors are focused on whether he had developed a source with inside information about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s plans.

Corsi said he did not have a direct source to the group. Instead, he said he developed a theory that Assange had access to hacked emails belonging to Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and that WikiLeaks would release them in October 2016.

He told the Daily Caller that he shared his prediction with many people, including Stone.

If Mueller could prove that Corsi learned about Podesta’s emails from Assange or another person in contact with him, he could try to link WikiLeaks’ releases to Stone or others in Trump’s world.

Corsi repeatedly denied having any inside information about WikiLeaks plans.

He says he pieced together his theory they had John Podesta’s emails from publically available information.

But critics suspect Mueller has another motive.

Corsi published a book claiming Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

Mueller served Obama as his puppet FBI Director.

Many Americans wonder if Mueller wants to jail Corsi as payback for pushing the conspiracy theory Obama was ineligible to be President because he was born in Kenya.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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    When ‘the ‘jd’ etal not on blog’ That Is 1 way for us
    to comm w/out interference & relay important messages. Wee hoo, haha lol.
    > listened to corsi 0ver 10 yrs, AGood Man, W/Need to Know
    INFO &&& RELAYED ‘theINFO’ To ALL (who listened). Period.
    i think, ‘betty’ may be aka diane. i really
    don’t know, bottom line. Butt,’she’ Canbe Helped. I can Read her ‘mind’.
    >Be ‘soft’ on ‘betty’. it’s ok. ]

  2. zee, They didn’t like this article. Corsi told Mueller to stuff it, he wasn’t going to sign the Mueller lie. And, yes Betty is special, e”special”ly dense and low IQ!

  3. zee, They just wait for their next order and blindly without thinking, FOLLOW their unpatriotic. un-American leaders into oblivion. I don’t get it!

  4. Betty, i will say one thing. IF the ivanka e-mail situation
    IS Correct – Well Then, ‘ivanka’ Should Absolutely Know
    Better than to Do Such. Especially AFTER 2yrs + !!! One ‘thang’
    that ‘frosted’ me re ivanka 2 yrs Ago, IS That SHE FORGOT to Register
    To Vote FOR HER 0WN FATHER For PRES. Nominee. WOW.
    > Sooo, Betty(R U Diane? if so -whatever, & i don’t really care
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  5. Yeah M. “lowly rank” & marching. “eaten alive” etc
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  7. Dan, wonder why? Ignorance/Denial/Stupidity/
    Un-educated/ & EVILE PPL (brainwashing the
    citizenry). & ppl ‘following’& doing ‘dirty work’
    For the Evile 0nes. (like on this site)

  8. Just remember, anyone can terminate an interview/interrogation by simply declining to answer questions. Unless of course they are in the hands on former Lt. John Burge of the CPD.

  9. Guess i’ll Have to get around to send
    this 59 sec audio/visual to Mueller &
    Refresh his ‘blanked 0ut’ memory.
    > this is the True person in his words the dem party/libs stood behind for 8 years and Mueller’blanked 0ut memory’ that Is supposed to be a brilliant
    ‘special counsel’. Duh. ___

  10. Now, how could Trump, be pursued, & “Hillary” let go free? ? ? ?? Does that make sense to “anyone”? ? ? ? Mueller, is a bonafide liar, & American traitor, as is his “followers”! Trump, still cleaning our the CIA, FBI, & who knows who else? There is so much corruption in our GBMNT, will we “ever” clean it up?

  11. This article is old news. Corsi has stated on ONe American News today that he is not signing a plea deal, that he is filing a complaint with the new AG Whittaker about the gestappo like 40 hour interrogation he has had to endure. He has given the press the document the FBI told him he could not show anybody. GOD BLESS CORSI!! He is the only one who has stood up to the POS Mueller and his witch hunt.

  12. If you watch OANN today, there is an interview with Corsi wherein he says he told Mueller FBI interrogators to go to hell, he is not signing their plea deal and is releasing a book on how he has become a victim of the Mueller witch hunt.

  13. Everyone in the Democrat party knew he wasn’t born here on US soil. They lied to the American people so they could push, their communist agenda. When are the democrats going to stop lying to the American public. They have not done one good thing for this country in over forty years. They talk a good game , then don’t do what they say they are going to do. The public knows but are either to stupid or uneducated one or the other. Only the conservatives do and say what they tell, the people they are going to do. I’m not talking about the Rino’s in the Republican party, they lied like the Democrats, now most of them are gone. Good riddance is what I say. The Republican party is cleaning its organization up but the Democrats are a sleazy as they have always have been.

  14. The DNC was not “hacked”. Seth Rich sent the files to wikileaks. Seth Rich was murdered. Corsi had absolutely nothing to do with Trumps campaign, other than cheerleading, hoping he would win.

  15. Hope you are right, randy!! Because if he implemented the removal of the president, he better have EYES in the back of his head!!

  16. YEP, of course, it was hillary who put it out there FIRST on the campaign trail in 2008….AND then that FRAUD ohomo made her Secretary of State, just shows HOW these CRIMINALS all STICK TOGETHER…..!!!!!!!

  17. To Micala Molnar Regardless of his actual birth record he should be tried in court for fraud. When he was going to college he applied for aid as a foreign student. Then later he claimed to be a natural born citizen. One of those statements was wrong. He either lied on a government form to obtain money or he lied on a government form to run for President. Both carry fines and or prison time. Our big problem is this…if it is proven (in a court of law) that he was not a natural born citizen then everything he did as a fraudlent President must be removed and that is a can of worms no country can overcome. Thus we are screwed either way and the bast*** knows it.

  18. NICE dream, too BAD we probably will NEVER see REAL JUSTICE here, like seeing that “SATAN goddess” go to PRISON where she REALLY belongs, along WITH THAT “mueller” CREATURE and ohomo besides ALL of the OTHERS that are in CAHOOTS with THEM…..!!!!

  19. You are so RIGHT on this one…This CREATURE is being PROTECTED like the Gold at Ft. Knox and the REASON for that is because the so-called democRAT party members KNOW that he IS/WAS a total FRAUD….He went to College here as a FOREIGN student, had the US TAX payers PAY for his “higher education” and then had the AUDACITY to not just have these so-called democRATS “place” him in the White House but had him get RICH off of ALL of US, U.S. TAX payers…..!!!! It was all FRAUD and they PROTECT him in order to PROTECT themselves, as well as hillary for her email server LAW VIOLATION, among other CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES she has committed for DECADES…….!!!! AND here we have “mueller” of all people CHASING a MADE-UP/FRAUDULENT story about our DULY ELECTED and U.S. CITIZEN PRESIDENT….It’s an OUTRAGE….!!!!!

  20. Betty, You are such a mentally disturbed lowly rank and file liberal, marching to the orders given to you by liberals who have higher rank than you have. You are all such a pathetic group of brainless peons, eaten alive by hate and anger. Such a stooge unworthy of another minute of anyone’s time!

  21. John Goudge, What about them? BHO has a lot more that should be disclosed before DJT does any revelations, you know like BHO’s sealed school records and so much more. You liberals conveniently have selective memory about the “Giant Hall of Democrat Skeltons In the Closet” don’t you, you double standard liberal creep. Get lost!

  22. I agree with you!! He said he was born in Kenya himself in a video from an event that he spoke at. He is definitely a fraud…owes the American people an apology plus jail time forever!

  23. Too bad we can’t change the past,but we can make sure it never happens again!I’m in entire agreement with you.

  24. I read abt BHO in 2007 (before he threw his hat in the ring) in a prestigious magazine. It was an article about the Black Senator WHO WAS BORN IN A VILLAGE IN MOMBASSO KENYA that may run for the U.S. Presidency! In the article, all the Village Elders were so excited because “one of their own” might be President of the U.S.! There were interviews of the Chief Elder, BHO’S paternal grandmother, and the midwife who delivered him.
    It was not planned to have him born there but his mother who was almost term in her pregnancy wasn’t allowed back on the airplane to fly back to the U.S., so she had to have him in the Village. She was in Mombasso visiting BHO’S father’s relatives when she started labor.

    ALL OF THIS INFO IS OUT THERE ON THE WEB — AND IN MY MIND. It stuck out to me in 2007 because being a teacher, I knew the requirements to run for our U.S. Presidency. Anyone running HAS TO BE A NATURAL CITIZEN, BEING BORN “IN THE U.S.” MOMBASSO WAS NOT IN THE U.S., SO HOW COULD BHO BE ELIGIBLE TO RUN? HE COULDN’T. RED FLAG WENT UP!

    Then the Birther Conspiracies surfaced, only they were not lies but truths that the “LYING DEMOCRATS” KEPT TRYING TO HIDE. And the Birth Certificate surfaced from Honolulu HI — a total lie created by his own Maternal Grandmother who worked in the State Census Dept of Hawaii. She had someone take a dead man’s birth certificate who was born on the same date as bho and change it with BHO’S information. But anyone with PhotoShop knowledge could see where the changes were made because if you don’t do it correctly, there are noticeable markings in that area that show someone has changed info. I knew PhotoShop and as soon as I examined that birth certificate, I could see all the areas that were changed – all his personal info had replaced that man’s info who was born on the same day bho was born. It was a forgery and several Software Experts also claimed it as a forgery…but $$ CAN BUY anything and all of a sudden, there was no more discussion abt his fake birth cert. Everything went silent abt this man who had been proven ineligible to even run for our Presidency and he stomped right over our U.S. Constitution and LIED HIS WAY INTO OUR WHITE HOUSE!


  25. There are millions upon millions of American Patriots and Veterans that are waiting to defend America from the liberal communists.

  26. I heard that an open season on liberal commies is to be announced. NO BAG LIMITS, and a twenty-five cent per ear bounty to help rid America of the vermin called liberals infesting our country. Can’t wait.

  27. Are you just that stupid or are you a willing participant in the destruction of America by liberal communists? PRESIDENT TRUMP IS DOING EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS ELECTED TO DO. The Kenyan communist interloper and his regime were the most anti-American proMuslim, corrupt and unethical, CRIMINAL Communist that ever darkened our country. LIBERALS ARE COMMUNISTS AND TERRORISTS AND ARE NOT AMERICANS. ALL should be eradicated from America. The Democratic Party is now the new Amerikan Communist Party, and you are a card carrying member. Pathetic lying commie creatures should be hunted down like the vermin you are.

  28. Liberals ARE full of Trump hate. But let’s be truthful, they also are HUGE LIARS!! Many people have done the research and “BHO WAS BORN IN MOMBASSO KENYA”. That’s NO LIE! There is NO Birther Conspiracy. THAT IS THE GOD’S TRUTH and anyone can verify that by researching BHO’S birth mother and father. NO BIRTHER CONSPIRACY PERIOD. That’s a concept dreamt up by Democrats (AND SOROS) to cover his background that made him ineligible to be President. MONEY CAN BUY ANYTHING, INCLUDING A U.S. PRESIDENCY! HE’S A FRAUD AND A LIAR AND NEEDS TO SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES OF HIS DECEPTION! END OF STORY!!

  29. Read the article. Corsi has nothing to do with Trump and will not bring down Trump over this. What is wrong for knowing information ahead of time, if he actually did know? Mueller is desperate to get Trump.

  30. its Corsi not President Trump you people read to much into everything Trump did not order anyone to do what they did if any of that is true about Corsi

  31. I would like to see an accounting of every penny of the 20 million he has spent so far, whose pockets got filled including his own. And make public every one of his team’s political bias. How many more Strzoks and Pages will be exposed.

  32. I’m telling you all, Right now, Trump has all the power. If he were politically shrewder then he actually is he could bury the Democrats once and for all.

    I would wait if I were him until after the Mississippi Senate election. then is soon as you have that 54th senator in the bag, I would address the nation and while I was addressing the nation, I would be signing full, complete, absolute pardons for Paul Manafort, that general, and the Greek guy Papadopoulos or whatever his name was. I would explain to the American people while I was doing it. I would tell them the Robert Mueller was charged with finding Russian collusion. And that since he did not charge any of these individuals with Russian collusion, I was granting them a full, complete and absolute pardon from anything else they were charged with and I was expunging their records. That way they would never even have to write that they were convicted of a felony.

    This would absolutely infuriates the flaming left wing liberals they would take to the streets immediately. They would absolutely demand that on the first day the Democrats took over that they had an impeachment vote. And, if the Democrats did not do it their base would be deflated and depressed. This would tear the Democratic Party apart. Because you would have the Nancy Pelosi types who are smart enough to know that the impeachment could not prevail in the Senate, and the new blue blood liberals like this Alexandria OCasio Cortez or whatever her name is who would be demanding impeachment immediately. Her and Maxine Waters and all the rest of them. It would have the democratic party at each other‘s throats. Then, even if Nancy Pelosi gave in, and aloud bills of impeachment to come to the floor and be voted on, they would never pass in the Senate. And the American people are funny about that kind of thing. If the president is found guilty, he’s guilty if he’s found not guilty by the Senate he’s innocent as far as they’re concerned.

  33. Ivanka Trump did the exact same thing as Classy Hilary Clinton in using a private email server for political emails yet God Forbid, That White House WORTHLESS WORM, like the Two Faced Phony he is, would criticize his “little princess”

  34. JKHanover
    I think devil’s island should be re-opened, with all of it’s comforts for mueller and all his cronies (democrat politicians)

  35. Why, he is fully vested in the Federal Retirement System is 74 and would get plenty of job offers as a corporate director, at a think tank or law school. Continuing in this job is almost certainly a pay cut.

  36. Pure speculation. Remember all the guilty pleas and Manafort’s conviction. Pretty sure, Mueller won’t indite unless he has a slam dump. His motives are irrelevant. Or as said, if this is a witch hunt, it found plenty of witches.

  37. Perfect analysis of what should be happening- it is evident that as this so called investigation continues the more we are seeing the real guilty people come to light. It is time to shut this crap down and prosecute the real law breakers – that uncludes mueller – you know the rest of them. SHUT THIS MONEY HOLE DOWN AND PROSECUTE THE REAL GUILTY PEOPLE FOR CRIMES AGAINST THE USA!!!!!

  38. Great read Rich. I am disappointed in what I consider our press, meaning the conservative and almost honest press having to use gotcha headlines. The articles have proven to me, to not need gotcha headlines. I love to read most of AT articles and the comments that follow. I find I agree with a large percentage of the commenters, trolls excluded.

  39. You are RIGHT, AND I even take it a little further than that, I say he should be INDICTED for WRONGFULLY going after INNOCENT people, who may have committed OTHER crimes, but were NOT involved in ANY of THIS…..So, he is NOT just WASTING MILLIONS of TAX PAYERS MONEY, he is NOT doing his job going after the RIGHT people on this, like hillary…..!!!!! Just shows with WHOM he REALLY is in bed with….!!!!!

  40. hillary used an UN-protected, private email server for OFFICIAL Government TOP SECRET Information, emailed Podesta/DNC through THAT/the SAME email SERVER and it was HACKED, so, how EASY was it then, from THERE to HACK into Podesta’s/DNC emails….It’s a NO-brainer…..AND the “witch” got AWAY with it all, at least so far….AND LOW IQ Mueller wants to INDICATE that the President had ANYTHING to do with ALL of THIS….yeah right….It was, STILL is and will ALWAYS be hillary’s OWN WRONG DOING HERE. Mueller should be INDICTED for WRONGFULLY going after people who were just on the Trump campaign team and had NOTHING to do with hillary’s CRIMINAL ACTS….The way SHE handled HERSELF as Secretary of State was CRIMINAL when it comes to HER UN-official, PRIVATE, UN-secured email SERVER, instead of having used the OFFICIAL, well-PROTECTED GOVERNMENT email SERVER which are being offered to Government OFFICIALS to be used for a REASON, but since hillary “thinks” she is sooooo SPECIAL, SHE “decided” otherwise, or wanted to PROTECT her ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES, like PAY for PLAY……..!!!! WHY is SHE “NOT in PRISON”…..????????

  41. The ILLEGAL was just that ILLEGAL!!! Anyone with half a brain and one eye could find out that for themselves if they so chose to. You can go back and forth about him being born here or there but the REAL reason he was not eligible is the fact his mother renounced her citizenship when she married the indonesian AND when he adopted little barry MADE HIM AN INDONESIAN CITIZEN!!! Americans at the time she married this indonesian were at risk, so he adopted barry and made him an INDONESIAN. How do you believe he got that foreign student visa????

  42. I fully agree and also I believe that Mueller is not wanting to lose his job and is slowly bring out characters to extend his finding.(i.e. meaning he will bring other characters forward to keep this going)

  43. You and I both dont see how this brings our great President down. It points out the gotcha headlines that I have come to hate. If Mueller is using our tax money for a payback of a totally unrelated story from many years ago. He should first pay back all the money his council spent then spend the rest of his life in prison. In my humble opinion.

  44. Mueller and his team have taken this much time to investigate PRESIDENT Trump. And all the dirt surrounding Clintons,Obama, Podesta, And cronies…essentially dusted under the rug. If this one sided justice system continues there will be an uprising the likes no one could predict. Mad as hell here.

  45. They hate President Trump because he is exposing every politician and showing the American people how bad they been screwing the people.

  46. I don’t understand what all of this has to do with the President and/or are they trying to blame President Trump for these LEAKS, yeah right….Also, since ohomo never presented a VALID US birth certificate and SEALED his RECORDS on DAY 1 of his so-called presidency, we all have to ASSUME that he was IN-eligible to occupy the White House, after all, the LAW states that one has to be a US-born-CITIZEN to be/become President….!!!! ohomo should have been IMPEACHED right away for SEALING his RECORDS…..WHAT “HONEST” individual would do THAT….????? He is/was a FRAUD, BIG time….!!!!

  47. I, as are all of you, sick to death of BHO and anything connected to him. He is a disgrace and a blot on America’s history. I don’t even want to hear his name in conjunction with the Mueller folly! Mueller, just hurry and wrap this charade up so we won’t have to hear these Dem lib criminals name quite as often. By the way, I will feel bad if Julian Assange goes to jail. He did nothing worse than our govt. or tech savvy kids do every day and Assange made public info the American people needed to know.
    I agree, this is a BS article, RR what?????

  48. We finally have an American President and they (progressives) want him gone. Very evil Dems . They can’t handle right & good.

  49. “In the beginning!” There was a void! Within that void there was a round rock. Upon that rock were a people called Russians! These Russians did terrible things to the Goddess of the rock whose name is Hillary. But to her rescue came an powerful avenger called Mueller. The great Mueller gathered all his mighty forces and attacked the leader of the underrepresented who was falsely accused of colluding with the Russians and they did battle. The battle is destined to last forever and to this day the powerful avenger is still being compensated for his thirst for revenge upon the great leader who doesn’t like Hillary very much. In anger the Goddess has now vowed to use her daughter, Princess Dullard to claim the throne that she sees as being justly hers.
    Upon gaining the throne Princess Dullard will finally allow the Avenger Mueller to retire on a beautiful island that rests in the Sea of the Unknown never to be heard from again.

  50. Two years and the salaries of 15 Democrat shysters and he STILL don’t have an answer to the ORIGINAL charge. Putting him away would be a blessing on this country.

  51. The responses here say it all: Lock THEM up! Begin with Soros The Puppet Master, and then work your way down: Obama, Clinton, Comey, Lynch, Holder, Mueller… probably lots more in the Deep State…

  52. The person going to prison will be Robert Mueller. He sold enriched uranium to Russia and was FBI director during 9/11. This cat needs prison now.

  53. “If Mueller could prove that Corsi learned about Podesta’s emails from Assange or another person in contact with him, he could try to link WikiLeaks’ releases to Stone or others in Trump’s world.” So how, even if this is true, can this link to the President?

    Corsi and most rational folk already knew Assange had access to “the witch’s” EMails as Assange is not an incompetent government tool and has to survive on his expertise.

    mueller and his Inquisitor’s are delusional and will have to fall back to their only evidence of wrongdoing; i.e., 47 empty bottles of Russian Salad Dressing ????

  54. Dan, I agree with you. Dumb story. And why should Mueller care what Corsi said about Obama’s birthplace? Anyway, wasn’t it Hillary who originally claimed Obama wasn’t born here?

  55. Robert Mueller is another Illegal entity of the deep state. Jeff sessions recused himself and Mueller was appointed by Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein did not have that authority!
    The Pres was the only one with that authority, so the appointment in itself is not legal or binding. So go suck eggs to all of you waiting for Trump to o down. Aint gonna happen.!

  56. Mueller and the entire obama gang of street thugs turned politicians or law enforcement higher ups all need to be in prison. I’m curious to know what Mueller is hiding abut himself with all of this smoke screen. The proof in the smoke screen is he is not going after the higher level friends of his who are guilty; Clinton, Comey, Lynch, Holder and obama.

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