Robert Mueller just proved he’s out to get Trump with this announcement

For months, President Trump has blasted Robert Mueller’s investigation as a witch hunt.

The special counsel’s defenders in the anti-Trump media have fought back in order to shield Mueller from the political fallout.

But Mueller just proved Trump right with this announcement.

On Friday, Special Counsel Mueller announced indictments of 12 Russians for allegedly hacking the Democrat National Committee and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

Politico reports:

Special counsel Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russian military officials on Friday and accused them of hacking into two Democratic Party computer systems to sabotage the 2016 presidential election.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the indictment, filed in federal district court in Washington, just days before a scheduled Monday summit in Helsinki between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. U.S. intelligence agencies have assessed that Putin ordered a Russian effort to manipulate the 2016 election in Trump’s favor.

Rosenstein said the Russians stole and released Democratic documents after planting malicious computer codes in the network of the Democratic National Committee as well as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The Russians also illegally downloaded data related to some 500,000 voters from a state database, he charged.”

The timing of these indictments proves Mueller is an agent saboteur out to destroy the president.

Mueller dropped these indictments just days before Trump is set to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

Critics contend Mueller made this announcement to create a political firestorm for Trump.

The timing is also suspect as it comes one day after disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok’s disastrous testimony before Congress.

If anyone thought the Mueller probe a was a legitimate investigation, the timing of this indictment – it was dropped when it would do maximum political damage to Trump – should wipe away any doubts.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Rodger
    Don’t you wish you had a boss, who gives you unlimited funds, give you no directions or input to your job and never holds you responsible for anything. If I could find a position like mueller I would bleed the funds for as much as possible. If mueller was investigating Hillary how long would he last.

  2. Robert
    I could not be a politician, my parents taught me long ago your word is your bond, if they cannot trust your word. Why would they trust you?

  3. This is the only “job” a corrupt lawyer can get. Cut off his unlimited funds and mueller will crawl back into a pile of camel poop.

  4. Get off the corrupted to the core NAZI Demoncrat Communist plantation treasonous party (RINOs too!!! You know who you are!, So Get ready to lose your seats) and on the Trump train to success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. And the Millions and Millions of tax payers dollars and nothing showing anything to do with the Trump campaign.And now Mr Magoo Muller is casing a tax evasion conviction


  7. When the Bill Clinton investigation went on for 4 years and cost 4 billion dollars what we learned at the end was “a politician lied”. Was that worth 4 billion? I could have told you that for free.

  8. Why don’t you tell the truth. ONE DAY Mueller is out on his way to GITMO. then you read he is still doing investigation!!! WE need to get you out of the job of bring the news. IT NEVER is true, always repeat what was written 5 months ago.. YOU NEED to find a job that makes you stick to the here and now.. WE THE PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF ALL THE FAKE NEWS.

  9. Please explain why Hilary hasn’t been arrested . They have dug up tons of incriminating evidence on her . And they have verified proof that she committed multiple crimes yet they ignore them . Oh that’s right , she’s a Democrat and above the law !

  10. Mueller is just trying to prolong his job as its time to shut the jerk and his team of idiots down. The money should end to support him and if the DEMS and Podesta want to continue let them pay his bill. As we all know this has and always did from the beginning had no connection to the Trump Campaign. He better quit while he is ahead as he may open doors he can’t walk through and then we will once again get to tear him apart. He really is a qluntin for punishment. He can’t find a client that will hire him as we have all got a very good picture of how his “dog with a bone fever” goes. He will try to continue but the very idea our President beat him, in the end it will break him. All his secrets are out and soon when he goes after the Russians his family will get drawn into all things and their personal lives that will be spread all over the world He has left the FBI to be remembered as a fools organization. Just can’t wait to see how many books will be written by those involved in his case.

  11. mueller is a trader to this country and its people .you and your bums stop stealing tax payer money on a nothing chase .OLD VET

  12. If Mueller were truly independent and not on Witch Hunt, Obama, Clinton,Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, Comey,Yates, Strzok, Rice, Jarrett, Rhodes, Page, Rosenstein, Aberdeen, Mills, McCabe, Ohr, Holder, Schiff, would all have been convicted by now! Mueller’s investigation is as corrupt as the entire Obama DOJ. A total political Witch Hunt design to subvert attention from the blatant corruption of Obama & Clinton! As POTUS says, it’s hurting the USA and needs to end now! A non bias counsel should now be appointed to focus on Obama, Clinton their staff’s and their blatant corruption!

  13. No , Muller needs a good old fashioned “Hot Lead Enema” a la Lenny Bruce . Strap naked subject face down an table . Insert large metal funnel in appropriate orifice , pour in one pot of molten lead . Goes a long way towards clearing their minds .

  14. We learned that the FBI, DOJ AND the DNC with the help of a foreign agent and Russia coluded to illegally steal-fix a presidential election.
    AND WE LEARNED so far our so called honest government is doing NOTHING ABOUT IT

  15. Mueller were out to get you for TREASON and plans already in action to HANG YOU ,YOU A CRIMINAL to THE HIGHEST DEGREE. WE HAVE ALL THE INFO. YOU DIDN’T HIDE to well. we know your source of were you got bought.. YOUR NOT AS SMART AS YOU THINK..

  16. How long has this “investigation” been going on? What was the purported reason for the “investigation”? To uncover “Russian” influence? To harm the President and ensure that our president was vilified? After more than a year of this boondoggle what have we learned? That Strozk and Page had an affair?
    That there was no evidence to suggest that President Trump was even tangentially implicated in anything? That perhaps the real purpose was to ensure that if enough dirt was tossed, that perhaps someone might actually be implicated? We know that hanky=panky was part and parcel of this this “investigation” (e.g. Strozok and Page) From the documents that were released last week it appeared to be a set-up to “get Trump”! Shall we now discuss Mueller’s T-shirt? The T-shirt that advertised the “witch hunt” directed against our duly-elected President? Other than the stonewalling, lies and outrageous behavior exhibited by the members of the “investigation” what if anything did we learn?

  17. Muller and his band of dishonest Trump hating buffoons are still trying to procute an innocent man being President Trump. All the while the government continues to hide the FBI’s cover up the DNC/ Clinton rigged BS investigation.
    WE NEED a convention of states

  18. According to the Müeller Inquisition, Trump is not the target. That is if you trust a prosecutor that convicted Louie Greco, Henry Tameleo, Peter Limone and Joe Salvati (2, Louie Greco, Henry Tameleo, died in prison and cost the taxpayers an eventual settlement of more than $100 million for false imprisonment) he knew they were innocent. Looks like he’s at it again.
    “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.”
    – Lavrentiy Beria, head of Joseph Stalin’s secret police and Müeller .

  19. Thanks for your comment……u are totally correct. Mueller is the spitting image in physical and mental actions…….of Lurch!

  20. Thx Andy I was just trying to b civil because what I really think of this buffoons is not fit to b printed here. I wouldn’t want to b banded for live

  21. And the Lib Nuts scream treason after our President is trying to at least meet -talk to the keeper of roughly 4300 nuclear weapons aimed at us and others.
    Talk about stuck on stupid if anyone thinks we shouldn’t try and figure out what Mr. Putin and company are thinking. Let me guess Lib Nuts lets do by email and hope something gets lost in the transmission and maybe we could have WW3.

  22. Laura Brooks, Your being a Dem liberal should know that while Mueller is a Republican, his is a RINO and has extensive history with HRC, don’t take my word, check it out for yourself. Also, accusing us deplorables of following a cult leader DJT, I would remind you that you Dem libs worshipped BHO as your messiah. Truth is, I learned long ago not to worship any person. You will be disappointed or betrayed sooner or later. I think everybody who voted for POTUS realized he was far from being perfect. We voted for him because BHO had our nation in free fall and we believe President Trump being a businessman could turn this Country around and get it pointed in the right direction. He is doing a wonderful job! GBP 4.1% yea!

  23. After $20 million with no interim progress report, drifting investigation, and general lack of progress; the investigation should be shut down within 30 days.

  24. Actually, Wikileaks got the Hillary and Podesta emails right from a Hillary hack involved. Seth Rich, who has since been murdered, copied it all on the computer. He gave the emails to Craig Murray, a friend of Wikileaks. Gerald hand carried the emails to Wikileaks. They were both on TV with their story, but liberals wouldn’t air it. Fox News did.

  25. muller shut down the witch hunt you suck muller your in clintons pocket money you low life.

  26. I. Possum he doesn’t believe our “intelligence” agencies because they have constantly lied to us to get the American people to support their wars of aggression! Look up Gulf of Tonkin incident, and think back to WMD in Iraq! How about Assad using chemical weapons? ASSAD HAS NEVER USED CHEMICAL WEAPONS AGAINST HIS OWN PEOPLE! These are just a few examples of which there are hundreds if not thousands, but the media will not tell you about them!

  27. O. Possum look at the charges against the people that have been targeted by Mueller, none of it has anything to do with president Trump! Don’t be so naive, Mueller has falsely imprisoned many, and the government has been sued for hundreds of millions for it, so yes Mueller is a liar and there is mountains of proof!

  28. what truth are you referring too? Truth is it has been a witch hunt no matter who does the investigating.

  29. Me too. It’s time to prosecute the real criminals
    Mr. Sessions where the hell r u ? And what is your job description? And And AND!!!!!!

  30. Absolutely!!!!
    That’s a great idea. And all their personal information should be made public of their entire families along with their names.


  32. We need a list of all the Demonics names to post and memorize that we’re involved during the campaign through today’s legal schinanigans directed by the Demonics Deep State and the sheep called Libertards.

  33. At this point I don’t think ever until Mr. Magoo Muller gets fired and someone honest and key words here being honest is hired to investigate IT ALL

  34. The story that all of the Media keeps harping on is Election tampering, this is pure BS. Everyone including Muller and his crack team of Democratic lawyers has stated that NO Election Results were tampered with, NO Voting computer systems were hacked. The only computers that were hacked were that of the DNC and of course princess hillary’s Illegal e-mail server. The only thing that happened was that someone, perhaps the Russians got hold of information from the DNC’s computers and from hillary’s Illegal e-mail server and made them public. The may have twisted some of the information around and posted it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media to make the Democrats look bad, of course we all know that they don’t need any help in that department. There was NO Election tampering in so far as NO Votes were changed or deleted. The State election commissions all reported that they found NO evidence that their systems were hacked.
    That is all two years of investigation and over 20 MILLION DOLLARS has gotten us. By using Un-authorized e-mail servers and computer systems that the DNC bought at the Dollar Store they allowed themselves to be hacked and their own information was used against them.
    Let’s end this crap and get to the real important problems like the transmission and storage of Classified material on an unauthorized e-mail server, the storage of classified material on the computer of an unauthorized belonging to a convicted felon, by the name of Winner, the storage of classified material on a USB drive that was stored in the safe of clinton’s attorney who I doubt had the necessary clearance to receive this material and I doubt if his safe was approved by the government to store classified material. When will these things be investigated, Mr. Muller?

  35. Indeed. Couldn’t have said it any better. The only question is when will actual justice be served. Or do we have to watch Congress etc sit on their collective asses and do nothing as usual. The Congress etc are all “ bark and no bite “ Again as usual!!!
    They should all be ashamed of themselves for there decades of balant failure

  36. americans,,,,,,,,,,COMEY DID A COVER-UP FOUND IN IG REPORT AND ON WEINERS LAPTOP of hillarys CHILD CRIMINAL CRIMES and a long list of names of Washington government officials names involved with these child crimes and child traffcing, clear COMEY ‘S NAME WAS ONE OF THEM along with john mccain clapper,brennan eric holder rosenstein mueller, COMEY USED THE RUSSIANS TO COVER-UP THESE CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN



  37. Our President has the legal right -power to fire Muller, Rosenstein And the Ghost Mr. Session and I would fire All three immediately. And there is nothing all the criminal Trump haters can do about it except lie some more and tell all their brain washed followers the end of the world is near. Which it is not

  38. Mr. Magoo’s band Of professional criminals aka his team are basically conducting and investigation or whatever you want to call it on NOTHING more than lies. Hey Mr. Magoo where is your evidence. I repeat where?? His band of BOZO’s are getting nothing but rich on our nickel and either produce the evidence or shut down their little $$ Party

  39. If the man that made a video on the Benghazi event is still in jail, Pres. Trump needs to pardon him also. Hilliary lied and people died.

  40. It is TIME to get mueller, get him in the hot set over this whole witch hunt, but follow his money, it is not all tax payer salary, I,d say a majority of it is coming from the left as in soros-obamao-clinton-dnc. An I,am if it has, he has not paid and income taxes on it an more likey laundried money to boot, now that is my story and I,am sticking to it , GOD BLESS AMERICA, an MAGA 2018 2020

  41. That is one helluva run on sentence. Maybe unintelligent Trumpbashing should take the place of ribbon dancing in the olympics.

  42. The democrats and the lying liberal fake news just don’t get it
    All the crimes happen under their presidents watch !!!
    A simple fact

  43. Nancy, your analysis is spot on! Most of us, admire and respect Pres. Trump! When we realize what the president has already done for America, it is obvious that is the REAL PROBLEM! He is doing too good a job for this country. He is working toward MAGA! The Left will do ANYTHING to make look our president look bad! What evidence has been produced to demonstrate that Trump has done “bad” things for America? We are getting stronger and stronger; we are more cohesive with Trump leading us. He has been a GREAT president! And he is doing all of this for FREE! He does not accept the presidential wages! He is doing this for all Americans. In his second term, we will see even more! GO TRUMP!

  44. Going on two years and not a scintilla of evidence, is it a witch hunt, absolutely the only thing that’s different is it’s not in Salem. If you can’t see that this is a to keep the denigration of President Trump in the news so the deranged Trump haters have something to whine about.

  45. #1, The DNC were told prior to the Hack, that their computer security was Inadequate. #2, Obama & Intell heads during Obama administration ALL said that Russians could NOT HACK OUR elections. #3, MOST of the News Media are in are the SCAM to try to make President Trump’s Election look illegitimate!….. From What I have seen so far, from this “investigation”, IT will last as LONG as Trump is President! ANYONE want to bet against me?

  46. I want to know why mueller , clinton , obama and the rest of the people that were in on the uranium one deal, i find it far more dangerous to sell nuke material to Russia than it could ever be talking to them , so why is it that these people are still running the roads . There asses should be locked up for the rest of there lives .

  47. Yet Mueller was Hired by Republicans and he, himself is a Republican….Guess you TRumpsters just can’t handle that the Truth is coming out against your dear Cult Leader DJT….

  48. everyone is saying this so far the only thing proven is that trump has lied since before he got into office when he denied everything from from knowledge of daniels and the playmate why lie when all he had to say was im be sued by to women and paid them off to drop the subject. at least it would of save some of his integrity. what makes it worse is he demand a democrat governor resign for what he says was a lie when his whole presidency is a lie. next people say because trump say everyone is lying that is true well if somebody can tell me how to tell he is telling the truth when we cant prove what is true or false because of the lies

  49. He didn’t get his information from the FBI because they WERE Not allowed to inspect anything ON the DNC computer so he information came from the Pakistan Intelligence agencies after they down loaded the Top Secret documents

  50. Russia gave the Cinton Foundation milions of dollars in “donations”. Any possibe onnection to SOS Clinton giving Russia control over 205 of USA uranium?

  51. The 12 Russians are military intelligence officials and guess what their job is.???? To gather information and intelligence against the US and others. So Mr. Magoo and his cohorts should have already known who was and is spying on us if they did their jobs in the first place.

  52. I just read it wasn’t Russia who hacked the DNC computer but. China. Guess Mueller will now chech to see if Pres Trump uses chopsticks.

  53. What does the 12 Russians have to do with Trump. Mueller is an idiot and he is stalling and I know he will never get to question the Russians. His end is near. We as Taxpayers should have a vote to end the drains on our tax dollars.

  54. Mailer knows what happened with the two FBI agents and the FBI Lawyer ho tesafied befor the invesagation now going on that what came out he is scared he will be found out. That is why Robeinstein does not want to hand over the infermation to the courts. Thay better get that infermation fast and get some of the other FBI agents that knew what was going on to come in and tesafie befor thay Muiller and the others Destoty that infermation. I hop thay find out and all of them are bought up on charges all the way up to Obama hem self and thay all get about 25 years each and make an example you are not above the LAW no mater hew you are.

  55. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  56. According to the Müeller Inquisition, Trump is not the target. That is if you trust a prosecutor that convicted Louie Greco, Henry Tameleo, Peter Limone and Joe Salvati (2) Louie Greco, Henry Tameleo, died in prison and cost the taxpayers an eventual settlement of more than $100 million for false imprisonment) he knew they were innocent. Looks like he’s at it again.

  57. Shut down the witch hunt and disband mullers investigation it’s nothing it’s a waste of money and time President Donald Trump is innocent.


  59. Congress, get some balls and quit financing this “person”. Cut off the dam money and he will go back to his cesspool

  60. Why is mueller still getting funds? He is a p**s poor lawyer and couldn’t make an honest living as a legitimate lawyer.

  61. People should realize how low and common democrats are. Not only them holding office. The citizens whom support them are low life scum. That includes some members of my family. I have commie realities.

  62. I call him MR. Magoo. This whole BS investigation never should have happened that’s why Mr. Rosenstein and all the rest of them must be procuted once the blind, deaf and dump among us read the actual facts that show that their is no doubt who the real criminals are
    The DNC The FBI and the DOJ must be investigated from top to bottom

  63. Is there Any way to make the DNc and The Clinton Foundation?
    Pay for the Muller investigation .
    They bAUGHT AND PAID FOR THE Steel documents that were the start of all this .

  64. Is there Any way to make the DNc and The Clinton Foundation?
    Pay for the Muller investigation .
    They bAUGHT AND PAID FOR THE Steel documents that were the start of all this .

  65. Mueller is a liar? Really? Could you please provide me with documentation for that claim?
    In terms of saving taxpayers money, did you call for an end to Kenneth Starr’s investigation of Bill Clinton? Time- 4 1/2 years. Cost- $39.2 million.

  66. O. Possum, you are a brainwashed fool. First off, never go into the lion den unless you are well armed. They don’t care if you who or what you are, to them you are just something to eat. Not that Muller is a lion, a liar yes, a lion no!
    You cannot prove a negative, in other words you cannot prove something that didn’t happen. But you can make it sound like something did. Trump is no fool. Trump needs to stop the bs now and save the taxpayers money.

  67. Yes I do think he did it on purpose thinking it would hurt talks with Russia. What is he up to anyway, just doing all this to try and get Trump out? He is crazy if he thinks that will work for him because no one likes that crazy guy anyway.He has took way longer then he needs over a year and he has nothing but big bills and tat is tax payers money not his so he doesn’t care. Spend away !!

  68. Given the FACTS that 1) A sleeping two year old could hack Podesta’s access because that IDIOT used a password everyone is told not to use. 2) Mueller is going after people around Trump because he has NOTHING on Trump. Mueller is seeking REVENGE for Comey who Trump properly FIRED for being a political hack which he learned from Mueller.

  69. 8 years ago we tried to warn America about lots of scandals. Like fast and furious to name one.

  70. Ooooooooeeeeee, Dan Tyree, You know your stuff ! Thanks for helping me put these leftwing liberal loons in their well deserved place (and since your mind works like mine, you know where their well deserved place is). Dan, keep up the good work, thanks!

  71. The positive thing is that Trump has Putin complete denial of any attempts to interfere in any aspect of the internal affairs of the USA. From now on Trump has Putin’s balls in his grasp! Well done Boss.

  72. Well, if what you say is true ( “most stupid..demented” etc), then maybe you could educate me. Please refer to the questions I asked 4 posts above. What are your answers to those questions?
    And I’ll add a couple for your consideration- Why does Trump believe Putin rather than our own intelligence services? Why didn’t he demand that Putin extradite the Russians who are under indictment? Do you now agree that Putin wanted Trump to win, since he said so today?
    Simple, direct, answers please.

  73. Hey Linda Borghi, You Republican ladies are doing soooo good manhandling theses leftwing liberal loons. I have been reading comments on different websites. I am taking a break today and watching you leave them in the dust. Good job!

  74. Would you expect anything else from a party that’s best choice for president was not even an American born citizen. This is a party that allows convicted felons and illegal aliens to hold key positions in their party. The truth shall set you free. The computer team the democrats hired with out vetting were the ones that released that information. The young staffer that was murdered in DC days after the hacking was the one that sent the files to Wiki Leaks and the DNC had him murdered so no one could dispute that. This is the biggest made up piece of garbage to continue to steal from the American tax payers for as long as they can.

  75. It all stinks. Thank God that President Trump Is strong enough to put up with all the crap that is thrown to him. GO TRUMP.

  76. ccording to the Müeller Inquisition, Trump is not the target. That is if you trust a prosecutor that convicted Louie Greco, Henry Tameleo, Peter Limone and Joe Salvati (2, Louie Greco, Henry Tameleo, died in prison and cost the taxpayers an eventual settlement of more than $100 million for false imprisonment) he knew they were innocent. Looks like he’s at it again.

    “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.”
    – Lavrentiy Beria, head of Joseph Stalin’s secret police and Müeller .

  77. I did not know that my tax dollars are to pay Mueller for trying to get The President . The taxpayers are losing money with this moron. Who is investigating him , there should be a investigation on Mueller A.S.A.P

  78. How anyone with the least amount of intelligence can’t see this whole BS investigation was all based on lies period!!! So if the Dip- s~<ts in the DOJ and FBI weren’t so croupt and did their jobs like they should have Hillary and all of her criminal cohorts should already been charged with the many crimes they have obviously committed and put in jail where they all belong

  79. There is NO democratic Party!!!!! Ther is a Democrat party and there is NOTHING Democratic about them!!

  80. Send Obunghole back to Nigeria and stick him in a sand flea pit. Let him get his entire body infested with jiggers. For any of you that don’t know what jiggers are, utube jigger digger, and you will see one of the most horrific things possible.

  81. Someone give Diane, the troll, a message from G please. As I said before, Diane needs a lot of psychiatric counseling and I should not have been so hard on her. She continued to rage at me after I told her she needs help and that she would not hear from me again. Sorry to have been a party to the Dem liberal troll Diane and you will see no more G VS Diane.

  82. Why not call it what it has become–Kangaroo Court. An attempt to try a legally elected sitting president, in absentia, by group of persons who dislike and have disrespected the POTUS and the voters who elected him. Not one Republican on the tribunal! I am convinced it is a a high tech lynching, as Justice Clarence Thomas might say

  83. O Possum, you sir or madam are positively the most stupid person on our planet, get yourself another glass of the demo n crat kool ade and relax, their is no possible re hab for you and people who minds have been demented to the point that you have been brainwashed

  84. This evil loser Robert Mueller needs to forget the Bush New World Order and through in the towel because he loses and Donald Trump is the big winner. Just like when he won the Presidency in 2016. Trump is the President so all of you evil Democrats get a life.

  85. How is it that the REAL perpetrator of this whole mess is, OBAMA and NO ONE is looking at him. He started it on, July 6, 2016, and had his filthy hands in it the whole time. Obama and Hillary are up to their necks in this criminal conspiracy.

  86. God I hope NOT to hear from you again. You’re one angry conservative who lives in fantasyland with his head so far up his ass he can see sunshine! What did ignorant person you are……turn off Faux News and do some intelligent research for yourself! You’re voting against your own best interests by voting Republican but are too stupid to see that! The blue wave is coming in Nov because are fed up with this corrupt administration and the idiot who is in charge!

  87. Hey wittsend, It’s all about the money with Mueller and any other person who at one time were much admired upstanding patriots. These folks go to Washington or perhaps stay in their home state, get into government jobs or public office and low and behold one day people begin to find out how stinking rich theses same folks, who did not grow up with two cents to rub together, have become. Graft, corruption, sold their soul to the devil, etc., etc., and etc. In Mueller’s case probably sold out to the Clinton Cartel, George Soros, BHO, and only the Lord knows who else. Mueller is sitting in high cotton between this and the money the taxpayers are paying for his unholy investigation. Just remember all these criminals can’t take their ill gotten gains to hades!

  88. Since you know so much more about “what is going on in the real world”, please allow me to ask you something. Where were the attacks against Robert Mueller when George W. Bush nominated him to be FBI Director? Where were the attacks before he was approved 98-0 by the Senate? He’s the same man now that he was then.
    If Mueller’s investigation is a “witch hunt”, then why do we have “criminal proceedings against 32 people—five U.S. nationals, 26 Russian nationals, and one Dutch national—and three Russian organizations”?
    If Trump truly has nothing to hide then why doesn’t he stop his whining and sit down with Robert Mueller and snswer all questions? Wouldn’t that be the quickest way to bring the investigation to an end?

    He, MUELLER, is in the same league, as JOHN KERRY, and JOHN McCAIN….

  90. You are absolutely right Barbara….
    I don’t know who is the most ARROGANT, Mueller, Rosenstein, Strzok, or Comey.
    They ALL think they’re beyond being found out for being so corrupt…

    GOD IS IN CONTROL!!! They will get what’s coming to them, in God’s time.

  91. Actually, while there were Russians involved, it was not Putin or his Nation as a whole. It has been found that Hillary Clinton bribed Russian businessmen & members of crime cartels to frame Mr. Trump. Just as originally it was found that there was foriegn involvement, the CIA & Obama’s shadow government was well aware of circumstances. Why do you think Hillary’s home computers & DNC server was never turned in? Her home was never searched, her phone & ofc equip not seized. Some investigation, huh? Get your head out where you can get some fresh air and clear your mind & think!

  92. O. Possum pull head out of your rectum, clean your eyes and ears of your on crap and see what is reality and not your mal-aligned oppinon. You are nothing but a puppet for the Democratic Party. Oh yes our allies has taken advantage of us due to Dumb a** Clinton with AFTA. Most of our so called allies are ripping us off with NAFTA. Germany where we have troops in their country to protect them from Russia and Germany buying oil from Russia. What a farse. So O, Possum you have not idea what is going on in the real world. LMAO

  93. Exactly! Seth Rich is known as “Russia”. This is about to be blown wide open because the two former agents who killed Seth Rich are identified.

  94. Mueller was part of the clinton / obastard uranium deal , as such , he is a treasonous , organized crime , criminal with them . How can HE be allowed to go after Trump ? ! Did they let Al Capone go after Hoover ?

  95. Exactly right! No one in authority to prosecute these guys has the courage to do so. We have no power other than to complain on right wing websites and vote every 2 years.
    Maybe the torch and pitchfork crowd should come out.

  96. Trump has spent the last week or so alienating our allies and strengthening our enemies. He has also spent the last few days attacking America and blaming President Obama for something that Putin did. If Trump truly has nothing to hide, then he has nothing to worry about from Robert Mueller who is doing the people’s work. It’s absolute nonsense to think Mueller is out to get Trump. He is out to get the facts.

  97. Accomplished nothing?
    If he has truly accomplished nothing, then what are the democrats so gut hurt upset about?

  98. Hey Mary Ann Corbin, There is so much more at play here than what people saw. The behind the scenes “big picture” is what counts. Do you believe that Putin or POTUS could possibly reveal everything to the world? Do you think for one minute POTUS even revealed his complete motives to Putin? No way, Hosea! I know it is maddening when we don’t hear what we want to hear but, take comfort, what you wanted to hear and more was probably said behind
    closed doors. Time and the future will tell us all more. Trust but verify!

  99. Trump is not fit to be president of the U.S.A. He accomplished nothing and agreed with most everything that Putin said. He is lame as hell and he should be impeached!

  100. From day one I thought it was a Witch hunt with Muller being the Devil himself everyone knows that you can’t make a deal with or trust a Snake because he will turn around and bite you in the A–.

  101. I have said from day 1, that Muller is out to do his best to ruin President Trump and his administration.

    However, Muller, has not been able to prove that Candidate Trump and his campaign, and now his administration had any collusion between them and the Russians.

    Muller will continue to throw obstacles in front of President Trump and his administration, just to be able to make a point. Muller is still very pissed off because his pal, James Comey got fired last year.

    Two other Committees did their own investigation, and they reported, that they did not find any collusion between Candidate Trump and now President Trump and his whole campaign and now his whole administration.

    Muller is a crook and corrupt person just like the Democrats. These people are 2 peas in a pot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shut Muller DOWN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. I disagree. The President was briefed two weeks before the announcement and could have asked the DOJ to wait until after the Helsinki meeting. If anything, this puts another card in the President’s hand for the meeting. Plus, if you think the announcement is a surprise to President Putin you fail to understand the depth of Russian intelligence.

  103. Former FBI Director James Comey has a long history of involvement in Department of Justice actions that arguably ended up favorable to the Clintons. In 2001, following the original 9/11 mass murder by the Muslim jihadists, President Bush asked the FBI to track the movements of likely Muslim jihadists; Comey and Mueller refused that request on the basis that such tracking would be “un-American”. The jihadist mass murders of Americans in Boston, Chattanooga, Orlando, Fort Hood, and San Bernardino are therefore the direct result of that irresponsible refusal. In 2004 Comey, then serving as a deputy attorney general in the Justice Department, apparently limited the scope of the criminal investigation of Sandy Berger, which left out former Clinton administration officials who may have coordinated with Berger in his removal and destruction of classified records from the National Archives. The documents were relevant to the accusations that the Clinton administration was negligent in the build-up to the 9/11 terrorist attack. Back a year or two ago, FBI director Comey announced that despite the evidence of “extreme negligence” by Hillary Clinton and her top aides regarding the handling of classified information through her unprotected private email server, the FBI would not refer criminal charges to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department since it was just a case of innocent negligence. Imagine a similar finding of the Nuremberg trials of the Nazi criminals: “Well – yes, Goebbels did order that 6 million Jews be exterminated – but he really did not mean it, so let him go free with an appropriate government pension”. And now those two criminal anti-American traitors – Comey and Mueller – are “investigating” Russian influence in the Trump electoral victory???

  104. Yes I agree all the way from the beginning But a lot more now. I was pretty sure that Mueller was nothing more then Garbage But now I know that he is more then that. He is a Domestic Enemy of the United States and this falls into a Government military matter and that matter should be turned over to the Military to arrest and put him through the military courts and if convicted he be place in Military Brig to serve his time

  105. Mueller’s indictment of the 12 Russian military officers prior to Trump’s meeting with Putin is pure malice of forethought! His intention to embarrass and obstruct Trump in his negotiations with Putin is obvious. It’s time for Congress to step up and clean out the corruption in the DOJ.

  106. The supposed hacking/Russian interference happened with Obamas FULL KNOWLEDGE, he wasn’t concerned, because of Hillarys Uranium deal, it was in the BAG for Hillary, Russia would make SURE. Now because Hillary lost it must outside interference, the AMERICAN people, middle America must have voted for Trump because of Russian interference, NOT!!!

  107. Great R 4 U and not a Piggy D or p. d. Shrewd attention capture and sublime messaging whether intentional or not and full of something in short supply for the self righteous elite, common sense thrift, while not expecting an entitlement coming off hard working backs.

  108. Diane, You moron, You can’t distinguish anger from matter of fact language. You don’t make me angry, you make me nauseous. I taught anger management for people with your problems. I found that people like you are seriously deranged and need psychiatric
    counseling and care, sometimes long term. I am tuning my skill set that enables me to ignore people and situations over which I have no control. So go away, you house fly, or I will spray you. You will not hear from me again.

  109. Oh Helga I’m so sorry for you. It’s bad enough that the Germans thought you might be a Jew. But then to suffer the indignity of proving you had no Jew blood. God bless you is all I can say. MAGA.

  110. Diane: I voted for Obama in 2008. Obama proclaimed numerous times that his administration would be the most “transparent presidentcy” in US history! In all honesty, can you name (1)one Department in Obama’s administration that “WASEN”T POLITICIZED?” In my opinion, Obama’s 2 terms was the most CORRUPT administration in US history!!!!

  111. The Russians were doing the hacking while Obama was President…if anybody should have guilt laid upon them for the Russian indictments it’s Obama!!

  112. I said last May when it was revealed that Mueller hired Democrat and Clinton supporters for his staff that a second special counsel should have been hired to investigate Mueller for not only this, but for his entire career including his stay in Boston, his relationship with Florida Muslims ( CAIR ) and his participation in the Uranium One deal.

  113. Why the Republicans aren’t doing something about this? Cause many, many of them are a part of that swamp that the president want’s to drain, and they can’t openly oppose him (he’s the de-facto head of the R party). So … they stand around, wring their hands, and wait for the Demodumbs to get rid of him for them, so they can all get back to business, as usual (ripping-off the American taxpayer)

  114. As a citizen all you can do is stay strong, remain resolute, be patient, write your Senators, Congressperson and VOTE. POTUS Trump will do no harm. The Dems are being reduced to grasping at straw in the wind. Just remember Lady Thatcher’s admonition to POTUS GHW Bush when he hesitated right before Gulf War I……’don’t go wobbly on us’. Same thing applies now to all Republicans. MAGA!!

  115. You need an anger management course or need to increase your meds! You’re one sick puppy! Hahahahaha

  116. Exactly who is gonna do all this prosecuting? I can’t, can you?

    Maybe, if 10,000 people descended on the steps of the congressional building every morning and protested, picketed with signs, chants, and songs, for a few weeks (like during Vietnam), then perhaps Congress would act! But short of that, or maybe 10,000 emails, telegrams, etc. protesting this hatchet-man.

    But, short of that, this blog accomplishes little. Sad, but true!

  117. I firmly believe when Clinton and Obumer held office both administrations either willingly or naively gave Russia the ability to hack into the DNC dB and the democraps have been trying to find a way to flip their bugger onto Trump for their fallacies as they are for ALL of their misgivings.

  118. HELGA you are right, Mueller is exactly like the Gestapo……My grandmother told me how he was in the beginning, and Muleler is doing everything the same, like a carbon copy.

  119. Muller is going to do whatever he can, however, Rosenstein, also said, that there was NO EVIDENCE of this hacking had any effect on the election, SO, by that statement from Rosenstein, Candidate Trump had NO way of knowing whether this hacking did interfere with the votes at all.

    Candidate Trump had NO WAY of knowing WHO exactly did interfere, or exactly did hack into these systems.

    Muller is wanting to take down President Trump because, President Trump fired Muller’s pal, James Comey. THAT IS MULLER’S PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Muller is still very pissed off for James Comey being fired, not because of the election,or who won the election.

    Muller has not been able to prove that Candidate Trump and now President Trump and his campaign, and now, his administration had any collusion with Russia during the election or even after the election.

    There were two other Committees that also did their own investigations, and both Committees reported that they couldn’t find any collusion between Candidate Trump , and now President Trump and his campaign staff and now his administration.

    Muller needs to be shut down as of RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!! When you can’t find any collusion, then there aren’t any.

  120. Washes them into prison or a firing squad for being TRAITORS TRYING TO OVERTHROW OUR CONSTITUTION AND OUR FORM OF GOVERNMENT = TREASON.

  121. Helga, every decent American SHOULD and probably DOES agree with you. I will never believe Mueller is as crooked as they come, he works for the Deep State and will do whatever he sees as worthwhile, but which all decent people see as inhumane. Leftists do not bother being honest, decent, or logical….I am willing to bet that their DNA EXCLUDES HONESTY, DECENCY, AND LOGIC. We decent Americans MUST put a stop to this travesty.

  122. The level of bias and hate demonstrated by Peter Stryok makes me question the integrity of the FBI and the Mueller investigation. As a citizen I am horrified by their power and actions.

  123. An excellent observation and proposed path forward. Comey, Mueller, Mueller’s team of Democratic biases lawyers, Rosenstein, Strzok, Page, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, McCabe, and Wray. Investigate and prosecute them to the full extent of the law then sentence them to imprisonment for Treason and crimes against Trump the American people and our democracy.

  124. 8 years, zero scandals, zero indictments! Can’t say the same thing for this Administration can we, since we already have guilty pleas plus his corrupt campaign manager is sitting in jail awaiting trial. Nice try, though.

  125. The whole illegal abuse for 8 years under obumer never lifted an eye, but now 2 years under Trump the microscope is relentlessly used. The left is only ok with the sucking a baby from a ‘US Citizens vagina’ and selling it’s body parts. When they are illegal all bets are off and the illegals are protected with US citizen tax dollars.

  126. Lush Limpballs? Now that’s hilarious! His ratings are in the toilet! Nice to know who YOU listen to! Now we know how stupid you truly are!

  127. Diane, You nasty rotten commie troll! Eat sh-t and die! You are the most pathetic excuse for a human allowed to breath good air. You are crazy and there is no hope for you. Why don’t you leave decent people alone. You as well as your cronies are the reason #WalkAway is having so much success! (I apologize for good people reading this. This witch abuses Republicans on a daily basis and I am so bored with her anger and smartalac mouth. I, we, have to ignore her so it will leave.)

  128. You only listen to cnn andmsnbc the worst news media and I bet you don’t listen to rush Limbaugh’s he’s a whole lot smarter than you!

  129. Mueller is just like the Gestapo and the SS in his tactics. I should know because I grew up during that time and what my family had to endure looks much like what Mueller has done to Flynn and Manafort. We had to complete and submit a family tree to prove that there was no Jewish blood in our Ancestry. How I despise this man I can’t even fully express! We have seen how the Intelligence leadership scurry like rats because Hillary didn’t win and they have been outed. We must finish this job and prosecute Mueller for crimes against the American people!

  130. Criminals are of all races, genders and political parties. Rosenstein and Mueller both worked for Obama. The common denominator is the Obama Administration was the most corrupt political party in US History.

  131. BS had nothing to do with Trump. No Americans involved. Nothing they did changed anything and where is the investigations into Obama sending Podesta to Israel to interfere in their elections and spending tax dollars to do it?


  132. All of which had nothing to do with Russian Collusion with the Trump campaign, unless you watch Fake News CNN and MSNBC.

  133. Why aren’t the Republicans doing something about this rather than stand around wringing their hands? The Democrats are lock-step behind each other no matter the consequences. Trump is right to want to drain the swamp. Our elected unrepresenting representatives are only fattening their wallets. Where else can you get a retirement after serving only one term. It is time for term limits and an end to lobbyists.

  134. Muleface is nothing more than a hired stooge/hack for demorat/liberals. NOTHING MORE!!!

  135. Mueller is a Nazi communist just like the DemoRATS!! They all swim in the same sewer!! I’ll be glad when Trump drains the sewer and washes them all into prison!!

  136. Maybe because 15 intelligence agencies have confirmed that. Geez! Get you’re head out of the sand. Why was there 12 Russian indictments on Friday?

  137. I assume you’re just as sick over the $3 million taxpayer that Trey Gowdy spent on the Benghazi investigation, plus the $2 million taxpayer spent on the Hillary email investigation or are you just being hypocrital? There were zero indictments for either of these investigations, but Mueller has produced 196 indictments against 38 people plus 3 companies. He’s gotten guilty pleas from many from this corrupt Trump administration, plus his campaign manager is currently sitting in jail, awaiting trial. Seems like money well spent, yet can’t wait until he indicts the Americans who helped Russia! Looking for indictments for Roger Stone, Donnie, Jr., and Jared Kuschner! Then on to the big, fat guy!

  138. Mueller is an idiot surrounded by idiot Clinton lawyers. He was involved in giving away uranium that this country needed.
    I think u need an education on MUELLAR who is now a multi millionaire thanks to this investigation.

  139. Why is Mueller allowed to unjustly enrich himself and his corrupt cronies on the American Peoples back with this fraudulent investigation and no one is stopping it.

  140. The left hasn’t got a message. Thus the on going antics. Children at the border has been going on through the Obama years. Now under Trump they’ve been treated better than ever. What I don’t understand is the Left is fine with sucking a baby from a womans vagina and selling its body parts. I just don’t get it.

  141. Russian collusion scenario is the “insurance plan” Strozok planned, just in case,
    in the unlikely event Hillary lost to Trump. They cooked up this back-up plan to eventually get Trump out of office. It is since taken on a life of its own.

  142. Why not just follow the money from Uranium 1. I would bet my future that the proceeds from the sale ended up in the Hillary/DNC coffers. The sad truth is Mueller was in on that deal.

  143. A majority of Americans had no idea just how corrupt was the swamp. It is time to return to the America IN GOD WE TRUST, AND, with no exceptions, not even Congressional or Presidential Office Holders, rules for Americans, apply to ALL Americans. Amen?


  145. If the Democrats would not let FBI check their computers for hacking they must have been hiding something.Hillary did many illegal things.

  146. I, like so many, am with our elected president, Donald J. Trump and I believe the Mueller witch hunt should be shut down!
    Suggest a National Voter referendum; one question
    (1) should the Mueller investigation be shut down?

  147. John Podesta gave the Russians access to the DNC network when he gave in to that phishing attack. That said, I think their main goal was just to seed discord in our electoral process. I remain convinced that if the Russians wanted anyone to win, they wanted Hillary. Given her general corruption and incompetence — start the discussion with that silly ‘reset’ button and the Uranium One deal — Putin _knew_ she could be rolled. Trump, not so sure. And Putin must be rubbing his hands in glee over the Denocrat-led dissension within the U.S.

  148. This investigation has always been an unjust Witch Hunt against President Trump. I agree with the assessment that the ‘insurance policy’ that the arrogant Strzok talked about in his email is this unjust Witch Hunt. There’s enough crime here to convict all these Democrats stooges and why Jeff Sessions is sitting idly by is completely absurd! What a BAD choice he was for AG. He ‘hid’ himself well.

  149. It is time for the charade to stop. It is time for President Trump to shut Mueller’s Investigation down and allow a duly elected
    President to focus on building America back up. Are those so biased against a non-Washingtonian they would use slander, bigotry to push selfish motives ignoring those of us who support, fought for the principles upon which this country was
    founded? Daily I pray for men and women putting their lives on the line to help those in other countries wanting to come here
    because they want to be free.

  150. I firmly believe that Trump should fire Rosenstein Wray and Mueller. It’s time for a serious house cleaning in Washington DC. It’s time to get rid of demoncraps like Waters Pelosi Schumer and many others and get rid of judges that want to invent law and do not follow the constitution. If we can’t throw them out VOTE THEM OUT. We need to establish law and order again according to the way our founding fathers wanted it. Mueller would have never gotten anywhere then and should be fired now

  151. how many millions of dollars did the clinton foundation get from Russia for the sale of our uranium and bill clinton got a half million dollars for one speech from russia. Why does anyone believe President Trump had help from Russia.

  152. Peggy, there are also some errors in your response. If you’re going to criticize someone, you should make sure that your grammar is 100% accurate.

  153. typical demoCRAP diversion, peggy, you are a fool to defend these GIANT pieces of DUNG known as the demoCRAP party!

  154. yes indeed!!! he is no good money grubber!! he has taken us to the cleaners!! what for??? TO MAKE OUR PRES. TRUMP LOOK BAD!! AINT GONNA WORK SCUM BAG MULLER!! FIRE

  155. Also, how do they know that the Russian’s hacked the DNC computer when the DNC wouldn’t let the FBI, CIA, NSA or any other intelligence community look at their computer’s!! It’s all fabricated charges, they had access because Hillary Clinton had a private server which definitely was hacked by a number of people!!

  156. How could Robert Mueller be unbiased when these are some of his associate; Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, Comey, Klapper, Brennan, Lisa Page, Ohr, Rosenstein and the likes. Sad.

  157. I thought like many the Mueller investigation was due to Comey being fired. The whole thing was a plot against the Republican party to begin with and it is all coming out that The Decimcratic/Communist Party acts in such despicable ways. Democrats act like they hate America, they are so crazy.

  158. It has been reported MANY times that the fib NEVER took control of and inspected the doc servers, it is YOU believing the MSM that is the problem, you’ve been hoodwinked from the very beginning sorry idiot!


  160. They don’t KNOW ANYTHING about the DNC servers because they NEVER inspected them. Thank Seth Rich for downloading the information and giving it to Wikileaks and getting killed for his efforts to SHINE a LIGHT on demoCRAP corruption before the whore hillary could get elected, THANK YOU SETH!!!

  161. I worry that we’re running out of time but I absolutely totally agree with what you just said. In my humble opinion it’s time for a house cleaning in Washington DC I firmly believe that Trump should fire sessions Rosenstein Ray and Mueller. There will be Fallout over something like that naturally. The Deep state is even deeper than anybody could have imagined but I believe that the voters who elected Donald Trump will stand behind him 100%. I also believe our military will be behind him if needed. This constant stalling has to stop!!!

  162. It was all based on a fake dossier. Additionally, plenty of evidence had been uncovered to confirm that the DNC was colluding with foreign officials namely Russians, to tank the Trump campaign, yet the “special counsel” has done nothing about it.

  163. President Trump has gotten a raw deal.Mueller should be prosecuting HRC for her illegal housing of her computer servers,and D W Schultz for her I T Pakistan Inman who stole a wide variety of documents,money and travel out of the country numerous times.This witch hunt is HRC revenge.Foul deal

  164. indicted for hacking the DEMOCRAT system?

    They had full and complete access to everything hitlery, the obama administration AND the dnc system thanks to hitlerys PRIVATE, NON-GOVERNMENT server!

    I’m calling BS on meuller….

  165. You must be totally deranged if you think mueller is anything but a CROOKED COP, PERIOD!! There is and has been ZERO connection between Trump and the ruskies, so take your FALSE CRAP and stick it where the sun don’t shine, you idiots are disgusting in your BUTTHURT, go get some PREP H and a brain while you’re at it!

  166. I think it will work against Mueller and the Democrats, President Putin and President Trump are so much smarter than to believe these lies and those guys will never go before a US court…I believe it was Debbie Wasserman, Atwans, Hillary and Obama who will get caught up in this scandal eventually…Give it some time…

  167. The “hack” was not from overseas!
    Impossible to transfer data that far and fast.

    The transfer was to a thumb drive, local!

    Most likely Seth Rich, and HRC had him whacked!

  168. Absolutely agree 100%. This is ridiculous now and only shows the left corruption. Costing us millions!

  169. I guess today I should just close this off I don’t understand these blanket statements. They are so full of hate and angst. Mueller is a republican hired by our president. Let the man do his job as defined by the law. That way no one can say there was a rush to judgment. Are you an attorney?

  170. I’m sorry I just can’t contain myself after having read your post. You flunked English didn’t you. You made no point at all. One run on sentence after another. The only thing I can get is that you’re angry. I don’t understand, you have the president that you wanted. All presidents are criticized. The man has told some whoppers, I have no problem with criticism of the president of the United States and there’s no real need to get hostile about it criticize intelligently, it’s quite frankly what politics is all about.

  171. You know I agreed with you right up until you said you guys are nuts. Expletives of any type should be left out of political discourse

  172. Hillary kissed up to the radical Islam nuts. Caused them to come into power. Should we call her the whore of Babylon?

  173. So completely biased against Trump which is why the FBI made the statements about Clinton right before the election that helped Trump win the election. Wow, you guys are nuts.

    How about the fact that we have a guy and an agency doing a great job in finding out what happened and who did it and then indict those who might be guilty. By doing it before the meeting, Trump now knows that Russia was complicit in the hacking of the emails. Now it is up to him to decide how to handle it. This wan’t anti Trump in the least. To have done it right after he came back would have been a disservice to the White House and the country.

  174. Mueller did it to cover the Dem Party sins: DNC chairperson Wasserman involvement in DNC scandal, FBI/DOJ corruptions, Seth Rich murder (new witness evidence pointing at DEA/ATF agents involvement), Obama surveillance spying, congressional demands for FBI/DOJ documents, Hillary 33,000 missing emails, etc, etc

    Mueller BS will have all the major liberal media attention blaring all the gasps and “smh” news. It mean that you can’t reason with the liberals.

    I hope that the independents have enough sense to listen …

    Time to push forward thru all their BS and win the Nov elections!

    Trump 2020!

  175. Robert Mueller just proved he’s out to get Trump with this announcement


  176. Candidate Trump at the time said , ” That he was not anybody’s punching bag or that he was anybody’s puppet!” Now President Trump is doing things that former Obama wouldn’t do,everybody on the Democrats side, believes that President Trump is under Russian Putin’s control. President Trump is under NO-ONES control, except for his control.

    I have more faith in President Trump than I ever had in former President Obama.

    President Trump has been listening to his advisers going into this meeting with Putin. The Democrats, needs to give President Trump credit for how he is handling everything that Obama left in a mess.

    Muller, is still very pissed off, because his Comey pal got fired, because, Comey wasn’t doing his job like he should have been. An since Muller has NO EVIDENCE of collusion from Candidate Trumps campaign, and now his administration, Muller is trying to find anything to charge President Trump and his administration with, just to make the sorry corrupt Democrats very happy.

    If there is ” NO THERE, THERE” then Muller needs to be shut down, so that President Trump and his administration can get down and get his agenda fulfilled to his full expectation.

  177. Meuller can’t prove squat since the DNC never allowed the fumbling FBI access to their server!

  178. I believe the whole thing was a plan all along be the DNC and Clinton Machine to do what damage they can to Mr.TRUMP. I THINK THEY ALL SHOULD BE LOCKED UP.

  179. The only people who contend CNN is not “Fake News” are the DNC, CNN (indistinguishable from the DNC), and George Soros funded organizations. CNN is tolerated by some others because their agendas are similar. At first I was not fond of President Trump’s affinity to tell it like it is in blunt terms, but now I find it absolutely necessary.

  180. Grizz Mann, Please keep on repeating this comment, again and again. People need to know what Mueller REALLY is.

  181. According to the Müeller Inquisition, Trump is not the target. That is if you trust a prosecutor that convicted Louie Greco, Henry Tameleo, Peter Limone and Joe Salvati (2, Louie Greco, Henry Tameleo, died in prison and cost the taxpayers an eventual settlement of more than $100 million for false imprisonment) he knew they were innocent. Looks like he’s at it again.

  182. Daaaa How many guesses do I get? Crooked Hillary, Revengeful Mueller, Academy award winners, Stryok and Comey. Rothsein a pompous bum. What a disgraceful lot.

  183. Oh stop Marvin McCardle, My heart could not stand all that great stuff at one time. Talk about a Happy Thanksgiving!! We could all offer some super good replacement names, huh?

  184. The lawless commie Dem liberals live in a giant fire ant colony and Lord only knows who all is in it. Just make a mental picture of what that must look like. We may never know all the names but, after we have finished posioning the
    entire colony/bed the few remaining ones will hopefully sting each other into oblivion and, forever be gone.

  185. I hope that right after the mid terms our POTUS fires Sessions, Rosenstein, and Mueller all at once and replaces them with strong republicans who will start the process of opening all the drains in the swamp and watch as each and everyone of the scumbag criminals go down the drain.

  186. The dumbacrat party don’t just want to bust Trump. They want to take out anyone whom disagrees with their. Back door communism. ????????

  187. We’re Sooooo Sick & Tired of all this garbage against our President Trump.
    Republican’s & Democrats alike are “fed up” with all the deliberate lies.
    We’re NOT Stupid. We R 100% convinced that some of R FBI, some Member’s of Congress, as well as some Senator’s R up to their Eyeballs N this ATTACK against R President. If they can’t keep their pledge to uphold the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights, & defend R President, who happens to be doing an awesome job 4 America — then “LEAVE”.. GET OUT of America. We don’t want U here – deliberately fighting against R Elected President. Love it, or leave it. If U want to support the Children & others sneaking into R Country — take it out of YOUR (OVERPAID) Salaries, & LEAVE R MONEY ALONE. U have NO RIGHT stealing R Tax Dollars to support Criminal’s & their Families. U want to support them, U,do it yourselves. STOP STEALING R Hard Earned Money. And Pay your own damn bills. Stop stealing R $ to buy your Medical Insursnce. U R HIGHLY OVERPAID, still U have the Gaul to take R Tax Dollars & pay your damn expenses ?? If that’s not bad enough, U Rob us more by FORCING US to PAY 4 “YOUR PERSONAL Health Spa w/ ALL THE TRIMMINGS. DUH ! How Dare U. We R NOT RESPONSIBLE 4 YOUR Beauty Shop Appointments, your Barber Shop Hair Cuts, Manicures, Pedicures, COCKTAIL HOURS, Private Lunches, etc. Massages, etc. What the DO U PAY 4 ?? When U Ran 4 Congress, etc. U said NOTHING about forcing US to SUPPORT U, & pay 4 ALL YOUR PERDONAL, & PRIVATE EXPENSES. WE WANT R $ BACK.. We R not Working Hard to pay 4 YOUR PERSONAL, & PRIVATE EXPENSES. HOW DARE U. U send a Private Jet out of this Country to pick up personal private items U purchase ???
    U send Private U S.Jets to Marti Gras town, just to bring back bushels of FRESH CRABS, & SEAFOOD 4 U. DAH!!!
    Hello! What’s wrong with this picture ???. It’s waaaay past time 4 us to Clean up Washington Free Loader’s..
    R U With us ?? Do U Want your money BACK N your POCKET. Mark’s give it BACK to US.

  188. Everything seems to come around at just the right time for whatever Dems want to do something badly.

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