Robert Mueller just got the biggest gift of his life

Special counsel Robert Mueller was in trouble.

He failed to produce any evidence of wrongdoing by the President and he was running out of time.

And then on Election Day he got the biggest gift of his life.

Democrats narrowly won the House of Representatives.

That guarantees the new majority will defend Mueller’s work and leak any damaging information about the President to the news media.

Politico reports:

The lead Russia investigator, who in the days and weeks ahead has a series of important court hearings and key sentencing deadlines for cooperating witnesses, will soon have a friendly audience of Democratic chairmen on one end of Capitol Hill who are primed with subpoena power to fight the White House if it tries to block the public release of his final report examining any potential connections between the 2016 Trump presidential campaign and Kremlin-sponsored hackers.

House Democrats say they’re also ready to act as a backstop if Trump follows through on more than 18 months of pent-up angst and fires Mueller or tries to meddle with the special counsel’s work through a major shakeup at the Justice Department.

Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi has already pledged to make sure Mueller’s “documentation is preserved” and the likely next House speaker also holds in her back pocket the threat of launching impeachment hearings against Trump if the president tries to oust Mueller or if the special counsel’s investigators ultimately uncover a smoking gun involving criminal behavior.

Democrats are even prepping a break-glass scenario in case there’s a Nixon-era Saturday Night Massacre during which Trump fires his current DOJ leadership and tries to shutter the Mueller probe in the process. If that happens, senior Democratic officials say Mueller would likely get an immediate summons to Capitol Hill for nationally televised testimony about his findings.

Democrats are holding out hope Mueller will deliver the goods on the President.

Even if he doesn’t, they will subpoena the secret report Mueller submits to deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein and leak out the portions that are unflattering to the President.

It would allow the Democrats to finish Mueller’s work by trying to kill Trump through a death by a thousand cuts strategy in the 2020 campaign.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Where did you see that those who witnessed against Kavanaugh said they were lying? I did not hear nor see that. I think Kavenaugh is strickly serving Trump and that is all.

  2. Hi Rex: I do no remember ever in one time that Obama administration or any in it actually had a long history of dealing with the Russians.Haven’t you seen the picture of Trump with first wife “Ivana” in Moscow. Trump has been in touch with Putin for years. He has other oligarchs he deals with. Anyway, haven’t you heard of all the real-estate he has sold to the Russians with deals to laundry money. Sorry, but Trump is not my type with his lies and self-aggrandizement, as he goes on daily with his silly name calling. The name calling is as a ten year old. Obama and Hillary passed all of the tests and they are not what we have to deal with now. Trump chose his friend Putin over his own intelligent officers. That is skum to do that.

  3. If I liked trumps agenda I would also like him. However, even that is questionable as I do not like liars and bigots. Deny that would you? Hate to inform you but trump is not fit to be president of anything. He does not represent what America is about.
    It is nice everyonce in a while to see what kind of people do or do not follow Trump and if they are still saying the same thing trump tells them to say. Oh, well….birds of a feather. Have a nice day and stay pearly white for your lifes sake.



  6. macaroni is a euro$lut. he only played the morons in the street, kind of like that $lut clintoney played the morons that voted for her in 2016.. she should have been sitting in prison.

  7. You have apparently missed the fact that muellerhole just goes off in any direction that suits his fancy. It appears that he is trying to intimidate folks to roll over on Trump whether or not they tell the truth. Manafort’s tax problem was “passed on” before only to be ressurected by the top clowns in the fb&i.. muellerhole has been seen smoozing with the hore clintoney more than once. The taxpayers have been robbed of millions by overpaid aholes investigating “collusion” which has NO legal description that would suggest it is a crime. Of course the democrapo swamp rats DID NOT perform any real investigation of the ho clintoney and wrote a “we have these crimes, but no one would proceed with a trial. Well many well known lawyers disagreed with those overpaid underworked bureaucrat scum sucking pigs in the fb&i and the former head of the DOJ who had a private talk with billy “the rapist traitor and ahole” clintoney about protecting hi hore from prosecution..

  8. Not true. Fla is just counting the first time. Their voting procedures and equipment is so antiquated that they may never count all the votes. La. has had the best voting equipment anywhere for years and never have any problems. You just have to know what you are doing and be organized.

  9. Hillary has been through 2 trials on Benghazi already and proven innocent. Also the same for the e-mails. Then ole Trump usues his phone or facebook for government official information that is supposed to be private. But that is okay since he is soon to be the new dictator of the US. Now isn’t that some kind of BS for American citizen to go along with. Trump,if he isn’t stopped running ruff-shod over Congress will become a dictator of the US of Russia. Watch what happens. However, he is so crazy, he might just loose it and mess up so bad that people have to recogonize his behavior for what it is.

  10. Call it what you like. Putin and Trump have had contact from a long time. They are friends. That is what is giving Trump so much trouble with the Europeans, except Putin. Watch, if we get the chance of see the report of Mueller’s, there was collusion or a meeting. Do you actually believe that Trump would let those two moron sons of his do negotiating for him? I believe both may have been at the russian meeting. There is so much to remember but it was fun reading all these books while people just kept right on getting the book thrown at them. How many hae been arrested? Bunches!

  11. Thak God for Trump? Please that makes me belch. I noticed that supposedly according to someone one that Muller has “nothng on Trump”. How do you know? Not any one but the investigators have any information on the investigation what so ever. Mueller, according to the news is soon to draw up an end to his investigation. Anyway, no formal charges or criminal charges can be made to a sitting president. What a shame. Trump is such a jerk to people and treats people as if he is a king, a mean one at that. I believe that even if everyone in the the US read all the information that is secure at this time about Trump, most of them would believe it is just made up. My only suggestion is America better wake up before that idiot does anything else that is his usual stupid routine. He is a horrible person and praying for him will be something you better start early and stay late. I am prayng he gets out of office and give America a chance. He has had two years and done only things to enrich his already rich friends. But that is what people wanted. He is up to 36 or 38 lies a day according to the score keepers. That is almost funny, if it were not so serious. Anyway, I pray for relief. However, I cannot wait til I find out what Macron tells him. Trump is so brave toward that Frenchman. We shall see. Mr Macron will be polite but he will probably play Trump like a fine violin. Trump will likely have a bill of goods to sell like a used car salesman.

  12. Mueller was involved in one of the worst scandals in FBI History!

    The Feds framed four innocent men in order to protect an FBI informant (Whitey Bulger)! Two of the men died in prison before they were exonerated!

    They could have been cleared sooner but Mueller withheld evidence! Later, he lied to the Massachusetts Parole Board in order to keep them behind bars!

    Mueller is a dirty cop!

    He simply cannot be trusted!

    Thank God for President Trump!

    America First!

  13. In 2009, Secretary of State Crooked Hillary sent FBI Director Robert Mueller to Moscow to deliver a sample of highly enriched uranium!

    Russian Collusion seems to be among those who are investigating our duly elected President!

    Mueller has already spent over Thirty Million Dollars of taxpayers money on his search party! Where did all those millions go? How many Million did he pay himself?

    We need a full accounting of where these millions went!

    Thank God for President Trump!

    America First!

  14. Right especially after the Kavanaugh debacle. Now they said they were lying. Those of us with an ounce of sense knew that. Come on people, get with it.

  15. It’s a farce and the American people “some” well a lot are blinded by ignorance free stuff & ignorance. Until the blinders are off of their eyes. Prime example the Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh debacle. Come on American people just how stupid are you? Answer EXTREMELY!????

  16. The liberal idiots did not have the blue wave.they tried to steal and are still crying because they owe Soros & the other goons who paid them to win at any cost. You sore losers are still trying to vindicate hillary that criminal mobster loss. Get over it. President Trump2020. Get used to it.

  17. If Hillary is innocent then WHAT?
    It’s not IF he is innocent. Its the liner ignorance of the left, msm & idiots who believe blatant lies. Thanks be to God who protects our President & Vice President from all of you ignorant naysayers. What the heck about Hillary paying for the dossier etc etc etc. And all of the other deep state goons? Ignorance is bliss with the left and God will expose all of them. Mark my word.

  18. If Donald Trump is truly innocent, then it is in his best interests to allow the investigation to continue until it’s conclusion. Ending it prematurely demonstrates guilt, whether Republicans choose to face that fact, or not.

  19. “PRAVDA” [which means “TRUTH” in Russian] was NOT the “media” but “the main federal” newspaper!

  20. The investigation will continue as long as a certain group of people can extend it in order to earn as many $$$$$$$ as possible!

  21. The voting booths were closed. Abrams was told there were more votes by those who were bringing in votes not accounted for and should’ve have had access to them! In all districts! Now Democrat Lawyers are on their way to Florida to count them who are not qualified to count votes. Their baggage will be inspected carefully with Military and Police assuring no votes brought in illegally! Democrats promised Americans there’s be no civility if they did’nt win.

  22. Mueller stated she’d have his final report after the elections. Democrats knew Sessions would be out after elections. Clinton and the Democrats stated there would be no civility if we did’nt allow them to win.Democrat Polititians Demanded Violent Terrorist Attacks AGAINST Americans, DOMESTIC ENIMIES OF AMERICA CONSTATUTION DEMANDS MILITARY REMOVAL IMMEDIATELY !The Democrats are complaining that Whitaker has’nt ever been approved by the Senate. Not True ! President Bush’s Senate Approved Him ! Americans need to reach out to PRESIDENT TRUMP and demand an AMERICAN MILITARY TRIBUNAL IMMEDIATELY AGAINST OBAMA ADMINISTRATION! Mueller Delivered American Uranium to Russia for Clinton and should not be heading investigation. A criminal cannot prosecute the American President. Rosenstein stated he would get someone to wear a wire and Amorosa turned up with tapes. Rosenstein and Mueller presented Fraudulent Dossier to the Grand Jury As Evidence to open investigation. They presented Dossier to Federal Judge To Obtain FISA Warrants FRAUDULENTLY! Dossier was obtained by financing a FOREIGN SPY AGAINST AMERICAN PRESIDENT AND ELECTION by the FBI, DOJ, DNC, FUSION ! TREASON, ESPIONAGE Against America! The Obama Administration also had Benghazi, Fast And Furious, Obama had Military that were on their way to arrest him murdered stating they were carrying a false flag. Holder recently demanded the DOJ to IGNORE AMERICAN PRESIDENT AND AMERICAN CONSTATUTION when President Trump Requested Documents.Holder, Obama, Democrats at McCain Funeral were seen with Farrakhan who Demanded Death To America in Iran this past week. Paste, CPU this and get it to Americans AND PRESIDENT TRUMP IMMEDIATELY!

  23. Hey doctor dolittle…the blue wave wasn’t able to get the senate and you will find that the house will cause a red wave in two years when we are sick and tired of illegals still being protected in sanctuary cities and obstruction of our Constitution….you aren’t a doctor and you are as stupid as the days are long. Pretty much what most liberals are…worms.

  24. I did not realize anyone could have an IQ in the infinite negative figures you prove on it is certainly possible.

  25. Pardonne moi, I forgot to mention that I was referring to all those completely out of touch with reality losers who voted Dumbocrat.

  26. Dr. Dimwit you like far too many exist on numerous planes of existence having mastery of none of your surroundings except through the nonsense spewed by the Communist party and their mouthpiece purveyors of propaganda, lie spewing Lamestream media commentators, take a bullet through the head so we no longer have to suffer your complete ignorance in the morning or any other time of the day.

  27. Keep firing AGs until they fire Mueller, there never was any collusion, stop wasting money on complete nonsense, the investigation needs to end now.

  28. The Lord probably did help the Democrats. With our President and the Senate, they alone will be responsible for their own demise. As the Demo-rats fall into the swamp & drown, the water will rise! Get higher boots! It is not climate change, just more Demo-rats filling up the swamp’s water.

  29. Yes in two years we have the opportunity to watch and witness the true Democrats message if it is nothing more than obstruction and gridlock and no real effective legislation they will be thrown out if office. A blue ripple my friend watch Trump continue to appointmentd with conservative judges continuing and another special prosecutor to go after the most corrupted administration namely Obama, Hillary, Brennan and all the rest of seditious actors it’s coming soon.

  30. Yes in two years we have the opportunity to watch and witness the true Democrats message if it is nothing more than obstruction and gridlock and no real effective legislation they will be thrown out if office. A blue ripple my friend watch Trump continue to appointmentd with conservative judges continuing and another special prosecutor to go after the most corrupted administration namely Obama, Hillary, Brennan and all the rest of seditious actors it’s coming soon.

  31. I agree You would think the dems are holy than thou!
    They have a history of crimes. This election with all of the
    dark money donated by Steyer, Soris, Hillary, Blumberg,
    Michael Moore, Striesand (and anyone else I forgot),
    you can say that they paid a high price for each seat won.
    That money could have paid for infrastructure, the wall, and
    help those with pre-existing conditions. Or helped with
    teaching our youngsters hiw to mingle, respect others
    and how to follow the law. I could continue for awhile.

  32. The truth is that the recount or long count is actually ballot tampering and the Democrats are cheating as usual especially in broward county who has been guilty of ballot tampering before only this time it is obvious.

  33. The commiecrats don’t have the balls to try it. They only screw with people whom they can bully. They also have heard of the 4th box.

  34. Ok Dr. Have your mind fart. We still get to appoint judges. We would have done better if not for people believing the lies from the left. Know this. Even if you people had a REAL blue wave, we would not have taken to the streets or screamed at the sky lik a lot of liberal idiots did. So go ahead and cum in your pants over the house wins. You idiots will NEVER defeat president Trump. And it’s good they screwed with tucker Carlson and not try to ram my door. The loony antifa crowd will screw up someday That’s why we will stay LOCKED AND LOADED!! We will survive as a nation.

  35. A n o t h e r falsehood. He has actually gotten millions from the prosecution of Manafort and Manafort having to surrender his assets.

  36. Correct Butchy, Trump has shot off his mouth and provided much of the evidence that will one day be used against him. I could list several of them, but Trumpers are pretty much cultists who deny anything outside cult thinking.

  37. It sure seems like blackmail going on with the Democrats with Trump. I hope and pray that Trey Dowdy and team will start prosecuting all these people with the FICA and taping all the Trump campaign people and setting them up and then Mueller putting people thru destruction of family and life that didn’t even deal with the campaign. Let’s get Obama and Hillary and group with perjury on Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious since the elections the Dem’s talking about getting Brett Kavanagaugh and Donald Trump, Jr on perjury. What these people – Obama and Hillary’s team had done to the families of people involved and to “we the people” really was destructive!

  38. A person who ridicules members of his own party who lost the midterms, is not wise enough to understand one “reaps what one has sown.” Karma comes, even when delayed.

  39. It is going to be up to Trump if and when he will push an impeachment vote. If he keeps acting like he did the day after the election and interferes/obstructs justice, then it will come quite soon. Recalls can be a two way street, you know? Let’s wait for the Russian report to be presented, probably fairly soon.

  40. Many of you were posting about a “Red Tsunami” but it is clear it was, as predicted, a BLUE WAVE, Now, two days later, we are still counting votes, like in Arizona, like two in Florida – – and the west coast mail in votes – – are showing there are 30 or more blue seats than at the beginning of the week.

    Over and over, many of you posted “the polls don’t mean anything” – – but they were almost exactly accurate on 95% of the cases. Even in cases the republicans won, the voting was close in solid red districts – – – like with Beto O’Rourke. The next Senate race will have many more Republicans incumbents, this one had 26 Democrat seats compared to only 9 Republicans – – – so odds are in Democrats favor.

  41. …do you even read what you write? If President Trump were GUILTY, why would he keep the investigation going? He’s keeping it going to show up mooler and idiots like you when they are forced to admit they have nothing.

  42. Well this is #1task at hand to save this country and world before all our allies stop believing what we say n do !!!????????????

  43. You are so right my friend, God is in control not the democrats, let us keep holding up the hands of our president even as Joshua helped to hold up the hands of Moses when The Hebrews went to battle, as long as we christens keep
    ho;ding our president up in prayer we will win.

  44. Both the Senate and House of Representatives have oversight responsibility. That is part of the checks and balances in our federal government that was established by our Founding Fathers in 1787.

  45. These Democrats better be real careful with what they do, or you can bet their reign in the Congress will end and for a very long time!!!These Democrats better start representing the citizens of this country in what they want and it sure isn’t that we want Trump impeached, if anything the citizens of this country want Healthcare fixed, immigration loopholes fixed, welfare reform fixed, voter ID laws passed, getting a balanced budget, stopping the wasteful spending,ending the sanctuary cities and states, and etc.!!! These are a lot of the things the citizens of this country want fixed, and we want to keep our country booming with job growth, and a strong booming stock market along with more tax cuts for these things are all important in keeping America strong!!!

  46. The House can start Impeachment proceedings re: Pres Trump, but the Senate has to vote in favor of that Impeachment. It’s in our U.S. Constitution.
    I do NOT TRUST Pelosi nor any of those scumbags because P.T. has ruffled their pretty little feathers by attacking all the Nation’s fixes head on. Actually, I LOVE THAT their delicate feelings are in such an uproar because most of them walk around with their DELUDED heads in the clouds instead of reality. Time for those dumbnuts to finally experience some kick ass reality!

  47. 1/2 of 1/3 of governmental authority was given by God as an olive branch to the loony left. In reverent hope they would “see the light”. Otherwise they are domed. Father God has our presidents back, none can stand against our lord.

  48. Yeah, investigate Meulker and the uranium deal. Digvdirt where you know there’s dirt..and go after this deep state cronies. Dems do anything for their gain,only care about themselves.

  49. Even after all these years, the dinosaur Dems left from BJ’s impeachment have been waiting for revenge. Remember, it did not take Ken Starr two years to come up with the fateful ‘Blue Dress’ as evidence. Just don’t pooh-pooh the deranged left. Look what they compromised in a effort to derail Brett Kavanaugh. The radical Dems are as obsessed with POTUS Trump as much as AlGore is with his crazies regarding the climate. Stay strong and remain resolute. Where would we be had the Hunchback of Chappaqua prevailed in 2016?!!!

  50. Go ahead. If Trump goes Pence is the pres. And here go the democrats again. Demanding recounts every time they lose and then miraculously find 1000’s of uncounted votes in basements, trunks of cars, etc. I have never known of a republican who lost an election demand a recount have you? But it’s in the demo’s playbook. And why do you suppose only the democrats fight against voter fraud? Duh!

  51. The House can’t do anything without the approval of the Senate and/or the President, so all this could come back to bite Mueller in the butt…and the Dimms as well.

  52. The left would accuse him of hiding something if he tried to end it, so we go along merrily paying Mueller for his little witch hunt.

  53. There should be an investigation on Mueller! He hoped to find DIRT on our Honorable and most capable President Trump, because, he is jealous of our President! Try to use his method of Investigation on HIIM, see what could be find?

  54. Plus Eric, Obama went around campaigning also during his presidency which was on our dollar. Trump does not accept a paycheck.

  55. Sharon if they do not stop with the BS we need to lock and load all those who want to hate our President our flag our prayers need to go a different country we do not want them all this free stuff crap we do not pay for college students what you want you need to pay for


  57. Obviously hw did not. Most of the “Deep State” are not the heads of each Department, but rather the STAFF. They have typically been involved in the SWAMP.They are not removed and replaced by new staff. They hold a great deal of power through continuance.

  58. Hey Butchy, if I were an INBRED Operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, I would learn to keep my mouth shut.
    In what trailer park were you raised?

  59. Mueller still has nothing and the democrats have nothing. Pelosi is a blowhard right now and has no ground to stand on.

  60. The democrats are so fn corrupt they only care about Trump not draining the swamp they could care less about this country or us taxpayers that pay those pos corrupt carrier politicians very sad most the young voters vote with emotions not common sense or life experience we must up the voting age and make it impossible to fraudulently vote especially non citizens that the democrats always target to vote illegally

  61. Hey Hot-Shot ANTHONY….dump your hatred because it will not serve you well.
    Our President is the best thing that has ever or will ever happen to YOU FOOL.

  62. Golfing does NOT count as work. Nor does campaigning when he is supposed to be doing his job as President.

  63. Tensions are already running very high in this country. This B.S.from the pathetic left needs to end now!I’m telling you it’s going to cause a civil ear in this country. There are already crazy people killing people left and right. The Democrats don’t care. They hate Trump for no other reason than he won the election, instead of just dealing with it like we did for eight long miserable years of them in power ,they would rather attack attack attack ,lie, lie, lie, and lie, cause discontent and cause people to attack people that opose them. Is this really the kind of people we want running our country! OMG

  64. I believe the witch hunt will be ended. We still have the issue of the legality of this whole situation. Mueller also must be accountable for the wasted tax dollars and the sale of enriched uranium plus he was involved in 9/11.

  65. IF by some chance so called President Trump is innocent, WHY does he do everything he can to KEEP the investigation going?

  66. All of you anti Trump sniveling liberal snowflakes are in for a HUGE surprise. I don’t want to hear any crying from a one of you. I can’t wait. Let the show start!

  67. You’d be in “tears” if your “chump” got beat on. He’d run away if we were ever confronted physical, that’s why the sorry man always had bodyguards to protect his precious fat ass. He’s a “LOSER”!!!!!

  68. The acting attorney general really need to close the investigation. He should call Mueller to come to the office and ask him for the evidence To prove the Trump-Russian collusion link. I’m quite sure Mueller is unable to produce such evidence. Mueller went elsewhere outside of this investigation objective that should easily reveal the proof that this investigation was indeed politically-motivated.

    Unfortunately, Session was so completely useless on Mueller corruption, despite the fact that he did well on other political situations, IMO. The House of Reps are now on the warpath that I think that the acting AG should rightfully implement this reasonable consequence to end the investigation permanently based on the lack of evidence.

  69. Trump is really trying to do everything he promised, and I don’t think anybody could have anticipated the unfounded hate and lack of appreciation the Democrats have shown. He doesn’t take a salary, gives it to DAV, works 20 hour days and has done wonders for the economy. I applaud him! This is the first time I have voted straight red, because I am so sick of the greedy whining and fault-finding Democratic party

  70. He is exactly what the dirty politics of DC needed, an outsider that will not take any of their crap. I worked and lived there, and there is a lot of crap in DC.

  71. What a pity that the Democrats won the House of Representatives. Hopefully, the Acting Attorney General will put a stop to the witch hunt and waste of money Mueller has caused.

  72. The difference between Trump and Mueller is Mueller can keep his findings quiet till he releases his report and we ALL know Trump has no idea how to keep his mouth SHUT….He loves the limelight. If the media “stopped” covering him he’d be the 1st one to complain because he wouldn’t be the center of attention. He is like a grade school playground “bully”

  73. Perhaps the new AG will fire some of these idiot people who are digging for anything they can sling. I think they should follow the law which is quite specific in what is allowed and what is not. By not releasing any information Mueller can keep looking for the cause of smoke or may even build hios own fire but he cannot be removed as he has not finished and does not tell anyone what he has or has not found. Thus he is still legal in his hunt but only for as long as he can keep it all secret.

  74. When will this so-called investigation end? It has been nothing but a witch hunt since the beginning. No evidence at all has been found. This is a major waste of taxpayer’s money and should be stopped immediately.

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