Robert Mueller just got slapped with the news that could brand him a criminal for life

The special counsel’s office is packed with Democrat partisans scheming to bring down the President.

But now Robert Mueller’s targets are starting to fight back.

And one surprise witness just slapped Mueller with the news that could brand him a criminal for the rest of his life.

Mueller and his gang of 17 angry Democrats tried to force conservative author Jerome Corsi to sign a statement claiming he was the conduit between the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks.

The only problem was that it was a lie.

So Corsi backed out of a plea agreement about making false statements.

Instead, Corsi fought back and filed a 78-page criminal and ethics complaint against Mueller alleging the special counsel tried to force him to lie.

Fox News reports:

Conservative author Jerome Corsi on Monday filed a “criminal and ethics complaint” against Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team, accusing investigators of trying to bully him into giving “false testimony” against President Trump.

The complaint, which Corsi had threatened for days, is the latest escalation between Mueller’s team and its investigation targets.

The 78-page document, asserting the existence of a “slow-motion coup against the president,” was filed to a range of top law enforcement officials including Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, D.C.’s U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu and the Bar Disciplinary Counsel.

“Dr. Corsi has been criminally threatened and coerced to tell a lie and call it the truth,” the complaint states.

Mueller’s investigation has been marred from the start by Democratic partisanship.

But partisan politics is one thing.

Leveraging the police powers of the federal government to force false testimony as part of an effort to remove the President of the United States crosses a line that many Americans think is treasonous.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Thank goodness for Whitaker and I believe Corsi. It’s about time that Mueller and and his 17 Hinchmen and the DEMS take a hit for all the lies and other things they have been doing to witnesses. They have caused homes to be taken from some and they have broken some financially and still we have our President. I will be glad to see Hitler (Mueller) being gone.

  2. Mueller is a criminal! He is trying to subvert justice by forcing people to lie in their testimony. Anything that comes out of his so-called investigation can not be believed.

  3. Pay attenstion to all the tyranny from the left. The left are a treasonist party. They are in control of our government no matter who we put in office. They are stabbing the American people in our backs. The Deep State needs to be put back in the damn Swamp and sucked under for good. Our county has turned into pure tyranny, and if they win the next election, witch they most likely will by rigging it, and allowing illegals to vote, we will become a third world country, and we are already close to it. I’m not sure how to stop them except March in the millions and tell them it’s over! We won’t stand for this in our country! It has to end and end quickly! Hillary Clinton is the leader of all this corruption, and the Democrats are becoming millionaires off us Americans money!

    • Beautifully stated and 100% true — every last word! Thank you Sharon for a precise summary of how the where it is today!
      I totally agree that if we ever let those hunchback liberals get hold of our federal government again, America will be gone as we know it. If they get in control, the only option left would be a REVOLUTION LIKE NO ONE EVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE to remove those slithering snakes from power and reconstruct our government so the Libs can NEVER obtain power again! It’s called “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST” and the libs will never see it coming because they ALL reside at 1234 Delusional Drive.

      ????????????????God Bless America! God Bless We the People!????????????????

      • The sad thing is that if we go down, all these younger liberals will go down the tube also. Only then will they see how blind and stupid they were.

    • SO TRUE! I am behind you! We need to do SOMETHING to show our will and strength to protect our Country! YES we will be a Third World country very soon if the Demos have their way. And WHY??? Why are they SO over aggressive? All because the president is not who they wanted? Many of us objected to Obama and Clinton we did not threaten our neighbors because they did ote for those two miserable criminals! It has been going on for years and those still alive will probably never justly pay back their ill-gotten gains! They live like they are GODS to the minorities, who supply the funds for them to have such a high life style! Off of OUR tax dollars and bride money they receive making promises for the US to uphold. They are all thieves! They pay off countries promising favors from the White House. They take bribes and go home and sleep whilst they leave Soldiers to die. They are the most despicable bunch of humans alive! They all need to be prosecuted and punished to the full extent of the laws we have made! But they won’t all be punished. In fact, the one that have admittedly confessed to lying got reelected into office!?! Why try and worry about our future when the majority of voters are either illegals who could care less, or fools that don’t know how to judge a good Congresswoman?!

  4. For ‘those’ coming backfor review.
    > mueller is ‘hot coals’ per Corsi
    Filing to BIG 4 ___ mueller’Scrambling’.
    (for words). Wiggle mueller. ‘wiggle’ __

  5. Not much would make me happier than Jerome Corsi PHD, 72 years old, bringing Mueller to his knees and put an end to his domineering, intimidating, and insisting people lie to bring down DJT and make himself look good!
    Yay, Jerome Corsi! You have the courage of a silver back gorilla!

    • pc Fail, M., in reply. & Try again.
      >mueller ‘sitting/twisting’ 0n
      ‘hot coals’. Will keep short’/perhaps
      ‘code’. CORSI Is a ‘Good MAN’ for
      PATRIOTS. Send x-treme ‘Energies’.
      >mueller IS ‘twisting 0UT<<& let ‘milkbone ‘lapdawgs’ (on this site)
      Take heed. gotta go dude, later.
      >*orsi Is sheduled to speak Thurs pm. IFFF NOT ‘interfered’.
      &&& WILL be ‘diff’ Than on msm. *orsi IS PATRIOT.

  6. It is time for a big shut down and all involved should be sent home to await the courts to rule on their behavior during their working under Mueller. If any had a backbone they would have left a long time ago. The ideas of Mueller having something on everyone is the very fact for shutting all this down. I hope he get what he has coming to him in the future and if he can be labeled a criminal for life it will have to be OK. I just hope God will be the one that gives him what he deserves someday.

  7. Trump could be impeached for his failure to protect American residents in Trump’s lies and failure to act on the murder of Khashoggi .Sen. Bob Corker, a Tennessee Republican who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told CNN after a briefing with Haspel that the prince, known as MBS, “ordered, monitored, the killing” of the father of four. He “owns it,” Corker told CNN. “If he (MBS) were in front of a jury, he would be convicted of murder in about 30 minutes,” Corker said.
    “I left the briefing with high confidence that my initial confidence is correct,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, who said he is highly confident that the prince is responsible for the murder.

    • Most people have seen how the Saudi Prince and Putin gave each other a big High 6 at the G-20 summit and the world saw how they have compromised Trump. America has gone from the top power in the world to being a joke, with Trump a puppet of Putin.

    • WRONG. realitychk/’tit’. re ‘impeach’. You ARE IGNORANT
      of ‘LAW’. Real ‘LAW’. NOT CNN etc. Please,__ am ‘giving’
      you a ‘heads up’ To Not be ‘foolish’.0r Be ‘lapdog’/lemming/
      “useless eater” > (1 World 0rder terminology.). Capish,no?.
      > Correct Yourself. EEE Gads. Come 0n now. Get Real.

    • Don’t jump the gun. In these foreign countries and even in ours, you cannot simply take anyone’s word as proof of a killing. There has to be physical proof for which there is none otherwise it’s simply their word against his.

  8. More democrat dumb ass moves. All this collection of scum, the Mule (jackass) committee, should be arrested, tried, and sentenced to life in prison. These are not prosecutors they are in fact persecutors who are determined to ignore the wish of the voter and place another dumb-o-crap turd in the Whitehouse.

  9. OK everyone knows that the Obama Administration was all corrupt people. The CIA, FBI, DOJ, and NSA are all crooked as a snake. I’m talking about the dept. heads, not the rank and file members that actually work to keep America safe, It is time to start the indictments rolling and locking up these scumsucking Democrats and Republicans that break our las. Fire Robert Mullier and his band of lying lawyers. Also, start Investigating all the longtime members of both Democrats and Republicans in the house and Senate that have become rich from insider trading and graft

    • Correct R.Helberg. ‘Snakes’. Butt NOT the ‘rank & file’
      PPL, Doing a ‘GoodJob’, in ‘many Respects’.
      THANK YOU -‘Rank & File. Keep 0n.
      > Patriots WILL ‘Defend You’. __

  10. mueller and the rest of dumbacrats are no more than shit under americas feet they,ve screwed this country and it,s hard working people out of everything we own, and now want to disarm our people because then it will be like slautering sheep with no your eyes americathe dumbacrats have been screwing us for way to many years,don,t play their games anymore.

    • The dumbocrats will very well start a civil war,if they impeach our President, or try to take our weapons,Americans will never give up our only protection from the government !

      • Been saying Larry. We aren’t buying all these weapons to turn them in. But we must stand together. Our numbers will prevail WHEN the left kicks off a civil war. Trust no one with information about yourself or gun ownership. I have already jumped my doctor’s ass for asking gun questions.

        • Dan T.etc. BY ‘real LAW Even PELOSI SAID ‘the same’. At least, she
          Told TRUTH, 0ne Time. ok? 0K !!! SEE what IS
          happ’ning IN France. POTUS SAVES USA ‘from That’.
          ie. ‘climate change & TOTAL BS ‘carbon tax’.
          NOTICE: gas price = DOWN. Yo hey El Presidente’
          > Too much ‘fodder’. To ‘keep ‘ ppl’s Mind
          0ccupied from ‘Real Truth’.

          • Words Deleted in post. I SAID in short. NO ‘Impeachment’
            BY ‘LAW’. MSM DOES NOT CONTROL ‘LAW’ w/ ‘smack’ Period.
            >Even Pelosi SAID. ‘NO ‘impeach’. the remaining IS
            > Sleep WELL, for now. Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas, etc.

  11. I don’t think that even the liberal press, the democrat party, and the unsuspecting voters, have ever honestly believed that Mueller had anything in his agenda except to help bring the president down. This president has turned a bunch of crooks playhouse upside down and they are intent on getting even and returning to their crooked ways. But I also think that the president did not have a full picture of just how deep and crooked this government ran. The things they have put upon the taxpayers and citizens of this nation for years are coming to the surface and they must stop the president in their own defense. I believe they know that if they cannot somehow bring the president down before 2020 he will win a second term and continue to uncover the garbage dump they have created.

  12. See? Now you can’t reason with a liberal. The liberal media did a good job with Trump Derangement Syndrome brainwashing technique. They pissed off millions of liberals. They probably learned this technique from the CIA that may have used it to trigger a civil war in a third world country. Yeah, it worked but … scary.

    Mitt Romney is no Republican. Never was. It is a good thing that he lost. He would have had steered more Republicans to the liberal ideology. Trump exposed them all. All the RINO representatives.


  13. 0u. Corsi ‘could’ Be the ‘Key’ to
    Take Down mueller.

    The 78-page document, asserting the existence of a “slow-motion coup against the president,” was filed to a range of >>> top law enforcement officials including ***Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, ***DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, *** D.C.’s U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu and the ***Bar Disciplinary Counsel.

    “Dr. Corsi has been criminally threatened and coerced to tell a lie and call it the truth,” the complaint states.

    > ALL 4 Notified, NOW INDEED, HAVE an 0BLIGATION.

    • ????????’s It’s about time We begin 2 Restore Rule
      Of Law To MAGA & ReEstablish Foundations of
      Justice & Freedom N America Under⚡️of Nature
      as Our Founding Fathers Intended⁉️Now 2 END
      ????$atan$????MURDERED Babies 4 alien voters‼️
      OUR❤️????????SOULS_R????????????⚡️Jn 3:14-16????⁉️
      SOULS R N

  14. The level of corruption and treasonous activity surrounding the Obama Administration and the Clinton “Charity” is unprecedented in even the highly mottled US history. Mueller has been part of this consistently. It will be a great service to the US to bring Mueller and his gang to pay for their crimes.

  15. Both Robert Mueller and Mitt Romney should spend the rest of their lives in Prison for High Treason or get the death penalty. Even better.

  16. Both Robert Mueller and Mitt Romney should spend the rest of their lives in Prison for High Treason or get the death penalty. Even better.

  17. What his charter was for was really completed in probably three months. He has a bunch of Democrap lawyers working for him wasting 100’s of thousands taxpayer dollars every month. He just keeps making up investigations that have NOTHING to do with Russia and the U.S.A. and having people lie to help him.

    • He is skimming millions slowly from this fund I guarentee it and it will be strung Along as slow as possible I would insist on documents of financial spending to be investigated by the president a account of every cent spent!

  18. It’s about time someone spoke up an put a stop to mueller, thank you Corsi, someone needs to tell mueller that tricking people into a perjury trap is not what he was hired to do!

  19. The only guy with any balls at 72 yrs old is Jerome Corsi. Mueller is a p.o.s. just gathering in all the cash he and all his scumbag Dem cronies. I hope Corsi kicks Mueller’s A-hole and stuff’s Schumer’s face in it. Trump is innocent of these “invented” crimes. I hope Corsi blows up these stinking Democraps.

    • you got a pres who has already lied to america, adoj withy questionable ties, combined with more times trying to bring down mueller with the lies and crap and threats but to me there are three criminals thats trump, waters and poleski for threats and attempts to cause riots in having people attack each other in nothing short or racism or political racism, just like a pres is hiding behind presidential powers to cover miss use of a non profit account, they need to change the law so an acting president if charge must face the charges and if found guilty the serve there time just like anyone else, not dismissed because there the president that says if your a president you can commit murder and get away with it

      • Phantom, Obama is no longer president! Get with it. Since President has been in office, it has been amazing. Jobs are plentiful, gas is down, Democrats are still criminals!

        • Real economists call this economy a “sugar high” meaning the surge that occurs in the short-term due to pumping in borrowed (deficit) money – – Trump has raised the deficit to over $800 BILLION for 2018, and next year it will be OVER $! TRILLION (Reagan said that anyone who runs a deficit over $50 million should not be president).
          The economy is showing signs of the downturn (like kids burned out from a “sugar high”) and the stock market is showing that, projected to be a bear market soon. Part of all of that is Trump’s chaotic tariff policies, and the market HATES chaos and instability. Trump has been following the two cardinal policies of G. W. Bush, which includes de-regulation and deficit spending, which led to the Great Recession of 2008.

      • Please take an English class and learn proper punctuation. Also there are major differences in meaning between the synonyms “there’ and “they’re”and “your” and “you’re”.

      • Talking about committing murder, look no further that Obama and Clinton. 22/23 special forces violate SOP’s and get on a Vietnam era helo that gets shot down just after take off. That was ordered by Obama. My last know body count of Clinton’s is 66. All but a few declared suicide. One witness on her way to court stops at SB and then shots herself in the back of the head 5 TIMES, not possible. Seth Rich kill in a so called botched robbery, but nothing was taken, money, credit cards, and Rolex watch still there.

      • Mueller sent 4 people to prison for a murder he knew they did not commit because he knew who did do it and because the one that did do it was an FBI informant. 2died in prison the other 2 were released after 20 yrs and it cost the American tax payer 100 million in restitution.

      • So just explain all of Hillary’s bullshit and the FBI/DOJ coverups. And now they raid a whistleblower whom came forward with the goods on Clinton. Why raid this Guy why????? This guy presents evidence from when he was an agent. Now they will hide and cover it up tooooo.
        Sorry your not paying attn. To the smoke screens and not whats going on behind it. 12 russians indicated knowing he can’t get them and when. When President is to have a meeting to get you all fired up. No collusion.
        Then indicts Cohen and Manafort no collusion. Its a major FBI coverup is what it is. Anything and I mean anything to make the guy look bad. He has done more then any President in history on keeping promises and its why he was elected in to keep promises.
        Paige said that Obama wanted her to keep him informed. So he was in on it. It runs so deep its crazy. Mueller was in on the Uranium deal so he has reason to keep it hidden.
        Whats most important our Uranium or Trump wanting to build a Hotel in Russia. What would hurt America the most? You notice they are not talking about the Uranium deal a bunch. Because of the smoke screens. Hate Trump all you want but he’s a great guy not perfect by any means but a Great President. He has kept his Promises as best as possible just being held up by these thugs. No investigation has pulled up more stuff and ignored so much and busted people for so little. Atleast 6 people other then Cohen and Manafort have lied to Senate and not been jailed but yet Manafort and Cohen have jail sentences.

      • Phantom, do you use this name because your here to start trouble? Your ignorant statement is BS. Anyone can say anything they want, but to back it up, that’s another story. I don’t know what plant your on but when did Trump try to shut down Mueller? And how? Please don’t quote or send links from the media, They’re all liars. If Trump did this it should documented with him saying something to shut it down. And, what lies are you talking about? What has Trump done or said that can’t be backed up by government agencies. If you going to slander people, you should have facts to back it up. Prove your not slandering our President of the United States.

      • I tried to figure out what you were trying to say but couldn’t get past the gibberish. So therefore, I assume you are a Liberal so I really could care less. ????‍♂️

  20. The Islamic Muslim Terrorist democrat lawmakers are running treason on the President of the United States. Islamic Muslim Terrorist are ISIS the one;s Obama shipp;ed into the country along with the common low life scum democrats

    • so you say you can’t be a friend to a democrat which means by your statement you are 20 times worse because you choose to brand people who are innocent of political figures who choose to abuse the political office they serve and if you wish to do that you need to begin with the one in the white house who has lied nonstop paid off 2 women under his orders then denied it to cover up the incident so it wouldn’t hurt him lying to get into office, so now what do you say about a democrat

      • Phantom at least Trump didn’t have sex in the White House with Monica a young intern and he didn’t sell out our country by giving 20% of our Uranium to Russia and he didn’t let people get killed in Bengauzi like the Clinton’s did and he didn’t let guns be sold to the Mexician cartel like Eric Holder did all under Obama. Shall I go on?

      • What 2 woman did Trump pay off and, more important, what where the circumstances around it? And when did he pay them? Since you like to talk about what a President has done to pay off woman, why don’t you look at the Kennedy’s and Clinton’s? If Trump did anything, it was when he was a private citizen. A rich, good looking young man is going to attracted to the crazies, the get rich quick morons or the 5 mins of fame seekers. Your putting this man down for something he did years ago when he was just a businessman! And you have nothing to say about Bill Clinton when he sexually abused women, when he grouped and touched women inappropriately, when he he had an affair and used Whitehouse staff to help cover it up, he had secret service and state police, (being paid by taxpayers) doing things to help his affair, raping, and then lying about it under oath all while he was Governor and President. That’s ok with you. He was caught on tape telling someone to lie to the grand Jury. And again, what lies are you talking about?

      • Still gibberish,Phantom. When you talk, do you stop to take a breath or just keep rambling on until you pass out from lack of air? Just wondering!

  21. How did Corsi become a doctor? First I heard. You know trump’s latest tweets are criminal. He certainly lied in his written responses to Mueller. And what happened to respect for a former president until after his funeral? Trump will make a fool of himself as usual. The trump gang and clan are all liars and thieves. When are you conspiracy theorists going to learn? You all spread rumors and lies with no facts behind them. Corsi has a lot of nerve calling himself a respected journalist.

      • Ke and Jim – – yes, Corsi has an earned doctorate, as do I. But Corsi left academia and all to become rich and failed. So, he ends up selling out to Alex (“conspiracy nutcase”) Jones, who paid him to use his credentials to make up the conspiracy about Obama’s birth (which Trump used but now admits it is not true) and the Deep State. His books, which are free (I have examined one) are pathetic excuses of non-sequitors, and are written like student essays, with little to no empirical basis. Just because someone has an earned doctorate does not mean they can’t or won’t be subject to the same temptations (to sell out for money).

    • You asked what happened to respect for a former President till after he died. Well why don’t you ask BO? He is always running down Bush or Trump. So you just can’t stand it that Trump fights back.

  22. lurch mueller has to go i cant believe how they are doing and getting away with everything they all should be fired or put in jail along with crooked hillary bombout and the rest of these low lifes they dont care about we the people or this country they want to bring this country down its all about power and money why dont they get the hell out of this country go to the middle east and get there heads chopped off god bless PRESIDENT TRUMP AND GOD BLESS THE USA

  23. I hope that this move targets the real anti-constitution criminal lawyers who are a bunch of Pinocchio liars, and that they get what they have been doing to other people, especially Meuller!

  24. It is about damn time. All the people that Mueller and His 17 ANGRY MEN tried to get to lie and the ones who already did lie and knew it was a ie should follow what Corsi. You know dems. and Mueller we know you did what this story says. You are doing Treason and should be arrested. You Mueler and your men ARE DISGUSTING. You all deserve TO GO TO JAIL.

  25. President Trump needs to Fire mueller and his traitorous gang of ASSHOLES! Once Fired, they need to be transported to Guantanamo Bay,
    Cuba or another such “resort”so they can explain their traitorous activities in an appropriate environment!!

    • Of course, Mueller, is a scum sucking pig…..As is: Rosenstein, Hillary, Slick Perverted Willie, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Gerry Brown, Clapper, Strozk, Paige, Feinstein, Bloomenthal, Spartacus Booker, “All the Libgrocats, on the Justice Committee….a society, of Scum Bags!

    • I guess YOU just cant change Dan????? Still use your name calling. Weren’t you ever taught growing up if you don’t have something nice to say just don’t say anything at all. I guess you take your lead from Teflon Donnie. In time things will start “sticking” to him for a change. The guy lies so much, if his nose grew from every time he lied he wouldn’t be able to move.

      • And all of you liberals need to wear tin-foil hats so you can keep your heads from blowing up from all of brainwashing lies the liberal media tell.
        What makes you think the Dems haven’t lied? Hillary and Bill have lied so much, they could pole vault with their Pinnochio noses. How about the Dem FBI and CIA, lying and committing crimes of treason? At least the government has the REAL evidence on the liberal and RINO criminals. What evidence does Mueller or any Dem have on Trump that is real and true? NONE! ZERO! NADA! After 2 years and millions of wasted dollars…. who’s the ones lying???

      • EVERYONE should be angry that Mueller has EMBEZZLED so much of OUR tax dollars on totally false allegations to cover his own criminal activities. Even Liberals should have an issue with this!!

        • They don’t because what you said was ignorant and wrong! The Russia probe was authorized legally by deputy attorney general, and is much less in cost than the Whitewater probe under Ken Starr, which lasted over 6 years – – long after they found ZERO on Whitewater. The Russia Probe TO DATE (and more coming):
          190+ indictments.
          40 people charged.
          5 guilty pleas.
          4 guilty convictions.

          • Some more of your projecting your traits on others, M. It has always been clear that liberals are much better educated and intelligent (which is why many qualify for good colleges and graduate schools) and that it is rare to find conservatives among the educated. There are some very intelligent Republicans, but those are mostly disdained by the Trumpers, who are the least educated and intelligent of the GOPers – – radicals who prefer conspiracy theories and simplistic slogans like “MAGA.”

        • Many consertives are educated. Most of our lawmakers have law degrees and such. Commiecrats aren’t educated. They are indoctrinated. Had I gone to a highbrow university, I would only be interested in my required instruction for what I was studying. Not libturd bullshit how the world owes buckwheat and rastus a living because of slavery. Or how everything should be free.

          • Dan T., truthistruth aka Demon D.,
            Dan T., you have a much better education than “it” does. Whether it has a degree or not, it doesn’t have enough brains to pour pee out of a boot when directions of “how to” is printed on the heel!
            What truthistruth does best is belittle and insult our intelligence.
            Anyone who feels it necessary to belittle and talk down to people is announcing to the world how inadequate they themselves feel and actually are. Republicans don’t feel the need to brag about their higher educational degrees. Republicans who have no degrees are more intelligent than Democrats with a wall of degrees. truthistruth does not have the intelligence to know that a degree is only as good as the person’s name on said degree.
            truthistruth/Demon D. has no degree, no job, is a basement dweller and is a drain on our welfare system. And, she should step to hades, now!

      • April knowing what you leftist want for our country, you have no cred. Go lecture the antifa commies about how they harass people. Get them to quit it. It might keep them alive. You’re just upset because your fake council got caught.

        • Trump has “skirted” the law his entire life, WHY because he is a RICH “elitist” Now he is attempting to be judge, jury and executioner with whom he states should get the book thrown at them while others should potentially be pardoned. Here is an interesting concept for the people that want Trumps wall, all the supporters can pay for it and those that don’t want aren’t subjected to that, use your “big tax cut” to support it. That will keep the “deficit” from growing even more. But we all know Trump is the KING of debt, that’s why he filed for bankruptcy numerous times to “screw” the little guy by his debt being absolved…..

          • April, don’t listen to Dan, he LOVES just to call names, and not listen to anyone outside of the Trump cult, and Fox conspiracies of commentators. He ignores Fox News that debunks the ignorant conspiracies of Hannity and other Alex (nutcase) Jones and Corsi. Dan, we certainly do not envy rich people, after all, many liberals are better educated and overall are upper-middle class professionals. We have several ultra-rich billionaires who support us, which drives Trumpers crazy . . . even the Koch brothers side with us on some things.

            No, what we focus on is HOW people make their money – – we do not honor members of organized crime or drug kingpins. And Trump is more like organized criminal rather than an honest businessman – -he ran several companies into bankruptcy by stupid business deals, and made a great deal back by fraud scams (Trump “university”) and laundering Russian mob money (in real estate) and Saudi money laundering.

            Good point on the wall. While I do support limits on immigration, the wall can be overcome so easily in so many ways, it is a stupid waste of money.

          • Dan, one minute your always critical of the liberals for there elitist status. But for some reason YOU never mention Trumps elitist status since he was hatched. He grew up with a silver spoon, bankrupted many times to shaft others. There are many successful people no matter which side of the aisle they are on. Trump wont acknowledge the crown prince involvement of a “brutal” murder…..why because DJ Trump is driven by only one thing…..MONEY…..In this case “BLOOD MONEY” If Trump only had a miniscule amount of humbleness of the man that was celebrated today, he might be considered a human being. Watching Trump at the funeral today, you could see that was the last place on earth he wanted to be. Only two words to describe Trump (in his own words) SO SAD!!!!!!!

          • Roger, You are a brainwashed liberal. You have no comprehension of realism and furthermore your psyche prevents from you from caring about truth and facts. Liberals have only tunnel vision, win at all cost for power and control.

        • April and Dr.JD some good marksmen can control that wall. And yes. I do believe in president Trump. He’s great in my estimation. His only crime is beating the crooked bitch.

          • But Dan, it is not just about what you (or I or anyone) BELIEVES, it is about the facts, the evidence. And the EVIDENCE that is being produced is about a president that violated campaign laws with Cohen (confessed) and, if not president, Trump would already be an indicted co-conspirator. Then you add numerous and clear charges of obstruction of justice, of crafting a lie for Don Jr. about the Trump Tower meeting, of Trump firing Comey for (in Trump’s own words) “the Russia probe” plus all the financial crimes like tax evasion, money laundering of Russia mob money, and probable involvement in conspiracy to defraud the 2016 election. I also would reasonably expect Mueller caught him in lies to federal agents too.

          • Dan T., April is as phony as JD is! Their clique is a lot smaller than they want us to know. They are two or three people with a lot of different names. That is the reason there is not a dime’s worth of difference in their comments! They are so imbecilic!

  26. As soon as Bruce Ohr testified Mueller should have transitioned from ” investigator ” to ” investigated “. Ohr testified that he had kept certain people in the loop back in 2016 as to the Steele dossier being a fake. Two of those he named were Peter Strzok and Andrew Weissmann – two of Mueller’s henchmen. If they knew it was fake in 2016 so did Mueller – long before he started his $2!,000,000+ taxpayer funded phony “investigation – aka – witch hunt. It also indicates evidence that Mueller LIED to the FISA courts by using what he knew was a fake dossier as evidence to obtain FISA warrants against President Trump’s associates. Mueller should have been shut down and investigated and needs to be called to account for this. If it is all true he could be looking at some serious federal penitentiary time As Strzok was still working for James Comey in 2016 you can bet that Mueller’s old and good buddy Comey knew all about it too. Then follow it up the chain of command – They ALL knew.

    • Doc if that shit were true, I’d want him gone too. But not replaced by a commie liberal asshole. If Pence were to take over, the commiecrats would go to work on him too. By the way, crooked killery is about to get her well licked cooter handed to her. The foundation is crumbling. If that crooked bitch was in the whitehouse, commiecrats everywhere would be circling the wagons. Just because Don Jr. met with a Russian doesn’t make guilt. Trump’s only crime is beating the crooked dyke.

  27. All Robert Mueller has to do to avoid such a scandal is to publish his findings, dismiss his team, and resign. This witch Hunt can’t continue indefinitely and President Trump shouldn’t tolerate it forever. Those who continuously tell us “President Trump isn’t above the law” must remember that neither are Robert Mueller and Associates.

  28. When the judicial legal investigative agencies are more criminal than the criminals, it is time to take down the SPECIAL COUNSEL. THEN INVESTIGATE THE ENTIRE 2016 OBAMA AND HILLARY CLINTON TEAMS.

  29. Mueller and his band of deceitful Liberal lawyers tried using a tactic that they’ve been know for to get convictions…even of innocent individuals.
    Well, they forgot who Corsi was. They thought they had a wuss like trump’s lawyer Cohen.
    Guess again. Looks like Corsi set them up and the charges aren’t minor. IN fact, maybe he can get other witnesses to come forward.
    The worm has turned.

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