Robert Mueller just gave Donald Trump some very bad news

Robert Mueller’s witch hunt against President Trump just shot to the next level.

He’s made a major move against Trump.

And it involves some very bad news.

The first indictment has been handed down and that the individual facing charges could be brought into custody as soon as Monday.

CNN reports:

“A federal grand jury in Washington on Friday approved the first charges in the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to sources briefed on the matter.

The charges are still sealed under orders from a federal judge. Plans were prepared Friday for anyone charged to be taken into custody as soon as Monday, the sources said. It is unclear what the charges are.

A spokesman for the special counsel’s office declined to comment. The White House also had no comment, a senior administration official said Saturday morning.

Mueller was appointed in May to lead the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

Under the regulations governing special counsel investigations, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who has oversight over the Russia investigation, would have been made aware of any charges before they were taken before the grand jury for approval, according to people familiar with the matter.”

No one knows who is charged or what they are charged with.

Mueller has been investigating figures such as former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn for possible crimes that have nothing to do with the campaign or alleged Russian collusion.

The special counsel could be bringing these charges in an effort to force them to flip on Trump and spill the beans on anyone on the campaign who colluded with Russia.

But that may not work since everyone involved has denied colluding with Russia and no evidence exists to substantiate that conspiracy theory.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.


  1. Trey !! So many people spell his name wrong I had to check and see if I was wrong I am not wrong Trey Gowdy not Tray.

  2. That is absolutely not true that Comey collaborated with anybody on the Trump investigation as these things are all set in which who is to do what!!

  3. Representative Gohmert ripped FBI Director Mueller for ignoring that Boston mosque in the testimony regarding the investigation into the Boston Marathon bombings. Gohmert shredded FBI chief’s answers; Mueller’s only defense in not looking at that particular mosque was that all the mosques are part of their “Outreach”program to Muslims here in America and therefore not included in anti-terrorist investigations!!! Now that is the real case of PROFILING that excludes the jihadists! And that is how the two Boston jihadist brothers “escaped” the NSA and FBI attention. Mueller also did not know who is in overall charge of anti-terrorist programs at his own FBI. Note: since then there were more jihadist mass murders perpetrated in Orlando, Chattanooga, San Bernardino…

  4. NO! They would rather beat the drum of how horrible our President is! I pray to our dear Lord in Heaven, that President Donald J. Trump starts a new party in 2020! ( If the Lord hasn’t come) I will be the first on board. This President has had to fight the Demonrats and the Repukes at every turn. There’s no draining the swamp! It’s too imbedded with corruption. It’s a cancer. It has cells that will pop up just when you think we’re clean. Not a single person in the left over regime can be trusted. And Sessions, Mueller should never have been in the position they are in, in the first place. But I believe God had his hand on Donald Trump, and He is in control of ALL that happens, whether we like it or not. I just have to ask for patience and forgiveness, because it’s hard with what you see happening in Washington. I do believe if the Lord tarries, there will be monumental things happening. I just wish I knew if they were good or bad. No one knows at this point. But HE does.

  5. I so agree. Another poster said they started having doubts about Sessions when he recused himself from anything involving Russia. That should have been the red light for our man to say “hit the road Jack” and btw “never come back”

  6. I agree I’m from Alabama and I thought Sessions could get the ball rolling but I was wrong he needs to get the pink slip I believe he’s part of the swamp because he’s been in Washington to long and has a lot of friends democrat and Republicans and he don’t want to rock the boat!!! I turned against him when he backed off of the Russian deal such a chicken $hit!!

  7. I agree that President Trump should get charges made on Clinton & anyone involved with this made-up dossier. Also Mueller and the people with him should be disbanded. They have not found collution against the President but they have found that whole thing was planned by Clinton when she actually had done what she had accused Trump of. So investigate what you found, Mueller or you have no purpose. This committee is done. No more with hunting unless it is Hillary!

  8. The headline is misleading. It makes it sound as though they closing in on Trump and Russian collusion. But the crime that they have allegedly found has nothing todo with Trump and Russian collusion. The only signs of Russian collusion that we have seen so far are with Hillary and the democrats.

  9. Mueller brought squat doodle to Trump, he brought a win to Trump and had an empty basket. Right now he is shooting blanks and shooting himself and the Ult Left in the eye. Ye ole Popaduffus never was on the Trump team, never was anything,

    A false investigation based on a false dossier’, that Buzzfeed reported and admitted they couldn’t validate anything, others at the time refused to publish it saying they couldn’t validate it, written by a used up spy who the PM of the UK has made it clear hasn’t worked for them for years, but he was paid by OH just on and on. Ridiculous.

    The Left is falling down and won’t ever get up.

  10. Bruiser2424: You are so correct on this, but I’m not holding by breath! The Republicans are so lax about doing anything! Except for a few like Tray Gowdy, they are asleep at the wheel! Some of them really need to retire, like McConnel, Ryan, Graham, McCain and a lot of others. They are not working with our President, they work against him.

  11. Chet: I like the way you think! I hope you are correct on this, would love to see some of the O’bama Administration go to prison for the evil things they have done to our Country! I hope and pray they go after O’Bama, I’m so sick of him! I couldn’t wait for the 8 years to pass, so we would be rid of him, and he’s still around sticking his nose in everything. I want to see him go to prison so bad!

  12. Loretta: You are so correct, he should not be investigating anyone, he is guilty. Shaun Hannity really told him off, and said he should be fired. Shaun called for his resignation the other night on his show. Laura Ingram is starting tonight on Fox, can’t wait to hear her input!

  13. Tony: I don’t thing we the tax payers should have to pay for this witch hunt, I think the ones that are requesting this should have to pay for it, because they are coming up with nothing about our President! He has done nothing wrong! Go after the guilty ones, the Democratic party!

  14. I’m so happy that you saw the light. Read the book, “The Big Lie”, it will really open your eyes, BIG TIME! I think there are a lot of good Democrats, that just don’t read or study what is going on. If they did, they would change their mind about what is going on in our Country!

  15. Robert Mueller should be the one being indicted. He is corrupt and Hillary pulls his strings with her blackmail. She has dirt on most politicians which is why she never pays for her crimes. She wouldn’t go down alone she would take the corrupt politicians with her and there would only be a small number still standing. When she was first lady she had the FBI find all the dirt on everyone they could. Mueller was one, she used him to meet with a Russian agent on the tarmac with a sample of uranium.He is in knee deep. Another retired General has filed Treason charges against him but it will be killed before it gets anywhere near the right Justice dept.


  17. Mueller is trying to shift attention from his own crimes committed on behalf of the Obama administration and SOS Hillary. Mueller was head of the FBI when the uranium sale to Russia in exchange for a $145 million donation to the Clinton Foundation was approved. Now his attempt to pin the blame on Manafort is nothing more than an effort to get to his intended target, President Trump. He expects Manafort and Gates to flip and have the witch hunt lead him to Trump. Careful what you wish for Mueller. The truth will come out and backfire against you.

  18. I hope they find something on Mueller and his cohorts that will get them locked up instead! It is so obvious what they are up to that it makes me sick.

  19. Mueller has been under extreme pressure to step down now by Republicans! He is spending millions with no proof or evidence found. Is it any wonder he would now fabricate evidence and charges to protect his ass? Push has come to shove, and I would love to see him pushed into the path of an oncoming truck or subway!

  20. mueller and his henchmen need to stop wasting tax payer $ on this travesty. they should have the people involved with the russia like obumer, clintons, the rest of those who are knee deep in this mess they’ve made. mueller and his lawyers, comey should’ve been arrested for obstruction. their not interested in the truth at least the real truth.

  21. I agree with all you say, but IMO I think our wonderful Prez has made one mistake. He has given Sessions toooo much time to accomplish NOTHING!!! If that little pimple doesn’t get off of his skinny a$$ and do something ASAP, I would show him the door! Much of what you’all are talking about can’t go anywhere without the AG….so where is he????????

  22. Any legal indictments will be issued to the democrats! They are the corrupt party whose criminal activity goes so deep we may never find it all. If Mueller tries to indict any one other than the democrats who broke the law, he needs to share a cell with them!

  23. I believe they are all sleeping together most democrats and some RINOS they all have been in Washington so long and they know dirt on each other and they stick together 90% of them need to be voted out!!!!!

  24. You can’t make a lot of DUMB democrats see through all of that I use to be a democrat but after all the corruption I’ve seen with that party has turned me against their communist ways!!!!!

  25. Comey, collaborated with Rosenstein to have Mueller appointed. Comey admitted that he would have someone appointed that would take the heat to Trump. Trump, should appoint a special investigator, that would have the freedom to do Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein and the Clintons. He has this chance now that he has allowed himself to be encircled by the progressive liberal slime.

  26. Who could believe anything coming from Mueller investigation with ALL demorat lawyers. Any indictments will be highly questionable. Plus mueller is neck deep in the uranium scandal. He is as corrupt as all the others who were part of this scandal. This indictment is probably to throw the attention away from him.

  27. No telling what deep state has planned but its apperant who is who, but Muller may figure the truth is close, so he throws a co conspirator under buss, but wouldn’t surprise me if he tried a coup…

  28. Trump needs to fire the Rat Mueller and have Sessions arrest him along with Comey, Rosenstein, Hitlary Clinton and the Sexual Predator Bill Clinton and anyone else including the Half Breed Obama for Treason and Conspiring to Aid and Abet a Hostile country in selling America’s uranium. Nobody knows what happened to the Yellow Cake after it left Canada. I will bet that IRAN and the Fat ASS in N. Korea got ahold of it. It is time President Trump start putting these TRAITORS in Prison and don’t worry what the LYING NAZI News Media has to say. In fact he needs to go after Soros, Moore, and the rest of the AMERICA HATES.

  29. Maybe most of you are to young to remember Watergate. No one who spent time in prison were members of the team that broke into the Watergate Hotel. They were convicted of the ensuing coverup. In most cases political crimes in Washington D.C. are prosecuted in regards to the cover up not the original crime. The Swamp is old and deep. Until We drain It nothing will change. It must be drain by our generation as We are the last one that’s not been corrupted by liberal teachings in our education system. Unless We Act Our Nation is Lost. We can not depend on our youth to do this job. They are already lost to the idea of Freedom and Liberty.

  30. Why is this Puck investigating anything? He needs to be jailed for his [art in the Uranium sale Obam-a-muslim and Clinton’s did. He allowed it, was part of it when with FBI. FBI has become nothing but Liberal punk-AS* morons. They used to care about the USA and its security.

  31. This is all very bad joke. Does anyone really believe anyone as corrupt as Mueller is going to deliver a “honest, trustworthy” indictment? If you do, you’re living in an alternate reality. He probably stacked the Grand Jury.

  32. I love it when others write the same way I think. But, here’s a twist. We know Pres. Trump is no dummy, what if he were waiting for Mueller to send the goon squad to pick him up? But Trump has his own team of agents ready to ship Mueller to Gitmo along with soros, obama and clinton while they wait for their days in court? Would that be a grand slam or what. I have read that there are some .mil backing Trump and are prepared to do what it takes to thwart the deep state globalists.

  33. Why does no one in the DOJ give this traitor bad news like a cell for his involvement with Hillary and Slick Willie in the uranium one deal. This whole DOJ is nothing but a joke as is the FBI and CIA. These corrupt arms of our government have a stench about them that most likely will never be erased. The same goes for Congress and most state Federal Judges. Does NO ONE in authority care what our great nation had now become which is just a complete cesspool of corruption on every level.

  34. This is the way dirty Commiecrats operate!
    They accuse the opposition of exactly the things that they, themselves are guilty of!

    The shame of it, is that they then convince some low intelligence voters that they really do have something on the opposition!

    Nazi, Communist and muslim tactics! (And that, the middle one, today includes what we used to call democrats!

  35. Last time I read anything here. Collusion is not a crime. They would have to prove there was a conspiracy. Hopefully the traitors will be fired soon.

  36. More tax dollars will be wasted on muller’s witch hunt. Seems that since muller is in bed with the clinotn’s should tell the true story of what is happening. I think this to will back fire on the Democraps and then the people should go after then and put all involved in this witch hunt in jail wither they all belong.


  38. Uranium One and Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey tied to the Clintons, let’s have a special counsel into that corruption let alone 33,000 deleted emails possibly trying to cover up many crimes. Mueller needs to resign.

  39. Mueller is doing the indictment to try and divert attention away from the Dimmocrats and Clinton’s. Mueller is dirty and has been for along time. Between Mueller and Comey they have made the FBI a laughing stock. Muller should in no way be allowed to remain on the case and his indictment are dirty. He should be barred from congress while a special prosecutor investigates Mueller.

  40. Oh, this will be fun to watch! When it comes to collusion, their investigation should lead them straight to Hillary and Obama, not Trump… I wonder what they’ll have to say about collusion THEN!

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