Robert Mueller just revealed his endgame for impeaching Trump

Special counsel Robert Mueller has one goal.

And that is the impeachment Donald Trump.

He just revealed how he plans to remove the President from office.

Mueller’s witch hunt against Trump has come up empty on producing any evidence of collusion with Russia.

The charge was fake news and a hoax.

But Mueller has zeroed in trying to charge the President with obstruction of justice.

And now he wants to interview the President about his decisions to fire former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and former FBI Director James Comey.

The Washington Post reports:

“Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III is seeking to question President Trump in the coming weeks about his decisions to oust national security adviser Michael Flynn and FBI Director James B. Comey, according to two people familiar with his plans.

Mueller’s interest in the events that led Trump to push out Flynn and Comey indicates that his investigation is intensifying its focus on possible efforts by the president or others to obstruct or blunt the special counsel’s probe.”

Mueller’s original mandate was to investigate supposed Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

But the Comey and Flynn firings took place months after the election.

And neither one has anything to do with collusion.

The only reason to interview the President is to hope to catch him misremembering a date or a meeting and then charge him with perjury.

Mueller was not appointed to find the truth.

His mission is to destroy the President.

Will he succeed?

Or will justice be done and Mueller fail at his attempt to nullify the 2016 election.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. William Meredith….DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!!!!! The word ” irregardless ” and it’s use dates back to the 17th century.

  2. Every one of the criminals needs to be put in prison now and off from Americans soil. The only way to protect our United States. I hope something happens soon. President Trump is in charge now. It is time. President Trump is doing an awesome job for us. A job with out pay. A high stress job and moving America forward. He deserves the most upgrade respect. Underground is mafia. Mafia and all their crimes need to be punished. I am so sick of seeing this crap. It needs to end NOW!!

  3. You said it like it should be said. I am a 75 years old an I have MS. I will go out in the civil war if that happens. And I will not be afraid. If they try to dedyrore this country that I always felt was the best country that there is in this world. I will not be afraid to fight to the communist idiots that are trying to destruction of our great land. I am mad as hell they are doing nothing to put hillary and the past gay man that was never suoppose to a president. He was born in Kenya. Why ate the not going sfter those 2 instead a man that wants the best for all us. Years ago I wss a Democrat but NOT again
    Wake up people
    C J

  4. We the people “you know the deplorables” want this costly investigation ended. Trump did not need to collude with Russia he won because we wanted big change like jobs and regulations lifted. I agree if they Impeach Trump there will be a civil war. None like you have seen before.

  5. I also agree. Lock up traitors Obama and Hillary. I have seen saying for years that Obama’s actions have proved him to be a traitor to the USA. Hillary is corrupt and should go to prison, also. And,Yes, get rid of Mueller. Unhappy in a Sanctuary State. I just can’t believe it!!

  6. You are correct. One question, who said he was smart? He tried to scam me years ago and failed. At least the first letter was an one, the rest were gmail. He has the most God awful spelling I’ve ever seen. I really doubt it ended with me, there were probably hundreds of others. Civil War? How about a simple assassination? As a Marine Lt. I’ve learned to hate self-important Generals. I know a Colonel who feels more strongly than I do.

  7. tell robert mueller his stupid witch hunt will end in trumps favor and he will be investigated and why won’t he tell america of his 13 yr adult retlation with nancy pelosi the scumbag and why wont retard nancy pelosi bring up her $100 million worth the scum!

    hey mueller if your smart which your not give up and you can prevent civil war and i guarantee you will have civil war with us deplorables if you even try to impeach trump.

  8. Get a dictionary. You will find a reference to the word “irregardless” there AND the definition of the word. If you are going to pretend to be the more intelligent one, you need to fire something much more than blanks.

  9. Trump will eat Mullie’s lunch.the POS don’t really know who he’s messing with. Mullie’s a demorcap who have been losing from day One of Trump’s Win and Trump has been winning from day one and still winning!MAGA

  10. Then the “Mulie” forgot his first duty and sworn commitment to the Constitution, Bill of Rights and to uphold the law. He has discarded those in pursuit of money. Therefore, his termination both in this plane of life and otherwise is the only recourse. Don’t ever call that boot licker a Marine again!

  11. I just can’t get over the fact that all the evidence showing the FBI blatantly breaking the law of the land to help Clinton become president and fabricating evidence to help her not get charged in a crime that was committed with all the emails to classified emails the lying breaking up all the computers and phones and servers in the head of the FBI call me given immunity to people that don’t deserve it. I mean it’s all out-and-out lies between few of the top guys in the FBI not the Rankin file. and for the Democratic senators and everybody out there saying that the Republican Senators are trying to take attention away from the Russian investigation is a joke. and if the Democrats actually believe that there as guilty is the few bad directors in assistant directors of the FBI. that’s the leaders the top guys at the FBI and this started right after Clinton lost the election which nobody thought would ever happen so most of the democratic leaders at the time decided to get together and let’s make a little story up to get the duly elected president of the United States Donald J Trump elected by the people. that the Democratic party did not want an office and they’ve been trying their damndest ever since to get him out of being president I believe it’s been from Obama call me I believe it’s been from Obama and everybody that worked for Obama and the Democrats are acting like that how dare them say that about the FBI. if the shoe fits wear it. you got to be a knucklehead not to see what’s going on. but their arrogance thinks that nobody’s going to get in trouble for this but if you break the law you should pay the consequence and I think they should go to jail if they’re guilty if it was anybody else that did something like this they be in jail. there should be no difference between the guy on a street and them that are doing the law Breakin now.. it’s got to stop now because if they don’t stop at this country is going to fall… we’re country of laws and that’s what makes it so great nobody is above the law and these people seem to think they are and they have to be taken down and stopped do know better than anyone else and if they’re not held accountable for their actions it’s going to be a sad day for this country we must make it so this can never happen again please wake up America God Bless America

  12. I guess Mueller has totally forgotten his task and was really only seeking to get Trump out. Can not find Russian Collusion so moving on to anything else he can think of, really! How about we let the President get on with the real work of the nation?

  13. And Mueller himself. Remember he was Director of the FBI during the Uranium One scandal, so he knew everything.

  14. Agree! They think they can just remove our President Trump they
    Will start a civil war! The whole thing is made up from the dems and the crooked FBI we the people are sick of this lawless !

  15. It’s not too late for him to get on the right side of the tote-board. Did you ever go to the races and see how the tote-board changes right before a race. The most important thing we learn is the first thing after we think we know it all and this applies to Mueller too. Once he learns the truth he will act in good faith.

  16. FBI Special Agents have 24/7 protection even if they’re not that special; and they can oversee the kidnapping of your mentally ill relative and the filing of a bogus lawsuit against you in your relative’s name to avoid being sued for malfeasance. Not all but some FBI agents see their authority as a license to monetize crime to their advantage.

  17. We would only hope that it was taped too. Comey, Lynch, Mueller, Strzok, Page, Rice, Hillary, Rosenstein, Lerner, 0bama, all need perp walked. Then tried. And when found guilty, either bread and water hard labor in prison or the rope.

  18. Yep Jay. And if the Dems in Congress knew what was good for them, they’d all be on the first flights out of the country. Because if a civil war broke out, they would be the first targets.

  19. Smart move leaving CA. the fruit and nut state. The reason Mueller”the Jack Ass” is wanting to interview Trump is because he hasn’t found anything about Russian collusion. Every thing Mueller has done have nothing but corruption. Look at the Uranium One he is all full of crap on that. He is a traitor and liar.

  20. If Sessions was worth a carp, Mueller would have already been stopped. Democrats just want to spend tax payers money. It is all a smoke screen to take the heat off Obummer an Killery.

  21. Robert- thanks for saying it like it really is! You hit the facts straight on, and anybody but the libtards know that what you stated is entirely true and factual. Great job!

  22. > if 3 ‘separate’ Branches were equal on some level, there would be N0 Need for a P0TUS … 3 Branches are a ‘check’ of sorts, BUT
    P0TUS PRESIDES & W/P0WER of VET0 / E0 …

  23. Hopefully President Trump will tell Muller to go pound rock salt !!!
    They already gave the “investigation” a million or so pages of documents, that should be enough!!!
    If President Trump does “speak” with Muller I hope he does something like, this is ALL off the record,records Muller’s questions and says I’ll get back to you!!!

  24. A Meeting does not necessarily implicate ‘collusion’ by any means, only if 0pposition mis-construes … however, jr’s mouth was out of control at that time & had N0 INFLUENCE in Top Levels …

  25. YES – o’bomb Almost< killed our country . We have a band-aid
    now – how long will it last After DJT ??? …

  26. No pretention here. P0TUS Power is Veto /E0 …
    >thnx dave, but… re Mueller – AFTER 1 yr of ___ Mueller NEEDS
    to be reminded he is N0T P0TUS … Manafort baloney ‘preceded’
    Election (& 0ut of Mueller jurisdiction) Mueller IS NOT Neutral Nor 0bjective, 0BVIOUSLY…& oh god, jr/ jared are nothing but trouble… 0u. & Both Need to just “shutta yo’ mouth’ G0 Home (jared/ivank) & take care of fam . The Kushner Fam. Biz is in deep, historically speaking …

  27. Grace every one needs to blow up the email and mailbox and phone of there congress and senate and tell them to stop wasting there tax dollars on a witch hunt.

  28. so very true and it is sad that people have sat back for years saying that will never happen and did nothing to stop it. now its all coming to a head and people better wake up

  29. If Mueller is intent on committing suicide, and he certainly is, then who are we to interfere. Cheers to his certain demise.

  30. Absolutely, people need to wake up. the general public has had blinders on for to long and let these people get voted in to office and now its like pulling eye teeth to get them out and people need to stop saying oh that will never happen!

  31. Everyone needs to blow up there law makers email and there mail box and phone about wasting there tax dollars on this deep state witch hunt.

  32. Everyone needs to blow up there law makers email and there mail box and phone about wasting there tax dollars on this deep state witch hunt.

  33. Everyone needs to blow up there law makers email and there mail box and phone about wasting there tax dollars on this deep state witch hunt.

  34. If Mueller and his gang of crooks get their way, he will start a civil war in this Country and they will be brought to justice by the people. They will not like the outcome.

  35. I’m sorry. If Mueller had the honor you say he has, he would have already resigned.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  36. Under NO circumstances should Trump consider an interview with the chief shark of Deep State. Trump can get a list of questions from Mueller and with his attorneys, answer the ones he wants to.

    Then, tell Mueller to ****off.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  37. It is time to sit Mr. Mueller down and explain the facts to him. He had a job to do that he has failed at and now thinks he has the power to do whatever he wants. Well, it is time the President showed him and the democrats who the new sheriff is. Do it now.


  39. Funny..yet you used the word, so it is a word, but not a word you should use…but still a word… lighten up….

  40. Where is the AG in all of this he recused himself over the Russia investigation but now it has moved on from there. He should be the one that steers the investigation, shouldn’t he be the one to step in and say whoa. I liked Sessions but since he became AG I for one have been very disappointed with what we got.

  41. Mueller is just out to get revenge for Comey. Congress should remove him and end his vendetta. Flynn was fired for LYING and that was the right thing to do. Comey was fired for NOT DOINV HIS JOB. Comey played Politics and Obstructed Justice in letting Clinton walk on her long list of Crimes. Trump was right in firing Comey also. Mueller NEEDS to be FIRED but Trump cannot do it or people would say he was guilty and fired Mueller because he was about to expose that fact. Mueller should NEVER have been made Special Counsel due to his VERY BIASED feelings toward Trump over his pal Comey being canned. Mueller has a MASSIVE CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

  42. I’d like to know what the Clinton’s kicked back to him for burying all the info he had at the time this all went down. Has anybody looked at his bank records, I think he’s into it up to his squinty eyes.

  43. Hey grammar police. What??????
    If your saying the Russians were inept during WWII, you might want to review your history, they killed a lot of Germans (I believe more than the Americans did).

  44. Ed, I agree totally with you. Lawyers are the most corrupt folks in any career.. Learn to lie in Law School. Edd

  45. well now that McCabe just got caught BIG time in the NEW memo that is about to be released about his collusion , because he is the man that hired Mueller . so its a BIG setup right from the beginning

  46. I don’t think Mueller is a bad person after all he is a former USMC Officer for that alone he has earned our respect. But I do feel like he is working on the wrong side of the tote-board. I think he’d be shocked by what he would learn if he investigated some of his FBI Special Agents. He’d find they’re not so special.

  47. I agree he should be charged with sedition and colluding with the Democrats to subvert the dully elected government.

  48. My problem with FBI is when you have an FBI Agent that’s a co conspirator in fraud, arson and extortion against you she can keep filing false charges to disprove to run out statute of limitations on their first offense. We should be able to trust the FBI. I was shocked when I learned the FBI is in league with a person that threatened to kill me if I evicted him from a house he lived in sixteen months without paying after stealing $110,000 from the bank that sold it to me. We definitely need to investigate the FBI.

  49. Shouldn’t these investigations have a limit?
    This idea that someone can use our money to create a huge cabal to find some way, with no limits, to get the president, is crazy.
    Trump should start investigating Muller.
    We could have a whole new city of investigations.

  50. You may have the truth but you show yourself to be a illiterate because irregardless is not a word. It is only used by people trying to impress using a big word. Don’t do it anymore .

  51. I believe that this is all about money for Mueller. All of these attorneys are earning $1,000 of dollars each day. It has cost the U.S. Taxpayers millions of dollars. And they have not accomplished anything to impeach Trump on.. After all these months ? ?
    Mueller and his cronies are getting rich…. So it will be a long time before this is over….


  53. Without a question of a doubt, President Trump should listen to his lawyers. Mueller IS NOT interested in the truth — his ONLY desire is to harm the President. If the President insists, then Mueller should be subjected to the same ordeal — UNDER OATH, Trump’s lawyers should be allowed to question Mueller :^) (I believe this latter requirement would end the whole charade)

  54. The end game for Robert Mueller should be Robert Mueller rotting away in a federal prison. Followed by his burial – with a tombstone reading “Here LIes a POS”.

  55. Trump should LISTEN to hos lawyers, DO NOT GRAND AN INTERVIEW WITH MUELLER!! Nothing can be gained by the interview. DJT an only be hurt by perjury, decline to be interviewed!!!

  56. Robert you hit it right on the head, our Country is turning into a third world nation. Lets just pray and hope that President Trump will hang in there and keep on furfilling his promises. God have Mercy on our Country.

  57. Irregardless of the validity of this story….you listen to Liberal lies. Do you not appreciate the economy booming, jobs being available, the safety of our country improving!!!! Get a life or leave the USA because you obviously are not listening to the truth.

  58. I’m beginning to think the only way to rid America of the liberal communist trash in America is by sniper.

  59. Robert “Jughead’ Mueller is dirty and tied to Uranium One and other nefarious acts of the left. He won’t impeach Trump. People want ice water in hell, too.

  60. I think President Trump should do “the Hillary” when questioned by Mueller. He should answer every question with “I DO NOT RECALL”. If it worked for Hillary, it should also work for Trump!

  61. If he is not following or cannot find truth in the original Russian case then he is OUT of bounds and should not be able to pick his next issue!

    sessions take over what new issues not HIM

  62. We are going to lose our country. Trump is only slowing it down. If and when the democrats get back in power, we will have gun control and our lives will be manipulated to work for the elite class. The mayor of New York has already come out with a plan to make all property in New York belong to the city. The city would determine what the property would be used for and what the city would be paid for the use of the property. Communism?? The only way this mess can be changed is if the conservatives get back in control for a number of years and we have term limits to get rid of the idiots. If not, there will be civil war. Look in history, every time the country eliminates the middle class, the country eliminates its self. Our middle class used to work for a decent wage, they were able to buy a home, a car, have some fun ,go on vacations and save a little nest egg for retirement. Now our young and britest are coming out of school owing 2 hundred K for school debt. They can not afford a car or house. They are basically in poverty. People will have to do what the government says when the government says do it! People better wake up and do more than just complain about the liberals, they better get out and help true conservatives win elections, or find another country. They need to say to hell with race and racism. Obama brought that more to to forefront than any other person ever in this country. It is time to stop caving in to the crybabies. There are many many blacks that are rich, there are many that earn decent money. There are a few that want to get everything by pulling the race card. I say that all needs to be ended. The blacks make up just over thirteen percent of the population, of that thirteen percent, three percent commit FIFTY percent of all murder, rape and other crime in this country. Department of Justice stats. It is time for the media to talk about that. It is time for the media to talk about the billions of taxpayer dollars that go to the blacks in the form of EEO, AA, Entitlements, job programs, educational programs, housing programs, health programs, etc., etc. The blacks kill over 95 percent of the blacks that are kill by violence. It is time for the media and blacks to talk about that. Wake up people if you want to save our freedom and our country. Being complacent is not an option anymore.

  63. Take it one step further….A civil war (Republicans VS Democraps) I think we have all seen enough to know the facts……..and All Those political criminal’s will be running for shelter and protection.

  64. No, again, you do NOT know your civics. Only the executive branch is under POTUS, and even he could not do whatever he wanted. Any POTUS is not above the law, the constitution is clear on that. The evidence has surfaced that the Trump campaign – – Manafort, Trump Jr and Jared did collude and have meetings with Russian spies.
    Two of Trump’s people have also plead GUILTY – – so why pretend nothing was done?

  65. No, the president is NO^T the CEO over all branches. There was meant to be three separate branches that had power and balanced running government. That is why Congress can impeach and remove a president.

  66. I don’t want President Trump to meet with Mueller without a gang of HIS LAWYERS. Everyone in that room is a Obama and Hillary supporter INCLUDING MUELLER. THEY WANT TO MAKE CERTAIN THEY IMPEACH TRUMP.

  67. If the president’s purpose for speaking to the Russians was about national defense the conversation was outside the FBI’s purview. Dims want to impeach him do they plan to impeach Roosevelt in abstention for the same thing 74 years ago? Were it not for the Russians we might be speaking German now

  68. >0K ‘White Hat(s) = TIME N0W – Put ‘some’ G-damn Pressure 0n, would ya_…what ‘u’ think …hmm. 0r- Wait a ‘few’ more yrs … Do ‘we’have to Wait for Soros to be ‘gone’ or what___

  69. Trump should meet with Mueller, cite the volume of FBI Anti-Trump emails, and then tell him to fish or cut bait….indight Hillary and the rest of the DOJ/FBI execs that created thsi BS in the first place. If Muller refuses, fire him on the spot! He is no more than another corrupt lawyer…..!

  70. P0TUS IS CE0 0ver All Branches of USA gov … seems there is one ‘counsel’ that has ‘wet feet’ /Mr. McGahn, D0 Y0U NEED a Towel ??? i have a really good one … What re you, Mr.Ty Cobb – D0 Y0U NEED a towel ??? MR. Mueller T0 BE REMINDED, he is N0T P0TUS, nor will he Ever be …

  71. Mueller is counting on Trump to say something different from what Comey or Flynn have said.
    I wonder if President Trump is provided with previous meetings with Comey and Flynn.
    Mueller definitely wants to trap him.
    Hillary just kept saying, I don’t recall over and over again.

  72. as far as I’m concerned Robert Muller does not have any end game to impeach Donald J Trump, the POTUS has not done anything against the Constitution, to be impeached for this is all bogus information, and the special prosecutor as no proof to impeach, he the special prosecutor should be fired.

  73. I can’t believe this witch hunt is even being allowed to happen. I always thought this was a country of laws and high moral values and standards. These commirats are determined to bring down this country I guess. And where’s Elmer Fudd Sessions during this fiasco? Commirat Buggs bunny is slapping him silly!!!

  74. I am sick and tired of this Mueller witch hunt and he should stop trying, in my estimation, to ruin my President. Who does he think he is to try to bring down my President? President Trump was duly elected by the citizens of the United States and in my estimation, Mueller has no right to try to bring down our President. We are not a “banana republic” and I, along with millions of citizens of this great country, the U.S.A., want Mueller to stop his witch hunt. Immediately! And he SHOULD apologize for this witch hunt. And how many millions of dollars have already been paid to Mueller and his Democrat team for over one year’s time investigating and investigating. President Trump is innocent. Now I wonder if there should be a team of Republican lawyers to investigate Mueller and his current group of Democrats who continue on and on and on, investigating and investigating. WHEN WILL THIS WITCH HUNT END?

  75. I will vote for President Trump again. I don’t think he should talk to Mueller, because Mueller will take everything Trump says out of context, and turn it against him. If you really feel like you must talk with Mueller, be sure that both of you tape everything said in that room, and listen to your attorney Mr. Trump.

  76. Yes Mr. Mueller should quit, because he has found no collusion with Russia. He was not appointed to do anything else. He has found nothing, and should say so and resign.

  77. Well said by all Seagraves, David, and Ron Haave Sr. Let’s all pray that Trump goes in calm, relaxed, and well prepared for all the tricks that Mueller will pull. Let’s all pray that Trump comes through the “fire” well protected and wins this battle with Mueller.

  78. I will be in that march as well as the rest of my family. I can’t stand Mueller, I have thought for some time that all he was after was Trump. If Trump answers questions from Mueller, I hope he watches each word, and doesn’t let Mueller get under his skin and make him angry. It is what Prosecutors do, try to make you angry because you instantly respond, and Please don’t try to fill silences Mr. Trump, that is another trick of prosecutors.

  79. Despite the perfidy of mainstream hate media, I actually believe most Americans are by now very much aware of the antics of the Democrats and their communist brethren.


    Democrats also need to understand that an illegal coup could foment a civil war, perhaps the second in our history.

    Millions of us can and must make it clear that the last presidential election yielded honest results.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  80. > Again – this fab site cut a few words… AFTER “per Union” I SAID:
    ‘i’ Won < But paid a small price" ( still 'black-balled' on minor idiot levels – lol) 0k? that's what i said…

  81. > the ‘Trap’ would be a ‘process crime’… Also ‘mental incompetence'( 1 slip is all it takes) & D-rats/ Rinos would pound on the 25th Amend… ‘i’ have Been ‘there’ ( in ppl life kangaroo court – per Union. >>> TELEVISE PERIOD.<< Mueller has N0 Authority to ‘call Upon P0TUS for ‘Testimony’- AFTER 1 YR. of Proven False allegations on Various levels …
    > Request ERIC HOLDER/ LYNCH etc Clintons/Comey/ & the ‘sanctimonious’ Barry Soetoros To BE PRESENT… MR.Mule – You ARE a Coward / Shameful & cashing a huge paycheck ( oh, Geo Soros, feel ok this pm? …& Yes, i Heard you say : you were “Amoral” …

  82. > the ‘Trap’ would be a ‘process crime’… Also ‘mental incompetence'( 1 slip is all it takes) & D-rats/ Rinos would pound on the 25th Amend… ‘i’ have Been ‘there’ ( in ppl life kangaroo court – per Union TELEVISE PERIOD. For ALL to see – IF P0TUS decides to appear.
    > Mueller has N0 Authority to ‘call Upon P0TUS for ‘Testimony’- AFTER 1 YR. of Proven False allegations on Various levels …
    > Request ERIC HOLDER/ LYNCH etc Clintons/Comey/ & the ‘sanctimonious’ Barry Soetoros To BE PRESENT… MR.Mule – You ARE a Coward / Shameful & cashing a huge paycheck ( oh, Geo Soros, feel ok this pm? …& Yes, i Heard you say : you were “Amoral” …

  83. God bless president Trump as he’s had a lot on his plate from day one trying to reclaim America from the terrorist loving democrats. During the obama’s administration there was no such thing as the DOJ. Eric Holder was a liar and had a blind eye and deaf ear so did his replacement Loretta Lynch who pave the way for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s run for the white house. I have never seen so much corruption as in Obama’s administration in my life. Obama is still America enemy and so is the democrats, MAGA 2020

  84. This was a rigged investigation, and anyone who wants to look at this investigation with a neutral apolitical observation can see the injustice. Mueller apt. well documented Dems on his team. They have no crime committed so Trump doesn’t have to show cause for firing Comey. The only thing Mueller has is a trap that may catch Trump in a lie. Trump should not testify he has committed no crime.

  85. I agree with you, Robert, however, Mueller’s “job” is to get rid of Trump, and he will do anything necessary to accomplish that goal! He will take as long as necessary to build a false case against Trump. He needs to be sent out to pasture with his crooked teammates, and then investigated himself and severely punished. These traitorous, anti-American a**holes need to be eliminated from any sort of power. God Bless America!

  86. President Donald Trump is not only the leader of the citizens of the U.S., the Republican Party, but the new found leader of the countries and peoples of the world looking for liberty and freedom. The Democratic Party , on there other hand, is no more than a terrorist party !!!!

  87. This government needs to develop a search on all people applying for a congressionable positions. We have to eliminate those who are only in it for party and/or money for life. What happened to our national pride? Trump needs our support and Mueller needs to be shut down and investigated. True Americans WAKE UP!

  88. We are the majority in congress. Get this worthless puke communist out of our face and into the dust bin of history. Mueller can’t impeach Trump. That is done by the House. Trump is safe! Dream on you un-American B***ards, our President is here to stay.

  89. The US government needs to stop all the crap and govern. Mueller needs to go home . If he did not find collusion by now, he is not going to. Who died and made him God? You do what you were put there to do, if you find no problem, you just continue looking for something else. Seems to me instead of meeting with Mueller, Trump should ask him if he found collusion, if the answer is no, Trump should tell him to go home. If any President ever needed to be impeached, it was Obama’s. What an enemy of our country.

  90. Listen, anyone too stupid to know that whatsoever is a single word is too frigging ignorant to have any opinions worth hearing. Why don’t you get some ‘edumacation?’ Then maybe you’d be able to read about how nothing culpable has been found in the so-called investigation. You might also read about the pervasive culture of corruption being uncovered in the Democorrupt Party. You keep watching CNN and you’ll end up as stupidly ignorant as you are now. Fascist!

  91. Even with the main stream media continually attempting a brainwashing of ALL the populace, it has become totally apparent to those who are not already brain-dead that the DEEP STATE is indeed deep and its members are revealed when they leave an impression of themselves in the muck of the SWAMP when they rise to join the chorus of the (mainly) fellow liberals lies and libel.

  92. I agree, he has overstepped his bounds and it is time for the DOJ to step in and put a stop to his activities.

  93. If Trump goes into that meeting I’m hoping his words will be ‘YOU’RE NOT ONLY FIRED – YOU’RE UNDER ARREST.

  94. There are probably more than 50 million who legally pay no taxes because of low income…I am one….I used to pay taxes….

  95. No-no > AG works V. quietly & think he is good, does more than you know or is ‘advertised’ ( & that is a good thang) …

  96. I agree. His mandate was to investigate Russian collusion in the election. He has come up empty handed so the investigation should be over. Stop spending our money needlessly.

  97. What do they think will happen if they really try to impeach the president, or if they succeed, God forbid that should happen, there will be the biggest protests ever. I pray that it never happens, but if it does, I’ll join the march, bad legs, an all.

  98. > Mr. President, ALL Branches of Gov ARE ‘Under’ the Auspices of ANY P0TUS, Until
    Further Notice … ‘sanctimonious’? >Mr. Mueller IS N0T P0TUS< & 'needs'to know his 'place' in the structure …the 'citizenry' Far 0utnumbers Seditious Press__

  99. I completely agree with you. I do not trust Mueller at all and pray that President Trump will refuse to speak with Mueller.

  100. Mueller’s mandate was to investigate possible Russian collusion. All he has done so far has Zero to do with possible Russian collusion so why is this investigation continuing. Can Rod Rosenstein cancel Mueller’s appointment as it has become moot?

  101. NO need to waste your time. Its already about the FBI in its entirely, the justice dept, irs and intelligence. All in cohoots to help Hillary win at whatever cost. Stay out of the fray and let the ship of theirs sink on its own.

  102. Mr. President don’t waste your time talking to Mueller. No matter what you say it will some how be used against you, these people need to go. Other than not firing BO’s minions quick enough you are doing exactly what I hoped you would do. I will vote for you again.

  103. I’ve said all along they knew there was no collusion, he was appointed to hide Obama and Clinton’s collusion with the Russians. Then find any dirt they could on Trump. His investigation was never about collusion against Trump. It was to find a way to get Trump out of office.

  104. WOW, I really “thought” that Mueller himself is in “trouble” for that Uranium deal/sell to RUSSIA, it’s really ASTONISHING that he would STOP at NOTHING to keep up this CHARADE that Hillary/the party of EVIL have started just to get HER into the White House while SHE belongs in the BIG house, along with Mueller and the rest of the BUNCH of CRIMINALS…..!!!!

  105. I LOVE what you said although they just played Trump saying he would talk with LEERCH. Scary but he must know something we don’t. I hope.
    I voted for Ross Perot back then. I hated what bill did with and to women.
    His adulterous acts & rape BLEW ME AWAY! I believed Juanita back then. That’s why I didn’t vote for him. He disgusted me. Hilda too.
    Media still GUSHED over him AFTER THE FACT back then. They saw nothing wrong he did. GROSS
    Now I’m watching daca aliens behaving horribly, hostile, while demanding and protesting in DC. Really? Get them out of here. We don’t need ppl like that. WOW!!

  106. I would not give Mueller the satisfaction of an interview. I would ask Mueller if there was anything worth hearing, if he said no, I would tell Mueller interview is finished, and fire him on the spot in front of the whole world.

  107. I don’t think the president should ever agree to be interviewed by this twin tongued viper from the liberal pits!

  108. Then Trump will be slammed into the ground for not doing the interview according to the libtards & SECRET SOCIETY. Is The Secret society the shadow government? The same shadow government that Obama was setting up, blocks away, in his rental home? Where he had a big wall built around it for security? He knew he just started serious horrible problems for the American people. How sad is that? To think what that man did to this country and they blame trump for it. It’s unreal. Ungodly. Abhorrent

  109. As I understand this issue a large portion of the responsibility is on the shoulders of AG Sessions. If Mueller is investigating areas outside of his appointment area of Russia’s collusion (involvement) in our election process, then AG Sessions should demanded that any and all issue(s) outside Mueller’s authorized area be turned over to him (not to the assistant AG) for his investigative determination. AG Sessions only recused himself from the investigation of Russia’s involvement (collusion) in our election processes and not from any/all issues (areas) identified by Mueller that are outside of his authorized area of investigation. AG Sessions should step in and demand that any identified issues outside of Mueller’s authorized area of investigation be turned over to him (not to the assistant AG) and ensure that Mueller stop any/all of his investigation into these area outside his appointed area. AG Sessions needs to step up to the plate and ensure that Mueller stays within the boundary of his appointment. AG Sessions has only recused himself from the Russia collusion (involvement) issue(s) and not from issue(s) identified by Mueller that are outside his assigned area of authorization. AG Sessions should step in, do his job and prevent Mueller from investigating issues outside of his appointed area(s). Boundaries must (should) have been established the guidelines Mueller must follow while conducting his investigation. Based on this, procedures must (should) be in place so the AG can ensure Mueller does not stray outside of his area of appointment and responsibility. Mueller must not be allowed to just investigate and prosecute anything he chooses. I believe AG Sessions needs to step in and make his presents known.

  110. The President should NOT have any meeting with Mueller ever. Let Mueller squirm! Don t’ open you mouth in a conversation with him is my advise. You don’t have to!!!

  111. This is straight up lunacy. Mueller and his whole team need to go. Most of them should be under investigation themselves, or in dated and going to jail.

  112. Again, the majority of pollsters favor POTUS over Robert Mueller and his cronies from the Left (George Soros included who is funding most of this crap). Hopefully, most of you are aware of the Clinton conspiracy which has been published here online and has not been reputed. Potus has saved us from all that. As a former Democrat, I admit I voted for Bill Clinton away back then; how I regret that now. Without repeating my views and opinions, allow me to say I agree wholeheartedly with the foregoing comments of Nikita3, Linda M. Fajardo, Ken Heineman, August carpelli, et al. I would be disappointed if The Donald lowered himself to the level of that creep, Robert Mueller, to be interviewed. He’s already allowed himself to be sidetracked much too long by all these swamp denizens in the accomplishment of his mission; To Make Our Country Great Again!!!!

  113. They need to put Moeller in jail for false information and illegally using tax payers money for a false investigation all this is is a set up I hate Moeller and the people are fed up with him

  114. That’s how I and everyone I know, family & friends feel. Ready to stand ground. No way in hell will the SECRET SOCIETY & or LEERCH get away with this. It’s going to be ugly folks. This isn’t even the preface of the events. Inevitably, it’s going to happen. I’m ready to stand for what I believe in with God on my side & as a witness.

  115. If Mueller has gone beyond the charge of the investigation…Russian collision…he should be shut down by the doj…now!

  116. If Mueller gets enough votes for impeachment it will be without evidence. Thus it would be a coup by Democrats, the first in our history.

    It remains to be seen if citizens of the US accepts a coup,

    I can project that over 50 million Americans refuse to pay their taxes.

    Or….much more….

    Liberal Media is playing a dangerous game.

    Sanjosemike (previously from

  117. The FBI should never be in politics like Mueller & Comey are! Never take sides! There job is keeping us safe from the bad guys & terrorist. Russia worn us on the Boston ones, they didn’t even tell the Boston police. Need a type like Hoover! Stay out of politics! Ina

  118. we do have a say in everything that is why our founding fathers made sure the Second Amendment was/ IS in our Constitution, for times like this. Raise up in arms and take our country back

  119. There Will be No Impeachment, or Obstruction of Justice, Trump can Fire Anyone in the Executive Branch, that is not Doing His Job, and Collusion is not a Crime, and there is None. As Well, Mueller can not Cross Examine Trump with that His Attorney being Present, just in Case Mueller Tries to Set Trump Up for a Perjury Charge, which is the Only Thing He could Even Make a Case about. The Conflict of Interest, and Bias under which the Witch Hunt has been Conducted has already Made the Investigation a Joke, thus Appeals are Available, which could take Years, and Trump Will Continue to Be President, its was Over before it Begun!!

  120. President Trump must not speak to this crook. If Trump says he was at a place at 12:15 last year and then says 12:20 , Mueller will have his perjury conviction. You better believe it. We all have to stop this insanity

  121. Corrupt Mueller and his corrupt cronies have to be put in jail. They will not take away my vote. Mueller and democrats have blamed republicans for the acts the democrats actually do. It’s over for the lawless lefties

  122. Based on what evidence? You have nothing to go on other than your fanaticism. No chance of becoming a patriotic American and letting our system work for you is there? You’re a typical Liberal spasmodic rectum.

  123. Yes indeed and the truth will set us free and jail a while buck of so called above the law privileged people

  124. Why do you say what you say do you have any proof or anything or is this just rumor mill fake news don’t open your mouth and speak of what you do not know

  125. There is no integrity to Mueller, FBI, IRS, or other fed orgs. Gowdy and a few others are our only hope for justice.

  126. Do not speak to Mueller without your attorneys present. Actually your attorneys should work through Mueller and you SHOULDN,t even be in the room with him. It,s already decided there was no colousion and that,s what he,s supposed to be investigating. He,s in Clinton,s and Obama’s pockets. Try using street smarts with these people. I,m sure you or anyone knew how corrupt our gov,, watch your back, God bless you and your family.

  127. Sessions is the biggest disappointment. He’s working for the Never Trumpers. Sure, he’s going to find the missing 5 months of texts and emails from Strzdk and Page. Just like he’s going to find Hillary’s missing emails.
    Sessions is sitting by watching his Justice Department ravage Trump with the firm intent of removing Trump over nothing but the desire of the left.
    Time for someone to help stop this treason.

  128. I believe President Trump is out foxing the fox. He has managed to dig up a lot of dirt on Mueller’s corruption, and his corrupt top managers at the FBI. The whole case could be tossed out on the fact that hillary paid for the fake report and muelle and Obama used it to get fisa wire taps on the President . That’s a felony. In the end many many of the deep state will be Deep SIX, and the President will go on thru 2024

  129. Mueller is nothing more than a New World Order troll for the Clinton Foundation and heinous Obama Administration which NEVER saw a Rule of law or any part of the U.S. Constitution they would NOT try to use to twist to fit the New World Order Agenda of these pond scum parasites. He has no definitive proof of any wrongdoing and he ought to be removed after having spent God alone knows how much funding that COULD AND SHOULD have been put to far better use to improve the quality of life for American Citizens. Trump MUST receive a lot of credit for DOING as he said he would whenever he has been allowed to, this DESPITE all the obfuscation and interference and Seditious behaviors of Mueller, Comey, the Obama holdovers and the DNC and party pundits. U.S. Code Chapt. 18, section 2384 defines sedition and it applies to the actions of all of the aforementioned groups and individuals.If we lived in a TRUE Constitutional Republic, rather than the Oligarchy of the privileged and powerful politically representing only itself, the congress, These people would have been subject to deep scrutiny, charges and indictments and then trials and convictions, putting them where they belong: IN PRISON, RATHER THAN OFFICE. Remember in November and, after the disturbing revelations by the Judicial Watch of the corruption of the entire eight year reign of ruin by the Democrats and Obama and their Deep State shenanigans Vote your consciences if you have one and to remove those who have so reduced our quality of life, contaminated our society with foreign invasions of illegals and Jihadists, drug cartels and inner city murder gangs like MS-13 and whose policies have resulted in UNCONTROLLED opiate addiction, NATIONWIDE!BY DOING SO, YOU WILL SALVAGE THE FUTURES OF YOUR PROGENY, REMOVE THE SWAMP CREATURES FROM WASHINGTON AND SECURE YOUR OWN FREEDOMS AND CHOICES THESE UTTERLY PESTILENTIAL CONGRESSIONAL AND GOVERNMENT AGENCY PARIAHS WILL TAKE FROM YOU: BUT ONLY IF YOU LET THEM!

  130. He will succeed as Donald Trump has obstructed justice and will be found to be involved in money laundering through Deutsche Bank. As Mitt Romney and George H W Bush said Donald the draft dodger is a con man and bombastic braggart. He is corrupt with no moral values what so ever and only cares about himself.

  131. Mueller needs to be shut down once and for all.
    There is no there there, as Stzrok said to Page.
    Give it up, and hit the Dims who are the guilty party.

  132. Mueller and his corrupt colleagues need to be exposed and tried for treason. He is so obviously in the pockets of the Democratic Party he should never have been selected for the job. The FBI and DOJ under Obama also need to be investigated and cleaned up along with NSA and IRS for their combined efforts to negate the election of our president. Jeff Sessions needs to take these actions or resign.

  133. Why Can’t Jeff Sessions appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the FBI, Mueller, and Hillary Clinton?
    The USA is not a banana republic!

  134. The President should hire Alan Dershowitz to shut up all the Leftist individuals!!!! I do not understand what is the problem we elected a president let him lead. Let’s unite and support our president. What an embarrassment to constant ridicule of an elected president I’m sick to my stomach with the biased media enough is enough.

  135. Just maybe the DOJ start an all out investigation in the Uranium One transaction where there were evidence of bribes and pay offs. Mueller was at the time FBI Director who was supposedly aware and the evidence should have been referred to DOJ, why didn’t Mueller do this, protecting the Clintons?

  136. The LSM keeps trying to dazzle the American public with shiny, but not substanative deceptions, but that well is drying up. Dems, Libs ( and you too Mueller) you overplayed your hand!!

  137. Trump would be foolish to talk to Mueller at all. There is nuthing honest in Mueller’s intentions. Trump should say he’ll consider it once Mueller proves that these criminal alegations Agsainst the FBI and Mueller’s involvement with them are untrue. Why should he talk to a man accused of criminal fraud?

  138. so what’s new , that was the end game all along , first it was collusion , then it was money laundering , then it was obstruction of justice , what’s next impeach him for eating a big mac ,if we would investigate every one in congress 90% of them would go to prison , i’d like to see someone hold them accountable to the oath they take when getting elected to office, the only time the constitution means anything to democrats is when they need to hide behind it

  139. I think it’s bs. Mueller and the democrats are running scared because they are on the verge of being exsposed for corruption in the last election as well as selling out America. The real crime crimes being committed are the Democratic Party and Hillary’s lies murder corruption and collusion with Russia over the uranium deal, Comey and the lies with the fbi and their attempt to overthrow trump and the people’s choice for president. It’s time to expose this party for what it really is anti American and the sellout of our country and it’s founding principals.

  140. J Edgar Hoover didn’t try to get Presidents out of office, he just blackmailed them so he could still use the FBI as his private club. He was a crossdresser living with his Mother. The FBI started at the bottom of the barrel and went downhill from there !!!

  141. Really getting tired of this guy and his vile expensive false investigation. We The People have no desire to impeach President Trump! Why don’t he take his illgotten gains and go home. America is doing better than it has done since President Reagan. From what I understand he was not blameless in the FBI corruption — it has been in the works for over a decade.

  142. Mueller is as crooked as the rest of the Democrats. Why would he represent a Saudi Family in Florida who was connected with one of the hijackers on 9/11. THAT’S WORSE THAN TREASON. PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS THE POWER TO FIRE WHOEVER FE FEELS IS INCOMPETENT.


  144. The president has the right to fire anyone he wants. Besides it was Rosenstein who suggested Trump fire Comey and he laid out the reasons why. Then as to Flynn Trump said it was because he lied to Pence and he did.

    This is BS.

  145. He is going to fail and I don’t think the President needs to talk to him at all on a personnel change. What is Mueller thinking here. He has nothing to talk to Trump about. This was a Russian thing and Flynn had contacts and did not do anything that was not ethical in that whole thing. Comey we all know is a liar and has his own problems

  146. It’s time for the this Muller witch hunt to end. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he is involved with the FBI conspiracy to stop Trump from being elected. What exactly is in those missing texts between between upper level FBI agents. Why did Muller dump Strouz so quickly and with such little fanfare when he and his lawyer girlfriend were outed for their texts. Maybe to bury him so no questions could be asked. Remember if Hillary would have been elected, none of this would ever been uncovered.Maybe we do need a new special council to dig into the Muller investigation and FBI corruption. a special council that is not obviously leaning left.

  147. Mueller is trying to get our President up on drummed up charges before he gets flushed out of the SWAMP with the democrats..

  148. I’m convinced it’s still one of those time and money consuming efforts to distract the public’s attention away from the REAL criminals. You know… Hillary, Obama, Pelosi, and a list of others too long to put here. I’m still waiting for President Trump (or ANYONE, for that matter) to lower the boom on THEM! Wouldn’t that be great news?

  149. Considering that Mueller should have recused himself in the first place, when is Congress going to both fire him and bring charges against his actions.

  150. When are we going to charges against the Hillary bunch that thru this witch hunt proved they were the one in bed with the Russian. Some were even ploting an overthrow. There is evidence of this but not charges.

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